My Tie-up and Tickle Adventure with Mrs. K (m/F)

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My Tie-up and Tickle Adventure with Mrs. K (m/F)

Postby trey_barrett » Sat Oct 30, 2010 6:52 pm

This is my first story post here. It's fairly lengthy, but I had a lot of fun writing it. Hope you like it!

My Tie-up and Tickle Adventure with Mrs. K

I've loved tickling girls for as long as I can remember. I tickled them in grade school and got scolded by the teacher. I tickled them in junior high, more sneakily by that time, and often got away with it. I tickled them at the community pool, at the playground, in the park. I could always spot a potentially ticklish girl and an opportunity!

Although I tickled many girls at school and around the neighborhood, the most frequent tickling episodes I had were with my little sister, Cammie, seven years younger than me. She was a pest now and then, but mostly she was fine, and in her usual smiley good humor. We were the only kids in our family and had a good sibling relationship. With a seven-year age difference between us, I was protective of her. Every kid in the neighborhood knew not to tease or bully her or they'd have Cammie's big brother to answer to! To Cammie, I was her cool big brother she could always count on. Grownups always went on about how cute and adorable she was -- a pretty little girl with her blonde hair in a ponytail. Even if she was my little sister, I had to admit, Cammie really was cute. And she was hysterically ticklish! Hardly a week went by that she didn't get a couple of my extended "tickle times," as I called them, plus countless little tickles on any given day. Cammie loved being tickled, and I loved tickling her!

Plenty of times she'd tease or pester me when I was doing homework or my chores, knowing full well what the "penalty" would be! I'd finally yell, "That does it!" and then chase her through the house or out in the yard as she squealed in mock terror. When I caught her, it was easy to wrestle her down to the floor or the ground. I'd straddle her waist and pin her slim arms straight over her head. Then holding both her wrists with one hand, I'd grin down at her, wriggling the fingers of my free hand above her face, playfully teasing her about ticklish things to come! She'd be in a fit of giggles before I'd even start -- she knew she was going to get tickled! She often wore sleeveless tank tops, especially in the summer, so I'd spend lots of time tickling her hairless, little girl underarms -- a single finger stroking up and down, or what I called the four-finger spider-tickle, which always brought on a flood of laughter! Or I'd pull up her tank top to expose her rib cage, stretched tight and the ribs visible with her excited breathing. Then I'd tickle her ribs, playing with them like they were piano keys, and she'd giggle her head off!

Cammie's underarms were creamy smooth and off-the-chart ticklish! I loved to tickle them! Sometimes she'd play a teasing game. I'd be lying on the living room floor watching tv and she'd come and lay down on her back next to me, fold her hands under her head and close her eyes, not even watching the tv! Of course, she'd be in her tank top with her bare underarms waiting for a tickling finger. There'd be just a hint of a smile on her lips! She was such a little tease! Very quietly I'd slip a finger toward her and tickle in the smooth hollow. She'd let loose a stream of giggles and quickly hug her arm to her side, but in a few seconds, she'd be right back in position, with that little armpit waiting for another tickle!

Some of the best times were after I turned 13. It was then that our parents had me babysit her when they went out. They even paid me! After a while, we added tie-up games to the tickling. One of my favorites was tying Cammie to her bed, using belts from old bathrobes. She often changed into her bikini swimsuit on these occasions, which of course exposed every ticklish spot! I'd tie her spreadeagle on the bedspread and really stretch her out with her wrists and ankles tied to the bedposts -- very little wiggle room! Then I'd spend the next hour tickling her! I'd start out with tickles that provoked her cute giggles, like goosing around her neck, or tickling her thighs and behind her knees, or scribbling on her soles.

Those were always fun, but eventually I'd get around to the tickles that got her laughing for all she was worth. For those tickles, I concentrated on her three "best spots" -- underarms, ribs, and tummy! I'd pretend my fingers were spiders and dance them down her outstretched arms, from her wrists to the crook of her elbows, to the inside of her upper arms, then finally zero into her armpits. I'd tell her that her armpits were "spider caves" and teased her that the spiders like to play in there as my fingertips skittered in the hyper-ticklish hollows while she went absolutely bonkers with laughter and wriggling! Then I'd stuff pillows under her back. Cammie was slender, and when her back was arched over the pillows, it would thrust out her rib cage and you could easily see her ribs. I'd tell her to count off as I nudged and "counted" her ribs, but she was always laughing too much! Then I'd blow raspberries and nibble on her stomach, teasing her about her "yummy tummy!" Cammie's rib cage and tummy were a very close second to her underarms for ticklishness! She'd laugh herself crazy when I tied her up and tickled her like that, but I was always gentle with her and gave her rests now and then. Towards the end I'd gradually slow down the tickling until I was only gently stroking her tummy. That always soothed her after all the excitement. After an hour she'd be flushed and exhausted from laughter, but sometimes when I was ready to untie her and let her go, she'd giggle and say something sassy, as if asking for more tickles, and I always gave them to her. She really loved being tickled even though the sensations were more than she could handle! When it was finally over, I'd take her to the kitchen and give her a drink of water. She'd drink calmly, set the empty glass on the countertop, then stand on tiptoe to reach up and throw her arms around my neck and give me an affectionate kiss on the cheek. I had to bend over a little so she could reach. She could be the sweetest little doll sometimes. To Cammie, I was her adored big brother. I have lots of tie-up and tickle stories about Cammie I could tell you -- I tickled her so much! We still have a close sibling relationship as adults, and yes, I still tickle her sometimes, though nothing like we used to do as kids. (But I can assure you Cammie's underarms are still creamy smooth and still every bit as ticklish as when she was a little girl!)

But that's not my main story! Anyway, between girls at school and around the neighborhood and my hyper-ticklish little sis, I had become an experienced and skilled tickler by the time I was in my teens. Also by that time, I often fantasized about tying up and tickling a grownup lady. This was one of those times when it actually happened!

It was the summer when I had just turned 15. I had a paper route, my first real paying job, and once a month, I'd make the rounds to my customers to collect their subscriptions. I always looked forward to collecting from Mrs. Kenton, or Mrs. K as I always called her, who lived in our neighborhood. She was a pretty lady, friendly and outgoing, in her late 30s, very petite (only about five feet in height and maybe 100 pounds). She had a shapely little figure and long, straight blonde hair that she sometimes wore up or else in a thick braid. She'd always flirt and joke with me while I came around each month to collect her subscription, and I loved her playful teasing, which I returned in kind. Mr. Kenton was a sales executive who was away a lot, but I saw Mrs. K often and knew her well, especially from growing up with her son Nick. Nick and I, along with another friend, Dougie Stonehill, had been best buds since kindergarten. The three of us were over at each others' houses as much as our own, watching movies, playing ball, having sleepovers, and palling around. All that is fairly normal. What was unusual was that all three of us were tickle fans. We loved to tickle! We shared plenty of tickling adventures with unsuspecting girls (especially Cammie) and even a few grown women, Mrs. K being the chief one.

On this particular day, I came around to collect Mrs. K's subscription as I did every month. I rode my bike to the Kentons' house, parked it at the steps of the front porch, and knocked on the door. There was no answer to my knock, so I went around back to tap on the kitchen window. However, it wasn't until I had already rapped my knuckles against the pane that I saw Mrs. K inside by the kitchen table, being held by a man whom I recognized as one of the neighbors. He was trying to to get a kiss from her, and she was putting up a bit of a struggle, pushing him away, but without getting angry or confrontational about it.

Mrs. K and the man saw me right away and the expressions on both their faces were of complete shock. I held up my collection envelope to explain why I was there. She instantly pleaded to me through the closed window to wait for her so that she could talk to me.

As I stood by the back door waiting, I began to hear intense whispering just before the door opened and the man emerged quickly, then departed without even making eye contact. With a smirk on my face, I glanced up at Mrs. K, standing in the doorway looking around to see if any of this was being observed by the neighbors. She then quickly waved me inside. When she saw my grin, she slapped my arm and scolded me for looking in her window. But she did it in kind of a teasing manner, because she couldn't very well be mad at me for her predicament. She even laughed a little as everything began to sink in.

"You got caught, Mrs. K !" I said, teasing her.

"Chuck," she said pleadingly, "you can't tell ANYONE about this. PLEASE!!! Mr. Jameson, he's, well...." But what she said next really got my attention. "PLEASE, Chuck, I'll do anything! Please promise to keep this a secret for me, pleeease!"

As she spoke, she reached out and grasped my arm to make sure that I was getting her message. I was getting it! My heart started to race, and although I'm usually pretty bold, I wasn't sure enough to make a serious move on such a mature woman. I was uncertain whether she was just playing a game with me.

"Well, maybe," I continued to tease, hoping that she'd follow along and be even more forward.

"Come on, Chuck, there must be something I could do for you" she said, smilingly. She had a beautiful 1,000 watt smile, really dazzling when she turned it on full force. "Isn't there anything you'd like to do?" She waited a few seconds, as I appeared to think it over and then said, "I'll do it, Chuck, whatever it is. You just have to promise, okay?"

"Well," I said with feigned uncertainty, "there is something..."

"What?" she chimed in enthusiastically.

I continued a little hesitantly, "I've always wanted to tie a lady up and t-touch her all over?" Some how, it turned into a question at the end.

Mrs. K raised an eyebrow and put her hands on her hips. "Well, you are a naughty boy, aren't you?" I could tell that I'd surprised her a bit, but she played right along. "And you want to tie me up and touch me all over?" I just shrugged and smiled a little. She smiled back. "Well, okay, but you have to promise not to tell. Do you promise?"

"I promise!" I said, ogling her shapely little figure. Nick had told me that his mom had been a beauty pageant contestant in her teens and early 20s, and I believed it! Although she was small in stature, she really did look lovely in the flowery, halter-style sundress she wore that day. She had sleek, pretty arms and shoulders, firm and toned. I think she liked showing off her bare arms because she frequently wore sleeveless clothes. Her shapely calves caught my attention as well as I glanced down to see her feet in strappy sandals.

"All right, now remember, you promised." She paused for a moment. "Well, I guess if you're going to tie me up I better get something to do it with. Wait here."

She turned and disappeared into another part of the house, returning with a handful of her husband's neckties and motioned me into the den, an informal, spacious room off the kitchen. She tossed the ties onto the sofa, plopped down next to them, and crossed her legs. "Okay, go ahead, but be gentle!"

"I will, Mrs. K ! Hurting you is the last thing I'd ever do!" Taking up the neckties I knotted them together into longer lengths. When I had knotted the ties like I wanted them, I used them to bind each of her wrists. The sofa stood away from the walls, and separated the den from the kitchen as a kind of divider. I could walk around it and was able to secure the ends of the neckties to the rear sofa legs. When I was done, her arms were securely tied and extended at right angles along the top of the sofa back, exposing her armpits -- very smooth armpits!

"What are you going to do to me, now that you have me all tied up?" she said with mock worry in her voice.

"Oh, I'm not done yet!" I sat down on the coffee table in front of the sofa and grasped her slender ankles, tying a plaid necktie snugly around them, then set her feet on the table. I turned about on the table with my back to her.

"Chuck, what are you..."

Before she could finish her sentence, I put her ankles in a hammerlock hold with one arm, leaving my other hand free. I slipped off the sandals from her pretty feet and admired the slender toes and rosy nail polish. She twitched her feet nervously.

"Now, Chuck, don"t play with my feet. You know how ticklish I am!" she said quickly.

Oh, yeah, I knew all right! I knew exactly how ticklish Mrs. K was! I had tickled her lots of times over the years, usually playful little tickles in the ribs or under her arms, or on her bare feet when she was relaxing on a recliner in the den. Nick and Dougie did it too, countless times. The three of us had even teamed up on numerous occasions to tickle her. We'd hold her arms or pin her down her down on the floor and tickle her, and once we tied up her in Nick's tree house and tickled her for about half an hour!

"Come on now, Chuck! My feet are really ticklish!"

"I know, Mrs. K!" I started scribbling my fingertips on the sole of one foot. "Coochie coochie coo!"

"St-stop, stop!!!! Heeheeheehee -- heeheeheehee!" She twisted and pulled, trying to get her ticklish feet away from my fingers, but there wasn"t anything she could do. I stroked the soft arch as she wriggled on the sofa behind me. I stopped after maybe half a minute.

"Ohmygosh, ohmygosh!" she said giggling as she caught her breath. "Chuck! You didn't say anything about tickling me! You said you wanted to touch me!"

"I do want to touch you, Mrs. K ! I want to tickle you!"

"Chuck, please! I should have seen this coming, knowing you! Really! I'm so ticklish! I don't think I could take it!"

"Would you rather I tell your husband what I saw today?" I teased her.

She whimpered. "No, but..."

Before she went any farther, I started tickling the underside of her toes.

The whimpering was quickly replaced with girlish giggling. "EEEHEEHEEHEEHEE! STAAAHHHP! heeheehee!"

She wriggled her toes back and forth, but I followed right along with them, tickling underneath her toes and the balls of her feet. She clenched her toes so I tickled both her arches.

"ahhhahahaha...oh nooo, oh hahahahahahahaha!"

Teasing and fondling the soft, sensitive feet of this very attractive and very ticklish woman while she was tied up and unable to stop me was incredibly exciting. I could tell that she was really trying to get loose at that point, because she was pulling forcefully at her wrist ties. There was no hope of that, though. I was good at tying up! I tickled on, up and down the soles of her feet as she giggled helplessly, pulling and flinching all the while.

"AHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...heeheeheeheehee...HAHAHAHAHA!!! P-Please stop t-tickling my feet!"

"All right, then!" I got up from the table and pushed it away from the sofa so she could rest her feet on the floor. I sat next to her on the sofa. "You're very ticklish in other places, aren't you, Mrs. K?"

"P-Please, Chuck!" she punctuated her pleading with involuntary giggles and gasps as she regained her breath.

For some moments I just gazed at her tied to the sofa and let her breathing return to normal. In the halter sundress, her pretty arms were stretched out along the top of the sofa back. She could see I was eyeing her underarms. I reached out an index finger just an inch or two away from one underarm, curling my finger and chucking several times, like you'd tickle a baby under the chin -- but not actually touching her.

"Tickle, tickle, tickle!"

"Chuck! Heeheeheeheeheehee!!!" She giggled and scrunched her shoulder as if to evade my finger, even though I hadn't even touched her! "Chuck! Don't you even think about tickling under my arms! Do you hear me?!"

Oh, but I was thinking about it! Mrs. K's underarms were wide open. The feminine muscles of her shoulders and pecs sculpted her armpits into deep hollows -- without the faintest trace of stubble or shadow. I'd noticed that before: Mrs. K 's underarms were not just shaven -- they really were perfectly hairless. My friend Dougie had noticed it too, and all of us, her son Nick included, loved to tickle her silky smooth underarms. Now I had the opportunity to see them up close and personal, just Mrs. K and me. Her underarms were perfect for tickling, and I was going to save them for last! I knew from experience that on a ticklishness scale of 1 to 10, they were about a 16!

"Chuck, I'm sure this must be fun for you, but I'm much too ticklish for this! You should be tickling girls your own age. I'm old enough to be your mother!"

"That's okay, Mrs. K . I don't mind at all!" And I truly didn't mind. I thought she was one of the best-looking ladies in town, who turned the heads of plenty of men and teenage boys. In fact, Nick got kidded a lot at school about having such a pretty mother. He always gave an embarrassed grin and shrugged it off, but I think he was proud of his mom's beauty.

"So, are you going to tickle me some more? Wh-what are you going to do?" There was a sly little smile on her lips.

"I think I'll -- tickle your tummy!" I playfully squeezed and scrabbled on her midriff, feeling for her bellybutton through the material of her sundress until I found it and teasingly squiggled the tip of my index finger in it.

"Chuuuuucckkk! Hahahahahahahaha!!!"

"Let's try your ribs next!"


Objection overruled! I poked a finger in her side, feeling for her ribs through the sundress, just as I had for her bellybutton.

"N-not my ribs!!!" she giggled. Then I spread out my fingers on both sides, massaging her rib cage as she bounced and shrieked with laughter! Mrs. K kept herself in trim condition, and as my fingers squeezed I could feel her ribs through the thin material of her dress. I continued massaging and jostling her rib cage.


Her silvery, feminine laughter was wonderful to hear. After maybe a minute of rib-tickling I stopped and let her catch her breath.

"Ohmygosh, Chuck! Y-you'll drive me crazy tickling me like that!"

"Yeah, your ribs are really ticklish, all right! But you have another really, really ticklish spot, don't you, Mrs. K ?" I stood up and walked around to the back of the sofa, placing my hands on her shoulders. I stroked her outstretched arms, enjoying the feel of her lithe muscles.

"Chuck, please!!! If you tickle under my arms, I-I think I might faint! You won't tickle me there, will you?" She cocked back her head, looking up at me with her pretty green eyes and a teasing little smile.

I just grinned at her and continued caressing her arms and shoulders. As my hands slid toward her shoulders, I let my fingers curl downward so they slipped into her armpits. I didn't tickle her, just let my hands rest on her shoulders with my fingertips touching the armpit hollows. I could tell that Mrs. K's breathing had become excited, as if she knew exactly what was going to happen and was powerless to stop it -- maybe even not quite wanting to stop it! My fingertips lightly spidered under her arms, barely touching the skin. She gasped and scrunched up her shoulders, trying her best to hold in her giggles.

"Come on now, Mrs. K ! Laugh for me!" I let my fingers go into full "spider-tickle."


She bounced around on the sofa, but her arms were securely stretched out, and there as no play in the ties that held her. I tickled her like that for about a minute, then let her rest. As she caught her breath, I went around to the front of the sofa and sat next to her.

"Ohmygosh, Chuck, heeheeheehee, ohmygosh!" She giggled, her cheeks rosy from the tickling and excitement.

"You're so much fun to tickle, Mrs. K!"

Her head hung down a little and and a lock of her blonde hair had fallen over her forehead. She looked at me from under her eyelids. That sly little smile was still on her lips.

"Well, young man, I've known you since you were a little boy, and you've tickled me plenty of times, but I think you're especially enjoying it today!"

I gave her a big grin as my answer. There was a long moment of silence between us as her breathing gradually returned to normal.

"You really like tickling me, don't you?"

"I sure do, Mrs. K! You're so ticklish!

"I've always been that way -- ever since I was a little girl. I had three big brothers and they tickled me all the time."

"They did?!"

"Oh, yeah! They thought it was fun to tickle me silly!"

"What did they do?"

"Well, sometimes just one of them would tickle me, but usually they'd gang up on me. One would hold my arms or pin me down and another would tickle, or they'd take turns. They weren't mean about it -- they just liked to tickle me, and it was all in fun."

"Where did they tickle you?"

"All over -- my feet, tummy, neck, ribs, under my arms." She hesitated a moment. "They always tickled under my arms, though. They knew that was my most ticklish spot."

"Yeah, your armpits are super ticklish!"

"You noticed, huh?! Just like my brothers!"

I managed a gulp and added, "And your armpits are so smooth!"

That sly little smile was on her lips again. "Oh, you like that, do you?"

Another gulp then a nod. I really liked that! I reached out my fingers to either side and felt in her armpits. I wasn't trying to tickle her -- I just wanted to feel those smooth hollows -- but she squirmed and giggled sweetly.

"Heeheeheehee!! Chuck, that t-tickles! Heeheeheeheeheehee!!!"

I just grinned at her, fondling her armpits for a few more moments. When I stopped, her giggles gradually faded until the only sound was our breathing.

"Are you going to untie me now...or do you think my smooth armpits should be tickled some more?" That sly little smile again. She tugged on her bonds, flexing her shapely biceps, and accentuating the hollows under her arms. She cast her eyes toward me.

My index fingers began flicking under her arms and immediately her giggles bubbled out. Then I started working several fingers at once and full-blown laughter poured from her lips. My fingers spider-tickled in Mrs. K's smooth, hairless underarms and I thrilled at her reactions! She wriggled and bucked and tossed her head, and her gorgeous laughter filled the room. Her pretty face was a picture of frantic ticklishness -- eyes tightly closed, her beautiful white teeth flashing in a wide, laughing smile. As my fingers tickled, her laughter sometimes faded into silence until she could gasp enough air to let loose another burst of hilarity. The silent laughter indicated without any doubt that Mrs. K 's underarms were definitely her "best spot!"


As I played with her underarms, some of the times I saw Nick tickle her flashed through my mind. One time last summer we were joking around in Mrs. K 's kitchen as she made fresh lemonade for us. She looked so pretty in green cotton short shorts and a matching midriff top. I kept sneaking glimpses of her lovely bare tummy! At one point she stood on tiptoe and reached up to a high shelf in a cupboard to get a pitcher. As she stretched up, I could see her ribs showing softly along her side. NIck must have noticed it too, because just then he stepped quietly behind her and gave her a lobsterclaw tickle on both sides of her rib cage. It produced immediate laughter from Mrs. K as she hugged her arms to her sides and curled up. Nick dug his fingers into his mom's ribs for a few moments and then released his grip. Mrs. K's laughter subsided, then she playfully slapped him on the arm and told him to go sit down and behave himself! Another time I saw him tickle her at a neighborhood picnic when a bunch of other kids joined in. Still another time, a few weeks before my tie-up episode with her, I had just arrived at the Kenton house when I heard feminine laughter from the backyard. I raced around to the back of the house and looked over the privacy fence. I read the situation in an instant. Mrs. K apparently had been sunbathing (in a bikini) by the pool in the Kentons' fenced-in backyard. But at that moment, Nick and Dougie Stonehill had her stretched out on a poolside lounge chair. Dougie had her arms pinned high over her head as Nick eagerly spider-tickled her armpits, alternating with squeezes and probing of her rib cage. Mrs. K's wild, gorgeous laughter rang out over the backyard! And those were just a few of the times! Nick, Dougie, and I always tickled her in mischievous fun, and Mrs. K never seemed to get annoyed about it. She was always a good sport with our antics! I wondered what my friend would think if he were here now, seeing his pretty mother tied up on the sofa and me tickling her to the limits of hysterical laughter! No doubt he'd join in the fun!

I kept tickling Mrs. K, interspersed with brief rests and teasing talk. When I checked the clock I realized I'd had her tied up for almost half an hour. I could tell she was exhausted and I finally stopped.

"Ohmygosh, Ch-Chuck! Y-You just about tickled me to death!"

I untied her ankles and wrists, and piled up the neckties on the coffee table. Mrs. K just sat there in silence for a moment, her eyes half-closed, a slight smile on her lips as her breathing gradually returned to normal.

"Why don't you rest for a while, Mrs. K ?" I grasped her shoulders and eased her down on the sofa. She lay back on the cushions, settled in, and closed her eyes. One arm lay across her tummy and the other, the one closer to the edge of the sofa, was thrown back above her head.

"I"ll come back another time for your newspaper subscription. You just rest now,okay?" For a moment, I gazed at her exposed underarm. "Maybe we can have some fun like this again sometime. What do you think, Mrs. K ?" I punctuated my question by spidering my fingers one last time in her armpit. She giggled and jerked down her arm reflexively. Just as I scooted out the door, she smiled that sly little smile at me. And winked.

The End
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Re: My Tie-up and Tickle Adventure with Mrs. Tegge

Postby milagros317 » Sun Oct 31, 2010 3:35 am

Great story! You were one lucky young man that day. :D
I love bondage, tickling, and women's bare feet. :D

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Re: My Tie-up and Tickle Adventure with Mrs. Tegge

Postby trey_barrett » Sun Oct 31, 2010 9:34 am

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yes, the narrator was a very lucky guy, all right!!

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Re: My Tie-up and Tickle Adventure with Mrs. Tegge

Postby Chase Ricks » Sun Oct 31, 2010 7:40 pm

This story is definitely going to have a lot of good replies. I like it myself because it seems just what most guys would fantasize about at the age of the narrator.
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Re: My Tie-up and Tickle Adventure with Mrs. Tegge

Postby sarumansauron » Mon Nov 01, 2010 8:41 am

milagros317 wrote:Great story! You were one lucky young man that day. :D

Shane Bikman wrote:This story is definitely going to have a lot of good replies. I like it myself because it seems just what most guys would fantasize about at the age of the narrator.

I agree with two. Thanks!

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Re: My Tie-up and Tickle Adventure with Mrs. Tegge (m/f)

Postby trey_barrett » Fri Nov 12, 2010 2:45 pm

I appreciate the comments! Would really like to hear from readers about which part of the story that most interested them -- the introductory part about the narrator's little sister Cammie, or the main part about Mrs. Tegge. Would anyone be interested in reading more tie-up and tickle adventures about either Cammie or Mrs. Tegge?

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Re: My Tie-up and Tickle Adventure with Mrs. Tegge (m/f)

Postby milagros317 » Fri Nov 12, 2010 5:31 pm

I enjoyed the main part best, the boy blackmailing Mrs. Tegge into allowing him to tie her up. I would love to read more about him tying Mrs. Tegge up again and tickling her bare feet.
I love bondage, tickling, and women's bare feet. :D

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Re: My Tie-up and Tickle Adventure with Mrs. Tegge (m/f)

Postby luckydog3 » Fri Nov 12, 2010 5:57 pm

I enjoyed the introduction the most. Are there more adventures with the sister and her friends?

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Re: My Tie-up and Tickle Adventure with Mrs. Tegge (m/f)

Postby mattbind1974 » Sat Nov 13, 2010 3:55 pm

both would be great trey .. when does cammie become a teenager?

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Re: My Tie-up and Tickle Adventure with Mrs. Tegge (m/f)

Postby trey_barrett » Sun Nov 14, 2010 3:03 pm

Thanks for the input and suggestions! Looks like there's interest in more stories about both the little sister Cammie and Mrs. Tegge! I have a couple story outlines in mind and hope bring you more. One involves Kenny returning to Mrs. Tegge's house about a week later to collect the newspaper subscription. He finds she rather enjoyed the previous episode and might be open to more! Of course, Kenny is glad to encourage that inclination! Thanks again for taking time to comment.

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