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Postby smtape » Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:46 pm

every time i tie a crotch rope on my gf she says its painful and i have to immediately take it off.
How are you supposed to tie crotch ropes,
how tight are they supposed to be,
should they go between the lips or what...
and can some girls actually tell me the pros and cons to it...
seeing as i am a man i dont really understand all the details... thanks

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Re: crotchrope

Postby shadow20 » Wed Feb 03, 2010 10:20 pm

hey man im here to help. Just tied my first crotch rope on my girl just the other night and she said she loved it.

She had underwear on over so id say first, don't do it to her naked.

Don't tie it tight on her, just enough to secure it and ask her it still hurts her.

I think its recommended to tie it between the lips, but again not tight, just enough to get her aroused.

Only have one strand go under her too.

Just remember, not tight.
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Re: crotchrope

Postby Fesselfan » Wed Feb 03, 2010 11:46 pm

Captian obvious says:
Take care to use good rope (e.g. cotton ropes).


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Re: crotchrope

Postby smtape » Thu Feb 04, 2010 5:52 pm

thanks you guys... ill be sure to try this out :)

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Re: crotchrope

Postby sarobah » Fri Feb 05, 2010 4:43 pm

Well, here’s one female’s perspective, basically agreeing with the advice already given –
A properly placed and tied crotch-rope is incredibly arousing. A braided cord or a strategically placed knot works wonders.
Wearing one while naked is not a lot of fun, especially if it’s a long session. However, if she is naked, a strip of soft cloth is less chafing than rope.
Between the labia is obviously more stimulating (and it may just be me, but I find that it is actually less irritating than having the rope on one side). Also obviously, it should be snug to have its intended effect, without being too tight. As a basic rule of thumb, if it’s starting to penetrate, it’s too tight.
One strand is good advice. Two strands have a tendency to pinch parts you don’t want pinched. On the other hand, a double strand can be extra stimulating if positioned right, but I would advise plaiting them or something similar so they can’t separate.
I may be biased, but I think that when it comes to crotch-ropes, it’s an anatomical fact that girls definitely have more fun.
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Re: crotchrope

Postby smtape » Sun Feb 07, 2010 10:55 pm

i really appreciate the advice sarah... thank you very very much
i cant wait to try this out on my gf :)

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Re: crotchrope

Postby Boundgal08 » Mon Feb 08, 2010 7:47 am

Wearing a crotch rope, is one of the best things invented for a woman when It comes to bondage.... besides a few other naughty things ;)
I for one suggest for your first time, you do it with her panties on... so she can get the general feel for it, Its better to ease someone into something new than just to throw them in, in the deep end!
Secondly, I suggest you use a soft rope, bondage rope or cotton is that best! If you use rope, thats scratchy and horrid, then the pain would be excruciating than pleasurable!
Thirdly, the tightness, most crotch ropes are tied to other bonds, like a rope around the wrist or to the hands, this in effect can give the captive some control of how tight the crotch rope is pulled. You should always make sure that it is not only secure but safe, you don't want to be hurting her now... I mean she wont thank you in the long run!

I suggest you build it up, work on it, start with the basics and work your way up the ladder to the top.. If she feels uncomfortable at first, thats a good sign in a way, because she is not used to it, and so you may need to loosen the rope, or use less strands etc.

Once she is used to it, then you can progress more and more, by adding knots to the crotch rope adding more strands, the tightness!

But people will have limits, and the limits you must obey by... If someone does not like something, you stop immediately, its a golden rule, should never force someone to do something that they do not wish to do! If she keeps complaining, saying its painful, then the crotch rope is not right for her! #

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Re: crotchrope

Postby Kinkychris » Wed Feb 17, 2010 6:13 am

I agree with the advise given and would also add that it is a good idea to run good cotton rope through the washing machine using fabric softener. This makes the rope softer and more comfortable for the one being tied.

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Re: crotchrope

Postby zack889919 » Sun Dec 18, 2011 12:56 pm

I finally got my gf to let me tie a crotch rope on her. What do i do with the rope when im done? Do i throw it away, wash it, or what?

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