Kidnap Service

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Kidnap Service

Postby EmilieRockerz » Mon Dec 07, 2009 11:00 am

This has been done a few times before, but I've always wanted to do a service, so here it is.

Please state:
Your name/character's name (s) e.g. Mary Brown
Age (s) e.g. 23
Appearance e.g. petite, caramel-coloured hair, freckles, big breasts.
Personality e.g. spoilt, can be snotty
How you are tied e.g. hogtied with thick rope, croch rope - basically rope all over
What you are tied with e.g
Who you are tied by e.g. older woman
Why are you tied e.g. kidnapped for money
Gagged? e.g. Stockings in mouth, taped over with brown packing tape
What happens to you - tormented and force vibed.
Anything else - e.g. tied in lace underwear

Leave your reply with all of that in, and I'll post your story in here asap.

:D First come, first served!


Re: Kidnap Service

Postby tiedupallnightlong » Mon Dec 07, 2009 12:11 pm

Small petite big boobs
Brown hair
Tied up spread egale in her bed
Gagged with her own dirty panties after her work out
Tied up by sisters because for revnge(any kind you can think of)
Only bra or nothing at all

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Re: Kidnap Service

Postby fungirlkatie » Mon Dec 07, 2009 3:56 pm

Name: Kate
Age: 15
Appearance: petite, shoulder length black hair, half indian
Personality: Young, sweet, Adventurous
How you are tied: your choice
What you are tied with: scarves
Who you are tied by: sisters ir friends
Why are you tied: your choice
Gagged:Stockings in mouth, cleave gagged
What happens to you: tickled
Bound, gagged and blindfolded, all with silk scarves

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Re: Kidnap Service

Postby Suestruggles » Mon Dec 07, 2009 10:58 pm

Your name/character's name Susan Davis
Age 22 (I was once)
Appearance 5'6", auburn hair, slim (I was once)
Personality lively and up for anything
How you are tied you choose but I wnt to be forced to walk somewhere then tied very strict /immovable
What you are tied with : ropes, tape, tights
Who you are tied by : university friends. some older women (e.g.staff /lecturers)
Why are you tied ; a prank that turns into a psychological experiment
Gagged? e.g. Stockings/tights/socks in mouth,
What happens to you - tickled and tormented
Anything else - start in skirt, heels and tights but end up wearing very little


Fit to be tied, wants to struggle.

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Re: Kidnap Service

Postby althalusdavis » Tue Dec 08, 2009 12:14 pm

Your name/character's name (s) Sarah Harman, John
Age (s) 18, 18
Appearance Skinny Tall Small Breasts Long Brown Hair Very Cute Face
Personality Tomboy defiant
How you are tied hogtied then spread eagle to bed with crotch rope
What you are tied with rope
Who you are tied by boyfriend (John)
Why are you tied for not acting more feminine (and boyfriend really likes her tied up this is her first time though)
Gagged? a ball gag in her mouth until spread eagle then panties out of her drawer and duct tape
What happens to you - grabbed after showering and so only in bra and panties blindfolded gagged and then tied up without knowing who it is that is tying her up. Then blindfold is removed and I see it is my boyfriend who says that I need to be more feminine and starts rubbing me in hogtie. Then use your imagination. It is probabaly better than mine
Anything else - end with my mom coming home and giving me more toys out of the moms room and then end it there.

Thank you so much for this service

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Re: Kidnap Service

Postby barefootboy » Tue Dec 08, 2009 12:34 pm

Please state:
Your name/character's name Steve Wilson
Age 18
Appearance Blond, athletic
Personality think's I'm god's gift to women, arrogant
How you are tied tightly and inescapably, needs spreadeagle sometime
What you are tied with ropes, tape, handcuffs
Who you are tied by; older women , mum's friends (aged 30-40)
Why are you tied ; they are bored housewives who want some fun, my mum thnks I'm arrogant wants me taught a lesson.
Gagged? e.g. Stockings in mouth, taped over with brown packing tape (sounds good to me
What happens to you - tickled and tormented ; and torture 2 or more women can give an 18 year old boy and stay printable on this site
Anything else - tied in lace underwear or less. My mum helps in my kidnapping.
Tied :tied: gagged :gag: and tickled :tickle:

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Re: Kidnap Service

Postby Chris12 » Wed Dec 09, 2009 7:41 am

Name: chris
Age: 14
Appearance Short skinny and blond hair
Personality : very bratty and enthusiastic but also a bit innocent
How you are tied: just hands and feet tied togheter
What you are tied with : rope.
Who you are tied by : my older friends.
Why are you tied : being kidnapped because i'm an annoying little brat.
Gagged? : Gagged with duct tape.
What happens to you - lots of tickle torture

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Re: Kidnap Service

Postby EmilieRockerz » Thu Dec 10, 2009 2:22 pm

Hi Guys

As you can see, Deanna's story has been posted just yesterday in the Fictional Tugs section. Please comment, as this motivates me/inspires me!
Next up is Kate's - that'll be posted in the same section in a couple of days time.
Thankyou so much for the response - this is so fun! Recommend the service to your friends and fellow tuggers, if you want to make me happy ^^

So, um, yeah - keep cheking back here and in the fictional tugs centre for new Kidnap Service stories - one of them might be yours!

Happy Reading & Tugging


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Re: Kidnap Service

Postby bondagefan » Thu Dec 10, 2009 2:47 pm

Tied with;old pantyhose(tights)
Tied by;Vivian
Reason;for fun & pleasure,made to worship her stockinged feet,fed straw-
berries & cream.
Clothes;your choice for me,on her lingerie & stockings
position;hogtie,chairtie,& spreadeagle

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Re: Kidnap Service

Postby EmilieRockerz » Fri Dec 11, 2009 10:17 am

Katie's story is up! Remember to keep commenting - I'm going as fast as I can :D


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Re: Kidnap Service

Postby Aiden » Fri Dec 11, 2009 10:39 pm

Your name/character's name's: Dee, Ron(me) and ron's 2 friends you can make up their names
Age 18, 23
Appearance: Dee - Brunette Shoulder length hair, 5'6 athletic build , C Cups
Personality: Dee - Flirtacious, alluring, arrogant, spoiled, dominant, aggressive
How is she tied: She is taped up in stages, wrists, ankels knee's , hog tied but she breaks out of the hog tied and then is wrapped up tightly
What is she tied with : Duct tape
Who is she tied by - Ron and His two friends
Why is she tied - Dee felt that she could poke fun at Ron and his friend when they were hanging out then when the idea of taping her up came up she gladly took the challenge
Gagged? Duct tape strips but she keeps working them off so sock and wrapped tape
What happens to you - Dee and ron both have a crush on each other and after him and his friends tie her up his friends leave them alone because they already know, and he teases and torments her thats how she broke from her first hog tie and he quickly had to try and get her back into it though it took him 3 times and she kept laughing at him about it so he plastered her mouth with strips of tape which still didn't work
Anything else - during some of it he notices that she is ticklish and proceeded to tickle her while she's gagges

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Re: Kidnap Service

Postby xShootingxStarx » Sat Mar 20, 2010 8:53 am

Name: Christine Isabella
Age: 18
Appearance: Long brown hair, petite, small,
Personality: Young, shy, quiet, out for adventure, love being taunted but like I wrote, very shy
How you are tied: Grabbed from behind, handgagged, tied up, hogtied, blindfolded, really kidnapped
What you are tied with: ropes but tape is a good thing if it's tight..
Who you are tied by: Unknown, or friends.. As long as it's interesting and suspense, Im not complaining:P as long as Im helpless:p
Why are you tied: By friends, kidnapped, teased.
Gagged: Ballgagged, cleavegagged, Tape around head couple of times,
What happens to you: taunted and teased by being gagged and tied.Dumped in basement for fun.. Kept in suspense, teased (Im all for intimate), spanked

I like roleplaying, feeling helpless:P Just a question.. Im new to all this, but is it you who are gonna make stories?
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Re: Kidnap Service

Postby NaughtyNats » Sat Mar 20, 2010 10:28 am

Your name/character's name (s) Natalie Smith
Age (s) 20
Appearance slim, long blonde hair,
Personality fun loving and niaive
How you are tied . hogtied with thick rope, croch rope - basically rope all over but barefooted
What you are tied with ropes, tape, tights and scarves
Who you are tied by : older woman and her two daughters whom she is training to be dommes
Why are you tied : for my captor's enetertainment and to amuse / teach her daughters
Gagged? e.g. Stockings in mouth, taped over
What happens to you - tickled, tormented, spanked, clamps and pegs, orgasm denial and force vibed.
:evil: :tied: :tickle: :gag: NAUGHTY NATS :gag: :tickle: :tied: :evil:

Maybe blindfold, maybe gagged, always barefoot

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Re: Kidnap Service

Postby Boundgal08 » Sun Mar 21, 2010 11:02 am

Please state:
Your name/character's name (s) Emma
Age (s) 18
Appearance, Tall, large build, big breasts!
Personality , spoilt, cheeky, playful
How you are tied, All positions possible, I like any positions really
What you are tied with. rope, chains, leather, any type of material really
Who you are tied by , older woman, older man, a couple..
Why are you tied kidnapped for money
Gagged? Cloth inside mouth, then large ball gag, and then a final cloth over that
What happens to you - tormented and force vibed, sold as a slave
Anything else - tied in underwear, or something light, or maybe nothing at all ;)
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Re: Kidnap Service

Postby kneesocktied » Sun Mar 21, 2010 5:42 pm

Your name/character's name Chris
Age 17
Appearance black short hair, carmel colored skin, athletic build
Personality loves to talk back, spoiled.
How you are tied hogtied with thick socks, spread eagle on the bed.
What you are tied with: socks/stockings/pantyhose
Who you are tied by: older woman or teenage girl....maybe both?
Why are you tied: humiliation/pleasure
Gagged with: dirty socks, stockings, or panties
What happens to you - tormented and forced intercourse
Anything else - dress me up in femine clothing

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Re: Kidnap Service

Postby chloroformmeplease » Tue Mar 23, 2010 1:59 am

Age, 18
Appearance: 5'7, 170lbs. slim but muscular. Tanned,shoulder length dark brown hair and dark brown eyes,handsome,
Personality, likeable and friendly but somewhat of a wise guy and a joker,class clown type but smart.
How I am tied: First tied to a chair,then hogtied and then spreadeagle at teachers home to a bed in her basement.
I am tied with: rope,handcuffs and chains with my fingers duct taped together
I am tied by: my female school teacher and my crazy ex-girlfriend
Why I am tied: kidnapped for breaking up with my girlfriend ie her revenge and also because I will not shut up in my teachers class.
Gagged; I am gagged with one pair of exgirlfriends panties and one pair of teachers panties and a leather trainer harness with bright red ball gag with buckles and locks.
What happenes to me: They decide to keep me and torture me. Electro shock,torture rack,breathe control and long nail torture,scratching etc.
Anythng else: They use chloroform on me so put me out when they are retying me in another position or somewhere else.
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