Tickling my sisters feet

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Tickling my sisters feet

Postby Guns and Roses » Tue Jul 21, 2009 3:55 pm

Sometime in the middle teens me and my younger sister visited a friend in our little village. This girl, Ingrid, was in my age and lived with her parents in a quite big house. It was a gloomy day and we sat in a cosy room in the basement listening to music and telling stories to each other. After a while we all became rather bored. I found some coloured magazines to read and the girls discussed what to do. My sis wanted to have her nails painted and Ingrid went up to her room and soon came back again with some bottles of nail polish. After a while, when my sis did our friends toenails, I found myself secretly and intensly looking at Ingrids bare feet. But I concealed myself behind the magazine I was reading.

Soon the girls had accomplished their task and sat in the sofa just waiting for the red nailpolish at their fingers and toes to dry. Bored again they started to ask one another "what shall we do now?" I have something for You, I said, and showed them a page in the magazine: A girl had became captured by another woman and tied up and gagged. They looked at the page and said some comments smiling, so I thought they should just ignore this suggestion. But then went Ingrid to a cupboard and took out a bundle of thin rope and a pair of scissors. She cut the rope in several 4-5 feet lenghts and began to tie my sister up, hands behind her back, laying at the sofa. Ingrid also put some rope around her ankles. They didnt use any gag. After a while my sister managed to free herself. "Now its my turn to be tied up" said Ingrid. And now I became really interested in the game. I looked at her being tied up and then how she struggled to get out of the ropes. At last she could pull out one of her hands and soon she was free. Eagerly I waited of my turn in the game but instead Ingrid started over tying up my sister again, this time a little more tight around the wrists and ankles, but still not using any gag.

Suddenly her mother appeared remembering her to write an answer to her mailfriend abroad. "I do it later" said Ingrid. Not accepting this her mother ordered her to immidiately go up to her room and write the letter. She did and left me and my sis alone in the basement. She was still laying bound and even though it wasnt Ingrids bare feet with hot red toenails calling out for me, I couldnt help myself any longer, I just had to tickle these bare feet, tied up as they were. But just as I started, (to be continued)
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Tickling my sisters feet Part 2

Postby Guns and Roses » Wed Jul 22, 2009 6:46 am

As I started to give my sister some tickling to her tied up feet she had managed to get free from the ropes binding her wrists together behind her back. She then rolled over and sat up at the sofa and of course began untie her feet. Cause I wasnt really interesting in taking her captive (this I wanted to do to our friend Ingrid absent for the moment) I simply let my sister get free of the ropes even if I had easily stopped her and put her back in the bonds. She asked me if we should go home now or wait until Ingrid finished writing to her mailfriend. I persuaded her to wait since we didnt have any other plans of what to do that afternoon on a rainy day. "It looks easy to get out of those ropes" I said, hoping that something more should happen. "Well, she replied, this second time was like a little bit harder, perhaps You can tie me upp even better than Ingrid has done to me?" "Perhaps, but I want do it to you unless you first tie me up as good as you can, and then when I have taken myself out of it, I promise I will bind You very tight and hard." Her eyes became at once darker and she uttered something like "be sure I shall show you, big brother, what a little sis can do".

Brutally she forced me to lay face down at the sofa, grabbed my arms and put them behind my back. I felt the rope around my upper arms and then around the torso as well. After that, to my disappointment, she already wrapped a rope around my ankles, my hands still free, just the arms being tightly tied to the body. She continued tying my big toes together, a rather thin rope as it was, made out of nylon, I think. Then she sat down at the floor next to the sofa just watching me. Her short fingernails shined of that light red nail polish teasing me crazy as I begun to long for Ingrid to come down again to the basement. In my fantasy I wanted Ingrid to see me in this situation and I wanted her to tickle my feet with her pretty long fingernails. But the fantasy run the risk to be omitted cause my sis didnt bound me properly. "Why havent you tied up my hands as well?" I asked her and she quickly answered "I want you soon to be free and then bind me really tight and hard as you promised.". "Alright, I said, I will do that but not as long as you are cheating and refuse to tie me up properly, so please hurry up and put some more ropes in work". This time she seemed to become very annoyed cause she at once grabbed four lengths of rope and sat up at my shoulders in the direction of my feet .

First she tied my hands to each other, not wrists crossed more like outer sides towards each other. And she did some good knots too. Next rope she let around the first rope several time until it really kept the first rope in place. The third rope she used to bind my thumbs together and the last of these four ropes she tied as the first one, but just two loops and then pulling it around my stomach, tightening it up good and finally give it a steady knot. "Now we are talking getting tied up" I said to her, but she just ignored me. Then she seemed to look around for something. She climbed of me and took out two of my handkerchiefs from my trousers, folded one of them to a little neat package and then simply stuffed it in my surprised mouth and secured it with the other tying a hard knot at the back of my head. Never before I had been so completely tied up in ropes.

Soon our friend Ingrid appeared again and my fantasy lured in my mind. But instead of doing anything or even saying anything concerning me and my helplessness she began to do some more work at her own toenails putting another layer of that red nail polish to them. Afterwards she asked my sis if she also wanted some more nailpolish, and yes, she wanted Ingrid to do all her nails over again but this time not using the light red bottle they started out with. Instead my sis wanted her nails to be painted dark blue. Then I think I fainted for a while. Awake again soon after I saw the girls preoccupied with doing each others nails over and over again. Apparently they had forget all about me and my distress. This fact in itself gave my fantasy an even deeper dimension.

When the girls sat at the other sofa(the one I was first sitting in reading the magazine) waiting for their nails to dry up, Ingrids mother called out for us to come up and have some food. "You are welcome too, Thommy", Ingrid said, adressing me for the first time since she had come back down in the basement, "that is as soon as it is possible for You, no hurry for us, dear friend, take your time". The girls abandoned me both laughing all the way upstairs and at a distance I heard Ingrids mother asking for me and she answered her: "He is just a little bit tied up for the moment, he catch up later". But I did´nt. That´s all for this, hope You guys like my story. PS Do not ever leave any one bound and gagged, we were lucky this time! Well the girls came back about 15 min later. Did they untie me then? I like to keep it my secret!
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Re: Tickling my sisters feet Part 2

Postby barefootboy » Sat Jul 25, 2009 5:10 am

I know the feeling well. Left bound :tied: gagged :gag: and barefoot by your sister and her friends awaiting a tickling :tickle:
Tied :tied: gagged :gag: and tickled :tickle:

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Re: Tickling my sisters feet

Postby zanev » Sat Jul 25, 2009 7:56 am

I merged your two parts together. Please next time post different parts in the same topic.
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Re: Tickling my sisters feet

Postby Guns and Roses » Sun Jul 26, 2009 5:50 am

Yes, I didnt first notice that one could type below the first square in the post site. But it was a problem cause the line i was writing came under the square and I couldnt see the text while writing it down. Instead I wrote in Works and copied it to the post section. Regarding my story from my youth: :bound: Perhaps my experience isnt so unique at all as I have believed in quite many years. :!:

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Tickling my sisters feet

Postby RandalllBeeld » Thu Jan 05, 2017 2:32 am

I used to hear this warning story years ago when my first daughter was a baby, somehow I thought it would have died off by now. I cant imagine there is any connection, so long as a baby or child isnt distressed by the tickling theres no issue.

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