My Sister & the Friend from work

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My Sister & the Friend from work

Postby guardian741 » Tue Jun 02, 2009 7:33 pm

I thought I'd post one of my stories. The site it originally was from was more of a "forced foot smelling" poll but it does involve me being tied up. Comment please (not too mean though):

I went to work with this girl, renee. To make a long story short, we ended up talking and she was going to sleepover at my house (as my sister's guest). My sister and renee invited me in the room to talk. And talk we did, probably close to 2 hours. Finally, I was getting up to leave (it was 12:30) and they said "you can't go!" "I need to go," I said, "I'm tired". "Well that's too bad" Renee said to me.

Miraculously, they pulled a roll of ductape out of nowhere. My sister (a fit cheerleader) held on to me and forced me to the ground. She sat on my back and held my hands behind my back. Renee wrapped ductape around my wrists about 4 or 5 times. Then she taped my elbows together and finally, wrapped tape around my wrists and torso so that my arms were forced against my back. She then preceded to tape my ankles and knees together, making it impossible for me to move my legs. After I was taped, my sister got off of me and they both flipped me over on my back so I was stomach-up.

"There, now you can leave." I tried to move my hands, but they wouldn't budge, they were really tightly taped! I tried to get up on my legs, but I couldn't move them either, or even bend my knees for that matter. "awww, are you tied up a little too tight?" Renee mocked. I responded "fuck you, bitch". The minute I said it my sister said "that was uncalled for" and plopped her bare foot over my mouth. Thus being forced to endure her foot odor. It wasn't horrible (like when she would make me smell them after cheerleading practice) but, as always, there was a distinct, offensive odor. "mmmph" I said into her foot. "Does it smell nice?" she said, then snickered to herself. I had to smell her foot while it was over my mouth for about 30 more seconds, then she took off her foot. "didja like it?" she asked. "No!" I shouted. Renee just laughed in the background. I tried to break for freedom, but the tape held strong. "Let me go, right now!" I demanded. "I'm not kid-mmp!" my sister smashed her stinky foot over my mouth again. "I kinda like your mouth like this, much quieter. I feel sorry for your nose though" and she laughed. It did smell pretty bad. I mmmphed as loudly as I could into her foot as I rolled around and tried to dislodge her foot, it held tight. Eventually, I just gave up and let her keep her foot over my mouth as I suffered from her stinky feet in silence. 3 minutes later I groaned into her foot and she removed it. "isn't this fun?" "please, just let me go." "Well, this was renee's idea, so I'll let her decide."

I looked over to renee and begged "please?". "Nope." She said "You're gonna have a lot of fun with me tonight." Suddenly, she came over to me and sat on my stomach. I began to ask what she was doing but she clamped her hand over my mouth "shhh" she said. "I think I like you," she told me "do you like me?" I had a girlfriend, so my answer was obvious "as a friend." "Fine!" she shouted- she seemed angry. She reached back to her feet and began to move and sound like she was struggling. I couldn't see what she was doing. I asked and my sister, being the bitch that she is, put her smelly foot over my mouth again. "Mmmmphmphmmmph!" "I thought you'd like one more try" she said. With renee sitting on me, I definitly wasn't going anywhere. By the time my sister finally took off her rank foot, renee had turned back around and was facing me, smiling. "I have a gift for you." She was hold both of her (quite dirty) white socks. She had pulled them off of her feet. "no way." I said and kept my mouth shut. My sister bent down and squeezed my jaw with one hand and forced my mouth open. Renee shoved a sock in, toe-end first then the second one and crammed it into my mouth, making sure to fill in all of the corners of my mouth. When she was confident that she had completly stuffed my mouth with her dirty socks she took the ductape and wrapped it around my head (over my mouth) 6 times.

"There" she said and smiled. "How does that taste?" It was absolutly horrible. It was bitter and tangy. I obviously couldn't spit them out. I tried to moan but it was hardly audiable. "mmmph." I said very quietly. She mocked me and held her ear "what was that?" "mmmph!" I said, still very quite. "Sorry, can't hear you." she said. I put all my effort into it. "MMMPMPH!!!MMMMMMPMPPPH!!!" It still hardly made a noise. "Dirty socks in a man's mouth, that's how it should be all the time" she said and she and my sister laughed. They watched tv for 20 minutes while renee still sat on my stomach. I spent the 20 minutes struggling against the tape, trying to keep my tongue away from her dirty socks, but failed with both tasks. I mmmph frequently, but it was so quiet it couldn't be heard over the tv. Finally, she turned back to me. "my sweaty socks still tasty?" I mmmphed the negative. "I've got another present for you." She lifted her bare feet and rested them on my chest with her toes barely touching my chin. I'm pretty sure I knew what she was thinking. I mmmphed as loud as I could. But I knew with me tightly tied up, her sitting on me and dirty socks stuffed in my mouth that there was absolutly nothing I could do. "here it comes!" she said. She lifted her bare foot in the air above my face, wiggled her toes and little then gently set her foot down over my face with my nose in the ball of her foot.

"MMMMMPH!!!" I shouted. Her foot smelled horrible! I had renewed energy for struggle. I moved left and right, I shook my head but I still couldn't shake her stinky foot over my nose. I, of course, couldn't breath through my mouth. I struggled some more and screamed "MMMMMMMPMMMPPHH!!" This just made her laugh. "What? Do my feet stink a little?" she asked innocently. I moaned into my sock gag again. I thought my sister's stinking feet were bad, this was REALLY bad. She rubbed her foot up and down slowly over nose nose. "That's right, smell it, Matt" she said. Not like I had a choice. She rested her foot with her toes craddled over my nose. This was bad again. "MMMMMMMMPH!" I argued, muffled by the dirty socks. "Ahhh, this is the life. A boy tied up, gagged and at my feet." She flexed her toes over my nose. "mmmph" I grunted. My sister was just grinning and chuckling the entire time. "Guess my feet weren't as bad as you thought, huh?" I just glared at her. Renee turned towards the tv (her head, anyway) and watched. She watched for an entire hour! After 20 minutes I started making a bunch of noise into my gag, begging for her to let me go. She took her foot off my nose and replaced it with another, fresher, one. I writhed on the ground, kicked my feet, pulled at my hands, tried to spit out the dirty socks and was immediatly reminded that I was stuck there.

After an hour of smelling her terrible feet. She turned back towards me. "If you promise to behave, I'll take those dirty socks out of your mouth, they can't taste good." I shook my head agreeing. She unwrapped the tape. Just as I was spitting out the socks my sister came and put her bare foot over my mouth, forcing to socks to stay in longer. I shouted what-the-hell, which behind dirty socks and her stinky foot sounded like "wha-mmmp-mmmmph?!" She just laughed and said "are you sure you want to spit out those socks? I can let you smell my feet longer if you like." I was already enduring her foot odor. MMph, mmph! (that means no). Renee said "oh, well if you want to smell my feet more, that's fine" and reached for the ductape. I mmmphed loudly into my sister's foot. "just kidding" renee said, and set the tape down. My sister lifted up her foot and I spit out the socks. "Absolutly disgusting" I muttered. "good" laughed renee. I started to ask them to let me go. Renee put the ball of her foot over my mouth so that her toes were over my nose again.

"mmmph" I said into her bare foot, she had learned something from my sister. "Just want something" she said, mysteriously. She moved the arch of her foot hovering over my mouth. "lick my foot" she said. "What!?" She shoved her heel into my mouth, making a seal so I couldn't speak. "Not so loud," she said "yes, lick my foot. I can keep you here all night if you want, I'm sure your sister has a shoe we can tape over your nose..." "mmmph!" I shouted into her heel. She removed her heel from my mouth. She placed her toes over my lips. "kiss" she said. "no." I said. "For the love of God, matt," she said "kiss, my toes!" As I said no, she let out a sigh of frusteration and shoved her foot into my mouth. She kept forcing it in until my bottom lip was almost to her heel. This, effectivly gagged me as well. "mmmp!" I said "what's that?" she mocked some more. "I can't hear you, it's probably because you have that stinky foot in your mouth!" She moved her other foot's toes over my nose and I mmmmphed in defeat. I couldn't even move anyway. Not only did her feet smell incredibly bad, but the taste was horrible as well. It was salty, and then grew more and more bitter. "all you would have had to do was lick my feet a few times, but no, you had to be difficult. Not you have my whole foot shoved in your mouth, toes and all" I mmmmphed. She said "tough for you, I kinda like it" She watched tv for another 15 minutes with her bare foot shoved in my mouth the whole time.

Finally she took it out. She said "I want you to smell my foot again." Before I could argue, she slapped a piece of tape over my mouth and forced me to smell her awful feet for 10 more minutes. She took the tape off when she was finished. She asked, "you want to me untied now?" (it was 3:30) "yes, please." I replied. My sister jumped in and said "i'll do it." She rolled me onto my stomach. She sat on my back with her feet curled behind her, she was facing the opposite direction of my head. Her feet were near my face. She started laughing. She moved her butt back a little which forced my head to the ground. But it wasn't the ground, it was her bare feet. My face was forced into her foot, her arch over my mouth and my nose buried in the ball of her foot. I tried to say "michelle, you're feet are in my face!" but because of her foot over my mouth it justed sounded like "mmmmmph!" So I was forced to endure my sister's smelly feet while she untied me. And she took her sweet time. I was anxious to get out (and who wouldnt be, when your face is shoved into a smelly foot the entire time you're being untied). When I felt my hands freed. My sister held onto them. She said "renee, you can go to bed, i'll be right there." Renee did. "How does it smell back there, matt?" She did it on purpose! Suddenly pissed, I started screaming into her foot. "the more noise you make, the longer I'm gonna make you smell them." She had good leverage, her feet were NOT enjoyable. When she got off, I thought I was free.

Instead, she handcuffed my hands to the legs of her vanity (she had some handcuffs from our uncle, a police officer). I said "what the hell." she said "i just need some entertainment while I fix my hair. She reached down to her laundry bin, grabbed two sweat-stained socks and forced them into my mouth. She put her foot over my mouth while she grabbed tape. Then she put just a single strip over my mouth. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't spit out the bitter socks. "There, just enjoy those" she said and chuckled. She lowered her feet to my nose (they were still quite smelly). She rubbed her feet over my nose for quiet a while- 45 minutes. I mmmphed and moaned into the dirty sock gag the entire time. She took out the socks when she was done. She said "ya know, I think renee likes you." I justed grunted "please..." she said "you like these so much, you can have them." She reached down, grabbed renee's discarded socks and stuffed them into my mouth again. She placed several strips of tape over my mouth. "There, good as new." She smiled. "Just gotta check it." She held her foot over my nose for 20 seconds and listened to me breath it in. "Ok, just had to make sure." She grabbed her gym shoe and ductaped it over my mouth and nose. It was terrible! I shooked and screamed through my dirty sock gag (dam renee's sweaty feet) "good night, sweetie" my sister said and she closed the door and left me for the rest of the night smelling her putrid shoe. They let me go at 11:30 the next day after making me smell renee's feet one more time

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Re: My Sister & the Friend from work

Postby Nuclearo » Sat Jun 06, 2009 11:22 am

So you're pokematt from Mr. Poll? I love those sock gag stories. All the different sweaty socks filling your mouth...
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Re: My Sister & the Friend from work

Postby tightbound » Fri Aug 28, 2015 1:18 am

Nice story

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Re: My Sister & the Friend from work

Postby Boundupboy » Thu Dec 01, 2016 3:45 am

Great story!

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