My GF, me, her friend and her landlord. M/F/F/F

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My GF, me, her friend and her landlord. M/F/F/F

Postby frogtielover » Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:39 pm

So after playing a few really fun bondage games with Priscilla, I came up with the idea that instead of just me tied up, we should both be tied up at the same time and be left there to free eachother. The only problem was finding somebody to do it. Surprisingly to me, a friend hers, Taylor was willing to do it for us(this was the 1st time i met Taylor).

I go over to Priscillas house on the planned night and she and Taylor are waiting for me inside, I brought my own bag of "supplies" to add to Priscillas as since there will 2 of us we will need more rope. We first meet in the living room discussing how we are going to be tied, according to wat Taylor is comfortable with. WE eventually decided that we were all comfortable with being tied in our underwear. We decided that I will be in a chair tie, and Priscilla will be in a hogtie on her bed, I was willing to be gagged but priscilla wasnt due to the fact that her landlord(Sugar) could come home unexpectedly and she wanted to make sure she could talk so that way Sugar did not get freaked out.

After the discussion we head over to Priscillas bedroom. Taylor decided to tie Priscilla first so priscilla stripped off her jeans and her shirt revealing a SEXY green bra and matching full back panties, I watched as another hot girl tied up my gf while she was wearing nothing but her bra and panties, Taylor securely tied her ankles and wrists both in cross ties before telling her to lay down on her stomach, Taylor gave her butt a nice smack before tying another rope connecting her ankles to her wrists to leave her in a secure hogtie. She then literally ordered me to strip while she pulled out a chair, once i was down to my boxer briefs i sat down and Taylor proceeded with tying me up. she first cross-tied my wrists behind the chair, followed by tying me upper body to the chair in a bikini tie(she was good). she finished off by securing my ankles to the legs of the chair. I looked at priscilla as she was finishing up and we just smiled at eachother.

Before putting on the finishing touches, Taylor asked us to struggle for a few minutes to see if the ties were secure. We did and they were, Taylor then grabbed a bandanna and securely blindfolded Priscilla. She then gave her a few more smacks on her nice butt before saying "1 down 1 to go." I smiled as she grabbed the roll of duct tape. But before she gagged me she asked Priscilla where she kept her panties. Priscilla said in the 4th dresser drawer. Taylor went and pulled out a pair of Purple full back panties(similar to the ones Priscilla was alredy wearing but a different color). "Open Wide" she said to me as she crammed the wad of panties into my mouth and proceeded to Duct tape my mouth shut. Priscilla was hogtied and blindfolded in her green bra and panties and I was chair tied and gagged in my blue boxer briefs. Taylor then says, "Ok well my work here is done, bye Priscilla, nice meeting you Rhett, i let out an mmpppphhh and she just laughs as she waves bye before leaving the door, then making sure it is locked(from the inside). We then hear the front door close as she leaves and my gf and I proceed to struggle.

Communication is impossible between the 2 of us as she cant see anything and I cant say anything. Time went on and after awhile of struggling(to no avail). as I looked up at the clock I noticed we had been bound for more than an hour. All of a sudden, we hear the front door open and someone come in. Priscilla then says "Its Sugar, OMG" Sugar then yells for Priscilla to indicate shes here. Priscilla goes, "yeah i'm here." This we hoped would drive her to her room, BUT she knocked on the door and tried to open in, Priscilla yells, "Im here." Sugar says, "can you open the door?" Priscilla tries desperately to escape her bonds as I do mine but Taylor is a pro. Priscilla says "NO"
Sugar: why not?
Priscilla: i just can't
AS the landlord, Sugar has a key which she used to unlock and open the door. I noticed an absolute SHOCKED look in her eyes as obviously she didnt expect to see her tenant and boyfriend bound up, with one gagged and one blindfolded. Priscilla then said "Sugar wait its not wat you think, this a game we play, we like Bondage"
Sugar: how did you get both of you tied up?
Priscilla: my friend Taylor came over and did it
Sugar: and she just left you here.
Priscilla: yeah it was our fantasy.
Sugar then stared at the both of us for a bit before I spotted a sort of evil smile on her face.
Sugar: this looks like fun, is it?
Priscilla: YEAH it is.
Sugar: hmmmm im gonna make this a little more interesting. I then watched horrified as she walked over to Priscilla and undid her bra and puller her panties down to her ankles.
Priscilla: Wat the hell are you doing?
Sugar: I told you I'm making it more interesting.
Sugar then grabbed the roll of duct tape and securely silenced Priscilla very effectively(despite no stuffing). and Priscilla simply HMMMMPPPPHED angry at her.
I then watched her walk over to me and say "we havent met, my name is Sugar. Priscillas told me a lot about you, Nice to meet you" I nodded my head the watched her slide my underwear down to my ankles. My member was very hard as Hot chix in control of me turns me on so much. she then looks at it, smiles and says "Hes a keeper Priscilla" she then begins to laugh before finally leaving. In the end, priscilla and I are both Bound and Gagged with our underwear around our ankles, Priscilla is the special one as she has a blindfold.
about a half hour later Sugar returned to see that neither of us had made any progress, Priscilla sensed she was back in the room as she either heard her footsteps or hear me mmppphing at her. Sugar then played eenie meenie miney mo. Ending on Priscilla and she untied her first. Priscilla was shocked to see that Sugar had stripped me down like she did her but in the end she realized that it was all in fun and no harm was done. Sugar then left to bed as Priscilla untied me.

This was my favorite bondage game played yet

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