Tying the girl next door.

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Tying the girl next door.

Postby LoTUG » Mon Sep 20, 2010 8:40 pm

This is initiated from a dream I recently had including a girl I work with. I'm sure based on world standards she's plain, but I find her smoking hot! She's a very full-figured girl. Not fat, but not bone thin either. Nice big chest and shapely butt. Her hair is currently black although I think she's naturally brunette.

I've recently been able to get on speaking terms with her and now we are fairly friendly with each other. Matter of fact, she kept saying today she loved me, she loves my face, etc.... but that's probably mainly due to the fact that I agreed to swap her shifts to let her go to a college game this weekend..... :P how I wish I could subtly test the waters on her interest in tugs. But a backfire may cost me my job.

Anyway, the story is not necessarily how my dream went, I'm kinda creating a scenario......just wanted to give the background/inspiration. Changing our names for the story as well.

She had moved in next door a little over a year ago. Cute, friendly, very outgoing. Her parents were often busy with their jobs just like mine so often we would chat either at one of our houses or just across the fence.

Often times we would tease each other good naturedly. After awhile I started retaliating at the height of our teasings that I was gonna come over and shut her up myself. She'd always grin and say, "I'm right here waiting" and give me a giggle that would usually melt me.

Today was one of those days. She was out on a chair basking in the sun in a pair of shorts and a tank top. This was exposing plenty of her legs and breasts and it was driving me nuts. I was teasing her and she was firing back. I finally said, "I'm gonna come shut you up once and for all." "I'm right here waiting." She said with a smirk.

I turned and walked inside. I grabbed a few lengths of rope and a roll of duct tape. I strolled on over and let myself in, dumping my materials on the couch right inside from the patio. I slid the door open and snuck up behind her. She was peacefully lying there, eyes closed, unknowing.

I reached down and clamped my hand hard over her mouth. "Mmmppphhh!!!!" her eyes jolted open and looked up at me. "Shhh!" I placed a finger over my mouth before reaching down and pulling her up. I wrap an arm around her waist and pull her back, still handgagging her.

"Mmmmppphhh! Mmmmppphhh!" She cries behind my hand as I lay her down on her stomach on the couch, wrists behind her as I tie them tightly with rope. "So, you really meant it, didn't you?" She sounds amused as I test her wrists. "Indeed I did!" Smirking as I pull her ankles together and loop rope around them. "Well, this isn't shutting me up! You've just made me immobile!" She teases as I finish her ankles and pull her up to a sitting position.

"Well, I don't want you running away or being able to remove this, my dear!" I rip a piece of duct tape off and she shakes her head, trying to avoid it, but shes giggling so I know she really wants it. Eventually I succeed in meeting her lips and press hard. "Mmmmppppphhhhh!" She cries as I apply another strip or two over the first one.

"Mmmppphhh!" She protests as I pick her up and sit her on my lap. I begin to stroke her soft thighs. "There, nice and quiet!" "Mmmmppphhhh! Mmmmpppphhh!" Even behind three strips of tape I notice what has to be a smile underneath.

I proceed to just hold her and enjoy her squirming and gag talk for a bit before I cut her loose.

"Boy, you just started something! We will see what happens next!"

"Guess we will, weakling! Ha ha!"

Guess I didn't even use names..... ;)

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