Aunt and Grandma (fictional story)

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Aunt and Grandma (fictional story)

Postby TicklebyGran » Fri Sep 05, 2008 8:18 pm

Ok sometimes my grandma tickles me. She hasnt tied me up or tickled me but I would like her to. I would also like to get my aunt involed. Anyways Ill us a different name instaed of my real name. JAck. Ok so here are the charaters
My grandma (Gma for short)
Auntie-Long brown here around 5' 5'.
Jack-5 foot 7. a light tsn. Most ticklish on tummy/ribs. Shaggy light brown hair.

Jack was at his Gmas house. He was laying diagnolly on her bed. Allong with his Aunt. Jaacks Gma was in the computer chair watching the TV along with Auntie and Jack. She started to slowly tickle his feet. It didnt really tickle but he did a fake laugh.
"What is it. asked Auntie.
Grandma is tickling my feet. Said Jack.
"Oh." said Auntie nodding. Gma continued to tickle his feet. Auntie was quite. A few minuets passed and he felt a different set of hands on his feet. It was his Aunt. He giggled. She as a better tickler and it actually tikled. Though not alot.
"You seem to like that." Said untie
"a little. Replied Jack. Auntie and Gma held his ankles and tickled his feet.
"Where are you most ticklsh?" Asked Auntie
"My belly and ribs." Answered Jack giggling.
Can we tikle you there? Yes! thought Jack. He wanted to have his Aunt tickle him.
Sure I guess. Said Jack not wanting to sound to excited. He layed down my there hands. He was wearing a t shirt and short beach shorts. He lifted up his shirt up to his neck. He wasnt buff. Or had abs, but you wwouldnt call him overwait. Auntie and Gma slowly rubbed there fingers over his belly and ribs. Jack sterted to laugh.
"ready." Asked Auntie. And then Gma and Auntie tickled hit belly like crazie. He twwisted and turned. Auntie attacked his right rib. Her fingers going really fast. Jack laughed and twisted. His Grandma tickled his ribs and belly. All while mocking him.
"Hes twisting to much. Said Auntie. I think we should tie him up.
"I would. Said Gma. But i have to go to the store. Fiannaly Jack got a brake. He had nearly weted his pants. He used the bathroom and grandmother left. He walked back into the bedroom were his Auntie had tape and rope.
"Want to be tied uped." Asked Auntie.
Sure. Said Jack. But lets make it into a game. I start in thisa room and try tro sneak past you. If you catch me you can tie me up and tickle me asa long as you want.
Ok said his Aunt.
He tooked off his shirt and Jack moved from the bedroom to the gguest room. He paused and he heard his aunt. He crawled to the hallway. Only one more room. He dasdhed. He ppasted a closet and felt hands close around his mouth and he fell.
Got you! Said his aunt. He facked a black out. He walked into a large closet. His Aunt set up a table and tied his feet and hands to each corner of the table. And rapped taped on his mouth. She Tickled his feet for a few minuets. Then she said.
Are your theighs ticklish. Actually his theighs were his second most ticklish place. She tickled his theighs. Her nails igging into the skin. After 10 minuets she moved to his Armpits. HE wasnt real ticklish there so to his belly. With a mockgrin she slowly tickled his belly. Faster and faster. He tried to turn to the left. She attacked his right side. Then vise versa. No matter what he laughed. Good thing I used a bathroom before this he thought. For an hour it continued. Feet thiehs alot of belly repeat. Finally Gma arrivied and she had an hour of torture tickling. Finally he was released. THey promised not to tell his parents.

That was actually fun. Said Jack.
Will have more in the future. Said his Auntie smilimg.

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