Kelly Keeps Me

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Kelly Keeps Me

Postby ArrestedForever » Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:52 pm

Okay, so... This was a story I pulled off the old Canuck website. It was by Sandra Davis. I loved this series but unfortunately, it was never finished so I've taken the liberty of continuing it myself. Not trying to steal anyone's work, just loved the stories! The only thing I have changed is that I have edited the stories to make Sandra older and added a few details of my own. Here it goes!
My Cousin's Prisoner
My first bondage experience was at the end of my sophomore year of High School. It was the first day of summer, and I was going to spend the entire summer with my cousin in a place she rented at the time, with her two roommates. My cousin, Lisa, was a super senior stuck in nursing school and so were her two roommates, Laura and Tammy. Little did I realize that my cousin and her roommates were such huge bondage freaks. They all loved barefoot bondage, but each had their own taste in gags. Lisa liked the old fashioned cloth gag, but she also on occasion liked to get creative with it by putting a knot in the middle of it or something. Laura was a ballgag fanatic. Tammy did duct tape; I guess that�s why she�s a big fan of Red Green�s Duct Tape Forever movie.

Anyway, the weird thing about that first day was that, on the way to my cousin�s house, everything seemed to revolve around bondage, as if preparing me for the days ahead. In the car on the way to the airport I saw a picture of a girl tied up on Facebook with text which said "You've been kidnapped. The last person you texted is responsible. Tag who it is." Ironically, I texted my cousin last.

As I got off the plane there was Lisa, my best friend and favorite cousin. We hugged and in the van I got to meet her roommates. We arrived at their place and got me settled in. My room was in their guest room. We then went out. Tammy and Laura went out and did their own thing (I�d later find out that they were out buying gags and rope), while Lisa and I went to the movies, ate at Applebee�s and all sorts of fun stuff. Later back at Lisa�s place, we played a couple games with her roommates but I eventually decided to got to bed early.

Later I would have to go to the bathroom, but as I was heading back to my room I heard that the TV was on. I went down stairs to see what they were watching, and I saw a bondage video playing on the screen. They weren�t that far into the movie just yet but I saw a woman bound and gagged and went back to bed thinking about it. I was a very sheltered kid and little bit naive so I didn't pick up on any clues as to what kind of movie they were watching. (Hint: It was dirty.) But the bondage part interested me very much. As a kid whenever the heroine was tied up in a movie, it always caught my attention but I always through that that stuff was weird so I ignored that interest. Who knew there were whole movies dedicated to the subject?

The next day I woke up before everyone else and got myself a bowl of cereal. It was Saturday and I mindlessly cut on some cartoons as I ate. Irony came into play once again as one of the shows showed damsels in distress. About 9:00 am was when Laura and Lisa, were up Tammy would soon follow.

Later it was near noon and I was still in my pajamas, and as I was choosing my clothes for the day I noticed some things were under the bed. I grabbed the objects and pulled out a ballgag and a foot and a half piece of rope. I didn�t know what these were for at first but then I remembered that movie Lisa and her roommates were watching the previous night, the woman in the movie was wearing a gag that looked similar. I stopped what I was doing and went to Tammy and Laura�s room. They agreed to share a room while I was over, for the room I was in was originally Laura�s room.

They were just about dressed for the day when I knocked on the door. They let me in and I showed them my discovery. Laura thanked me as she put the gag and rope away. They explained to me what were for, proving my theory correct. They said that sometimes kidnappers used them. I asked if they were planning to kidnap anybody.

�Oh no,� they said, �We just like to tie each other up for fun.�

As they elaborated, the idea started to run through my mind: I�ve never been tied before and was intrigued by the idea of being tied up. After all, I had always been fascinated by the idea and seeing how my cousin and her friends embraced the interest so unashamedly made me feel okay about it.

So I blurted out �Can you kidnap me?�

Tammy and Laura were shocked at what I just asked, and stared at me like a deer staring at the headlights of a car.

�What?� they asked

�I mean... If you guys do it for fun, then why not?� I said.

Laura and Tammy thought about it for a couple seconds and Laura just smiled, and took some rope out a drawer and tossed it to Tammy who was getting the same idea.

�So you want us to kidnap you and tie you up?� Laura asked.

�I mean...� I said, my heart beginning to pound as I grew nervous about the idea. "I guess?"

Immediately, Laura came behind me and clamped her hand over my mouth and with the help of Tammy pulled both my wrists behind my back, where Laura held them both in one hand. I was really small and weak so overpowering me didn't take much effort.

They took me to Lisa�s room where Lisa was all ready for the day. Tammy spoke up, �Hey Lisa, your cousin found a couple of our stuff under her bed,� She said gesturing to the rope in her hand.

Lisa, who knew I was bound to find stuff lying around sooner or later, merely said �Really?�

�She has even volunteered to be our play thing,� Tammy added. Lisa getting the picture now smiled and nodded. She went to her closet to get some more things. That�s when I started struggling and making noises into Laura�s hand just to get a grasp on my predicament but she held on with a tight grip. "Oh, no you don't!" she said. "You asked for this... LITERALLY!"

Lisa came out with more rope and a long cloth. I was handed to her and she pulled the cloth between my teeth. I was then handed to Tammy, who forced me to the floor and tied my hands behind my back in an X shape, with the rope she had in her hand. With another piece rope tied my ankles together and then my knees with another piece.

So there I was, tied up, gagged and barefoot. The three older women admired their handy work for a couple seconds and then went to put their shoes on. They had the idea that since I was barefoot, putting shoes on would make them look superior to me, and I agree. They came back and Laura with Tammy's help picked me up and carried me down stairs, where I was tied to one of the kitchen chairs. When I tested my ropes, I found that they weren�t so tight that they hurt, but they were sure tight and there was no way I was getting out of it.

They took pictures of me as they talked about what they could do to me. They talked about just tying me into different positions as i squirmed, imagining each one. They also talked about making me their tickle slave. They liked that idea, but I didn�t. At the time I was very ticklish, in my sides, my stomach, the souls of my feet, under the armpit. You name an area where person can be tickled; chances are I was pretty ticklish there. They decided to do both.

The tickling was going to come first. I vigorously shook my head no, but Laura told me that apart of being kidnapped was having things done to you against your will. I knew she was right, but I still didn�t want to be tickled. So this is where I really started to struggle. I kicked my legs and twisted my body as they untied me from the chair. Laura and Tammy picked me up and sat me on a chair in the living room. Suddenly I didn�t want to be tied up anymore.

I kept bucking my legs, but Lisa brought a foot rest where I was sitting, and with a long piece of rope, tied my legs down to it. She took my gag out and I started to beg them not to tickle me. But Lisa, who had just finished tying a huge knot in the center of my gag, told me that I should have known what I was getting into when I asked for this. She shoved the knot into my mouth and at that point, I knew my protests were useless and that they were going to do it anyway so I just gave up. Now don�t get me wrong, my cousin wasn�t trying to be mean to me, but she was a control freak sometimes and this was one of those times where she was just being controlling. The same went for her roommates. Besides it was all fun and games

I sat there waiting for a couple minutes, which seemed like and hour, bound and gagged with the souls of my feet pointed away from me, vulnerable to any thing that dared to brush across them. Finally, Tammy came in with a feather. Lisa got first dibs since she is my cousin and pulled a seat up in front of my feet. She sat down and taunted me for a few seconds before finally stroking my foot with the feather. I flinched. She slowly started stroking up and down on with the feather on both feet. My toes were wiggling and I laughing into my knot gag. She soon resorted to passing the feather between my toes and then finished off by tickling me with the other side of the feather, which made me laugh much harder.

It was then Tammy�s turn to torture me. But before she started, she got a spool of string from out of her pocket and tied my big toes together, which they would all do from now on if my ankles were tied together. Tammy then took the feather and did the same things that Lisa did. This time I couldn�t sway my feet apart thanks to the fact that there was a string attaching my toes, so now the feather was harder to avoid.

Then Laura stepped up. Laura, when it comes to bondage of any kind, is a sadist. Years later I heard she beat the crap out of her boyfriend while he was cuffed to the basement stairs (amazingly they didn�t break up after that). How did she handle me? Well she only used the feather on the soft side for a half a minute then switched to the other side. Then she set the feather down and started scratching my souls with her fingernails. She started soft and then scratched harder and harder. I was laughing harder than ever, she was digging her fingernails into my feet. She tickled me the longest, but I don't remember how long. When she stopped, the other two thought it was time for a break from tickling.

They untied me from the foot rest, untied my wrists and ankles, which were tied for three and a half hours straight, and then they took my gag out. They gave me a glass of water. Man was my tongue dry! They also gave me a chance to stretch my limbs, but only until a couple seconds later when they tied me up again.

Laura made me sit Indian style; she then proceeded to tie arms behind me. She did a couple loops around my upper body, tied it off and used what was left of that rope to tie my ankles. Tammy then came behind me and gagged me with that fricking cloth, which no longer had the knot in it. After Tammy tied the gag off, she took a piece of duct tape over my mouth.

They left me in that position until it was supper time. They untied me, but they weren�t letting me loose, Lisa put a pair of handcuffs on my wrists, this time in front of me. As we ate the phone rang, it was my parents calling to see how I was doing. I talked to them, but didn�t say one word about what my "friends" were doing to me. Lisa was close-by with a threatening demeanor about what might happen if I said anything - not that I would have anyway because I had asked for this and honestly.... I was having fun with it. After I hung up I finished eating.

Then Lisa unlocked my handcuffs and told me that since I haven�t showered all day they would let me have an hour to shower, �And brush your teeth while you�re at it,� she said, �because we�ve got more plans for you. And if you�re not out when the hour is up and you�re not dressed, then tough we�ll tie you up while you�re naked.� I blushed when she said that. I was one of those really pretty girls who didn't know she pretty and like I said I was also super naive. I just didn't know myself well enough to be comfortable in my own skin (literally!) so the threat of being exposed quickened my shower. And one thing I knew about my cousin was that when she said she�d something, she meant it. But I didn�t shower until after Laura forced the ballgag that I found into my mouth. I remember that thing was pretty big so it�s a wonder it didn�t make my jaw ache. They also told me not to lock the door, or else they�d tie me naked weather or not I finished on time. I first brushed my teeth, when to the bathroom, and then took my shower. I finished my shower early.

Of course I�ve been known to take long showers at the time, and mine was about a few minutes longer than I planned for it to last (Hey, I just said I quickened my shower, I never said I didn�t cut it close). I had my underwear and t-shirt on before they came busting in. They caught hold of me again; I struggled only to fully experience my role as captive. I knew there was no escape. I still wished that they gave me more time to put my pajama bottoms on but it was not like I was in any position to do anything about it.

They tied my wrists in front of me with enough slack to pull me along. They also blindfolded me before leading me down to the basement. My feet were all ready cold for not having any shoes or socks on them all day, but walking on the concrete basement floor made them even colder. I stood there as Tammy and Laura tied my knees and ankles back together. It was about this time that I noticed I was drooling because of the ballgag. I couldn�t even swallow my spit!

Lisa came from the back of the basement with more rope and some feathers. Then she tied the rope around my bound wrists and climbed on a chair so that she could tie the other end of the rope to a pipe on the ceiling, pulling my hands tightly above my head. Then the three women armed themselves with their feathers. They rolled up my shirt up, exposing my stomach and they started ticking. They tickled me for an hour without hardly any breaks. They tickled me on my stomach, and occasionally raised my top further so they could get at my armpits.

They soon untied me from the ceiling and gave me to Laura, which I would later in the summer find out was the worst thing they could do to me because she seemed to enjoy this stuff way too much. While Lisa and Tammy went back upstairs, I was left with the worlds meanest tickler. She tickled me everywhere; with and without a feather (it was worse when she did my feet because I was the most ticklish there). I was laughing harder than I was when she tickled me for one more hour and by the time she was finished, tears were rolling down my cheeks.

She untied me, and took me upstairs. Lisa was sitting on the couch and asked me to come over. I sat down next to her. �Did you have fun today?� She asked me.

Part of me still felt it was weird admitting that I like this stuff but I nodded slowly, because it was the truth, �We should do this again...� I said awkwardly. "I mean...."

�Well,� she said, �As far as I'm concerned you're my prisoner for the rest of the summer.�

That sent a chill up my spine. "...Okay." I spat out.

It was official. I was my cousin�s prisoner for the rest of the summer whether I wanted it or not. (But low key... I wanted it. :) ) �Let�s get you ready for bed.� she said.

Lisa led me upstairs where she tied me up again, but this time with lost of rope. She tied my wrists behind my back. Then tied my ankles, knees, calves and thighs together with different pieces of rope. She used more rope to tie my ankles to my wrists, and proceeded to finish off my tying my big toes together (I secretly loved it when they did that).

I sat on the bed on my knees, and before my cousin left me she buckled a collar around my neck, �You�re going to be my pet this summer,� she said. Then I laid down on my side with my head on the pillow. She pulled the blankets over me, stroked my hair and said, �Sweet dream,� and with that she turned out the light and walked out the door.
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Welcome Christa

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Welcome Christa
I was the kind of girl to get around and make friends. I made a few friends the summer I spent at my cousin�s place. The closest friend I�ve made there was Christa. She�s my age , with long black hair, blue eyes, and was only taller than me by an inch.

On the day this little incident happened, it was about the third week of my stay. During the week because my cousin and her roommates had to work to pay rent, they didn�t tie me up as much, however they did get Saturday and most of Sunday off so the weekend was pretty much the long period tie up time. Christa had no idea what I did on the weekends until the day she was inducted into this little circle I was part of. The thing is though, of all the people that had to do it to her, it had to be mean and sadistic Laura.

It was Friday at 4:30 when Laura got home. She got off work early so that she could tie me up sooner, and tonight was special because she had me all to herself. Lisa and Tammy went to a party, but Laura didn�t want to go. As soon as she walked in the door she said a quick �hello�, went upstairs and came back down with ropes. She tied me on ground with my hands behind my back and my ankles and knees together. I never wore shoes in the house so she didn�t have to take my shoes off, she could just go ahead and tie my big toes together. She gagged me with a cloth that had a knot in the center. She then rolled me on my back, propped my feet up on a footrest and tied my ankles down to it.

She already tickling me with a feather until the doorbell rang. That�s when I remembered that I had invited Christa over for the night, and here Laura was left in charge. Keep in mind that Laura was so obsessed with bondage, it�s almost unhealthy. Oh boy, was the crap about to hit the fan.

Laura looked in the direction of the front door, and smiled evilly, �Oh goodie,� she said, �I was hoping your little friend could join us.�

She went to answer the door, and left me there tied and helpless to do anything about it. I could only shudder at the shear thought of the fate that awaited Christa. I had no idea how she would react to the situation at hand, but I would soon find out.

I heard Laura open the door, �Welcome Christa,� she said.

I turned my head to where I saw Christa walk around the corner. She had on a yellow sundress and sandals. She took a look at my current state and her facial reaction made her look as if she had just witnessed a murder. She said nothing, just stood there with her mouth hanging open. That�s when Laura, with movement as quick as the speed of light pulled a gag between her teeth. She was then thrown onto the couch, where her ankles and wrists were tied, she in no time she was hogtied. And as a final insult, Laura took her sandals off.

I could tell by the look in her eyes that Christa was scared. The screams she made into her gag were nothing more than silent cries. Laura soon tickled me for a little bit more, but then she switched to poor Christa. Now Christa was not as ticklish as I was, but she was still pretty ticklish. Christa just went hysterical as Laura tickled her feet.

Laura took the feather and stroked it up and down Christa�s bare souls, and between her toes. It was about five minutes before she decided to go back to tickling me in the same manner. After about 45 minutes of tickling us both Laura thought it was time to feed the prisoners, so she untied all but our ankles and prepared us something. While we ate I explained to Christa that Laura tying us up was all just fun and games. It took awhile because the whole seemed a little pyscho and creepy to her at first but we talked more about it, and she became a little more relaxed with what was going on. She still didn�t really like being tied up as much as I did, but she warmed up to it (eventually). After this incident, though she and Laura got along just fine, I don�t think she ever forgave Laura for taking her by surprise like that.

It was 6:10 and Laura wanted to tickle us for a little more. She said that since Christa and I were such good friends, we should be tied together. She made us sit back to back and raised our arms above our heads where she tied our wrists together. Took more rope around our elbows to make sure we couldn�t lower our arms, and then tied one last rope around our bodies. As you already know, Christa was wearing a sundress. Me I was wearing a white tank top and cut off jeans. Neither me nor Christa were wearing sleeves. That just left our armpits wide open, I thought to myself �I should have known this shirt would make me a sitting duck�. Laura started tickling us with the feather, then after a couple minutes tossed it aside, and started tickling us with her fingernails. Scratching and digging, she made us both laugh until our sides hurt.

Laura untied us from that position and tied our wrists behind our backs. She positioned us feet to feet, souls to souls. I�ve found that Christa and I had the same shoe size. Laura then tied took our big toes and tied them all together, and secured our ankles to one another�s for good measure. She made us sit like that for and hour and a half when it was time for bed.

We got ready, I put on a pink tee and sweatpants and Christa had on a light blue nightgown. As we entered the bedroom, and there was Laura with our restraints in hand. She again made us sit back to back. She tied my wrists behind me, in front of Christa. Then did the same thing with Christa�s wrists. She then wrapped some rope around our bodies, and tied our ankles individually. We lay down and she pulled the covers over us. Can�t say we were very comfortable, but after a couple ours we found sleep. All in all, we both admit we had fun.
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Lisa Ties Me

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Lisa Ties Me
Hi everybody, Sandra here sorry it took me so long to write, I�ve just been to busy this summer, but everything�s winding down and schools about to start, so hopefully I can write between classes and homework and being held prisoner by-. Anyways, I'm getting ahead of myself. Yes, my bondage adventures did continue into college but let's get back to the first bondage themed summer I�ve ever had which I spent in the summer of my sophomore year as my cousin�s prisoner.

My new friend that I had made during my stay in my cousin�s town, Christa, and I were at the local pool. Christa, who is going to be my roommate this year, was occasionally (sometimes unwillingly) pulled into these little games I�ve played with my cousin and her roommates. Sadly she wasn�t part of this one. Anyway we walked back to the neighborhood after a fun afternoon of swimming. I asked if she wanted to come over, but she needed to get home and get ready for the night shift at her summer job.

So I was to face my Captors alone.

Usually it was all three of them, my cousin Lisa and her roommates Laura and Tammy, that tied me up. However ever since Laura one night was the only one who got to tie me (see story Welcome Christa), Lisa and Tammy wanted a solo turn with me. So they flipped a coin to see who would get me first. But I wouldn�t know who it was or when it would be. On this particular day, I saw only one car in the driveway to the duplex that my cousin rented. Sure enough, one of the three crazy women without a doubt had something special in store for me, while the other two went partying. The question was who?

I started to walk to the front door, with a wet towel slung over my shoulder and clad in my blue two-piece swim suit with my sockless feet in a pair of shoes. The suspense was killing me as I knocked on the door. The door opened, but no one was there. Well, actually there was, I knew the game they sometimes pulled this on me when they wanted to take me by surprise they�d open the door and hide behind it. They would all be hiding and one of them would come out and grab me. I stepped in not expecting to be surprised at all yet somehow I was. I guess somebody grabs you from behind and covers your mouth you�re naturally surprised.

My captor grabbed me by the arm and dragged me to the living room where she lay me down on the floor. If I haven't said this already I'm about 5”3. My size alone made people think I was eternally 14 so... Yeah, I was easy to overpower.

I couldn�t tell who my captor was because she wore a ski mask. Before long my hands were handcuffed behind my back and I was cleave gagged. She rolled me on my back and tickled my stomach for a while.

Lisa then pulled me onto my feet, and led me to her bed room and took off the handcuffs. She then sat me in a chair and cuffed my hands behind it. �What are you doing wearing shoes?� she asked, �You�re not allowed to wear shoes.�

Lisa took off my shoes leaving me barefoot. She then took a piece of rope, made me cross my legs, and my ankles together. When any of these three women tied me up, it was obvious that there was no getting away, no matter how much I struggled, they tied me up good. While sat there Lisa put my hair into a pony tail.

When she was finished I was then untied from the chair and made to sit in a corner. Lisa made me sit there with my back to the corner, for couple minutes, with my hands cuffed behind my back while she went in the closet. While she was in there, obviously getting more rope and probably a new gag, I felt the need to go to the bathroom. I tried to let her know but the gag in my mouth kept her from understanding any of my words. When she came back out I finally understood, so she untied me so I could go.

After I was finished Lisa took my gag off and put a new one in, this one had a knot in it. With the knot-gag in my mouth she led me over to her bed and made me lay on it face down. Then she tied my hands behind my back again, this time with rope, in an X-shape. She made me sit up, then took another piece of rope and looped it around just under my breasts and then above and then inbetween. I didn't know what this was called but later I learned it was called a breast harness. I didn’t expect this. I didn’t mind but it did feel... Weird... Weird in a good way. It wasn’t like I had choice in the matter regardless of how it felt.

Next, Lisa tied another piece of rope around my waist, attaching it to both arms just above where my wrists were tied. She was now done with my upper body; she was now going to do my legs. �Now turn around, and give me your feet� she said.

I turned around, lay on my back, and lifted my bare feet to her. She then wrapped some rope around my ankles and left about a foot of it dangling from my ankles. I knew what this meant, I was about to be hogtied. A hogtie was my favorite position to be tied in, but I never showed any excitement about it. Lisa then tied my thighs, my knees, and my shins together. Then completed my hogtie by rolling me on my stomach and tying the dangling piece of rope on my ankles to my wrists. Lisa then unlaced one of my shoes, took the shoelace out and tied my two big toes together with it.

I tested my ropes, no getting out of this tie. Here I was on a bed, in my two piece swim suit, hogtied, gagged with a knot in my mouth. I think it was the first time I almost felt aroused by a tie-up.... I mean, like, sexually. I don’t know if it was because I was partially naked or the breast harness or both but it something I never felt before. I didn’t have time to reflect on those feelings long before Lisa started a little tickle torture on my feet and my sides.�

That night, I changed into my pajamas and was tied to my bed, eagle spread and the knot gag was in my mouth. I was left alone with my thoughts. Was I really turned on by this stuff? Was that normal? Were these games supposed to bring out these feelings? Maybe I shouldn't have be my cousins prisoner after all... Then it hit me. It was Tammy�s turn next.

What did she have planned for me?
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Kelly Joins In

Postby ArrestedForever » Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:36 pm

Kelly Joins In
Another friend I�ve made during my first stay at my cousin�s place was Kelly. At the time she was a year older than I am. I�ve met her through Christa, and the three of us would play from morning till night, that is if my cousin and her two partners in crime didn�t have anything �special� planned. Kelly was much taller than I was, about an inch taller than Christa. She has brown eyes, tan skin and long black hair.

Ever since the day Laura forced Christa into one of our games, for two weeks she was very tense about even coming near Lisa�s place. One day during one of those weeks, while I was at her house, Kelly asked me why. I felt a little awkward. Kelly was a street smart girl and can very blunt to the point of sounding mean.
"It's a little weird." I said.
“Just tell me,” Kelley said. “I won't judge. How bad can be anyway? What like Christa caught you and your cousin having sex?"
"What? No! No! Eww!" I said.
"Okay. What?" Kelly responded.
I took a deep breath and then told her about the event between me, her and Laura. I knew that I could trust Kelly to keep a secret, I knew this through Christa. Any secret she was told would go to the grave with her.

When I finished telling her, she gave me that �No freaking way� look. �You�re serious? Your cousin does that to you? What? Is she like kinky or something?� She said.
"No!” I said “It's just... It's just for fun.
“Show me,” she said.

I checked the time, Lisa and her roommates would be home from work any minute. I told her, �Maybe later, they�ll be home soon. And besides, you might wind up getting tied up yourself.�

�I don�t think I�d mind. I can handle myself.� She answered.

So I took her to my cousin�s place. Once inside, I took my shoes off and we went upstairs, and went into Lisa�s room first. Lisa had the biggest closet. In the back there was lots of rope and cloth for gags.I then led her to the other room. There, I opened the drawer that held more ropes and handcuffs, then the one that held the gags.
“So like does this stuff turn you on?" she asked, playing with the handcuffs.
“NO!" I exclaimed.
We were both surprised by my defensiveness. She shrugged and put away the handcuffs and took out some rope.
"Let me tie you up." she said.
I didn't argue. I put my hands together in front of me and she tied them together. She could tie you up good and I still have no idea where she learned that. No tie up was complete without a gag. She took one of the ballgags and asked if I was sure my cousin and her friends were kinky adding that ballgags are “only used for pornos.”
�And shutting people up.� said a voice.

We turned our heads to see Laura in the door way. They were home. We didn�t even hear them enter. They all came in, Tammy grabbed Kelly, and Laura took the ballgag. Kelly didn�t even struggle. I wondered if she wanted this to happen. �What shall we do with this one?� asked Tammy.

�She knows too much,� Laura replied, as she went into the drawer and brought out two homemade ballgags. One of the hobbies that my cousin and her roommates took up was making homemade bondage gear. The ballgags almost looked like they were done by a professional. They made these gags smaller, specifically for my mouth; because a normal ballgag couldn�t fit all the way in without hurting my jaw really bad. They knew I was little frail so they made these smaller ones which fit my mouth perfectly but still shut me up pretty good.

Tammy started tying up Kelly the same way I was tied, hands in front and they also tied our ankles. They added an extra tie around our knees. Then they took us downstairs to the TV room, where they put a ballgag on both of us. They then sat us in chairs, and tied us together back to back. Laura then took a small piece of string, and as always, tied my big toes together. Kelly still had her shoes on, so Tammy took them off. Laura put her hand under my chin and turned my head up so that I could look at her, �Thank you for bringing another friend,� She said before heading up stairs with Tammy.

So there we were, two captives awaiting our fate. Bound together, gagged, and barefoot. Kelly was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. Me, I was wearing jean shorts and a pink t-shirt. Kelly started making noise into her gag, but all that was coming out was a soft, �HMPH!�

We both tested the bonds. Tight and inescapable as usual. Laura and Tammy came back down with Lisa following. Laura and Tammy each had a feather in hand. Lisa propped our feet upon stools. Laura then pulled up a chair and sat in front of me. Tammy got another chair and sat in front of Kelly. The explained that Tammy and Laura made a bet to see which one of us could laugh the loudest. Apparently Laura was betting on me.

�Here are the rules,� announced Lisa, �You only do their feet, do anything else and you�re disqualified. There will be two rounds, first round you us a feather, second round you use your finger nails. If it end in a tie, we�ll untie them from the chairs and tickle their ribs. Is all that clear?� Everyone nodded. �Ready, set, GO!�

When Lisa gave the signal, Laura started stroking the tip of her feather up and down the souls of my feet. Me and Kelly�s muffled laughter was probably heard throughout the entire place. To sum it all up, I laughed the loudest in both rounds and Laura earned $10 from Tammy. Kelly wasn�t as ticklish as I was.

They untied us from the chairs and Lisa carried Kelly up the stairs while Laura slung me over her shoulder and headed in the same direction. Next they untied our wrists, and retied them behind our backs. Lisa took some rope and used it to tie my thighs and calves together, so now I couldn�t straighten out my legs. Meanwhile, Tammy put Kelly in a hogtie, I was a little jealous that they did that to her and not me, not that I had any say in the matter.

Laura, who had left the room, came back in with a Polaroid camera and snapped a couple pictures of us. After that they all just left the room and shut the door. I lay down on my back, relaxed, and tested the ropes. I looked over at Kelly, who was indeed having just as good of time as I was. Our gags were never removed so there was no conversation. I could only wonder our three crazy captors would be back.

I didn�t have to wonder much longer. Lisa came back into the room and untied the rope that bound my calves and thighs. She then did the same with Kelly�s hogtie. Next she scooted me to the foot of the bed, lay me on my back and tied my feet to me bottom left hand post, letting them hang off by only a couple inches. Lisa did the same thing with Kelly�s feet on the opposite post. Then she tickled Kelly�s souls with her finger nails and then did the same thing with me.

Tammy and Laura soon joined in and spent the rest of the time tickling us and tying us in different positions. But, alas, all good things must come to an end. It was 7:45 and Kelly had to get home. Our captors finally untied us and I said goodbye to Kelly, �Maybe you can come over to my place, and I�ll tie you up there sometime,� she said. I said, "Really? Like... You didn't think this was weird or...?" She just shrugged and left Little did I know just how serious she was about her offer. Kelly was the 6th of 7 people to be inducted into our little bondage circle, but I wouldn�t meet that 7th member until next year. And she would change everything...
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Kidnapped by Kelly

Postby ArrestedForever » Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:54 pm

Kidnapped by Kelly
Last time, my friend Kelly was inducted into our little bondage circle, when my cousins caught her tying me up. Kelly, for the next two days thought of nothing else. She tried to be cool about it but I knew she liked to be tied up almost as much as I did. Kelly was obsessed with tying me and Christa up. We didn�t know how serious until one day, I was playing with Christa in Kelly�s back yard. Christa was wearing sandals, a t-shirt and shorts, and I was wearing a tank top, jeans, and flip-flops. All of the sudden I heard a "HEY!" I turned around and there was Kelly�Go get some rope from your place... NOW!" she said and added I gentle "Please." to be funny.

I thought what the heck? So I ran back to my cousin, Lisa�s place, put some ropes and gags in a back pack, and hurried back to Kelly�s back yard. It was only five blocks away. Kelly had the perfect place for privacy; her back yard was so big that her dad built her a small cabin in it, mainly built for sleepovers. The cabin had about four mattresses on the ground and the best part was that her parents hardly bothered us. When they checked on us, they always spoke through the door and never walked in. Not to mention that it also had a built in restroom.

When I got back, Kelly said "Hoped you guys are prepared to stay the night." I called my cousin�s place and told the news to the answering machine and was good to go. I went back outside where Kelly was holding Christa's arm waiting to escort us to the Cabin.

Once there, Kelly led us inside where I set the back pack down and Kelly locked the door. The first thing Kelly told us to do kind of shocked us, �Take off your pants.�

I froze up and said nothing as my face blushed. Maybe, Kelly was the kinky, porno, whatever the crap kind of person she always joked about my cousin being.

�Why?� Christa finally said.

�If you somehow make it out of the ropes you could just walk outside and escape, but if you don�t have your pants you�ll be too embarrassed to go out,� I wasn�t crazy about being tied up in my underwear all night but the explanation seemed logical enough to suppress my other misgivings about the request. Though deep down, I didn't totally buy it. I didn't want to argue, so I kicked off my flip-flops and took off the jeans I was wearing. Christa eventually did the same with her shorts. Christa and I sat down on two different mattresses. Kelly then pulled my hands behind my back and tied my wrists together, then picked up my feet and tied my ankles together, and finally she gagged me. Christa, in no time was tied up just like I was.

Kelly proceeded to taunt us, and spray us with a spray bottle like naughty dogs. We were tied like that for a good two hours, and I had to go to the restroom. So I inched myself over to the bathroom door. Kelly got the message and untied me. I came out and Kelly told me that she hoped that was the only time, �cause she wasn�t going to untie me again for any reason.

Just as she was about to retie me, but dinner came, so Kelly untied Christa. We ate, Christa was given her bathroom break, and then we were once again at Kelly�s mercy. This time, Kelly tied us back to back. She left us like that until it was time for bed. That�s when she separated us and tied us back to our original positions.

The next morning, I awoke to something scratching the souls of my feet. I started laughing into my gag. I opened my eyes and was surprised to see that it not Kelly, but Christa tickling me!

There I was bound and gagged in my tank top and underwear. Next thing I know Christa who was in the same state as I was earlier has now become my other captor. Apparently, she had talked Kelly into letting her loose. Kelly knew that Christa wasn't as into this stuff as me and her were so she showed some mercy.

Kelly had brought in a chair and a stool of the same size, into the cabin. My so called friends tied me to the chair, propped my feet on the stool, and tied them down to it. They then started tickling me on the souls of my feet. Later they repositioned me, tying my hands above my head and sat me against the wall and tickled my armpits.

They retied my hands behind my back and tickled me a little more, then they just kept me tied up for the rest of the time. Then came noon, time to take me home. Christa took out my gag and Kelly untied my feet but left my hands tied. They said they were gonna hand me over. You see, they always pick on me because I�m the youngest and the shortest it�s been that way since we became good friends. They still pick on me today

They helped me put my pants on but forced me to walk home barefoot. I felt like I was like a lamb being led to the slaughter. I was walking five blocks with my hands tied and my �friends� leading me. I was hoping that nobody would notice my hands.

We got to the front door where Kelly rang the doorbell, and we were greeted my cousin Lisa. Once inside I was taken upstairs and untied. I was forced unto a chair and my hands were cuffed behind my back and to the chair. My ankles were tied to the chair left Before Lisa left she whispered in my ear, "Tammy told me she'd be getting off work early today. Have fun!" She slipped a piece of ice into my hand. As I heard Lisa grab her purse and car keys, she said, "The key is in that ice cube. Better hope it melts soon if you want a moment's freedom before she gets back. Bye, sweetie!" I heard the door close and I felt the cold ice sweat across my palm which was already starting to feel numb. What was I about to get into?
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Tied by Tammy

Postby ArrestedForever » Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:10 pm

Tied by Tammy
Last time I was handcuffed to a chair with the handcuff key in hand but frozen in ice. I was awaiting Tammy's turn to bind me. The ice finally melted and I managed to get free. I went into the bathroom and took a quick shower, running the hot water over my once freezing hand. I hand been cuffed with that piece of ice in my hand for an hour and a half. I could have switched hands but I was terrified of dropping it. I then realized in the shower that this was my first real freedom in 24 hours. I had been tied up for 24 hours straight for the first time. Later I would beat that record by a long shot. When I was done showering, I dressed into a short sleeved t-shirt, a pair of shorts, and was barefoot. The moment I left the bathroom, Tammy came home. I knew what this meant, Lisa and Laura already had their turns to have me all to myself, and now it was her turn.

The first thing she did when she came in the door was she picked up a roll of duct tape and sat me in the chair. Then she taped my hands behind my back, by wrapping the tape around my wrists about 5 times. Next, she took small strip of tape and placed it over my mouth. Tammy, then picked up both my feet and took off the socks I was wearing and taped left ankle to the chair�s left leg and my right ankle to the chair�s right leg. Seeing that I was totally restrained, Tammy picked up her car key�s and without a word, walked out the door and left to run errands. It was 2:30 pm, and was such a nice day that I just wanted to be outside but I had to bear my confinement.

I was left to just sit, and wait until she came back.

After a long time I looked at the clock; it was now 4:00 pm. I sat just there a little longer, not like I could do anything else. I then heard the sound of a car pulling up. Then footsteps. They stopped as soon as they reached the door. Then the sound of a key inserting into the lock and turning. The door opened and Tammy walked in.

She shut the door behind her, �Did you miss me?� she asked.

There was duct tape over my mouth so all I could reply with was, �Mmmmmm.�

She took out her pocket knife, �Hold still,� she said as she cut my tape bonds.

I was taken out of the chair, my tape gag was taken off, and then I was given supper. After I finished eating, Tammy led me to her room. There, she told me to lay face down and put my hands behind me. I did as I was told. She then took a pair of handcuffs and snapped them around my wrist. Next, my ankles were tied together with rope; Tammy left a few inches of slack from the rope to tie around the handcuff chain, thus leaving me in a hogtie. Tammy then finished up by gagging me with duct tape, and (as always) tying my big toes together.

Tammy left me there for a couple minutes, while I got a feel for my bonds. She came back with a camera, and snapped my picture. She then reached over to the souls of my feet with her finger and started scratching. As soon as she did that, I started laughing. It tickled so much that I decided to roll on my side and try to hide my feet, but that didn�t work, Tammy could still get to my feet. Not only that but I also made my stomach an easier target, just too bad I realized that when she pulled up the bottom of my t-shirt and started tickling there as well.

She tickled me for what seemed like hours, that I was breathing pretty heavily. Tammy undid the hogtie and lay me on the floor, where she raised my feet and tied them to the bedpost, and started tickling me a little more. Again she tickled me for such a long time that I laugh so long and so hard that I could hardly breath. As I was catching my breath she untied me but left my tape gag on. I just lay there for a couple minutes then got up. Tammy told me to get ready for bed.

She helped me remove the tape from my mouth. I don�t mind being gagged with duct tape, but it�s getting it off that I hate, I always feel like my lips are being pulled off with it. Anyway, I got ready for bed and put on some sweat and a tee. I went to my room where Tammy was waiting with a roll of duct tape. She once again took a strip of tape and gagged me with it. She pulled my hands behind my back and wrapped the tape around my wrists, then my elbows. She then taped my ankles, thighs, and knees together. Then finished off by tying a piece of string around my big toes.

Tammy then pulled the covers over me, shut out the light and walked out. All in all, Tammy was not harsh as I had worried. And nor was Lisa or Kelly or Christa or even Laura (I mean, she was cruel especially to Christa but still.) However, all of them together can pack a real punch as I would soon learn.
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5 on 1

Postby ArrestedForever » Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:25 pm

5 on 1
This is a story of how I attempted to play captor, but it didn't work out. This was still during my first bondage summer at my cousin's. Kelly and Christa were coming over for another sleep over. Now since the beginning of the summer I have always been the victim. Don't get me wrong I liked being tied up, but I wanted to know what it was like to have another person on the tying end for once.

It was about 11:00 am, we all met at the local soccer feild. I was wearing my usual jean shorts, a jersy of my favorite football player at the time, Marcus Allen (these days my favorite player is Dante Hall, GO CHIEFS), and I was also wearing a pair of tennis shoes. Kelly was wearing a short sleaved shirt, a pair of jeans, and shoes. Christa, in her yellow sundress and a pair of sandles. We played catch with the football for a while before heading back to my cousin Lisa's place.

We got there and made ourselves lunch and after an hour of watching TV I asked, "What was it like when for you guys when you tied me up?" "What do you?" asked Christa. "Look, if you want to tie us up just ask." Kelly said as if she read my mind.

I admitted that I wanted to tie them up, and before anyone came home because my cousin and her roommates would have me trussed up before I could even ask. Kelly was game and Christa reluctantly agreed. I took them to the room I was staying in and got some rope from the drawer, and started tying their wrists and ankles. I then gagged them with cloth. The ropes were very loose, but I didn't notice, because, finally I was the captor, and my captives were bound gagged and barefoot (before I tied them I had removed their shoes).

I started tickling Christa, and Christa started laughing into her gag, and I laughed with her, (or rather at her). It felt great to be the captor. And it was all going well until I started tickling Kelly. While I was tickling Christa Kelly had untied her hands. And just how crappy was my handy work, well lets just say that also while I was tickling Christa, her feet got loose.

I knelt down by Kelly's feet and scratched my fingernail down the soul, and withing seconds her feet were loose. It happened fast that I hardly knew what happened. Kelly sat up, grabbed me and pulled me down. No matter how athletic I am, I can never seem to over power Kelly. We wrestled until she had me right where she wanted me, she tied my wrists behind my back, and ankles together. I realized how bad I was at tying people up when I looked over and saw Christa untie her own wrists.

Kelly then gagged me with her own gag (gross). Needless to say, I was mad. I thrashed around and grunted "Mmf, mmf," into my gag. This was the day Christa & Kelly made an unwritten rule for bondage; the shortest and youngest always gets tied up, and I was both. Christa was older than me by five months and Kelly by a year and both were (and still are) taller than me.

They saw how angry I was so they gave me a few minutes to cool down. It didn't take me long for my anger to subside, I was always a good sport. Besides, I found that I enjoyed being the prisoner much better than I did kidnapper. "You good?" Kelly asked somewhat mockingly. Christa ungagged me and asked sweetly, "You alright?" "Yeah." I sighed. "Maybe we should untie her," Christa said to Kelly. "No," Kelly said. "She deserves this." Although appearing unapologetic, I felt Kelly apologized by giving me a new gag, that HAD NOT been used.

Just then we heard the door open, and then footsteps on their way up the stairs. My cousin Lisa, was the first to walk in. She surveyed the situation and asked, "What's going on here?"

After Kelly and Christa explained to Lisa my failed attempt at tying them up, when they had finished Lisa started cracking up. She couldn't believe that I was that pathetic at tying people. Laura and Tammy got home a few minutes later, and after hearing the story, they themselves started laughing.

Laura walked up to where I was sitting, and told me that because of this, I would never be allowed to be a captor for as long as I live. I think she put I curse on me, because I never did tie anybody up again. Laura then untied me but leaving the gag in. She held tightly onto my arm while pointing toward Kelly and Christa saying, "I think these two should join us in showing our little Sandra here where her true place in society is."

Meaning, Christa and Kelly were going to be my captors again, but this time they were going to taken under my cousin and her roommates' wing. I wasn't sure if I was entirely glad with the situation. They escorted me to Lisa's room, where at the request of Kelly I was stripped to my underwear. I had grown accustomed to this new tradition. I even liked it because... Well, it made me feel... more aroused. I was starting to be accustomed to that, too.

So I was in my underwear and Laura took some rope and tossed me on Lisa's bed where I was tied eagle-spread. As I tested the ropes, I took a look at my position. Being eagle-spread; as always they took my shoes off so obviously my bare feet were easy targets for tickling. Let's see what else is exposed? Stomach, armpits, oh no. At this moment all five of them gathered around me...Oh crap.

Simultaneously, they started tickling me. Laughter erupted from me like fire from Mt. St. Helens. They tickled me for five minutes, but with that many people tickling me, it was exhausting enough to be five hours worth. Tears were rolling down my cheeks, and I was breathing heavily. I was untied from the bed and the gag was taken out of my mouth, a new one with a knot in the center then replaced it.

Tammy took my wrists, handcuffed them behind my back, and led me down stairs. I was laid down on the floor where Lisa took another pair of handcuffs and cuffed my ankles together. Lastly, took one more pair of cuffs, and with them attached the wrists to the ankles.

Tammy grabbed her car keys and said that they going to get fast food for dinner, "Will you kindly watch our prisoner while we're gone?" she asked Christa and Kelly. My friends nodded, and with that my cousin left with her roommates. And I was left alone, restrained and at the mercy of my Christa and Kelly.

As soon as Lisa, Tammy & Laura left, Christa and Kelly turned their attention to me. I had on nothing but my underwear and was hogtied with handcuffs and gagged. During the time my cousin and her roommates were gone, Kelly lightly tickled me lightly while Christa watched TV. To give you the kind of idea of how good of a tickler Kelly was, she had an uncle that she and her family visited at least once a week. This uncle tickled her mercilessly (and still does today, I�ve seen him do it. He even did it to me once.) Needless to say that she learned from the best, and was pro at it.

After about 26 minutes, the elder women returned. Everyone except Laura sat down at the table to eat. Laura went up stairs and after a few minutes, came down with rope, the handcuff keys and an Oakland Raiders shirt on. Now I�m a big Kansas City Chiefs fan, the Oakland Raiders are the Chiefs� #1 arch rivals. But that�s not the only reason I hated the Raiders; my favorite player Marcus Allen used to play for them, he even helped lead them to a few Super Bowls, however the Raiders staff treated him like he the NFL�s most expendable player. Marcus would later move on to bigger and better things with the Chiefs, but I was still sour at the Raiders for treating him so poorly. I just shot Laura my angriest look, I didn�t care if she taunted me while I was tied, heck that�s what she�s supposed to do, but taunting me with my least favorite team was crossing the line. (I�d get her for that in later days using the classic shaving cream and feather prank.)

Laura unlocked the handcuffs and took me upstairs to her room. There she told me to sit down, I obeyed and she wrapped some rope around my wrists, tying my hands in front of me. She then tied my ankles and finished off by using some string to tie my big toes. She took me to the closet, and took my hands over my head and tied them to the hanging bar with the remaining rope she didn�t tie my hands with. She blindfolded me and then shut the door to the closet and headed downstairs to eat. I just stood there in the darkness of that closet, once again waiting for my captor�s return. But I didn�t have to wait long.

A few minutes later, Laura came back to the closet and untied my hands, and undid my gag, but left the rope around my ankles and the string around my toes on. She sat me down on the floor and tied my hands behind my back before feeding. This was easier said then done as I was blindfolded but Lisa knew I was hungry and loved to watch me struggle. I was literally a starving prisoner doing her best to survive captivity. Lisa then put another cloth gag in my mouth.

In the next room, Tammy was talking to the other Kelly and Christa about how I should be tied next. They just said to do a simple hogtie, and that�s how I was tied. For the next hour I was kept in that position while they tickled me. I couldn�t tell who was tickling me when because of the blindfold.

I was eventually untied, the gag and blindfold also came off. I was led downstairs for my dinner. The rest of the night, Kelly, Christa and I just watched a movie; of course I had my hands tied while I was watching. That night Kelly, Christa and I were put to bed. Christa wore her nightgown, and Kelly wore a pair of pajamas. I thought I was free but the two pulled out some rope and tied me up eagle spread and gagged me with a cloth.. They slept on pull up mattresses on the floor. I fell asleep, wondering if I�d ever get the upper hand on any of these girls.
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The Second Summer: Alice

Postby ArrestedForever » Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:43 pm

The Second Summer: Alice
This happened about a year after my first bondage summer. I was once again spending the summer with Lisa and her roommates. I waited all school year and couldn’t wait to be tied up. I was only tied up once since that summer (by Lisa during Christmas), and was wanting to feed my hunger for being my cousin’s prisoner again. However, during the first week we didn’t get to play much tie up games during that first week, because Lisa, Tammy & and Laura had to work. They worked last year but for some reason they couldn’t ask for as much time off, and they were usually working late.

One day me, Christa and Kelly were hanging out at Lisa's when the doorbell rang. When Christa opened the door, I heard the voice of the 7th member of our bondage circle, Alice, asking if my cousin or her roommates were home. Alice was my cousin’s neighbor who had moved into the house next door just shortly after I left. I'm not sure how she became a part of our circle but she supposedly had history with my cousin. Everyone was pretty secretive about it. During Christmas, Lisa had told me briefly about her, and I hadn't met her yet. Christa knew her, so she let her in. Remembering that Lisa had also told me that she was part of the circle, I stood up to greet her.

"Hi, Sandra. I've heard so much about you."

Alice was a beautiful woman of 31, she had hair that went down to her shoulders and stood about 5’6, taller than Tammy, but not quite as tall as Lisa. She had a mysterious air about her like she had some sort of power and authority I couldn't quite understand. I couldn't stop staring.

Alice just chuckled, and walked to the kitchen to set a few videos she borrowed from Tammy on the table. “Sandra,” Alice started, “I hear you also play these games with Lisa, Tammy and Laura.”

"Umm..." I said, snapping out of it. "I mean, yes. Yes, I do. They've been busy but..."

Alice gave me a chuckle of sympathy than said, “Hey, how would you like it if I took you to my place and tied you there?”

I didn't know what to say. It was like I under some sort of spell. I nodded

Kelly and Christa also liked the idea and called their parents thinking they’d just get permission to stay for a few hours, but their parents, being as cool as they were and understanding that their kids were almost all grown up, told them that they could stay over night. I don’t think neither Kelly nor Christa told them that they were going to be staying at Alice’s house though. None of our parents, not even Kelly’s who ALMOST caught us on numerous occasions, knew we played these games.

Kelly and Christa ran back to their homes to get a few things for the night. Meanwhile Alice tied my wrists behind my back, putting a cinch between my wrists. She pushed me out the back door. I was always nervous about being tied outdoors, even if it was not very noticeable. Fortunately we made it next door without being seen.

Once inside her house, Alice walked me into the living room where she got more rope, and some gags. She had me lay down on the floor. My attire for the day was a pair of blue jeans and a light blue shirt. The first thing Alice did was take off the Converse sneakers I was wearing, and then my socks. She then tied my knees together, then my ankles. She unlaced both of my shoes and used one shoe string to tie my thumbs together. She then turned me on my back so that she would tie my big toes easier.

Next, Alice told me to sit up and tied some rope around my upper and lower chest. She then told me to open my mouth, I opened it, she stuffed a handkerchief into my mouth and secured it with a cloth that she tied at the back of my head. After gagging me she took another strip of cloth and blindfolded me with it.

I couldn’t see anything, only hear. As I sat against the wall, I heard the sound of my captor’s footsteps, the sound of her sandals stepping on the tiles of the kitchen floor. And then the sound of some liquid being poured into a glass. I was left alone, the sound of a knock on the door meant that I’d soon have company.


That's where Sandra left off. That story was posted in 2006 leaving me wondering what the liquid was and what was to happen next.. I have changed a few things to make the stories flow better with Sandra's older age but for the most part the story is the same. I also added Alice's hyponotic quality and you'll see why later. Oh, and the handcuff key in the ice. Basically, anything I felt helped the story flow better. Before I continue with my version of the story's continuation, here are links to the original stories.

The first two stories:
Lisa, Kelly, Tammy, and Laura have their turns:
5 on 1:
Alice: ... howtopic=2
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Re: Sandra Davis (partially borrowed)

Postby dawson3918 » Thu Oct 05, 2017 3:57 am

Nice stories and I like your idea of "borrowing" or I think I prefer "upgrading"

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Re: Sandra Davis (partially borrowed)

Postby Headmistress » Fri Oct 06, 2017 4:21 am

This is good and well-written.

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Alice the Master Jailer

Postby ArrestedForever » Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:49 am

Thanks Dawson and Headmistress! I like "upgraded" better as well. ;) Here it is! This part is totally original! Hope you like my solution about the mysterious liquid Sandra never told us about.


Alice the Master Jailer

Last time, Alice had taken me to her her house and tied my hands, arms, knees, feet, and even my toes and sat me up against the wall. I heard her fill up a glass with some liquid when Kelly and Christa came to the door. She set the glass down on the living room table.

"Perfect timing!" Alice said. "I need your help. Come with me. I don't think this setup is enough to keep our little friend still!"

I heard them descend the stairwell into the basement and then come back up.

"Geez, these are heavy!" said Kelly.

They set two really heavy weights down on either side of my feet, knees, and arms, six weights in total. Alice removed the bindings on my arms and told me to lean forward and untied my hands before retying them from a palm to palm position to a criss-cross position. She made me sit back up against the wall and tied my elbows to the weights, pulling them tight. She also tied my knees and feet to their respective weights. I couldn't wiggle hardly at all! What was she planning to do to me?

"Well, I won't be needing you two anymore," Alice told Kelly and Christa. "Come over here!"

I couldn't see anything. I could only hear the rope-work as I feared what Alice had planned for me. Kelly would later tell me that Alice had tied she and Christa up back to back on the other side of the living room. Their shins were tied to their thighs forcing the souls of their feet together which were also bound up at the ankles. At least, their feet wouldn't be tickled. Their hands were tied palm to palm in front and to their feet so that they could barely move them. Rope was tightly wrapped around both their bodies attaching their arms to each other's, above and below their breasts and at their elbows. This forced them to keep their backs straight. They were also gagged and blindfolded.

"Now!" I could hear Alice dust off her hands.

The glass was picked off the table and a brush was dipped into it. Some sticky fluid was slathered unto the souls of my feet.

"Oh, Bingo!" Alice called out.

I heard a dog bark and come running toward me.

"Here, boy!"

Bingo rushed my feet and began licking the sticky fluid on them. I laughed harder then I ever had before. It was the worst tickle torture I have experienced and in fact, I would later learn that this was an actual medieval torture method only they used to use goats back then instead of dogs. All I could hear was my muffled laughter as I desperately tried to escape Bingo's torture but Kelly would later tell me something Alice said. She walked up to Kelly and brushed her hand gently across Kelly's hair which made her jump a bit because the loudness and extremeness of my muffled cries made her fear what she would soon have to face.

Alice said, "I hope you enjoy your sentence here in my jail. And don't worry, soon you'll have some more friends."

With that, she walked out of the house.
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Re: Sandra Davis (partially borrowed)

Postby solarbeast34 » Sat Oct 07, 2017 1:06 pm

Great upgrade and continuation to a once seemingly dead story. I'm thinking that the liquid could be peanut butter as dogs, and humans, love that stuff. I'm glad you found this story and decided to share it with us in a new way. I can't wait to read what happens next.

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Re: Sandra Davis (partially borrowed)

Postby bearnaise » Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:14 am

This was always one of my favorite series- thank you for bringing it back!

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Re: Sandra Davis (partially borrowed)

Postby dawson3918 » Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:56 am

Yes.Really enjoyed your upgrading of a lost just might have started a trend here :quirk:

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1 on 6

Postby ArrestedForever » Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:30 am

1 on 6

Bingo's torture flet like forever. His licking slowed and then stopped and then he waddled on away. I have no idea how long the torture lasted, maybe a couple hours. It felt like days! I was sweating like I never sweated before and desperately heaving for breath.

Eventually I got myself together and tried to get a grasp on my situation. The ropes were very secure and after all my struggling my wrists were starting to hurt. I knew I would rub the skin off my wrists if I tried to escape so I decided to take a rest. I had the feeling more tortures awaited me and I needed to preserve my strength. It was then I realized that I couldn't hear Christa and Kelly. The room was dead. I should have least been able to hear them breathe even if they weren't struggled or mphing under their gags.

"Sandra, I'm going to need you to change."

My blindfold was taken off and there was Alice with my blue two-peice swimsuit.

"And here," she said. "You're going to need this."

She took my gag off and held a glass of water to my lips. I drank it all up so fast. She then untied all my bindings, except my wrists and guided me to the nearby bathroom. Once inside the bathroom, she untied my wrists and set my swimsuit on the counter.

"I'm locking you in so don't get any ideas. I'll be back in five minutes," Alice said. She left and I heard the door lock.

"Did she design this door to lock from the outside?" I thought. "I mean, aren't most bathrooms supposed to lock from the inside?" It didn't matter. I was very much her prisoner no matter her methods. A willing prisoner, but a prisoner. I mean... Was it willing? To this day, I'm not sure. Like I said, Alice had a power over me that I never understood. It was like hyponosis. Anyway, I slipped out of my drenched jeans and shirt and put on the swimsuit like I was told. I wasn't going to risk a shower. I closed the toilet and sat on in the lid and awaited my fate. Alice returned with handcuffs attached to a long chain. Without a word, I held out my wrists and she cuffed them in front. I was blindfolded and led by the chain into the cold of the basement. I was told get on my knees and I obeyed. My knees and feet were tied together and rope around my feet was attached to a breast harness she made. The handcuff chain was thrown over a rafter in the ceiling and pulled until my arms were straight up, my fist clenched in fear. The chain was then anchored to a nearby column and finally, my elbows were tied together for extra measure. Now, I could hear lots mphing, stuggling and rattling of chains as Alice walked about the room.

I could her every step and it was horrifying! I could hear mphing get louder in parts of the room as she teased her tortured captives. This period of blind teasing felt like forever! The suspense was killing all of us and since we were blindfolded, we tried to keep quite so we could hear where Alice was and what she was going to do next. We'd just wait and out of nowhere some would be lightly smacked with a ruler and we would hear their reaction. I got tapped right in the stomach many times. The smacking was bad but the anticipation of it was the real torture. It always stung less then you thought it would but I kept thinking, "What if Alice suddenly went of the rails and crossed the line and made it really hurt?" If she did, there would be nothing we could do about it. Finally, my blindfold came off and I could see Tammy, Lisa, Laura, Kelly and Christa all bound up with me! It was legit dungeon. The lights were dim. Floor was just cold concrete. (We were all barefoot, too.) Wooden rafters and columns were everywhere.

Laura was handcuffed with cuffs attached to a long chain thrown up the rafters like mine but pulled tight till she was standing on her tippie toes. She also wore a hot pink two-peice. She looked angry and scared and would flinch dramatically at the slightest touch from Alice. I would later learn that during that period of teasing Alive had cruelly smacked the soles of her feet. I wondered why Laura submitted to all this? I mean, she chose to be here even though she looked totally terrified. Maybe Alice had power over other people, too. :/ Also, I couldn't figure out why was Laura was so scared since she was supposed to be the toughest, most sadistic of us all... "But what she wasn't?"" I had thought. "What if Alice was worse?" That thought really terrified me.

Lisa was tied to one of the columns. She wore a green two-piece. Her knees were tied above and below to the column as well her feet. Her elbows were tied to a horizontal pole place behind the column making it into a makeshift cross and then her hands were tied in front.

Tammy was tied eagle spread to a billiard table on the far side of the room. She wore a leopard print two-peice.

Kelly and Christa were stripped to their panites and bra because they hadn't brought swimsuits. They were tied to some of the columns. Kelly's hands and elbows were tied in front to the post and so were knees. Her feet were tied together under her butt. I knew Alice had to have spanked her. It was too perfect. Christa's feet were still frog tied but her wrist were tied to separate rafters spreading her arms apart.

Everyone was still gagged but by this point our blindfolds had been taken off.

Alice wore a velvet two-piece and the ruler was still in her hand. She taunted people as she spoke by rubbing the ruler against our faces and bodies. Whenever she came to me, I always looked to the floor out of shame. Being in this dungeon kinda started to turn me on. I closed my eyes and hoped noticed no sign of that pleasure like heavy breathing or a stai- Or... Um... Anyway...

"Each of you are going to face a sentence in my jail" Alice said. "A punishment for... Well, for no reason really. You're all innocent of any crimes but you will nonetheless be treated as criminals. Some of you will have to check out early." She rubbed the ruler against Kelly's back, who shivered at the touch. She and Christa had only permission for the night. Keeping them longer would signal their parents and end up in a real kidnapping case! "And some of you have nice long weekend away from work." She rubbed the ruler on Tammy's stomach. Laura furiously pulled on her chains. Both of them and my cousin had a three-day weekend. "And some of you..." Alice grabbed my chin and forced my eyes to look at hers. "Your sentence can last as long as I want." I never wanted a job so much in my life. I had no responsiblites. She could keep my as long as she wanted! If she had work, she could chain me up like a dog till she came back. I mean, I could ask to be set free and she would have most definitely done so but... It didn't feel that way. The game flet so real that doing that would make me a whimp.

Instead, I had to prove myself by breaking out of this prison.

"This will be fun," Alice said.
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Max Security Prison

Postby ArrestedForever » Fri Oct 13, 2017 1:38 pm

Max Security Prison

I knew I had to escape in three days because past that I would be the lone prisoner. Everyone else would have been released. Alice would have her sole focus on keeping me. Plus, if I wanted to get back at Alice, I had to free my cousin and the gang to do it for me. I had tried playing the captor myself and it did not go well, much less would it against Alice.

We all spent the first night in jail (after our dungeon torture) in our "cells" except for Christa and Kelly. They were spread out on the guest bed in the guest bedroom; wrists tied to the headboard and feet to the bed end. They were released the next morning.

The rest of us stayed in Alice's prison, in our cells. During the day, the prison had no real schedule but we were cycled through a series of three stages until sunset.

1. The Cell

Each cell was a an empty closet or a storage unit which contained a blow-up mattress which we would sleep on hog-tied and something to anchor our bindings to when we weren't sleeping like a chair or a weight or or a hook or something.

For example, my cell was a closet where some of the plumbing was installed. A thin pipe ran from the ceiling to the floor behind which my hands and elbows were handcuffed with Irish 8 cuffs. Here's a pic of the cuffs I'm referring to:


A larger set of Irish 8 (made for guy's wrists) bound my knees in front of the pipe and smaller set set bound my ankles behind the pipe forcing into a kneeling position. To top it off, thumbcuffs were used on my thumbs. (Fun fact: Thumbcuffs are regarded as an actual torture method. Using borderline real torture methods seems to be a theme with Alice.) A loose neck cuff was around my neck and attached to the pipe. I was blindfolded and gagged with cloth. Alice was big into blindfolds. It invoked fear and anticipation and made teasing and torture all the more thrilling. One might think being chained up like a dangerous animal would drive one crazy and although it was kind of scary, it was a huge adrenaline rush, especially since it was little, innocent me. I'm harmless so the overkill made it even more thrilling. I don't mind playing the sweet, meek damsel in distress. :) Also, don't ask me where Alice got all these chains... Not yet... I'll explain that in a later story but there is a story behind it. Point is that once I was woken up and trussed up like this for my first morning in Alice's jail, chances of escape started to look pretty bleak.

I already described details of my cell but I also will briefly describe the conditions the others were held in. I know these conditions because after this whole affair was over, Alice showed me pictures she took of it. Anyway...

- Tammy was tied to a chair in Alice's unused walk-in guest closet ironically with her favorite binding method: duct-tape. Her elbows to the far ends of the chair back and her wrists were bound criss-cross behind her. Her knees and legs were bound to the chair legs and tape was wrapped round her torso at the stomach and above and below her breasts. A ball of duct tape was put in her mouth and tape was used to hold it in. Even her blindfold was duct tape!

- Irish 8s were used on Lisa's legs in the same manner mine were but her hands and neck were chained in a metal Shrew's Fiddle. Here's a pic of this strange device:


A chain was attached to the fiddle at the wrists and held the fiddle up parallel to the floor. She was gagged and blindfolded with cloth.

- Laura was kept in a straight-jacket like a mad woman. Those things get tighter when you struggle and I think Alice knew Laura would do that more than anyone and she did. To add to her insane look, her huge ballgag made her drool all over herself. Her feet and knees were strapped together with belts and she was blindfolded with a sleep mask. She had been officially institutionalized. ;)

2. The Bathroom

We weren't chained up all day. That might have been too much! The bathroom was a safe zone. Ii was huge enough that Alice fit a sofa in there so we were given long breaks in here to shower or do whatever. A charging station for our phones was also put in there as well. She had tortured our passwords out of us early on so that she could check them to see if we were trying to get help. The only people I knew to call were Kelly and Christa and they were free and not risking coming back here so there would be no one to call anyway. Since we were all in bathing suits, smuggling something out of the bathroom seemed unlikely. Guess Alice thought of everything. :/

3. Dungeon

This is where the tortures happen. Alice experimented on all of us with every reasonable torture she could think of. I'll name at least two tortures which I experienced to give you an idea of her creativity. God knows the kind of stuff she did to the others!

-Ice Torture-
She frog-tied my legs in such a way that most of the binding tension was pulled where the ropes met my butt, spreading my legs apart. My hands and elbows were tied tightly behind my back and to my feet bindings. She put ice down both pieces of my two-piece, all while I'm still blindfold and gagged. It was miserable!

- Chinese Water Torture.- (Another actual torture method, BTW.)
For this one, my hands and elbows were tied tightly in front and stretched over my head as I lay on the billiard table. My legs were spread out as my feet, dangling on the edge of table, were tied to opposite table legs. My face was duct-taped to the table around my eyes and mouth. Water was then dripped unto forehead from bucket hanging above me which had a hole in it. To make it worse, Alice would tap me with the ruler in various places including the stomach, arms, legs... Between my legs... (Cough) Anyway!

BTW, the tortures really weren't as bad as they sound and if they were ever too much, we could tap out at anytime. No pressure to stay. No judgement if we left. Just personal pride motivated us to survive or in my case, escape the inescapable. Besides 99% of the time it was really fun and exhilarating for us. The worst thing Alice did to us was hog-tie us in a row every night completely nude on the concrete floor of the basement. We were blindfolded and gagged as always. She did this while she washed our clothes and surprisingly even this was bearable. Although I used to be very shy about being nude around others, I was beginning to feel more comfortable around these people and at least I wasn't the only nude one. And sweating as much as I did during some of those tortures, I really wanted clean clothes!

The way the stages worked is that two people were always in cells, one always in the dungeon either being tortured or just tied up and one was always in the bathroom. Alice cycled us through at her own will.

As you can see, the situation looked very bleak and after two days, I couldn't think of a good way out and I had had plenty of solitary confinement to think it through.

Will I find a way? Stay tuned.

PS. Please give me your feedback let me know if this story got a little too intense wif the nudity and "torture." It's all fun and games and things will lighten back up in future episodes. Just wanted to make the episodes with Alice in charge some of the most bondage heavy installments. :)
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The Great Escape

Postby ArrestedForever » Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:43 am

The Great Escape

It's late into day 3 and I'm running out of time.

I was in the bathroom strolling on my phone but I got a little bored and started looking at my surroundings. And that's when I saw it! Sitting in the trash was a big, fat, blunt screw!

Knock! Knock!

"Sandra, I'm coming in," Alice says.

I grabbed the screw and held it tightly in my clinched fist. In case you're wondering I'm still in my two-piece so I don't have pockets. (As I said before, pretty sure Alice did that on purpose.) Alice enters, immediately when I took the screw so I try to act naturally.

"Alright," she says. "Turn around."

I obey and place my clenched fists behind my back. She cuffs my wrists behind me and I am led back to my cell. She does her dirty work chaining me to the pole. (I described the set-up in detail in the previous episode. Be sure to check it out.) Once I was all trussed up, I was ready to settle in and get to work picking the lock. I had never done this before so I expected it to be difficult. Actually, I had never escaped before so I was both excited and doubtful as to my own abilities. But then I realized that Alice wasn't done! Alice still hadn't attached her piece de resistance (Haha... Resistance... Get it?...): the thumbcuffs. To put those on she would have to unclench my fists, revealing the screw and I did not want to get caught trying to escape. (For the record, she would have wanted to talk it out if she saw the screw and ask if I wanted to be set free and if the game had become too much, etc. etc. But as I said in the previous episode, all of us liked the competitive nature of trying to survive Alice's prison and none of us wanted to be a weenie and quit. It's more fun to stay but staying and getting caught means punishment.) I quickly tucked the screw in the fold of bikini bottom right as she came behind me.


The thumbcuffs were on! Due to my panic I instinctively balled my hands back into fists as she tightened them. Little did I know, I just save my butt by doing this!

"Don't go anywhere," Alice said.

Shooo! She didn't notice... and Boy! Did she sound tired! That must be why she hadn't noticed anything fishy. She had become complacent and over confident in playing captor.

Those who read my last episode might remember that I was locked up in Irish 8-style handcuffs. These cuffs are restrictive! They have no chain between the cuffs but the cuffs are wielded together, making an 8 figure. There a lot of different variations of these handcuffs. Double cylinder Irish 8s have a have a locking cylinder on either side of the cuffs, one for each wrist. A screw key is used to unlock each cylinder. Although the handcuffs on me were a size small, my wrists were very slender so I manged to maneuver the screw into each cylinder and start picking. Because I had balled my fist, my thumbs had actually become thicker as Alice tightened the thumbcuffs so after she left and my fist loosened, those cuffs just came off to my surprise. After that using the screw to pick the lock was a long agonizing process but finally...


One wrist was free and the other was soon to follow. The cuffs on my elbows were Hamburg 8s meaning that the cuffs were latched together in the center between the wrists. I didn't know this at the time but if you're cuffed with these babies all you have to do is put wrists close togehter and pull up and the latch will come undone. I didn't know to do this but after all my violent struggling, I eventually accomplished it unintentionally. Alice used the double cylinder on my ankles and wrists but I think she used the Hamburg 8s - which obviously are super easy to break out of - on my upper legs and elbows because she thought I would never get out of wrist and ankle cuffs.

Click! Click!

I had done it. All my limbs were free except for the pesky neck cuff. I thought I had nothing to pick it with until I realized the teeth to the thumbcuffs would slide right out through unlocking the cuffs. I took the thin ratchet part of thumbcuffs and used that to pick the neck cuff. That took the longest but it eventually came undone.

Free at last, I left the darkness of my cell and entered into the light. Now what? If I get caught, I wouldn't have another chance. I have to free the others....

So this episode was a bit complicated... I promise the coming will be less technical but in the mean time, here are some videos explaining how these cuffs work for your viewing pleasure:

Double Cylinder Irish 8s

Danis Irish 8 Escape (This video is how I discovered Irish 8. The girl in it is beautiful and I was obsessed this vid for a long time.)

Hamburg 8s

Thumbcuffs Escape (I don't like cuffed guys but here's how to escape)
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Re: Sandra Davis (partially borrowed)

Postby bearnaise » Tue Oct 31, 2017 2:09 am

tremendous work!

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Re: Sandra Davis (partially borrowed)

Postby CHillDice » Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:08 pm

Great work. Loving all the stories, glad I found them. Keep up the tremendous work!!
You got to ro ooo ooll me, and call me THE TUMBLING DICE!!!

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Re: Taped Up Tammy

Postby ArrestedForever » Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:31 am

I snuck out of my cell slowly, looking around and listening carefully for any sign of Alice. There was nothing but the silence didn't comfort me or slow my pounding heart rate. I kept thinking that the silence could only mean that Alice was hiding nearby... But she never jumped out. Nothing ever happened. I kept wondering what kind of sick game she playing? The freedom just seemed too good to be true.

The only way I could convince myself to move forward with my plan was to decide that if I caught I would give up. I would tell Alice that she won and I couldn't take being her prisoner anymore. Even though I was a total failure, I could at least get into some clean clothes and watch cartoons. :) (Honestly, this was just the story I told myself. I liked being tied up way too much to pass up the opportunity.) So I emerged from the closet into the laundry room and then out of that room into the living room when...


I had never felt such a a wave of panic and terror in my life.

There she was... Alice...

Snoring on the couch. :)

I was so relieved but I knew better then to wake her. So I snuck upstairs, quietly checking closets as I went. I finally ended up in Alice's room. In her closet, I found Tammy taped to a chair, fists clenched and muscles tensed up. Her breathing accelerated when I opened the door not out of panic but excitement and anticipation. She must have thought I was Alice. She was shocked when I took blindfold off.

"Ouch!" she exclaimed as I ripped the tape off her mouth. "Sandra? How the hell did you get out."

"It's a long story," I said, undoing her binds. "Do you know where the others are?"

"Yeah," she said. "If we're up here, then one of them is in the bathroom and another is in the basement."

"How do you figure?" I asked.

"Every time we were kept in the bathroom, we'd leave notes on each other's phones about when and what Alice was doing with us at any given time, hoping to find a pattern," Tammy explained. "We found out that two people are always in cells, one in the bathroom and one in the dungeon.

"What was the point of the note-taking?" I asked, freeing the hand and moving the the arms

"When Alice plays these games always leaves a way of escape, every time," Tammy explained rubbing her freed wrists. "It's like a puzzle."

"Wow! A real life Jig Saw!" I said excited by the idea that we were in a real life horror adventure until I realized something. "But why didn't get a note... Wait a minute! You were planning to leave me, weren't you?"

"Ur... Um..." Tammy stammered. "Just get my feet undone and let's go get the others. We'll talk about this later I promise."

I rolled my eyes as I reluctantly freed Tammy, not believing that they actually planned to leave me. I wasn't too too angry about it and part of me still wonders what sort of adventures I would have had with Alice had they got their way. Nonetheless, I was little upset that they didn't find me as a valuable ally in their plans. The ironic thing is that the screw left in the bathroom trash which I used to break out the Irish 8s was the perfect kind for my cuffs and no one else's. (Granted, Tammy was tied with tape not cuff but the screw was flat so it wouldn't have helped her either.) I wondered if Alice planted that screw for me because she knew the others were planning something. It would certainly an ironic twist to the sick story was crafting. As I finished freeing Tammy, this theory made me smile because it meant that while the others underestimated me, Alice knew my true potential. She knew I could escape given the right tools.

"What are you smiling about?" Tammy asked.

"Um... Oh!" I said, snapping back into reality. "Nothing..."

Tammy just shook her head and went over the plan with me. She would go free whoever was in the bathroom while I went down into the deep, dark dungeon for whoever was down there. I tried to protest the because I knew she was purposely trying to send me to the most dangerous location even though I was the one who freed her! It was no use thought. I may have escaped Alice but I was still my cousin's and be default her roommate's prisoner. I had to obey Tammy.

So to the dungeon it was... Hopefully, Alice was still asleep... Hopefully, this wasn't just an elaborate trap of hers...

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The Torturer in Chains

Postby ArrestedForever » Mon Dec 18, 2017 7:47 am

I had to sneak past the living room to get to the dungeon. This made me nervous because I thought Alice was sleeping there, but I soon found out that the situation was worse than that. Alice wasn't there at all! My heart rate jumped as I thought about all the places she might be. I took my steps very carefully, expecting Alice to jump out at any moment, chaining me up tighter than she had before and dragging me back to my cell. I obviously couldn't trust any of the others to rescue me if she did.

Gathering all the courage in me, I began my dissent into the dungeon. After each step, I took a pause to see if I could hear Alice there. As I got toward the bottom I could see my cousin, Lisa, trussed up. Her wrists were tied to opposite posts, pulled taunt forcing her body into a "T"- formation, forcing her down on her bound knees. Her bare feet were tied tight, the soles exposed. She was cleeve-gagged but not blindfolded. She didn't notice me come down as her head hung low in acceptance of her fate, awaiting her tormentor. "Easy for her,"I thought. "She'll be free by tomorrow morning anyway."

I quietly hissed to Lisa to get her attention. Surprised, she quickly raised her head and looked at me, wide-eyed. I mouthed the words, "Is she here?" Lisa shook her head. I quickly approached her and then removed her gag.

"How did you get free?" Lisa asked.

"No, thanks to any of you," I said, crossing my arms.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Lisa asked.

"I heard about your little plan to escape and his you all left me out of it," I said, mustering as much sass as I could. (Sass really isn't my strong suit. :) )

"Look..." Lisa began. "We never planned on leaving you but... Let's talk about it later, okay? For now, just get me out of this."

I didn't want to untie Lisa immediately. I wanted to keep her in suspense just a little longer. It was after all the first time she was begging me to be untied. Oh, how the tables had turned! Then my eyes wandered to Lisa's tummy. I had never noticed how nice her abs were before that moment. I was suddenly possessed by the desire to tickle her.

"Don't even think about it!" Lisa snapped.

She must have noticed me looking. I thought better of it and untied her. If I had tickled her, I would have suffered for it later. But man... Sometimes I wonder if it would have been worth it. It was a chance I wasn't likely to have again... Likely to... ;)

When we went upstairs, we found Laura and Tammy in the living room. Laura approached us, cuffs and ballgag already in her hands, and whispered quietly, "Alice is upstairs in her room." With that, we all quietly made our way upstairs. When we entered Alice's room, we found her changed into some athletic clothing cleaning up the tape left over from Tammy's escape.

"You could have at least thrown this away," she said without even looking back at us.

"Alice, hands on your head and get on your knees!" Laura commanded.

Alice dropped her ball of tape and obeyed. Laura came up behind her and cuffed her hands like a cop.

"Ouch!" Alice exclaimed, as Laura violently tightened the cuffs around her wrists.

Laura showed Alice the ballgag saying, "Recognize this? It's the one you kept in my mouth all weekend, bitch!"

Laura then aggressively shoved ballgag in Alice’s mouth and strapped it tightly at the back of her head. I had never seen Laura like this before! It was a little much, even for her. Her brute force wasn't even necessary because Alice didn't resist at all. It was just vengeance.

Laura turned to the others and asked, "What are we going to do with her?"

"Well..." Lisa said, approaching Alice, grabbing her by the chin and forcing her eyes to meet hers. "I say we give her the full Oakley U Treatment."

I could tell that whatever this... Treatment?... was made Alice really nervous. After Lisa let go of her chin, Alice closed her eyes, clenched her fists and took in a deep breath. But then she let it out, the tensions leaving her as she opened her eyes again. In one moment she panicked and accepted her mysteriously awful fate. I desperately wanted to know want she had in store for her, but I knew better then to ask. Maybe, I would get to watch.

"Sandra, why don't you back to our place and get changed?" Tammy said. "We... (grabbing Alice's hair and forcing her head up) will take care of our little prisoner."

"...Okay," I said with shrug. "I'll be back in a few."

Although I desperately wanted to know what they were getting ready to do with Alice, I didn't want to end up in her shoes and I desperately wanted some real clothes. So I ran home to change. There I put on my flower dress and green cardigan. (Having worn a two-piece none stop for two whole days, I was ready for some modest apparel!) As I opened the front door to rush back to Alice's, I was surprised to see Kelly there, holding a pair of handcuffs.

"Kelly, what are you doing here?" I asked.

Kelly shrugged and said, "Just following orders. Turn around please."

I obeyed, putting my hand behind me and allowing Kelly to apply the cold, strong steel to them.

"Whose orders?" I asked.

"Your cousin's," she said. "I'm supposed to keep you chained up for the rest of the day and overnight."

"Why?" I asked as she lead me away from my house and toward hers.

"Beats me, " Kelly said. "You must have really ticked them off. But no skin off my back. My parents are gone for the week on a cruise and I got nothing better to do."

But I didn't tick them off. I saved them! I kept wondering why Lisa was doing this to me and what she had planned for me when she's done with Alice.
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Re: The Torturer in Chains

Postby DUCKY0631 » Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:26 pm

Ok so far I've read up to the great escape and I think it's getting really good love everything the nudity,torture,tickling,domination it's all really good keep them coming

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Re: The Torturer in Chains

Postby DUCKY0631 » Tue Dec 19, 2017 2:38 pm

Very good can't wait to read more

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Re: The Torturer in Chains

Postby Brashiel » Tue Dec 19, 2017 8:47 pm

This has been excellent. Look forward to the next part!

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Re: The Torturer in Chains

Postby Brashiel » Tue Dec 19, 2017 8:48 pm

This has been excellent. Look forward to the next part!

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Kelly Keeps Me

Postby ArrestedForever » Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:24 am

So here I was sitting on stool against one of the posts throughout Kelly's backyard cabin. My hands were cuffed behind my back the post, and my arms were tied to the post, above and below my... Er... Chest? My knees were bound together and so were my ankles which were also tied off to the bottom rung of the stool. I was gagged with a cloth with a knot in the middle. The gag was tied at the back of my head and behind the post, forcing my head flush with the post. This made it impossible to turn my head to see what Kelly was doing. I could hear her footsteps but that was about it. I was a little upset to be taken captive yet again after such an impressive escape but the conditions I was held in were better than in Alice's prison. At least, I was wearing clothes!

Suddenly, I heard Kelly coming up behind me. I tried to squirm around to take a peek but it was no good. I half-expected a tickle attack but instead my gag was undone. I exercised my sore jaw as Kelly got me a water bottle. She put the water to my lips and I drank greedily.

"Thanks," I gasped.

"No problem," Kelly said.

"Kelly," I began, "you have to tell me what my cousin is planning for me."

"I already told you that I don't know," Kelly said.

"Kelly, please," I begged. "You must know something!"

"Okay, how about this?" Kelly responded. "How about you tell me everything that happened first?"

I sighed. Where do I even begin? I laid out the whole events of the past two days and my elaborate escape which seemed to impress Kelly. It took a while but finally...

"Okay, that's everything," I said. "Now, please, tell me what you know. I'll do anything."

"Hmm..." Kelly responded.

This "hmm" worried me and made realize that the "I'll do anything" part of my appeal wasn't necessary.

"How about a kiss?" she asked.

This request floored me. I didn't expect it at all two reasons: 1) I didn't know Kelly felt even remotely attracted to me. 2) The moment she said it, I wanted to kiss her, too. I didn't know I felt this way either. I fiddled with the cuffs on my wrist as I shyly stared at the floor, calculating my response.

"Well..." I said meekly. "Guess I don't have a choice."

"Oh, no, no," Kelly responded. "It is your choice. We can kiss or I can gag you back up and leave. Which one sounds better to you?"

I met Kelly's hazel eyes and stared into them a moment.

"The kiss," I finally let out.

She smiled and leaned in for what became a long, passionate kiss. It was my first time and it sent me into another world. Kelly was the one to back away first. She looked me in the eyes a moment and smiled again.

"I know nothing," she said.

Suddenly, the gag was shoved back in my mouth and Kelly was behind me knotting it behind the post.

"I told you I would tell you what I know and truth is I really don't know anything." Kelly said.

I had forgotten what the kiss was even originally about, but the last pinching cinch of the gag thrust me back into the reality of the moment.

"But I'll tell you what," Kelly said coming back around to the front of me.

She slid her finger up my neck until she got to my chin, forcing my head up as much as the gag would allow.

"Why don't you stay with me this week?" she suggested.

I hesitated and thought for a moment but eventually, Inodded as best I could. Kelly smiled and pulled another cloth out of her pocket which she used to blindfold me.

"I'll let you out in a couple hours," Kelly said. "... Or not."

I heard Kelly leave the cabin, locking the door behind her. I was left alone in the darkness of my captivity, reflecting on all that had happened.

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Re: Kelly Keeps Me

Postby barefoot99 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:25 am

nice stories keep going

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Re: Kelly Keeps Me

Postby Brashiel » Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:58 pm

Ooh. Nice development.

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Re: Kelly Keeps Me

Postby Radames0674 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:59 pm


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