Lauren part 2, more fun and games with my brother

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Lauren part 2, more fun and games with my brother

Postby charlie » Wed Aug 28, 2013 9:37 pm

[another from my sweet but adventurous friend "Lauren" -- Charlie]

Hi all my cuddly reader friends!

The next part I'll tell you about happened when I was 15. I was in 10th grade, and my sweet brother Andy was in 11th. Our parents didn't get home from their jobs until about 5:30 each evening, so that left us with a couple of hours of unsupervised time after school. We were good kids who did well in school and stayed out of trouble (aside from the stuff I'm telling you about!), so our parents were comfortable with that.

Andy was kind of the quiet introverted type, and I was the complete opposite. Andy was kind of a late bloomer too, while I tended to be "ahead of my time" socially. I was really good at talking Andy into doing whatever I wanted (even when it was something that could possibly get him into trouble). I was also pretty good at not getting caught, and at making the mischief fun for him too, so it would be easy to talk him into my next scheme.

In the winter and spring of that school year, I pursued two "extracurricular" interests. The first was in further exploration of tie up games with Andy. He wasn't into them as much as me, but my persuasive skills served me well. The second extracurricular interest was boys, actually just one particular boy, but that story will have to come later.

Because of computer work that our parents did, we had unusually good internet access for the time at our house. I discovered Usenet newsgroups. I learned that I was not the only person in the world (and not the only female) who was fascinated with being tied up.

I made contact with and chatted online (and didn't tell my parents about it, which was a major infraction!) with a college girl named Irene who was had interests a lot like mine. She had a sweet loving boyfriend who would tie her up and make love to her. She would come up with all kinds of fantasies, and her boyfriend would act them out.

I wanted a relationship like Irene had SO BAD! But I was only 15 and my parents weren't even allowing me to go out on one-on-one dates yet. So for now I decided to settle on the next best thing, which was save the "boyfriend" part for later and to talk my all too accommodating brother into being my tie up game partner.

As you can tell from my first story, Andy was fully aware of my delight in being tied up. Still, I think he found it kind of weird, and it took some additional persuading from me to get him to play again. My golden opportunity came one evening when we were watching some TV show that included an escape artist. I watched with excessive interest (and Andy noticed this), but it was late and we had school in the morning, so I didn't follow up immediately.

The next day after school I made my move. We had all kinds of random tools and supplies around our house. I found plenty of thick nylon rope; it was soft but very strong. When Andy got home a few minutes after me, I called him downstairs to our basement TV room that would serve as our playroom.

Andy was greeted by me, wearing just a little tank top and short shorts, along with a pile of rope. I told him I was at least as good as that escape artist and I bet Andy I could get out of any ropes he put on me.

Andy saw right through it. "Naughty little sister! You just want me to tie you up, don't you?" And then, to finish off the devastation, "Are you going to want to be tied up naked too?" Of course he was right on target on both counts. I kind of blushed and wasn't sure what to say next.

Andy didn't wait for me to respond. He told me he was pretty sure her could do as good of a job as the people on the show who tied up the escape artist. He said he was worried about hurting me or giving me rope burns, so he asked me to wear jeans and a long sleeved sweatshirt to protect my skin. I immediately agreed to the plan.

I suggested that if I got out without help, it would be my turn to try tying him up. If I couldn't escape, he could do anything he wanted with me. Andy and I loved each other so much that the "anything one wanted" bet was pretty much a codeword for a severe tickle torture followed by a whole lot of very sweet and gentle hugging and cuddling.

He agreed and told me to go get changed into my jeans and sweatshirt while he got the rope ready. Being the naughty little exhibitionist I was, I told him "sure", and I took off my shirt and shorts. I turned to Andy in just my bra and panties and teasingly asked if he was sure he wouldn't rather tie me up like this.

Andy said I was a bad girl and I really did need to be in jeans and a sweatshirt or he wouldn't tie me up. So I told him OK, took off my bra and panties, tossed them on a chair, and I went upstairs completely naked to my room. I came downstairs with my jeans and sweatshirt, still naked, and put them on in front of Andy. He kind of rolled his eyes at me and I just told him he hadn't said anything about requiring underwear.

Andy just used one long piece of rope to tie me up. He was smart enough to start with my wrists, and he did a decent job. Unlike the time in my first story with the necktie, he had me stand with my hands together behind my back with my arms almost parallel, elbows close together, fingers behind my bottom pointing to the floor.

He used the first part of the rope to ties my wrists together. He cinched the ropes between my wrists, tight enough but not nearly as tight as when he had used the old necktie. But after that he pretty much just wound the rope around me a whole bunch of times.

The first couple of loops held my wrists to my waist. Then he wound his way up to my chest above my breasts, just below my armpits, then back down to my legs. He did stop to put in extra knots at my knees and my ankles. By the time had my ankles tied, he was about out of rope. He used the last little bit to cinch off the loops tying my ankles together, and he was done.

Andy challenged me to get out of it. At first his ropework did seem pretty secure, but I eventually found the fatal flaw. If he had tied me up naked (like I was hoping), this wouldn't have worked, but there were thick, bulky sweatshirt sleeves between my wrists and the ropes. It wasn't easy, but by putting my weight in the right place to hold the sweatshirt against the couch fabric and then stretching and wriggling, I found that one of the sleeves would slide under the rope and up my arm just a little bit.

I diligently worked the sleeves up, little by little, until I finally got the cuff to pop free from under the rope. This gave me a little more slack on my wrists to work with. The other sleeve went much more quickly, partly because I had learned just what to do and partly because of the slack I had gained. Once both sleeves were out from under my wrist ropes, I had even more slack to work with. With some more carefully planned struggling, I worked all the slack onto one wrist.

I scrunched up my hand and pulled hard and wriggled more, and I soon had a free hand. The second hand came out easily, and once my hands were free I quickly untied all the ropes. I tossed all the rope on the floor, pulled the sweatshirt completely off, pulled off my jeans, and I turned to face Andy, completely naked and grinning with pride at my successful escape. Andy gave me a nice congratulatory hug.

I wasted no time in reminding Andy that I had won so I got to tie him up. I realized that the one long rope didn't work very well; it was too impractical to tie really secure knots and things always got sloppy in a hurry. I went to my Dad's workbench on the other side of the basement and I got his electrician's shears. They'll cut almost anything, and I used them to cut off some medium length pieces of rope. I used a tape measure to get the lengths just right, which aroused Andy's suspicions that I had been planning this (of course I had been!).

Andy watched my preparations with his usual funny look of nervous anticipation. He wasn't insanely obsessed with tie up games like me, but he was almost always willing to go along with my schemes. We had complete trust in each other and I knew he felt safe under my naughty but loving control. Also, Andy just loves to cuddle (and so do I), so I always cuddle up with him when I have him tied up.

I asked Andy to clasp his hands behind him. I took his arms by the elbows and gently but firmly tried to bring them together. I told him to tell me to stop if it started to hurt. I found out that Andy was a lot less flexible than me. I can bring my elbows together behind my back, but he is stiffer in his shoulders. "Oh well, I told him, forget the elbows together." I had been doing a little bit of naughty internet research on ways to tie someone up, and that had been my first plan.

Time for the backup plan. I had Andy fold his arms behind him, with his forearms parallel and each hand at the other arm's elbow. This was completely comfortable for him, so I sprang into action. I had practiced my moves earlier when Andy wasn't around, by stuffing an old sweatshirt of Andy's with other old clothes and tying up the arms, so I knew exactly what rope lengths I would need and where I would put all the knots.

I made Andy take his shirt off. I promised to be gentle enough to not hurt him with the ropes on his bare skin. He very reluctantly agreed. He knew he could completely trust me not to actually hurt him, but he also knew just how naughty and mischievous I could be. So now I had Andy stripped down to just his gym shorts. Of course in my usual style, I was completely naked, typical for me around the house, especially when I was feeling mischievous.

I selected my ropes. The first length of rope tied Andy's right wrist to his left forearm near his elbow. I folded it to find the exact center, and I worked from the center of the rope to the ends. This way I could pull all of the knots exactly where I wanted them, far from the reach of Andy's fingers.

I looped the rope several times, with the coils neatly arranged so it wouldn't pinch him. Then I wound a couple of turns between his arms to cinch it up tight. The first knot went here. My carefully planned loose ends next wrapped around his left upper arm, and I tied them off again. I repeated the same procedure with an identical rope for his opposite hand and arm.

To finish up my handywork, I brought the last loose ends in front of him, around his waist like a belt, and back behind him again. I used the ends to cinch his wrists one more time, with just the right number of turns to finish up the excess rope. Finally, the two ends met exactly centered between his wrists, at his waist behind his back. I tied them together and put in a very tight double knot.

Andy was a very secure prisoner now. With his arms folded behind his back, wrists to elbows, his arms and hands were useless. The rope belt around his waist held his arms tight to his back and made it completely impossible to slip his arms out of my rope harness.

The last piece of rope tied Andy's ankles together. Nothing fancy or special, but again I did it starting at the exact center of the rope, so I had two equal length free ends and I wouldn't be putting any important final knots within my victim's reach. I cinched off the ropes between his ankles, then I brought the free ends up to where the knot was at the center of his back. I made a quick, loose tie there.

Andy seemed to take note of my quick, sloppy work on the last knot. He confirmed later he was considering it as a possible first step toward an escape. I would soon destroy any such illusion.

I had left enough extra rope so Andy could just about stand up before he was out of slack in the rope that tied his ankles to his arms. I had him explore his mobility by trying to hop around the room a little. He almost immediately lost his balance and started to fall forward. I was ready and I sprung into place to catch him.

I squeezed my prisoner up against me. I liked the feel of Andy's bare skin against mine. He was starting to get a little bit of hair on his chest, and it felt good against my bare breasts. Andy has some hesitation about how physical his naked little sister can get, but as I said in part one, there wasn't anything sexual going on.

My Dad and Mom also still let me give them naked hugs. Sometimes they hesitate and get a little awkward about it. I've asked them why and they've been honest; they feel kind of stuck between contemporary American culture (where this is not accepted) and the culture of my great-grandparents, familiar to them, where nakedness and nonsexual hugging and cuddling between family members is widespread.

But when it comes down to it, all four of us love each other way too much to reject physical affection, so in private times with just immediate family I can hug anybody as much as I like, any time, naked or not. So please try not to think of this aspect of my stories as anything incestuous or creepy. It isn't, and it is wonderful to have that kind of closeness.

Anyhow, enough digression from our tie up game. After catching Andy when he tripped and started to fall from having his ankles tied, I got him straightened back up and I hugged him (and just about squeezed the stuffing out of him; I was in one of my cuddle moods too). Andy is such a cuddle addict I can pretty much melt him down this way. I think he would have forgotten he was all tied up if he hadn't tried to wrap his arms around me to return the hug.

I let Andy go, watching carefully to catch him if he fell again. He didn't. I grabbed a big beanbag chair that we often cuddle up together in to watch TV, and I put it right in front of him. I had him kneel down into it, and then lie face down in it, holding onto him tight so there would be no more mishaps.

One of the two loose knots at the ends of the ropes to Andy's ankles had already worked loose. I undid the other knot. Andy asked if I was letting him out. I laughed. I told him I had one last thing before I would let him go. I had him bend his legs at the knees as far as he could. This gave me lots of loose rope.

I wrapped the pair of ropes coming from his ankles up around the final knot between his elbows, then back down to loop around the rope cinching his ankles, then back to between his elbows again. I had just enough rope left to wrap the ends one more time around the other knot centered behind his back between his elbows and knot it off. I put a super tight double knot in this rope too.

Now Andy was hogtied in my beanbag chair. With some effort he could roll around or get himself turned over, but that was about it. His arms were tied uselessly folded behind his back. He couldn't stand up. And most importantly, the critical knots were all on his arms, halfway between his wrists and elbows, centered behind his back, hopelessly out of his reach.

I told Andy it was so much fun now that it was my turn to do anything I wanted with him. He protested that the agreement was that if I escaped, I got to tie him up; we hadn't said anything about my doing "anything I wanted" to him. I laughed again and told him that I didn't think there was much he could do to stop me. I tickled his sensitive ribs. With his shirt off I had full access to his bare skin.

Andy and I have had thousands of tickle fights as we've grown up together, and we've gotten pretty good at absolutely driving each other crazy. We're both very ticklish, and we both love to be tickled. So I was an expert on how to lovingly torment Andy.

After a few minutes of my torture, I told Andy I would leave him to escape on his own. I reminded him that I had escaped from his rope, and I expected him to do the same. Andy struggled fiercely. He tugged with his arms and his legs, but that only tightened my knots even more (exactly as I had planned). He picked at the knots near his elbows, but they weren't at the ends of the rope, so they were hopeless. He managed to bend his knees enough to reach the ankle knots, but they also were embedded in the middle of the rope so they couldn't be untied either.

I let Andy struggle like this for maybe five or ten minutes. I made sure his hands weren't turning blue, and he wasn't showing any signs of being in pain (just extreme frustration). I wanted to make sure he knew just how completely helpless he was, now that he was in the clutches of his naughty little sister. I got into the beanbag chair next to him and gave him another hug. A very tight, bare skin, chest to chest hug. I told him he was very lucky that I loved him as much as I did, because he was completely helpless and at my mercy now.

Just to prove I could do anything I wanted to him, and that there was absolutely nothing he could do to stop me, I grabbed his gym shorts and pulled them down to his ankles. I immediately repeated the procedure with his briefs. So now, except for the ropes on his arms and legs and the shorts and briefs bunched up at his ankles, Andy was completely naked (just like me, except that I wasn't all tied up and helpless!).

I gave my now naked prisoner my fiercest tickle torture of the day. With his arms folded behind his back, I couldn't really get to his armpits, but his very sensitive ribs, tummy, and feet were all mine. I've always kept my fingernails short (I'm very active and long nails are a pain and a hazard). My hands are very soft and warm, and I've learned the perfect light touch for a tickling guaranteed to drive the victim completely insane. I showed Andy no mercy.

I knew that sooner or later Andy would get his revenge (and I eagerly awaited it). He never got me back immediately; the element of surprise was important. I would sometimes wear more clothes around the house when I knew I had it coming to me. It wasn't really for protection; that would have been useless. The main thing was that then Andy would have to pull my clothes up, down, aside, or just strip me completely to get them out of way for the retaliatory tickling.

I loved this part of the game. Andy had some discomfort; he thought it was a little too weird and over the top to strip his little sister, but this was one way I could at least get him to do it to me once in a while. Of course in our very open household we saw each other naked practically every day. It's just that having your clothes forcibly taken away by somebody else is a whole different feeling.

Yes, I know, I'm horribly naughty for liking that so much. Of course I wouldn't want a stranger or someone who might hurt me to do that to me, but with Andy it was great. Also, around this time I was having increasingly detailed fantasies, that were starting to turn into plans, of how I'd capture the perfect boy and corrupt him and teach him to be just as naughty as me.

I wanted somebody as sweet, gentle, loving and cuddly as Andy. But I also wanted a guy who wasn't my brother. I wanted somebody who could turn in a second from cuddler to aggressor. My idea of excitement was knowing that at any second, I could get pounced on, stripped buck naked, tied up completely helpless and defenseless, caressed and kissed and licked and nibbled in all my most sensitive places, and fucked completely silly.

But enough about my fantasies. It seems while I was off telling you about them, poor Andy was left struggling in his ropes. He was so stuck! There was no way he was going to get out without help. And there was nobody around who could help him except for his naughty little sister. I told him he'd have to beg me to let him out. He didn't give in at first, but I soon had him begging me to let him have his freedom back.

I got down in the beanbag chair with him for one last cuddle with my beloved helpless prisoner (I'm so addicted to the wonderful feeling of bare skin on bare skin!) Then I went to the knots. I wasn't surprised that his struggles had worked the knots so tight they couldn't be undone. After a few minutes of trying without success, Andy started to get worried. He remembered how he had used pliers to get the knots out the first time he tied me up really tight.

I told him that was a great idea and he should go to Dad's workbench and get some. I don't think he appreciated my attempt at a joke. I went and got the pliers myself and worked at the knots. It wasn't easy, but I got them all loose. Of course I had the electrician's shears handy in case of emergency; I could have gotten Andy out in under ten seconds with them, but then I'd be wasting perfectly good rope.

Andy had some rope marks on his arms and by his ankles, but he really wasn't much worse for wear. I rubbed all the places where there were marks, and it seemed to help. Andy pulled his briefs and shorts back on and flopped back into the beanbag chair.

A TV show we both liked was coming on, so I got into the beanbag with him. He reached his arms around me from behind and snuggled me up close to him and held me. He told me I was very naughty and just a little bit insane but he loved me just the way I was. Sometimes our basement TV room gets chilly. I had thought about putting my sweatshirt back on, but being cuddled up in the warm arms of my brother and best friend in the whole world was so much better.

I hope you liked my second story!

I'm having trouble deciding whether to write next about Andy's "revenge" on me or about how I captured my boyfriend.

A big hug to you, my dear reader [a naked hug :-) if you wish!]

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Re: Lauren part 2, more fun and games with my brother

Postby canuck100 » Thu Aug 29, 2013 7:06 am

Great, well written story! Looks like your brother got an interesting introduction to tugs... Very curious to read about it.


Re: Lauren part 2, more fun and games with my brother

Postby Gold780 » Thu Aug 29, 2013 11:05 pm

Great continuation :) keep up the good work in your stories to come :)

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Re: Lauren part 2, more fun and games with my brother

Postby linkedin » Mon Sep 02, 2013 1:59 pm

Brilliant story! Really well told i enjoyed reading it, especially the nice intricate detail about exactly how he was tied. I'd love to hear the story of the captured boyfriend next! Any gags coming up? If i may be so bold as to ask :gag:

Thanks for the story :)



Re: Lauren part 2, more fun and games with my brother

Postby Giggywoo » Mon Jan 09, 2017 2:42 pm

really nice

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