The 3rd Summer of Friendship - Sunday

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The 3rd Summer of Friendship - Sunday

Postby AlexUSA » Sat Sep 26, 2015 5:52 pm

Janie, Trent, and Lauren Patterson's adventures continued to build up. Janie was glad to have a day that was calmer, so she invited her best friend Amanda over for the day. Janie figured they'd probably at some point go outside, so she put on her red athletic shorts, a white tank top, a white ponytail, and a red headband along with her red shoes.

"Be there by 10?"
"Gr8, then we can watch a movie too!"
"Sounds fun!"
"Awesome! C u then!"

"Sis, Amanda is coming over."
"That's fine."
"Wanna join us for a movie and some snacks with a little catch beforehand?"
"Sure! Why not?"
"Just asking in case you had plans."
"I have no work today, so I am flexible."
"Great! This'll be fun!"
"Of course it will. I have some stuff to do," Lauren said and left the room.

Janie sat daydreaming. She wondered what it would be like to have a job like Lauren, or have a car of her own. She imagined her ideal boyfriend: tall, smart, and athletic, kind of like herself. She closed her eyes and thought of the things she would be experiencing in a couple of years herself.

She walked out the top of the staircase and took a deep breath. For June in FL, it wasn't too bad. She was taking a step forward when she felt two arms envelop her, one over her mouth and the other over chest. She tried to grab the arms of her attacker and pull them off.

"So Amanda is coming over?" Trenton asked with a grin.
"Mmm! Gmm!" Janie moaned at her brother.
"Nah, I won't hurt you. It's just time for some fun."
"A little fun never hurt anyone, did it?"
"Mmph!" Janie protested, but her brother's height prevailed as he pulled her into her room.
"This'll do!" he said dragging her into the room as she tried to plant her feet in resistance.
"Mmph! Nnn!" she continued as they sat on the floor by her bureau.
"Ah, this'll be funny!"
"Nt! Ppppp!"
"This'll shut you up!" he said as he found a knotted red bandana in Janie's drawer.
"Nnnph!" Janie moaned as he put her in a figure-4 to hold her down as he shoved the knot in and tied it off tightly.
"Now then!" he said proudly as he wrapped her mouth in gray tape.
"MMMM!" she wailed as it wound around... 1...2 ...3... 7 times!
"Time for the coup dd grace!" he said, grabbing rope and a pink bandana.

"This'll hold you!" Trent said as he tied her arms above her head and to the shelf in the closet, knotting it away from her fingers.
"Ee ppp!" she asked as she now kicked out.
"I have you know!" he continued, tying her elbows.
"Hmph!" Janie said planting a firm kick between Trent's legs.
"Oohhhh! Why you!" he said, tying her thighs to prevent a repeat.
"Sss!" she swore as he tied her knees and ankles.
"Potty mouth! I'd tie your feet up there, but the shelf would fall!l
"Grrrr! Lll illll uuuuuu!"
"Try it. Make my day!" he replied as he blindfolded her with the pink.
"See you in a while!"
"Nnn!! Nnn eee eeeeee!" Janie wailed as the door shut.

Janie sobbed a little because her brother could be mean sometimes. He found fun in picking on his little sister especially because they were in classes together. Janie wished Trent would be more thoughtful sometimes.

Janie's position was uncomfortable. Being only a couple of inches shorter than the shelf meant Trent had worked hard to tie her wrists to it and tie her elbows as well. She could feel the rope connecting to the shelf, but she had seen the knots get tied well out of reach. To further her plight, she couldn't see where to walk safely.

Janie was now both upset and frightened. She wanted to hate her brother, but she knew anger wouldn't help. Crying was useless cause no one could here. The ropes were now making her wrists and elbows sore.

Janie was there for about an hour when she heard some voices at the stair base. "Janie is in her room!" It was Amanda coming to find her! What would she think?!

"Janie, you here?" Amanda asked entering the room.
"Mmm!" Janie said, but it wasn't loud enough.
"Mmm!" Janie continued, now in a full tearful frenzy.
"Lauren, she isn't here!"
"Mmmmmmmph! Ppppp!" she cried aloud best she could.

Then Janie had an idea. It would hurt, but it would work. With all her might, Janie sprung herself into the wall as hard as she could, making a loud thud. She repeated it.

"Janie?!" Amanda asked on hearing the sound.
"Mm!" Janie cried as she did it again.
"Are you in here?"
"Mmmm hmm!" Janie said in a pure breakdown.
"Janie?!" Amanda cried out, realizing the situation and opening the door.
"Janie, what happened?!"
"Hold on!" Amanda said, unwrapping the tape.
"Ow! It was Trent!" Janie said as the last piece of tape was torn off and the bandana unknotted.
"How long have you been here?" Amanda asked as she started untying Janie's wrists.
"Since 8:30."
"An hour and a half?!"
"Yeah," Janie said as she felt her wrists freed. "Get me out of here!"
"Ok," Amanda said, leading a hopping Janie to her bed and sitting her down.
"Untie me, please!" Janie asked holding her elbows.
"Why did he do this?"
"For fun," Janie said as she threw off the pink blindfold.
"Fun?" Amanda asked as they together untied her legs.
"Thanks!" Janie said, rubbing the affected areas.
"Look at your wrists!"

Janie went to her bureau and grabbed two red bandanas (if it isn't obvious, Janie likes red) and, with Amanda's help, tied them on her wrists.

"What a creep!" Amanda said with a shudder.
"You get used to it," Janie said despondently.
"You've been crying for a while."
"I have?"
"I can see it."
"Yeah, I was."
"Let's watch the movie first."
"Sure," Janie said with a shrug as they went downstairs.
"Janie, you're brooding."
"I'm gonna get that little piece of crap!"

Vengeance was on the agenda for today.
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The Summer of Love - Sit Down and Shut Up!

Postby AlexUSA » Sun Sep 27, 2015 5:44 pm

Janie and her siblings tied each other up frequently enough, but their parents were clueless. Tactics like the wrist bandanas were done so as to seem just fashionable, but they were really to hide the damage.

When Janie entered the living room, she cast a disgusted look at her brother. They entered the kitchen where Lauren was gluing her shoes back in a spot where the soles were lose.

"Trent's a douchebag j***@**" Janie said.
"Whoa, there, cowgirl! What gives?"
"That little maggot..."
"I found her in total torment!"
"I was tied to the shelf of my closet!"
"He what?"
"Tied my arms like this," Janie showed how her arms were forced behind her and elbows squeezed behind her head.
"And gravity did it's damage."
"I was there... STANDING... for over an hour!"
"Like that? I'll kill him!"
"When I found Janie, her eyes were bloodshot because she had been crying so much!"
"Look at my wrists!"
"Oh, sis, I am so sorry! This is unacceptable. It is one thing to just grab you. THIS is going too far. You're actually hurt!"
"Now Lauren!"
"I'm going to put the fear of God in him!"
"Sis, don't get testy!"
"Don't worry. The fear of Lauren will make him think twice about pulling a stunt like this."
"Lauren, Janie, we need to be practical!"
"All right," Lauren said pausing and taking a deep breath, "We have a movie to watch?"
"Yeah, we wanted to do that."
"Then we will. Trent will too. What I permit him to watch. Wait for my cue."
"OK, sis."
"Your word, boss!"
"Get some supplies to tie him up. We will hide them under the throw pillows on the couch, which the three of us will cover during the flick."
"Anything else?"
"Yeah, get a movie he won't like!"
"I have one in mind!"

Janie went up to her room and grabbed the supplies she needed: the roll of tape, two bandanas, a clean sock, and coils of rope. She checked to make sure Trent was nearby and then dashed into the living room where she stashed the supplies under the pillows. She was ready.

Janie called Lauren and Amanda into the room and grabbed a chick flick for them to watch, but one she knew they all liked. It was a sappy love story, but some girls enjoy them for the warm fuzzy feelings. They put on the movie and started watching. They sat in a row, Amanda, Lauren, and Janie all on the couch.

Sure enough, Trent came out from under his rock. Janie mouthed "Pig" and made a slashing motion near her throat. Trent reclined on the other couch, which meant he couldn't see them. Naturally, he began heckling them.

"Oh, Rob, I love you so!" he said making kissing noises.
"Stow it, Trent," Janie warned.
"I couldn't afford a ring, so I bought a box of Crackerjack."
"Shove it where the sun doesn't shine, bozo," Lauren sternly warned.
"The birds and the bees... hence the chicks too."
"Trennnnttt," Janie said gritting her teeth.
"Doesn't it make you want a big brave man like ol' Trent!"
"Push off," Amanda cautioned.
"Of course the guy will get her! We have another hour to see how!"
"That does it!" Janie said, pausing the movie. "I have had it!"
"What did I do?"
"You have been nothing but a little creep!" Janie said grabbing a coil of rope and opening it. "You tortured me even after I asked you to stop. You abandon me like a piece of dried meat for 2 hours. You talk over my movie."
"But the movie is dumb!"
"I don't give crap. Sit down and shut up! No one wants to hear you!"
"Come on!"
"I said to shut up!" Janie said as she flung Trent around.

Janie wasted no time in tying her brothers wrists and elbows, adding a harness, tying his ankles, knees, and thighs, and shoving a sock in his mouth. She cleave gagged him with a blue bandana and blindfolded him with pink (the same one!) before wrapping his mouth in tape. She tossed him onto the couch face down and put him in a strict hogtie.

"Take that, freak!" she said, "When I say shut up, I mean it!"
"Bravo, Janie!" Lauren said, and they exchanged high fives.
"You rock!" Amanda said.
"Let's finish the movie now!" Janie said.

Janie felt good having exhausted her anger. She hoped Trenton would improve from this experience. She smiled as she thought about what she had done. It felt good to crush that twit!
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Re: The Summer of Love - Sit Down and Shut Up!

Postby AlexUSA » Mon Sep 28, 2015 4:38 pm

Forgot to change the title :P
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The Summer of Love - A Little of This, a Little of That!

Postby AlexUSA » Tue Sep 29, 2015 5:10 pm

Janie, Lauren, and Amanda continued to watch their sappy chick flick while Trent continued to... do not much of anything. Tied and gagged as he was on a soft leather couch meant friction kept him down, and the tape shut him up.

Amanda didn't say much the whole time. Except for the one time she was involved in a TUG, she really didn't do much except occasionally help tie others up or release them when she was around for one. She still thought Trent was kind of cute like this, but she wasn't about to admit it. Amanda could keep a straight face through anything.

But it was the similarities among the three girls that made it special. They all loved softball, they liked chick flicks, they hated the same teachers, and they all liked picking on Trent. The "weirdness" in no way affected the way she felt about her friends; besides, it was the open secret that everyone laughed about because the Pattersons tie each other up for fun while other people play Monopoly.

When the movie was done, Amanda decided to have some fun with the captive while Lauren and Janie went to make lunch. She loosened the hogtie to lower his legs and then sat down on him. Trent let out a groan, wishing he knew who was on him. Amanda gave him a hard flick on the back of the neck with both hands.

"Mmph!" he moaned.
"Let this be a lesson to you: maybe you ought to be nice in the future, hmm? Maybe you ought to be a man? Maybe you should act like an older sibling and not a bully. You can pick on a sister without being a jerk; my brother does it to me all the time even still, and he is in college!"
"You better start being nice to your sisters, or you're going to lose the girls! Time to start behaving!"
"People want respect! They want to be regarded with human dignity! People aren't toys to play with! Read about the Golden Rule!"

Amanda then walked away from Trent and into the kitchen. Both Janie and Lauren jumped when Amanda entered because both had stopped what they were doing to eavesdrop. Amanda stared at both of them and walked by both of them.

"He's still cute," she said without missing a beat.
"Huh?" Lauren asked surprised.
"He's a cute guy. Just needs an attitude adjustment."
"What is she talking about?
"She's interested in our brother?" Janie responded with a question.
"I thought so. Maybe we should straitjacket her?"
"Nah, she isn't certifiable yet. If she is, we know who to rubber room her with."
"You aren't kidding!"
"What is wrong with what I said?"
"Not even a mother could love him!"
"Oh, your mom loves him too."
"How do you know?"
"I am not sharing my secrets."
"Do we do throw away the key?"
"Secure her, at least."
"Not now."
"Why not?"
"Need to run more analyses."
"Copy that. Anything else?"
"Yes, the roast beef. I want roast beef for my sandwich, and you're hogging it!"
"Whoops, sorry!"
"Do I have to rubber room you, too, for a roast beef obsession!"
"Nonsense, doctor, I was always nuts!"

Amanda was just laughing at this as she prepared her own sandwich. She heaped pickles on in a thick layer. Some hot mustard was good too! That sandwichbcombined with potato chips would make her coaches cry. Too bad for them!

"A little of this..." Janie muttered as a she put some mayo on her bread.
"And ketchup," Lauren said.
"A little of that."
"And mayo. And mustard."
"Some salami."
"How about... oh, lettuce, can't forget that!"
"A little horseradish."
"Eww...," Amanda muttered softly at the disgusting ingredient combos.
"And now the bologna!"
"Dagwood would be proud!" Janie said as she took a bite out of her thick, stacked sandwich.

Amanda was horrified but continued eating her thin not-a-Dagwood-sandwich sandwich. She didn't know girls could eat like that, but these girls already had their quirks. Amanda was kind of happy that she was privy to these things.

After lunch, the girls grabbed their gloves and a couple of softballs. While they couldn't do everything, they could at least practice their throwing and catching, so Lauren also had her catcher's mask.

Before they went out the door, Janie loosened Trent's bonds; Lauren gave him a noogie; and Amanda gave him another flick on his back. They had a good laugh at Trent's expense before going outside.

After some catching, Janie and Amanda went upstairs to the bedroom. Janie could tell, however, that Amanda was thinking about something.

"You? You're deep in thought."
"Who else?"
"Well... OK, you got me."
"Why do y'all play these TUGs?"
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Re: The Summer of Love - A Little of This, a Little of That!

Postby hafnermg » Wed Sep 30, 2015 10:19 pm

Awesome story so far!

Your stories are always a lot of fun!

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Re: The Summer of Love - A Little of This, a Little of That!

Postby AlexUSA » Thu Oct 01, 2015 5:05 pm

hafnermg wrote:Awesome story so far!

Your stories are always a lot of fun!

Thanks! That is what I aim for in this!
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The Summer of Love - The Bonds of Friendship

Postby AlexUSA » Thu Oct 01, 2015 5:45 pm

Janie was dumbfounded. She sat in total silence, unable to answer this question posed to her. After much thought, she responded.

"Well, why do people play Go Fish or softball or video games?"
"What do you mean?"
"Why do people play any game?"
"To have fun."
"That is why we do."
"But what is fun about it for you to be the one..." Amanda trailed off.
"Tied? What is fun about being actually tied up, at least in a fun manner?"
"Yeah... You actually think it is fun to be tied up?"
"Well, usually. Sometimes it is mean like Trent did this morning, but it is usually done without ill intent, and even then it sometimes is still a little fun so long as it isn't humiliating."
"It is like a dare. 'Think you can escape?' dare. The escaping is a 'win' for the tied but a 'loss' for the one tying."
"Janie, I am..."
"Don't be afraid to answer."
"I am... interested... in playing this 'game,'" Amanda admitted.
"What is wrong with that?"
"It just seemed awkward."
"Well, I can help you try it. I think we need help," Janie said before yelling out, "Lauren!"
"Come on up here!"
"In a minute!"
"Lauren will help us."
"You'll see."
"In what regard?"
"We need help," Janie said as she grabbed socks, bandanas, tape, and rope and plopped them on the bed between herself and Janie.
"It's a hobby."

They waited a while. Amanda was wearing purple athletic shorts, a purple t-shirt, a white headband in her black hair, and black sneakers. Janie was forming a plan on how Amanda should be tied, but then had second thoughts about it.

"Shut the door, Lauren."
"OK, but why?"
"Keep the boy out."
"Lauren, we need your help."
"Um...," Lauren replied upon noticing the pile on the bed.
"What are you two planning?"
"Something for us."
"For you?!"
"We want you to tie us up."
"What? Why?"
"Because I am interested in your games," Amanda spoke out.
"You? OK. But why me?"
"We need you to do the tying," Janie replied, "Here's the plan: you will tie me up like you normally do, all the works. After each addition, I will ask Amanda if she is ready to try it; if she says to, you'll do it to her too. Amanda?"
"It sounds OK. The only time I got involved I didn't pay attention to what you did."
"OK. This is different, but OK."
"Well, the first time Lauren tied me up she just gave me the works."
"Internet," Lauren said with a laugh and a large grin.
"OK, let's do this. Save the blindfold for last."

"OK. Here we go," Lauren said, taking out a piece of rope.
"See?" Janie said as her arms were crossed and tied behind her.
"That's not so bad!" Amanda said.
"You want it?"
"Sure. I'll try it," Amanda said as she put her hands behind her.
"Here you go!" Lauren said, complying.
"She has an advantage!"
"What?" Janie asked surprised.
"You have your wristbands for protection!"
"And they do protect!"
"Too late for that!" Lauren said to hush them up.
"Next!" Janie added.
"Right on it," Lauren replied as she tied Janie's elbows.
"Let's skip that."
"OK. Breast harness, Janie?"
"That looks OK."
"You want it?"
"Might as well."
"Waist rope?" Lauren asked as she tied one on Janie.
"OK, why not."
"Legs together, sis."
"Here it comes," Lauren said, tying her sister's thighs, knees, and ankles.
"Maybe just the ankles," and then on feeling, "Do it all."
"You're a brave girl."
"I try!"
"Gag, Janie?"
"Knotted one for her. For me, the works."
"You asked for it!"

Lauren stuffed a sock in her sister's mouth before tightly cleave gagging her with a white bandana and several strips of tape. Janie let out a test "Mmph!"

"Mmm?" Janie asked.
"Sure, I'll try the gag."
"Ok," Lauren said as she shoved a knotted purple bandana in Amanda's mouth.
"Mmph! I nn kkk! [I can't talk!]"
"Hm!" she nodded.
"All righty!" Lauren complied as she started putting strips on Amanda's mouth.
"Mmm!" Amanda pulled away after 3 strips.
"Hogtie time Janie."
"Mmph!" Janie moaned as her sister laid her on the bed face down and tied a rope from elbows to ankles.
"Unh uh!"
"Nighty night," Lauren said and blindfolded Janie with a blue bandana.
"Mph!" Amanda nodded, and Lauren complied with a yellow bandana.
"One last suggestion/thought: Would you care to be lightly fastened to the bed?"
"OK, then!"

Lauren pulled Amanda to the footboard. She tied just one one rope around Amanda's torso to the footboard, although securely. For fun, she took a photo of her captives for no one but them to see later.

"One or two hours, Janie."
"Mmph n uh mph!"
"1.5 it is!"

Janie knew the routine, but Amanda didn't. Janie was ready for things to get difficult, but she was good at escaping. Amanda, on the other hand, tested her bonds and quickly was surprised. She really was bound, gagged, and, worst of all, helpless.

"Mmph!" she panicked a little.
"Mm mnn!" Janie responded to alleviate her friend's fears.

Janie went to work fighting her bonds. Amanda quickly realized this and went to work to try discovering the art of escape. First lesson though was not to just pull on the ropes.

Amanda was surprised at the effectiveness of the tape. Her lips were sealed together. Her arms were completely pinned. Her legs were like a giant club. Her eyes were useless at aiding her limbs. The rope pinning her to the bed limited her freedom.

Suddenly, Amanda suddenly realized the "dare" Janie was talking about. It was her versus the clock to beat Lauren's bonds. This was an individual challenge where cooperation between the contenders was allowed. In a moment, it all became good, clean fun!

Unfortunately for Amanda, escaping was a foreign concept, so in spite of her efforts, there she remained tied for an hour. Janie on the other hand slowly got the ropes on her wrists loose and finally a hand was free! From there, she got her other hand free, which also undid the hogtie.

Over the next 10 minutes she got her hands out of the waist rope and elbow bonds. She sat up on the bed and undid the breast harness, pulled off her blindfold, and took the tape off her mouth. She untied the bandana and spat out the wet sock. Finally, she untied her legs and stood proudly.

"Ta da!" she said.
"Mmph?!" Amanda asked incredulously.
"Yes, I am free," Janie said as she took off her friend's blindfold.
"Janie here is tough when she is on her game, but I have seen her unable to escape before," Lauren explained.
"Yeah, but you went easy on me!"
"Maybe I did," Lauren said with a wink.
"Then what is her excuse?"
"She is a newb."
"Her time is almost up. Let's let her go."
"Fine by me!"

In a few minutes, Amanda was released. She rubbed her wrists a little, but Lauren really had gone light the first time, so the rope burn was minor. Amanda sat with a smile on her face.

"That was more fun than I expected!"
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Re: The Summer of Love - The Bonds of Friendship

Postby canuck100 » Thu Oct 01, 2015 6:18 pm

That was lots of fun to read. Awesome story.

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Re: The Summer of Love - The Bonds of Friendship

Postby AlexUSA » Fri Oct 02, 2015 4:58 pm

canuck100 wrote:That was lots of fun to read. Awesome story.

Who said that was the end?
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Re: The Summer of Love - The Bonds of Friendship

Postby canuck100 » Fri Oct 02, 2015 5:18 pm

I should have added "so far!"


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The Summer of Love - You're All Wet!

Postby AlexUSA » Sat Oct 03, 2015 6:05 pm

Lauren took a deep breath as she lay on a pool raft working on her tan. The sun was hot, but Lauren was ready for it. She had thick layers of sunscreen covering the parts of her body not covered by her navy blue swimsuit. She also had her sunglasses. Lauren planned to make use of every moment to enjoy this summer before she had to go back to college and *shudder* bring Janie with her.

Being summer in Orlando, the temperature was a brutal 93 degrees. The humidity added to the brutality. Lauren didn't let it bother her as she tried to fall asleep on the raft. An hour passed by with just enjoying the Florida sun before sleep came, and she was just dozing off...

Lauren awoke with a jolt to here the sound of a lightning bolt. Janie and Trent were calling her to come in. She had just fallen asleep, making the shock thay much worse!

"Lauren, a storm is coming! Get in here!"

Lauren, however, made such a jolt when she awoke that she capsized the pool raft. She flailed around in the pool for a second before regaining her composure. Janie and Trent immediately ran out to help, reaching their arms out to pull her out. Lauren, however, accidentally dragged Janie in with her!

Janie fell in with a blubber and a splash. She kicked around a bit. Janie was glad she was wearing flip-flops at this moment, but she was disappointed to see them float to the bottom. Regardless, they got out accompanied by the sound of another loud rumble of thunder and the beginning of rainfall.

The siblings ran inside. Fortunately, the kitchen into which they enter is tiled, so there is no guilt in standing waiting for Trent to get towels for them. Janie pulled her soaked dark green ponytail put of her hair. Her yellow athletic shorts and dark green t-shirt were also soaked. Trent handed them towels.

"Look at you two: you're all wet!" he chortled.
"Yeah, that was bizarre. It'll make a fun Facebook post," Lauren said with a laugh.
"Come on, sis; let's get dried and then changed."
"Yeah, you must be freezing in that shirt!"
"I am! Let's go."
"Two sisters well-soaked!"
"Shut up!"

The sisters went up the stairs into their bedroom and shut the door. Janie quickly undressed, dried herself, and changed into jean shorts and a blue tank-top. Lauren kept working at it until she was bone dry, even drying her ears. She hadn't even gotten done drying before Janie was changed! Lauren was getting ready to undress when she felt her sister's fingers clasp over her mouth.

"How about we play a little game?"
"You don't have to."
"Mmm hmm!"
"Fine, then let's start," Janie said taking out a knotted white bandana.
"Make it fast n-mmmph!" Lauren chided as the scarf went in.

Janie but bounded her sister's wrists and elbows. She added a breast harness and waist rope as well. Lauren was cooperative and even hammed it up with some moaning. Janie put strips of tape over Lauren's mouth before tying a navy blue bandana OTM gag on it. Suddenly, Janie pulled out something Lauren had never seen before.
Janie tied a rope from the front of her waist rope, between her legs, and to her wrists and cinched it tightly. It felt weird, but Lauren couldn't exactly protest, but her face conveyed the message.

"Ask Zach about it. I got it off Google."
"I decided to try it out right now because the pool incident was perfect!"

Lauren was then seated on the bottom bunk. Janie tied her thighs, knees, and ankles before making Lauren lie down on her side. Janie hogtied Lauren with a rope running from her ankles to her wrists before throwing a quilt over her. Finally, a yellow bandana was tied over Lauren's eyes to steal away her vision

"Take that nap. You need it."
"I'll be downstairs if you need me."
"Ding the bell right there if you need me."

Janie was speaking of the old intercom. It functioned, but it was hardly ever used. It would serve as the "emergency button" for the moment.

Lauren tested her bonds. Every pull tugged on that one rope, which hurt like nothing else! Janie was really taking advantage of the helpless. Lauren rolled around; it was still only 1:15 in her estimation, so she had much time to sleep. Already plunged into darkness, Lauren turned onto her side, curled her legs up, and drifted off to the sound of thunder and rain.

In the living room, Janie was strutting with pride. She sat on the couch with the confidence and surety of a famous criminal. Trent just stared at her, uncertain of what had happened.

"Where's Lauren?"
"She decided to take that nap that she couldn't take outside cause of the storm."
"Ahhh. OK. I'll keep quiet then. Besides, I have work in 30 minutes."
"All the better for me!"

Sure enough, Trent had to go to Publix at the time. Ironically, Lauren worked there too, but she had the day off. Trent was a bagger and Lauren a cashier. Janie also was a worker there at this stage of life. So they were always together in some form. This was especially true because Janie didn't have a car of her own, which necessitated her starting and ending hours matching those of one of her siblings.

With Trent gone, Janie went to check on her captive. Janie shared a photo of the scenario with her TUG friends both in Florida and in Minnesota. She watched Lauren nap silently, contemplating the situation.

There was something amazing about sisterhood that couldn't be equalled. It was the understanding of each other's strengths and weaknesses without exploiting them negatively, and there was also an amazing quality of selflessness. There were no secrets. Not even her future husband, wherever he be, could match that.

Janie just quietly sat there on the floor watching her sister sleep while she communicated with her friends on various things... sports, boys, work, college, embarrassing photos of siblings, music, clothes, food, etc. The thunder continued to growl throughout this time.

Finally, around 3:15, Lauren arose with a groan. She tried to stretch out, but the hogtie prevented this and the "other" rope caused her discomfort. Finally, she let out a moan and started to attempt an escape.

Janie walked over and undid the hogtie. Lauren let out groana of surprise and gratitude. Janie helped her sister sat up and hugged her before pulling the blindfold down to her sister's neck. Janie then took a selfie of herself and a squinting Lauren to add to the Cool Girls' Club lore.

"I wouldn't trade you for anything."
"You're the best sister ever!" Janie said squeezing her sister tightly.
"Mmm hmmm!"
"Let's get you out of this!"
"Mmm hmmmmm!!!!" Lauren agreed heartily.

Janie untied Lauren's wrist and elbow bindings. Together they undid the rest of her ropes and her gag. This was something they could laugh about. When Lauren got changed, she showed her bathing suit to Janie... with a wet patch.

"Lauren, you were still all wet!"
"Nah, that is what that other rope did to me!"
"Well, then let's not mention this to others and not let it happen again!"
"I oughta!" Lauren responded as she tossed her towel over Janie's head.
"Hey now!" Janie laughed as she pulled it off.
"Janie, you pull some ridiculous stuff, but I wouldn't trade you for anything either!"
"Except a golden retriever!"
"Hey now!"
"Just kidding!"
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The Summer of Love - Capture the Flag

Postby AlexUSA » Sun Oct 04, 2015 5:38 pm

Of course, no summer is complete without July 4th sneaking in there! Of course this consists of (a) parents not having to work that day, and (b) Publix still needing employees to work the registers! The Patterson family was just going to have a typical day of family-togetherness. While the Pattersons lived in Orlando, they actually hailed from the Palm Beach area, which meant relatives didn't come over too much. Janie, however, snuck an invite to her friend Amanda [complete with parental permission] as well behind her siblings' backs.

Janie was lying on the [dangerous?] inflatable pool raft, decked out in the colors of the day. She had her stars-and-stripes swimsuit on with her hair back in a ponytail, held in a row, top-to-bottom, by red, white, and blue ponytail holders. She had her American flag bandana tied as a wide headband in her hair. On her left and right wrists she had tied red and white bandanas, respectively, with the matching blue one tied around her right wrist as well. It was like looking at a human-sized American flag!

Janie lay there covered in sunscreen with her shades on as her siblings and friend engaged in pool fun. Her father was on the grill cooking burgers and hot dogs in a way only he could. Her mother was making the potato salad, and Janie could already taste the food in her mouth and... her mother's "Red, White, and Blue" desert, which is essentially mixture of red and blue berries on angel food cake with thick globs of whipped cream.

Lauren was in her typical navy blue swimsuit. While most girls don't wear swimsuits, these two did because they both at points had tried to make it on the swim team; Janie eventually dropped out, but Lauren even still in college was good enough to be used on the relay teams. "Cannonball!" she yelled as she jumped in the pool, splashing a bit of water all over Janie.

Trent climbed out of the pool in his yellow and blue Hawaiian swim trunks. It was his turn. Trent had agility and was also on an athletics program, but he played basketball. Trent was going to University of Central Florida (UCF) in the fall, so he wasn't going to be playing basketball anymore. Later in the day, all three siblings had to work until close at Publix, but this was time for fun now! "Look out!" Trent yelled as he jumped in, also splashing Janie on entrance.

Janie looked down her shades at her siblings in disapproval. She made a frown and pushed off the wall to get herself to the other side of the pool, the shallow side where diving wasn't permitted. She then resumed her tanning session.

Amanda was now getting ready to dive in herself. She frowned at Janie and chided her friend, "Killjoy!" Amanda then jumped into the pool in her brown and pink bikini. Against her pale skin, the bikini made her look like Neapolitan ice cream. She was too far away to splash Janie, though. Amanda sometimes wished she worked at Publix too, but working as a part-time secretary for the engineering firm her dad worked at was pretty good too!

Mr. Patterson stood at the grill. He was a skilled surgeon and worked at one of the nearby hospitals as an emergency surgeon in addition to his regular practical duties. The resemblance between he and Trent was obvious, and it was from him that the girls got their stature. Dad was the grill-master and in general the one who did most of the cooking because he was a fearless experimenter. Dad also shared his daughters' eye and hair colors.

Mrs. Patterson was a nurse at the hospital and always on call; work was in fact where she and Mr. Patterson met. She was the one the girls got their ability to get a nice tan from as well as their hair texture and athleticism. She was a talented crafter who made many things around the house. Mom also loved to do stuff in the kitchen and could play the violin very well! She was disappointed her musical talent wasn't passed to any of her children.

When the food was done, the family all gathered around the table. They were enjoying themselves thoroughly when the phone rang. Dad went up to get it and came back with a frown.

"We're both needed. There's an emergency patient, and they're overloaded with idiots who are getting hurt."
"No, don't go!" The children whined.
"Sorry, but you'll be fine anyway," he said as they quickly finished the last of their food and left.

The teenagers just kind of pushed their food around before Lauren let out a big sigh. This was a damper on their day because usually one or both parents would come in the pool after they ate. They realized moping was pointless and continued eating and ate dessert, leaving some for their parents. Throughout, they discussed the pros and cons of their parents' jobs.

After they ate, they were uncertain what to do. Nothing seemed fun amymore. Amanda made a suggestion.

"Capture the Flag."
"Why that? How do you make that a pool game?" Lauren asked.
"I don't know either."
"Then why did you suggest it?" Janie retorted.
"Because one of us looks like a giant flag."
"Blast it all..."
"Who might you mean?" Trent asked sarcastically.
"Oh... I don't know. She's tall and has a flag on her."
"I think volleyball sounds great!"
"Nah, I like the idea of Capture the Flag," Lauren said as she gently grabbed Janie's arms.
"Well, I don't," she responded as she squirmed out of Lauren's arms and a chill went down her spine.
"Majority rules then. You play something you don't like, and then we play what you choose," Amanda said with a grin as they closed in on Janie.
"But I don't wanna play!" Janie said as they grabbed her and picked her up.

Lauren put a hand on Janie's mouth and grabbed her torso while Trent and Amanda grabbed her legs. Janie was helpless against the combined. She felt herself being carried up to her bedroom and forced into the chair at the desk.

Lauren held Janie while the others bound Janie. Her arms and elbows were tied behind the chair and to the chair by Amanda while Trent tied her ankles, knees, and thighs together. Lauren took off the blue wrist bandana, tied a knot in it, and squeezed Janie's nose. Janie then opened her mouth for the gag.

Janie had a second flag bandana that Lauren took out and folded into a wide band. Amanda tied a chest harness and waist rope while Trent ran a rope from her ankles to her wrists. Lauren then pulled out something new.

"Medical tape sticks better and doesn't hurt like duct tape," she said to Amanda as she put a strip on Janie's mouth.
"Mmph!" Janie tested.
"This'll finish you!" Lauren said as she OTM gagged her sister with the flag scarf.

Of course, Lauren couldn't help but share this moment with the world of TUG buddies. They all had a chuckle about how they had "captured the flag" on the 4th of July. They found it funny, their friends would find it funny, and Janie would eventually.

"So that tape is really better."
"Yeah, I tried it on myself. Once I knew it worked I showed Janie and Trent. Got it a few days ago."
"That stuff is pretty awesome."
"And more effective, too."
"Know what we need now?" Trent asked.
"A big bowl of ice cream."
"No! After we ate all that?"
"Sure!" he said pointing to Amanda.
"Mmmmmmmmmmm!" Janie yelled in warning.
"Janie, what do you wammmmmphhh!" Amanda said before she too was captured.

In no time at all, Amanda was bound at the wrists, elbows, knees, thighs, and ankles with a breast harness and waist rope. A pink bandana with a knot in it filled her mouth and had a strip of the tape to cover it along with a brown OTM bandana on top of it all. She was hogtied on Janie's bed.

Janie and Amanda exchanged worried glances. Neither one had planned on this situation arising. After some time the look of worry turned into grins before they both started laughing at the whole thing. Lauren and Trent couldn't help but join in on the laughter.

This was the kind of moment the day needed. It was still going to be a good day after all. After 15-20 minutes, Lauren and Trent untied their victims, or rather what little was left of their bonds. It was necessary if they were to have any more pool fun before going to work. But Amanda was ungagging herself, and Janie was working on her elbows.

All in all a good time and something they would all remember fondly.
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The Summer of Love - Embedding the Boundaries

Postby AlexUSA » Tue Oct 06, 2015 5:34 pm

If you know what it means to "embed the boundaries," then you are an engineer or some kind of physicist. It is an important issue in creating computer programs that can represent fun things like water going down a drain. It can also refer to putting younger siblings to bed during a power outage.

A hurricane was hitting Florida. While Publix would be closed during the storm, this meant all employees were needed to handle the onslaught of customers. The store was packed, and Lauren was busy at the cash register.

Janie and Trent kept switching from registers to bagging to bringing stuff to people's cars, depending on which was needed more at the moment. Back home, Mr. Patterson was busy putting up the shutters. Mrs. Patterson was preparing for the inevitable power outage inside.

Lauren was exhausted. She had been there since 6AM. It was now 2PM, and she had not gotten a lunch break. Janie and Trent had arrived at 8AM. This was exhausting especially because the temperatures outside were above 90, which was rough to keep bringing groceries to cars.

Lauren and her siblings kept smiling. Lauren especially smiled when the manager told her to take 30 minutes to eat. She got herself a nice, big, pre-made, deli sandwich and relished every moment of it with a bottle of Mountain Dew. Her coach at Minn Tech would kill her if he saw this.

When she was done with break, Lauren stood up and did some stretches. She had to get herself ready for another 4-6 hours of this. Once she was done, she returned to her register to continue her work. Landfall of the storm was expected around 10PM.

The Patterson siblings were being given so much work because they were young and didn't have homes to worry about. The other employees needed time to shutter their homes, but the Pattersons could certainly use the extra money, right?!

Trent was thinking some vile thoughts about all this. The coarseness of his thoughts shocked him, but then again he was angry. Here, he felt like a slave instead of an employee, but he also knew he had agreed when the manager asked him to put in up to 12 hours in one day.

Trent kept smiling though; he enjoyed helping the customers, particularly the older folks. Many of them said Trent reminded them of their grandchild. Some had sad or happy stories to share, but he listened to all of them. Regardless, it was good to know he made their day brighter.

Trent was also the "everywhere at once" person. He could bag and run the register faster than the registers with separate baggers and cashiers... except the one with Janie bagging. Janie, however, panicked when running a register alone, so Trent would get to save the day in those cases. It was an exhausting but worthwhile job.

Janie was a bit annoyed. She had scored the customer with the full coupon book... how she always got these nuisances she didn't know, but attributes it to Murphy's law. Nevertheless, she kept her patience.

Janie didn't quite enjoy the job like Lauren and Trent did. She found it a bit tiresome from a mental standpoint. Janie felt it wasn't nerdy enough, but then again she was nerdy. She just appreciated the fact that grocery stores were a necessity and that jobs pay money.

Janie put in her hours effectively. She always pressed on strong without a break and without losing efficiency, but she collapsed the hardest afterward. She really needed to stop being so high-strung and relax herself. She could help herself a lot by doing so because she was not as accurate as her siblings even if she was faster. She made WAY more mistakes. This was one case where the sisters were obviously not clones.

Janie had the advantage of having almost every PLU number memorized. There were things she couldn't recognize instantly. She also had the flyer memorized. These things helped equalize her deficiencies when compared to her siblings.

After what felt like an eternity, the siblings returned home. It was 8:55 PM when they got home. It was already raining at this point, and the winds were blowing steady short of gale strength. They flopped on the couches and just sort of sat there. Their mother came in after them. All three siblings had on the Publix standard of black slacks and a green Publix polo. Janie and Lauren added black and green headbands, respectively, to the equation.

"How was it?" she asked.
"I got hit by a train."
"If I wasn't speaking, I'd believe I was dead."
"That all sounds very exciting. Did it all go well?"
"Oh, yeah."
"Smooth as silk."
"If half-dead is good relative to fully dead."
"My... would any of you like something?"
"Water, please."
"To be brought back from the dead."
"Well, are you dead or aren't you, Janie?"
"Ask Dr. G and the cryptologist."
"She's the walking dead."
"I did more hours than she did!" Lauren pointed out.
"What you like to eat, Lauren?"
"I'll come in and look."
"Lauren, bring me something too!" Janie whined.
"Quit being so dramatic," Trent said as he followed Lauren.

After the three had eaten, they sat down to watch TV together. What they were watching is irrelevant, but it was something all right. It was around 9:30 when there was a loud crack from outside before the lights went out.

"Well, blast!" Trent cried out.
"Are you all OK?" their dad asked.
"We're OK, just a little dark in here though!" Lauren responded.
"No use but to go to bed. All we can do is stuff that can be done by flashlight."
"We could play a board game by flashlight," Trent suggested.
"How?" Janie asked.
"Just wait and see."

Trent spent a few minutes fumbling in the dark. After a while, there was a large spotlight on the living room floor, and there soon followed a Monopoly. This was an eerie stage, and it soon proved ineffective when the flashlight fell and smashed Trent on the back of his head.

"Go to bed!" their parents yelled.

Janie just shrugged, not that anyone saw her do so, and went up the stairs. She was followed by Lauren. Janie flopped on the bed and started texting Amanda a little. Janie was glad she had charged her phone before the storm. Lauren was rummaging through the bureau.

"What are you doing?"
"Getting a change of clothes... in the dark!"
"Good luck."
"Yeah, this is hard."

Janie put her phone down took a deep breath. She was glad it was night because daytime in a boarded house was always scary. Janie was just thinking of changing her clothes when she felt the full weight of Lauren on her and a hand clamp over her mouth.

"Now, be a good sibling, and I will be gentle. Understand?"
"Mm!" Janie nodded.
"I am going to gag you. Make a wrong step, and Mom and Dad discover our games."
"Mmm!" Janie agreed, accepting the knotted white bandana without protest.
"This'll hold you!" Lauren added as she put a strip of microfoam tape over Janie's mouth.
"Now get changed into your pajamas!"
"Mmm hmm!"

Janie changed into her pajamas, which was a pink shirt/shorts set.

"Now for the tie," Lauren said, tying Janie's hands and elbows.

Lauren added a breast harness and waist rope. She Janie on the bed and tied her ankles, knees, and thighs. Finally, she put Janie under the covers on her bed. Lauren then said, "Good night," and went to find Trent.

Janie wondered what had just transpired. In a matter of seconds, she went from texting Amanda to bound and gagged in her pajamas tucked into to bed. It was a bit embarrassing, really.

Trent was unsuspecting of what was happening. He had changed into his brown shorts and was flopped on the bed when Lauren jumped on him. She motioned for him to be quiet.

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The Summer of Love - Eye of the Storm

Postby AlexUSA » Thu Oct 08, 2015 4:52 pm

Trent didn't know whether to just take his sister to task and knock her off or to behave. He quickly got an undesirable answer.

"If you put up a fight, Mom and Dad will discover our games."
"And then we all get in DEEP trouble, comprende?"
"Mmm hmm!"
"So you better stay here nice and let me tie you up."

Trent had no choice but to accept his sister's cruel gift of a knotted brown bandana and microfoam tape. Lauren tied his wrists in a boxtie and added a breast harness and waist rope. She then tied his ankles, knees, and thighs.

Trent couldn't see anything in the darkness, but he felt his sister pulling the bed covers over him. He tested the bonds. They were secure but not too tight. He would be able to escape, but he wanted to sleep first.

What gave Lauren this crazy idea anyway? Who ties up their siblings during a hurricane? What if the house got destroyed and someone found them like this? How did she plan it out, even realizing the leverage she had in reminding them they couldn't fight?

Needless to say, Trent was already planning his revenge. He would find something to do to Lauren even if he had to go searching on the web for answers. Yes, the image of a bound and gagged Lauren comforted him as he drifted off to sleep.

Janie needed to pee REALLY bad. She was getting to the point it hurt, so she started letting out some groans. At first Lauren ignored her, but then it became obvious something was up when Janie gave the emergency signal.

"What you want, Janie?"
"Nnn mmm mmm!"
"All right," Lauren said, pulling off the tape and bandana.
"I need to pee!"
"You would!" Lauren responded as she removed all the leg bonds.
"Thanks," Janie said as she stood up.
"You're a pain."
"I try my best!" Janie smiled as her wrist and elbow bonds came off.
"You keep the harness."
"I just wanna go!"

When Janie returned, Lauren was waiting, but Janie was ready.

"Can you please tie my hands in front?"
"Now what?"
"I want to be able to text my friends still."
"Oh, OK..."

Janie was regagged with the same materials. Her legs were rebound as they were before. Lauren still tied Janie's wrists and elbows, but this time in front her along with a couple of ropes pinning her arms down at the elbows.

"Nnnkkk uu!"
"I am only doing this because you said, 'Please,' understood?"
"Mmm hmmm!"

Janie wriggled herself to be more comfortable. She could bend her arms at least, so she had some control. She could move the bedding if need be. She told her TUG friends all about what was happening. Several were quick to share their viewpoints; others weren't even awake at this point.

After some time of sharing laughs with her friends, Janie turned her phone off and went to sleep. Lauren on the top bunk was already almost asleep. Janie got herself tucked in somehow and got herself comfortable.

Janie only now realized how scared she was of the storm. The winds howled fiercly, and she could hear the occasional branch snap. All was dark from the shutters, adding to the dungeon-like atmosphere... but being bound and gagged didn't help that.

She was actually terrified. Ever since she was little, Janie had this total fear of hurricanes, but she never pinpointed it. Right now she had little else to do, so she went with her desire to just curl up and tremble. Janie didn't realize she was making noise until she heard her sister.

"Janie, you OK?"
"Mmm nnn nnnn!"
"Mmm sssscccccddd!"
"Even at almost 17 years old!"
"Mmm hmm!"
"All right...," Lauren said as she came down from her bunk.
"Know what? I'm a little scared too."
"Uuuu?" Janie asked, surprised. Lauren was only scared of cockroaches.
"Yes, I am scared of more than bugs! *shudder*"
"Yeah. Look, let's get some shuteye."

As silly as it was, having Lauren's confidence helped a lot, and Janie drifted off to sleep.

Sometime later, Janie awoke to the feel of her arms being manipulated. The ropes were coming off! Next, she felt her gag removed. Janie quickly pushed out the soaked bandana.

"Morning, squirt!"
"Hey, sis! What time is it?"
"You mean I slept all that time?"
"Yep! You went out in only a few moments!"
"You always have hated these storms!"
"And always will!"

They went downstairs after getting dressed. Janie put on her beige knee-length shorts, red tank top, and red sneakers with her hair back in a ponytail. Lauren had on her blue athletic shorts, a matching shirt, and a white headband. Downstairs, there were clear shudders, so at least some natural daylight was coming in. They wee surprised to find Trent there, but they couldn't say anything because Mom was there.

"Good morning!" Mom said cheerfully in spite of the lack of electricity.
"Good morning, Mom!" the sisters responded in kind.
"Where is the storm?" Trent asked.
"Almost gone! The worst has gone by us. A few more hours."
"I have friends I can ask," Lauren said, whipping out her phone.

While dry breakfast isn't the best, at least mini-wheats were good out-of-hand. Janie and Lauren munched on the clusters of shredded wheat.

"It might be a while."
"I just remembered Minnesota is on Central Time!"

That wasn't the only ill fate set to befall Lauren!
Around 10AM, the storm was gone. With the departure of the storm comes the aftermath: cleanup, medical aid, and other assistance on an as needed basis. Of course, hurricanes cause widespread panic, which means an increase in medical emergencies, which results in a need for Mr. and Mrs. Patterson to go into work.

The teenagers were tasked with the cleanup, but with three of them removing the shutters it went by quickly, as did the task of moving plant debris to the front to be picked up by yard waste. The pool had to be shock treated, but they could do that too after watching Dad do it enough times. It was only around noon when they finished. Trent pulled Janie aside on their way in.

"Got a plan?" he asked quietly.
"For what?"
"To get back after last night."
"Ohhhh... that."
"What are you two planning?!" came from another room.
"You already know, so here we come!" Trent yelled back. "Let's do this!"
"All right! Time for the fun!" Janie agreed.

The brother and sister didn't have to go far to find Lauren in the kitchen. She just shrugged her shoulders and let herself be captured. After the stunt she had pulled, she knew this was coming, but it was all in good fun so why be a spoil sport by fighting it?

It was a rather simple affair. Lauren was bound at the arms via a boxtie followed by a breast harness. Her ankles, knees, and thighs were bound before she was gagged with a black bandana and a strip of the microfoam tape. She was blindfolded with a blue bandana and hogtied.

Lauren let out an "mmph" of struggle as she tested her bonds. This was going to take some time, but she was confident she would get out of it soon enough. She went to work on her bonds. Being blindfolded made it as hard to see as a power outage in a shuttrred bedroom!

Overall, it was just a normal day home alone for the Patterson siblings.
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The Summer of Love - Trent Patterson, M.D.

Postby AlexUSA » Fri Oct 09, 2015 5:21 pm

Janie, Amanda, and Lauren were outside practicing one hot clear summer day. Trent was helping them by critiquing their form. It was all going fine until Lauren leaped to make a catch and landed awkwardly with a twist.

"Wha... Oh... OW!" she yelled as she went down.
"Lauren, are you all right?" Amanda asked as all three ran over.
"You OK?" Janie asked worryingly.
"Where does it hurt?" Trent asked, taking control.
"Right here," Lauren responded as she motioned to her knee.
"Not the front."
"OW! Yup, that's it!"
"That's your PCL. C'mon," he said as he helped Lauren up.
"What do we do?"
"Janie, go get an ice pack, a towel, and a wrap bandage. Amanda, get the door."
"Thanks, bro," Lauren said as she walked with her brother's support.
"I always am here for you girls!"
"Man, this hurts!"
"We'll take care of it."

They came into the living room. Trent helped Lauren sit on the couch with her leg up on the ottoman Amanda brought over. Janie brought the ice pack, and Trent wrapped the pack in the towel before wrapping it in the bandage around the injured area.

Trent had seen his sisters get injured many times over the year. It was the reason he was going to UCF; he wanted to eventually be in sports medicine. It was something he was passionate about, and his care for people strengthened this desire. Janie and Lauren knew they had someone to turn to whenever they got hurt.

In fact, Janie had a Trent remedy too. Two days before, she had fallen down hard while out running with Lauren; it was bad enough she had to go to the treatment center to get stitches, but Trent was now the one on charge of it. Trent had slowed the bleeding too for the trip over. Janie now had a thick bandage on her right forearm, fortunately not her preferred arm.

Trent enjoyed every minute of it in his own way. Much as he didn't like to see his siblings hurt, he enjoyed getting to be their home medical expert. Whenever something hurts, they can just "Trent it" without having to "Google it."

"What do we do now?" Lauren asked.
"Wait, of course."
"I know that, but what do we do in the meanwhile?"
"Whatever you like."
"Hand me that Wiimote. I am going to make the most of this."
"Here you go."
"It's Smash time!"
"Game on!" Janie responded.
"All right then!"

And thus the game was indeed on. This method of entertainment helped pass by vast quantities of time. Soon, the ice pack was a water pack, and Trent checked the swelling.

"Looks great!"
"It feels better too. I can at least walk know. Janie, my knee brace is in the upstairs bathroom."
"I'll get it."
"I'll help."

Once up there, Amanda turned aside into Janie and Lauren's room.

"What are you doing?"
"Getting stuff to thank Dr. Patterson with, like medical tape."
"OK, whatever," Janie replied with a smile.

Janie was familiar with Lauren's knee brace. It made frequent cameo appearances. Janie had to use it once as well. After some rummaging, she returned, brace in hand, and tossed it to Trent.

"Here you go!"
"All righty!"

He put the brace on carefully but skillfully, knowing exactly how to fit it for ideal effect. He smiled as Lauren stood up and took a few steps. However, Trent did not anticipate being grabbed from behind by Amanda!

Amanda stuck a piece of the microfoam tape over his mouth, but he was able to overpower her and escape. Nevertheless, he couldn't help but laugh at the irony of he, the medicine man, being gagged with medical tape.

However, the expected return of the Patterson parents precluded any further activities. Instead, Trent looked to his other patient.

"Time to clean that, squirt."
"Don't call me 'squirt.' It squirt enough the other night!"
"Oh, let's go," he said with a push.
"I'm going. I'm going!" she said pushing back.

They pushed each other back and forth all the way up the stairs. Amanda and Lauren laughed at them going up before Amanda left. Lauren felt like the luckiest person in the world: she had great parents and two great siblings.

Trent and Janie were happy to concur with such sentiments.
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The Summer of Love - One More Practice

Postby AlexUSA » Sat Oct 10, 2015 6:12 pm

It was going to soon be time for Lauren Patterson to drive back to Minnesota to start her junior year. This time, however, she would be bringing Janie, who had just acquired her driver's license, to start her freshman year. They would also be bringing one their Minnesota friends, Joyce, who was visiting family in nearby Ocala.

Janie put her [s]favorite[/s] red headband in her hair. She was wearing her red athletic shorts and matching red tanktop along with a white ponytail and red sneakers. This was going to be her last time practicing softball in Florida before she went to college! She was leaving in two days, and along the way she would celebrate her 17th birthday!

Janie and Lauren were finally going to college to "wreak havoc" together. This was very exciting. Tomorrow, Amanda, Ashley, and some other girls from the softball team would be having a "going away" party for Janie and the other newly graduated members who were going away to college.

Lauren entered the room in her black athletic shorts, white shirt, and black headband with her hair behind her in a white pony. She had her glove in hand and a grin on her face.

"Amanda's here; she is asking for Miss Slow-to-go."
"Tell her I'll be down in an hour," Janie replied with a grin as she headed toward the door.
"I don't wanna wait an hour!" Amanda said sticking her head in.
"Oh, get out of here!" Janie said as she gave Amanda a hug.
"I can't believe you're really leaving!"
"It's incredible, isn't it!"
"To think of all the fun we have had over the years."
"Particularly the trips on the bus to the state tournament!"
"Yes, especially those! Remember the time you texted a complaint about the coach to the wrong person?"
"The coach?"
"How about the time you texted me asking to share my cookies when we were sitting together?"
"I was also chatting with Lauren!"
"But Lauren was still here then."
"I was sitting right behind you two!"
"Which is why you gave a slap!"
"Hard to also forget the time you were caught talking to Kyle Mostowski!"
"He was cute!"
"And in a relationship!"
"I didn't know! At least I didn't go out with the guy who used to glue the erasers to the board!"
"He was fine besides the pranks!"
"I had to buy a new glove because of him!"
"OK, we all have our flaws! Now let's play ball! Get in the Jeep already so we can get to the park!"

Amanda had on pink athletic shorts and a black shirt. Like the other two, she had her glove ready plus her helmet because they were going to do batting practice. Lauren had her catching gear, and they all had their bats.

It was a relief to find an empty field to practice. While Lauren was the catcher, Amanda could also do it, so all of them could bat. All of them could pitch good enough for this even though Amanda was the only who pitched a game, and that because the team ran out!

The girls practiced every aspect they could... hitting, catching. fielding balls, and form. It was a sweaty and dirty time for all of them, and they were all covered in mud by the time they were back in the Jeep. Janie and Amanda had agreed in advance that it was time to have one last game, just the three of them.

As soon as they were in the door, Janie went upstairs to put her stuff away for the move. She grabbed all she needed for the game and went back down. Amanda and Lauren flopped on two chairs in the kitchen. Lauren sat back and closed her eyes.

Lauren was not ready for Janie come in with a rope around her elbows. Lauren let out a yelp as the ropes tightened and Amanda joined in on the act.

"Hey, what is this?"
"Old times' sake."
"Oh, ganging up on Lauren?"
"Of course," Amanda said as she thoroughly bound Lauren's legs to each leg of the chair.
"Why me though?"
"Because we're best friends!"
"But Trent is g-mph!" Lauren said as the sock went in.
"Trent isn't here!" Janie said as she tied a pink bandana over the sock.
"Hold still!"

Janie bound Lauren's arms into the chair frame. Along with Amanda's bindings, Lauren was completely bound twice: herself and to the chair. As that day 2 years+ prior, they brought the chair into the living room and blindfolded Lauren with a blue bandana.

"Doesn't she look great?" Janie asked.
"Yeah, I am sharing this moment with our TUG buddies!"
"Hmph!" Lauren laughed and shook her head.
"How about you, Janie?"
"What about me?"
"One hour each?"
"Come again?"
"One last TUG for just the two of us?"
"Sure! Flip a coin!"
"You lose!" Amanda said as she just grabbed Janie and tackled her.
"But there was no flip!"
"So?" Amanda asked as she tied Janie's wrists behind her along with a waist rope.
"That's cheating! You shoul-mph!" Janie got a sock of her own.
"This'll hold you for an hour," Amanda said as she took a purple bandana and tightly cleave gagged Janie.

Amanda tied Janie's elbows, ankles, knees, and thighs. She added a breast harness before hogtying Janie on the floor and blindfolding her with a red bandana.

"Mmph!" the siblings moaned in unison with little they could do to help themselves. They were comforted by knowing they would only be there an hour. In all, such thoughts made the hour crawl by.

After the hour, Amanda kept her word and released both girls. Of course, Amanda knew she would be next, but she didn't expect what Lauren did.

"Janie, we have these two rolls of duct tape to use up!"
"Oh, crap!" Amanda said with a grimace.
"C'mon!" Lauren said as they went upstairs. Lauren grabbed an old sheet.
"What now?"
"Lay it out flat!"
"OK!" Janie replied, and when it was ready, "Now what?"
"Lie here, Amanda," Lauren said pointing to an edge.

They wrapped Amanda up in the pale green sheet before wrapping her up in the duct tape, which they did thoroughly. This was so the tape wouldn't rip the skin on her arms and legs. Once this was done, Amanda got a sock and Janie's red blindfold in her mouth before the remaining tape was used on her face. They used Lauren's blue blindfold for the same on Amanda.

The sisters laughed at their prisoner. She was trapped in a cocoon of sorts. They picked her up and put her on Janie's bed to struggle for the hour.

"Who taught you that?"
"Of course!"

It was all coming to an end soon!
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The Summer of Love - Pool Party

Postby AlexUSA » Mon Oct 12, 2015 6:01 pm

"Thanks for having me over, girls!" Joyce said as put sunblock on herself.

Joyce had on a pink bikini bathing suit. Today was the pool party for app those going away to college, including Janie. Quite a few folks were there for the big sendoff.

"Mmmph!" was all Janie could muster.

Janie was tied at the knees, ankles, and thighs. Her hands were bound thoroughly to the rack in her closet. A sock and a yellow bandana covered by microfoam tape silenced her. She stood there in her dark green athletic shorts, a yellow t-shirt, and a dark green headband.

"Mmmph!" was Lauren's response as well.

Lauren was on Janie's bed, wrapped ankles to shoulders in several layers of plastic wrap. Underneath it all were pink athletic shorts and a black t-shirt to go with her pink ponytail. A sock and a white bandana shut her up nicely underneath the microfoam tape.

Janie had been betrayed. Janie recruited Joyce to help wrap up Lauren. When they were done, Joyce had turned on Janie. Janie was unprepared for that and was bound as a result.

"Here's a gift for you, Janie," Joyce said as she blindfolded Janie with an American flag bandana; she took a purple one said, "And one for you, Lauren."

"Mmmmph!" they both moaned.
"Don't worry. I'm sure someone will find you."
"See ya!"
"Sssssss!" Janie swore through her gag.
"Nneeee!" Lauren chided.

Lauren rolled around on the bed. The plastic wrap was thick and stifling. Eventually, she got the blindfold up and off her eyes. She could force her legs to bend a little, so she could stand. But standing doesn't help. She started to hop away, hoping to find Trent.

Lauren went out to the top of the staircase and sat down. She let out a gulp before wriggling herself over to what she thought was the top, which wasn't easy with no legs, but she knew her limitations well! She felt for what she thought was the edge and slid down. Man, did that hurt!

Suddenly, Lauren felt someone pick her up and lay her in their lap. The blindfold was slid up and into her hair. It was Amanda, in the awful Neapolitan ice cream bikini!

"Mmmphhh!" she moaned for help.
"Hold on," she said, pulling off the tape.
"They did this well," she added as she untied the bandana.
"Thanks!" Lauren said as she spat out the sock.
"Who did this to you?!"
"Joyce and Janie tied me up, and Janie is still upstairs because Joyce got her"
"I bet that slide down here hurt!"
"It hurt a ton! I smashed my skull on each step!"
"I'll get scissors."
"Drawer left of the stove!"
"Let's get this crap off of you!" Amanda said as she cut off the plastic.
"Let's get Janie!"

"Mmph!" Janie was yelling out when Lauren and Amanda entered. They quickly untied and ungagged her. They both took a moment to reflect.

"We just got beaten by a shrimp!"
"Time to get her back!"
"First, let's change."

Janie and Lauren put on their stars-and-stripes and navy blue swimsuits, respectively. They put on their sunscreen and sunglasses before heading out. They had the shades like Men in Black, only they were the Girls in Swimsuits.

Outside, Joyce had told all the other people that Janie and Lauren were just settling a disagreement over something, and that they weren't coming out until it was settled. It was a disagreement over whether Lauren should have been tied up, so it was onlying withholding part of the truth!

Janie and Lauren had a disagreement over whether grape or orange soda was better, but not now. They walked over to the pool where Joyce was laying on a raft. They looked down at her in disapproval, and Joyce let out a gulp.

"Settle it all?"
"Yeah, we made our minds up."
"Great, then join us!"
"No, you join us first. Come on!" Lauren said as they helped her off the raft.
"You wanna show me something?"
"Yes, the mess you made."
"All right!"
"We'll deal with that later, but for now let's party!"

And a pool party it was! There were games, chips, soda, and all sorts of fun things associated with parties. It was a fun time for people with their friends. And it was bittersweet with so many girls departing in the next few days. All present were trying to make the most of the opportunity.

After most everyone was gone except for Amanda and Ashley, Lauren and Janie grabbed ahold of Joyce.

"Whatcha want?"
"It's time."
"Let's go then," she said knowingly.

The three went up to the bedroom. Joyce knew it was coming before Janie handgagged her and Lauren bound her crossed wrists behind her, tying them more in the forearm. A knotted black bandana called Joyce's mouth home. A breast harness and waist rope clamped her arms down. A piece of microfoam tape went over her lips.

Janie and Lauren wanted Joyce to able to escape, so they were gentle with the bonds. Next, they took her sight away with a purple bandana. Joyce knew it would come to this.

"You're under arrest."
"Crashing a party."
"We'll see."
"Remember anything said can and will be used against you."
"Oh, just shut up, Joyce."

Half the fun was the acting that went into the games. Janie and Lauren were just naturally having fun with things and acting to make a scene, but the TU in the TUG was very real.

Janie and Lauren changed into their clothes again. Lauren added a black bandana headband to her garb and Janie green and yellow bandanas on her left and right wrists, respectively; both girls were anticipating the chaos to come.

Joyce was unhappy with this twist... she was being brought downstairs to where Amanda and Ashley were. Amanda laughed and Ashley let out a gasp when they saw Joyce. Lauren and Janie quickly bound Joyce's ankles and thighs before ball tying her from her chest to her knees on the couch.

Amanda and Ashley had both changed their clothes in the meanwhile. Amanda was clearly planning on a TUG because she was wearing her purple athletic shorts, a black tank top, a purple headband, a white ponytail, and purple bandanas on each of her wrists. Ashley had pale blue jean shorts and an orange t-shirt.

"What the f---?!?!??!?!?!??!"
"You seem surprised?"
"What the h--- did she do?"
"It's a game."
"Are these those crazy games you two have talked about before?!"
"Yeah, didn't you believe us?"
"No! I thought it was a joke!"
"You've seen the pictures."
"I need to process this."
"You ready?" Janie asked Amanda, observing the latter's dress.
"Sure. Bring it."

In no time at all, Amanda was bound like Joyce, but Amanda was on the floor. Ashley was mortified as she watched this. She finally spoke up.

"Amamda, are you nuts?!"
"Before you knock it, why don't you try it?"
"Some of us like a challenging game."
"Shut up, Amanda," Janie said as she tied a black bandana in Amanda's mouth.
"Mmmph!" she tested.
"And I think we'll skip the blindfold, but not the tape!" Lauren said as she taped Amanda's mouth.
"You both have 1 hour. Go!"
"Come on and try it. If you don't like it, we won't force you to play," Lauren encouraged. "Besides, Amanda and Trent will need a TUG buddy when we're gone!"
"OK," she gulped, "I will try it. You may tie my hands and gag me."
"As you wish."
"Come here, test dummy," Janie said to Lauren.
"All right."

Janie showed and explained the techniques to Ashley as she boxtied Lauren's arms. She added a breast harness before lotus tying Lauren's legs. Lauren sat there watching Ashley the whole time.

"See? Is that so bad?"
"Not really."
"You sure you want to do this?"
"Yes, I am sure."
"Shut up!" Janie said, gagging Lauren with a knotted black bandana and microfoam tape.

Janie tied Ashley's hands securely but not roughly. When the knots were cinched, she stopped.

"So far."
"Gag time," Janie said as she gently put a knotted green bandana in Ashley's mouth and tied it securely behind her. She gently applied the microfoam tape. "This is special tape that should not hurt you."
"Mmm ayyy. Eyyy! Iii nnnn lk!"
"No you can't."

Janie explained the rules and safety before giving Ashley the rest of the time to escape. Ashley accepted the challenge and went to work. Everyone was impressed with her speedy escape.

"Was that so bad?"
"No. It was fun. Can I practice some of this?"

For the remainder of the time, Janie showed Ashley how to do various ties, testing the ropes on each other. She explained gag safety, blindfolds, protection (like wrist protection, and keeping hair back), emergency protocol, and the right rope to use.

While Janie and Lauren would be going away soon, Amanda and Trent had a new friend to share their TUGs with.
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The Summer of Love - It's Time to Go

Postby AlexUSA » Tue Oct 13, 2015 5:33 pm

One of the difficulties the Patterson siblings had in hiding their TUGs from their parents was keeping everything safe and clean, particularly the gags. It would be fairly obvious something was amiss if a bunch of laundry that was not seen on anyone suddenly showed up. Except for the occasional wristbands for Janie or one of the them wearing one as a headband, bandanas were never seen on the girls. And where would the socks come from?

This meant a lot of laundry was done in the upstairs bathroom sink, as had been done the night before. This was not too troublesome because the Patterson parents rarely ventured up their because the siblings were responsible in keeping everything clean. For security, most of the laundry was just done before bed and left to dry. The towel racks and shower curtain rods could, depending on the level of recent activity, be covered in TUG laundry. Fortunately, the girls just shared their TUG stuff, so there was no "Lauren's" or "Janie's," but it was a lot when considering the materials one had bought versus the other and combining it.

"I can't believe you're really leaving," Trent said with a frown.
"I know; it's an amazing new page of the book!" Janie replied, not noticing his face.
"It's going to be weird around here."
"Trent... you're already missing me?"
"Well... yeah," he said blushing.
"I think that's sweet!" Janie said, giving her brother a big hug.
"You're still 'squirt' to me though!" he said returning the embrace.
"Yeah, Trent, I love you too."
"I couldn't ask for a better sister."
"Hey, I am awesome, too!" Lauren retorted.
"Not as awesome!"

Janie was fortunate she didn't have a lot of unnecessary junk, because it meant it only took a few small boxes to hold all her things, but then there was the laundry. Most of Janie's clothing consisted of small things: athletic shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, headbands, etc. But there lots of bulky things she needed to go into the winter besides the two pairs of jeans and single jacket she used for Orlando winters: sweatpants, winter hats, a scarf, winter jacket, snowboots, etc. Plus she had fit all the "extra" things, the TUG laundry.

Janie was good at packing things tight, but even she was surprised by the volume when it was all removed from its drawers and stuffed into one single place, but the bag was bursting at the seams, so it had to be spread into a suitcase and a medium-sized bag: the TUG laundry, tape, and ropes went into the bag, which Janie quickly passed off to Lauren to bring out to the Jeep before their parents arose. It was only 5AM, and they were leaving at 5:45. Everything else was already in the Jeep except for the two girls' suitcases.

"There! Got that sucker!" Janie said with satisfaction as she zipped up the now-less-stuffed suitcase.
"You spent a lot of time on that," Joyce remarked with a smirk.
"Let's bring these suitcases out."

The morning was fortunately dry as the girls stepped out. Lauren was obsessively rearranging things to get the tightest fit even though it was obvious space was not an issue. There were the boxes of personal belongings plus three bags in the car containing imperishable food and things to do along the way. They were all set now once the last two suitcases went in. Lauren shut the trunk.

"All set. Now we just need to say goodbye."
"I can see the light in your parents' room."
"And Trent is in the living room."
"It's time, sis."

They walked into the living room. Janie had on black shorts, a red tank top, and a red headband. Lauren had blue athletic shorts and a purple basketball-jersey style tank top. Joyce wore brown shorts, a pink shirt, and had her hair in a brown ponytail. The Patterson parents stood solemnly.

"Keith, it is hard to believe that she's already headed to college."
"I know... it seems like it was yesterday she was born."
"We're always your babies no matter where we are," Lauren said.
"Wait... I want a photo before we're all teary-eyed," Mom said.

The three siblings stood together for a couple of pictures, then Janie with just with Trent or Lauren, and then one of her solo. Lauren went through this two years prior. Janie started sobbing after the last photo and hugged both her parents.

Janie was awash in emotion. Right now, she didn't want to leave her parents or Trent. This was what she had known for her whole life, and now she had to leave it all behind. While updated over the years, this was the only house she had known.

"We love you, sweetie," her father whispered.
"I love you both, too!" Janie responded, giving both parents a hug and a kiss.
"All right, Janie. It's time to go," Lauren said before hugging both of her parents herself.
"Well, this is goodbye."
"No, it is 'until later,'" her mother admonished.
"All right," Janie said heading for the door.
"Hmmm?" she said turning back to her family.
"You're always welcome here even when you disappoint us."
"And you're always my sister," Trent said with a smile.
"And that just warms my heart," Janie replied with a thumbs-up and a smile.

Janie got into the backseat of Lauren's Jeep. Joyce stole shotgun on her without warning. Janie buckled in and looked toward the house as Lauren started the Jeep. Her parents and brother waved as they started to pull away. Janie lowered the window, hung herself out, and waved back.

"I love you!"
"Asta la vista, squirt!"
"How do you feel?" Lauren asked.
"Like crap," Janie said with a frown.
"Don't pout. It's OK to simmer there for a while. It's natural. It's love."
"And there is still love in this Jeep," Joyce reminded.
"Thanks, guys," Janie said, now feeling a little better.

They drove for about 10 minutes when Lauren pulled off.
"I forgot something," she said.
"What'd you forget?"
"My iPod."

Janie was surprised when Lauren tossed her hoody at her.

"I am about to blast the AC."
"Just do it," Lauren said with a smile.
"OK," Janie said, complying.
"For this!" Joyce said, holding a roll of duct tape.
"I thought you'd?"
"I found another!"
"Oh boy..."

Next thing Janie knew, her wrists were taped in front of her. More tape was wrapped around her ankles, and some more over her elbows at her waste. More was around her head. To cover the gag from motorists, Lauren tied a white bandana mask over Janie's mouth and pulled the hood of her coat up. She then put a window cover over both back windows. Lauren had the stuff in the backseat piled so that Janie could lean more inside.

"Be ready to drive in about 8-10 hours, so get some sleep."
"Mmph!" Janie replied with a thumbs up. It was still 30 minutes to sunrise.

Janie sat there playing with her phone. She checked FB, where she liked the photos her mother had already uploaded. It was a boring ride, so Janie went to sleep.

Janie woke up around 10AM and immediately went to work on her bonds. She'd had her fun for the time being. It was a rather simple escape. The iPod was an excuse because Lauren always had the iPod with her, but she needed a reason to go get her bondage supplies. She pulled the mask off her face and pulled the tape off. There was a trashbag in the back, so Janie stuffed the tape in it.

Lauren always brought a bag of bags to use as trashbags on these trips. Janie thought it was clever. She was also glad of the window coverings because they protected her from the sun. Janie nevertheless put on her sunglasses. They were now in Georgia.

"How was your nap?"
"A little forced."
"Feel rested?"
"It makes up for the early wake-up time."
"Glad it worked," Lauren said with a laugh.

Janie took off the hoody then tied the white bandana on her wrist. She looked around for food. There were sandwiches and drinks in the cooler, and there were all sorts of junk food back here. Janie helped herself to a bag of Doritos.

"Want something?" she asked.
"Potato chips!" both girls said.
"Do you know this song?" Lauren asked Joyce.
"Is it Bach? Mozart? Mendelssohn?"
"Mendenhall? No!"
"Then no. So nyah!"

This was going to be an interesting day.
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Re: The Summer of Love - It's Time to Go

Postby AlexUSA » Tue Oct 13, 2015 5:49 pm

Does anyone actually read this? I feel like I am talking to a wall.
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Re: The Summer of Love - It's Time to Go

Postby hafnermg » Tue Oct 13, 2015 7:50 pm

I know I'm plain but I didn't know I was that plain. Do I really look like a wall? *checks the mirror* lol

It was nice to see their love when it was time to move out. I especially like that her parents added the "even when you disappoint us" because I feel that is left out entirely too much when they are told they can always come back. I also like how in this story the parents don't know. In most big story lines like this the parents do know and participate, so it makes an interesting contrast.

Till next time!

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Re: The Summer of Love - It's Time to Go

Postby AlexUSA » Wed Oct 14, 2015 4:35 pm

hafnermg wrote:I especially like that her parents added the "even when you disappoint us" because I feel that is left out entirely too much when they are told they can always come back.

Well, I have some very controversial religious leanings in regards to some controversial issues (point blank, I have strong feelings about who is going to hell, including but not limited to both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders :P, but I know how to agree to disagree) but I still am welcoming to those I disagree with, even my siblings who have made some very [personally] upsetting choices. I still welcome communication with them even though I disagree with them, but I wish my folks felt the same.
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Re: The Summer of Love - It's Time to Go

Postby AlexUSA » Wed Oct 14, 2015 4:37 pm

And, now, back to our story...
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The Summer of Love - Go North, Young Girls!

Postby AlexUSA » Thu Oct 15, 2015 1:54 am

Lauren continued to drive northward. They had already stopped for gas once, but Lauren was going strong. It had been over 6 hours since they had left home. The girls talked and sang and, in general, had fun.

"What is it like being teammates?"
"It is a lot of fun, really!" Janie replied, "Especially since we look so much alike people have a hard time distinguishing us."
"I wouldn't have the same commitment I do without Janie there too."
"So it is just about being together with you two!"
"We're almost like twins," Lauren said with a grin.
"Except I mix my peas in my potatoes."
"And I don't leave water on the bathroom counter."
"Well I don't burn toast!"
"Well I don't text in class!"
"Girls, stop it!" Joyce shouted. "Really?!"
"But we..."
"Do I have to shut you two up the hard way?"
"No 'but's!"
"Only siblings who love each other could fight like that."

Janie was about to lean forward and say something, but she already had her share of tape. She checked her phone quickly before finding something to whine about.

"Lauren, can I drive after our next gas stop?"
"I'm going strong still."
"But I have gotten bored back here."
"Just cause there isn't hi-def TV doesn't make it boring!"
"I already texted all my friends."
"Every classmate, teammate, and TUGmate?"
"Not all of them..."
"Well then find someone else to text! I will say when I am tired! Don't forget I have done this trip alone 8 times!"
"All right."

Janie looked through her contacts. After a while, she found some people to bother. Janie tapped out the text and sent it. Just then there were two phone chirps in the Jeep. Lauren gave a glance back to Janie that said "it's you, right?" Janie smiled back. Joyce turned around to say something, but stopped. Janie just started laughing.

"What's so funny?"
"I hadn't texted Joyce or my sister yet!"
"I oughta!"
"Why you little!"
"Lunch, anyone!"

But they all got a good hard laugh out of it, which made driving difficult for Lauren when combined with eating a roast beef sub. They proceeded like this for a couple more hours when Lauren gave the wheel to Janie.

"Scare me and lose the wheel!" Lauren warned.
"Scare her fast, Janie!" Joyce said.
"Now, I am a good driver!"
"She does 30 in a 40 zone!"
"But we live! Watch me!"
"Now worries; you're fine. Joyce, take a nap because you'll be driving at night."
"Then I'll take the back."
"I'll never turn down shotgun!"
"Yeah, well I like these window covers. It stays dark and cool back here," Joyce said, reaching into the back.
"What are you getting?"
"You'll see later."
"And we're off!" Janie said.

After some time, Lauren wanted a snack. She turned around to grab some chips when she saw Joyce, sleeping, with a brown bandana tied over her eyes. Lauren shook her head.

"She's a different breed."
"Aren't they all?"
"What a beautiful sunset!"
"Yes, but we aren't quite in Ohio yet."
"We'll be there tomorrow though."
"If we drive through."
"IF? We are! I can't get a hotel!"

Janie had never been in some of these states before. Needless to say, some were better than others. Georgia and Tennessee had mountains, and now they were headed to the prairie of Illinois

Soon it was dark, and Janie had to get gas. She got out of the Jeep and filled her up. When she got back in, Lauren was putting a purple headband on her head.

"Keep on singing and stuff."
"I am going to sleep."
"I'll be alone then!"
"Yeah, so?"
"Who will keep me awake and safe?"
"Wake up Sleeping Beauty if you get nervous," she said, throwing the seat back and tying a purple bandana over her eyes.

Janie was now driving white-knuckled the whole way. She was positively terrified of falling asleep at the wheel. She slowed her pace, pinched herself regularly, and sang softly and off-key. Only the GPS kept her company. To keep awake, she drank Red Bull, which she normally never did because she was a Mountain Dew girl, but she wanted the more hardcore drug effect.

They had to drive as they did because Lauren wanted to get the drive done so that they would be recuperated before Janie had to move into her dorm. This would make that stage quick and easy, plus there were softball things that required Janie be moved in before the rest of the students. As far as Janie new, Jenny was going to be there getting the place ready for their arrival.

Around 10PM, her nerves got the best of her, and she woke up Joyce at a fuel stop. She shook Joyce quite roughly.

"What do you want?"
"I need company."
"Ugh, why?" Joyce said sleepily as she slid her blindfold up into her hair.
"I am afraid of falling asleep at the wheel!"
"Janie, quit being a wuss!"
"If you weren't my friend, I'd be PO'd, but I know you don't mean it like you said it."
"Look, I'll keep you company."

Janie and Joyce continued in silence. Joyce was trying to come up with ways of keeping Janie awake. After several minutes of silent thought, she had an idea.

"20 questions."
"How about we do 20 questions using things in your house?"

And thus they kept at until about 2AM, when it was time for more fuel. At this point, Janie turned the wheel over to Joyce and woke up Lauren.

"My turn to ride shotgun," she said with a grin, knowing she was being somewhat mean.
"You can be a...," Lauren trailed off.

Lauren got out of the Jeep and into the back seat and got herself buckled in without removing her blindfold. She kicked the seat back and immediately fell asleep. Janie leaned back enough to be comfortable, but she didn't plan to sleep just yet because she wanted to stay awake for Joyce. It was cold between the AC and outdoor temp (relative to Florida, so both of the Patterson girls were curled up with blankets. Joyce put the key in the ignition and took off with about 5 hours driving left ahead of her.

This was how they continued onward: Lauren curled up and sleeping, and Janie curled up and giving Joyce mind sifters. They talked about each other's lives and learned new, fun things about each other. Around 3AM, Lauren woke up and untied the bandana on her eyes; she gave Janie a tap on the shoulder.

"Go to sleep, sis. I'll take it from here."
"Thanks." Janie replied and went out like a light.
"You two sleep like rocks!"
"I know; it's good and bad. How did you two keep awake?"
"20 questions."
"I'll hit you up then, but I'll be mean and occasionally ask you to do some mental calculus!"
"You know I hate calculus!"
"Yes, I do! Mwahaahaha!"

Soon, the Jeep pulled up in front of the house in the shadows of the university. They had made it!
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The Summer of Love - Layover

Postby AlexUSA » Fri Oct 16, 2015 5:14 pm

The girls got out of the Jeep, sleepy as they were, and locked it without unloading. They hoped Jenny had followed through and left everything setup as they ask: pillows, blankets and sleeping bags for the 3 to divvy up.

They went inside quietly and tiptoed to the living room, where there were pillows on the couches with a pillow and sleeping bag on the floor. Janie and Joyce happily took the floor, and Lauren took the couch. Soon, they were all sleeping.

Around 7 AM, Joyce opened her eyes with a startle.

"Crap!" Jenny said softly as she dropped a bowl of cereal on the floor.
"Woogity woogity woogity," it rolled around.
"Ugh!" Joyce moaned. Janie and Lauren were still asleep.
"I'm sorry," Jenny replied with a frown.
"Those two are still out."
"They are logs sometimes."
"Well, might as well wake up."
"They don't normally sleep this late."
"But after driving straight through."
"You drove non-stop?!"
"Yeah, from their house to here!"
"G'morning," Johanna said as she came out.
"Shhhh!" both motioned.
"Hunh. Interesting. Ready to be sophomores?"
"No, I want to go to bed," Joyce said.
"Awww, poor baby," Jenny replied.
"I'll get your for that... later."
"Now that is being sophomores... whiny!"
"Hey, we aren't whiny."
"Now, how abot we give them a wakeup call, hmm?" Johanna asked.
"Maybe they'll awaken a little... stiff?"
"We can't tie them all the way up..."
"But we can at least give them a rude surprise."
"OK, then!"

It was a simple affair: they tied the girls' wrists together in front of them. While not exactly bound, it was enough that there would be small amounts of anger.

"How did you and Lauren wind up TUG buddies?" Jenny asked.
"Well, it's a bit of a story...," Johanna started.
===============================================Johanna's Story============================================

It started with a Saturday morning in November freshman year. I had just come out of the bathroom after taking a shower. Lauren was on the phone talking to someone.

Now, to make it clear, Lauren and I were roommates as freshmen. Afterward, we decided to move off-campus together because it was cheaper than the dorm, especially since we both had jobs, but mine was local and hers was a work-study.

I could tell whoever she was talking to was someone close to her. I'd heard her on the phone before, so I knew it was family or her new friend [Jenny]. She didn't know I was able to hear her. This was Brandon Hall, [which is like Rizzi but one person to a room instead of bunks. meaning it's more costly].

"Janie, it has been a while since I've had a good TUG. If I want one, I have to do it myself."

I paused when I heard this. I listened closer.

"I have all the stuff: rope, tape, gags, you name it. But no one to use it on."
"Well, this is a fun turn," I thought to myself and went into my room. I reached under my bed and pulled a box: my own TUG box, mostly used on my sorority sisters, as you both know all too well. I readied a few ropes and waited for her to get off the phone. I went out then.

"Hey, Lauren."
"Hi, Jo."
"Watcha up to today?"
"Not much. Hitting the gym and then coming back. Take a shower. Eat lunch. Maybe finish my homework."
"Sounds like my plans."
"You? In a gym! Ha!"
"Hey, I have places to go, too!"

We laughed and went our separate ways. I had plans for that 'something else' she mentioned. It was TUG time. Once she was gone, I got together all I needed for the game to come. To prepare myself, I decided to do as much of my own HW as I could while she was out.

It was about 11:30 when she came back from her workout. I listened for her to come out of the shower. While she was in there, I brought the shoebox out and put it out in the open for when we returned from the dining hall. She came out in beige shorts and a navy blue school t-shirt with her hair back in a bun. We said nothing, knowing we were both famished.

When we came back, she grabbed her books and sat down to do some HW. It was then I grabbed the box and sat down at the table across from her.

"What do you have there?"
"My boredom box. This is my box I grab for when I have a long stretch with nothing to do. I has stuff for hours of fun."
"Really, let me see!" she said leaning in.
"Not just yet!" I slammed it shut.

I peered into the box one last time. There were three bandanas, two 6-packs of white handkerchiefs, a roll of gray tape, and the strands of rope. It was all good, so I took the box and sat on the couch. Lauren, too curious, followed me and stood in front of me.

"Sit down on the floor if you want to find out my secrets."
"Sure," she complied, sitting on the floor cross-legged... Hook, line, and sinker.
"Here it is!"

I pulled out a piece of long red rope and held it out in front of her. I watched her eyes grow wide in amazement. She clearly was stunned by this turn of events. Then she figured it out.

"You heard me on the phone this morning?"
"Yup! I was surprised too!"
"Is this... a TUG box?"
"No, I plan to hang you; of course it's a TUG box, you neenerhead!"
"We both had TUG boxes and never knew!"
"Irony is a funny thing. So, are you game?"
"Well, yeah! Let's do it!"
"Who goes first?"
"Well, it's your discovery!"
"Do you do elbow ropes?"
"Go for it!"

I did not hesitate at all tying her hands and elbows behind her. I shook with excitement as I tied a harness over her. I left her cross-legged to tie her ankles together. I asked her to move a little.

"You have me here pretty firmly."
"Then open wide!" I said, wadding up a handkerchief.

I stuffed it in her mouth before folding another one into a band about an inch wide [shows with fingers]. I tied it behind her head nice and tight before wrapping tape around her head several times. I blindfolded her with a purple bandana. I looked at her in total satisfaction and took a picture of her to mark the occasion. I think I still have it in my phone...

She struggled there for 2 hours. She thought she was going to stand up at one point, forgetting how I'd tied her, and fell over on her side. I gave her some help up, but she didn't thank me! *laughs*

When I released Lauren, she went and got her own TUG box. I was amazed at how much she had, but then she explained about her siblings. I kept the agreement and let her tie me as she wished. She'd hogtie me like this [different picture from phone].

It was a tight hogtie. And underneath that scarf in my mouth was a sock, something I'd never had in my mouth before! Neither one of us was able to escape the other's handiwork!

When we were done, it was a new dimension to our friendship. This was before the TUGs of Tau Iota Epsilon, so we realized that we were the only TUG buddies we had. We already got along great. Maybe sometime I'll tell you the story of when we went out with the same guy...

"Look!" Jenny interrupted, pointing out signs of Janie and Lauren awakening.
"Wait here!" Johanna said.
"OK!" Joyce replied knowingly, but Jenny went to grab something
"Let's go," Johanna ordered, holding the TUG box.

The girls wadded up two handkerchiefs and folded two more into bands. They got rope all set. Jenny had four thick [men's] belts at the ready. Joyce and Johanna stood by Lauren and Jenny by Janie [all these 'J' names!!!]

As Lauren rolled onto her side, she opened her eyes and tried to stretch. Something... no rope... was holding her hands together. Lauren noticed the girls around her.

"Hey, wait minute!"
"Hold it!" Joycey said, picking up Lauren and stuffing a handkerchief in her mouth!
"Aaaammppphhhh!" she squealed.
"Lauren, what is the maaaaammmppphhh!" Janie tried to ask as Jenny jumped on her and clamped a hand over mouth and held her down.

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The Summer of Love - Day of TUGs

Postby AlexUSA » Sat Oct 17, 2015 6:06 pm

Janie and Lauren were caught by surprise. It was now that Janie noticed the ropes tightly cinching her hands together. She couldn't struggle against Jenny like this.

Janie watched helplessly as Joyce tied a wide handkerchief in Lauren's mouth. Johanna tied Lauren's ankles and thighs. Using their combined strength, they untied Lauren's wrists and redid them behind her back as well as her elbows. They belted her at the chest and waist before blindfolding her with the purple bandana she still was wearing from the night before. Finally, Lauren was hogtied on her stomach.

Now, all three combined to do the exact same to Janie: handkerchief stuffing and handkerchief cleave gag. She was bound the same way: thighs, ankles, wrists, elbows, belts, and hogtie. A brown bandana blindfolded Janie. Lastly, both girls got some duct tape wrapping their heads.

In a cruel twist, Jenny and Johanna grabbed Joyce! Joyce howled against this!

"I'm on your side."
"Who said there were sides? We're all teammates and enemies in this game!" Johanna reprimanded.
"Stomph!" Joyce protested as she too got a handkerchief in her mouth followed by a handkerchief cleave gag and duct tape.

Joyce was bound thoroughly: boxtied wrists, breast harness, waist rope, ankles, knees, thighs, feet, and ball tie. Jenny took out a pink bandana to blindfold Joyce. For the ball tie, they thoroughly wrapped her so that her knees were barely squeezing her chest.

There were now three girls tied in the living room. Jenny and Johanna decided to stop there and not attempt to overpower each other for the moment because that was all the rope Johanna had. It was a sight worthy of a picture! Jenny captioned it: "22 Hours to MN just for TUGs!"

Jenny also took a selfie of herself with Lauren, Janie, and Joyce. Janie was the "New friend arrives" picture. In the pictures, her pink athletic shorts, pink shoes, and lime green shirt with a bright pink headband and white ponytail stood out against the bound friends.

This was a bit of a surprise for Janie. For the others, it was business as usual. Janie was used to a more announced TUG. She was accepting of it though. She also knew she had to be ready for there to be many more over the next several years.

The worst part of a TUG is always the blindfold. With it, sight is lost. Without sight, one cannot see one's bindings and one's fellow captives. It is difficult to reach other for help. Joyce, right now, was thinking terrible thoughts about her friends.

Joyce tried to move around, but all she did was fall over on her side. She let out a long moan. This was a difficult one, to say the least. For once, defeat seemed certain.

Lauren was completely confounded. What time was it? How long will I be here? When's breakfast? How did I sleep so late? These and other thoughts flooded her mind so that she forgot about the TUG and just wanted to get it over with.

Lauren had not been bound like this before either. The belts were different but still restricting. She was certain she could get out of this! It was time to get out, if possible.

Jenny did not notice that Johanna had folded a white handkerchief behind her. Johanna tackled Jenny to the ground and wrapped the handkerchief around her wrists... once, twice, and enough to go through the middle twice! These were big hankies! Johanna stood up. She took two more of the handkerchiefs and bound Jenny's thighs and ankles.

"There, now I can safely take a shower."
"Johanna, you can let me go now."
"You'll be fine."
"Johanna, where are you going?"
"I said, to shower."
"You aren't just leaving me here like this, are you?" Jenny asked, hopping to follow Johanna.
"You'll be fine! Besides, I didn't gag you."
"C'mon! Let me go!"
"It's a foretaste of the revenge we'll get later, when we get tied much better than this!"
"Johanna, I'll get you for this!" Jenny shouted as Johanna shut the door in her face.

Jenny sat on the back of the couch, sort of sitting sort of standing, as Lauren dumped herself onto the floor to get closer to the others. This was interesting. They slowly began to release each other.

All four girls were still there when Johanna returned in beige short shorts, a magenta t-shirt, and white sneakers. She was and wasn't surprised. She was surprised Jenny was still there. She wasn't surprised that Janie and Joyce and Lauren all had huddled together to work on things, so why hadn't [s]Dopey[/s] Jenny?

"Having trouble, Jenny?"
"You know it!"
"Well, I have three hankies and one more bandana that can help."
"No, you dumph!" Jenny protested as she got the same gag her friends had.
"No, problem, Jenny!" Johanna said as she blindfolded her friend with a purple bandana.

Johanna laid Jenny on the floor and hogtied her with the final handkerchief. Now Jenny was bound in Johanna's favorite, although Johanna wouldn't want a blindfold. She liked the hankies because these particular ones were rather soft, as compared to rope. These were also good for gags because the large size made for a nice tight gag that was easy to remove.

Jenny should have counted herself lucky. She was hogties, yes, but she wasn't taped or belted or harnessed. But she was still feeling foolish, especially when she just stood and did nothing while Johanna showered.

Out of kindness, Johanna began making breakfast for Janie and Lauren. She put some bacon in the microwave, bread in the toaster, and eggs to fry. It was the least she could do before the inevitable bonding time she'd get later.

Her estimate was good as she watched Janie stand up and take the blindfold off. She took off the tape, untied her gag, marveled at its size, spat out the other, and untied her friends, who did the same. Once everyone else had showered, there would be a load of laundry to do!

"How has your day been?" Johanna asked.
"A bit rough," Lauren said with a smile.
"Could have been more rigid scheduling," Janie added.
"Amazing start!"
"Gmph!" Jenny protested.
"No one asked you!"
"Eat up!" Johanna said.
"Awesome!" Janie said happily.
"Thanks!" Lauren added.

Joyce sneaked off to the shower while the others sat around. Jenny had already taken hers. Joyce normally showered at night, but something precluded this. Turned out she had clothes in her "stuff-to-do" bag.

The sisters ate with relish. It was their first real meal since dinner the night before they left. At least they also had tomorrow to enjoy themselves. They leaned back when finished.

"Thanks, Jo, that was G-O-O-D."
"No problem."
"All right, Janie, let's unload my stuff and what you need for now!"
"C'mon, Joyce!"
"All right," she replied, her hair wet and frizzy. She had on a white blouse with some gray pattern in it and jean shorts along with sandals.

The girls brought in Janie's clothing, all of Lauren's stuff, Joyce's clotes, and, of course, the TUG stuff. They put it all out of the way. Jenny let out a moan at the commotion as the clock struck 11.

"Ready, Jo?" Lauren asked innocently.
"Your turn!"
"It has to come!"
"Ready for some fun?" Janie asked.
"Bring it on!"

Johanna got the works. She was bound wrist, elbow, harness, waist rope, knees, thighs, and ankles. They decided this was sufficient before putting a knotted black bandana in her mouth and a piece of microfoam tape on her mouth.

"This is how we do it in Florida."
"Janie, I think she likes it."

Johanna got herself off the ground and onto the couch. Lauren went to put her things away. Janie peaked inside a cabinet and saw video games. Yes! She thought they had some here.

"Joyce?" Janie asked.
"Yeah?" Joyce asked as she brushed out her hair.
"Want some fun?"
"In a minute!"

Johanna sat herself comfortable to watch the fun. It was all she could do at the moment. She knew Lauren was coming for her though. This microfoam tape wasn't so bad although it was very effective!

Meanwhile, Jenny wriggled on the carpet. She wanted to get out really bad, but couldn't yet. Finally, her hand was out. This was just a handkerchief; what were Jo's rope ties like. She stood up and untied md ungagged herself. She sat on the loveseat and looked at Jo thoughtfully.

She was thinking back to the TUGs she had gone through this summer... well, the four fun ones...
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The Summer of Love - Catfight (part 1)

Postby AlexUSA » Sun Oct 18, 2015 5:10 pm

Nichole picked her head up and rearranged her wavy black hair. She had just put on a navy blue bandana headband. She slid the headband into its position, about an inch above her hair line. The headband complimented her navy blue shorts and white t-shirt that had some sort of picture on it. Life was great back home as she was in her first summer break of college. She grabbed her bag and began the walk to Joy's house.

Along the way, she thought about the events that might happen. Joy's parents were away for a few days, so just Joy and Zoe were home. Nichole was glad to be away. She had two younger brothers at home, plus an older brother and an older sister. The house got too loud at times.

Of her friends, Nichole was the only one taking summer classes. In fact, her bag contained her computer and her class materials. It also held a whole heaping of rope, bandanas, and tape. This was going to be an interesting day indeed. Joy was practically waiting when Nichole arrived; Joy was wearing jeans, a pink blouse, and her hair was back in a ponytail.

"Get in here!"
"What's the rush?"
"I have something to show you!"

Joy led Nichole to the kitchen. On the counter were cookies. Chocolate chip cookies!

"Yes, I will have one!" Nichole said, grabbing one and quickly taking a bite.
"How is it?"
"I made those with tofu..."
"PFffffttt! WHAT!!!!"
"Just kidding! Gotcha!"
"Hi!" Jenny said, sticking her head into the kitchen.
"How did you get in here?"
"I opened the door."
"Well, that works."

Jenny walked into the kitchen. She was wearing those ugly pink sneakers, jean shorts, a brown tank top, and her hair was back in a pony. She had her backpack with her, which meant there was only one thing inside... but there was something clearly bothering her. Her mannerisms were the same, but there was a twinkle missing from her eye.

"Jenny, what's the matter?"
"Don't hide it from us."
"Well, it's... I'm not ready to talk at the moment."
"It's with your boyfriend, isn't it?"
"Yeah, we're just...," Jenny looked at Nichole, "Forget it."
"Jenny, we're all friends here," Nichole started.
"Different levels of friendship have different..."
"What?! What do you mean by 'different levels of friendship?'"
"You don't share things with people equally!"
"I've known you since we were in kindergarten! What do you mean our friendship isn't on that level?!"
"Nichole, number of years is irrelevant! If I choose to be closer friends with someone else, deal with it."
"You're telling me you've been my friend for 14 years, yet your 4 year friend is a better friend than I am?!"
"Friendship is more than that; Joy and I have a deeper relationship built on other qualities; you're not the friend she is."
"You know the f*** right it's more than that! It's giving, sharing, loving... and I've apparently been a fool on two of those!" Nichole added, now in a frenzy.
"Nichole, I do care about you; we just share different things."
"What's so different that you can't share a little boy trouble?! Nothing except you always hide things from me!"
"Nichole, just because I choose not to share things doesn't mean I am hiding them from you!" Jenny said firmly.
"Everything I know, she knows beforehand! You always prefer Joy over me! Birthday party? Joy's invited first. Boyfriend? Joy knows first. Have a problem. F***ing Joy knows first!!!"
"You're jealous of my friendship with her? There's no reas--" Joy interjected.
"I'm not jealous of you, b****!" Nichole said, slapping Joy on her left cheek.
"NICHOLE!!" Jenny cried out.
"What on earth are you three doing?!" came from Zoe upstairs.a
"Get out of here, now," Joy said quietly but firmly, holding her cheek.
"Joy...," Nichole said quietly, realizing what she had done.
"Get out. If you want to stay, go find my sister and tell her what has happened."
"Joy, I'm..."

Nichole left the room. Joy stood there and just started weeping. Jenny came over and tried to help.

"Joy, are you OK?"
"Go away; it's as much your fault as hers!"
"Who are you?"

Joy quietly walked down the hall to her bedroom and locked the door behind her.

"Joy? Joy, I'm sorry... please answer me," Jenny plead, weeping now, too.

Joy said nothing. She sat on her bed in silence. Never before in her life had she felt such aching pain. What had happened? Why were they fighting over something so silly? What was between Jenny and Nichole?

They all had their differences, but never before had they been so insulting before. Joy did things with Nichole that Jenny wouldn't do, and Jenny and Nichole did things without Jenny. There had been disagreements before, but not like this. Joy just buried her face in her hands and wept.

Jenny sat in the living room processing the events. What kind of monster was Nichole after all? That creep had attacked her best friend. No one like that was a friend. Jenny was only concerned that she may have said things that hurt Joy.

Nichole went into Zoe's room.

"Hey, Zoe?" she asked trembling.
"Nichole, what happened down there?"
"Jenny and I had a fight."
"I heard."
"And Joy tried to stop us."
"And I-I... I..."
"And you what? TELL ME!" Zoe asked trying to contain herself.
"I sl-slapped her," Nichole said, reenacting it slowly.
"You slapped my sister?!"
"I'm sorry, Zoe."
"I can tell your sorry; otherwise, I'd be ignoring youe apology and throwing you down the stairs."
"Joy is downstairs crying somewhere."
"I'd better go see her."

Zoe went downstairs. She walked by Jenny, glared, and said nothing. She went to Joy's room and knocked on the door.

"I told you to go away!"
"Joy, it's me!"
"Hold on."
"Joy, let me in."
"Come on," Joy said, opening the door and shutting it behind her.
"Joy, what happened?"
"We were talking... Jenny was having boy troubles... she didn't want to say it in front of Nichole. Nichole wanted why Jenny wouldn't share it with her. Jenny said something that was a bit rude, and Nichole blew a fuse. They fought, and when I tried to stop them Nichole slapped me," Joy explained in a broken voice.
"Come here. It's going to be all right," Zoe said, hugging her sister.
"Will it? What if the three of us never are friends again?"
"Don't worry. Zoe is in control."

Zoe was eyeing Joy's nightstand drawern
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The Summer of Love - Catfight (part 2)

Postby AlexUSA » Mon Oct 19, 2015 5:04 pm

Zoe walked out of Joy's room, shutting the door behind her. She walked down the hallway, a plan in her mind. She ignored Jenny as she walked by. This was either going to work or ruin everything. Zoe entered her bedroom and looked at Nichole.

"Who started this?"
"Jenny did. She was the one hiding things from me!"
"Nichole, you are in this house; I am in charge; I ask you to cooperate or leave."
"Stand up. Hands behind your back."
"Zoe what are you doing?" Nichole asked, willing to do anything to save her friendships at this point.
"Making things right."
"What are... *click*... those are handcuffs! Hey, now."
"Cooperate!" Zoe said sternly as she folded a gray bandana and grabbed a sock.
"Yes, Zoe," Nichole said as she accepted the sock and cleave gag.

Zoe tied a breast harness on Nichole. She grabbed about 5-6 rope coils, a brown bandana, and a sock. She took Nichole by the arm and led her downstairs.

"Hmmph! Unn aakk eee aaaaiiirrrrr!"
"Oohhhhhh! Uuggghhhhhh!"
"Stay here and be quiet," Zoe whispered, seating Nichole on the stairs.

Jenny's eyes grew wide when she saw Zoe enter with the materials. Zoe was infuriated.

"Who started this mess?"
"Nichole did. She was trying to ask questions about my private life."
"You want to fix things with Joy?"
"Cooperate with me then. Stand up, hands behind your back!"
"Ok...," Jenny said knowing what was coming.

Zoe handcuffed Jenny and tied a breast harness. She gagged her captive with the sock and bandana. Zoe sat Jenny on the couch crosslegged and tied her ankles.

"Keep you from running off!"
"Oh Ay," she said understanding, but fearful.

Zoe went back behind the staircase and retrieved Nichole. Both girls got infuriated as soon as they saw each other. They started yelling at each other through their gags. Zoe led Nichole over to the couch, sat her down, and lotus tied her too!

"Nichole, one mistake, and I'll give you the works!"
"Mmmph!" she froze in fright, knowing Zoe was serious.

Zoe then pulled her trump card. She removed one of Nichole's wrists from the cuffs. She then recuffed Nichole's arms so that they were interlocked with Jenny's! Both girls started screaming. Zoe was certai. they were swearing underneath those gags.

Zoe then used rope to bind their torsos together thoroughly, using both strands. She then gave them her instructions.

"Until you two can behave, apologize to each other, and apologize to Joy... GENUINELY AS I DECIDE WHAT IS 'GENUINE,'... you can stay like that! And it is only 11:30! So you have 11 hours you can be there wetting yourselves when you need to pee until you grow up! I'll be back in an hour!"

Zoe went to Joy. She explained all she had done to Joy as Joy was the one hqurt most by all this. Joy took a little comfort in hope that it worked.

"Maybe it'll make them think hard about it."
"It'd better! What they did was awful!"
"Do you think it'll work?"
"Look... until they can face each other, they can't face you."
"This is true."
"Go with it. Just stay away from them."

Zoe walked by her prisoners.

"Remember: 1 hour!!!"

Nichole sat there thinking. She had really been overly offensive. She had been thinking of her own interests and wanting to hear secrets instead of being a friend. She was jealous, but it was true: there were things that Jenny or Joy knew that the other didn't.

Jenny was thinking about her selfishness. She really didn't want to share anything with the girl who was the sister she never had? And she had treated her friendship with Joy like it was a prized possession that must be protected from anyone, even a sister, at all costs.

Both girls separately started moaning and getting teary eyed. They had been so rotten to each other. And they had both objectified Joy in all this. Their own selfishness had gotten the best of them!

Zoe was a little surprised to see this change of heart so soon. Both girls were just sitting there blubbering into their gags. It was touching in its own way. She retrieved Joy and brought her into the living room. Zoe walked over and ungagged them.

"Jenny, I'm sorry for being a douche earlier."
"Well, I'm sorry for excluding you from so much. I said a lot of mean things earlier. Forgive me?"
"I do forgive you!"
"I forgive you too!"
"Joy," Nichole started, "We're both sorry for how we treated you like a Barbie doll earlier. And I'm so sorry I hit you!"
"I forgive you both."
"That's it?"
"Well, if you insist, you can both stay there another hour as penance!"
"OK!" Jenny replied with no objection.
"Then shut up!" the sisters said as they regagged the girls.

Now it was just a fun TUG. This was a bit different too. Their hands being interlocked and cuffed was different, especially with the lotus tie. It was all fun now though, so they just worked with it. Perhaps they imagined themselves as kidnapped by the cartoon villain IronHands and that McGeiger had to save them. Who knows?
All Joy liked was that they were quiet as she sat on the recliner playing Minesweeper on her laptop. She knew she was getting tied up later for sure! Jenny and Nichole were a little helpless though because of the handcuffs, but they continued talking to each best as they could as they watched Zoe play a video game. After some time, Zoe got up and unlocked the cuffs.

"Freedom!" Nichole exclaimed as she removed her gag.
"Ditto!" Jenny added.
"Let's get out of this!"

The girls quickly got out of their bonds. When they were finished, Nichole and Jenny grabbed their bags. It was now time to play the game THEIR way. They went into the bathroom. There, Jenny grabbed two brown bandanas from her bag; she tied one on her head as a kerchief and the other as a mask. Nichole tied a navy blue mask over her face. They grabbed coils of rope, more of the scarves, and tape. The Cool Girls' Club had returned!

"Who's first?" Jenny asked in a threatening voice.
"Pick me!" Joy said in earnest
"Come here then!" Nichole commanded. Joy stood in front of them.
"Turn around; hands behind your back!"
"Get real!" she defied.
"Then we'll make you," Jenny said, grabbing Joy and spinning her around.
"You ca--*click*," Joy stopped, "Those... were... the..."
"You're handcuffed!" Jenny said, pulling her mask down a moment to show her grin.
"Oh... crud..."
"Sit down!" Nichole ordered.

Joy sat on the computer chair. They tied her knees and highs, and cuffed her ankles, with a rope running from her ankles to the hydraulic pump center post. Her ankles were tied and ropes ran above and below her breasts and around her waist. Another rope ran from the cuffs on her wrists to the chair post as well.

"Open your mouth!" Nichole ordered.
"No!" Joy responded as she clamped her lips shut.
"Open your mouth!" this time Nichole grabbed Joy's nose.
"Incoming!" Jenny said as she stuffed a sock in Joy's mouth. They cleave gagged her with a bright orange bandana before putting tape strips over it.
"That'll hold you tight while we rob you!" Nichole said.
"Umph! Nnnn! Hhmmmmpphhhh! Pppppp!"
"Oh, shut up and enjoy it. You asked for it... Literally!"

Nichole and Jenny did he true Cool Girls' Club fashion of taking selfies with the victim and filming a video of it. Joy was happy for one thing: she wasn"t blindfolded.

"What do we do now?" Jenny asked as she lowered her mask and began unknotting it.
"I have HW to do," Nichole said, lowering hers too.
"Well, I am going to sit here with Zoe...," she continued, wrapping the bandana around her wrist.
"Then just do it."
"Yeah, Jenny, shut up and join me!"

Nichole pulled out her laptop and turned it on. She grabbed Joy and wheeled her over to the couch. As she sat there doing HW, she would occasionally reach out and give Joy a little tickle.

Jenny and Zoe sat there for a while. Finally, they'd had enough, and Zoe went back upstairs. Jenny took the bandana off her wrist and tied it over her face again.

"We have one more thing to do."
"About time."

They went upstairs to find Zoe. Zoe was standing in the doorway waiting.

"What took so long?" she asked with a grin.
"Well, she is making it easy too!"

Zoe was brought downstairs where she was boxtied. They added a breast harness and waist rope before tying her knees, thighs, and ankles. They finished off by balltying her before the sock and white bandana went into her mouth to be hidden by red duct tape.

"What'd they say?"
"Beats me."

They did their traditional photo shoot before Jenny took off her mask nd blindfolded Zoe. Nichole followed suit on Joy. Joy was so happy until this point to have been blindfolded.

Jenny and Nichole sat down together. They looked at each other and shared a large hug and a laugh. Through their biggest fight, love had saved their friendship.
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Re: The Summer of Love - Sisters Rule: Catfight (part 2)

Postby AlexUSA » Mon Oct 19, 2015 5:14 pm

Everyone ok with this sidetracking?
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The Summer of Love - Paint Party

Postby AlexUSA » Tue Oct 20, 2015 5:45 pm

"Mmm... red, brown, pink... I choose this one," Jenny said as she picked through her drawer

She walked into the bathroom and used the mirror to help her as she tied a red kerchief bandana in her hair. It complemented the brown tank top and jean shorts she was wearing. She had on old black sneakers from years past. Her hair was back in a pony tail. She looked in the mirror, put her hands on her hips, and smiled.

"Good choice!"

There were four colors that defined Jenny: camouflage, red, brown, and pink. She almost always had one of those on, as she did now. In her backpack, she always had bandanas in these colors so that she'd look "perfect" if a TUG arose and her TUG bag wasn't around. Now Jenny wasn't opposed to other colors; there were photos of her wearing clothing navy blue (albeit school colors), black, white, purple, and every other under the sun at some point. But she was loyal to certain ones. Jenny was a fashion snob in her own way.

Jenny's parents had also gone away for a weekend, and she volunteered to paint the living room for them while they were away. Her parents had purchased the supplies and left Jenny to her own devices. Jenny decided to have her friends over for a painting party.

Jenny had everything ready: blue painters tape, rollers, brushes, tarps, furniture covers, fans, open windows, music, and sandwiches for lunch already made. Jenny was glad it was a nice mild day so that she could open the windows and let the breeze through; days like this were hard to come by in June.

Of course, Jenny had her TUG supplies ready. She knew it would come to that. Parties for them always did, and this one would be no different. In fact, they'd had painting party TUGs before!

Nichole looked in the window and saw Jenny's meticulous inventory. Nichole was wearing jean shorts as well with a pink t-shirt and old white and blue sneakers. She also had a black baseball hat backwards on her head and a white headband in her hair beneath it.

"Hiya, Jenny!" Nichole said as she let herself in the open door.
"Hey, Nichole! How've you been?"
"Great! Just had a test yesterday."
"How'd it go?"
"It was easy. I did it in 30 minutes!"
"In a 2 hour class?"
"Yes, I know!"
"Your classmates must hate you!"
"I don't care. I don't know any of them!"
"Keep pushing; you'll ace this!"
"I like the class a lot."
"Well, that's good! I would have done that, but I can't afford it."
"I had to save hard for mine; my parents can't afford to paint the house like yours can!"
"Don't be saddening!"
"I try not to."

Nichole can also be defined by three colors: shades of blue, white, and black. It is appropriate too because she always looks at things as black and white, but most of the time she is chill. At times, she is a playful bright blue; others she is an icy pale blue; but most of the time she is a practical navy blue.

Nichole felt that it was appropriate because it was the story of her life. She came from a poor but tight-knit family. Unlike Jenny and Joy, Nichole didn't hide the TUGs, but no one else cared and her brothers picked on her endlessly for this and other perceived flaws. Her family, though, was critical, and Nichole was always made to feel inadequate. She was almost always at Jenny's or Joy's house.

"Don't have fun without me!" Joy shouted through the screen door.
"Hey, Joy."
"May I come in?"
"Is it necessary to ask?"
"Just checking," she responded as she walked in.

Joy walked into the house. Her outfit consisted of purple athletic shorts, an orange tank top, and a purple wrist bandana with her hair back in a pony tail. She had yellow flip flops on her feet. She was carrying a brown paper bag.

"Joy! I said I had lunch covered!"
"Who said this was lunch?"

Joy, unlike the rest of her friends, was not defined by any particular colors. She wore as she please so long as it matched. She had her favorites, but she could be wearing anything on any given day.

"Now that Joy's here, we can get to work!"
"Hold on!" Joy said as ahe was turning her wristband into a kerchief.
"Where should we start?"
"Let's start by getting the couches moved over to the other side so that we can paint those two walls."
"Plans are always good!"
"You two can tape the windows and ceiling!" Nichole volunteered.
"I have acrophobia!"

The girls laid tarps out, covered the furniture with old sheets, tape the trims and ceiling, and began painting. Three people working together to reach a common goal can hasten a process, depending on the process. For these girls, it was an advantage as the two walls were finished in about an hour.

Jenny grabbed the sandwiches from the fridge, and they all sat down at the table to eat. While they ate, they talked and laughed about things. One thing was for certain: there wasn't much they didn't already know! It was like a younger version of the Golden Girls. They laugh, eat, cry, eat, work, and eat together; every time you turn around, they're eating. It was the moments like this that got them through the summer, especially with one girl who has a shaky home life and another who is an only child. You eventually acquire new siblings.

"What's in the bag, Joy?"
"It's dessert. For when we're done! I made it myself!"
"You're going to get fat some day!"
"Why?!" Joy asked, offended.
"You bake too much!"
"I do not!"
"Do too!" the typical bantering.

The girls went back and finished the room. By the time walls 3 & 4 were done, walls 1 & 2 were dry. They pushed all that furniture back to the wall. This extra process extened the time needed to paint the walls.

As they painted, the girls inevitably got splutted. Their faces a splotch or two as did their arms and shirts. They were pretty sloppy, but the rest went on the wall or the tarps. Nichole got a big splat on her head.

"Good thing I am wearing a hat!"

Nichole was the first one to think about food.

"Time to eat!"
"And I am the one who will get fat?" Joy asked.
"Don't push it," Jenny advised.
"What is it?"
"Pie, of course!"
"What kind?" Jenny pushed as Joy reached into the bag.
"Key lime!"
"Perfect for summer!"

Afterward, the girls were lounging around on what furniture they could. Jenny and Joy were sitting and talking. Nichole was dozing off until she was sound asleep on the couch on her stomach.

"Get the rope," Joy whispered.
"I will."

Jenny walked away from a moment and returned with a tote bag. She pulled a rope, a sock, and a yellow bandana out of the bag. She handed the rope to Joy. They walked over quietly to the sleeping girl, unbeknownst to her.

Joy stealthily pulled Nichole's wrists together and looped the rope around. She tied it nice and tight. As she knotted it, Nichole awoke.

"Hmm... wha?" she muttered. She moved her arms.
"Heyyyyy, nooowwww..."
"Hey, Nichole," Jenny said, "Pinch her."
"Ok," Joy said as she sat on Nichole's legs, pulled her head up, and pinched her nose.
"This isn't fai--mmmpphh!" she cried out as the sock and yellow bandana silenced her.

It was the basic: elbows, breast harness, thighs, knees, and ankles, plus a couple tape strips over her mouth. Nichole was nicely restricted to herself, but she at.least wriggle.

"Joy, it's my house."
"It is."
"It's time."
"Not yet."
"Let's get it over with. Besides, if we fight, we know I'll win!"
"OK... you got me there."
"Hands behind your back!"

Jenny bound Joy identically to Nichole, the only difference being that Joy had a black bandana in her mouth. Jenny reached into her bag, grabbed a red bandana, and tied it around her neck. She sat her victims on the couch together and filmed them for a couple of minutes. She then sat down with them.

"Selfie time!" she said as took a couple. She then masked herself for a couple more before taking it off and tying it around her right wrist.

Jenny held each of her friends in her arms and squeezed them tight.

"You know something? I have two incredible sisters. You give me all the sibling love I never had."
"Mmph!" both squirmed in embarrassment.
"No, really. You're as much my family as my parents, and I can't that from anyone else I know."
"Mmph!" Nichole managed to get her gag off as she spat out a wet sock. "We love you, too, Jenny!"
"Now let us go!" Joy added.
"My turn?"
"Give us an hour."
"An hour? Then let's have fun. Come to the kitchen."

She led her victims to the kitchen. It took a while to hop there, but it was doable. She had them both stand.

"You know where my room is?"
"Yes. It is down the end of the hall."
"Right. First one to get there gets freed and gets to be my captor. On your mark... set... GO!"

Both girls set off to down the hall. This was REALLY hard. Joy guaranteed defeat when she fell down. She tried to trip Nichole but missed.

"Too bad, Joy!" Jenny said as she regagged Joy as before, taping her with thorough wrapping instead.

Jenny took out a brown bandana and tied it on her other wrist for padding. She brought her bag with her and freed Nichole.

"I win?"

Jenny was pretty much bound with the same ropes as Nichole had been. She made both of them lie on Jenny's bed. Nichole then hogtied both girls.

"Nichole, what are you planning?"
"Right, forgot to gag you!" she said as she knotted a camouflage bandana and gagged Jenny.

Nichole wrapped Jenny's face in red tape. She grabbed a camouflage bandana and blindfolded Jenny before using a navy blue one on Joy. Nicole then had her own selfies and video shoots.

"You're right Jenny. Only sisters could share this! Best painting party ever!!!"
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The Summer of Love - Absolute Domination (part 1)

Postby AlexUSA » Wed Oct 21, 2015 5:46 pm

"Joy, are you here?" Nichole asked.
"Joy's in the basement looking for something!" Zoe shouted from upstairs.

Nichole stepped into the house. It was a slightly nippy morning, as evinced by her pale blue sweat pants and the matching hoody she was wearing over her black t-shirt. In Nichole fashion, she had a navy blue headband. Nichole hadn't quite gotten to the basement yet when she was tackled to the ground. Nichole didn't even have a chance to see her captor as a sock and pale blue bandana found a home in her mouth as well as blue duct tape wrapped around her before a pillow case was tossed over her head. There is fright, and there's terror: this was terror.

Nichole's wrists were handcuffed behind her back. Nichole felt a push indicating to walk, so she complied. She knew it was Joy's room when she was pushed onto a bed. Her elbows were bound thoroughly and a breast harness and waist rope were added. More ropes tied her knees, ankles, and thighs. She was picked up and shoved into a chair to which she was thoroughly fasted at the shoulders, chest, waist, thighs, knees, and ankles.

The pillow case was pulled down thoroughly, and a brown bandana was tied around her neck just tight enough to hold the pillowcase on. Nichole relaxed a little. She had no clue who it was doing this, but it had to be Joy, Zoe, or Jenny.

Joy was in a happy mood today, so she had put on a ankle-length pink skirt and a white blouse. Her hair was held back by a whitehand and a brown ponytail. Brown sandals were on her feet. But her mood had turned dour.

"Gmph!" she cried out softly, but as loud as she could.

A black pillowcase blindfolded her and a matching black bandana held a sock in her mouth underneath several layers of tape wrapped around her face. The pillowcase was secured by a pink bandana. She was handcuffed and bound at the elbows. She had a breast harness holding her arms. Rope bound her knees, thighs, and ankles. She was sitting in a hard wooden chair.

Joy heard the basement door open and shut before her captor walked down the stairs. Joy was angry because the basement was unfinished. She feared spider's and other bugs would find her.

Joy was picked up and forced to move. Her captor gave her a light kick indicating to move. Joy hopped hesitantly. She was terrified when she realized she was hopping up the stairs.

"Gmph!" she started, but a jerk of her bonds stopped that.

Jenny was ready if need be. She was still dressed for summer on this unusually cold day. She wore her pink sneakers and pink athletic shorts, a red tanktop, a brown hoody jacket that was unzipped, and a camouflage kerchief bandana. Remember Jenny and her colors? Camouflage was for bad--- mode.

Jenny was determined to succeed on this. Zoe had promised her $30 to "keep them out" so that she could have some of her local friends over while their parents were still on that trip. Jenny was willing to do it.

She led Joy up the stairs and into the bedroom. Nichole had reached the quitting point and was just sitting there. Then again she could have been struggling given how securely she was fastened. Jenny made Joy lie down on the bed. She took the second pair of handcuffs and connected between Joy's wrist cuffs and leg bonds.

Jenny undid the knot on the bandana holding the pillowcase around Joy's neck and then Nichole's. She wrapped the scarves around her wrists. She dragged Nichole's chair over and pulled them off simultaneously. Jenny took her coat and tied it around her waist.

"Uuuuu!" they both cried out.
"Yup, it's me. Weight lifting strength helped me nab you both."
"Didn't think I was here, right? Well, I was!"
"Time for my $30!" she said, filming and photographing her captives.
"Mmph!" they yelled angrily at having been sold.
"Sent! I'm going upstairs!"
"Good job!" Zoe said as Jenny entered.
"No problem. I had fun doing it!"
"Here's $30!"
"Thanks. Anytime!"
"I'll keep you in mind!"

Jenny went back to her captives. She waved the $30 in front of them before putting it away. She had never been this smug before. Jenny was surprised to see Zoe there.

"I have never seen your ego like this before!"
"What do you mean?"
"You are insufferably pleased with yourself over that $30!"
"I am not! I am having fun with the game!"
"Well, this is ending!" Zoe grabbed Jenny.
"Hey! Leave me alone!"
"This is ending here!"
"Put me down!"
"I am putting you down, Missy!"
"Zoe, stop this!" she yelled as he hands got tied behind her.
"I am going to when I am finished!" Zoe said as she worked up Jenny's legs, binding her ankles, knees, and thighs with brown, camouflage, and pink bandanas, respectively.
"Zoe, stop! I did nothing wrong!"
"You rubbed it in what you did! No one needed to know but us!"
"Zoe, I'm sorry for that. Just let me go!"
"Too late!" Zoe said as she reached into Jenny's bag and grabbed a red bandana.
"Don't dooomph!" she moaned as a knotted scarf gagged her. She got her share of the blue duct tape.

Zoe pulled Jenny over to Joy's footboard and sat on her captives legs. She released her wrists and tied to the respective sides of the footboard with two more bandanas, left with red and right with blue. Zoe stood up and looked at Jenny.

"Let this be a lesson to you not to be a b---- in the future!"
"Mmph! Mmm rryyy!"
"Good bye, egomaniac," Zoe said leaving.

Jenny felt sorrow about her actions now. Had she really acted that way? Did she really boast as she had? Jenny did nothing to try to escape as a sort of self-penance.

"Mmm rryyy!" she moaned out.
"E r-iv ou!" Joy responded.

Suddenly, Jenny had a realization. She wasn't cuffed! She could escape and prove herself by freeing her friends! Jenny went to work on her bonds. If she didn't, she had 6 or 7 hours ahead of her like this! Eventually, one of the bandanas loosened and her hand was free.

Ten minutes later, the girls were all free! Jenny had gone from zero to hero... sort of. She decided to wash her TUG stuff and just put it away. She gave Joy her handcuffs and went to do bathroom laundry.

"Wow. We got dominated by Jenny," Joy spoke.
"You aren't kidding!"
"When I was first grabbed, I thought I was being murdered with how rough I was grabbed!"
"Me too!"
"I was reassured when I realized the technique being used. But I had no idea who had done it!"
"Same! It was different, at least."
"Yeah, but Jenny got lost in the moment."
"She did, but it's OK."
"We'll get her back!"
"Tomorrow is the last day before your folks come back!"
"No tying each other? Just Jenny and Zoe?"

Game on.
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