Lonesome Summer Break

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Lonesome Summer Break

Postby Cantieup » Fri Jun 28, 2013 1:30 am

Cassie was on her summer break from college.  While at school she stumbled into some bondage games with her friends. Her thoughts kept going back to her experiences over the previous year. 

She decided to experiment with some self-bondage and soon realized that she was intrigued.  At night, with her bedroom door locked she would loop her shoe laces around her wrist and struggle to get free. 

Cassie would wear a night shirt and panties most nights. As she discovered more and more creative ways of tying herself up, it became more difficult to escape.  Many nights her shirt would be covered in sweat by the time she got free.  

One evening, upon returning home from a day hanging out by the pool, Cassie decided she would try her bondage in her bikini after everyone went to bed.  Late that night, after everyone was sleeping, she quietly slipped out of bed.  She changed into a black string bikini and began the process of securing her ankles and wrist.  

Cassie was very fit for a first year college student. She was a cross country runner and stayed in great shape.  As she fixed her straps she noticed her reflection in the mirror.  Her breast were small but firm.  Her tummy was flat and had sexy contours.  She was proud of her tummy and liked how the line in the middle of her belly led right to her oval belly button.  Her waist was small and her butt was firm. The cheeks of her butt would hang out of her bikini bottom anytime she moved and she would constantly have to adjust it to cover her cute little ass. At five feet two inches she was small but strong. 

She secured her legs and applied the leather wrist straps so tight she wouldn't be able to slip out of them.  Her wrist were bound together with a leather strap with small latches attached to both ends.  

As she was examining herself in the mirror she liked what she saw.  Her body bound in a tiny bikini was very intoxicating and she found herself wishing she would get caught.  Only not by her family! Because this would be terribly embarrassing and very hard to explain.   

Cassie was having trouble maintaining her balance with her bare feet bound together so tight. She could even see the outlines of muscles in her shoulders and tummy as she fought to remain standing.  

Just as Cassie was wondering how she was going to quietly get onto the floor so she could work her hands behind her back there was a knock on the door.  "Cassie? Are you awake?" It was her mom! 

She stood in one spot, trying to be as quiet as possible and maintain her balance.  She felt incredibly vulnerable yet very excited all at the same time.  "Baby?" Her mom asked quietly.  "Are you awake?" 

Cassie could hear her heart beat.  She looked at herself in the mirror and her bikini clad body was as tight as it had ever been.  She dared not move as she saw the door knob jiggle back and forth.  She was glad she remembered to lock it and was hoping her mom would just go away.  After a moment she heard her mom walk away and she could breath once again.  

She quickly untied her ankles and after a little work released the wrist latch with her toes and picked up her bondage things and went to bed.  But she didn't sleep. She fantasized all night about being bound in a bikini and getting caught by someone she didn't know.  By the time she woke up she was drunk with passion and hardly thinking clearly.  

By mid morning, after her parents had gone to work, Cassie put on her bikini and a pair of shorts.  She packed her restraints in a bag and headed to a secluded swimming pond about a mile a way.  She knew no one would be there during a weekday. 

Her plan was to tie herself to a tree branch and hang there for a few minutes.  The possibility of getting caught and doing this outside was so intoxicating it was as if she were a drug addict looking for her next fix.  

Upon arriving at the swimming pond it appeared the coast was clear so Cassie headed to the big oak tree with low hanging branches.  It was now or never. Without hesitation she stripped off her shorts and shoes and quickly made her way up the first tree branch with her bikini clad body.  

Her heart was pounding with excitement as she secured her wrist with the inescapable leather restraints! She dropped a strong nylon strap over the branch and secured her wrist to the leather straps. 

She carefully lowered herself down one side of the branch.  She used care not to scratch her bare body on the tree bark.  Putting her full weight on the branch she was shocked when she found out her bare feet barely touched the ground.  She had misfigured this badly.  The leather straps were locked tight on her wrist and the weight of her body seemed to cinch them even tighter.  

As Cassie hung from the branch, her bikini barely covered her amazing body. She tried swinging her legs back onto the branch, but the tree bark hurt her bare legs. She didn't realize that she'd had a Visitor watching the whole thing and was very excited to see a bikini clad captive hanging from a tree. 

Cassie was moaning and breathing heavy as her Visitor made her way to get a closer look.  Her waist looked tiny as she stretched trying to find the ground with her bare feet.  She would arch her back and groan as she tried to work her wrist free. Sweat was glistening off her tanned body as she struggled.  Her attention was on her hands being held high above her head when she was suddenly aware she was being watched...


Re: Lonesome Summer Break

Postby neilsav » Tue Aug 19, 2014 12:14 pm

Yea,, and then what happened?? Was the watcher a good guy or a bad guy???
Did she ever get free, or is she still hanging there after all these years????????????????????

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Re: Lonesome Summer Break

Postby abductionfan » Wed Feb 04, 2015 3:26 pm

Cant leave us hanging, what happens next??

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