"100%" Trapped in Self Mummification

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"100%" Trapped in Self Mummification

Postby solarbeast34 » Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:47 am

This will be yet again one of my self-bondage/ self-mummification stories. I decided to do another bed sheet mummification last night and chose to add something new to the mix. This new addition was going to be being tied to the bed so that the only way I could get out was to unravel myself. But because of my self-made rules when it came to bed sheet bondage was that I could not unravel myself to escape unless it was an emergency. This meant that I would finally be “100%” tied up and trapped.

So at around 10 pm I decided to go to bed but do a few things on my iPad before I fell asleep. I didn’t need to change out of my clothes because I always wear basketball shorts and a t-shirt all the time while I am home. While I was on the iPad, one idea led to another idea and soon I was craving for the need to do some self-bondage/ self-mummification. I got out of bed, took everything off my bed, and walked over to my closet to get the things I would need. For this adventure, I would need 3 other bed sheets, my purple dog collar, a pair of suction cup ankle cuffs, a bendable wire cord, and my 3 tie-down straps. I also got a few other things from my supplies that I thought I would use but didn’t end up using.

Once I got my materials I set out to make the bed the right way for the wrap. This was one bed sheet, then the comforter, and lastly another bed sheet. Each one of these sheets is king sized which fits perfectly because the mattress is queen sized and the extra fabric only makes things tighter. Next, I took the 3 pillows on my bed and placed them on the right side of the bed on the floor for the “just in case” needs. Once the bed was ready I got the tie down straps I would be using to tie myself to the bed after the self-mummification steps were done. But because I would be almost fully immobile during the tie down step, I would have to do it now, and hope that it would work and not get wrapped up with me. So I got to figuring if 1 strap would work, and I ended up finding out that I would need 2 straps for this, leaving me with an extra strap to do other things with. So I got the strap to where I wanted it to be on the bed and now it was on to the self bondage portion of the wrap.

I collected all the materials I would use for this step. My first step was to put my collar one. Next I decided to take care of my ankles by using a bed sheet, not the ankle cuffs that I grabbed. This method would be similar to if someone tied and cinched someone’s ankles together with rope, but I am not a fan of rope, so I use bed sheets instead. Once that was somewhat loose, but secure, I decided to put the ankle cuffs above that wrap on my legs for extra security, I guess. Once that was done I slid underneath the tie down strap and covered the bottom of my legs and feet with the sheets that were hanging off the bed. This method is a better and tighter method than if you just left the sheets hanging off the bed. It is essentially one step in making yourself into a nice and tight and secure burrito. Next I tied another bed sheet to one of my knees and threw the remaining to the opposite side I would be rolling up to create a tighter wrap. Next I took one of my very old bed sheets and tied it off on the d-ring of my collar. I next took another two very old bed sheets and tied them together and then tied them to my left wrist. Next I did the same to a newer bed sheet, but instead tied it to my left elbow. Lastly I set up both the final tie down strap which would be secured around my waist and the wire that would be on my left wrist. Lastly I threw both of the remaining lengths of the strap and the wire to the right, which is the way I would be rolling up in. I also had gotten any bed sheets that were hanging off the bed to the left and placed them on top of me. Lastly I took the sheet tied to my collar and the sheet tied to my wrist and threw the remaining lengths and threw those as well to the left, or the opposite way I would be rolling up in to make things tighter.

Finally I was ready to roll, and the first full wrap was nothing new. I got to the edge of the bed on the right and scooted my way to the left to do it again. Once on the left I got ready to roll again and did a half roll before I noticed that something was off once I tried to come to a rest on the very edge of the bed on the right hand side. It was then that I noticed that the strap that was supposed to be tying me down to the bed only, had actually gotten wrapped up in the bed sheets and was now doing a much better job than I could have imagined. I ended up deciding not to unravel myself to get free, but instead to try and shimmy my way out from underneath the strap first when I wanted to get out. Now I don’t have a clock facing me when I am doing this, so I do not know what time it is when I try and get out.

But I do know that my normal way of getting out won't work because of the tie down strap. But that doesn’t stop me from trying and I soon learn that that was a mistake. It was a mistake because when I try to roll again I cannot do it as it got way too tight for safety, but if I try to unravel myself it won’t work either at the time because the strap somehow got initially tighter there as well. Finally I grow tired of this and do actually want to try and fall asleep, but this is very uncomfortable to sleep in sometimes. So I decide to unravel myself and learn that I can only do it half way, but that ended up being enough for me to get my arms free enough to where I can force myself free from the rest of it. It ended up being only 2 hours tied up like that, and because of the tie down strap I decide to do it again as I am not satisfied with the results. But for the time being I ended up not doing it then because I wanted to fall asleep and so I decided to do it in the morning. I did however leave my ankles tied up, my collar and sheet tied to the collar on, and the strap tying me to the bed I tighten enough to where I could not move very well.

Once the morning hit, I got awoken to a text from my uncle that I needed to take care of. It ended up being the one thing I thought would never get done, and of course they were going to deliver it today. This meant that I could not stay tied in self bondage and self mummification all day like I wanted to. But the good news was that I could still do it for half the day since during the afternoon was when a very special delivery was going to come to my house for my uncle.

This meant that if I wanted to have the most time to redo what happened last night I had to remake the bed and get everything ready again. But instead of tying myself to the bed with the straps I decided I would end up using them in replacement of the wire that “broke” last night after I fiddled with it. I also decided to change the placement of the sheet that was tied to my elbow would now be tied to my knee, and the other sheet that was tied to my knee would now be tied to my elbow. I got everything set up like it was last night until it was time for my upper body self bondage. It was then that things changed a bit. I took all three straps and tied them around my stomach and chest and threw what was remaining towards the right of the bed. I also decided that the middle strap I was going to loosen enough so that I could also tie my arms to my sides. This was because the wire I normally use has a knot in it for my wrists, and since I was not using it this time I wanted something to tie my arms in a way. Once that was done I got the sheets arranged so that I would not be suffocated as I had actually put them further above my head this time. I lastly put my left arm through the tie down strap and my body and tie everything off to my left arm like I did last night.

Finally everything was set up like I wanted and almost identical to what happened last night, except for the spots I mentioned earlier. I then got to rolling and did one and scooted back to do another quite fast. I finally did another one and found it to be tighter than I could have ever imagined. I stayed wrapped up like this for a little while and then realized there was still some straps that were remaining, and I wanted to see what it was like to do a third wrap. So I set it up to do a third wrap, but ended up only doing half of a third wrap because of how tight it was. I didn’t mind though as this was a good way to rest my head in a more comfortable way as it could rest fully on the bed and not just barely on the bed. I stayed like this for a few songs, before I grew tired of this and very carefully completed the third wrap.

It was then that I realized that the fitted sheet was 1/4th of the way of the bed. I than got an idea in my head and decided to try and see if I could include this sheet in my mummification in any way. I ended up doing a couple of more rolls to figure out no I could not, and soon realized how tight my original wrap had gotten. It had gotten so tight that I could barely move my right hand at all, and my left arm was completely immobile. I could barely lift my feet up and when I tried to lift my upper body up it was done through the realization that this only got the wrap tighter and was near impossible to do. It was getting close to the time I needed to get out because of the impending delivery. So I decided to call it quits for now and tried to get out any way that I could. This even meant that the unraveling technique was one that I could try as well. But all of the normal ones failed, and the unraveling technique could not be done because of the fact my left arm was immobile.

So because I started realizing I could not get out, I decided to start struggling for real, and also to think up ways to get out. Finally one method of getting out came to mind and that was one I used in College a lot to get out if I ended up being stuck like I was now. It was to roll onto my stomach and shimmy my way onto the floor. Normally this method also helps to loosen the wrap, but this time it did no such thing. I ended up just being stuck yet again in the wrap, but this time on the floor and in an orientation that made me forget what was the way out or the way to get the wrap tighter. So I took a shot and rolled one way, and it ended up being the way that would make the wrap tighter. So now I knew what way I could get out, but here comes another dilemma. I realized I could not unravel myself because I had to turn left and my left arm prevented that for the time being. This was because of the way the shimmy to the floor left my left arm in a weird position that I was uncomfortable trying to get out of. So since that way was out of the question for now, I decide to try and get up again.

But this was only done to the realization that I was indeed stuck and if I tried that again it would get tighter. So i struggle again, but this time a bit more since I no longer have the fear of falling off the bed, since I am on the floor already. I continuously struggle, not really trying to get out, but more so feeling my way around this new imprisonment, and soon realize that it is getting very close to when I think the delivery is getting to my house. I only know this because I have an amazon echo, and that is the main reason why I do not gag myself during these adventures. So this time I struggle to get out and soon come to the realization that the only way out of this is to unravel myself. This is easier said than done, as I have now gotten my right wrist trapped in one of the tie down straps around my chest. This means that I barely have anything to help me with momentum to use to help get the unraveling started. But after a bit of struggling, I finally get to the point I need to be to unravel myself and am soon unraveled.

I untie almost everything from my body, and throw it all back onto my bed. I still have my ankle tied, and my collar on and I also grab a couple of other items for more self bondage while I work on items in the kitchen, also known as my office. I end up having to hop to the kitchen, which is only a few doors down from my bedroom, and use the suction cup cuffs from my ankles on my elbows which ties them slightly together. I end up staying like this for a while until the delivery comes and I then untie everything. I am now only wearing my dog collar as I finish writing this story for you all. I am also wondering what to do next. I am deciding between going to Walmart/ other stores in search of a couple very important, to me, self bondage items, or to start researching for a couple of stories I want to write for the board, or to re-do the self bondage and self mummification and do it again. I’ll let you all decide, and if i get an answer before the holiday’s than I will go about it.

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