Another run at bed sheet self bondage.(M)

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Another run at bed sheet self bondage.(M)

Postby solarbeast34 » Wed Jun 28, 2017 7:25 pm

Tonight I decided it was time to do another self-bondage in bed sheets as I hadn’t done any self-bondage in a while, and my dad happened to be home so I did not want to do a large extravagant job. Like my other stories I am wearing shorts and a t-shirt as well as a dog collar that I like to wear for no reason. I didn’t need to do any large amounts of setup for this idea, except for open a window because even though I live in Vermont, it has gotten quite hot in my room today. My bed was already set up for the event so I just had to grab another bed sheet I wanted to try something with and an old fitted sheet I had cut up into two pieces. I also grabbed an unused sheet that came with the set from the cut up fitted sheet that I would use on my arms.

The first piece of the cut up fitted sheet I used as an over the mouth gag, as I cannot have anything in my mouth as I have a really bad gag reflex. Because of this I just tie the over the mouth gag as tightly as possible every time I use one. The next half of the fitted sheet I use on my ankles. I tie them together first and then create some sort of cinch in the middle of the legs with any remaining sheet left before I fully tied it off. Before I used the unused sheet from the set on my arms, I got up to put the last bed sheet into place. I laid it on top of the two comforters on my bed. Note- I have two comforters because one of them is the one I have on my bed always, and the other one is the one I used in College. The one from College is really good for self-bondage so I did not want to store it in the basement, but I have no place other than my bed to keep it in my room. The comforters are just lying on my bed in no particular way, so I just laid the sheet I was going to use on top of those.

I then laid down on the edge of the bed on the leftist most side so that I can roll right and into the wall to stop me. But before we get there, let's continue with the setup stage. Now that I am laying down I get my legs ready to go. I wrap the hanging parts of the comforters onto my legs and then wrap the other parts of the hanging comforters over the bottom of my feet and the rest of the bed. This is supposed to make it so that the bottom of my feet are also covered in the wrap, which ends up making a sort of mummy style sleeping bag form on my legs and thus makes it harder to get out. Before finishing with my legs, I then take the sheet and throw it to my left so that it is hanging off the bed on my left. Finally, I get the last unused sheet and tie it twice around my stomach area, the first time with the knot in the front and the second time with the knot in the back. This is so that I can not easily access it and cannot easily release my arms. I lastly struggle to put my left arm into the tie and do the same thing with the rest of my body as I did with my legs. With the exception of turning over any remaining comforter over my shoulders as I did with my legs, there is just no point in doing that for your upper body, and if you did you may not get “trapped” in the wrap once you start to wrap your body up. Once I was satisfied with the way everything is setup, I struggle to get my right arm into the tie, as this is actually the hardest part as it is so tight. But I succeed with it and both arms are now tied to my body around my elbow area.

Finally, once I am settled with everything, I start to roll to my right. I usually am able to get two full rolls in me before I end up hitting the wall. Then I have to drag myself to the edge of the bed on the far left, so because of this, I am at the same time trying to get whatever remaining comforters and sheets that have risen up over my head down below my eyes so I can see the edge so I do not fall off. Once I got to the edge I am able to wrap myself up a third time before I hit the wall again, but this time is the time I start to rest because of how tight everything has gotten. With each roll, the way I have done my arms any and all rolls I take makes my arm tie get tighter, as well as at times my ankles and at times my gag gets tighter as well. This third wrap is the one that makes you start to realize that you may be “trapped”, so because of this I start to struggle and it is now that I realize that I want to try a fourth wrap at some point. So I do not know how long I struggle, but I just lay where I ended up for a while and rest/ struggle until I decide that now I want to roll a fourth time. So I do the same thing I did for my third wrap and yet again end up very close to the wall if not leaning somewhat up against the wall. This fourth wrap is where I start to realize how trapped I really am as not only does the spots where I tied my arms and ankles have gotten really tight, but just about all of my body has gotten tight in the wrap to where I cannot move almost at all in a way that I would be following my rule. Another note - Every time I do bed sheet self-bondage I have a rule that I follow which is that I can only wrap myself tighter, or to the right, and the only way I can get out is to get to my feet when I am done, or if I end up on the floor somehow. I also find out that I cannot lift my legs up for some reason, which is my only way I can get out again in a way that follows my rule. So because of how tight I am and because I cannot seem to lift my legs up, I end up realizing that this is probably the best wrap I have done and I just lay there for a while and rest/ struggle, and enjoy myself for a while.

After a while, I start to get really anxious only because the window I have opened is where I store a lot of my technology and lately in Vermont, it has rained very heavily quite frequently and I forgot to check the weather before I start all this. Unfortunately, my arms also start to hurt a little because of how tight the tie has gotten in the wrappings. So because of this I try and succeed with all my might at the time to lift my legs up and am able to turn myself 90 degrees. I then decide to roll to my right again as I have gotten sick of lying on my back and thought resting on my belly for a while would be good. Now, this did work for a while but due to this roll I end up being somewhat “stuck” again and just lay there and rest for a while before I am able to finally try and get out. But because I am now at the edge of the bed and on my belly, it is hard for me to get out in a way that does not break my rule. So once I am ready, I have to try and backward worm myself off of my bed onto the floor. Finally, I got to the floor and am now writing this story for you all.

I learned that I was in the wrappings for anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours, so not too long of a session. I also decided to try and undo my ankles so that I can get a better tie from the arm sheet, but learn the wrappings have made it extremely hard to get the knot out. I just decided to leave it and I also readjusted my gag and both are still on me at the moment. My collar is also still on. Lastly, I would like to ask this question of anyone who wants to answer. I am in the process of moving from my home in Vermont to my family's house in Florida and wanted to know the best ways for me to continue my expeditions in self-bondage in bed sheets, and also in other forms of hot bondage materials.

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