Self Bondage Turned Into Real Bondage/M

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Self Bondage Turned Into Real Bondage/M

Postby solarbeast34 » Thu Mar 02, 2017 11:04 am

Before I get into this story I need to tell you guys a little about my life. I have been attending a college in Vermont and am currently a senior. The first semester of the current year was my last semester for me to live on campus. Right now we are in the second semester of the school year and I am now living back home with my parents. This can be anywhere from a 20-40 minute drive to campus depending on traffic/ lights, weather conditions, and a few other factors. So because of this I do not get to see my friends that much anymore. I also do less self bondage than when I was living on campus, even though I do have a lock on my door. So last night was bingo night on campus so i decided to attend to win prizes and then hang out with friends after. Because of this I got home pretty late and my parents had already gone to sleep, which meant that I could not do very much self bondage. I also was fairly tired as well. So after parking my car in the driveway, I came inside and instantly headed up the stairs to get ready for bed. I had already showered earlier in the day, so all i needed to do was get my shorts and a t-shirt on for bed. Lately I have also been wearing a dog collar around my bedroom as well, even though I am not in a relationship with anyone at the moment. I just like wearing dog collars. So once I did all that I got into bed and watched videos on my computer until I was nearly falling asleep. Lately I also have been wearing my pink hinged handcuffs while sleeping as well, so I ended up putting those on and falling asleep. Because I wear the handcuffs at night, I end up double locking them so they will not tighten on my wrists during the night.

So now that the backstory has happened let us get into the stories. I woke up this morning still wearing my dog collar and handcuffs and decided I wanted to do some self bondage. I decided on using my bed sheets, like I have done in the past. Because I lived on campus for a time I have that bedding as well as the bedding that goes on my bed here at home. And for a couple of weeks I got very cold at night so I decided to put my college comforter on my bed above both my bed sheet and comforter that are the sheets I always use well I’m at home. And even though it has been getting warmer out, I have gotten used to waking up underneath the two comforters and the one bed sheet. The first round of bed sheet self bondage I did this morning consisted of me still in my dog collar, and hinged handcuffs. As well I also put on a hoodie I only use for self bondage and pulled the hood as closed as it would go and tied it off. I then laid down over top of the comforters and grabbed the access and begun to wrap myself up. 1 more thing to mention is that my on campus comforter is for a king size bed and my bed I have right now is a queen size bed, so I can wrap the king one around me more , and doing that it gets tighter around me faster. So after the initial roll to the right I had to drag myself and any remaining bed sheets back to my starting point on the very edge on my bed on the left. I then took my final roll and wrapped myself up as tight as I could. These rolls I do end up bringing me right to the far edge of my bed which is right next to the wall so I am not able to go any further. I lay there for a few minutes to a lot of minutes, as I could not tell being wrapped up like that and just relax and feel how well it felt. The way it felt for me was that my whole upper body was very tight and I could not get my hands out due to the fact of how tight it was and that they were handcuffed. I decided to try and move to the floor to see if I could either get myself more trapped or to see if it would help me get out. I did not know what was going to happen as I recently had changed my room around and the space in between my bed and my desk was a lot smaller. But even though that was the case I never know what is going to happen during the transition period of me trying to get myself to the floor without undoing what I had already done. Once I got to the floor, I was able to stretch myself back into a fully laying down position, as sometimes this is near impossible for me to do after the transition. I fiddled around on the floor first realizing I was as trapped as ever, and then realizing tha through my struggle I could move my hands outside of the wrap. This meant that I could undo the hoodie drawstrings. This also meant that I had to find a new way to trap myself on the floor as I did not want to get out at the moment. I decided on using my chair and fiddled with it enough to realize that all I needed to do was have it laying on top of my handcuffed arms.

I do this for a little while and then start to get bored with this version of self bondage and get up to test a different method I had come up with a few days ago, but never tried. I uncuff my hands, but keep the collar on. I reset the bed sheets and comforters, and get my velcro cuffs to use on my feet. This method I would pretty much do the same thing, but instead of having my hands cuffed I would have my legs cuffed. I also grabbed the other sheets I used at college. Also because this one was going to be the big one for the time being I decided to move my bed stand away from my bed so I would not have a chance of it falling and the light on it breaking. After cuffing my legs I decide to add the bed sheets I used at college to my legs in a criss cross method. This meant I would tie one to the right ankle and throw it to the left, and then tie the other one to the left ankle and throw it to the right. I also grabbed the sheets I used to keep my head cool and upright during the night. One of these I would use as a blindfold, and the other two would be for my upper body. I still had my hoodie on from earlier, so I decided after I was done setting up I would pull the drawstrings tight again so this time I would not be able to get the blindfold off. I always say to myself if I cannot get the blindfold off, than I cannot move from the location I am in. This is also a safety issue as well, as when I am rolling I have a general sense of where I am on the bed, but once I stop I am not entirely sure. So let's get back to the prep. I had already done my legs, and now I was setting up my upper body area. I decided the longest remaining sheet I would use on my chest area to secure my arms to my sides. This would also help me in the future to keep my hands trapped in the wrap as I would not be able to bring my hands over the sheet. I then used the remaining sheet and tied it to my left wrist and just throw it to the right for added bondage. I then grabbed the excess of the bed sheets at my feet and throw them over my feet, and did that up until about my waist. I then grabbed the blindfold sheet and blindfolded myself, and without thinking I grabbed the rest of the excess and prepped myself for the first roll. This time instead of doing the first roll fairly quickly I decided to get in the motion of the roll, but then readjust my body before I would be fully engulfed in the sheets. This is what helped tighten the first roll. Even after the first roll I could tell it was getting very tight and I was excited for that. But the issue I was having was that I could feel I was getting off course fairly easier than before. I then did the same thing of dragging myself and the rest of the wrappings back to the leftist of the bed and did my final roll. Before the roll was done I had noticed that I had gotten very close to an edge of the bed by my feet and needed to readjust before the wrap was complete. So with all my might I dragged my legs to the left until I could sense that I was on the bed fully again and this is where I stopped rolling.

So there I lie fully wrapped up and blindfolded, but then I realized I had forgotten to pull the drawstrings on my hoodie so that I could not get the blindfold off and thus could not move from the position. I soon realized that that did not matter as I was still blindfolded and with the way I ended up being I could not roll either to my left or to my right because my head was directly next to the wall. I also soon realized that the wrap was much bigger than originally planned. I also noticed that the ideas I had for my legs/ ankles made it so that I could not even lift my legs up at all to make it so that I could move around like I had with the previous wrap. After realizing all of this I started to realize that I was indeed trapped on my bed, and that this had gone from a self bondage session into as close of a bondage session as I could physically make it by myself. And this made me feel very happy for a while. I had started both sessions around 8:30 and a few minutes after coming to stop with this one I realized that it must be around 10:00 because that is when the cleaning lady shows up and I could hear her. This was not good for me as I wanted to enjoy this feeling, but I also had to make it to a meeting on campus around 12:30. So not realizing how much time has gone by I just enjoy the feeling for probably about an hour or an hour and a half.

After this time I first decide to see if I can get the blindfold off this time. I start to shake my head and rub it up against the wall and find that it is surprisingly easier this time than the last time I had done a similar self bondage session. I get it off and look down at my body and realize that I have essentially swaddled myself very tightly and that is why I do not feel any fresh air around my feet and cannot move very much. I lay here again like this for many minutes and then I decide to see if I can at least get my arms out, and soon realize that is near impossible by the way I tied stuff to them and had stuff around them. I know that if I can get my arms out I could get out of it as my legs were definitely not coming out without a large amount of force that I did not have at the time. I start to struggle more and more and keep realizing I may need a different plan. That current plan was to just see if I could get my loose arm out which was my right arm. I soon change my tactics and try and get my left arm out, but realize I have tied it to a sheet that is wrapped around my entire body. I then was able to release it from the sheet and was able to get it out to about the hand. I had another problem of getting it out fully , but luckily through doing that I had gotten enough slack to get my right arm out and then fought it enough to where I was able to get both arms fully out of the wrap.

After doing this I decided to rest for a minute as that was fairly tough to do, but then realize that I should probably try and get the rest off. I shimmy over to the edge of my bed that is closest to the desk and stand up. Being that my legs are completely wrapped up I end up only being able to get the wrap off of every part of me above my knees. I am not able to get them off of my legs from the knee down and because of the leg cuffs I am not able to walk anywhere in my room. Because of this I instead decided to leave it there and write down the details for you guys. So far it has been about an hour and a half since I was able to free some of myself. I still have on my dog collar and am still trapped in the wrap from my knees down and this wrap is so heavy it feels like my legs are being weighed down by an anchor. And yes I did end up missing the meeting at the college, but it wasn’t that important anyways.

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