Close call?

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Close call?

Postby bakemono » Thu Feb 02, 2017 3:56 pm

I have a really quick self TUG experience I wanted to share. This one won't have much detail

Basically when I was in grade school (I'd say 14-15) I used to ocasionally end up home alone and that would only mean one thing... Bondage time!

I guess if we describe how we look, I'm a rather skinnier and average Asian boy with flat black hair that falls into bangs on my forehead. I usually wear my uniform which consists of a white collared shirt, tie, sweater and black slacks. (School was great the girls wore solid blue suspender skirts and a frilly blouse. Looks excellent with rope pressing around it during a tie up game but that's another story)

My parents left the house early and before I got home. When I sauntered through the front door to find the house empty I immediately darted up stairs and pulled out my secret rope stash. I propped my laptop up with the camera towards me to shoot video and began my typical self bondage. Usually I'd tie the rope into a lasso shape and stick my wrists between the lasso, rotating my wrists to loop it around itself. That's especially convenient for when I need to release myself as I just have to unloop it but rotating my wrists the other direction.

This time however, I learned a new tie involving slip knots. I always liked the spread eagle position and I found it more exciting if I were more authentically in distress so I tied four slip knots to each corner of my bed. I ripped two piece of tape and grabbed a bandana, tying it over my mouth then taping it in place. I then stuck the tape over my eyes and blindly made my way towards the bed before slipping my ankles and wrists into the knots. For those who don't know, slip knots tighten when you pull on them.

So i slipped my wrists in place and began squirming. It was an enjoyable 10 minutes but then I wanted to stop. So I reach for the scissors and... OH WAIT! My hands are stuck to the bedpost and out of sight. Not to mention I've blindfolded myself with tape. I desperately begin to panic and my heart rate kicks up. I trash and can't reach any of the knots. I simply wasn't prepared for being really tied up.

After I calmed down and realized I needed to escape before my parents got home, I carefully began licking the edges of the tape around my lips like I've heard others mention. After a couple minutes I managed to push the gag out with my tongue and then work out one of the knots with my teeth, freeing my right hand. I quickly untied myself and resolved not to tie myself up like that ever again.

I remembered this because I still have the video and pictures. Which I very very briefly considered sharing but might delete them instead because I feel like I'm committing a crime by possesssing them

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Re: Close call?

Postby Jason Toddman » Thu Feb 02, 2017 4:19 pm

bakemono wrote:Which I very very briefly considered sharing but might delete them instead because I feel like I'm committing a crime by possesssing them

While many of us would love to see them, you are definitely wise in not sharing them... not necessarily because of the law but for privacy reasons. Once you post them they are out there forever, and if there is any way for you to be identified through such videos you are guaranteed to regret it sooner or later - especially if looking for a job or trying to get ahead in life.
Unless you can keep your pics on a thumb-drive you can easily keep hidden, i agree that you'd be better off to purge them. Definitely do not keep them on your computer's hard drive - ever. At best it could prove to be a source of real embarrassment to you someday in the future if someone else hacks your computer or steals your videos someday.
As for the law, that could also be a problem if any of your self-tie videos involve any kind of nudity or even merely show you in evident distress... though that could depend on where you live too.
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Re: Close call?

Postby Dillon09 » Tue Feb 14, 2017 6:32 pm

Reminds me of a same type of scenario but instead if forgetting the scissors I dropped the knife when I reached for it off of my counter. I was eventually able to grab it but I had to pull the knots very tight to reach.
Just a 16 year old into tying and getting tied up :bound:

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