Self Mummification in Duct tape.

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Self Mummification in Duct tape.

Postby RKOJason03 » Sat Jan 14, 2017 10:23 pm

Hi boys and girls! I'm a 15 year old boy and this is my second story of when I did self mummification just yesterday. It was the end of the semester and I didn't have to go to school Friday. but m parents had to work. Earlier in the week I went to Home Depot and bought 3 rolls of duct tape. I calculated it in feet and it was a total of 4,800 feet. Now my brother usually comes to my house to eat lunch then goes back to work. So I had to watch out for him, he cam at around 1:00pm. He then left at about 1:40pm, I had until 5:00pm when I needed to totally be done. So I wanted to do self mummification. my technique is a take my shower curtain pole and extend it on a low nightstand. And then just spin around. so I started at around 2:00pm, as I've said before I love latex and garbage bags are similar in texture. So I cut a head and 2 arm holes. Then I needed to wear a bottom, I wore some tight jeans. my process was to tape my feet then ankles calves and all the way up to a little above my knees. then to put the tape roll around the poll, grab it and start spinning. before I started I put about 3 columns of paper towels in my mouth and wrapped it about 3 times around my head to gag me good. Now it's time to start!

I grabbed the tape roll and put around my pole. I started to spin sadly the pole was to thin and the roll was too wide. So it slid down easy :( . I left a lot of gaps but as I got down to about my elbows I realized I haven't done my legs yet! But don't worry I kept scissors in my pocket so I could cut myself out. I had to cut a little bit of the upper layers but i still managed to do all of my legs. The I got up And then started to wrap my upper body again. I did the best I could spinning and getting my whole body. After I felt was enough spinning I fell down on the cushions I set down to keep me from getting hurt.

I stayed down struggling and having a great time for about 10 minutes. While struggling I tried to see if I could kneel a stand up, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't. I then cut my self out at around 2:30pm,

Well that's my first self mummification that was very fun but not as good as I had wanted. i wanted saran wrap But I couldn't find any I wanted at Home depot. But thank you for reading. Stay safe and have fun.!
Jason Gines

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