First Time with Wrist Suspension

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First Time with Wrist Suspension

Postby roflofl » Sun Jul 24, 2016 9:01 am

I've always been aroused by the thought of bondage. I don't know what it is, but something about being tied up/tying someone up just really gets me
going. I still remember my first time with bondage. It started years and years ago when I was watching a movie called "Doomsday." It had the sexy
Rhona Mitra as the main, badass female protagonist. If you've seen the movie you know where I'm going. There was a scene where she was captured
and interrogated by the bad guys. It started with her sitting in a chair when she is suddenly being lifted up by her wrists until her boots are completely
off the ground. Her sweaty body hanging there with that skin-tight tank top for a good few minutes while getting roughed up by the antagonist gave me
a massive hard-on.

It was at the moment my mind was racing with ideas on what I'd do to her/what would happen to me if I was in her position. I
paused the movie right there because I knew I had to "experiment." I found a good, soft but strong fabric belt that acted as good handcuffs. My next obstacle was finding a place to suspend myself. Looking around my property I went out into the garage and found a sturdy rafter, after some testing I figured that would be the base of my bondage. I went inside and changed into some "sexy" attire, just a sleeveless shirt and shorts. (I've kept this get-up throughout the years because there's something especially revealing about having my armpits bare while being tied up, and it was a hot day.) I grabbed a step stool to get on and went on my bondage adventure. When I entered the garage I was as hard as diamonds at this point. So I set the stepstool above the rafter and stepped up. I tied the makeshift handcuffs around a couple of times and pulled on them to make sure they were sturdy enough. I ran my wrists through and stepped to the lower step on the stool. Even there I was stretching to touch. I then stepped off and hung there like a piece of meat. I looked up to my bound wrists, my hanging, feet, and my straining muscles in my upper arms. I imagined how it would feel to hang like this for hours on end while being beaten and interrogated. It was at this point I had the most amazing climax I've ever had. It was so great I was screaming while strung up by my wrists in the garage. The feeling of climax while being suspended is like nothing I've ever experienced. Once I was finished I just let myself rest while swaying back and forth from my body tensing up. This was all in the matter of a minute. Once I was getting sore I stepped back onto the stool and took off my handcuffs.

That was my first bondage experience, everyday afterwards I was in my garage finding new ways to torture myself, I was using gags, blindfolds, tying my ankles together. using nipple clamps, I even put alligator clamps on my armpits. Every time I climaxed like a helpless prisoner. I still do this stuff today, same clothing, same style, same tortures, only now I record it so I can watch myself writhe in self-inflicted agony.

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Re: First Time with Wrist Suspension

Postby Jason Toddman » Mon Aug 01, 2016 1:46 pm

I used to experiment that way myself in my teens and early twenties when i had no one around to do it to me; usually using rope and suspending myself from the branches of a tree. It usually hurt like hell and i generally couldn't stand it for very long however, so i didn't do it very often and stopped after i was about 25.
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Re: First Time with Wrist Suspension

Postby mikeybound » Sat Oct 22, 2016 8:26 pm

A fine tale! It'd be good to see some of those vids someday.

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Re: First Time with Wrist Suspension

Postby Adrihem64 » Sun Mar 26, 2017 11:28 am

Sounds intresting

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Re: First Time with Wrist Suspension

Postby Finn4323 » Wed Sep 27, 2017 12:06 pm

Three years ago I had a much younger, much stronger roommate for two years. One holiday weekend, he wanted me to loan him $100. I could easily have done so, but I refused. He threw a piece of rope over our hanging cabinets in our kitchen, made me stand on a milk crate, tied my hands, then pulled the milk crate out. I was left suspended like that. Totally unable to free myself. Not quite able to get even my toes on the floor. He left and came back an hour later. He said his plans had changed. I wasn't LOANING him $100, I was GIVING it to him. He asked me if I was ready to give it to him. I told him no and he left again. This time it was three hours till he came back. He said if he left again, it would be five hours till he came back. So I gave him the money and he untied me from the hanging cabinets. But since I made him wait so long, he took a 12 inch piece of chain, and locked my hands on each end of the chain, and left for the weekend. No where near as restrictive as handcuffs, but just as escape proof.

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