24 - Campus Days (m/f, m/m, f/m)

Silent Simon's TUGS with his brother and friends (m and f)

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24 - Campus Days (m/f, m/m, f/m)

Postby canuck100 » Sat Oct 10, 2015 5:50 pm

This is a repost of a story originally published by Silent Simon in February 2004

Campus Days

Fall campus days at the regional college was what every high school senior at my school looked forward to. Every October, on Columbus Day Weekend, they hosted Fall Campus Days for prospective students, and since my brother was already there, I got to go spend the entire weekend. What a trip that was! After hearing about all the hot college coeds, I was really anxious to experience campus life with my brother Tim.

Unfortunately, I would also have to put up with his roommate Rob, who had been my arch-nemesis for a decade. They had roomed together on campus the first two years, but this third year they had their own apartment off campus. On the bright side of that, I figured I would get to see Lisa too.

I arrived on Friday afternoon, driving my own car, a 1976 Ford Fairlane painted candy apple red. My dad and I had restored it together and it was my graduation present, but he let me drive it all senior year before I graduation. Parking where Tim had instructed me to park, I grabbed my duffel bag, locked the car, and dashed across the grassy commons toward my brother’s apartment complex. Finding his door, I pounded on it with enthusiasm until he answered, a strange look on his face.

“You’re early,” he said as he opened the door wide enough to let me in, then closed it quickly. I noticed that he was shirtless and wearing a pair of shorts that didn’t quite conceal the fact that I had obviously interrupted something important, much to both of our embarrassments.

“Busy?” I asked with a grin.

“None of your damn business, kid. Don’t be so nosy.” But he was smiling as well. Waving toward the living room, he said, “Make yourself at home. I’ll be out in a little.” And I watched him disappear down the short hallway to the bedroom.

I turned on the TV, thankful he had cable because nothing was on the regular stations but evening news. I found some old reruns to watch and entertained myself with the antics of my favorite TV characters until it was dark outside. I hadn’t seen much of my brother at all, and then the phone rang. It rang twice, and I waited to see if Tim was going to answer it. When it jangled the third time, I picked it up. “Hello?”

“Simon?” came a girl’s voice I found slightly familiar.

“Yeah?” I replied.

“Wow! Hey, this is Lisa!”

I nearly dropped the phone. “Hey, Lisa! What’s going on?”

“Nothing,” she laughed. “I just thought I’d call and see if you made it. What are you guys up to?”

“Nothing,” I replied. “Tim’s been in his bedroom since I got here. And I haven’t seen Rob.”

“Oh, you won’t see Rob. He’s gone for the weekend. Fishing, or something.” She paused. “So who’s there with Tim?”

“I haven’t seen her.”

“Yeah, well, that’s not a surprise. Want me to come over?”

My heart was pounding furiously in my chest, and I barely managed to croak out, “Yes!”

“Great! I’ll see you in an hour.”

Just as I was hanging up, Tim came down the hallway, still dressed in his shorts. “Who was that?”

“Lisa,” I replied, flushing hotly. “She said she’d be over in an hour.”

“Oh yeah,” he said hoarsely, going into the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of beer, which he popped open and swigged heavily from. With a grin, he waved the bottle my way and said, “If you want one, just don’t tell Mom.”

“Thanks,” I replied, but I didn’t want one. I thought it tasted like horse piss.

“Lisa’s has been wondering when you were going to come over. I think she’s got the hots for you, bro.”

“Really?” I asked, surprised.

Tim shrugged. “I’m going to hop in the shower. Want to order pizza for later?”

“Okay,” I replied, then watched him disappear into the bathroom. As soon as I heard the shower running, I slipped down the hall and quietly turned the knob on his bedroom door.

Not too much to my surprise, there was a girl in his room. Neither was it much of a surprise to see that she was tied up, blindfolded and gagged. Whoever she was, she was a beautiful girl with short black hair and a nice tan. She had a nice body too. She was thin but muscular, probably an athlete. Tim never talked about his girlfriend, or girlfriends as the case may be, so I had no information whatsoever to go on. She had nice breasts too, small and firm, which I got a good look at because the sheet that had been covering her had slipped off of them.

She was splayed across the bed, her hands tied to the headboard with scarves, her feet tied to opposite corners of the footboard. A white cloth was tied across her eyes, and another one was stretched tightly between her lips. It was thick and spread her mouth wide, and knowing my brother as well as I did, I guessed something was probably stuffed into her mouth behind it. She made no noise, and did not move at all except to breathe, and I was glad she was blindfolded because I was enjoying the sight. I was enjoying it so much that I didn’t even realize the shower had stopped running until I felt my brother’s hand closing over my mouth.

I didn’t even resist as he pulled me backward out of the room and gently closed the door, all the while keeping his hand firmly over my lips. When the door was closed, he moved me across the hall into what I guessed was Rob’s room and said, “Little brother, you are way too nosy.”

“Mmmmm-hmmmmm,” I responded, grinning beneath his hand.

“I’m going to have to keep you out of trouble.” My brother hadn’t tied me up in years, not since that time Tiffany had gotten him to tie me and her friend Jennifer up as a joke on me, but I knew that was exactly what he had in mind. He shoved me down on the bed and reached into a drawer by the bedside. I should have known that Tim or Rob would have handcuffs, which is what he pulled out and snapped around my wrists, locking my hands behind my back. I laughed.

“Aren’t we a little old to be playing cops and robbers?”

“I’m not,” he replied. He got up off the bed, and reached into the dresser drawer for some rope. I rolled onto my side to see what he was doing, but immediately found myself back on my stomach as he flipped me over and began tying my knees together. He then bound my feet and bent my legs back, running the rope through my belt to hog-tie me. He stood up and said, “That should keep you.”

I thought he was going to leave, so I said, “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“Oh yeah. You always did like being gagged, didn’t you Simon?”

I grinned and watched as he rummaged in one of the drawers. Suddenly, I remembered whose room this was and I started to protest as he pulled a pair of white socks from the drawer. “Hey, can’t you use something else? Are those cleannnmmmmmppppphhhhh!” He choked off my question by stuffing one of the rolled up socks into my mouth, cramming until the entire thing was back past my teeth, then he stretched its mate between my lips and knotted it tightly at the back of my head. This was just perfect!

“To tell you the truth, I always liked you gagged, Simon. I hated your whiny little voice.” He laughed and pinched my cheeks, to which I replied with a muzzled epithet that I’m sure he understood. “Don’t let Mom hear you use those words, little brother. Now see if you can stay out of trouble.” And to my chagrin, he flipped off the light and closed the door.

I struggled in my bonds for a while, trying to see if I could work my legs loose. If I could get out of the hog-tie, there was a good chance I could work my arms around in front of me and then find the key to the handcuffs. But I figured that Tim had tied me in a way I would never get out of. I grunted in frustration, excited by the sound of my own voice smothered in a wad of sock, and I felt my own excitement growing against the mattress beneath me. I continued to struggle, knowing exactly what would happen if I wriggled long enough, moaning into my gag. I don’t know how long I’d been there, but I was enjoying myself to the fullest when suddenly the door opened and the light came on, and one of the sweetest voices I had ever heard said, “Well, well, well, Simon. Looks like you’re in quite a bind.”

Campus Nights

I just remember Lisa looking so hot, standing there in a pair of jeans and a pull over that hugged her figure nicely and showed off her new belly-button ring. And I felt so foolish, lying there with my hands cuffed behind my back, my legs tied up against my butt, and my mouth stuffed and bound with a pair of socks, her brother’s socks no less. I “mmmmmpppppphhhhhhhed” into the gag and struggled a bit, just staring at her and feeling my pulse racing as she stared back at me with a quizzical smile on her ruby red lips. She came in and closed the door, then sat down on the bed beside me and untied the sock around my mouth.

After she plucked its mate from my mouth, I drew in a deep breath and licked my grinning lips. “Thanks,” was all I could manage to say.

Lisa winked at me and said, “I haven’t seen you like this in a long time, Simon. It brings back a lot of good memories.”

I felt my face flushing hotly at those memories. Since I was eight, I had been playing these kinds of games with my brother and friends, and since I was thirteen, Lisa had been part of my games as well. She had been my willing victim a number of times, and I hers, for a few years, until we outgrew “pliking” and started doing more grown up things like sports and cars and dating, but not each other. I had of course continued to entertain myself by tying up my little sister Tiffany and her friends from time to time, often at their request, and I had become rather adept at tying myself up—which I also did from time to time, when I had guaranteed privacy—but I had not played tie-up with Lisa in nearly three years.

Still grinning at me, Lisa said, “Do you want me to untie you, Simon?”

“You don’t have to,” I was surprised to hear myself reply.

“Oh,” she said softly. “Well, how about if I untie your legs so you can roll over?” Without waiting for an answer, she released my hog-tie and I stretched out with a groan of relief. Then suddenly, she was rolling me over, and I realized that I still had an enormous and unsatiated bulge in the front of my jeans. I tried to fight her, but she succeeded in putting me on my back, and then her eyes widened at my obvious excitement. “You always did enjoy yourself when we played, didn’t you?”

“I, uh, guess so.”

“You had a woody that first time I tied you up, remember?”

I did indeed remember, being tied to a chair by a pretty fourteen year old, and being nearly as excited as it was possible for a thirteen year old boy to be. At the time I would have given anything to have her reach out and touch me, who knows where those thoughts had come from at the time. Now laying there on the bed and practically at Lisa’s mercy, the thought crossed my mind again. As if sensing my thoughts, she reached out and stroked my face with a smile.

“Did I interrupt something here, Simon?”

I didn’t know what to say, so I swallowed and gave her a half nod.

To my utter shock, she moved her hand down from my face to my crotch and gave me a gentle squeeze. I gasped and nearly sat up straight, but she leaned over and pinned me to the mattress, pressing her breasts against my chest as she picked up the sock that had been pulled from my mouth. “I’m so sorry about that Simon. Why don’t I put things back right, and then we can finish what you started.”

Lisa had never talked to me that way, and there had never been anything more than friendship between us. I opened my mouth and felt her pushing the sock between my lips. Spreading my jaw wide, I took the sock with little more than a grunt, then raised my head up for her to tie its mate back around my mouth. She kissed me softly over the gag and returned her hand to my fly. A moment later it was open, and I was standing to attention through the opening. Horrified and thrilled simultaneously, I kept my eyes on her as she started stroking me, stretching out on the bed beside me and propping her head up so she could keep an eye on my face and on her work at the same time. Suddenly my entire body jolted, convulsing almost violently as I shouted my exclaim into the gag and expended myself beneath her unexpected ministrations.

I had a feeling this was the start of something a lot more than just a friendship

Silent Simon

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