last summer camp was awesome !

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last summer camp was awesome !

Postby Joker21 » Thu Jul 30, 2015 4:25 pm

Summer camp- 7th grade – near midnight:

We reached the back door of the gym easily . i gently pushed the door open. Me and Anna tip toed inside and i closed the door carefully not to make any extra noise .
“Jacob I really appreciate that u came with me”. I nodded with smile then i picked a big pen out of my shorts’ pocket. I rotated the tip and a tiny flash light was turned on.
“nice" she said. We found our way through the training room, on the way i tapped on one of the ping pong tables “i love ping pong, what about u ? u never came down here right?”
“no I don't know how to play. mostly I play ball with others”
“oh if u like i can teach u ,sometimes”
“thnx. Ok. Maybe...” . I kep silence all the way to the girls' locker room.
“wait..” she stopped suddenly “i changed my mind . i don’t wanna get u in trouble let’s go back i can come find it tomorrow”
“oh no we came all this way, u said u left something here now let's find it. Sorry i’m not really a good company ,u probably wish Andrew has accepted to come”
“no i didn’t mean that, u’r great ! i appreciate ur help but it’s.. dark i can't even find it anyway.”
“here..” i handed her my pen/light “ ..go ahead i ..wait here”
“uh.. it’s not that" ,"just go" I walked away from the door dropping my head down and she entered. Depressed of how I lost this only opportunity to tell her about my feelings suddenly i heard a strange noise! It was a very unclear voice , like someone talking behind a thick wall, directly coming from down the hallway leading to boys' locker and bathroom. " hello? Anyone there?" I carefully approached the bathroom, the remaining area was pure black. I decided to go back but the muffled voice started again and it was so close, I bent over to take a look inside the bathroom. My heart was on race , there were no window around but when my eyes adjusted to the dark I recognized a figure , mostly like someone was sat on a chair and… was stuck to it somehow.
I heard a giggle from behind , a red dot appeared few feet away from me, my heart stopped for a moment and my breath stuck inside and then a very blinding light flashed. i saw a glimpse of some familiar faces attacking and one standing with a camera aimed at me, and in a heartbeat i felt my legs being raised and my arms grabbed firmly, the camera was constantly flashing and about 3 or 4 hands were holding my mouth shut. Against all my struggles i was carried easily inside the bathroom where the lights turned on and i met my captors. Jason with his famous devious grin on his freckled face immediately tied a rag around my neck then i noticed Ashley running around me in circle wrapping my upper body and arms; i tried to raise my hand in resistance but my wrists got pulled back and i felt some thin cord digging in my skin, Jason knotted the gag securely behind my neck and when he moved i saw Peter, my rival in ping pong game. he grabbed my feet and rolled me on my belly to wrap my ankles easier . i faced a bare foot in flip flops, following it up i reached Monica’s happy face who was finished tying my wrists and have kneeled to help Ash securing a knot, of course Trance was standing above all to film the whole thing. i was picked up to sit and found that it was Shawn who was roped to the chair, legs secured to chair legs and apparently hands pulled all the way behind and his mouth was tapped. I tried to hut and alarm Anna to save herself , but I got shocked and kinda broken when i watched her march in with no sign of surprise in her face.

“nice catch Anna, we’ve got a geek!”
“yea but i thought u lure Andrew! “ Ashly mentioned still making sure my bindings are secure “ooh yes that snob son of a bitch! God i wanna mess up his hair so badly!” said Monica with all excitement.
"yup! I couldn’t convince him and then…" Anna stopped and looked at me." look guys .Jacob is a nice guy . let him go, he won't tell anyone" .
"nah if we wanted to risk we wouldn’t start it in the first place Anna" Peter mocked then raised my chin with his fist "plus, me and Jacob had agreed on a rematch after our last game, right buddy?". i figured my sneakers are being pulled off “yes! supplies for next mission, though he doesn’t have socks. Mon?” Jason said busy removing the laces off my sneakers.
“sorry, Shawn here has my last pair “ she giggled while tickling poor Shawn's neck making him twist.
“ok let’s join the others” Ash muttered and they dragged me out and into the darkness, leaving moaning Shawn with giggling Monica.

the entrance to the locker room was dark but a rechargeable lamp standing on a pile of bags and backpack was shedding a dim light around the area, revealing my other friends in bound!
At the right corner was Laura in her favorite basketball jersey sitting on the floor . her long arms was all stretched up and tied with scarves to the locker handle . Chloe was sat on a bench facing us at the other side. Her feet tied up in front of her with only one sock on. Behind her Brandon was seated in opposite position. The tape on his mouth shined as he turned his head to see us. I was carried and dropped in front of a bunch of shoes . Ash’s feet touched my nose when she passed by me approaching the bound couple, from here i could see that Chloe’s hands were tied behind her while Brandon's were tied in front but also firmly pinned to his body by lota layers of tape that has wrapped their upper bodies together. “what did u say?” Ash pinched Chloe’s side making her to scream then jumped to the other side of the bench and grabbed bran’s feet tightly ,making it easy for Pet to remove the belt from his jeans. Bran was thrashing around wildly while Ash’s tickling his helpless feet. I was rolled to my other side by Trance ,facing Laura now. Pete forcefully pulled my hands back and Trance helped him pushing my feet the same direction . meanwhile I was watching Jason tickling Laura's defenseless armpits. The room was filled with screams all muffled just like Shawn's. Pete has finished belting my hands and feet together . then he turned me on my belly and started tickling my sides. I was trussed like a turkey and had no choice but keep thrashing around in my bounds and joining the laughter. it got worse since Ash jumped on my legs and started tickling my bare soles with her sharp nails. Desperately i tried wiggle away from their hands, twisting to my side to cover each; but i was pulled back. after a minute or two it stopped, i took a moment to catch my breath and then heard Anna's voice. “that’s enough.. stop”
“we’re just having fun Ann! the whole thing was ur idea anyway” Trance protested. “ yes but we planned to have 6 people ...”
_”yes each of us get one “ Ash cut Anna’s sentence having a big grin on her face
_ “...yes, and then we can play with them. Starting right now is unfair, we don’t want to hurt them. It’s just a game. Come on let’s get ready i a have plan for the next one” she then leaded everyone out of the room.. “i’m sorry Jacob. I shouldn't have asked u to come, oh here..” she showed me my little flash light and put it on a bench and left the behind others locker room. Peter was the last one “ i take this with me. u all should have a rest” he picked the lamp and left the room.

Darkness, solitude, silence; usually i love these elements but not when I'm trapped all tied up and gagged waiting for my doom!. We couldn't take anymore, they should think of something. “guys! We should get out” i said but of course only heard muffled moaning. However this response was enough, They would have tried if there was any way out. Struggling was in vain, we couldn't even communicate. Uh Only if Bran could take off his gag, i figured probably his hands are pinned down by the wrapping tapes so he can’t re ... wait a minute! He may not be able to reach up to his head but maybe he can reach down and untie my hands! i Immediately explained my theory for them, the excitement in their moans sounded like approval. There was only one problem though, he couldn't possibly see me in this pure darkness. Then i remembered my flash light. Unfortunately it was far away and even if i could reach it how could i grab that like this, it was on top of the bench and all benches were bolted on floor .there was no chance to shake and drop it down. “huh Laura can u reach the flash light, the one Anna put on the bench?” i asked her , the noises of locker door were suggesting she’s stretching with all might tugging on her wrist bounds. The rest of us kept our breath in waiting when we heard something hitting the floor. I sighed and relaxed , there goes our only hope. Suddenly i felt an object hitting hard on my arm, the light? Bingo Laura, she succeed to reach and pass it with her feet . i rolled happily and grabbed it with my hand, turning it on to check if works i saw Laura’s excited face gesturing me to “go”. After informing Chloe and Bran to get on the floor for an easier reach i started wiggling my way while directing the light in their location. I was so slow that Laura decided to put her care feet against my knees and give me a boost. Thanks to her i reached them already sitting on their knees, good thing they both were top athletes of the school. Bran started working on my bounds while i held the flash light, which was meddling in his work. Chloe noticed that and stretched her tied arms by her side demanding the light. I crawled forward and handed the light then got back to my position. Now Chloe was holding the light on my wrists for Bran who still had no success. It was understandable as his hands were tied for a long and probably lacked the strength to deal with such tight knots. I should have thought about something else!
Quickly i changed the plan and told him to only unbuckle the belt. It was easier and after that i could stand up and use my teeth to untie Laura’s wrists. They were tied by scarves so the knots had to be easier to be undone. It didn’t take much from him to finish the task. With the strong feeling of relief i got on knees, bending over for Bran to untie my gag as well. After few leaning, twisting ,trying and failing i finally managed to stand on my numbed feet . i hopped toward while Chloe and Bran were following me to lighten the path like a two pieced crab!. We arrived next to the locker where noises from outside frozen us. They were already back? Of course, they’re preparing for the jump scare prank! I rushed to work on her binds with my teeth. Footsteps and echoed voice were getting closer, damn! the knot was tighter than i thought. I kept trying from all angels to find a slack but Laura’s loud yelling stole my attention. the voice shouting “what’s going on here?” was already inside the room. I bit the scarf and pulled one last time with all power , i lost the grasp and only thanks to Trance’s fast move i didn’t hit the ground. “dude are u insane? How did u..” he grabbed the light from Chloe and looked at me again “ur gag too? Ok u got urself in bigmmhg..” he couldn't finish with Laura's hand grabbing him from behind while twisting his arm on his back . "ok now it's time for revenge" Laura winked at me and two other happy captives.

Bran was the last one i untied. After we got rid of his bindings we got back to girls who had trance wrapped up very good with same materials we were tied up with. “u will wish u didn’t do this . u can’tuhmmp” Chloe took off her only sock and shoved it inside his mouth letting Laura to secure it with a scarf. "shh we're coming back for u" Laura said to him.
We sneaked through the dark hall, after reaching he bathroom we covered behind the wall scanning inside. The chargeable lamp was put on Shawn's hip lightening his sweaty reddish face. Monica was standing beside Shawn's chair talking with Peter standing not far from the door.
“what’s this noise anyway? Who’s still moaning!?”
_”don’t worry .Trance went to check on them, he’s probably is having ” Pete smirked. Shawn still gasping into the stuffed sock looked up and was surprised to see his fellow captives free in front of the door, we signaled him to shush. In a smart move he started moaning angrily , distracting our targets so we got the chance to surprise them as well. I went forward and others followed, carefully crouching inside while Peter and Mon were questioning Shawn about her sudden discomfort. i counted down with my fingers then Me and Chloe jumped on Peter while Bran and Laura attacked Mon, She screeched and peter start thrashing around like a bull to knock us down. Well i’m ashamed to say he succeed, Chloe fell back while i was pushed the other direction landing right on my butt. I was still shaken when Peter appeared in front of me “oh boy now u’r gonna get it” he said approaching me while picking a coil of my own shoe laces from his pocket.

“get off me, what u doing? no” ,”take his socks” , “ grab him, Anna” , “no what ‘s that noise? What ughmmpp”; these rabbles continued for a while outside the bathroom. I kept moaning in my gag and wiggling on the chair till four dark figure appeared in doorway, one being Andrew who was dragged in. I was nervous, Peter’s feet was still kicking the chair leg.
“hey Trance u don’t wanna film this one?” Jason shouted “he’s probably busy he’ll come” answered Shawn and entered behind them as Ashly helped Andrew kneeling in the middle “so welcome to our prison Andrew. Where we.. what the?” before she could finish the intro i turned the lamp on , taking down my gag i yelled “get them” and then i joined my ambush team to attack our frozen ex captors! Shawn grabbed Jason before he could flee, Chloe and Bran tackled Ashly down and grabbed Anna, who was already surrendering. Next ten minutes passed by knotting ropes, cord and shoes laces. i tied Anna’s wrists and ankles quickly with torn pieces of tshirt .
” but, how did u..”,”..together!” i responded her question before finished and took a proud look upon my fellows. Ash’s begging got muffled by Chloe tightening the gag around her neck, meanwhile Bran has taken off her shoes form those tied up ankles. In the other side Shawn changed place with Laura who had been locking Peter and Mon’s necks in her arms this whole time and placed Monica on the floor and sat on her back “ok where were we?” he tickled under her neck ignoring her insane struggles. By the corner ,topless Peter was squirming hard looking back at me with raging eyes and cursing moans. I smirked and looked the other side when Jason awaited Laura ,laying on the floor with enormous cloth ball stuffed in his mouth, already making his face red. Laura looked back with a victorious smile “but what about him?” she pointed at Andrew, still confused trying to talk through his own black socks. “i don’t know , does anyone even want to untie him?” Chloe replied, Shawn looked at him and shrugged ” we might get in trouble if they are more than us, u know if they tell on us”
_”we might anyway, but the more the merrier. But i say that's up to Jacob” Bran add “yes boss what u say?” Laura followed as all five looked back at me.
I glanced at Anna’s pretty face, which always soothed me since the 6th grade “yes what u wanna do with us?” she asked barely able to hide her grin, “don’t worry we’re not gonna hurt u” i smiled and slowly took her sandals off .
“personally i don’t care if they tell on us, i say let’s have some fun” i announced and held another piece of cloth in front of Anna’s lips “u want anything before i gag u Ann?”
“yes please, could u sometimes... teach me ping pong? “ she replied with a big smile. i gave back an even bigger one and tied the gag around her neck and keeping my eye contact reached her bare soles poking them slightly. Her eyes widened ,she blushed and inhaled a deep breathe. "ready?"

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