(What If) My Close Calls

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(What If) My Close Calls

Postby james bound 1997 » Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:52 pm

Close Call #1
Two years it was my friends birthday party where being 16 we all decide to have an house party. When i arrived everyone had already in full swing but what i didn't know was my friends what to test the theory that i was into being tied up. So the birthday girl came up to me with handcuff begging me that she,her best friend and all the rest of our friends could handcuff me to the radiator which i refused. But this is where it becomes What If.
When i refused to be handcuffed. my birthday girl and best friend grabbed my free hand and clicked the handcuff on to my wrist and pulled to the nearest radiator and cuffed my other hand around the radiator pipe to which part i started to moan and groan to the girls to which the best friend took off her bandana and tied it around my mouth to which i start to mph. over the next half an hour i struggled and also being teased by many of the girls as the boy were mostly asleep by this time this is when the girls uncuffed me and let me go to which all questioned if i'd liked it to which i said no trying to hide my happy face to which we went back to talking about normal things and shortly after i left.
Close Call #2
An year later it was the same girls party and we were hanging in the park when my mate T asked me if i liked bondage to which i said No again trying to hide my guilty face to which he replied that it was a joke through the group. To which we changed the subject to computer games but my guilty feeling still had an hold on me. (What If) When he asked me the question to which i said yes to which he got the birthday girls' best friend to tie me up using her and his scarves as it was november and tied my wrists in front of me and tied my ankles together to which they make jump around for their amusement to which i got myself out and we went back to listening to music and joking around.

After these close calls i had two more which i can't share in this story that is more PG 17 / 15-18 (UK) so will post more (What Ifs) soon !!!!

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