Mischeaf Managed!

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Mischeaf Managed!

Postby Stef » Thu Jul 23, 2015 9:11 am


The story takes place in Hogwarts, the school of witchcraft and wizardry during a heavy winter where everything is covered by snow, making the scenery even more beautiful. Our heroes are;
Sally; a 14 year old ginger girl, with big beautiful green eyes , curly hair and freckles. She's quite vivid and joyful. She's at the third year in House Hufflepuff.
Grace; a 13 year old cute girl, with brown eyes, long straight black hair and a more serious attidude than the rest of her friends. She's a lot taller than Sally and keeps a low profile. Also in house Hufflepuff in the second year.
Maisie; a 13 year old girl who is very attractive, blonde with blue eyes, and a little shorter than Grace. She's very smart and a very good friend of Grace. She's at the second year at house Ravenclow.
The three girls are quite good friends despite the fact that Maisie is in a different house.
Brandon; a 15 year old boy with short brown hair, brown eyes and an athletic body. He's a little shy compared to the other boys of his age and he's at the fourth year.

Part one

-"Hey wanna do something fun and challenging tonight girls?" Sally asked her other friends while they were sitting in the great Hall just after tea time. They were all wearing their uniforms. The typical Hogwarts school outfit!
-"Define fun and challenging..." Grace replied in all seriousness.
-"Yes definetely!" Maisie said happily.
-"Well.. How about sneaking in tonight in Slytherin's chambers, and steal the small figurine (the house's symbol) which sits above the fireplace, in the hall? We'll make them look really stupid!" Sally whispered to her friends.
-"Forget it! I don't want to get into trouble" said Grace.
-"Brilliant idea! We can teach those snobs a lesson! Come on Grace, they're smartasses and snobs... And they think they know everything!" Maisie said.
-"Yes that's what i thought too! They deserve it!" Sally said looking to Grace. Then after both girls stared Grace for a few seconds, Grace smiled and agreed.
-"I guess we can do that, what could possibly go wrong?" Grace added and all of them started whispering their evil plan!

Part two

Sally and Grace agreed that it'd be better if Maisie stayed out of it because it was too risky for the girls sneaking out of two different houses in the same night and also, wanted their victory to be associated with their house; Hufflepuff. Maisie was dissapointed and got a little mad at her friends!
The two girls sneaked out, and walked cautiously at Slytherin's door. Grace was anxious and complained she was hearing footseps every now and then but Sally convinced her, that it was all in her head. It was around eleven and everyone else was asleep, except the house guard.
-"I forgot about that... What will we do now?" Grace aksed in panic.
-"Relax. We're two and he's one, we can take him! We have our wands, we can petrify him for an hour or so..." Sally whispered to her friend. They took out their wands, opened the the big door to the big hall, and split to find the guard walking on their tip-toes.
As soon as they lost sight of each other in the big dark room, Sally, heard a spell whispered from behind and in an instant, a dozen magical hands appeared out of nowhere...! One of the hands quickly clapped her mouth and the rest grabbed her and pinned her down to the floor! Grace didn't hear a thing! The hands were holding her down! She was captured and despite her efforts there was nothing she could do to get out of this situation or call for help. She glanced at the boy - guard; It was Brandon!

-"Shh.. " He whispered and walked away in the dark to get the other intruder ignoring Sally's silent protests...! She tried to warn her friend but the hand was keeping her silenced!

Part three

Grace in the meanwhile, was still unaware of what happened. She was walking by the wall when suddenly, all the candles lighted up revealing Brandon a few steps away. In an instant, while Grace stood there frozen, and before she tried to react...
"Expelliarmus!" Brandon shouted pointing his wand at her, successfully disarming her! Then Brandon, used a spell she was never heard of, and dozens of vines came out of the wall and wrapped tightly all around her body, from her ankles to her head in a matter of a split-second! The vines went also around her mouth, making an effective cleave gag! Grace now was standing there, bound and secured! She tried to protest but couldn't gagged like that!
-"Did you seriously believe you could get past a Slytherin, guarding his honourable house? " He asked rhetorically. Both girls struggled to respond but could only make muffled sounds.
-"It'be a little harder if i didn't know you were coming. A little harder yes, but still like stealing a lollipop from an eight year old!" He bragged and both girls stared at him angry and confused. Then, Maisie appeared out of nowhere taking off, her cloak of invisibility! Sally and Grace were shocked! She carried a backpack.
-"I'm glad you took care of my "friends"!" She said to Brandon smiling.
-"Yes muggleborn, and now it's time for..." He started threatening her.
-"Petrificus Totalus"! Maisie said using her wand with a quick notion, and Brandon fell to the ground petrified!

Part four

-"I'm sorry for this girls but after what you've told me, i figured out that i could claim the prize for my house too!" Maisie said and giggled. "But first, i'll take care of him... muggle-way!" She added and grabbed a couple of belts from her backpack! She tied Brandon with his hands on his sides, as he was lying petrified in an attention stance, and then, she tied his legs and feet!
Sally and Grace were struggling harder, as they were betrayed by their friend, but those spells were quite effective keeping them bound and gagged!
After Maisie finished tying him up, she casted a spell and a strange looking sticky slime was glued upon his mouth!
-"He's going to be really surprised when the petrifying spell wears off!" She said with an evil smile. Then after she stood there thinking for a moment, Maisie placed her cloack of invisibility upon her victim making him invisible!
-"I'm an evil genius!" She said to herself! Then she went to the fireplace, and claimed the figurine as there was noone there to stop her! The girls were still struggling and mmphing!
-"I guess I could help you now" Maisie said. "You know what? No i won't!" She added a second later and the bound girls, stared angrily at her as she was walking out of the room!
-"Don't worry, those spells don't last long... Only a few hours usually, so be patient...!" Maisie said and closed the door! The girls couldn't reach their wands to free themselves and a few minutes later, Grace grew tired and laid down on the floor as well!


After a few hours, before the sun rose, and after a lot of struggles, the spells finally wore off and the girls stood up and left, defeated, as if nothing happened! It took a little while for the other boys to find Brandon, struggling against his bonds and moaning invisible as he were! Maisie claimed the prize for her house and was awarded 50 points!

Mischief managed!
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Re: Mischeaf Managed!

Postby LupinMioneWolf » Mon Jul 11, 2016 3:05 pm

Ooh sly hufflepuffs

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