Gimme an Mmph! (MMM/FFFFF)

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Gimme an Mmph! (MMM/FFFFF)

Postby 31acujoker » Thu Jul 16, 2015 4:25 pm

This story and all characters featured are fictional, I sincerely hope you enjoy it


16-year-old Asian beauty Lin wandered aimlessly down the hallway in her green and gold cheer outfit, tears staining her usually bright and cheerful brown eyes. She had just broken up with her boyfriend, John, the captain of the football team, A-grade student, and student representative, oh yes he was the perfect boyfriend, or so she had thought until she saw him making out in the girls' locker room with some senior bimbo. Lin never thought there was anything wrong with how she looked, she was short at 5'3" sure, but she was pretty, so everyone told her, hell her mom was always telling her how cute her little round face was. Regular exercise meant she was nice and slim, but not so skinny that she looked like a dieting supermodel, and her shiny raven-black hair she always kept up in a ponytail, often draped over one shoulder. But the fact that John had felt the need to run off with some senior made her begin to doubt her own image...

"He's just a stuck-up asshole Lin, forget about him" her best friend, athletic blonde Katie assured her.
"I... I just thought.... he was... different" the heartbroken young girl moaned between sobs.
"I'll ask Coach if you can take a day off practice, I'll tell her you're sick or something" Katie smiled, doing her best to cheer her friend up.

Lin just had to smile back, Katie really was a good friend, her athletic figure and fierce blue eyes would always tell you she was a go-getter, but her wide, pearly-white smile was so cute and innocent that she could probably cure cancer with it if she tried. Lin needed somebody to hug, so she leaned over and rested her head on Katie's shoulder, her wavy blonde locks just inches from her face, and Katie was all to happy to receive her. They held this hug for what seemed like forever, until a new set of familiar voices broke them up:

"Lin? Katie? What's wrong girls?"
"Are you ok sweetie?"

It was Amy and Sophia, it was now, seeing all of her friends here, Lin realised that she was perfectly well off without that bastard John. Amy was a sweet, fun-loving girl of African descent, with the kindest eyes she'd ever seen, and long straight black hair which she always kept tied in a bun. Sophia, or Sophie as she preferred to be called, was a gorgeous curvy redhead with cute freckles all over her cheeks, a few girls on the team called her Ginger as an insult, so in typical Sophie fashion she adopted it as a nickname, it seemed nothing could ever upset her, unless of course one of her friends was upset...

"Oh babe are you ok?" the usually fiery redhead asked, wrapping Lin up in a nice tight hug.
"Yeah.... no... I don't know" Lin sobbed, trying to smile still.

Katie explained the situation to the two girls, who instantly entered comfort mode, Lin had seen it before with other girls, and sometimes they could be so kind and caring it was borderline obsessive. This occasion was no different, for the next hour the group of cheerleaders wandered the halls of the mostly-empty school, the downside of having to attend cheer practice after school, and Lin's three confidants showered her with attention, compliments and assurances. John was a selfish idiot, she was beautiful and deserved better, they would look after her, all those phrases friends shower on each other during a relationship crisis, until finally, somewhat to Lin's relief, it was almost time for cheer practice.


"Has anyone seen Lauren?" Sophie wondered aloud as the four attractive young girls strolled out of the main hallway towards the gym.

Lauren was like the big sister Sophie had never had, at 17 she was the oldest of their little circle of friends, all of whom were 16, with her athletic physique, skinny lips, sapphire-blue eyes and majestic blonde hair, it was no surprise she was always the one guys were asking out, not that the other girls cared though, she loved to be the outrageous show-off of the group, always playing pranks and engaging in crazy shenanigans. Right now though, none of them had a clue where she was...

"Shouldn't we go look for her?" Sophie worried
"We might as well, it's not like we don't know our routine off by heart anyway" Amy pointed out.



Lauren screamed at the top of her lungs, the volume of her pleas dampened by the socks between her teeth, and even further by the bands of silver duct tape stuck to her lips and cheeks. More tape held her legs together by binding her ankles, knees (above and below), and her thighs, and more still restrained her arms from her wrists to her elbows. The perverted bastards had tried to pull up her green pleated skirt, but her furious kicking and bucking soon discouraged them as she was just short of headbutting them.

"Plemph Hemmeemmmph!"

They'd grabbed her while she was on her way to cheer practice, checking her phone and reading that Lin had been cheated on by her boyfriend, as she'd lifted her head, the three hulking brutes in black ski masks, black hoodies and black track pants had swarmed her from all directions, and despite her spirited struggling, they had her subdued and bound with the tape within minutes, and now she was stuck in the boys' locker room with no clear sign of escape...


The girls had wandered through almost every possible inch of the school, the library, the football field, all the classrooms, hell they even checked the janitor's closet in case Lauren was having a little "alone time" with another one of her boyfriends, but they found no sign of her.

"She's not answering her cell" puzzled Sophie
"Wait, what about the boys' locker room?" asked Katie
"Katie?! We can't go in there!" Lin whined, she'd already wandered in there once by mistake, and knew just how smelly it could get.
"It's the one place we haven't looked Lin" Amy assured her.

All the way to the locker room, Sophie and Katie kept trying to call and text Lauren, receiving nothing but silence back. But as they approached the old worn brick building, they heard a curious sound...


The girls stopped, puzzled...

"What the hell was that?" Katie muttered, her voice trembling slightly


"Is that a person?" Lin inquired, her face contorted with curiosity and dread.

"Why yes Lin..."

The girls nearly jumped out of their skins as three black-clad muscle-bound teenage boys emerged behind them, recognising them clearly as the ski masks they'd worn when grabbing Lauren were gone. It was John, and his two favourite partners-in-crime, the tall, lean, blonde-haired Kyle, and shorter, but no less intimidating resident bully Mike. John towered over Lin in all his six-foot-high glory, something she'd found endearing during their time together, like he was her knight in shining armour, but now it was all too intimidating.

"And she won't be alone for much longer" the tall young man grinned, a roll of duct tape in his hand...

Part 3

"This is seriously sick what you're doing John! I break up with you for cheating on me so you go and tie my friends up?! Fu- Mmmmmmph! MMMMMMPH!"

Lin screamed as the socks her ex had taken off her feet were forced roughly into her mouth, filling her cheeks and compressing her tongue, John just laughed wickedly.

"In case you haven't noticed Lin, you don't mean very much to me at all..."

Lin's eyes went wide with a mixture of fear and disgust as his big muscular hands, hands way too big to belong to a 16-year-old, encircled her face with rounds upon rounds of duct tape, the socks now securely fixed inside her mouth. She couldn't believe she'd ever liked this jerk!

"Of course I got together with Joanna, she's hotter than you'll ever be!" He laughed cruelly, holding her by her ponytail as she was forced to look into his smug eyes.
"All done J!" Mike announced in triumph, having placed the last strip of tape over Katie's lips.

She, like the other four girls sat down on the long wooden bench, was taped up identically to Lauren, miles of tape restraining their arms from wrists to elbows, and more bands keeping their legs securely bound.

"You got the camera ready Kyle?" John asked, nice and loud so all the girls could hear.
"Sure do"
"Start it up when I say"

The girls all panicked, now they knew why John and his goons had brought them here, he intended to humiliate them! Kyle flicked his blonde locks from his eyes, a devious grin on his face as the red light on the small handheld camcorder blinked on. He started with a nice group shot, all five helpless cheerleaders struggling, kicking, bucking and pleading on the wooden bench through tight sticky bonds and speech-muffling gags, before he zoomed in on Amy's pretty tape-gagged face, the camera highlighting the stark contrast between her dark sin and the silver of the tape, which in his mind made her look all the more helpless.

"Nommmph!" Amy pleaded, trying to shield her face in her shoulder
"Aww look at that, we got a shy one guys!" John teased, laughing callously.

This prompted Lauren to really lose her temper, catching the attention of Kyle's camera-work...

"Yumph Bmmmphmmph! Wmmphmphgmmmhmmhmmymmgmmmph!!!"

The boys seemed nothing more than amused as she spouted her unintelligible rant. Kyle's invasive camera work drawing her fury to him as he focused on the helpless blonde's face, leading to a threat that, if he could understand through the gag-talk, involved both the camera and his hind quarters...

"Damn, she's feisty, I'm startin' to like this chick!" Mike teased in the background.
"Leem hmmph hmmhmmmph!" pleaded Sophie, who sat on the opposite end of the bench from her best friend.

Kyle promptly shifted his attention to the teary-eyed redhead, who like her friends had never felt so helpless and humiliated in her life.

"We'll do whatever we like with her Soph, same goes for you" the blonde boy chuckled.

Like the two before her, Kyle took great care to capture every inch of her bound body, before focusing on her face, not even duct tape could hide her cute patches of freckles it seemed. Katie meanwhile, was shooting him an unblinking glare that he had to admit made him slightly uncomfortable, though he wouldn't admit it.

"Your turn then?" he sneered, pointing the camera at her pretty gagged face, partially hidden by her luscious blonde locks. Nevertheless, she stared right at him, with a look that said: "When I get out of this...!" In fact, Kyle was so unnerved he quickly panned down to her bound body, circling round to capture her bound arms, then noticeably bypassing the final shot of her face.

"K, gimme the camera, I wanna take this one" John ordered, his hand outstretched and the most wicked smile he could ever conjure on his face. Lin was about to find out what happens when you break up with the top student of the school.

Lin had been dreading this, she knew John would go the extra mile to humiliate her, yet for the life of her she couldn't fathom why he was being so cruel! HE was the one who cheated on HER!

"Hey Babe!" The tall brute sniggered, taunting her with the camera, pretending to stroke her face in a nurturing manner, something he'd done for real several times while they were dating.

Oh, who was she kidding? Of course he was capable of this, she'd known about how he bullied the younger kids, the ones who couldn't fight back, she'd only pretended not to notice, she knew what kind of guy he was. The poor Asian beauty broke down in tears as the realisation dawned on her, she'd fallen for a bully, just because he had big strong arms, a handsome face, and could put on a charming act.

"Now, I got something to tell you..." he continued, lifting her chin up with his index finger, "... you're the most ungrateful bitch I've ever met, you're so skinny you look like a twig, your friends are a bunch of stupid bimbos, and I saw you kissing Matt Jenkins behind the football stands..."

Lin was crying uncontrollably now, how dare he?! Matt Jenkins was a well-renowned computer geek and social outcast, a nice guy but he preferred to keep to himself, but John was top student and Football Captain, and people would believe him over her and Matt, Oh God, she thought, he was going to post this on YouTube, if not show every one he could around the school, and the humiliation would be unbearable.

"So, I'm breaking up with you" He sneered, the rotten bastard.

Lin bowed her head in shame, this couldn't be happening! Katie and Amy, who were sat beside her, tried comforting her any way they could, Amy resting her head on Lin's shoulder and Katie, taking a break from delivering death-stares, took her by the hand, hidden behind their backs, they held each other tight. Lin found a small measure of comfort in this situation, she still had her friends sticking by her, they truly were the best she could ask for...

"Although before we part ways..." the tall brute jeered, relentless in his tyrade "... let's show everyone what you got under that uniform!"

Lin's eyes went wide with terror! "Nooommmmph! Nooommmmmmmmph!"

Amy was grabbed by her hair by Mike, and roughly pulled off Lin's shoulder. John had the meanest look in his eye that the poor Asian beauty had ever seen....

"Nooommmph! Plmmmph Noommmmmph!!!!!!"

John's ridiculously large hand grasped the bottom of her top, this wasn't happening, it couldn't be! He started pulling upwards....


John's head whipped around quick as a flash, his grip releasing from her shirt, causing Lin to breathe a heavy sigh of relief as she glanced over his shoulder....

It was Coach Gibbons, flanked on both her sides by the Football Coach Mr. White, and the gym teacher Mr. Hall, all three of whom had looks of pure shock and confusion on their faces.

"Boys" Coach Gibbons began "You better start explaining.... NOW!"


Word Count: 2,417 (wow :p )
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Re: Gimme an Mmph! (MMM/FFFFF)

Postby cleavegagger » Mon Jul 24, 2017 3:24 am

Very Nice story
Women are beautifull, bound and gagged women are gorgeous

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