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Postby zanev » Sun Jun 28, 2015 10:50 am


This contest runs July 1 - 31. Midnight Pacific time (to find out what time that is in your country google "what time is it in pacific")

Theme: A group setting.

Many tie ups are done one on one, which provides an interesting experience. But what if there was a group involved?

Objective: Write a Fictional or Nonfictional story, using people under 18 (no adult tie ups, no adults tying up kids, no kids tying up adults) that involve more than two people. This can be someone being tied up at a party , or a game of capture the flag where you tied up a few of your "enemies". (These were just examples) Be creative, and keep it PG.

What is PG? - No strong language. Remember we were all kids at one time, sure we cursed when we were not around adults so if it is part of your story you can include a few profanity words. However we do not want a story of f bombs in every sentence. No nudity. No suggestive nudity. No suggestive sexual acts.

Who can participate? - Anyone who has been with the board since May 1st, 2015 and before, post count does not matter. This prevents people from signing up just for the contest.

Length: We do not want to read pages and pages, as we all need to judge it. Please keep stories under 3,000 words.
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