Girls fantasy

Intimate stories of Females tying up Males

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Girls fantasy

Postby Jailbrk » Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:35 pm

Well this will be in first person but i hope you guys enjoy--

We are in your room. No different from the usual beside the fact your family won't be coming back for a while leaving you so helplessly alone with me. I grinned, closing the door as you stood there looking like you were about to die.
"Sit on the chair" You swiveled the chair around so if was facing me and my grin spread further. Knowing where the zip ties were I grabbed a few. Your arms rested on the arm rests and I zip tied your arms to them. You tried to yank out but to no avail. I chuckled, tying your ankles to the legs of the chair, making sure your legs weren't too close together but not uncomfortably too far apart either. Last but not least I grabbed the scarf with a knot in the middle of it. The story of the knot was a mystery and I'd rather keep it that way. I put the knotted portion between your teeth and wrapped it around your head and tied it as best as I could.
I nodded in satisfaction and smiled devilishly. I slowly got on top of you, straddling you as always and kissing the curve of your neck as you closed your eyes. I slid a hand under your shirt and the other hand soon followed with it. I got down from your lap and my hips met between your knees. I pushed up your shirt, kissing dangerously low and pushing up until the collar of your shirt was over your head. I kissed your warm chest tenderly and bit gently, not so afraid I'd hurt you but more so that it just wasn't my thing to bite too hard. After a bit of doing this I went back up and started kissing your neck, your head going to the right when I kissed the left side and so forth. My hand grazed the inside of the thighs and I felt a slight shift underneath me. I kissed your shoulders and a moan escaped your lips. I grinned once more.

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