Naughty college conference fun - part 3 of 3

Intimate stories of Males tying up Females.

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Naughty college conference fun - part 3 of 3

Postby Revanto » Thu Mar 17, 2016 5:02 pm

The drive back from the conference was long and uneventful. We managed to squeeze in one van and return to the college parking lot. Everyone got in their separate cars and drove off.

“I’m not feeling well,” Misha told me. “Will you stay with me?”
This was a small commuter college and it was a Sunday. The parking lot was completely empty. “Sure,” I said. “But I want to hold you as you rest.” She smiled.

We squeezed into the back of her SUV. I don’t know why everyone talks about having sex in the back of a car. I’m 6’2” and felt like only half of me could fit at any given time. But I squeezed in as best as I could. She lay her little body on me and quickly fell asleep.

It wasn’t long before I deeply regretted my decision. The position was awkward. Parts of the doors were poking me severely. I tried to carefully adjust as best I could, but didn’t want to move more than a centimeter at a time for fear of waking her.

About an hour later, she shifted in her sleep. Her hand fell on top of mine. She pulled my hand closer. How sweet! I thought. Even in sleep she reached out for me!

She pulled my hand between her legs. Her hand started closing, dragging my fingers roughly over her jeans.

Honor student I might have been, but it took way too long for me to realize that she wasn’t asleep after all!

She stopped to unzip her fly, eyes still closed. She pulled my hand towards her nakedness underneath. I resisted. “No,” I told her firmly. “We’re going to do this MY way.” She finally opened her eyes.

Misha was meek and submissive, her expression quickly glazing over into subspace as I gathered a few things. I positioned her to be sitting in the center of the back seat of the car. I pulled her jeans down and off--she liked that--and did the same with her sweater and bright orange t-shirt. I took my two wrist wraps and tied each wrist to a headrest, spread apart. There was enough length left for me to trail it down and tie to her thighs, keeping her legs spread apart. I rolled up her sweater and tied it loosely over her eyes as a blindfold.

Then I started playing with her… slowly… teasing. I had waited long enough, now I wasn’t about to let her have what she wanted quickly! I took her nipple in my mouth, gently caressing it with my tongue. I ran my hands up and down her body. She wasn’t gagged, but she didn’t protest, she didn’t beg. She sat, her head leaned back, waiting passively, her nipples hard as gemstones. I dragged it out and teased her more, her breasts and between her legs, kissing my way up down down her neck…

Eventually I untied her. I had her step out of the car. “Touch yourself,” I told the blindfolded girl sternly. She did, right there in the open air and sunlight. When she finally got the relief she was craving, it was while she was totally exposed, and at my command.

Then she got dressed, gave me a hug and kiss, and we went back to our separate homes to unpack from our conference.

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