Naughty college conference fun - part 1 of 3

Intimate stories of Males tying up Females.

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Naughty college conference fun - part 1 of 3

Postby Revanto » Tue Mar 01, 2016 5:54 pm

In my college days long ago, I was active in many extracurricular events. There was one time I went to a conference on the far side of the state with several female and male students and the female advisor. I knew all of them from our activities, but the one that I was interested in was Misha. She was 32. She still worked from time to time as a model--her finished photos were impressive, but at college, often in sweats and glasses with a ponytail, she often didn't get a second glance. She was 5'2", with blond hair down to her shoulders.

We had taken a class together and discovered that we had some common interests. I hoped to have the chance to explore that with her. When I packed for the three-day conference, I packed some wrist wraps from my martial arts class. The rolls of wide, soft fabric should do the job nicely, I thought.

One evening at the conference the others were off somewhere--talking, drinking, walking around the town, who knew? Misha had already indicated she was feeling tired and would not be up late. When I knocked on the door of the room the female students and advisor were using, she was there, in blue pajamas with cartoon pictures of bunnies and clouds on them.

I invited her into the room the male students were using. Like the women, they were all out. We chatted briefly, but I knew we were pressed for time--not knowing when the others would come back.

"I want to tie you up," I blurted, heart pounding.

She smiled. "Okay!"

Dang, I'm smooth.

I had played tie up games as a child, and had a few very brief tie-up experiences in my teen years, but generally they only lasted a matter of minutes and were seen by the girls as nothing more than a game. This would be the first time I would get to tie up a woman who fantasized about being tied up.

I showed her the wraps. She held her hands out. "No," I told her. "Lay facedown." I pulled her wrists behind her and wrapped them together with the wrist wrap, tying it off. I rolled her onto her back--then pulled a blanket close. If someone came in on us, I could throw the blanket over her and she could likely untie herself. It would still be very awkward, but it was something.

She smiled at me expectantly. I looked her up and down, licking my lips. Tied up, even in silly pajamas, she looked hotter than she had ever looked before.

"Well?" she asked, a slight teasing tone to her voice.

"Uh... um... do you mind if I..." I waved towards her pajama top.

"Please," she breathed huskily, and closed her eyes.

Very, very slowly, I reached to the top button of her pajama top. I had never undressed a woman before, and had been raised in an extremely conservative Christian household. I was almost afraid that if my hands brushed against her breasts, they would catch fire. I loosened the button, revealing a little more skin.

I paused, nervous. I looked at her. Her eyes were closed. Her expression was... peaceful... sublime. Clearly, she had been craving the opportunity to be tied up. She was already in what I later learned to be subspace. She was in a trance, a living doll, tied up and waiting for me to do as I wish, or just admire the sight.

I continued to unbutton her. Very slowly... one button at a time... pausing... and slowly undoing the next button. As my confidence and excitement grew, I tried to make it more teasing than awkward and nervous. I planted a butterfly-light kiss on her below her throat.

Then the crucial moment. She was completely unbuttoned. The flaps of her shirt lay loosely in place, protecting her modesty. Did I dare uncover the forbidden knowledge? Did she want me to open her top? I waited a long, long moment, my heart in my throat, eyeing her.

Eyes closed. A peaceful, contented, entranced look. Her nipples made stiff bumps in the fabric of her pajama top.

I slowly reached for the edges of her pajamas and unfolded them as if unwrapped a present, revealing her lovely firm breasts. I sat there and drank in the sight.

Believe it or not, I was too shy and nervous to do anything else. It wasn't long before I dressed her again and untied her so she could return to her room before anyone saw us. She gave me a hug goodnight and smiled at me mischievously before leaving.

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Re: Naughty college conference fun - part 1 of 3

Postby canuck100 » Thu Mar 03, 2016 1:50 pm

Glad to read that this is only the first of three parts. Excellent work!


Re: Naughty college conference fun - part 1 of 3

Postby Revanto » Thu Mar 03, 2016 7:09 pm

Thanks for the comment! I wasn't sure if anyone had read my post or not lol. And thanks for keeping the site going! I read the stories you had posted many, many years ago, but never posted. It was only more recently that I thought to search for it and found it had changed to a forum!

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Re: Naughty college conference fun - part 1 of 3

Postby SelenaGfan » Fri Mar 04, 2016 2:53 am

Good so far.You should post the next parts here as a reply i stead of new topics lime I see part two is now,it makes for easy reading.
Just some friendly advice.


Re: Naughty college conference fun - part 1 of 3

Postby Revanto » Fri Mar 04, 2016 4:37 am

Thanks for the thought--next time I do a multi-part story I'll do that

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Re: Naughty college conference fun - part 1 of 3

Postby bound-black-girl lover » Sun Mar 13, 2016 9:16 am

Pajamas! ... 7dd335.jpg
LOVE women in MATCHING pajama sets (ESPECIALLY the button-front top ones)!
The "thing" about pajamas is that they are "only" worn in the privacy of the bedroom
(unless you are the Kardashians!) ... Hills.html
making them VERY INTIMATE!

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