Fun with a co-worker

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Fun with a co-worker

Postby Livin_My_Dream » Sun Oct 25, 2015 8:38 am

I never had the kind of fun like I have at my current job before. Co-workers usually talk and joke around about things but I have never taken things further. I deliver office supplies and had been assigned a partner to work with. Her name was Laura and she was a very outspoken woman. I guess it went along with having orangish/red hair. Besides being easy to speak her mind, Laura also wasnt shy talking about things that were sexual in nature, making jokes or flat out talking about her experiences. Occasionally, she talked about using handcuffs and I had later on in time made a comment when she brought up the topic again by saying I should get her some golden handcuffs for Christmas. She was quick to reply, "Dont forget a gag..." I couldnt get the visual of her handcuffed and gagged out of my head the rest of the day.
I worked with her for a couple months, still talking about anything and everything. One day out on the road making our deliveries, we got into talking about sex again and she had made a comment about how she had a closet for her leather attire for bedroom games. I think she was mostly telling false stories to get me going even though I'm not into that kind of thing, but imagining her in something tight did get me going. I did always fantasize what she would look like in spandex leggings and a sports bra. I adjusted myself in my seat as she looked over at me a laughed, asking if I was doing alright. I told her I was even though I was lying and she knew it and laughed again. Laura asked if she made me excited and I nodded a yes. She continued teasing me by talking about sexual things until I jokingly told her she had better stop before she ended up getting tied up and gagged in the back of the truck. She laughed at that, saying I wouldnt do that to her but she was wrong... I turned down a road then pulled into a parking lot that was hardly being used. Once parked and had the truck shut off, I took her by the arm with her asking me what I was going to do then called me a bad boy. I just replied it was time for a lunch break. She giggled on the way to the back of the truck. Once there, I grabbed a roll of packaging tape we carried and asked Laura to hold out her hands with her wrists together. She did as I began wrapping the tape around them, tying them together. I tore off the existing roll and put it aside. Thinking fast, I grabbed some heavy duty zip ties we use to hold boxes in place on the shelves. I threaded one between her wrists then closed off a big loop. I then took another and looped it through the first to extend its reach for me as I had Laura raise her hands and I attached the newer tie to a fitting screwed into the ceiling of the truck. I pulled the second tie closed to shorten the working area of the two ties between the fitting and Laura's wrists. I now had her tied to the ceiling. She needed one more thing. I carry a handkerchief as a sweat rag if needed but I hadnt used it for awhile. It was still clean to be useful as a gag for Laura while having fun in the back of the truck. I cleave gagged her with it then stood back to take a look at my work. I loved the view of Laura tied and gagged and watching her try to see if she could get loose. I had her secured nicely to move on to more fun by feeling her up through her clothing at first. I then opened her uniform shirt and got her pants pulled down around her ankles. After taking good look at a different, and never seen before, view of Laura, I went on to feel her up again and explore her some more until everything got the best of me to eventually get the truck rocking while Laura was still in her helpless condition. It was the best lunch break I had ever and when Laura had her gag removed, she said she had a very good time also then added that we should stop for lunch more often. I soooo agreed with her!

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