Jewel's first time on the other side of a knot.

Intimate stories of Males tying up Females.

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Jewel's first time on the other side of a knot.

Postby Kkonii1 » Fri Sep 25, 2015 9:15 pm

Ok, so I know I wasn't the most followed writer. And it has been a while, but I am back with fresh stories.

This is about a very lovely woman named Jewel. Now I had a different girlfriend before I met Jewel, her name is Sam. Sam decided to break up with me because the distance was killing her. I was upset and looking for new tug partners. I hadn't gotten to tie up anyone in close to five months which I thought was very sad. I went out drinking with friends looking for dates, and started looking on online sites. I found Jewel online and started flirting with her out of the blue. I randomly asked her if she was at the same place I was.

It took me a bit by surprise when she said yes. I asked her if we could get to know each other more and she said yes, but maybe only as friends. I said that I'd be happy to be "just friends" of course hoping things would shift somehow. She agreed and we decided when to meet up later in the month. We spent the better half of the next two weeks just messaging each other getting to know one another. I found out that she is a Domme and is almost always the one to tie up her play partners. I kept on messaging her even though I knew I'd probably never get to tie her up.

We met up and had lunch together and watched some anime together, Witchblade to be specific, to which we both made a lot of sexual innuendos. We played some pool then called it a night. We agreed to keep meeting up though. And boy was I happy to hear that, Jewel is about 5' 6" maybe 5' 7" with long legs that flow nicely into a curvy body with graceful arms. She has fair skin dotted with freckles anywhere and everywhere you can imagine, and her hair is a beautiful shade of natural red. She can step in the sun and her hair can catch the light as if on fire. Her eyes change colors often, but they stick to hazel or a light green usually.

But enough of pleasantries, I'm sure you want to hear about the fun stuff. After a few more dates we decided to officially go out. I had gotten to play with her a little bit, but anytime I tried anything like a TUG she refused. That is up until she found it worth her while. I got her to agree and in return I'd pay her much attention in bed. So we got a hotel room that weekend and started out just by cuddling and fooling around to a movie. After a good hour or so I asked if I could tie her up and she said yes in her haze of happiness. Before she could really turn back I had pulled out a small length of purple rope from one of my bags. I carefully wound it around her ankles and cinched it off between her ankles. I led one of the loose ends to each of her hands separately, and wrapped it around her wrist about three times before tying it off.

This made it so she couldn't lay out fully, either she had to bend at her knees or her waist to keep her hands close to her feet. She chose to keep her legs bent so she could lay on her back. This gave me a good handle to pull her legs up straight in the air, which in turn brought her hands to about mid thigh. She couldn't really move as I held her there just admiring her. I complimented her beauty, especially with her in such a predicament. She started to complain and I told her if she kept it up I'd gag her with her panties. She angrily told me to do it, which I was only too happy to oblige. She thought I was joking up until I had her black panties in her mouth tied in place with a red ribbon to match her pretty hair.

I played around with her squirming, grunting, and moaning the whole time. She definitely hadn't been tied up much but she liked it a lot while I was paying her body so much attention. I was able to take her about twice before she gave in and just kind of exploded into bliss. After catching her breathe I massaged her and cooled her down sensually. Before letting her go I snapped a few quick pics with my phone. She looked at me quizzically and knew what I was doing. I asked if I could keep the pics since I didn't know if I'd ever get to tie her up again. She growled a bit but nodded her ok. So after that I took her gag off and kissed her deeply, she kissed back just as much. I slowly and a bit reluctantly untied her so she could stretch out.

After a good long night of sleep with her in my arms I woke up to her sucking me off. After I paid her back in spades (eliciting a lovely moan) she told me she really enjoyed last night which was odd to her. But she wanted to do it again. I was all but too eager to begin again. But that is a story for another time.

I do apologize for it being short. But I have many stories about Jewel and me. Let me know if you like it and want more.
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Re: Jewel's first time on the other side of a knot.

Postby mikeysockgagged » Sat Sep 26, 2015 4:28 am

Good story cant wait to hear more
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Re: Jewel's first time on the other side of a knot.

Postby Tugsfan » Sat Jan 02, 2016 10:54 pm

Love hea ring about domme enjoying bondage !
A very good roleplayer, waiting for play with you

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