One of my earliest experiences.

Intimate stories of Males tying up Females.

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One of my earliest experiences.

Postby Cuffed_1 » Sat Apr 18, 2015 10:26 am

I was in my late teens but still considered young. I was filling out all over besides being a chubby girl, getting looks from guys all the time. I liked the attention and dressed to get more by wearing tight jeans and tops or short skirts and low cut V neck shirts. My large boobs seemed to be the main attraction of my body, although I did notice some guys checking out my ass when wearing jeans.
To get to my topic, I was hanging out with a guy friend of mine. We were the same age and grew up together and shared practically everything about ideas, dreams, and fantasies. We were watching a police TV series at his place that had a story about a woman being robbed in her home with the robbers having the woman on the floor her hands tied behind her back and her feet tied together. She was also gagged with a scarf. As the robbers went through the house, they left her alone on the floor. She was struggling frantically against the ropes that held her, trying to get loose and mmmppphhh'ing like crazy for the dramatic effect. I made a comment, saying she could have gotten loose way sooner than the amount of time she was tied up. My thought was pretty much right after the robbers left her alone with the way she was tied up. My friend disagreed, saying she was tied up well enough for how she was to give the robbers plenty of time to empty her house out.
Our disagreement led up to the suggestion that I get tied up like the woman was and see if I could get free so quickly. I agreed to the challenge and waited for my friend to go gather what he needed to try out our scenario. He returned with some rope and began untangling the little mess he had as he asked me to stand up and turn around. I did as he asked. Once getting the rope untangled, he cut off what he needed, then brought my hands behind my back and began tying my wrists together like the woman on TV had hers tied. When finished there, he asked me to lay on the floor. I slowly did, trying not to just fall over while my hands were tied. He went on to tying my feet together then tied the knot off securely. I was now laying there helpless with him standing beside me looking at his handy work. Something quickly came to his mind as he ran off, saying he would be back. Not being able to go anywhere at the time, I waited on the floor where I was tied up. He wasnt gone long as he returned with a handkerchief in his hand and a big smile on his face. He told me he almost forgot the other part of the test then knelt down beside me as he rolled the handkerchief lengthwise at opposite corners then put the middle of the handkerchief in my mouth then tied the ends behind my head. I mmmmppph'ed a little to test it out with my friend saying it looks like I will finally be kept quiet for a change. I gave him a glare then called him a name in a muffled way that my gag would allow.
He then said if this was the same situation as the woman on TV, I should be loose by now, according to what I had said earlier. With that being said, I began to struggle against my ropes. I was tied very well by my friend and I was putting some major effort into my struggling to where I sounded like the woman on TV under my gag. I silently cursed him for doing such a good job on me. Being gagged would just waste some good words I had for him.
I continued my struggling until I worked up a little sweat rolling around on the floor with my friend watching a laughing at my loss for my half of our disagreement. I was eventually worn out and was laying on my side as I looked up at him staring at my chest. I gave him a hhhummph! to get his attention which snapped him out of his trance. He apologized over and over while I glanced down at what he "may" have been looking at. I saw I had some buttons of my shirt pop open during the struggling show I gave him. It wasnt enough to show too much but it did show some skin with some cleavage to get his interest. As I glanced down, I noticed how much it did get his interest from the bulge he had in his pants.
After some more apologies and him trying to explain that seeing me struggle and having my breasts jiggling around like they were, he got excited. I couldnt argue with that after seeing him with a boner. He then complimented my butt in my faded jeans, saying he also liked watching it while I struggled. I was liking his compliments as well as being excited myself being tied and gagged while someone was watching me.
Having had a chance to rest up a little, I rolled around on my back then worked myself up to a sitting position. I felt a breeze on my exposed skin where my shirt had opened. I was sure from where he was standing from me, he had a good view of my chest. He did take a few glances at my chest then looked back up at me. I then gave him a umph with a movement of my head to motion to him to do what he wanted to me.
He was unsure for a moment then he knelt down in front of me asked for sure if it was ok, since I was tied up and gagged like I was. I nodded a yes with a umm hmmph, with him slowly reaching out cupping my tits in his hands. He then squeezed them over and over for awhile through my shirt and bra until he got brave enough to unbutton my shirt the rest of the way to get at my tits more easier. He grabbed and caressed them for some time as he said he always wanted to feel them up. I actually let out a muffled moan with him asking if I liked being touched by him. I nodded a yes. He then said I might like something more as he slid my open shirt with my bra straps off of my shoulders. He then lowered the cups of my bra down to expose my breasts. He played with them a little before holding one while licking and sucking on my erect nipple. I let out some more muffled moans while he worked on one nipple then the other.
Eventually he had his fun kissing my bare breasts and chest while his hand felt up my hip and thigh before I felt it slid between my legs where he began to rub my crotch. I was moaning more, as much as my gag would allow. He was turning me on more that I already was. He looked at me in my worked up condition while still rubbing my crotch. He groaned that he wished he could fuck me. I opened my eyes, giving him a nod of approval with, Im sure, was a dazed look from feeling sooooo good.
He quickly untied my feet as he told me how he wanted to try it from behind. I was ready for anything with him. Once my feet were set free, I got up on my knees with him as he opened my jeans. He moved around behind me and gave me a nudge to bend over. I did, feeling his hands on my hips then my ass, getting in a quick feel before tugging my jeans then my panties down as far as he could to my knees. After hearing him behind me getting himself ready, he was soon inside me. We both let out a moan as he pushed himself in deep. Still being gagged, mine wasnt as clear as his but Im sure he liked the sound of it and the other muffled sounds he brought out of me while going to town on me. His hands were all over my hips and ass while he banged me from behind. Soon he bent over me, grabbing at my tits that swung from my chest from his thrusting. He felt so good inside me. I was very noisy under my gag and I thought it was probably a good idea to be gagged so I wasnt heard outside the house, especially when I came. I was fucked a good 10 to 15 minutes by him until he pulled out to shoot his load on my butt cheeks.
He let go of my hips he had a grip of during the last part of him drilling the crap out of me and I dropped down on the floor to compose myself after some good fucking. He hovered over me a while, grabbing more at my tits and ass until he rolled me on my back. My pants and panties were pulled completely of then he maneuvered himself between my legs, stuffing his new boner back inside me. I was drilled again for some time while he had better access to my breasts during his second round on me. I came a second, screaming under my gag which made him got him excited as well as he let out a loud groan himself and began twitching on me. I knew he was cumming in me but with being tied, I couldnt push him off of me. He was too into it to control himself to pull out and soon it was all over. I cursed him not caring if I was understood while gagged. He was very apologetic as he untied me. I wasnt happy with him and told him that after taking my gag off. I hoped I wouldnt get pregnant and waited for sometime after that day but didnt have any signs.
I made up with him since then and made sure when we fooled around like that again, he had protection on.

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Re: One of my earliest experiences.

Postby Jason Toddman » Sat Apr 18, 2015 1:49 pm

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Re: One of my earliest experiences.

Postby Livin_My_Dream » Sun Oct 25, 2015 8:47 am

Nice story!! Maybe we should chat sometime! :D

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