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Intimate stories of Males tying up Females.

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Postby Emilio Sognatore » Sun Dec 07, 2014 9:32 am

Good Evening to Everyone!

Today, after a big period on wich I didn't posted, I wish to share with you something different from the usual Stories involving Cristina's world.

This evening I wish to share with you some deep emotions...

Pretending that the Italian version was decently written, I hope that my hurried translation would not ruin the whole atmosphere that I tried to put in this short self-concluding Story.

And as usual...
... your comments are always welcomed!


Mental flashes in which reality and imagination, past and present, are mixed in an explosion of sweet and melancholic sensations.
Poignant moments.

A beautiful late-June morning.
The sea.
Far away, from everything and everyone.
The room's French door wide opened, the morning breeze that comes fresh and fragrant.
The sweet feeling of waking up in a day of relaxation still imbues us.
The sensations of the spent together night are still on our skins.

The image of you.
Surrounded by the crystal morning light.
Kneeling on the all messed-up big-bed.
Your unbuttoned light-blue shirt and a pair of plain white cotton panties.
Your long chestnut hairs that glide over your shoulders, your amazing blue eyes, as clear as water and deep as an abyss.
Your unforgettable smile.
Accomplice, mischievous and innocent at the same time.

The torn sheet.

Your hands clasped behind your back and the crossed ankles.
Wrapped in a cozy embrace of white cotton fabric.
Your long tapered fingers slowly fluttering in the air, while, your cute feet, rubbing on the matress, are trying to overlap, as if they would trying to conceal their soles.
So soft, rosy and delicates.
Your elbows close together slightly and your, so small, firm and proportioned breasts go forwards.
In an inviting way.
Your head is facing upwards.
Your lips, your neck, ...
... your body ...
... exposed and defenseless ...
... quivering ...
... ready to welcome my caresses and my long ... languorous, kisses.

Images ...
Emotions ...
Memories ...

Have a nice Sunday Evening!


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