Lauren part 7, Glen, the love of my life

Intimate stories of Males tying up Females.

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Lauren part 7, Glen, the love of my life

Postby charlie » Sun Jul 27, 2014 8:26 pm

[another part from my sweet and adventurous friend "Lauren" -- Charlie]

Hi readers,

It's been a long time since I've had a chance to write about more of my adventures. I hope you've enjoyed my tie up mischief so far with my big brother Andy. Now I want to tell you about Glen. The earlier part of this story overlaps in time with the previous stories from me, so bear with me as I back up a little.

By the fall of my junior year, my interest in boys was way up. I was sixteen and a half, and I wanted a boyfriend very badly. Very "badly" in more ways than one...

I wanted someone as sweet and cuddly and gentle to me as the two most wonderful guys in my life so far, Andy and my Dad. But I also wanted a boyfriend I could go exploring with. Exploring places out beyond the boundaries of the naughty and sensual but non-sexual tie up games I played with my big brother Andy.

I settled on a plan. I would find the sweet, cuddly, innocent guy of my dreams. Once he was mine, I'd teach him about the fun of exploring the naughtier things in life. I was determined to "help a good boy go bad". And I've always been the kind of girl who works hard to get exactly what she wants.

I already had a target in mind. It was Glen, Andy's best friend. Glen was cute but quiet and shy. I quickly figured out that Glen liked me a lot, but he just never knew quite what to say. Glen and I really did have a lot in common. Although he was a grade ahead of me, a senior like Andy, he was actually only about seven months older than me. We were both good students, our circles of friends overlapped, and we had a lot of similar interests. Neither of us had ever been in a relationship before. I wasn't sure how Andy would feel about my pursuing his best friend, but he turned out to be very supportive. He thought we'd be good for each other. Maybe I'd bring Glen out of his shell a little, and maybe Glen would keep my wild side in check a little. Similarly, Glen was comfortable with the super close relationship I had with my brother.

This story happened as Glen and I evolved from friends to lovers. I'll fast forward through some of the less interesting events of the winter of my junior year as Glen and I fell in love. Suffice it to say it was slow, and it was fun but innocent. Glen didn't have a wild side at that point in his life, and I kept mine well hidden (not wanting to risk scaring him off).

Once we had gotten to the stage of holding hands, gentle hugs, and an occasional light kiss, I decided it was time to work on the cuddling part. I got my opportunity when Andy and Glen were sitting on the couch in our basement TV room watching a show. Normally under these circumstances I'd just flop myself in the big bean bag chair on the floor if I wanted to watch too.

But this time I came over to the couch and made my move, "I'm feeling chilly; could I squeeze in between my two favorite guys in the world?" Andy was completely used to this; the two of us cuddled all the time. Glen seemed a little surprised, but he moved over and said he could make room for me. I told him not too make too much room because I hoped he and Andy would keep me nice and warm.

Andy put his arm around me and I encouraged Glen to do the same. I said something silly like "You're allowed to touch me; I don't break easily; I not like the stuff in the antique store". Glen warmed up to the idea quickly, and he turned out to be a wonderfully cuddly guy. I think my best memories from that winter are from the evenings when Glen was over at our place. Lots of times after we finished our schoolwork, we'd go watch TV in our basement room. I'd take the middle spot on the couch, with my two favorite guys, Andy and Glen, snuggled up close on both sides of me keeping me cozy and warm.

Glen and I behaved ourselves. For Glen, being the "perfect gentlemen" was the only way he knew, and it came very naturally. For me, it was harder; I had to control my naughtiest urges, but I was pretty sure that if I was patient and I played my cards carefully, I'd be richly rewarded. So for the most part I behaved.

Except for one weekend when I didn't. Part of the sport of being a teenage girl is to push against boundaries and limits.

My aunt and uncle had a little cabin up north, and they invited my family to use it for a weekend. Andy and I got my parents to bring Glen with us. After a long day of cross county skiing we were tired and we all went to bed. I had the small bedroom of the cabin all to myself. My parents had the bigger bedroom, and Andy and Glen just put their sleeping bags on foam pads on the living room floor.

When morning came, Mom and Dad cooked up some breakfast and Andy and Glen joined them. I was the last person out of bed. Feeling both lazy and naughty, I came out to the living room and joined them for breakfast in my pajamas. These pajamas were a bright red two piece set, with little red panties and a camisole top that was so short it didn't even cover my belly button (much less my panties). The camisole top was tight and lacy, and it was sheer enough so you could just barely see a hint of my nipples through it. The winter air in the cabin was cool, so my nipples were stiff and hard and they peeked through the thin fabric conspicuously.

My parent's wouldn't have blinked if I had done this with just them and Andy, but Glen was our guest for the weekend. I technically hadn't broken the "no going naked in front of guests" family rule, since I wasn't naked, but I was pushing the limits pretty hard (along with my parents' buttons).

Glen had trouble keeping his eyes off me, and he kept sneaking little peeks. My parents eyes were on me too, but it was "the look". They were not pleased. Andy and Glen were already dressed, and they soon took off skiing (but Glen kept on sneaking little peeks until they were out the door). After they had gone, Mom and Dad hassled me about parading around in front of Glen like that and teasing him. I think my Mom said something like "you'll give that poor boy a heart attack". I snidely remarked "or make him go blind".

They ignored that and they just told me that they expected me to not wear those in front of guests anymore. I apologized and assured Mom and Dad I would stop wearing them immediately. Then, in one final act of teen civil disobedience, I pulled off my top and slipped down my panties. I started back toward my bedroom completely naked.

What happened next I'll never forget. I was expecting my parents to get mad, but the look on my Dad's face was ambiguous. As I approached him he held his arms open and he actually smiled at me and hugged me. Mom came over too and they both hugged me. Dad told me he was still having trouble with the idea that his beautiful little girl was a grown up woman now. Mom didn't have words but their were tears on both their cheeks. They told me they knew of my romantic interest in Glen. I suppose I was fairly obvious about it, so their awareness wasn't really a surprise. They told me to be careful, and gave me a short version of a lecture about respecting myself and respecting Glen. They also gave me talk along the lines of "we hope you will wait, but if you need to talk to us about birth control, you always can." I assured them that Glen and I were nowhere close to that point, and that I would be careful. They really were (and are) wonderful parents.

Not too long after the cabin weekend, I was feeling naughtily excited but also a little guilty about the show I had put on for Glen. I decided we were comfortable enough together to have an honest talk. I got my chance one evening in my basement. Andy was upstairs finishing homework, so it was just Glen and me cuddled up on the couch by the TV. We always had a lot of nice conversations during the commercial breaks.

I gathered my courage to bring up the topic. I asked Glen if I had made him uncomfortable at the cabin by coming to breakfast in just my skimpy red pajamas. He looked me right in the eyes and he told me it was a little awkward for him but he still liked it. He said that he felt that as a gentleman, he should try to not look. But he told me he thought I was so cute he couldn't control himself and he ended up looking. I really liked the part about him finding me "so cute he couldn't control himself". I liked the power I had over boys; how I could get their attention whenever I wanted.

I told Glen I was glad he noticed and I liked it that he thought I was cute and I told him he was always welcome to look. I squeezed Glen close to me and I kissed him. He kissed back and we had a wonderful kissing session. I was very tempted to take it further, but it was late and neither of us was really ready to get more physical yet in our developing relationship.

I had always a hunch the cuddling part would be easy, and I was right. Now on to the hard part, how to introduce the tie up games. At the time, Glen had no idea about the tie up games Andy and I played. Andy was super private about them, and I didn't want to scare Glen. I had some really naughty fantasy ideas, like talking Andy into tying me up completely naked and putting bows and ribbons on me as a gift wrapped present for Glen, but that just was not a realistic possibility (at least not for the foreseeable future). Glen and I still hadn't seen each other naked; in fact at this point the little incident with me in the cabin in my little red nightie was the most unclothed that he had ever seen any girl.

I tried to come up with the perfect plan on how to play a tie up game with Glen, but no good ideas came to mind. Nevertheless, Glen and I were growing closer. We'd cuddle up together (fully clothed) whenever we could, and our kisses were getting a little longer and a little more passionate. The wonderful spring weather had come, so winter clothes went away and I started snuggling up with Glen in my short shorts and spaghetti strap tops.

I finally got my chance while watching some silly TV show with Glen. This guy captured the "bad girl" in the show and tied her up, but it was poorly done. He just wrapped her up with like a hundred feet of rope coiled up and down her. Of course she was able to squirm and wriggle out of it (her escape was part of the story line). I seized the opportunity. "He really did a lousy job tieing her up, didn't he? I'll bet I could tie somebody up better than that." Of course from my practice on my favorite (and only) victim, beloved brother Andy, I could tie someone up very effectively, but this wasn't the time to bring that up. Glen just said "I guess so". Not much to work from.

I asked Glen if he would know how to tie somebody up if he had to. He said not really, but then he shared that one time when he was back in scouts, his senior patrol leader had taught everyone how to make rope handcuffs. I brightened up and took great interest. Glen was matter of fact in his responses; he didn't sense the direction I was taking this. "Did you learn how to make them?" "Sure, we all did." "We're you good at it?" "I was pretty good with all the knots and ropes stuff." Glen was watching the TV so he missed the look on my face after that one.

I pressed for details. "Were they just kind of fakes? Could those rope handcuffs have really held a prisoner?" "The sloppy ones from the kids who didn't do it right were a joke, but I don't think somebody could have gotten out of the really well done ones. We tried them out on each other. I followed the instructions exactly and nobody ever got out of mine."

"Do you remember how to make them?" "Sure, I think so." "How much rope did you need?" "Usually about eight feet. The rope didn't just go on their wrists; it actually tied their wrists to their waist. The rope went around the prisoner like a belt for two turns." Ah, the important details. "You'd need a longer rope for somebody who was bigger and heavy, but somebody really skinny wouldn't need much." I was definitely on the thinner side.

"How much rope do you think it would take for somebody my size?" At times, Glen could be frustratingly slow to take a hint. "I dunno, you're small and thin so probably even six feet would be enough." Glen was a little too engaged in the show at this point. "Patience, Lauren," I told myself. "What kind of rope did you use?" "He had us use braided nylon rope, not too thick but really strong.

At another commercial break Glen went off to use the bathroom. Meanwhile, I made a quick trip into the basement workshop for a small quick job with a tape measure and a pair of electrician's shears.

When the show ended, I turned off the TV and popped into the workshop, emerging with two freshly cut pieces of braided white rope, each precisely six feet long. We always had rope on hand in our house, allegedly for various "science projects".

"I'm really curious, Glen; could you show me how you tied them?" By this point Glen obviously knew I was up to something, but he hadn't figured out what.

Glen liked to please. He accommodatingly took the rope and coiled it just the right way and made the wrist loops. "Show me how it works!" He started "You just take the prisoner's wrists and put them through these two loops here, and..." "Why don't you show me on my wrists?"

I held out my hands, offering my wrists to his rope. He hesitated. "I don't know Lauren. I just a little afraid if I make them too tight I might hurt you." I stroked the rope in my hands. "I'm sure I'll be fine. Now let's see how they work. Are the prisoner's hands supposed to be in front of them or in back."

Glen was always good for the details. "He told us that it was a lot more secure to tie the prisoner's hands behind his back. He said if we had to hold somebody really dangerous, be sure to put his hands in back." I noted the male pronoun. "HIS hands? What if your prisoner is a "she", and what if she is really dangerous?" I put my hands behind my back and turned to offer them to Glen. I looked over my shoulder at him and game a mischievous smile.

"Come on Glen, I want to see if this is for real. I'll bet I could get out of them. Put them on me really tight, like your best scout work ever, and lets see if I can escape."

With some reluctance, Glen slipped the loops over my wrists. He tightened them, quite gently. I gave a little encouragement. "Why so loose; you wouldn't want your prisoner to escape, would you?" He tightened them up; at least they were snug, but still very comfortable. I'm sure I could have worn them all day (and I kind of wanted to).

Glen knotted off the long free ends so the loops couldn't be slipped looser again. Then he ran the long ends around my waist and knotted them in front. "Wouldn't you want those tighter too." Glen told me he didn't want to make it uncomfortable. I told him I was fine and the challenge would be more fun if he tied them properly. He reluctantly made them snug, put in a good knot, and brought the long ends back to my back where there was just enough left to tie them off one more time.

He had actually done a pretty good job. All of the ropes were snug, and the knots were all done properly, pulled nice and tight, and positioned well out of my reach. My hands were tied behind my back, but the really important knot was in front of me. Unfortunately Glen didn't seem to want to go any further. "OK, now you see how it works. Should I let you out now?" I could see I had some educational work to do. The last thing I wanted Glen to do right now was to let me out.

"Of course not! I'm supposed to struggle and try to get out by myself. And what if you have a prisoner who tries to run away? Then what do you do?" Glen always answered my questions. "You could always tie a prisoners ankles to keep them from running away." More encouragement needed, I thought. "Show me how you would do that", I invited naughtily. Glen continued to seem nervous, like he was already past a boundary. "Please! Pretend I'm a dangerous prisoner who might run away." With some reluctance Glen took another piece of the rope. "What's the best way to tie somebody's ankles to they can't run away and escape?" I asked, more as an invitation than a question. Glen said the best way was with ankles crossed.

I lowered myself into the big beanbag chair on the floor and I crossed my ankles. "Well, aren't you going to tie them?" Glen dutifully tied my ankles together. He made the ropes snug, but not uncomfortable. Then Glen actually volunteered something. "For a really, really dangerous prisoner, you can tie the ankle rope to their wrists, but that can be pretty rough. I don't think I should do that to you." I couldn't resist. "Please give it a try Glen. It will be OK. I'll let you know if it is too much. Glen liked to please, and he (almost) always did whatever I asked him, so he tied off the ankle ropes to the rope securing my wrists.

I took a minute to silently congratulate myself on my accomplishment. I had found the sweet gentle boy of my dreams, and I had just succeeded in talking him into tying me up. I was bound hand and foot in my own basement TV room, and the two of us were alone in the house. Now the only question was just how well was I really tied up.

I made a serious escape attempt. Glen watched me struggle, looking a little nervous like he had done something bad to me. The more I struggled unsuccessfully, the bigger my smile got. All the ropes were more than tight enough to hold me. All the knots were well out of my reach. I could wriggle and roll around, but I couldn't stand up and I couldn't escape.

One voice in my head made me glad that Glen was such a perfect gentleman and such a sweet guy so I felt perfectly safe even though I was all tied up and helpless. Just like I felt with my brother Andy. But another, naughtier voice spoke a different message. Fantasies of Glen losing control and ravaging me started to blossom. It was clear that at least for Glen, the innocent side was in control I'm not so sure about myself, but I kept up a little encouragement. "What if your prisoner gets an itchy nose?" That didn't work quite as I had planned. Glen said he would untie me right away so I could scratch my nose. I said it would be more fun it he scratched my nose instead. He did, very gently.

Then I looked Glen in the eyes with my most seductive smile. "What if your prisoner needs a kiss?" Glen didn't miss this one. He got into the beanbag chair with me and gave me a kiss. I kissed enthusiastically; this boy needed all the encouragement I could give. Then Glen put his arms around me and held me close as he rolled onto his back in the beanbag chair, rolling me on top of him. He held me in his arms tightly and we kissed passionately.

After a great kissing session Glen again said he thought it was time to untie me. I told Glen I really wanted to see if I could escape by myself without help. He got out of the beanbag chair and left me to struggle. I really gave it my best; I pulled at the ropes very hard but they were much too strong to break. I couldn't wriggle my wrist out, and I couldn't get my ankles free. All the knots were tied very securely, far out of my reach.

I finally admitted defeat, but with a huge smile on my face. I secretly assessed the situation. I was developing a great relationship with the boy of my dreams, and he turned out to be a very skillful rope rigger. He had put me in a position where I felt safe and comfortable, but it was completely inescapable and I was at his mercy. He could have done anything he wanted to me. I really didn't know what Glen was thinking (although he later admitted that at the time, he was mostly worried about the risk of hurting me with the ropes).

Glen untied me. I immediately put my arms around him and squeezed him as has as I could. We had another great kissing session in the beanbag. That was as far as things went, at least for the early spring. But more when I get to my next story.

I hope you liked this part! I'll try to write more soon about my mischief with Glen that summer.

Hugs to you! -- Lauren

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Re: Lauren part 7, Glen, the love of my life

Postby Zaphod » Sat Aug 09, 2014 1:43 pm

Another cute story with Lauren, and I'm glad to see she managed to get Glen into a tie-up game. This has been a wonderful series so far, so now I'm really looking forward to see what happens with Lauren and Glen that summer.


Re: Lauren part 7, Glen, the love of my life

Postby McMoomoocow » Sat Dec 26, 2015 3:09 pm

please more
you should have glen tie you up naked in the next one :big: :big: :big: :big: :big: :big: :big: :big: :big: :big:

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