Returning to the Ropes

Intimate stories of Males tying up Females.

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Returning to the Ropes

Postby tieup0506 » Fri Jul 18, 2014 9:31 am

My girlfriend and I had just rung in the New Year. After going months with bondage we decided that the New Year would be our return to the wonderful world of tie up games. We were at a New Year’s Eve party with family at her house when we went up to her bedroom to talk just after midnight. She then said to me baby we have three weeks yet before we have to go back to school, so I was thinking that since we agreed to return to bondage in the New Year that this would be the perfect time. I feel like I have finally recovered from being a sex slave she said and since we are starving for bondage let’s make this a very strict session, lots of pain for the sub. My parents are going out of town on business beginning this Friday and won’t return home until the following Thursday. This gives us 6 days to have some fun.

I smiled and asked what she had in mind for this game. Well baby funny you should ask. Over the next 2 days I want both of us to really sit and think of a fantasy. Something we would want the other to do to. For example, I will think of a fantasy that I have always wanted to do and then we will act it out with you tying me up and then the same for you. Sound good? Oh yes I replied this should be fun. Perfect she replied I have a few fantasies that are coming to mind already and I will decide which one to act out. We have 6 days so for three of them I will get tied up and for three of them you will get tied up. Now let’s take the next couple days to think and we will sit down and discuss our fantasies on Wednesday.

I threw around many ideas as to how I wanted to be tied up. I was getting to pick my own torture. This was sure to be awesome because I could do it however I wanted. Finally Wednesday came and she texted me to come over her house around noon. I did so. I got to her house and she let me in and she made us lunch and we sat in the living room and began to talk. So baby do you want me to go first or do you want to go first? You could, I replied. OK she said smiling.

When I was a young girl I always worried when I walked home from school. There are just so many bad people out there and I always tried to walk as swiftly as possible. I wondered what would happen if I were to get kidnapped in my schoolgirl outfit. So my fantasy is that I will be dressed as a schoolgirl walking down the street on my way home from school when you pull up and kidnap me and then take me back to your place (which is actually going to be my place) and do whatever you want with me. I like the sound of this I told her. But there is another thing she said. I want to go all three days without seeing your face. Meaning you either wear some kind of mask or I am blindfolded. Sound good? Yes I replied I love that idea. OK baby I’m glad and we kissed now let’s hear yours.

Well here’s what I want. I want to have a session where I pay you to have sex with me. For example you come over dressed in normal clothes we sit and talk and then I give you the money for three sex sessions, which we’ll say is $1000 per session. We have one each night. Then what you would do on that first night is I would sit there, you mention nothing about bondage to me, while you go change into some lingerie, and then come back and do whatever you want to me. Then at the end of the session you drug me to sleep and I wake up tied up in the cell downstairs and you explain that you have two more lingerie items you need someone to model for. I am only released for sex and you only wear lingerie for sex. Make sense? Yes she smiled, that means I get to shopping.

I figured that you could give me money for me to pick out items to wear when I am tying you up and I will give you money for schoolgirl outfit. It makes sense that the dominate person should buy the items for the submissive. Alright then we will go shopping tomorrow but the key is to not let the other one see what we buy. Because we are buying outfits, we won’t be able to get a new bondage toy but we’ll get one next time.

OK she said now let’s flip a coin to see who gets tied up first. Here’s how this will work since I told you my fantasy first you will get to call “heads” or “tails” if it lands on what you called, you have three options, you can either decide that you want to tie me up first, get tied up first, or that I get to choose. If I win then I get those same three options. OK she said and grabbed a coin out of her purse and said call it in the air, I called heads. It was tails. I win baby let’s see…in the past in which we had tie up sessions in which both us got tied up I always went first for some reason, so this time you’re going first and besides I was the most recent one to get tied up so you need to work the rust off. Great I told her I can’t wait to see you in lingerie. See you tomorrow for shopping she said. I kissed her and left.

This story will have just three parts, this part as well as a detail of my three days in bondage as well as a detail of her three days in bondage.

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Re: Returning to the Ropes

Postby Nicktie » Wed Jul 30, 2014 8:39 pm

Good setup, can't wait for the rest!

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Re: Returning to the Ropes

Postby SelenaGfan » Thu Jul 31, 2014 2:43 am

Is this story f/f?

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Re: Returning to the Ropes

Postby tieup0506 » Fri Aug 01, 2014 10:42 am


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Re: Returning to the Ropes

Postby tieup0506 » Tue Aug 12, 2014 7:43 am

The next day she texted me around noon and we met up at the mall for lunch and shopping. She gave me money to go and purchase an outfit for her and I gave her money for purchase outfits for me. We got done eating at 12:30 and set a time limit to shop of about 3 hours so we decided we would meet back at the food court at 3:30.

I shopped very carefully and picked out what I feel was a very revealing and hot schoolgirl outfit with underwear and shoes included. I took my time but got done early and went to check out some video games for myself before making my way back to the food court to meet her at 3:30. I had just sat down on a bench when I saw her walking towards the food court, carrying multiple bags. Two were from Victoria’s Secret and one was from store I had never heard of. I smiled when I saw and said how did it go baby? Great she said and smiled back you are going to love what I bought. Is there any change we both asked and both said no as we spent all of our money.

We then went home as I dropped her off and headed back to my house where I spent the rest of the day relaxing. I was getting ready for bed around midnight when I got a text from her saying; my house 10:00 am to begin the fun. I replied back yes baby. We then said I love you before going to sleep.

I woke up at 9:00 the next morning and showered and ate breakfast as I got ready to head to my girlfriend’s house for a week of bondage. I dressed in jeans and a polo as well as socks and loafers as this would be part of the role playing game. I got to her house and she let me in and we went and sat on the couch and talked about how the game would play out. So baby she said how exactly do you want to go about this? Well I was thinking that I will be a business man who has ordered a night with a beautiful super model for $1,000. You will dress in regular clothes and then knock on the door and I will let you in and we will head to the bedroom to talk, pretending we don’t know each other. I will give you some fake name as well. Then I will ask if you brought any lingerie and you will say of course and it will be in your purse and then you will go in the bathroom and change. Then when you come back we begin the fun you can tie me up, do whatever. Then at the end of the sex session we share a drink before you slip something in my drink and I wake up tied up in the cell downstairs to be yours for the next 2 and half days. Sound good? Oh yes she said, this is going to be so much fun as she started stroking my cock.

Ok then I will go get ready and we will begin. I’ll set up the bondage stuff as well. She took about a half hour to get everything ready before she came downstairs wearing a black T-Shirt that said hot stuff on it with jeans and sneakers. You can tell she had her makeup done and wasn’t wearing a bra under the shirt. She also was carrying her purse with her.

She then went outside for a couple minutes and paused, not wanting to stay out in the cold too long without a jacket and then finally knocked on the front door. I got up and opened the door and said, hi are you Amy. I decided that would be her name for this game. Yes she smiled are you Brian. Yes I replied. Come on in I said and we went straight to the bedroom. We spent the next few minutes telling about ourselves to each other. I told her that one of my fetishes is to be tied up and dominated women and she said she could definitely make that happen. I told her I wanted to be her f…toy. O yes she smiled.

Finally she said, can I have the payment. Of course I replied and pulled out $1,000 in Monopoly money and handed it to her. Great she said. Did you bring anything sexy I asked. I may have she replied. I can go put it on for you if you like. I would really like that I replied. Ok I’ll be back in a few. Where is the bathroom she asked. Down the hall first door on your left I replied. OK she smiled get comfy.

I sat on the bed waiting for her. Finally after about 10 minutes I heard the bathroom door open down the hall and her come walking down the hall. When she entered the room there was my girlfriend like I had never seen her before. She was wearing a blue see through baby doll with stockings and high heels. Through the dress you could see her nipples clearly as there was no bra with it and you could also see a black thong through the dress. Very sexy.

From that moment forward I let her take over for the game. She kept the bondage light as she only tied my hands to the bed and there were no gags or anything like that. When we were finished she untied me and we were both naked except for her stockings. Amy, that was incredible I told her. Thank you she said, how about I go change back in my regular clothes and make us a drink to share before I leave? Sounds great I replied. I would love that.

I then got dressed and she went and changed back into her normal clothes before returning carrying 2 glasses of iced tea. I took a sip and began chatting with her before I started to feel a little woozy. The next thing I knew I was sound asleep…

I woke up I guess what was a few hours later. I opened my eyes and did not recognize where I was at first but it clearly wasn’t the bedroom. I tried to move my arms to stretch but immediately realized something was wrong. I looked around and realized there I was tied to a chair naked in the basement jail cell. I cried out help, somebody let me go when my girlfriend entered the room wearing only white panties. Well look who’s finally awake she said. Let me go you stupid slut I replied. No no no I don’t think so she said. I want to have some more fun with you I have a couple more outfits that I need to model for you and I want to tease you and taunt you. So for the next 2 days you will be my little pet. I will have 2 sex sessions with you and you spend the rest of your time tied up in here. Let me go this isn’t funny I said as she teased me by rubbing her tits right in my face. She then walked out of the room and came back a short time later wearing sweat pants and a red T-Shirt with pink socks and was carrying the panties she just wore in one hand and duct tape in the other. Let’s shut your mouth she said as she balled up the panties and forced me to open my mouth before stuffing them in and securing my mouth with three strips of duct tape. There we go nice and quiet, now you can suck on my love juices. Well I need to go try my outfits and make sure they are the right size. I’ll be back in a jiffy she said.

She then locked me in the room. There I was tied up and gagged. This game was going exactly how I wanted.

Later that night I was fed dinner and was allowed to pee before she tied me to the bed in the cell with only one strip of tape over my mouth with no packing. The next day she woke me up and I peed before she fed me breakfast and I was tied to the chair in the cell and gagged with a ball gag. I was left that way all afternoon until dinner time when she walked in an untied me and let me pee before feeding me dinner.

Once dinner was over she told me it was sex time. Hands behind your back she ordered as I placed my hands behind my back and she handcuffed me and shackled me and led me out of the cell and upstairs to the bedroom. Once we got up to the bedroom she removed my cuffs and shackles before tying me spread eagle to the bed very tightly. I was gagged with the harness ball gag and was blindfolded. She told me I was blindfolded so I could stay in anticipation of her outfit longer. She also placed nipple clamps on my nipples and whipped my chest before whispering in my ear, I’m going to go put my outfit on now she said. I mmmmmmpppphhhed really loudly before she whipped me again and settled me down.

It seemed like it took forever as I lay there, tied to my girlfriend’s bed waiting to see what she was wearing. I heard several noises while she was getting ready, including the shower running and the toilet flushing so clearly she was taking her jolly old time. I struggled against my bonds as the clamps dug deeper into my nipples. I just couldn’t wait to see my sexy girlfriend all dressed up in slutty clothes again. I was excited because I knew this was not the kind of girl she was. She always labeled herself as a good girl but kinky during sex.

Finally after what seemed like an hour, I heard the bathroom door open and heard her begin her walk down the hall toward the bedroom. I heard her walk in and felt her remove my nipple clamps before playing with my tender nipples. She also played with my dick for while including giving me a blow job and teasing it with the vibrator, I was so turned on. Finally she said to me since you are being a good boy I guess we can remove that dark blindfold now. She then slowly removed my blindfold and it took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the light but what I saw was incredible once I was used to the light. There was my girlfriend wearing the sexiest pink lace bra I had ever seen which made her tits look 10 times their normal size with sexy pink lace panties and black stockings with high heels. Both her bra and panties had white lace trim with them as well. She also wore a garter belt which connected with little snaps to the stockings. I mmmmmmppppphhhhed when I saw the outfit and she began doing a strip tease for me before going to work having sex with me for the next hour.

Once the session was over, she left me tied to the bed before changing back into normal clothes. Once she was back to normal she untied me and I was ordered to not speak. She led me to the bathroom where she let me pee and shower before once again cuffing my hands behind my back and shackling me and led me back down to the cell for bed. I was tied to the bed but not spread out. Finally she asked me did you enjoy that? Oh yes I replied incredible. Well my outfit tomorrow is the sexiest yet, I saved the best for last. So get a good night’s sleep. She then kissed me but did not gag me as she locked me in the cell.

The next day the process was repeated. She woke me up, fed me, let me pee and then tied me to the chair, gagging me with her favorite panties and tape. Around lunch time I was untied and she let me pee before securing me in a hogtie on the floor of the cell. My tape gag was replaced with a ball gag and this time I was blindfolded. She returned around dinner time and I was untied and my gag and blindfold were removed. She let me pee and fed me dinner before cuffing me and shackling me and leading me up to the bedroom again to begin sex.

Once we got to the bedroom my cuffs and shackles were removed but this time I was tied to a chair in her bedroom instead of the bedroom. She gagged me with her favorite panties and tape and blindfolded me and attached the nipple clamps again. This time a vibrator was taped between my legs. She told me that she did all this to get my mind off of thinking of her dressing in sexy clothes. She teased me for a bit before telling me that it was time for her to get ready.

I sat there in anticipation once again. I loved the way she went about this whole thing. Tonight seemed like it was so much longer than the night before. I heard similar noises to the night before such as her showering and peeing. This time, however I heard a hair dryer and a few other small noises that I couldn’t quite make out.

Finally it was time, I heard the bathroom door open and seconds later she walked in the bedroom. This time my blindfold was immediately removed and she was right, this outfit took the cake. She was wearing a sexy black corset which you could see had a bra connected in the back. She wore a matching black thong with stockings and high heels. She looked so alluring and dominating in this outfit because her makeup was done right. She also carried a whip with her.

She then went to work using numerous toys on me including the whip. She teased me before having sex with me tied to the chair. Later on she cuffed and shackled me to the bed and replaced my tape gag with a bit gag and had sex with me that way. It was for this session that my nipple clamps were finally removed.

Once the session was over she immediately dressed in normal clothes right in front of me and uncuffed me from the bed before shackling me and cuffing my hands behind my back ordering me to once again not speak unless spoken to. She led me to the bathroom where she let me pee and she brushed my teeth for me.

She then led me downstairs to the cell and removed my cuffs and shackles and tied me to the bed the same way as the night before. Did you enjoy this baby? She asked. Oh yes I replied. Those outfits were sooo sexy and I loved the way you went about everything. How you never spoke to me during the day. You would just come in the cell and feed me and then retie me no kiss no nothing it was perfect. I’m glad you liked it baby. But now I don’t wanna get tied up she said. I know but you have I told her. She laughed and smoothed 2 strips of tape over my mouth. We’ll see about that she said and locked me in for bed. What did she mean by that I wondered?

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Re: Returning to the Ropes

Postby tieup0506 » Tue Aug 12, 2014 8:50 am

She woke me up the next morning and I mmmmmmppppphhhhed really loudly when I saw her. Good morning baby she said we have to have a little talk. First though I will tie you to the chair. What was she doing? I thought. It was supposed to be her turn to get tied up. She then tied me very tightly to the chair and replaced my tape gag with a ball gag. Now baby she said I know that it was supposed to me my turn to get tied up but I don’t think I’m going to be simply because I want to keep you tied up for the next three days. This is all because you tried to make me into something I am not. Let me explain baby. Before I met you I never wore a thong or any kind of sexy lingerie in my life. This is because I am a good girl. I am not a slut and I wasn’t raised like one and I would appreciate it if you stop trying to make me out to be one. Those outfits that I wore for you were purely disgusting. I picked them out for the purposes of this game and you best believe I will be returning them. Baby I love wearing lingerie for you like I have in some of our previous bondage games and I will continue to wear different things but just not that sexy, that’s not me. So I have decided that you will be punished over these next three days by seeing me in no more that sweat pants and a T-Shirt. There will be no sex whatsoever and you will spend all three days tied up in your cell. I will be tying and gagging you with the clothing from the different outfits I wore and your bonds will be very tight. You will spend the next three days thinking about how much you love me and if I am more to you than a slut. I want a definitive answer when I release you in three days. Understand? I nodded my head yes. Good she said. One more thing I will make sure that schoolgirl outfit is returned as well but I will be keeping the money for it. Sorry baby you lose on this one too bad you didn’t get to tie me up first. Muhahahaha she laughed. I’ll be back later with lunch and your first article of clothing to be tied with.

This was terrible, I fell right into my girlfriend’s trap. Now I have to sit in my cell for the next three days tied up with sexy lingerie that should be on her, not on my wrists. She returned around noon and untied me and removed my gag before letting me in a bucket and feeding me lunch. I was ordered not to speak unless spoken to. When she was done eating She ordered me to lie on the floor in the cell, telling me that she was going to put me in a hogtie. I layed on my stomach and positioned myself for the tie by putting my hands behind my back and my feet together. I knew there was nothing I could do so I accepted my fate and layed there as she decided what I would be tied with. Let’s see baby she said I think to start out I will your hands with the thong I wore for the first outfit and I will blindfold you with one stocking and gag you with the other stocking from that same outfit and I will stuff your mouth with my favorite panties. I will tie your feet with regular rope and connect them to your hands. Sound good? She asked. I said nothing as she slapped me across the face and whipped my ass and set to work tying me how she said. She completed the tie by stuffing her favorite red panties in my mouth and putting her other stocking between my teeth. Because you didn’t answer me I will give you nipple clamps. With that she clamped my nipples. She then kissed me and left.

It was different being tied up with lingerie. The stocking made a darker blindfold then a regular one. The feel of the nice smooth thong against my wrists got me so turned on that I wanted to have her even though I knew I couldn’t.

I stayed tied like that the rest of the day until about 9:00 when she returned and untied me and fed me dinner and let me pee before putting me to bed. I was not tied up for bed. I was just locked in the cell.

The next day she woke me up, let me pee and fed me before tying me to the chair with ropes and gagging me with the ball gag again. Baby I have to go decide how I shall tie you today, be back in a jiffy she said, sit tight. Hahaha she laughed.

She returned at 11:00 and said to me baby after much time contemplating I decided I shall tie you to the bed. She then untied me from the chair and gave me a quick bite to eat before letting me and then ordering me to lie on the bed and spread my arms and legs. For this tie, my hands were tied to be bed with the stockings she wore during the second game and one of my ankles were tied with the pink panties she wore from that game and the other was tied with the bra she wore from that game. I was blindfolded with a regular blindfold and gagged with the thong my hands were tied with the day before. She also smoothed two strips of tape over my mouth and my nipples were clamped with the snaps from the garter belt from that same outfit.

I struggled throughout the afternoon. The stockings felt more incredible against my wrists than the thong did. The bra felt amazing against my one foot and the panties felt amazing against my other foot. The snaps from the garter belt did not hurt as much as the nipple clamps but they did hurt.

Finally at 8:00 I was united and fed and I peed. I was then retied to the chair a similar way to that morning for one hour before bed. Once again I was not tied up for bedtime.

The next day she woke me up and said well baby today is our final day of the game and I will be going all out today. You will be tied to the chair all day and I will replace some of your ties and your gag several times throughout the day. First though I will let you pee and then I will feed you. Once I was finished eating she then ordered me to have a seat and I did. I was then whipped across the chest.

She began my ties that day by tying my hands behind the chair with the stockings she wore from the final outfit. My feet were tied with the thong from that outfit and I was blindfolded with the pink panties from the second outfit. For my gag it was just the harness ball gag. No nipple clamps for this one and I stayed tied this way until about noon.

At noon she untied me and let me pee before feeding and ordering me to sit back down in the chair. This time my hands were tied with both bras that she had worn and my feet were tied with all three pairs of stockings. She then took one of the thongs and taped one over my right eye and then took the other thong and did the same with my left eye. She then spent some time clamping my lips shut with the garter belt while also incorporating tape in there. This gag hurt like there was no tomorrow.

This was incredible. My girlfriend had definitely become a bondage freak. She thought of so many new ideas. I loved them all.

Finally at 8:00 she walked in and untied me. Baby your punishment is over. She then untied me and fed me and I peed. Did you enjoy these last several days? She asked. Oh yes I replied. I’m sorry that I didn’t give you a chance to tie me up but I just wanted to spice things up a bit instead of doing the same old thing. It’s ok baby I replied it was incredible. We then had sex and fell asleep.

We woke up the next morning and I got dressed and she asked me when we should do bondage again. Let’s focus on school and wait til the summer I replied. Sounds good she asked. Let’s have a very intense session this summer. We will start planning around spring break let’s both think of ideas that we want to see happen and this time we both will definitely be tied up. Sounds good I replied. With that I set off for home and she set off for the mall to return the clothes.

Look for my next story detailing that summer very soon.

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Re: Returning to the Ropes

Postby Sweatermaster » Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:40 am

I really enjoyed the turn of events that played out during parts two and three. Can understand why she changed her mind and did that to you, but I'm not sure if she fully realized how much these different bondage events would turn you on! Thanks for posting this story.

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