Girlfriend & I taking things further (M/F)

Intimate stories of Males tying up Females.

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Girlfriend & I taking things further (M/F)

Postby SammyBoy » Mon Jul 07, 2014 1:36 pm

Note: this story is true but is posted for fantasy purposes only. Breathplay is dangerous and shouldn't be done without an experienced partner and appropriate precautions.

Tyla and I have been getting more serious with bondage and breathplay especially.

She is 22, long dark brown hair, blue eyes, average build, large breasts and gorgeous.

I am 21, brown hair, brown eyes, fair bit of muscle and 6ft.

We use plastic bags on each other a lot for breathplay as well as tape and smothering which is all great fun.

I came home from work one day to find Tyla on the couch watching a video intently on her phone. I walked towards her noticing that her hand was slid down the front of her shorts rubbing herself. (Not an unusual occurrence for us).

"What are you watching?" I asked, kneeling on the floor, leaning over her.
"Look" she said in a somewhat flustered state, still rubbing herself.
The video was of a girl in a white latex zentai suit, her arms and legs tied to a chair and a swimming cap was pulled down over her face so she couldn't see or breathe until she was allowed to again.
"We have to try this" she said.
"Hell yeah" I responded.

I grabbed the wrist of the hand that she was rubbing herself with and pulled it away as she continued to watch the video. I instantly lifted her shirt and began kissing her bare breasts and stomach. Her shirt was quickly off and I was kissing her from neck to belly button. She knew what was coming and was desperate for stimulation as she began sliding down her denim short shorts.

"Wow" I thought. She had nothing on underneath at all which always drives me crazy. Especially when we go out somewhere and I know she's got nothing under her clothes.

She placed her free hand on the back of my head as I began licking up and down her slit, focussing on the sweet spot at the top. She was so wet as she started moaning harder, pushing me into her wetness. I brought her all the way to the edge.

"Mmmm Sam" she moaned struggling to get words out. "Don't stop. I'm so fucking close."
I gave her one last lick and then pulled away and stopped.
"Not yet baby" I said, winking at her. Tyla was panting so hard she couldn't get a word out before I picked her up and put her over my shoulder to take her up stairs.

I could feel her rubbing herself against me as I walked. This intensified with every step as we went up the stairs.

We got to our room and I placed her on the bed. She opened her legs hoping I would continue. I leaned down and licked up some of her juices, being sure to brush past her clit. I knelt up and kissed her passionately, allowing her to taste herself. Not that she doesn't know what it tastes like. We are both very... Flexible if you know what I mean. That was discovered thanks to a memorable game of truth or dare but that's for another time.

"Don't move" I said, breaking the kiss. I went to the closet and rummaged around for a second, pulling out a white latex body suit.

"Here, put this on and DON'T go touching yourself" Tyla smiled at me and started putting the suit on. I helped her from behind, making sure she felt the excitement growing in my skinny jeans. She grinded herself against me several times. After a few minutes of wriggling and what not she was in and I did the zip up at the back, duct taping over it so she couldn't get herself out (which happened once before). Tyla was now covered neck to ankles in nothing but tight, form fitting latex. She looked amazing.

I undid the zip that went from the front of her waist, between her legs to her bottom. Her front and bottom were now exposed. Wow. My skinny jeans were leaving nothing to the imagination as I looked down. Tyla did at the same moment, smiling at me.

I went back to the closet and picked up her favorite dildo and buttplug, both with vibrating controls that could be controlled from anywhere via an iPhone. I walked over to her and told her to stand, seeing that look of anticipation in her eyes as she did.

She was still very wet and I slid the buttplug into her pussy with ease, coating it with her wetness. I took it out and told her to turn around and I slowly slid it into her 3/4 of the way, eliciting several moans as I did. I did the same with the dildo, leaving 1/4 still out. I connected them both to my phone and gave them both a quick test on low. Tyla jumped and moaned as they began to hum but I quickly switched them of both off.

I began doing up the zip between her legs, starting from the back. I stretched the latex over the buttplug and zipped over it. As the latex pulled back, it pushed the buttplug all the way in. Tyla smiled and moaned as I did the same with the front.

We kissed as I pushed her onto the bed and fell on top of her as my hands explored her latex covered body.

"Go sit in the chair"
She smiled. "Are we really going to do this now?"
"Do you want to?" I asked
"F*ck yes" she responded. "Can I wear a pair of Docs please?"
"Of course" I responded

We both have a bit of a fetish for Doc Marten boots. I have 2 pairs and Tyla has 3. She chose her favourite black pair and slid them on loosely before sitting down on the chair.

The chair was wide with arms similar to a rocking chair. I tossed her a roll of silver duct tape.
"You know what to do" I said.
She started by spreading her legs so that her ankles were touching the chair legs on each side. She started taping her right ankle to the chair leg, going around tightly 5 or 6 times. I sat there watching her and decided to have some fun as she started taping her left ankle. I grabbed my phone and turned both the vibrators inside of her on the lowest setting. The feeling surprised Tyla and made her jump. She moaned as she was taping her left ankle, knowing that these vibrations would never be enough to get her off.

When she sat back up I noticed that Tyla had taped her ankles so that she would be slightly on her toes - her ankles wouldn't be able to touch the ground, intensifying the feeling of her loose Docs, a feeling which I know she loves. I thought it was cute.

Next came Tyla's wrists and much to my surprise she started wrapping her right wrist to the arm of the chair herself, circling 6 or 7 times. She looked up at me and smiled sweetly.
"Ready for you now" indicating she was ready for me to finish the tie by securing her left wrist. I did so tightly checking the other bonds when I'd finished.

Tyla was slowly wriggling around presumably testing her bonds. Her eyes were closed and I could tell she was enjoying herself. I remembered the vibrators inside of her were still on so I switched them off much to her dismay.

"How are you feeling?" I asked
"Amazing. This feels so damn good"
"Ready to keep going?"
"Hell yes!"

I grabbed the duct tape and placed a long strip over her mouth, smoothing it over so it conformed to every detail. I repeated this so her mouth was covered from below her nose to her chin. I then ran a piece under her chin and up her cheeks ensuring she wouldn't be able to open her mouth.

I kissed Tyla's taped lips passionately and slowly moved down to her neck. I brought her back down to earth by reaching up and pinching her nose so she couldn't breathe.

"Mmmmphh" was the default response. I could see she was trying to open her mouth but the tape stopped that. I gave the vibrators a short buzz before letting her breathe again.

I placed a blindfold over Tyla's eyes and kissed her on the cheek. "Be back soon baby. Don't go anywhere."
She mmmphd in disappointment as I walked out closing the door.

I needed to get swimming caps to continue the scene. I looked down at my skinny jeans, noticing the bulge that was still protruding. Hmm I thought wondering if I should go rub one out. I decided to save the fun for later so I went and changed into a some yoga pants and my favourite pair of black leather converse padded collar. Much better I thought.

I quietly poked my head in to check on Tyla. I could tell she was enjoying herself. I went to the car and set off for the nearest gym store to see what I could find.



Re: Girlfriend & I taking things further (M/F)

Postby jeddadiahhock » Sun Apr 17, 2016 12:06 am

Oh man, this story seems like it was going somewhere good. Do you ever think you might come back and finish it?

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