Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

Fictional stories of Females tying up Females

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Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

Postby mrjones2009 » Sat Dec 10, 2016 11:49 am

Chapter 1

Maureen Thackeray-Jones looked in the mirror and immediately noted that a few grey hairs had started to appear at her temples. Running her hands through her long auburn hair she made a mental note to call her hairdresser and arrange an appointment for early the following week. Maureen wasn’t vain but since taking over full responsibility for running the family jewellery business on her father’s passing four years previously found that looking at her best helped her project the correct image. Although a small affair the business serviced many high end clients that valued the privacy that Maureen and her staff provided. Maureen finished putting on her stylish but understated jewellery and checked her watch. Noting that she was running a little late, no excuse for that even on a Friday she hurried across the room to select the pair of heels that would set off her outfit perfectly, a well tailored navy knee length skirt and matching jacket. After selecting her shoes Maureen made her way downstairs hoping to find her daughter ready to head to work. Her daughter Rebecca or Becky to her friends had returned from finishing college. From what Maureen could gather the only thing that her daughter had achieved during those four years was to make the cheerleading squad. Anyway after letting Rebecca do not very much for a couple of months Maureen had forced her to start working at the store with her. After a rough start Maureen was surprised by how Rebecca had fitted in and taken to the work. Not fully paying attention Maureen flung open the door into the kitchen and stopped dead in her tracks at the sight that confronted her.

Ten minutes earlier

Rebecca sat in the living room of her mother’s home watching the morning news without taking any of it in. The lead story had been something about a burglary in a neighbouring town a couple of days ago. Rebecca played with the silk scarf round her neck; it was part of the uniform that her mother made her wear whilst working in the store, blue skirt finishing just above the knee, white blouse, blue scarf matching the shirt, blazer and sensible black shoes. Glancing at her watch and wondering what was keeping her mother there was suddenly a knock at the front door. Rebecca hurried to the door wondering who would be calling so early. She flung it open to find herself confronted by three women dressed identically like her, blue skirt finishing just above the knee, white blouse; blue scarf matching the shirt, blazer and sensible black shoes except these three women also wore headscarves, large dark glasses, leather gloves and carried a large handbag over a shoulder. Without waiting for an invitation or saying anything the three women entered the house. They quickly formed a triangle around Rebecca, one directly behind with the other two slightly off to either side. Rebecca taken aback by the way that the women had just entered the house stood looking at the two women facing her in turn. Then the women pounced without warning. The woman behind Rebecca grabbed both of her arms and brought them forcefully behind her back. Rebecca opened her mouth to protest but any sounds were muffled as a large cloth was forced into her mouth by one of the women in front of her. Now totally thrown off balance by the turn of events Rebecca didn’t even struggle as her wrists were being bound behind her back with what felt like thin rope or cord. The women who had forced the cloth into her mouth produced a silk scarf from her pocket which she then used to secure cloth in her mouth, knotting the scarf behind Rebecca’s head forcing the cloth deeper into her mouth. Rebecca caught a flash as something came over her head from behind. She heard a faint click then felt the pressure tighten just below her breasts as her arms were pinned into her back and what she guessed to be some kind of strap. Rebecca was stunned at what had happened and the ease with which these women had overpowered her. Rebecca was about to start a protest when the woman directly in front of her, who she took to be in charge grabbed Rebecca’s chin with one gloved hand and put the index finger of her other hand to her lips. The universal signal for keep quiet, Rebecca silently nodded her understanding. The lead woman then made a movement of her head and the woman standing behind Rebecca moved to close the door. The lead woman then grabbed Rebecca’s arm and started to guide Rebecca through her own house whilst the third woman fell in just behind. Rebecca wondered what was going on. These women oozed authority; they were certainly not to be messed with.

The sight that confronted Maureen Thackeray-Smith was her daughter sitting on a chair at the dining table wearing a worried expression and a cloth stuffed in her mouth secured in place by a scarf. Maureen couldn’t tell but judging from how her daughter was sitting she was pretty sure that her arms were bound behind her back. On each side of her daughter stood a woman dressed in the uniform of her store employees, plus a headscarf and large dark glasses.

“Mrs Thackeray-Jones please take a seat” said the woman on her daughters left indicating the chair directly opposite Rebecca “I appreciate that this will have come as a bit of a shock but if you give me a couple of minutes I will explain.” Maureen looked around the room then sensed movement behind her and spun around to find a third woman dressed in identical fashion to the others.

“Miss Garrett please gag Maureen” said the woman again. Maureen spun round to face her. “You don’t mind if I call you Maureen do you?” the woman enquired.

“But” Maureen muttered almost under her breath

“Don’t worry about the gag. This isn’t going to be a conversation. Just do as we say and nobody gets hurt” the woman said letting her gaze fall onto Rebecca. Maureen didn’t resist as the woman named as Miss Garrett pushed a cloth into her mouth and used a scarf to secure it in place. Then with a little help from Miss Garrett Maureen found herself sitting across from her daughter, gagged at her kitchen table.

“To finish the introductions you can call me Miss Duncan and this is Miss Munroe” indicating the woman standing on the right of Rebecca the lead woman said as she sat on a chair on the other side of the table “Right Maureen this should hopefully be relatively simple if you behave. Our employer has tasked us with recovering an item and we have traced this item to your jewellery store and now we wish to retrieve that item. Simple.” Maureen might have been startled to begin with but had quickly recovered her composure and was running through various options in her head. This seemed to be about a robbery, if a slightly untraditional one. The store had lots of high end and expensive jewellery but no single item that could be worth this much trouble. Maureen decided to play along until she found an opportunity to get help. “Now that we have Maureen’s attention Miss Munroe please escort Rebecca upstairs to her room and make her comfortable.” A flash of fear must have crossed Maureen’s eyes as a smirked appeared on Miss Duncan’s lips. “Maureen don’t worry Miss Munroe will take good care of Rebecca. After all she is our insurance policy that you co-operate. They will stay here whilst Miss Garrett and I escort you to your store and recover the item.” Maureen’s shoulders slumped slightly as she watched Miss Munroe lead a struggling Rebecca toward the door.

Miss Munroe opened the door with one hand and push Rebecca through and down the corridor with the other. Rebecca mumbled behind her gag and turned to face Miss Munroe who gestured with her arm “Lead the way Becky darling. Your bedroom and be quick about it. Any nonsense and there will be consequences. If you behave and mummy plays ball then everything should be fine.” Rebecca reluctantly turned round and headed up the stairs, closely followed by Miss Munroe. Once she entered her room Miss Munroe placed a hand in her back and forced her face down onto her bed. Rebecca remained still for moment then felt her ankles being tied together; then another binding was secured around her thighs. “There make yourself comfortable. It could be a couple of hours.” After a few moments Rebecca squirmed into a position where she was as comfortable as she could get but also where she could also see Miss Munroe. Rebecca watched as her captor took the seat from her dresser and positioned it so that she could see both Rebecca and the door then sat down. Rebecca continued to watch as Miss Munroe took a mobile phone from her pocket and placed it within easy reach on the dresser. Then Miss Munroe reached into her bag and produced a large white cloth and a tinted bottle which she carefully placed on the dresser beside the phone. What was in the bottle Rebecca thought? Finally Miss Munroe produced a book from her bag, opened it and began to read like this was a normal day with a trip to the library.

Back at the kitchen table Miss Duncan was putting the plan into action. She always thought that momentum was essential with situations like this. “Maureen lets get moving. Please stand and get your keys.” Maureen obeyed and made to remove the gag that was currently in her mouth. “No. The gag stays in place, for everyone’s safety. It removes any temptation to shout for help. Miss Garrett, scarf.” Maureen stood and froze as Miss Garrett came round in front of her and carefully produced a silk headscarf and placed it on her head, tying it in place. Maureen glanced in a handily placed mirror and noted the headscarf, as well as being fashionable also performed the functional thing of disguising the gag slightly. “Now Maureen please let’s find your keys and we can get going.” Maureen led the way through the kitchen door and into a corridor where she paused in front of a long table and picked up her handbag. Before she could react Miss Duncan grabbed her wrist. “Just wait a minute” Miss Duncan said whilst reaching into the handbag and removing the mobile phone that was in it. Maureen silently cursed her luck as Miss Duncan placed the phone in the pocket of her jacket. “I assume that the keys are in your bag” Miss Duncan asked. Maureen nodded to answer in the affirmative. Miss Duncan then rummaged in her own bag and produced what Maureen would have described as handcuffs but with large padded cuffs at each end rather than steel cuffs. “Hands out” Miss Duncan instructed, Maureen complied as Miss Duncan placed a cuff around each of Maureen’s wrists and used the small belts to tighten them. After completing that task Miss Duncan looked around and seeing what she wanted picked up a raincoat resting over a nearby chair and hung it on the chain between the cuffs on Maureen’s wrists, effectively hiding the fact that Maureen wrists were secure. Miss Duncan indicated to Miss Garrett that it was time to head off and Miss Garrett grabbed Maureen’s upper arm, Maureen wincing at the strength of the grip as they followed Miss Duncan toward the door and out into the early morning sunshine. Maureen saw a large dark coloured four door saloon car parked on the drive. The small group of women headed for the car. As they got closer Maureen noted that the windows were heavily tinted. Miss Duncan opened the near side rear door and Miss Garrett helped Maureen down into the rear seat, a bit like the police with a suspect. Maureen sat perfectly still and noticed another woman in the drivers’ seat. Miss Garrett walked round and got in the back beside Maureen whilst Miss Jackson got in the front passenger seat. “Maureen this is Miss Peel”. With that the car was started and they headed off. It was be around thirty minutes to reach the shop, dependant of traffic. Maureen was going to spend all of it trying to find a way out of this predicament.

The car slowed as they drove past the front of the store. Maureen turned her head to look at the store front but none of the other women in the car did. Although Maureen was sure that they took in everything from behind their sunglasses. Miss Peel made a left at the end of the street and Maureen assumed that they were heading for the rear entrance. It was where Maureen and the staff always entered from in the morning. The women had obviously done their homework. Miss Peel pulled the car into an alley between two stores and stopped in a small yard behind Maureen’s store. The engine was killed and the three other women exited the car. Then a couple of seconds later the door next to Maureen was opened and a hand beckoned her out. With a bit of effort and a helping hand Maureen managed to get out of the car. Maureen looked at the rear door into her store and groaned into her gag as she saw two of her staff, Helen and Fiona standing beside the door waiting for her to arrive. “Lead the way and no funny business. Just take is easy Maureen and nobody gets hurt.” Miss Duncan whispered into Maureen’s ear as they walked towards the door.

“Good morning Mrs Thackeray-Jones” Fiona asked as the group arrived at the door. Fiona and Helen glanced at each other with quizzical looks when there was no response. “Are these girls’ new starts?” Fiona tried this time, again without getting a response. Maureen had noticed that Miss Peel and Miss Garrett had worked their way behind the two young women.

“Ladies please do as you are told and nobody gets hurt” Miss Duncan said as her two colleagues pounced on Fiona and Helen, each pulling an arm behind the girls back whilst simultaneously using their leather gloved hands to effectively muffle the scream of both young woman. Fiona and Helen both squirmed until their arms were wrenched back further. The eyes on the two women became wide as they realised there predicament. They struggled again but the strong grip of Miss Garrett and Miss Peel were not for loosening. “Look ladies we have Ms Thackeray-Smith’s daughter so play along and nothing happens to her.” Miss Jackson watched as Fiona and Helen’s eyes switched from her to Maureen who silently nodded her confirmation. “My colleagues are going to remove their hands ladies but no shouting. We need to keep everything quiet so you will be gagged.” Miss Garrett and Miss Peel removed their hands and with practiced skill reached into their pockets and produced a thick cloth which they forced into the mouth of the woman that they had grabbed. Quickly and efficiently the cloth was held in place with a silk scarf tied at the nape of their captives’ neck so that it could not be easily removed. Miss Duncan nudged Maureen in the back and signalled toward the door. Miss Duncan knew that the longer they were in the open the more chance that someone might get suspicious. Slightly awkwardly with her hands cuffed Maureen reached into her bag, removed her keys and unlocked the rear door into the store. Pushing the door open Miss Duncan lead the way inside followed by the three gagged woman with her colleagues bringing up the rear. Miss Duncan heard the gentle beep of an alarm, found the small panel on the wall and beckoned Maureen over indicated for her to enter the code. Maureen paused before entering the code and the beeping stopped. Miss Duncan said a silent thank you. This was probably the moment where things could have gone wrong with the plan. If the alarm had been activated it would have went straight to the police for immediate response. “Keys please” Miss Duncan said to Maureen who placed them in the outstretched hand that was offered. Miss Duncan pulled a sheet of paper out of her bag. Maureen could see that it was a perfect plan of the store showing the shop floor, store rooms and offices on ground floor together with the first floor staff facilities and to her shock the small basement that wasn’t on any official plans. Miss Duncan threw the keys to Miss Garrett “Miss Garrett please mind the shop floor and make it look like we are preparing to open, Miss Peel take our two young friends upstairs and secure them whilst I have a talk with Ms Thackeray-Smith in the office.”

Miss Peel prodded Fiona and Helen who without needing to be told made their way toward the door that led to the first floor. The three women entered the staffroom at the top of the stairs and paused, Helen and Fiona waiting for instructions on how to proceed.

“Hands behind your back ladies” Miss Peel said from behind them. Miss Peel removed a backpack from over her shoulders and delved into it. Both Helen and Fiona had complied with the instruction and in turn felt the soft, strong cord wrap tightly around their wrists. Both women winced as the cord was tied off. Miss Peel surveyed the scene in the staffroom. To avoid the women trying to get each other free she wanted to keep them apart so she decided to put one in a chair that was sitting at the table and the other on a small couch against the far wall. Peel tapped Fiona on the shoulder, Fiona jumped at the shock of the touch. “Go sit on that couch” Peel order, Fiona slowly made her way across and sat down on one of the cushions. Peel led Helen to a wooden high back chair sitting next to the table and forced her down onto the seat, retrieving several lengths of rope from her rucksack Peel set about binding Helen to the chair. First Peel used a long length of rope placed just below Helen’s breasts to secure her tightly to the back of the chair. Then using a shorter length of rope to bind Helen’s ankles together, a third length was used to secure Helen’s thighs to the seat of the chair. Every tightening of the ropes and knot were met by moans from behind Helen’s gag. For good measure Peel took a thickly padded sleep mask from her bag and placed it over Helen’s eyes.

“MMGHYTR HURGGH” Fiona mumbled from behind her gag.

“Don’t worry your next” Peel said over her shoulder as she picked up her rucksack. “Now lie on your stomach”. Peel waited until Fiona was lying face down on the couch before tying Fiona’s ankles together then used another length of cord to tie her ankles and wrists together, hogtying the young woman. Peel the added a sleep mask across Fiona’s eyes. Now that both young women were secured and blindfolded Peel was able to remove her sunglasses and headscarf giving her long brown hair a shake. Making as little noise as possible to stop the two bound, blindfolded women from noticing that she had left Peel picked up her rucksack and made her way quickly down the stairs, heading for the car to continue her part of the plan.

Miss Duncan escorted Maureen to the door of the manager’s office. Without having to be asked Maureen approached the keypad on the door and entered the code to disengage the electronic lock. Miss Duncan pushed Maureen inside and followed her in. Duncan scanned the office and forced Maureen down into the large leather seat behind the large wooden desk. “Maureen I am going to undo the cuffs but please don’t try anything. Remember we have Rebecca.” Maureen raised her hands and Duncan removed the padded cuffs. “Maureen our clients are looking for something that you have in your vault, the special vault in the basement so I need the combination for your safes”. Maureen couldn’t help but react again. How did this woman know so much about the store? Only Maureen, her lawyer and the special clients that used the vault knew about its existence. Duncan handed Maureen a pen and small notebook that she had taken from her bag. “Write down the combinations for both safes and all of the instructions that I require to access the basement vault.” Duncan looked on whilst Maureen scribbled down the requested information, placing the pen carefully when see had finished. “Now please stand and place your hands behind your back.” Maureen compiled and Duncan went about binding her wrists behind her back then using a longer length of rope bound Maureen’s arms to her body. Taking further lengths of rope Duncan secured Maureen’s legs together at the ankles and thighs, once again forcing her down onto the leather chair. Duncan produced a thickly padded sleep mask and placed it over Maureen’s eyes. Once that was complete Duncan was able to remove her sunglasses and headscarf letting her shoulder length black hair fall down. Duncan didn’t waste any time in using the information on the pad to open both safes. Just after opening the second safe the door to the office opened and Miss Peel walked in carrying two large holdalls which she had taken from her rucksack. Peel nodded at her colleague.

“Peel”, replied Duncan whilst picking up two sets of keys, pocketing one and throwing the second to her colleague. Peel then went into one of the holdalls and produced a cloth which she doused with a large amount of chloroform from a bottle she had also taken from the bag. “Maureen I am not going to lie to you. My colleague has a cloth soaked with chloroform that she is going to use to knock you out for bit.”

“TYEHB GTHHH” mumbled Maureen from the other side of the desk.

“Sorry Maureen but we need some time to undertake our work and get clear. Can’t run the risk of you getting free and raising the alarm” Duncan chimed in as Peel approach Maureen, cloth menacingly held in one hand. “Don’t fight it just relax and take deep breaths.”

“Don’t worry it just puts you to sleep for a bit and you have a sore head when you come round by apart from that no problem” Peel said and clamped the cloth over the lower half of Maureen’s face, forcing her to inhale the fumes from the chemical that had been doused on the cloth. Maureen recoiled and Peel placed her other hand at the back of Maureen’s head so that she could not escape the cloth. “Oh I forgot that the smell isn’t that great.” Maureen thrashed her head from side to side but it was no use. Bound tightly and with Peel clamping the cloth over her nose she had no option but to inhale the fumes. Maureen continued to struggle but it was in vain as the drug started to have an effect. Eventually the struggling stopped as Maureen slumped down in the chair. Peel removed a Ziploc bag from her pocket and carefully placed the chloroform soaked cloth in it.

“Peel you know the plan. Take any cash you can find and some of the top range jewellery. Also don’t forget to take the CCTV hard drive. I shouldn’t be any longer than fifteen minutes.”

“Check. I think that we can drop the fake names now. She is sleeping like a baby.”

“Let’s not get over confident until the job is done. No stupid mistakes”. With that Duncan set off toward the basement and left Peel to clear the office and storeroom. Peel started with both safes and removed several stacks of used bank notes and placed them in one of the holdalls. The she spent some time disconnecting the hard drive from the CCTV system and placed that into the holdall along with the cash. Methodically searching the rest of the office Peel found a couple of nice items but nothing that really got her interest so she grabbed the keys and the holdalls and went to check the storeroom.

Duncan stopped at the door that lead to the basement and surveyed the locks. There were two serious looking efforts on the door itself. Looking at the set of keys that she had taken from the safe Duncan selected the two that she believed to be the best bet and tried the first of them in the top lock. It fitted in the lock comfortably and with a quick flick of the wrist turned fully and disengaged the lock. Right first time she thought. Then she tried the second key in the bottom lock. Once again it fitted perfectly and turned first time. Two for two! Duncan pocketed the keys and used both hands to haul the door open. It was very heavy and took a bit of effort.

Garrett was looking busy on the shop floor as if the store was preparing to open when she heard a knock at the door. At first she ignored the noise hoping that whoever it was would decide to walk away and come back later on. Garrett continued to look interested in the display against the back wall but the knocking came again, this time louder and more insistent. Not wanting the person to create a scene in the street Garrett decided that she had better deal with the matter and attempt to get the person to leave. Spinning round she raised a hand at the person at the door to signal that she had noticed them and made a big show or looking around to find the keys. It wasn’t long before the knocking started again. Garrett found the keys, where she had left them and made for the door. Garrett could now get a look at the person that was at the door. It was a woman with long brown hair, large round brown eyes, full lips and subtle features; a subtly attractive woman. She looked to be around thirty and was smartly dressed in tight black trousers, a red blouse and waist length tan jacket. Garrett opened the door, careful to keep the frame between her and the woman to prevent the woman getting a good look at her. “Can I help?”

“Sorry about the banging but I have to pick something up. It’s my aunts birthday and I was getting her watch repaired and cleaned” the woman said as soon as Garrett had opened the door. Without waiting to be asked into the shop the woman barged past Garrett into the middle of the shop floor. “The watch belonged to my Granma so it has emotional meaning to my aunt. You guys are usually open before nine so thought that I would pick it up early before I headed to the campus.”

“Em, Miss……” Garrett enquired

“Hutton, Gayle Hutton”

“Ms Hutton unfortunately we are having a slight problem this morning and the store is going to be closed for a period of time. If you would like to leave your number then I am sure one of my colleagues will contact you later” Garrett was thinking on her feet, trying to get the woman to leave.

“Could you not just check if the watch has been repaired for me” Gayle asked. Garrett knew then that she was going to have to deal with this woman and closed and locked the door. Just then she noted Peel at the door across the shop floor, behind the woman. Peel mimed pouring liquid onto a cloth and holding over her own nose and mouth then pointed at Gayle. Garrett didn’t know what else to do, so subtly nodded agreement.

“Would you like to come across to the counter Gayle and I will check the records”

“Great thanks.” Gayle replied and headed across. I wouldn’t thank me if I were you Garrett thought. Garrett made her way behind the counter and looked around until she found a pile of what looked like ledgers on a low shelf. Lifting them onto the counter she found the woman called Gayle standing directly across the counter. Garrett slowly flipped through the ledger hopeful that she had taken all of Gayle’s attention so that she wouldn’t notice the approaching Peel sneaking across the shop floor towards her.

Just as Peel got within striking distance Garrett grabbed both of Gayle’s wrists, pinning her hands to the counter. Peel then pounced clamping the chloroform soaked cloth over Gayle’s nose and mouth. Gayle panicked as the cloth was placed over her face, her eyes widened in shock but that was of no use, with her hands pinned to the counter by Garrett and Peel with her arm around her waist there was nowhere to go. Continuing to struggle only increased the amount of fumes that she inhaled and eventually Gayle succumbed to the fumes and slipped into a deep sleep and Peel carefully lowered her to the ground.

Gayle wondered what the woman was doing grabbing her wrists for a split second, that reaction change quickly to panic once someone else had pressed the cloth over her nose and mouth. She tried to scream for help but the sound was effectively muffled by the soft thick cloth that the woman had pressed over her face; then thought that there was nobody to hear her anyway. The person behind Gayle, the one with the cloth pulled Gayle tight against her body and Gayle could tell that it was a woman. Gayle wondered what these two women were after and why they had decided to attack her. They had used a cloth to muffle her and prevent her from screaming. It was at that moment that she noticed the smell coming from the cloth, a pungent sweet smelling aroma. Now she was starting to panic! What kind of chemical were they administering to her and what were its effects? Gayle struggled to try and get free but the women were strong and had managed to get the drop on her. The struggle meant that she involuntarily began to take deeper and deeper breathes drawing the fumes from the liquid deep into her lungs. Gayle could fell her legs and arms starting to tingle and her eyelids get heavy, she was seriously starting to fight off the desire to close her eyes. Gayle was an extremely intelligent woman and knew that something was seriously wrong. This must be the effects of the chemical she thought but she couldn’t do anything about it, the cloth remained in place and she continued to inhale the fumes until everything went black.

Duncan looked at the small metal doors in front of her, scanning them from top to bottom looking for the number that she had been given by her boss. Duncan had no idea what was in the box in the vault and didn’t care it was just her job to retrieve the item. When she found the number that she was looking for Duncan bent down and studied the lock. Then turning her attention to the ring of keys in her hand selected the key that she believed would fit the lock, inserted the key and turned it; once again first time lucky. Duncan swung the small door open and then removed the metal tray within. She carried the tray over to a small table in the centre of the room and opened the top of the tray. Duncan was slightly bemused about what she found. She was expecting jewels or cash or bonds but instead there was several cardboard folders filled with sheets of paper. Without looking in the folders she grabbed them and placed them in her bag. Moving back up the stairs she retrieved her mobile from her pocket and selected the group chat for this job and sent a message. ‘Time to get going.’ The phone pinged with two replies; the second of which she did not like at all.

Back at the house Munroe watched the bound and gagged Rebecca struggle against her bonds once again. Munroe admired her fight if not her intelligence. Munroe picked up the cloth and chloroform and made her way over to the bed where Rebecca was lying. “Stop that for a minute will you.” Munroe was a bit surprised when Rebecca complied immediately. “I have to leave now but I am going to take that gag out as long as you promised not to scream.”

“YETHAT HEGV” Rebecca mumbled and nodded her agreement at the same time. Munroe leaned over and untied the scarf at the back of Rebecca’s neck which allowed Rebecca to spit out the cloth that had been forced into her mouth.

“Rebecca I am going to untie you but first I need to give you a drug that will put you to sleep for a bit so that I can get away”

“I don’t want to be drugged” Rebecca replied, her bottom lip starting to quiver.

“You don’t have a choice. It won’t be to bad I am just going to place a cloth over your nose and mouth, it will have a drug on it and the fumes will put you to sleep. It doesn’t hurt”

“Is it chloroform? Like the movies?” Rebecca asked.

“That right” Munroe added as she placed the cloth over the lower part of Rebecca’s face. Munroe watched as the younger woman took deep and steady breaths eventually succumbing to the fumes when her eyelids slammed shut, holding the cloth on for another couple of seconds so that Rebecca got a good dose of the drug. Munroe quickly untied Rebecca and left her lying on the bed before placing everything that she had brought into her bag, including her large sunglasses, headscarf and jacket. Munroe then quickly slipped off the blue skirt that she was wearing and slipped on thick leggings that she had removed from her bag, next came heavy duty kneepads. Finally Munroe picked out a set of keys that belonged to the motorbike that she would use to get back to base.

When Duncan entered the shop floor she found her two colleagues standing over an unconscious woman. “What happened?”

“Sorry boss but we didn’t have an option. She was banging at the door and I didn’t want to create a scene outside in the street. I thought that it was best to deal with the issue inside the store.” Garrett summed up the situation as succinctly as possible.

“I assume that she did see your faces” Duncan asked. Both Garrett and Peel looked at each other, turned to Duncan and nodded. Duncan clenched her teeth and then made a decision. “We need to take her with us and keep her hidden until we move on. Hopefully that will only be a couple of days.” Looking around the shop floor Duncan continued “Garrett put the sign in the window showing store closed then you can help me carry your friend to the car. Peel, introduce the girls upstairs to nap time then grab the holdalls and join us at the car. Be quick about it, Munroe and I have a train to catch later.”

Duncan was behind the wheel as Peel emerged from the rear door of the store with a holdall in each hand. Slowly and steadily Peel made her way toward the car boot and placed both holdalls carefully inside. Peel then jumped into the passenger seat next to Duncan, Garrett and the sleeping hostage was sitting in the back. Duncan placed her mobile in a cradle and selected the phone number that she wanted. As it rang she started the car and moved off. After five rings, it was always five rings it was answered. “Boss its Duncan here. We have an issue that I have to make you aware of………..”

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

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this is incredible!

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

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Chapter 2

Detective Natalie Twain sat at her desk in the squad room reflecting on the path her career had taken over the past nine months. She had gone from almost being thrown of the force to having a place on the top detective squad. The squad only picked up the most complicated and high profile cases or those that required liaising with federal agencies. This change had been down to two things, rescuing the Police Commissionaires daughter, although Hayley still persist that no rescuing was required and the kudos from clearing up the crime ring that had been holding her. She was brought back into the present when her squad leader Lieutenant Dawkins made his presence know by banging his fist on her desk.

“Twain we have a reported jewellery store heist down in the south district.” Dawkins was waving a sheet of paper in the air.

“Is that not somewhat below our squad boss?” Natalie replied still trying to get back to the here and now.

“I would have thought so but it sounds like that gang of ladies is involved again.” Natalie’s interest in the robbery suddenly increased. There had been several crimes in the city over the past three months where the perpetrators had been described as well dressed women. “Find your partner and get down to the scene and get full details. If it is this gang of women again then we will have to open a file and take on the case. Plus the call came from on high. The powers that be seem to be interested so a quick result would look good” Natalie nodded and grabbing the sheet of paper from the Lieutenant and rushed off to find her partner. No doubt she would find him downstairs chatting up the civilian support staff downstairs.

Natalie sat in the passenger seat as her partner slowed to make the turn onto the correct street. Her partner’s name was John Smith and he was as bland as his name suggested. He wasn’t a bad cop, worked hard but just didn’t have that spark of inspiration that made the elite detectives. She had indeed found him chatting to one of the young ladies of the support staff and had to practically drag him away. Smith pulled to a stop behind a couple of patrol cars and an ambulance that were parked at the kerb. Natalie got out and looked around. It was pretty nice neighbourhood, nice bars, boutiques, bistros all high end. This would be the talk of the bars around here for the rest of the week. Both detectives flashed their badges at the uniform guarding the door as they entered. Once inside they found had a look around. It was certainly a well fitted out place with nice fittings and fixtures. They were beckoned across by a Sergeant standing talking to a woman sitting on a chair. As they walked across the shop floor Twain recognised the Sergeant as Lombardi from her former precinct. “Mrs Thackeray-Jones this is Detectives Twain and Smith. Would you be able to run through what happened this morning again for them?”

“Well I would like to return home and see my daughter, she must be frightfully upset but if you insist. Well it began this morning when I entered the kitchen……..” both detectives listened intently making notes for follow up questions. They didn’t want to break the flow. Once the woman had finished taking them through the events of the morning they asked some brief questions. The detectives would allow the woman to travel home and see her daughter, who it turns out had been held as a hostage during the robbery once they had a look around the store.

“What about forensics?” Smith asked the Sergeant.

“Nothing at the moment detective. Looks like they wore gloves so unlikely to get fingerprints. Also the scarves make hair fibres unlikely. They took the CCTV hard drive as well” Sergeant Lombardi stated as he pointed out a couple of camera that were mounted on walls of the store. “Seems like they made a professional job of it.”

“Duncan, Garrett, Peel and Munroe all sound familiar to me” Smith said almost to himself, reading the names that Thackeray-Jones had said were used by the perpetrators.

“Charlie’s Angels Detective” said an instantly embarrassed uniformed officer who had been walking past. Lombardi, Smith and Twain all turned to look at the young officer.

“You know the 70’s television show with the female private investigators starring Kate Jackson, Farah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith. And I assume Peel must reference the Avengers” continued the young officer until he noticed the hand that Lombardi had raised.

“We get the idea Officer Noble. Don’t you have something to do” Lombardi said and the officer scurried off to his duties. Twain smiled at the exchange and added a note to the bottom of her list. Probably didn’t mean anything but it was good to be thorough. As Smith and Lombardi got together and went through the procedural stuff and interview the other staff, Twain decided to take a walk through the store. After checking through the rear rooms and first floor Twain came back and stood in front of a door in the corridor between the rear door and shop floor. She didn’t know why but it interested her so she shouted through for her partner to bring through Ms Thackeray-Jones.

“What’s behind this door?” Natalie asked of the shop owner pointing at the door. Ms Thackeray-Jones looked visible uncomfortable at the questions. Twain thought this to be strange as it was only a door.

“It’s just leads down to the basement”

“What’s in the basement?”

“Nothing important” replied Thackeray-Jones, a little too sharply for the detectives liking. This piqued Twain’s interest. “Look I just want to get home and see my daughter.”

“Let’s have a look, just to satisfy my curiosity.” Twain finally said, raising an eyebrow.

Meanwhile on the other side of town

“Hands up lady” said the male voice from behind Hayley King. She cursed under her breath at letting an amateur get the drop on her. Hayley had been hired by a local business to investigate a possible case of corporate espionage. It hadn’t taken her long to find the guy responsible and follow him to his contact at a rival firm, who was a rather attractive woman. Men really were that stupid. All she had to do was get hard evidence of them taking some information and pass it across to close the case. Unfortunately having followed them to his place of business this Friday afternoon she was now in not the best of positions. Hayley spun round to find both the man and woman looking at her. The man was pointing a revolver at her. “What do we do know?” the man asked taking a quick glance at the woman.

“Pretty blonde here obviously knows what’s going on. We will have to take her with us.”

“What, what do you mean?” the man stammered.

“We need to buy some time. You keep her covered with the gun and I will go and find something that we can use to tie her up.”

“Look at the moment you are just looking at charges of theft. Assuming your employers wish to pursue criminal proceedings. You don’t want to add kidnapping to your list of crimes.” Hayley said in her most reasonable voice.

“Also need something to keep that pretty mouth quiet as well.” With that the woman turned and left. Hayley started to play scenarios out in her head. There was no way that this guy would shoot her on purpose but her might get a bit nervous and do it by accident, best to play along at the moment and see what happens.

“Can I at least put my hands down? I feel ridiculous” Hayley asked. The man replied by nodding. Hayley slipped her hands down into the pockets of her jacket where her phone was. Using touch she managed to type a quick message and sent it to the last person that she had texted. Soon afterwards the woman returned to the room carrying some scarves.

“Found these in the staff room. Should do the job.” The woman made her way behind Hayley and used a scarf to tie her wrists behind her back. Hayley could instantly tell that it was a poor job. Then the woman ordered her to open her mouth and a scarf came down over her head.

“Wait.” Amateurs Hayley thought. First they didn’t even take away her phone now they were just going to use a thin scarf as a cleave gag. “Stuffing, you will need stuffing otherwise I will be able to talk”. The woman walked round to face Hayley and looked around then had a light bulb moment and reached into her pocket and produced a large white handkerchief. The woman balled this up and stuffed it into Hayley’s mouth then used the scarf to hold it in place.

“Does this gag meet with your approval?”

“ITATS BWETWER.” Better than nothing but not exactly great Hayley thought. The woman grabbed Hayley by the arm and starting leading her out of the room and down the corridor. The man slipped in behind. They made there down the stairs and toward the car park with the man locking doors behind them as they went. Once the got to the car park there were only two cars, the little coupe was Hayley’s so the mid size hatchback had to belong to the couple. The group made there way to the car. Once at the car the man opened the boot.

“In you get” the woman said to Hayley. Hayley thought about making a run for it but she had felt her phone vibrate a couple of times so was happy to comply by climbing into the boot. Not easy with your wrists tied behind you back. Hayley lay in the boot as the woman bound her ankles together with another scarf. Then the boot closed and everything went dark. Hayley heard the doors open and close then muffled voices as they couple had a heated discussion about how to proceed. Hayley couldn’t make out words but could probably guess the general idea. Hayley didn’t have an issue the longer they sat and argued the better, for something to do Hayley started to work on her wrist bindings. The car eventually pulled away but didn’t get very far. Hayley heard the sirens faintly at first then they got louder until the car that she was in came to a stop. Hayley heard firm instructions being shouted by who she assumed to be police officers. Hayley continued working at the bindings on her wrist until they eventually came lose and her wrists were free. Hayley quickly untied her ankles, finishing just as the boot opened and Detective Natalie Twain looked down on her.

“You really need to stop playing the damsel in distress Hayley. I think that makes it twice I have come to your rescue” Natalie said as she offered Hayley a helping hand to escape the boot. With a little help Hayley exited the boot and brushed herself down. “Nice gag by the way.”

“IHAGT ALHYAR YSELESCH” Hayley mumbled before reaching behind her head and untying the knot in the scarf which allowed her to remove the handkerchief from her mouth. Hayley looked round and saw that her potential kidnappers were being lead to separate patrol cars in cuffs. “Thanks for that. How did you get here so quickly? I was preparing my own escape just in case you didn’t turn up in time.”

“My partner and I were called to a burglary over at a nearby jewellery store” Natalie said indicating Smith who was leaving against the hood of a standard issue plain cop vehicle. He raised his hand in a lazy wave by way of recognition.

“I thought you had transferred to the Serious Case Squad. Surely a run of the mill theft at a jewellery store would not warrant that level of attention” Hayley said whilst waiving back at Smith then mimicked him by while leaning on the car. Natalie had to smile at the composure shown by her friend. Even after being bound, gagged and thrown in a boot she still acted like she didn’t have a care in the world and looked fantastic doing it. Since Natalie and Hayley had become friends loads of guys on the force had tired to make a move on her but none had been successful. Natalie had heard the guys describe her as beautiful, stunning, intoxicating, vivacious but to be honest no one word came close to summing up Hayley King.

“Well there might be a bit more to it than that but will have to do some digging first. Might give you a call to go through it and pick your brains it that’s alright” Natalie said.

“Consider it a date honey let’s do it over dinner or drinks. Always glad to throw in my two cents worth. Beside we need to catch up on the gossip. Well I better head down to the precinct and make my statement.” With that Hayley was gone, walking off back to pick up her car.

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

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really good so far!

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

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Thanks for the positive feedback. Hope that you enjoy the next chapter and all those to follow.

Chapter 3

Vanessa Howard sat in her cabin waiting for the train to leave the station. Her father had kindly booked Vanessa on the overnight sleeper rather than a flight. Vanessa had never really liked flying and after a recent bad experience had avoided taking the plane where possible. Her father was very protective of Vanessa so had employed an older woman to be her chaperone / assistant. The woman was called Emily and to be fair despite being twice Vanessa’s nineteen years they did get on well. Vanessa heard a whistle from the platform then felt the train lurch into motion and leave the station behind at the start of the long journey ahead. As the train started to gain speed Vanessa put in her earphones and watched the sun begin to set.

Around ten minutes after leaving the station Vanessa looked on as the door to the cabin opened and two women entered and sat down across from them. Vanessa sneaked what she hoped was a quick and unobserved look at Emily and raised her eyebrows. It was intended to communicate ‘Hey. Look at the strange way that these women are dressed’. Both were dressed head to foot in black. The full length down filled coat that each wore was open to reveal blouses, skirts, tights and knee high boots. The outfits were topped off by hats with veils that completely shielded there faces from view. One woman carried a large hat box and the other bags that were both very old fashioned, almost carpet bags. The four women sat in silence for around an hour before Emily finally decided to say something. “Excuse me ladies. Are you sure that you are in the correct cabin?” The two women glanced at each other. The only reason that Vanessa and Emily could tell this was the fact that their heads turned. The veils made anything else impossible.

“Sorry are we causing a nuisance?” came the reply form the woman on the left.

“No, not at all” Vanessa said before pausing to consider her choice of words. “It’s just that this is a private compartment that has been booked out for my friend and I” Vanessa continued indicating Emily with her thumb.

“Sorry my sister and I will seek another compartment” said the same women.

“No it is me that should apologise if I was staring. You just don’t see anybody dressed like you are these days.” Vanessa continued.

“Please except my apologies for our appearance but my sister and I are bringing my brothers body back home. He recently passed away in a tragic accident. Our mother was old fashioned when it came to formality and I guess that has stuck with us” said the women that hadn’t spoken yet. With that the two women started to make preparations to move on. Emily pulled her mobile phone from her pocket and typed a quick message to the newest number on her phone, somebody that she hadn’t seen in years and had only recently gotten back in contact with. Emily looked on curiously and Vanessa angled her screen so that Emily couldn’t read what she was typing.

The woman that was sitting across from Emily rose and made for the door before using the fact that Emily and Vanessa were distracted suddenly launched toward Emily. The shock of the sudden attack meant that Emily could not react. The other woman quickly moved to pull down the shades on each of the windows that looked out onto the corridor that ran along the carriage. Vanessa sat in shocked silence at the woman pounced on Emily. She had Emily pinned and a thick cloth thrust over her nose and mouth. Emily was struggling but the woman in black had the upper hand. “Don’t fight Emily, relax and let the chloroform do its work” the woman in black said to Emily. The use of her name seemed to have an effect on Emily as she paused for a couple of seconds which was just long enough for the drug to start having an effect. Vanessa stood but before she could make an intervention Vanessa felt her left arm being wrenched behind her back; she went to scream but a leather glove covered hand clamped firmly over her mouth, muffling any noise. Vanessa had been grabbed by the other woman.

“It will just put her to sleep for a while, nothing more. Don’t resist and we won’t have to use the chloroform on you” a voice said in Vanessa’s ear. Vanessa watched on as the fight went out of Emily, Vanessa could see her eyelids flutter then close over. The woman removed the cloth and placed it back in her bag. When her hand came out of the bag it held a Ziploc bag that contained several items and tossed it onto the chair that Vanessa had been sitting on.

“Miss Munroe please make sure our young charge cannot call for help.”

“I am going to let you go but please do exactly as we say and do not try to call for help” the voice whispered in her ear. Vanessa nodded her understanding. The woman removed her hands from Vanessa and picked up the bag from the seat. Vanessa turned round and found herself face to face, well veil with the other black clad woman. “Open your mouth Vanessa” said the one that had grabbed her, Miss Munroe. The women were both very intimidating, their manor and the dress so Vanessa opened her mouth as instructed and let the woman force a cloth into her mouth. “Close your mouth.” Next the woman pulled out what looked like a medical bandage and began to wrap it around Vanessa’s head to keep the cloth in place. The bandage was wrapped around Vanessa’s head on several occasions. The woman in black produced a very thick pad of cotton wool and placed it over where Vanessa’s mouth would be under the tape. Then using one had to hold it in place the woman used vet wrap to hold that it place. There was no way that Vanessa could make any noise above a barely audible mumble. “That should do the job Miss Duncan.”

“I believe that you are correct Miss Munroe.” Whilst Vanessa was being gagged the woman called Miss Jackson had opened the hat bag and produced from it a long cloak together with a black hat with a veil attached and laid them on a seat. Whilst Vanessa was intrigued and what was coming out of the bag Miss Munroe bound Vanessa’s wrists in front of her with a short nylon belt, Vanessa didn’t even notice until she heard a faint click and felt the wrists touch as the belt was tightened. Vanessa arms were then pinned to her body using two longer versions of the nylon strap that had been used on her wrists. Vanessa tried to move her arms but found that they were securely fastened in place.

“Just you stand there for a moment” Miss Munroe said to Vanessa as she moved her across to the other side of the compartment. Then the two women picked up the slumbering Emily and moved her across to the seat beside Vanessa, next they pulled down the folding bed and locked in into position. As Vanessa looked on the women then split tasks, Munroe went about gagging Emily in the same fashion that Vanessa had been gagged whist Jackson produced a selection of straps from the large bag and spent some time adjusting them and setting them up around the fold down bed. Once Duncan looked satisfied with her work with the straps she and Munroe picked up Emily and placed her on the bed. It was then that Vanessa figured out what was about to happen. Vanessa watched on as the two women used the straps to secure Emily to the bed. Once they were finished there were straps holding down Emily’s wrists, ankles, chest, stomach and thighs. They looked pretty sturdy and pretty tight thought Vanessa.

“Munroe you tidy up and I will finish with Vanessa” Duncan said. Vanessa looked as Duncan picked up the cloak and hat they had been taken from the bag and head her way. Vanessa couldn’t resist as Duncan put the hat on her head and adjusted the veil so that it covered all of her face, hiding the heavy gag over her mouth. Next came the long black cloak hung over Vanessa’s shoulders and fastened it at the front, it effectively hid the fact that her arms were bound. Duncan took a step back and looked Vanessa over. Obviously deciding that she was satisfied with her handiwork Duncan helped Munroe finish tidying up. “Vanessa we are going to take a walk along the train to the storage carriage and you are going to be very well behaved, no trying to run, not trying to signal for help. Do you understand?” Vanessa nodded. Duncan nodded to Munroe who opened the door and entered the corridor. Duncan grabbed Vanessa by the upper arm and eased her out of the compartment and into the corridor. Duncan paused to let Munroe close the door then take the lead. The three women headed down the corridor swaying gently as they went with the rocking motion of the train. As they passed each compartment Vanessa glanced in hoping that someone would recognise her situation and send help. But nobody did. Halfway through the third carriage they passed the Conductor who doffed his cap in greeting and moved past without a second look. At the end of that carriage they reached the storage carriage and entered. Vanessa took in the scene in the carriage. It addition to the usual bags, crates and boxes was a large coffin on a trolley. On either side sat a woman with black hair who Vanessa thought had eastern European features and a large man with grey hair who Vanessa guessed was in his early fifties. They both wore black suits with white shirts; the man also had a black tie.

“Any problems?” queried the man. He then stood and stretched his large frame.

“Nice and smooth” Duncan replied, looking at her watch. “Fifteen minutes. Let’s get moving.” The man started to unscrew the pins that held the lid of the coffin in place as Vanessa felt a hand in her back pushing her toward the coffin. Vanessa wasn’t the smartest person in class but she had worked out what was going on and didn’t like it. She had a feeling that she was going into the coffin. With Duncan’s helping hand in her back Vanessa was propelled reluctantly toward the coffin. Once at the edge of the coffin Duncan removed the hat and the cloak from Vanessa.

“Put you legs together Vanessa” Munroe said from a position behind Vanessa. Vanessa complied and felt more of the straps being used to secure her ankles and thighs. Next a thickly padded mask went over her eyes, shutting out the light.

“Right darlin’ just relax and let me do the heavy liftin’” the man said in a southern drawl before Vanessa felt his arm sweep het feet from her and catch her in his solid arms. With ease the man picked Vanessa up and laid her down inside the coffin. At that point Vanessa started to panic and thrash against the sides of the coffin, which were thickly padded and tight against her body, almost as if the lining had been made to fit her body.

“Listen Vanessa stop struggling about, it won’t do any good.” Vanessa heard Duncan say. It was something about the voice that made Vanessa stop and listen further. “As you can tell the coffin is thickly padded and also soundproofed, thrash and bang all you want, nobody will hear anything. There is a four hour air supply built in so no issues when it comes to breathing freely either.” Vanessa realised that there was nothing that she could do at the present time, there were four of them and she was tightly bound so she settled her head back onto the velvet covered pillow and tried to relax. Vanessa heard the lid of the coffin being put back on, then the strange noise as the screws were put in to secure it in place.

Soon after that exchange the train started to slow down on its approach to the next station. Once it had pulled to a halt the door to the storage carriage slid open and a ramp was positioned at the opening. The large man and the woman with the eastern European looks wheeled the trolley with the coffin on it down the ramp and onto the platform. Duncan and Munroe followed at a respectful distance. The procession headed along the platform and toward the car park. As they entered the car park a large van pulled up next to them. The driver jumped out and opened the rear door which was hinged at the top. The large man pushed the trolley into the rear loading area, the legs with the wheels collapsed as they hit the edge of the van and it rolled into the specially designed space smoothly. The large man then shut the rear door and made his way to the front passenger seat and jumped in. The driver was already in place as were the three women on the rear bench seat.

“Wagons roll” the large man said and pointed toward the freeway.

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

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brilliant story!

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

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Chapter 4

The room was dark; the only light was from a small lamp on a bedside table. For some reason it emanated a pale reddish light. There were no windows in the room. Gayle had tried the door when she came round, once the after effects of whatever she had been drugged with had finally worn off but it was locked fast and there was no keyhole or handle on the inside. This Gayle thought as strange. She had also tried banging on the door and shouting for help but nobody had appeared. Something about the door and the walls gave her the impression that nobody had heard and that was slightly disconcerting. Her watch, phone, bag and shoes had all been removed so she had no idea how long she had been in the room. The carpet was thick under her feet and between her toes. The decoration in the room was clearly of high quality and well thought out. The bed was large and she could tell that the linen was expensive. There was a table and a couple of chairs in the centre of the room and Gayle settled down in one of the chairs to wait, for what he could only guess. Then the lights came on.

The door started to open and Gayle got up from the chair and stood still. She watched intently as the door opened and in entered a stylish dressed woman wearing a mask, the kind of mask that you say worn to masquerade balls in films about the courts of French kings. The woman made her way to the centre of the room and the door closed behind her. “Good evening Miss Hutton” the woman began and gestured toward the chair that Gayle had just risen from “lets’ take a seat and talk. I need to explain your situation.” Gayle noticed that the woman had a French accent, this and the fact that she had long jet black hair and full red lips was all that she could get due to the mask, apart from the fact that the French accented woman had a curvaceous figure. The woman was wearing a long black pencil skirt, a white blouse with enough buttons open to reveal the top of her cleavage and matching red belt and heels.

“Where I am?” Gayle tried as an opening gambit.

“I cannot tell you that Miss Hutton” was the reply from behind a smirk.

“Actually it’s Doctor Hutton but you can call me Gayle. As we are getting acquainted what can I can you?” Gayle hoped that she sounded far more confident and in control than she felt.

“Well Gayle for obvious reasons I can’t tell you my name but let just let me explain what will be happening.” Gayle decided to stay silent and she what was said. “Earlier you had one of those moments that can be described as wrong time, wrong place. My business partner was trying to retrieve something and you walked into the middle of their attempt.” Gayle nodded and hoped that the French woman would continue. “They have further business to attend to so had to bring you to my establishment for your own safety until they have finished.”

“And what is your establishment?” Gayle asked. “Wait you can’t tell me.” The French woman smiled at that comment, like you would at a child who has just down something simple for the first time like tying a shoelace. “The less you know the better.”

“Let me guess. For my own safety” Gayle replied.

“Now you will be kept in this room until it is safe to let you go. As you can see the accommodation is comfortable. There is an en suite toilet with shower and all of your other needs will be attended to.” After finishing that sentence the French woman sat for a moment as if inviting any questions. Gayle didn’t have any. She wanted out of this room but wasn’t sure how to achieve it at this point. Gayle was a very intelligent woman so would taker her time and try and work it out. The French woman got up and headed for the door. When she got to the door the French woman knocked twice and the door opened slightly.

“How long will it be until you let me go?” Gayle asked, almost pleading for a definite answer.

“Honestly Gayle I don’t know, perhaps a week, hopefully less. But be warned if you do anything to jeopardise my business partners operation or try to escape there will be consequences.” Then the French woman turned on her heels and left Gayle to her thoughts.

On the other side of town

Christina had been trying to put the past behind her, it was harder than she thought. Having to keep a low profile after the crime syndicate that she was working for was busted by the efforts of a police detective. That detective was not on Christina’s Christmas card list and was not likely to get on it any time soon. Christina had been enjoying the benefits of having a steady job with a regular, decent salary for the past five years and now that was gone. She had been reduced to picking up jobs where she could, criminal or otherwise to make ends meet whilst living in motels, like the one she was in now or in spare rooms when she could get one. It wasn’t exactly where she wanted to be at this point in her life and she had even started to have to use her original surname. Christina felt the phone in her pocket vibrate. Looking at it she noted that it was a reminder that she had received a text message from her younger sister who she had only recently got in contact with again after several years. Before she could open the message the phone went on the nightstand next to the bed. Christina answered, “Hello Dave” guessing that it was the young night manager who had asked her out every day since she had been staying at the establishment.

“Evening ma’am sorry to bother you” Christian sighed inwardly at the use of ma’am, it made her feel much older than she was.

“What can I do for you Dave?”

“A package was just dropped off for you at reception.” Christina guessed that this was the supplies for the next job she had accepted.

“Thanks. I will come down and pick it up. And Dave, please drop the ma’am.”

“Alright Ms Howard” and with that Christina heard the line go dead and lay down on her bed. Picking up her phone she read the text message from her sister, smiling she sent a quick reply. Christian couldn’t wait to meet up with her sister as soon as it could be arranged.

Chapter 5

Duncan and Munroe had only just got back from the three hour drive and they were back on duty again. The boss had explained that everything had to be completed by Thursday so they had just nodded and got on with it. They were being paid a hefty bonus for this job, plus the boss was not exactly a lady that you questioned. Thankfully this time they were only the backup, Peel and Garrett were the primaries on this one. They were sitting in the cabin of a fake ambulance waiting round the block from the club where their target was currently partying. The pair settled in and waited for the signal to get moving.

At that moment Peel and Garrett were sitting at a table in the club scanning the entire scene whilst keeping a discreet eye on one particular person. In order to blend in the pair of them had been able get dressed up for this job which made a nice change; little black numbers, makeup and nice heels. It was a high end club, security was tight on the periphery of the club but crucially there were no CCTV cameras on the inside to prevent embarrassing videos of the clientele leaking out. The person that they were interested in was called Florence Tiffany Rhodes, or Tiff to her friends. At the moment she was sitting in a booth laughing and joking with her friends, a selection of good looking men and women in their early twenties. Peel and Garrett bided their time slowly sipping at their drinks and brushing aside the attentions of a couple of overly muscled gym monkeys without causing too much offense.

Eventually after a sustained period on the dance floor Tiff and one of her friends returned to their table and picked up their purses. Peel and Garrett glanced at each other both sensing that this could be the opportunity slipped off their stools and moved across the crowded dance floor, looking to fall in behind Tiff and her friend. They did as the two girls entered a corridor off the main hall and headed toward the toilets. The club has two sets of gents and ladies along the corridor. Peel and Garrett hoped that Tiff and friend would make for the second toilet at the far end of the corridor. They resisted the temptation to high five as they turned into the corridor and saw Tiff disappear into the far away toilet, crucially it was also closet to a fire escape door that lead into a wide alley, wide enough for a van or indeed an ambulance. It was however guarded by a security guard sporting a nice suit and earpiece.

This was when they need a bit of luck. As Peel and Garrett entered the toilet they stepped aside to allow a group of teenagers to exit. Entering the toilet they got that slice of luck. Tiff was standing at a wash hand basin checking her make up in a mirror. One of the cubicles was occupied; Peel and Garrett assumed that this was where the friend was. The slice of luck was that there was nobody else in the toilet. Garrett immediately made for the basin beside Tiff and put down her purse, open it and removed a perfume bottle and a large white handkerchief. Garrett scrunched up the handkerchief with her right hand and sprayed a large amount of the liquid from the perfume bottle onto it.

“That’s a strange way to put on perfume” Tiff commented with a slightly condescending tone. Garrett forced a smile. That comment plus what she had read about this kid meant that she was going to enjoy what happened next. “Plus it stinks. What is that scent?”

“Chloroform” Garrett replied. Tiff had a puzzled look on her face.

“Chloroform, is that the new fragrance by MMPPHH” Tiff didn’t get the chance to finish as Garrett smothered the handkerchief over her nose and mouth. There was initial pause as Tiff processed what was happening before Tiff began to struggle, by that time Garrett had changed position so that she was behind Tiff and wrapped her arm around the young woman. Garrett had performed that manoeuvre with practised ease, never letting the handkerchief slip from over Tiff’s nose and mouth. At that point cubicle door opened and Tiff’s friend stepped out, pausing as she took in the scene in front of her. This gave ample opportunity for Peel to slip in behind her and apply a chloroform doused handkerchief over her nose and mouth before the friend could scream for help. Tiff eventually succumbed to the chloroform fumes from the handkerchief and Garrett lowered her onto the floor. Garrett turned to look at Peel and after a couple of seconds Garrett saw the eyelids of Tiff’s friend close and Peel then lowered her onto the toilet floor before dragging her back into the cubicle.

“You’re up Ms Close” teased Garrett as Peel emerged from the cubicle.

Peel ran out of the toilet and up to the security guard, garbing his shirt with one hand and pointing back at the toilet door with the other “A girl in there just collapsed on the floor. Quick phone an ambulance” Peel shouted at the security guard. Back in the toilet Garrett quickly typed a text and pressed send. Now it was all about the timing.

In the ambulance round the block Duncan’s phone vibrated on the dashboard. Both she and Munroe knew that it would be from Peel or Garrett giving them the signal to get into action. Munroe started the engine, flicked on the lights and sirens and headed toward the club. They had already talked through the plan and bypassed the front door taking a left and heading down the alley at the side of the building. Entering the alley they could both see a man standing half way down next to an open door. Slowing as they approached the door Munroe stopped the vehicle so that the rear of the ambulance was level with the open door of the club. Quickly Duncan and Munroe exited the cab and made there way to the rear of the ambulance, removed a stretcher and hurried through the open door.

They rushed into the toilet, following the directions of the security guard and found Peel and Garrett standing over the prone figure of Tiff on the toilet floor. There was also a worried looking man in his early forties. “Do you think it could be drugs?” he asked aloud. Duncan and Munro bent over and pretended to examine Tiff.

“It might be sir” said Duncan “we will know more once we get her to the emergency room.” The man started wringing his hands. He was club manager and was no doubt thinking of the negative publicity that a drug related incident could create.

“Did you find her?” Munroe asked looking at Peel and Garrett who both nodded. “You will have to come with us then. The doctors will probably have some questions for you.” Munroe and Duncan lifted Tiff carefully onto the stretcher and taking an end each wheeled it out of the toilet, into the alley and lifted it into the back of the ambulance. Duncan jumped in the back followed by Peel. Garrett jumped in the front beside Munroe who was behind the wheel and they sped off away from the club with lights and sirens blazing. Once they were clear of the immediate area of the club Munroe cut the lights and sirens and reduced speed to within the speed limit. There was no need to attract too much attention.

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

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Loving this
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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

Postby puffalover » Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:13 pm

Hey there my friend! Really glad to see you writing again. And with another excellent story.

Can't wait to see where this is heading. I also hope to see some down sleeping bag/suit bondage and diaper usage in the near future. That would just be icing on the cake! :D
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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

Postby mrjones2009 » Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:41 am

Thanks for the positive feedback all. Puffalover I am sure that you enjoyed future chapters.

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

Postby Shanyalovestape » Mon Jan 02, 2017 8:19 am

Love it!
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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

Postby mrjones2009 » Mon Jan 02, 2017 1:46 pm

Chapter 6

The door opened and Michelle bounded into the office with the enthusiasm of a puppy. Hayley King was glad that she had employed the young woman as a receptionist but did wonder when the initial enthusiasm would wear off; it had been six months since Hayley had started her private investigation firm after leaving Section 10 three months before that. The last investigation where she had been caught and held captive by a criminal organisation had made up her mind that it was time to get out of that line of work and try something else, hence the move into private investigation. It was interesting and the hours were flexible, both of which suited her. Her father had tried to convince her to join the police force but he wasn’t successful. “Morning boss” Michelle said as she laid today’s mail and newspaper out on the desk before turning and heading for the back toward the outer office. Hayley waved in response and then casually flicked through the mail, not seeing anything that instantly took her fancy she picked up the paper and scanned through it. It started with the national news on the Presidential race before the election later on in the year, then business news, then local news, some celebrity gossip and finally the sport. Hayley scanned the articles on the woeful performances of the local franchises before going back to the local news and reading a story about a property development that had been knocked back. The development was said to be worth hundreds of million of dollars. The developer, a powerful local businessman called Alden Alexander had appealed and the Governor had asked a special panel of experts including business people, politicians and environmental experts to decide on whether the development should proceed. The decision was due on Friday, it was currently Monday morning. Hayley had heard of Alexander before, there were rumours of links to organised crime and shady dealings but nothing had ever been proven. Out of the corner of her eye Hayley saw the light on the phone that told her that Michelle was looking to transfer a call through. Hayley picked up the receiver.

“Boss I have a Mr Theodore Howard on the phone for you. Shall I put him through or take a message” said Michelle on the other end of the line. Hayley’s interest was instantly piqued. Howard was one of the richest and most powerful men in the city.

“Please put him through Michelle.” The line went silent then the call was connected. “Mr Howard” Hayley said onto the receiver.

“Yes. Is this Hayley King” the voice from the other end of the line replied.

“Correct. Mr Howard. How may I help you?”

“I have a delicate matter that I need to discuss, preferably in person” straight to the point then. Hayley got the impression that something was not quite right. Howard wasn’t projecting the kind of confidence and authority on the phone that you would expect of someone with his reputation and position.

“Well I have a few things in my dairy for today but should be able to fit you in tomorrow afternoon. Would you like to come into the office?”

“I was hoping to meet today Miss King, as soon as possible and somewhere outside” Howard responded. Hayley detected an underlying strain in his voice. Howard was trying to stay in control but there was definitely something in his voice.

“Please call me Hayley and do you have a suggestion for our meeting point?”

“There is a park three blocks from your office. Near the centre there is a fountain and an old public convenience. I will get you at the benches near there at noon.” Hayley took a quick glance at her watch; it was quarter past ten so plenty of time to make the meeting.

“See you then Mr Howard”

“Thank you. Oh and Miss King I would be grateful if you could keep this private for the time being.” Then the line went dead. Interesting indeed Hayley thought. Not every day that you took a call from a respected and powerful businessman looking for an urgent clandestine meeting. Hayley held down the button on the phone then dialled the internal number for Michelle.

“Yeah boss” was the perky reply.

“No need to call me boss Michelle. I am going to be out over lunch so could you hold the fort and I will bring you something in from Malone’s” referring to the local sandwich shop.

“No problem boss. Just get me the usual salad and a shake.” Hayley hung up and started looking through the internet for any information that she could find on what might have spooked Theodore Howard.

Hayley entered the park and made her way toward the agreed location for her meeting with Theodore Howard. Hayley knew the location she strolled at a relaxed pace, arriving five minutes early. She was not surprised to find Theodore Howard waiting for her. As she approached a large man wearing a nice three piece suit approached from her left. Hayley noticed the earpiece that the man was wearing and assumed that he was security. The man blocked her path about ten paces away and produced an electronic wand. This piqued Hayley’s interest even further, obviously whatever this meeting was about Howard didn’t want a record of it. As she got closer to the man Hayley made a big show of producing her phone and placing it in her bag which she held out to the man. The man took the bag and waived the wand over Hayley; satisfied that there were no listening devices on her person he beckoned her to take a seat on the bench. “Sorry about that Miss King” Theodore Howard said as she sat down “but with this situation I can’t be too careful.”

“No problem Mr Howard and please, you can call me Hayley.”

“Thank you and please call me Theo.” Hayley saw the man smile but it was forced, it didn’t reach his eyes. Hayley considered the man sitting beside her. He was a small man of around sixty with kind eyes and grey moustache. Hayley instantly took a liking to him.

“What can I do for you Theo” Hayley finally asked.

“It’s my daughter Vanessa, someone has taken her Hayley” Theodore Howard started then continued to explain how his daughter had been on a train with a friend when she had been snatched. Howard recounted the story that he had been told by the friend then continued detailing a telephone call that he had received informing him that his daughter was safe and being cared for and that would continue as long as Howard didn’t go to the police. Hayley listened patiently until he had finished before asking a question.

“Did they say what they wanted? I assume that they want something as they have been in contact.”

“They said, well the woman said I would be contacted before the end of the week with further instructions.”

“Why haven’t you contacted the police? Surely your daughters’ friend or the railway workers called the authorities?” Hayley queried.

“I can’t go to the police Hayley. I have some influence so have been able to keep the situation under wraps. But I understand that you have some experience of situations like this.”

“You want me to find your daughter?” Hayley asked.

“Yes I would like you to investigate” Howard finished talking and leaned on the back of the seat studying Hayley. For her part Hayley knew that Howard was a man who probably got his own way. “I will cover all expenses plus sizeable fee up front.” Hayley thought about the proposal. It wasn’t the money that was important, not that it wasn’t nice it was just that Hayley got the feeling that there was something bigger and more complicated going on than one missing girl. Eventually Hayley nodded her agreement.

“Tell me as much as you can about the telephone call Mr Howard?” Hayley sat and listened as Howard described the brief telephone conversation ending with this statement.

“The woman on the other end of the telephone identified herself as Jamie Sommers.” After finishing Howard reached into his pocket and produced a thumb drive. “All of the information that I have is on this drive, including CCTV from the station and a recording of the call that I received. The password is your date of birth.”

“You seem pretty confident that I will take the case Theo.” The man smiled and nodded. Hayley took the thumb drive and got up. “Looks like you have a deal. Give me a couple of days and I will get in contact.” Howard produced a card and handed it across.

“The contact is for my right hand man Jenkins. He will now how to get in contact with me at all times. Good luck.” With that the man tuned to stare across the pond and Hayley turned and left, collecting her bag from man with earpiece.

Neither Hayley King nor Theodore Howard noticed the figure that was carefully hidden in the shadows cast by the trees in the park. The figure wore dark trousers and a full length down jacket with the hood up to hide her face on the off chance that anybody noticed and recognise her. Christina had been shocked by the contents of her sister’s text but had replied enthusiastically to her suggestion to meet. But that was as far as it went. Despite sending two further texts and trying to call there was no further communication from her sister. At first she had assumed that Vanessa had just got could feet but the more she thought it about it the less likely that seemed so Christina decided to try and talk to Vanessa face to face. Christina had went to the house and followed her father discreetly, eventually that had lead to this meeting with of all people Hayley King. Something was definitely wrong and Christina was determined to find out more. Christina watched as Hayley rose from the bench and walked away. Christina let Hayley get some distance away and then fell in behind her.

Chapter 7

“Our arrangement is proving to be mutually beneficial Martinez” said Sophia Rousseau with a subtle French accent. Rousseau was sitting behind the large desk in her office in the building that she owned where she ran her multiple businesses from. The fact that several of most profitable were based around criminal activity didn’t bother her in the slightest. “It was your idea to use your contacts and my infrastructure to traffic the merchandise.”

“Please do not use my name over an open telephone line” responded Martinez. At least she hadn’t come out and explained their entire business plan she thought.

“You worry too much. I agree that we have to be careful but nobody has come anywhere near close enough to finding out what we are doing.” Long may that continue thought Martinez. It was alright Rousseau saying that but she was running a criminal enterprise whereas Martinez was working as an employee of a government organisation whilst earning some extra money helping people out.

After finishing her conversation with Rousseau and locking that mobile in the bottom draw of her desk there was a knock at the door. Martinez shouted at the person on the other side to enter. Her spirits dropped when she realised that it was Gillian Young on the other side. Martinez couldn’t believe it when they had asked Gillian to take over the Quartermaster role within the organisation. It meant that part of her job was dealing with paperwork including checking inventory and transfer papers for detainees. Young had proved very thorough at her job, which posed problems for Martinez and her extra curricular activities with new business partners. It was hard to lose supplies and even harder to lose people when someone was double checking everything. “What can I do for you Gillian?” Gillian stopped a couple of yards away from the other side of the desk.

“I was just going through the orders and distribution logs for the past month and something doesn’t seem right” Gillian replied.

“What do you mean?” Martinez almost spat the question out. Gillian leaned back as if the words had physically hit her.

“In simple terms the numbers going out don’t match the numbers going in. If I didn’t know better I would say that somebody is cooking the books.”

“In simple terms! Do you think I would struggle to understand something complicated?” Martinez spat back angrily.

“Eh, no boss, I was just trying to sum it up succinctly.” Gillian was taken aback by Martinez’s attitude. “Also some of the prisoner transfer and release papers don’t look right.”

“What are you suggesting Gillian. That I am up to something?”

“No just that there is something that doesn’t look or feel right.”

“Well I assume that you may have made a mistake so check your figures and paperwork and come back.” Martinez leaned back waved Gillian away. “I have important business to take care of right now.” Gillian left the office and walked away down the corridor, stopping and leaning against the wall. Gillian thought that in additional to being angry Martinez had seemed nervous when she entered the office and during their conversation, like a kid who had almost been caught with their hand in the cookie tin. Plus her answers didn’t make sense. Gillian thought that it may be time to do a bit more investigation. She would give Natalie or Hayley a call and see if they could lend some advice.

Behind her desk Martinez sat with her chin resting on clasped hands. She knew that Gillian was correct, the figures and paperwork were wrong. Martinez had forged them herself. She was going to have to do something about Gillian Young before the woman could do any further digging.

Meanwhile in a bar on the other side of town

The small television over the bar was tuned to the local news. The perfectly coiffed anchor had just finished the sports and flashed a smile with a hint of humour in it, the serious news had finished it was time for the final story. “Social media is awash with speculation of the current whereabouts of socialite and fashion commentator Michelle Tiffany Rhodes. Ms Rhodes has gathered a large following on social networks with her honest and often controversial opinions…….” Hayley zoned out the voice and waited until the server behind the bar had finished with another customer before giving her table number and ordering food. After ordering she picked up the two glasses of soft drink and headed back to the table where Natalie was waiting for her.

“Gossip and food first Natalie” Hayley said “then business.” Natalie smiled and started on her latest terrible date plus her earlier telephone call with Gillian. Then the food arrived and they both tucked in. Once they had both finished and the plates had been cleared Natalie quickly ran through the case that she had been investigating over the past couple of days, the break-in at the jewellery store with the secret vault in the basement and the links with another robbery a couple of days earlier. Hayley then ran through her meeting with Theodore Howard and her subsequent investigations.

“He really should have gone to the police?” Natalie said shaking her head.

Next best thing” Hayley replied with a smile. “Not that it has gotten me anywhere. There are no leads whatsoever.” The two women relaxed and finished their soft drinks. “One for the road?” Hayley suggested, raising her glass. Natalie nodded and Hayley went back to the bar. Hayley glanced at the television again something clicked at the back of her mind. Picking up the two refilled glasses Hayley hurried back to the table and banged the glasses down.

“What was the name of the person with missing stuff from the secret vault Natalie?”

“Waldorf” Natalie replied. Hayley leaned back in her chair, there was something just on the edge but she couldn’t quite get to it. They suddenly it clicked. “They won’t tell me what was in the safe. Denying all knowledge of the contents” Natalie continued but Hayley wasn’t listening.

“Waldorf, Howard and Rhodes” Hayley said.

“My missing file, your missing person case and that lost airhead? What about those names?” Natalie asked.

“I have seen them listed somewhere recently. Just give me a minute to think about it.” Natalie sipped her drink and let Hayley mull things over. After a minute Haley clicks her fingers and races off to a table next to the bar and came back with a newspaper. Hayley flicked through and finding the story she was looking for stabbed at finger at it.

“I knew it they are all on the panel to decide on that new property development. Take a look Natalie.” Hayley flipped the paper round and allowed Natalie to read the story.

“I give you the names match but it is a bit thin Hayley.”

“Not if you wanted to ensure that the development went ahead. You would need to have leverage to make people vote your way, either by holding someone they love hostage or”

“Having something on them that they didn’t want getting out” Natalie finished Hayley’s sentence. “But there is another name on the list.”

“Yes Sarah Garcyznski, the environmental specialist.” Hayley said. Natalie pulled out her phone and made a call to the station looking for information on the scientist. Hayley heard Natalie spell out the scientists’ second name.

“Yes give me that address” Natalie said and scribbled the information in her notebook. Once finished she thanked the person at the other end of the line and hung up. “Well what do you think?” Natalie asked Hayley.

“Well if this is our theory we might as well follow it to conclusion.” Hayley said taking her jacket from the back of the chair and putting it on. “She might be the only one that hasn’t been got at yet.”

“No time like the present” Natalie said doing the same.

“Probably won’t come to anything anyway, after all it’s only a theory” Hayley said as they made their way toward the door.

“Yeah you probably right. Let’s both take our own cars. Just on the chance we need them.” With that they made there way to Natalie’s car and headed toward the address.

Chapter 8

Jane Robbie checked the frame for a third time and seeing no wires or contacts went to work opening the window using her specialised tool set. Jane had spent several weeks casing this house before settling on the best time to strike. The large house only had one occupant and her research told her that the woman that lived here had inherited the place from her parents when they passed away. The father was a collector of antiquities that would Jane would be able to sell on easily for a nice amount. Jane got the window open and slipped carefully inside, closing the window silently behind her. Jane made her way stealthily through the house toward the room on the second floor where she knew the antiquities would be on show. Jane was just deciding what to take first when she heard a noise and froze, hopeful that it was just a figment of her imagination. Then she definitely heard another noise. It certainly wasn’t a figment of her imagination, there were noises coming from the direction of the front door. Jane made her way toward the landing at the top of the stairs and peeked round a corner just in time to see the front door open and two figures clad entirely in black, jeans, tight sweater and full length down jackets, enter carrying a woman between them. Jane pressed herself against the wall, the still air of the house allowed the voices of the figures to drift up the stairs to where she was located.

“Does the boss think that the photographs will work?”

“She didn’t have anything that we could leverage so we had to create something. Ms Crawford knows that she is doing.”

“Remember Munroe no real names on this job” Garrett said in a hushed but firm tone.

“Aw come on Garrett. Who is going to hear us?” Munroe replied. “Beside this is the last one. Job completed as of now. Well as long as everyone responds as the boss expects them to. Then again what happened if they don’t?”

“All of that is above our pay grade” Garrett responded. “Let’s just get this finished and we can get back to base and enjoy some rest and relaxation.” From her position Jane could confirm that both voices were female and also wondered what they were taking about. This was what was going through Jane’s mind when she suddenly realised that the sound that she heard was footsteps coming up the stairs. Jane had memorised the layout of the house and guessed that they would be heading for the master bedroom at the end of the hallway so quickly dived into one of the other bedrooms. With her ear pressed against the door Jane heard the footsteps pass the room and continue down the hallway. Jane heard another door open and then the sounds from the other side of the door became very hard to identify before she heard footsteps again.

“I need to go back to the car.” Jane heard a voice said as the footsteps once again got louder, receded then disappeared altogether. Jane’s curiosity got the better of her and she decided to sneak along and see what she could find out about the situation she currently found herself in.

Jane warily made her way toward the door of the master bedroom where there was a thin sliver of light coming from the narrow gap between the open door and frame. Jane could here the sounds of someone moving about whilst muttering to themselves under their breath. Jane leaned so that she could see through the small gap into the room. Then Jane felt uncomfortable and exposed and started backing up, she felt her hip hit something. Turning round she saw a ceramic vase lose balance, roll and fall off a table, shattering on the hard wooden floor. The noises from the master bedroom stopped. “Hey Munroe! Was that your clumsy ass?”

Jane turned and ran down the hallway cursing her clumsiness and the fact that she had let curiosity get the better of her. Why hadn’t she just remained hidden in the other bedroom? Suddenly in front of her loomed a figure at the top of the stairs, the tall large framed woman seemed to fill the space, the full length down coat adding a degree on menace. Jane stopped and looked around; another figure had appeared from the master bedroom. Nowhere to go Jane thought. The two women started walking slowly toward Jane and somehow Jane didn’t think that she would be able to talk her way out of this one so made the only decision open to her and dived into the bedroom where she had hid earlier, slamming the door behind her and leaning against it with all her weight. Jane quickly moved her hand to lock the door, only to find to her horror that there was no lock on the door. Bugger! Suddenly she felt a jolt against her shoulder as the two women leaned on it from the other side. It was a fight that Jane wasn’t going to win as the two women pushed and the door continued to open despite Jane’s best efforts, eventually Jane stumbled back from the door and the two women entered the room, their eyes focused on Jane.

The two women pounced on Jane, knocking her back before pinning her down on the bed leaving Jane unable to fight back effectively. Jane wondered what was going to happen now. They seemed to have reached a stalemate. The Jane saw a hand appear at the edge of her vision then Garrett slapped a chloroform soaked cloth over Jane’s nose and mouth. Jane panicked as she no idea what was on the cloth and there was definitely something on it, the cloth was damp and there were sweet smelling fumes coming from it and invading her nostrils. Jane thrashed her head from side to side but the cloth remained in place, then her legs and arms started to feel heavy and unresponsive. Darkness appeared at the edges of her vision and she felt her eyelids felt heavy, all she wanted to do was close them over but she knew she had to fight against it. Unfortunately there was no escape from the fumes coming from the cloth and after another couple of seconds everything went black. Garrett and Munroe stood up and looked down at the unconscious form of Jane lying on the bed.

“What do we do now? If we take her with us the boss will not be pleased.” As those words escaped her mouth Garret stopped and held up her hand to silence Munroe, dropping her voice to a whisper “Do you hear that?” Munroe nodded in response. It was the sound of car engines idling. Then the noise stopped. “I get a bad feeling about those noises? Let’s head out the back door and work our way back round to the car.” Munroe nodded and they both hurried out of the room and toward the back door.

Hayley King stepped out of her car and headed back up the street toward where Natalie Twain had parked. Hayley supposed that this was the difference between the police and a private investigator. Natalie had parked almost in front of Sarah Garcyznski’s house whereas Hayley had parked at the end of the road. Natalie stepped out onto the sidewalk to join Hayley. They both stood and admired the large house with manicured lawns and well tended shrub beds. “Nice pad” commented Hayley. Natalie nodded her agreement. “What’s the plan then Detective?”

“I thought that we would keep it simple. Walk up, chap the door and see what happens.”

“Alright, keep it simple. I can get behind that. Then ask if anybody has tried to abduct you or anyone you know?” Hayley replied.

“Well maybe not that bluntly but let’s see how we get on.” With that the two women walked up the path to the door. Natalie took the lead and hammered heavily on the door before trying the bell. They both looked at each other after a minute went past without a response Hayley leaned forward and tried the handle. The door opened and swung inward with a creak.

“Let’s take a look.” Hayley said to Natalie before steeping inside. Natalie had a feeling that something wasn’t quite right in the house. The two women had a look through the ground floor and seeing nothing out of the ordinary made their way upstairs. At the top of the stairs Natalie noted the smashed vase lying in the hallway and pointed it out to Hayley who nodded to acknowledge that she had seen it. The two women split up and checked each room on either side in turn. Hayley eventually got the room where Jane was lying sprawled on the bed. “Well, well, well what do we have here? Natalie I think that I found something?”

Jane Robbie held her head in her hands and stared at the ceiling. Jane had regained consciousness about five minutes previous to find two very attractive women standing over her. They hadn’t said anything as yet and that suited Jane just fine for the moment.

“Looks like our theory may well turn out to be correct. I found Sarah Garcyznski out cold in the master bedroom at the end of the hallway” the dark haired woman said.

“So much for thin” replied the blonde. Jane rose from the bed and staggered slightly. The dark haired woman caught her and helped her back onto the bed. “Just relax it’s the affect affects from the chloroform. Natalie I think that the young lady could do with a glass of water.”

“Chloroform?” Jane asked.

“What whoever attacked you used to knock you out. Did they hold a cloth over your nose and mouth with a sickly sweet smell on it?” Jane nodded her head, which probably wasn’t a good idea. “Just relax it will pass soon enough.” At that point the woman with the dark hair returned with a glass of water and handed it to Jane who accepted and drank half of it in one long gulp.

“Thanks. I assume that you are the good guys but if you don’t mind me asking who exactly are you?”

“I am Hayley King a private investigator working on a missing person case and this serious looking woman is Detective Natalie Twain of the local police department.” Jane shoulders slumped slightly as she had just noticed what the Detective held in her other hand, the rucksack that contained the tools of Jane’s trade.

“I guess this belongs to you” Natalie said “looks like you weren’t here on a family visit.” Letting the statement hang in the air for a moment whilst Hayley shook her head and put on her best disappointed face.

“What do you think Natalie?” Hayley asked. “I don’t think that it will be this young lady’s first time at the rodeo. Could be looking at some serious charges?” Jane looked from Natalie and Hayley and back again. “Breaking and entering, extortion, conspiracy to kidnapping, the list goes on.”

“Luckily there is something bigger going on and we need all the help we can get. It doesn’t look like anything was actually stolen so perhaps we can look the other way this time on certain conditions” Natalie said.

“And what would they be Detective Twain?” Hayley asked before Jane could open her mouth.

“Number 1” Natalie stated raising her index finger “full co-operation on what happened tonight and 2” now Natalie raised a second finger ”a change in career.”

“Sounds like a fair exchange to me” Hayley commented. “I would consider it strongly young lady.” Hayley and Natalie focused their gaze on Jane sitting cross legged on the bed with the glass held in both hands.

“Alright but first you can drop the young lady nonsense, I must be what four or five years younger then you.” Jane paused when she heard sirens in the distance. “Wait you said…..” Jane stopped when Natalie raised a hand.

“I had to call the incident in but the issue is how we describe your part in it; witness or something else.” Jane really didn’t see much of an alternative at this point in time.

“My name is Jane Robbie and I had better start from the beginning.” Hayley and Natalie stood whilst Jane ran through what had happened and what she had overheard pausing halfway through to allow Natalie to brief then issue instructions to two uniformed officers that arrived at the door. Once she had finished Jane watched on from her position sitting on the bed as the other two women turned and looked at each other.

“Well that seems to confirm it Hayley, using the same fake names and the victim. It can’t be a coincidence.” Natalie said, Hayley agreed by nodding.

“The question is what do we do next?”

“Do you mind me filling me on what is going on?” Jane asked.

“Later” responded Hayley and Natalie in unison.

“Hayley you should head off and get started on seeing if we can actually prove our theory. I will have to stay here for the moment and oversee things.” With that Hayley turned and left.

“What about me? Can I go?”

“Certainly not Jane” Natalie replied and walked to the door. “Officer Rawlings could you do me a favour and watch this young lady.” Jane watched as a rather large man in a blue uniform appeared in the doorway. “Don’t let her leave this room until I come back for her.” Officer Rawlings nodded. Natalie took out her phone and hit one of the speed dial buttons “Smith sorry to call so late but are you busy…….”

Hayley left the house and made her way down the street to her car, it was well away from the commotion caused by the recently arrived emergency vehicles. As she unlocked the driver side door she felt something as if there was someone behind her and spun round. “I hoped that you would come out without your friend” said Christina Howard.

“Well, well nice to see you again. Fortunately the police are close by. I will just give them a shout.”

“I wouldn’t do that quite yet. I think that we should talk. There is a small diner two blocks north. Meet me there in ten minutes if you are interested.” Christina turned and walked off. Hayley knew that she should call the police, after all Christina was a fugitive from justice but something told her to take the offered meeting.

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

Postby mrjones2009 » Tue Jan 03, 2017 12:21 pm

Chapter 9

Hayley King and Christina Howard sat and stared at each across the table over two steaming mugs of coffee. It was as if both were deciding who was going to start the conversation. Christina took a deep breath and decided to break the silence. “My sources tell me that you no longer work for the government.” It was a statement more than a question. Hayley took a while to formulate an answer. Hayley could tell that Christina was obviously well informed. Better to go with the truth and be vague then be caught in a lie.

“I am working as a private investigator these days. Strangely enough despite the reputation I find it better then working for my previous employers.”

“Would you like to tell me what you are currently working on?”

“Missing person case, pretty sensitive I can’t discuss it with you” replied Hayley, clearly they were playing cat and mouse.

“Is it anything to do with Theodore Howard?” Christina threw the questions out there to get a reaction. Hayley had tried to give nothing away but knew that she reacted in a small way.

“You certainly seem to have good sources Christina.”

“Well that and I have been keeping an eye on you since you met my father.” Hayley’s eyebrows almost hit the ceiling this time. Christina smirked. “Thought this news might get a reaction. Vanessa and I are half sisters, same father but different mothers.”

“I assume that you have a proposal?” Hayley asked.

“I thought that we could combine forces on this one, work together. If my sister is being held I want to help get her back. I have no interest in what arrangement you have with my father”

“My enemy’s enemy is my friend?” asked Hayley

“More like pulling resources to reach a common goal. Remember we don’t know who the enemy is at the moment.” Christina replied. “There are connections that I have that you don’t and vice versa. You know that what I am proposing makes sense. What were you doing at that house anyway? The flashing lights on the police cars and ambulance suggest that something inst quite right.” For some reason Hayley found she was explaining the theory that she and Natalie had come up with regarding the property development. Once finished her theory Christina nodded and produced two laminated pieces of card and placed them on the table. Hayley looked at them with interest.

“Dare I ask?”

“They are two tickets to a charity ball this Saturday night. The great, good and not so good of local society will be in attendance, including Alden Alexander. I thought that it might be worth checking out.” Christina said with a shrug. Hayley picked up the tickets and smiled.

“I love an excuse to get dressed up. Let’s have a look and see what comes of it.”

“Where is your sidekick?” Christina asked.

“I assume you mean Detective Twain? Sacred that she might turn up and arrest you? She is finishing up at the crime scene then going to meet Gillian. You will remember her as well. Gillian said that she had something that she wanted to discuss in person.”

“I will need to go shopping.” Christina said. “Living on the run doesn’t really require a ball gown.”

“Where are you staying?” Hayley enquired.

“I have a room at a motel.”

“Check out and come stay in my spare room” Hayley said. To say that Christina was taken aback by this offer was an understatement.

“So you thrust me then?” Christina enquired.

“No exactly the opposite. I want you where I can keep a close eye on you.”

“Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer” Christina replied.

Chapter 10

After finishing at Sarah Garcyznski’s house Detective Natalie Twain had headed home. Natalie had earlier called Gillian Young to make her apologies and rearrange their meeting for breakfast the following day. Under extreme protest Jane Robbie had spent the night in the cells. Natalie didn’t know what else to do with her at that point but needed the young woman to stick around so gave Jane the spare set of keys to her flat and told her to go there. Hopefully when she got back the place hadn’t been ransacked. That reminded she had better text Rhiannon and let her know. Entering the coffee shop Natalie scanned the crowd and found Gillian sitting at a table near the back. “Sorry to cancel and” checking her watch “also being late this morning.”

“No problem. I took the liberty of ordering your usual” Gillian replied.

“Not time for a catch up then.”

“Unfortunately not Natalie” Gillian began then went through the story regarding missing supplies and dodgy paperwork before finishing with “I have some questions about Martinez but I can’t do anything either inside or outside Section 10 without her knowing.”

“Let me guess. You would like me to see of there is anything that I can find” Natalie said with a smile. Gillian smiled back and nodded.

To say that Natalie had unfinished business with Martinez would be putting it lightly. The woman had been responsible for having Natalie bound and sedated during the case that made her career. So after meeting with Gillian she decided to check out Martinez. Natalie had carefully checked the electronic files and asked some of her informants about the possibility of a federal employee being involved with local criminal organisations. Interestingly there were some rumours but as always there was nothing that you could rely on in court. That was how she came to be sitting in her car on the street outside Martinez’s house at 7am on a Saturday morning sipping lukewarm coffee.

After a couple of hours Natalie’s patience was rewarded as the front door opened and Martinez exited the house and walked toward her car. Before getting into a SUV Martinez looked both ways down the street. Now to Natalie that seemed like a nervous look. Call it a hunch or maybe wishful thinking but Natalie had a feeling that Martinez was up to no good. As Martinez reversed out of the drive and took off along the street. After giving Martinez what she believed was a safe distance Natalie pulled out from the kerb and headed off after her.

After forty minutes and a lot of detours Natalie had followed Martinez to an industrial complex on the edge on the city. It was mostly vacant and Natalie thought an ideal place to conduct illegal activities away from prying eyes. Martinez stopped outside the large doors to a warehouse and flashed her lights. The doors opened and Martinez drove inside. Natalie found a place further u the road and stashed her car before making her way back toward the warehouse. Natalie probably should have called for back up but curiosity got the better of her. Tracking around the warehouse Natalie found a loose fire escape door and managed to pry it open far enough to squeeze through and enter the warehouse. Sticking to the shadows she made her way toward the centre where there was a large open space. Once she could get a decent view between the stacks of crates she could see several vehicles parked in the area, including one with the name of a funeral home on it. There was a selection of people standing in a loose circle, including Martinez. Looking round the other in the circle Natalie recognised two other faces. Sophia Rousseau from the police files, a local businesswoman suspected of involvement in several criminal enterprises plus Alden Alexander from the news footage. He had been thanking the expert panel for agreeing that his property development should go ahead and extolling what benefits it would bring to the local community. Too late Natalie heard something behind her, before she could turn round something heavy hit her head and everything went black.

Chapter 11

The light started to appear at the very edge of her eyes. As the light continued to creep slowly toward the centre of her eyes Natalie rolled from lying on her shoulder and onto her back and scrunched her eyelids tightly closed. Her head started to pound. It was then that her mind realised that she was lying on a concrete floor in a warehouse and had been cracked over the head with something heavy. “Detective Twain nice to meet you again” said a familiar voice from overhead. Natalie opened her eyes and saw the familiar face of Martinez leaning over her.

“I wish that I could say the same Martinez. But lying was never a strongpoint” Natalie replied

“Unfortunately you have a habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time detective”

“Not one of my better habits” Natalie said through gritted teeth whilst manoeuvring herself into a sitting position, resting elbows on her knees.

“Now that you have seen what you have earlier what are we to do with you?” asked Martinez

“We need to get rid of her” Natalie heard a gruff voice state. Delicately turning her head in the direction where the voice had come from she recognise Alden Alexander staring at her.

“What do you mean?” Martinez fired the question at Alden Alexander. The warehouse went silent. “I didn’t think you were going to answer that question. My associates and I don’t work that way so unless you plan to do it please don’t make suggestions.”

“We can stash her at my place until we make a final decision on how to proceed” said another voice, this time female with a European accent, Sophia Rousseau Natalie assumed. During this discussion of her immediate future Natalie had manage to get herself onto her feet. Looking around she found that she was standing a couple of yards away from Martinez in the middle of a loose circle formed by eight other people, the seven that she had been observing earlier and the eighth person who she assumed had been the person who had hit her over the head earlier. Natalie identified Sophia Rousseau as the last person who spoke. She was an elegant woman in her late thirties wearing an all black outfit flanked by a couple of intimidating looking women with eastern European features. Probably bodyguards Natalie thought.

“Alright Sophia that works for the moment if you think that it will be quiet enough”

“We can use one of the rooms on the top floor. They don’t get used that often and we can keep most of the girls away easily” said Sophia Rousseau.

“Sounds like a plan. I have a full kit in my car so should be able to secure the detective thoroughly enough so that she won’t cause you any trouble” Martinez winked at Natalie as she said this. “If you thought your previous experience of being bound was good, this will definitely top it.” Natalie had now regained most of her faculties and started to fully grasp her situation and began looking round for an escape route. There wasn’t any. Natalie ended by facing Martinez again but now Martinez had a set of handcuffs dangling from a finger. “No way out detective” Martinez said as she walked behind Natalie, locked a cuff around Natalie’s left wrist then brought Natalie’s wrists together and put the second cuff around the right wrist securing both wrists together.

“Should you not gag her to keep her quiet?” said Sophia Rousseau.

“I have something better in my car Sophia. Can I borrow one of your ladies to drive? I would like to ride in the back with the detective.”

“Of course, I am sure that Yelena would be happy to help” Rousseau replied indicating to one of her minders. Martinez looked on as a tall, athletically built woman with dark hair tied back in a severe ponytail approached. Martinez rummaged around in her pocket and produced her car key which she flipped toward Yelena. The tall woman casually pulled the key from mid air and started toward the row of vehicles at the entrance to the warehouse.

“Move detective” Martinez said as she grabbed Natalie and ushered her toward the vehicles a couple of yards behind the woman called Yelena. Natalie let herself be guided toward Martinez’s SUV when the sudden flash of lights as Yelena disengaged the locks confirmed that this was Martinez’s vehicle. Yelena opened rear door and beckoned for Natalie to get in the back seat which she did with a helping nudge from Martinez. Once Natalie had sat down Martinez leaned across and put on her safety belt. After the door was closed behind her she sat in silence and waited as Yelena climbed in behind the steering wheel and Martinez made her way around the rear of the SUV and got in the other side of the back seat. “Yelena before you set off could you pass my jacket from the front seat.” Natalie watched as without saying anything. Yelena reached over, picked up a black down filled jacket and handed it back toward Martinez without looking. Yelena then pressed the button to start the engine, engaged drive and pulled the car away. Natalie watched as Martinez struggled into her jacket in the restrictive space of the car before completing the task and running her hands over the garment to smooth it out. Once satisfied about her jackets condition Martinez went into one of the outside pocket and produced a cloth and a small, dark coloured bottle.

“I hope that isn’t what I think it is Martinez” Natalie said

“I probably know what you are thinking but I will let the smell confirm your suspicions” Martinez replied whilst pouring a liberal amount of a liquid from the bottle onto the cloth then massaging the cloth to make sure that the liquid soaked in properly.

“Come on Martinez I’ve come quietly so far there is no need to use the chloroform”

“Well firstly you haven’t exactly been quiet since you got in the car and secondly I am not taking any chances with you detective. I have heard that you can take care of yourself so I have to take appropriate precautions such as the chloroform and a debut for our improved restraint system. But more of that later after you have taken a nice nap.”

“What do you mean by restraint system?” Natalie questioned not liking the sound of that having been bound by some of Martinez’s colleagues previously her mind boggled at the thought of an improved restraint system.

“Don’t worry detective there is plenty of down filled goodness for you to look forward to.” Natalie made to reply but before she could Martinez clamped the cloth over the lower half of Natalie’s face. Natalie reacted instantly by trying to move her head back but was blocked by the headrest. Natalie had been rendered unconscious twice previously by chloroform and those memories came flooding back as her brain reacted to the smell of the fumes that were invading her nostrils at the moment. There was nothing that Natalie could do so had no option but to keep inhaling the fumes. Natalie knew what to expect and after taking a about thirty seconds she felt the drugs effects start to kick in, her limbs started to feel numb then the darkness started to form at the edges of her vision. There was no use fighting it now and with one last deep breath Natalie slipped into unconsciousness. Martinez saw Natalie’s eyelids slam down but kept the cloth in place for a couple of seconds just so ensure that the detective was deeply under.

Natalie felt a jolt which shocked her back to full alertness. She had been half awake for a couple of minutes but still suffering from the after effects of being drugged. Natalie flexed her muscles to loosen her limbs and took a quick look around. Yelena was still in the driving seat with Martinez to her immediate left. Looking out the window Natalie tried to take in as much detail as possible. They were driving down a long straight road with large houses on either side. All of the houses were set back in their own plots of land and surrounded by large walls and gates. Natalie didn’t recognise this area at all, she could have been kept knocked out for hours but whoever lived here obviously valued their privacy. “Detective I see that you are awake” Natalie heard Martinez comment.

“How long was I out?” Natalie replied

“That would be telling” was the reply. Natalie watched as Martinez produced two items from the opposite jacket pocket from which she had earlier produced the bottle of chloroform. Natalie looked at them both as Martinez untangled them both and didn’t think she was going to like what was coming. Martinez picked up a padded sleeping mask and lent toward Natalie.

“Is there any need for that Martinez?”

“It’s your choice detective. You can have the blindfold and gag or the chloroform again?” Natalie slumped back into her seat. “Wise choice detective” Martinez said as she placed the padded mask over Natalie’s eyes and placed the elastic strap at the back of Natalie’s head to hold it in place. After a few seconds Martinez asked Natalie to open her mouth. Natalie didn’t want to be chloroformed again so did as instructed and felt a large, padded item forced between her lips. “It’s a pillow gag detective, a nice thickly padded one to keep you nice and quiet. Just relax and bite into it and it wont be that bad. Now lean forward.” Natalie did as instructed and held the gag in her teeth bent her head forward allowing Martinez to buckled the strap tightly behind Natalie’s head.

“TGATYH GTRHA” Natalie mumbled trying out the effectiveness of the large gag filling her mouth.

“Not great but it will do the job for the moment. Looks great on you to detective; just try not to drool too much.” With that the vehicle went silent for the remainder of the ride. Natalie settled back and tried to take in as much as possible which was difficult considering she was blindfolded.

After what Natalie estimated was about half an hour she felt the vehicle break and take a right hand turn. The vehicle continued at a much reduced pace then pulled to a stop and the engine was killed. Natalie heard the door open and felt her belt release. She felt a powerful grip around her upper and stumbled as she was roughly dragged from the vehicle, biting down on the thickly padded gag in her mouth. Natalie assumed that the grip belonged to Yelena and decided that the best course of action would be to play along whilst trying to take in as much information as possible.

“Miss Rousseau called ahead to let us now that you would be arriving Miss Martinez” said a male voice. “As instructed we have prepared one of the rooms on the top floor for you to use. Do you require any assistance?”

“Thank you Forbes. I will need a hand with some bags”

“Certainly Miss Martinez, Yelena will give you a hand and show you to the room. If there is anything else please let me know otherwise I have other matters requiring my attention.” It was hard to tell but Natalie was sure that the man then turned and left. She stood with that vice like grip around her upper arm as she heard people being busy around her with doors opening and closing.

“Follow me Martinez” Natalie heard Yelena say and then felt herself being dragged somewhere by the arm. She felt the air cool and assumed that they had entered a building. After a short walk they stopped and made a turn then stopped dead. There was silence until Natalie heard what she thought were lift doors opening and this was confirmed when they entered a lift car with everyone tightly packed in. After a quick ride the lift stopped the doors opened and the group exited the lift and turned left. Natalie felt the grip around her arm tighten again as the group paused and she heard a door open. The grip around her arm disappeared then she felt a hard push in her back and was propelled through the open door almost losing her balance and ending up face down in the carpet.

“Do you need anything else Miss Martinez?”

“No Yelena. Thanks for your help just close the door behind you and stand at the door should I require assistance” Martinez replied. Natalie stood still using her ears to try and decide what was going on. Natalie heard the door close and felt Martinez close toward her. “I am going to remove the gag and blindfold but no funny business or I call for back up and the chloroform gets used again”. Natalie nodded and felt the buckle to the gag become loose and then Martinez removed it from her mouth and then very quickly the blindfold was removed and light flooded back into her eyes. Martinez led Natalie across to a chair in the far corner of the room and pushed her into it. Natalie sat down and waited for her eyes to readjust to the lighting in the room. Due to this she didn’t really notice as Martinez dropped down and quickly tied her ankles together.

“You certainly aren’t taking any chances” Natalie stated as her eyes continued to adjust to the light following the removal of the blindfold. “Don’t suppose you fancy telling me where we are?” Natalie looked around at what looked like a mid range hotel room. The heavy curtains over the windows was

“Maybe later when I have gotten you more comfortable” Martinez replied. Natalie watched on with interest as Martinez lifted three large sacks onto the bed in the centre of the room and started to remove the items contained within them. It was two large sleeping bags and what looked like a down filled suit. Having discussed with Hayley what had happened when she had been captured she had a good idea what they were for. Next Martinez reached into a plain black holdall and removed a several smaller items including a chunky rectangular block. Martinez spent another couple of minutes arranging the items on the bed. “Lets get started then Natalie” Martinez said as she made her way toward the chair. Natalie had to admit that the change to using her first name had thrown her slightly. “Please stand up”. Natalie complied and Martinez unlocked the cuffs from around Natalie’s wrists and then untied the rope from around her ankles.

“It’s not to late to give yourself up Martinez”

“I think that we are past that detective. You must do everything that I say or it could get messy for you. My associates would probably just get rid of you but I can see you maybe being an asset further down the line.” What kind of asset? Natalie thought. “Now please strip.”

“Strip! You can’t be serious Martinez?” There was no way that Natalie was going to strip.

“Look Natalie just obey my instructions and you will be alright for the moment. I promise, otherwise I can’t guarantee your safety.” Natalie paused and though things through. Even if she could get passed Martinez and out of the she had no idea what she would find on the other side on the door. Weighing it up Natalie decided that at this point discretion was the better part of valour. Reluctantly Natalie began to remove her clothes, first her jacket which she folded and placed on the chair. Next she bent down and removed her boots and placed then under the chair. Slowly Natalie undid her belt, loosened the buttons and slide off her jeans, followed by her socks and finally her blouse. Natalie stood there awkwardly in her underwear, hugging herself. Martinez had watched the whole act with interest. “Nothing to be embarrassed about detective, you have an impressive figure” Martinez commented.

“Well this is as far as I go Martinez” Natalie said whilst continuing to shift awkwardly. Martinez had been looking in a large bag and turned and shrugged in a ‘We’ll see’ kind of gesture that sent a shiver down Natalie’s spine. Martinez found what she was looking for and made her way toward Natalie.

“First things first; hands out in front of you” Martinez commended. Natalie complied and Martinez produced a pair of finger control mitts and proceeded to put one of each of Natalie’s hands.

“Is this some of the equipment that you managed to misplace from Section 10?” Natalie asked.

This question seemed to throw Martinez for a second but she just shrugged and carried on. The mitts had a small buckle at the wrist section which Martinez tightened to lock the mitts in place. Natalie winced as the buckle was secured and tried wriggling her fingers. The mitts were thickly padded and severely limited the movement of her fingers. That combined with the silky smoothness of the fabric on both the inside and outside of the mitts meant that trying to pick something up almost impossible rendering her hands useless. Natalie gulped and had a felling that she was not going to like what was coming her way. Whilst looking at her hands Natalie hadn’t noticed that Martinez has moved behind her. “Open you mouth” Natalie jumped slightly then did as instructed. Martinez brought something over her head. It was a large padded gag with a ball in the middle. The large soft ball at the centre of the gag was forced into her mouth. Natalie reacted and closed her mouth around the ball as the pad was pushed against her lips. Natalie felt it push down on her lips as a buckle was used at the back of her head to secure it in place. Natalie concluded that the pad was made of the same material as the mitts, thickly padded and smooth to the touch.

“TGTAHT HATSHT GFRATJ” Natalie mumbled.

“Yes very effective gag detective and definitely required” Martinez replied with a smirk in the voice. “Unfortunately the panties will have to go but you can keep the bra if you wish” Natalie blushed at this statement from Martinez. “Don’t worry; no funny business I just need to put a diaper on you.”

“NYTH HGALIKH” Natalie tried to strongly protest from behind her gag.

“You will be restrained for long periods of time so if you want to take the chance its up to you but I certainly wouldn’t want to………well you know. Just lie down on the bed” Natalie took a deep breath going redder with embarrassment with each passing second walked across and lay down on the bed away from the items that looked like sleeping bags.

“Raise your bum like a good captive” Martinez requested. Natalie lifted her hips from the bed and felt Martinez slip her panties off. After a couple of seconds Natalie felt a tap on her hip and took this as a sign to lower them again. When she did Natalie felt her bum land on something soft and thick. Natalie lay perfectly still as Martinez finished the process of putting on the diaper by bringing up the front and securing the sticky tabs to keep it in place. “Not so bad that was it detective. Right get back up off the bed.” With her hands in the mitts and the diaper firmly in place this more difficult than normal. “What would your colleagues say if they could see you now?” Natalie just scowled at Martinez, who produced a phone from her pocket and quickly took a photograph Natalie.

“THAGYSJG JAGTSSGF!!” Natalie protested from behind the gag. Martinez wagged a finger to discourage any thoughts of action. Natalie took a couple of deep breaths. Nothing much that she could do like this anyway. Martinez grabbed something from the bed and held it up to Natalie. To Natalie it looked like a ski suit but far more voluminous and with built in feet. Martinez brought it over and positioned it on the floor in front of Natalie. “Step into the legs if you please” Natalie once again did as ordered and with a little help from Martinez, especially with the arms found that she was wearing a down filled suit. Once again she noticed its thickness and smoothness of the fabric that it was made from. Martinez zipped up the front of the suit, flicking up the hood. Taking a step back, “looking good detective” Martinez commented. “Hands out again” Natalie did as ordered and watched as Martinez placed padded cuffs on her wrists, just above the end of the mitts, locking them together with not much of a gap. Natalie watched as Martinez picked up two straps from the bed and used them to secure her arms of her body. Martinez was picking up the pace now as if she had somewhere to be and grabbed Natalie by the upper arm and pushed her round to the other side of the bed. Martinez fully opened up one of the sleeping bags and pushed Natalie down so that her bum was resting on the inside of the sleeping bag. “Legs together Natalie” Martinez then used three more of the straps to secure Natalie’s legs at the ankles, just below the knees and around the middle of the thighs. Natalie felt slight discomfort as the thigh strap was tightened due to the thick diaper that she was wearing. Noticing this Martinez smiled and commented “You’ll get used to it.” This did not fill Natalie with confidence that she would escape her current predicament. “Swing your legs up and get in the bag” Martinez commanded. Once again with a little assistance Natalie managed to do as instructed. Lying perfectly still Natalie waiting as Martinez pulled the top of the bag over her and zipped the bag. Out of the corner Natalie could see Martinez head for the door. Taking the opportunity Natalie had a wriggle but couldn’t get free of her bonds. Thumping her head back in frustration she noticed that the thickness of the sleeping bag was increasing as the loft inflated. The bag was unlike any sleeping bag she had used before. The material was smooth and the down filling must had been very high to make the bag feel so tight around her body. Then Natalie suddenly became aware of a presence around her. “Detective please do not struggle whilst Yelena and I put you in the second restraining bag.” Natalie lay still as she felt her legs get lifted as they were slid into another bag. Natalie didn’t struggle but she wasn’t going to help her captors either so she lay there as dead weight as the two women managed to slip the bag under her body, finally getting the hood under her head. This bag had a centre zip so Natalie was a little shocked when she looked down to find Martinez almost straddling her to bring the two halves of the top section of the bag together and zip them in place, fighting against the loft of the down to get the zip up to the top before locking it off. “That’s us finished detective. No means of escape but you will be very comfortable for the duration of your captivity as long as you relax and enjoy” and with a pat of the bag Martinez jumped off.

“Anything else Ms Martinez” Natalie heard Yelena ask, the hint of a Russian accent becoming more noticeable.

“No that’s great thanks. I will leave a bottle of chloroform before I go should anything happen but I can’t see her getting out of those restraints.” Natalie heard the door open and close as Yelena left and then the sounds of what she took to be Martinez tidying the room. Natalie took the opportunity to test her restraints again. There was no give in the cuffs on her wrists and very little in the straps that surrounded her body. The loft in the sleeping bags made movement difficult and the smoothness of the material made getting purchase all but impossible. Someone had thought this through carefully and come up with this system. It did seem to be effective.

Then without warning Martinez face appeared above Natalie’s, suddenly a hand appeared holding a small cloth and placed it over Natalie’s nose. Instantly Natalie recognised the sweet smell of chloroform. “Listen detective there is no chance of escape so just relax, I have told Yelena that you have not to be released, though I would let you have a nap to pass the time until I get back.” Natalie couldn’t do anything to resist so had no option but to inhale the fumes from the chloroform. “Then we can have a chat about the best thing to do with you, can’t let you leave” Natalie tried to take in what Martinez was saying but she was starting to loose focus as the drug took affect, “then again you are an attractive woman so maybe Miss Rousseau can find someone for you.” Natalie was struggling now as her eyelids started to get heavy; the last thought that went through her head was how comfortable she was before everything went black.

Martinez jumped back into her car and readjusted the seat to her usual driving position. She was starting to think that it was time to make a move and get out of the employ of the government. But first thing first she had to find a way to neutralise Gillian Young.

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

Postby puffalover » Tue Jan 03, 2017 8:46 pm

Another excellent round of chapters my friend! Really enjoying all the different scenes going on around the same time and how you have it all organized.

Poor Natalie...Being tied up in a thick down suit and two sleeping bags. She's gonna wake up super hot and there's nothing she can do about it.

Can't wait to see what's in store next. :D
Once I have you tied up in both my overfilled blue and red sleeping bags, You're not going anywhere! Hope you enjoy feeling the soft nylon tightly hugging your skin as the heat will soon become unbearable!

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

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Chapter 12

Christina and Hayley handed their invitations to the security guards on the door and entered the vast ballroom on the ground floor of the Rochester Hotel. Both women paused to take in the scene in front of them before heading down the stairs. The stairs had been designed to let people make an entrance and it was clear that both women had made a mark. Both had on figure hugging full length gowns, Christina wore blue and Hayley black. Christina wasn’t vain but knew that she was an attractive woman but as they made their way to the bar she noticed that most of the men were stealing glances at Hayley. When they got to the bar the man tending that section gave Hayley a wide smile and handed her two flutes of champagne, eyes lingering just a bit too long on Hayley’s cleavage before moving on to serve the next person.

“Let’s split up and mingle a bit. Meet back at the bar at the other side of the hall in twenty minutes” Hayley said and turned away, expertly slaloming her way through the crowd even on high heels. Christina shook her head at the woman who she had quickly come to like. Spinning round she came face to face with a man in his mid forties sporting a Magnum style moustache. Unfortunately for him that was where the resemblance to Tom Selleck ended.

“Your friend there; is she single?” the man asked Christina.

“You’re not even playing the same sport pal, never mind the same league” Christina responded before heading into the crowd to mingle.

Hayley decided to just make a tour of the hall and see what happened. Apart from drawing admiring glances from most of the men that she walked past there wasn’t much doing until she reached the far end of the hall and caught a glimpse of what was a familiar face, Elizabeth Crawford. Making her way toward the woman she settled at what she hoped was a discreet distance away from the group that the woman had joined and looked around. At its centre Alden Alexander was toasting his success at the recent approval for his property development along with a group of men and women. Hayley looked around the group but couldn’t identify Elizabeth Crawford again within the large group. After a couple of minutes she slipped away again and headed toward the bar.

Christina hadn’t seen anything interesting and was currently walking along the edge of the room toward the bar when she felt a strong hand grip her elbow, turning she found that a large man of around fifty had managed to get close to her without her knowing. “Through the fire exit and don’t make a scene lady” the man said in a southern accent. He used his other hand to push the fire escape open and door. Once through the door Christina found herself in a bare corridor facing a woman wearing a red evening gown. The woman had light brown shoulder length hair and piercing blue eyes. Standing behind her was a very, very large man with impassive features and a nose that had to have been broken at least three times and that was if Christina was being kind.

“Good evening Christina. My name is Louise Williams and I am here to make you a proposal. It is a one time offer so please pay attention” the woman said.

“How do you know my name lady?” Christina responded.

“Your former boss is my current employer” Louise answered. Christina instantly knew that Louise was referring to Elizabeth Crawford. “She has been keeping an eye on you from afar and is disappointed at some of your recent decisions.”

“Well we all have disappointments in life Louise.”

“Your former boss has giving me authority to offer you a job with her new venture. It is a one time offer. I think that she likes you.”

“Sorry but I have to turn that opportunity down. I am currently working on something else.” With that response Christina saw the two men take a step toward her.

“I assume that this relates to your sister?” Louise asked. Christina could see the knowing look behind the woman’s eyes and things clicked into place. Hell Christia should have known that Elizabeth Crawford would have a hand in this scheme. If you wanted people to disappear go to the best.

“Christina we have already used your sister for our main purpose, getting your father to vote our way on the development. Now moving her on is just a bonus for one of our associates.”

“Wait you can’t do that. She’s just a kid.” Christina knew about some of Elizabeth Crawford’s business partners and didn’t want her sister disappearing.

“Already got someone lined up. Didn’t ask for your sister specifically, just a blonde.” Christina sensed there was something else coming. “It could be any blonde woman really. Do you know any natural blondes Christina?” Now she knew where this was going. Her eyes dropped to the floor.

“Come on Christina, your vivacious blonde acquaintance in exchange for your sister. Surely it’s not a hard decision to make.” It was more of a statement than a question. This woman knew what Christina would do. After a couple of seconds Christina nodded her head. “Your sister is in one of the rooms upstairs. When we have your friend you get the room number and key card.” Christina had come to respect or dare she say even like Hayley over the brief time they had been working together. Now she would have to betray Hayley into the clutches of some criminal organisation. Christina made a vow there and then that whatever it took she would track down and help Hayley King. The woman went held out her hand and the man standing behind Christina handed her a small parcel, which in turn she handed to Christina. The woman signalled to the two men and they both made there way back toward the door to the main ballroom. Christina looked at what had been handed to her. It was a bottle, thick white cloth and an electronic card to access a room in the hotel. The bottle had a note on it with a mobile telephone number. Before she got cold feet Christina texted Hayley asking to meet on the floor where the room that was on the card was located.

Hayley had heard her phone make the noise that a text had arrived so made her way out of the ballroom and into the reception area. Hayley read Christians’ text and nodded her head. It looked like Christina had found something. Before heading up to meet Christian and whilst having her phone out she tried calling Natalie again, with the same result. The phone rang out and went to voicemail. Hayley was starting to get concerned about her friend as it had been two days since she had heard from Natalie. Deciding on a slight change of tactic she found John Smith, Natalie’s partner’s number in her phone and sent him a text explaining her concerns and asking is he had heard from Natalie.

Christina met Hayley in the landing outside the lift and indicated with her head toward the corridor and headed in that direction, Hayley fell in a step behind her. “What did you find?” Hayley asked in hushed tones. Christina responded by holding up the electronic card that she had been given.

“I saw a woman in deep discussion with Alexander and she dropped this. Thought that we should take a look in the room” Christina said over her shoulder. Stopping outside the room that matched the number on the card Christina inserted the card and waited for the light to turn green and then entered the room closely followed by Hayley. The room was actually a large suite with a two bedrooms off a common living area. Christina pointed to the bedroom on the left, “One bedroom each and then meet in the middle” and headed off. Hayley paused for a moment then headed to the bedroom on the right. Christina retrieved the chloroform and cloth that she had stashed earlier in the drawer of a bedside cabinet, removed the top from the bottle and poured a liberal amount of the liquid onto the thick white cloth.

In the other bedroom Hayley went about the business of searching the room. A combination of basic police training and experience meant that Hayley meant that even wearing heels and ball gown she made short work of the search. When she said nothing she meant nothing, the drawers and wardrobes were all empty apart from the standard fair that you would expect to find in a hotel room. This she thought to be strange. Then she heard Christina call her name from the other bedroom. Hayley made her way across to see what Christina had found.

Christina shouted to Hayley across the suite for Hayley to join her and then stood in the centre of the room with the cloth hidden in her right hand against her thigh. Christina waited as Hayley entered the room. “In the drawer at the far side of the bed”, Christina said. Hayley slowly walked toward the chest of drawers. As Hayley made her way toward the bed Christina slipped out of her heels and slid in behind Hayley. Once Hayley stopped Christina pounced quickly, wrapping her left hand around Hayley’s body to pin both of the woman’s arms then clamped the chloroform soaked cloth over Hayley’s nose and mouth.

“THESY MMPPHH” Hayley mumbled from behind the cloth. Christina leaned back so that Hayley was slightly unbalanced which would help Christina’s subdue her. Hayley struggled against Christina’s grip but Christina knew what she was doing and was in a good position.

“Sorry about this Hayley, I really am but it is my sister” Christina whispered in Hayley’s ear as she continued to hold the cloth tightly in place. Christina held onto Hayley as the drug started to have an effect, Hayley’s struggles meant that she inhaled more of the drug. “Just relax Hayley and I promise that I will find you.” Christina could feel Hayley’s struggles subside until she was almost taking all of Hayley’s weight. Christina removed the cloth and flung it onto the bed so that she could use both arms to place Hayley onto the bed softly. Hayley wasn’t all the way out yet and was mumbling quietly. Christina picked up the cloth again the carefully held it over Hayley’s nose and mouth until Hayley’s eyes fluttered then slowly closed over. Christina sat on the bed and picked up her phone and sent a text to the number that had been on the bottle of chloroform and waited. Quickly her survival instincts kicked in and she emptied Hayley’s purse of anything that could prove useful including keys and a phone. A short time later Christina heard the door open and stood as Louise Williams entered the suite closely followed by two women dressed as paramedics pushing a gurney between them. Louise headed toward Christina, extended a hand that contained a key card.

“Good job Christina” the woman said indicating the unconscious Hayley lying on the bed. Christina took the key card and headed for the door. “Wait don’t you want to know the room number.”

“I supposed I do.” Christina replied.

“Its room 823” Christina headed out of the room and along the corridor toward the lifts.

Louise Williams broke off from watching the departing Christina and turned to watch her two colleagues’ in action as they set about preparing Hayley for transport. They had already stripped her naked and were in the process of putting a diaper on Hayley. Once that was complete they placed a down filled suit on Hayley. Very quickly each woman placed a thickly padded mitt on each hand and locked them in place. Between the two of them picked Hayley up and placed her on the stretcher, lowering her head onto a pillow. They then used straps on Hayley’s wrists, ankles, thighs, waist and chest to secure her to the stretcher and flipped a sheet over Hayley to disguise the straps.

“You know the arrangements. Take her to the safe house and make sure Martinez is there to meet you. I will be staying at the gala until the end but any problems I will be contactable on the mobile.” Louise received two nods and with the job done she went back to the party, determined to drink, dance and have a good time. Louise Williams could feel it when a plan was coming together.

Christina made her way quickly to the room where she hoped to find her sister. Quickly using the card she entered the room and paused. There sitting on the bed was her sister, nervously banging her clasped hands off her knees. The two women embraced for over a minute until Christina broke away and sat them both down. Taking Vanessa’s hand she said “I know this won’t be easy but I need you to tell me everything that happened, right from the start. But first we have to get out of here to somewhere safe.”

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

Postby puffalover » Thu Jan 12, 2017 8:58 pm

Hope the next part is coming soon my friend. Great story so far. :D
Once I have you tied up in both my overfilled blue and red sleeping bags, You're not going anywhere! Hope you enjoy feeling the soft nylon tightly hugging your skin as the heat will soon become unbearable!

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

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Chapter 13

Hayley blinked open her eyes and found that she was looking at a plain white ceiling. She could feel movement so assumed that she was in the back of a van. Before opening her eyes she had established that she was lying on her back and was tightly strapped down. Turning her head to the left she found a young woman in a paramedic uniform looking at her. Never one to be shy Hayley said “Excuse me would you tell me where you obtained this pillow? It’s very comfortable.” The woman didn’t respond but did produce a cloth and a roll of white tape. Hayley knew what was coming. “Would it help if I promised to be quiet” Hayley said with a large smile on her lips. The woman shook her head slowly. It was then that Hayley noticed the thick padding around her groin and butt. “Wait, am I wearing a diaper?” This time the woman nodded her head. This worried Hayley slightly as it meant that whoever had her planned to keep her bound for a sustained period of time. Hayley turned her head so that she was back looking at the roof of the van as the woman loomed over her.

“Open your mouth and open wide” ordered the woman. Hayley noted that the woman had an eastern European accent but wasn’t in a position to disagree so complied and the woman rammed a scrunched up cloth into Hayley’s mouth. The woman then plastered several strips of medical tape over Hayley’s mouth to hold the cloth in place. The woman used a hand to smooth the tape into the place; Hayley’s head went deep into the pillow with the force applied. Standing back the woman said “That will do for now. Be a good girl and behave until we can get you secured properly and I won’t have to use the chloroform.” Hayley grumbled through the cloth in her mouth but settled down for the rest of the journey.

Meanwhile back at the hotel

Christina had led her sister down the stairs and out of the rear exit of the hotel. Hailing down a passing cab she bundled her sister into the back then got it after her. Catching the eye of the driver in the rear view mirror Christina paused for a second before she gave the driver Hayley’s address.

Back in the van

Around thirty minutes later by Hayley’s best estimate the van pulled to a halt and the engine shut off. Obviously arrived at our destination she thought. The rear doors opened and Hayley lifted her head to see what was going on as a woman entered the van. This woman she instantly recognised as a former colleague. Hayley would have cursed out loud if she hadn’t been gagged so made do with expletives running through her head.

Hayley King’s apartment

The cab pulled away and left Christina and Vanessa standing at the kerb. The night air had cooled to the extent that they could see their breath. Christina had a quick look around and headed for the front door. Having the keys ready Christina made short work of the two locks on the door and ushered her sister inside and locked the door behind them. Christina pointed to a chair at the small kitchen table. “Sit down and let’s get started.”

Back in the van

“Hayley King it’s nice to see you again. Especially in this situation” Martinez said. Hayley thrashed against the restraints even though she knew that there was no point. It was just a natural reaction. “Now stop that or my friend Yelena will be delighted to use the chloroform and put you out.” Hayley stopped struggling and switched her gaze from Martinez to the woman who had now been identified as Yelena. “Hayley let me explain what is going to happen now. We are going to undo the straps around your wrists. Do as I ask and there will be no need to use knock you out. Nod if you understand.” Hayley blew through her nostrils in frustration then nodded. Yelena undid the straps on both wrists. Hayley lay motionless as she watch Martinez approach then gently place padded cuffs on her wrists before stepping back allowing Yelena to undo the remaining straps holding Hayley down. Hayley swung her legs down onto the floor of the van. Yelena then helped her up by grabbing her under the arm. Hayley winced slightly as she could feel the strength of the woman even through the protection of the down filled suit that she was wearing.

Hayley tried to take in as much as possible as she was led through the building via corridors and a lift and into a room that contained two beds. Judging by the decoration she would have guessed that the property was in part at least used as a house of ill repute. On one of the beds lay what looked like a very thickly padded sleeping bag, It wasn’t like anything that Hayley had seen before, it was unbelievable voluminous. Then Hayley sensed movement from the bag and everything clicked into place. It was some sort of restraint system and she had a feeling that she was for the same treatment. Martinez leaned close “That’s your friend over there, the detective” Hayley tried not to react but couldn’t help it. “I thought that might surprise you. I know it looks unbelievably warm but we have great new fabric technology that reduces the amount of heat retained. Also don’t worry the restraint system is very comfortable as you will to find out over the coming days or perhaps weeks, months…...” Hayley didn’t really like the sound of that but wasn’t in a position to do anything about it. Hayley looked over at the second bed as she was being led across and noted that there were two large, thickly lofted sleeping bags laying open on it. Hayley took in as much of the surroundings as possible and noted the small CCTV camera in the corner of the room. Hayley started to slow down involuntarily but was nudged toward the edge of the bed by a firm hand in the back by Yelena who they took up a position a couple of yards away with crossed arms and a ‘Do not try me’ look etched on her face. Hayley decided that it was best not to try anything with the Russian around. Unless she could get the cuffs and mitts off it would be pointless anyway. Hayley switched her attention to her former colleague as Martinez picked up two straps from the bed and used them to secure Hayley’s arms to her body. Hayley thought that Martinez just tightened the straps a little more than she had to. Martinez reached up and grabbed the edge of the tap over Hayley’s mouth. “Quickly is better I think. One, two, three” and then Martinez whipped off the tape.

“MMMMMMMMMMMM” Hayley scream would have been louder but for the cloth in her mouth.

“You remembered the stuffing. Well done Yelena.” Martinez said as she removed the cloth from Hayley’s mouth and threw it into a nearby bin.

“Yeah thanks for that.” Hayley said with a more than a hint of sarcasm.

“I remember you being a bit mouthy Hayley. This will solve that problem” Martinez said and produced a gag from on the bed. It was a large padded gag with a ball in the middle.

“On second thoughts can we go back to the tape” Hayley replied before any further talk was cut off as the large soft ball at the centre of the gag was forced into her mouth. Hayley couldn’t do anything but close her mouth around the ball as the pad was pushed against her lips. Hayley felt it push down on her lips as Martinez buckled the strap at the back of her head to secure it in place.

“What no quip?” Martinez asked. Hayley fumed in forced silence. Once again Hayley thought that the buckle could have been one lower on the strap. At least the pad on the gag was soft and very thickly padded; that together with the soft, smooth fabric took away most of the discomfort. The now silenced Hayley watched on as Martinez played around with one of the sleeping bag like contraptions on the bed before signalling for Hayley to sit down.

“Park your delectable ass on the bag” Martinez said with a smirk. Hayley decided that Martinez was enjoying this way too much but did as ordered and Martinez picked up three more straps and used them to secure Hayley’s ankles and legs together. Hayley didn’t have to be told what was coming next to swung her legs up and squirmed around so that she was lying in the centre of the bag with her head in the middle of the pillows at the top of the bed. Martinez closed over the top section of the bag, zipped it up then locked the zip. Hayley took the opportunity and noted that the bag was slightly different to the sleeping bag she had been restrained in before. It felt tight around her body and would no doubt get even cosier as the loft expanded over time. “Hayley a bit of assistance would be great whilst Yelena and I put you in the second restraining bag.” Hayley mumbled something not very complimentary behind her gag. Hayley heard the smooth fabric of the other bag as it was prepared for use. Hayley then felt her legs being lifted and slipped inside the second bag. With a bit of effort and some begrudging assistance from Hayley the two women managed to get Hayley into the second bag. After that bit of effort everyone took a break. Hayley felt the women struggle against the loft and friction of the smooth fabric as they closed the two halves of the outside bag and forced the centre zip up. “There you go nice and snug” Martinez said as she patted Hayley on the leg. Not that the pat get anywhere near Hayley’s legs through the thick down in the two bags. “See you in the morning ladies” Martinez said over her shoulder as she followed Yelena out of the room.

After an hour of trying to find some of escaping Hayley finally gave up. As the loft had increased Hayley found that was completely encased in the down filled bags. The down restricted movement and the smoothness of the fabric meant that she couldn’t get any purchase. Laying her head back pillow Hayley decided to get some sleep and see what the morning would bring. On the bright side despite everything she had to admit that she was very, very comfortable.

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

Postby puffalover » Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:13 am

Hey my friend! Glad to see you're continuing this great story. I really love your use of diapers and downsuits/sleeping bags in this story.

Can't wait to read some more of it soon.
Once I have you tied up in both my overfilled blue and red sleeping bags, You're not going anywhere! Hope you enjoy feeling the soft nylon tightly hugging your skin as the heat will soon become unbearable!

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

Postby mrjones2009 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:36 am

Chapter 14

The news didn’t have anything on it about the fact the she had been reported missing. Gayle had the depressing thought that perhaps nobody had missed her enough to report it to the police. Gayle was uncertain about how long she had been kept in this room by these women but it must have been four or five days. True to the word of the woman with the French accent she had been well treated. They hadn’t even bound and gagged her like the woman had said they might have to. Gayle switched off the television and rolled over onto her back just as the door opened and a woman came in carrying a tray with dinner on it. The woman was wearing a mask as had every woman who had entered the room since Gayle had been here. “Good evening. I will just put dinner on the table, chicken pasta tonight.”

“Thanks” Gayle replied out of politeness. Although she did find it strange that she was thanking someone who was holding her against her will.

“Also have some toilet supplies. I will put them away whilst you tuck in.” Gayle walked across and started to eat her dinner. Then she heard a thump from the bathroom. Gayle waited a moment for any further sounds put when there was none she put down the fork and headed for the bathroom. On entering she found the woman lying on the floor not moving. Gayle surveyed the scene, the woman must have slipped on some water that was lying and banged her head on the bath. Gayle had basic first aid training and checked the woman’s airway and put her in the recovery position. Having done that Gayle moved to go and get help, before it hit her that this could be her chance to escape. Gayle was torn as she didn’t want to leave the woman if she was injured but the woman was also compliant with holding her against her will. Decision made Gayle lightly patted down the woman to see if she was carrying keys but all she found was a security key card. Grabbing that Gayle made her way to the main door, pausing she stuck her head out and stole a glance left and right. Seeing nobody in either direction she cautiously stepped into the corridor. The corridor was more of a landing as the other opposite side to the rooms had a railing that looked out over a lobby / bar areas two floors below. Gayle kept close to the wall and moved to her right. There was a stairwell to her left but that looked like it only went down into the lobby and she didn’t want to head in that direction as it was too open. Further along the landing there was a lift and stairwell. In the lift she would be trapped so Gayle dismissed that as an option and headed for the stairwell. As she entered voices rose from below, getting louder as they approached. That left two options stay where she was or up. Gayle decided to try up and as quietly as possible made her way up the stairs. Reaching the landing Gayle looked left and right deciding on next move, she had to make a decision quickly as the voices continued to come up the stairs toward her. Maybe not the best decision but she went right and hoped that there would be either another stairwell or somewhere to hide. Briskly walking along the hallway Gayle discovered that it was a dead end. The voices got louder from the stairwell; the owners of the voices must have been close to the top. Gayle looked around; she had to disappear somewhere as she would be seen out in the open like this. Looking to her left she saw a door with an electronic, using the key card that she had Gayle disengaged the lock and entered the room. Carefully closing the door behind her, despite the darkness Gayle could tell that she had entered a large room. There were noises like rustling material, Gayle found the light switch and flipped on the lights and was surprised but what she was now able to see. There were two double beds in the room and on each lay what to Gayle looked like a massively inflated sleeping bag. It took her a couple of seconds to realise from the noises and slight movements that there were people contained within these contraptions.

In Rousseau’s office

“That’s the job completed. I met with Alexander privately after the charity ball and he was very happy with the outcome.” Elizabeth Crawford’s voice came through the speakerphone on the large desk. Rousseau, Martinez and Duncan were standing round the desk. “With the job done it’s time to make arrangements to move the team back to base.”

“What about the three ladies that are being held at my establishment?” Rousseau was being well paid but not enough deal with that headache.

“My team will bring the two detectives along when they leave. I have uses for them, especially the delectable Hayley King” Crawford responded. “The bystander can be let go. Louise will make necessary arrangements and let you know. Duncan I assume that there will be no issue’s bringing them along.”

“None boss. Shouldn’t be an issue” Duncan nodded as she made some calculations in her head.

“Crawford, Martinez here. I think that it is time for me to move on” Martinez said slightly nervously.

“You are valuable in your current position but I understand and agree. You can evacuate with Duncan and the rest of the team. We can always use good women within the organisation.” Crawford obviously considered the conversation ended as the line went dead. Duncan looked at both of the other women, shrugged her shoulders and headed for the door.

“I will let you know when I have the travel arrangements confirmed by Louise Williams” she said over her shoulder.

“Wait Duncan” Rousseau said. Despite working closely with Crawford’s team she still had not learned their real names. Duncan turned and found Rousseau staring at the screen on her desk. “Gayle I warned you to behave. Duncan you had better get someone along to the secure room. There is a problem.”

Hayley and Natalie’s room

Gayle made her way nervously toward the bed on the right hand side of the room. There was definitely someone encased in that sleeping bag contraction judging by the subtle movements of the bag. Reaching the bed Gayle marvelled at the sheer volume of the sleeping bag, she had been camping once but had never seen anything like this. Now at the top of the bed Gayle found a head at the hood of the sleeping bag, laying on a pillow, a very attractive blonde woman with piercing ice blue eyes. Once the face recognised or rather didn’t recognise Gayle she started making noises behind the large padded device that was over her mouth. Gayle was stunned at what see found; this woman was obviously restraint in this sleeping bag like contraption. Why would anybody to this to a woman? Quickly Gayle looked for the zip on the sleeping bag. When the woman in the bag realised what Gayle was trying to do she made even more noises from behind the device muffling the sounds coming from her mouth. Gayle took the hint, stopped and looked at the woman who had raised her head. Leaning over Gayle found the buckle at the back of the woman’s head; undid it and removed the device. “Get out and get help” the woman said as soon as the device was removed.

“Wait. What is going on here I don’t understand. Would you….” Gayle started before being interrupted.

“No time to explain or even get me free they will be here soon enough. They must be watching the camera. Go and get help. My name is Hayley King, get to a phone and call the police. Get out now!”

“How do you know I am the good guys? Gayle responded.

“Experience, now get going!” Hayley said as loudly and forcefully as she dare. But it was too late. Hayley heard the door open and at least three people enter the room. Hayley knew that her best chance of getting out of this situation had just ended. Gayle turned to face the three people who had entered the room. Gayle recognised the French woman instantly, except this time she wasn’t wearing a mask.

“What’s going on here?” Gayle asked as the other two women, Yelena and Munroe made their way toward her.

“I told you to behave Gayle. What happens now is on your own head.” Rousseau said matter of factly as Yelena and Munro continued to approach. “Keep her quite ladies. Use the chloroform and then take her next door. Martinez is getting prepared to receive her.” Gayle did not like the sound of that and tried to make a break for the gap between the two women that were coming toward her. Unfortunately Yelena and Munroe grabbed her and the three of them ended up in a heap on the floor. Yelena and Munroe grabbed at Gayle but she squirmed left and right and made it awkward for them but eventually they managed to get a secure hold, Munroe produced a cloth from her pocket and secured it over Gayle’s nose and mouth. Gayle recognised the scent coming from the cloth from when she was grabbed at the jewellery store. If she couldn’t get the cloth away from over her face then she was going to be going to sleep. Gayle struggled against the two women but found that they were too big and too strong. Gayle started to notice the drug have the same effects that it had in the store, her arms and legs felt heavy and she was struggling to keep her eyelids from closing over. Eventually Gayle couldn’t fight it any longer and her eyes closed over.

As she lay staring at the ceiling Hayley heard a scuffle. Judging by the conversation Hayley could guess what had happened. Gayle had been grabbed and rendered unconscious using chloroform. Suddenly Yelena’s head appeared in Hayley’s vision. “That was a bit of excitement. I believe that you need something to calm down. I have something to help you get some nice sleep” and out of nowhere Hayley felt a cloth clamped over her nose and mouth. Unsurprisingly it was smothered with chloroform. Hayley didn’t have the heart to resist at the moment so just took long, deep breaths, inhaled the fumes and embraced sleep when it came soon afterwards.

Gayle shook her head as she regained her faculties and found that she was staring at a plain white ceiling. Instinctively she tried to move but found that she couldn’t move freely. After raising her head Gayle confirmed that she now found herself in the same position as the woman who had introduced as Hayley had been; encased in a sleeping bag contraption. Gayle also noted that her arms and legs were useless as they were securely bound. Gayle bucked furiously trying to shake free of the smothering bag. Once she had given that up Gayle heard a quiet laugh from somewhere close by in the room. “Well that was fun to watch but totally pointless. As you have found out there is no escape from this particular restraint system Gayle.”

“Who are you and what are you doing with me?”

“No harm in telling you. My name is Martinez and you made the mistake of being nosy and now you are going to be held captive for perhaps a long time by a criminal enterprise. I wouldn’t worry too much you will be as comfortable as you are now for the majority of your confinement.” Gayle was shocked by these comments. “Now I just have to gag you and that’s us.” Gayle saw the woman loom into view; she was dangling a contraption in one hand. Gayle assumed that

“Wait I….um…need the loo” Gayle said.

“I can’t be bothered to let you loose so just use that diaper that you are wearing and we can get it changed in a while.” Gayle could tell that she went a shade of purple with embarrassment at that point. ”Don’t worry they are extra absorbent, well padded and designed for comfort. Obviously they are well designed if you hadn’t noticed you were wearing it.” Shocked by that statement Gayle didn’t even resist as Martinez forced the soft ball of the gag into her mouth and lifted her head to secure the buckle at the back. Gayle muffed as the thick pad at the front of the gag pressed into her lips. Martinez then walked away, Gayle heard the door close and they wondered what level of trouble she had gotten into.

Chapter 15

“Everything is in place” Duncan said “time to get this show on the road.” Munroe, Peel, Garrett, Yelena and Martinez stood up and headed to their assignments following the completion of Duncan’s briefing.

Hayley heard the door open and people, and judging by the amount of noise it was a large group of people entered the room. Hayley didn’t know what it was but she sensed that something had changed. Hayley felt the pressure of the down around her body release as the zip on the outer restraint bag was pulled down; the bag was slipped all of the way down from her body, the smooth fabric easing making it easy. Hayley was trying to think what thus could mean when she felt the second restraint bag go loose as the zip of that was undone and the top of the bag was flipped open. “Time for a road trip Hayley” Garrett said and went about releasing the straps that bound Hayley’s legs together. This worried Hayley as at the moment she was completely at the mercy of her kidnappers. The restraint system gave no chance of escape and given how professional these kidnappers had been so fare she didn’t hold out much hope of them giving her or Natalie a chance of escape during any move to another location. Garrett motioned and Hayley swung her feet out of the bag and onto the floor, Garrett put a hand under Hayley’s arm and helped her to her feet. When on her feet Hayley saw that Natalie was also stood next to the bed where she had been restrained, the two made eye contact and Hayley spirits were raised slightly. At least it looked like the two friends were going to be kept together. Then it hit her, she recognised the woman called Garrett, she was the one that she had fought with at Elizabeth Crawford’s retreat. Garrett noticed that Hayley was staring at her. “Remember that we have met before Hayley. Not that it matters much; I don’t think that you will be escaping this time.” Hayley watched as Natalie was blindfolded using a sleep mask before she soon suffered the same fate.

A hand grabbed Hayley’s upper arm and guided her out of the room and along the corridor. Hayley couldn’t exactly ask where they were going to decided to go along for the ride. All that Hayley could hear was the rub of the fabric from her nylon down suite. After a short walk, made slightly awkward by the diaper that she was wearing Hayley was halted. The familiar ping of a lift sounded and Hayley was led inside, the lift descended but not for long. Hayley heard the ping again and was led from the lift along another corridor. Hayley could feel the temperature drop on her cheeks. They were obviously heading for an exit. Hayley then heard a door open and felt the rush of fresh air hit her. Hayley hadn’t had that feeling for a while so decided to enjoy it while it lasted. Garrett whispered in her ear “A couple of small steps.” Unsure of where the steps were Hayley lifted a foot and tentatively searched for the step, which she found at the third attempt. As sure footedly as she could Hayley climbed the three small steps into what she assumed was a vehicle of some sort, probably the same one that she was brought here in. Hayley felt a hand in her back push her forward a couple of paces then Garrett said “sit down on your left.” Hayley once again complied and felt her bottom hit something solid. “Now lie down flat.” Hayley swung her legs and then carefully lowered her head; she was rewarded when the back of her head found a nice, soft, forgiving pillow. Hayley then felt her legs being secured together with straps in several places. Next Hayley felt a cover being placed over her legs and body before heavy straps were put in place to keep her secure. These ladies didn’t take any chances Hayley thought for the umpteenth time since she had been captured. “Lift you head from the pillow” Garrett asked, when Hayley complied Garrett removed both the blindfold and gag that were in place. Hayley worked her jaw before putting her head back on the pillow. Relied was whoever short as Garrett placed a black rubber mask over Hayley’s nose and mouth. The almost roar of hissing from the mask told Hayley that the gas must have been cranked up to full and she felt the effects almost straight away. However before everything went black she was able to confirm that she had been strapped onto a stretcher, Natalie was similarly restrained in a stretcher to her left and that the woman with the long brown hair called Gayle as strapped into a seat at the bottom of the stretcher. They both also had black rubber masks strapped over their noses and mouths.

The ambulance came to a halt at the rear entrance to Jackson and Rowland Funeral Directors to wait for the large roller shutter to open fully. Once the door had lifted enough to let the vehicle pass it entered the large space closely followed by a minivan driven by Forbes, Rousseau’s right hand man. In the back of the ambulance the masks had been removed from the three captives, Hayley, Natalie and Gayle five minutes prior to arrival and they were all starting to come round. Garrett and Peel sat in the back along with the three restrained women. When the engine died they flung the doors open and stepped out to meet Martinez, Yelena, Rousseau and Duncan who had exited the minivan. Munroe who had been driving the ambulance walked round and joined the group. In the background Forbes set about removing bags from the back of the minivan and piling them on the floor. “I guess is where a bid you adieu ladies” Rousseau said “it has been a pleasure and also profitable working with you. My contacts Mr and Mrs Rowland will take care of you to the train. I hope that we can do it again in the future.”

“The plan has gone reasonably smoothly Rousseau. The boss asked me to pass on her gratitude. No don’t she will be in contact regarding opportunities in the near future” Duncan replied and the pair shook hands. After that Forbes and Rousseau got in the minivan and headed out of the door before it closed.

“Good afternoon ladies” said a voice from the other side of the warehouse. Duncan and the rest spun to locate where the voice came from and found a small man with grey hair and a flame haired woman striding toward them.

“Mr and Mrs Rowland” Duncan enquired.

“Yes indeed” the man replied. “Our mutual French friend explained the situation. Why don’t we get straight down to business? Are the packages in the vehicle?”

“Yes” Duncan replied. “I was told that you could also get rid of the vehicle?” The man nodded.

“My wife has contacts within the industry that can make the vehicle disappear.”

“Good. Then let’s get to it. Munroe you gag our three travelling companions so that they can’t make any noise when they come round then watch over them. The rest of us will get ready and take the bags to the other cars.” Munroe nodded her went back into the ambulance. The rest of the crew picked up the bags and followed Mrs Rowland toward the offices.

Hayley excited the ambulance, far easier this time as she wasn’t wearing a blindfold. Unfortunately she was gagged and her arms were bound therefore couldn’t communicate with anybody unless it was by blinking. Hayley was last out of the vehicle and fell into line behind Gayle and Natalie, each of them being lead by one of their captors. Hayley had a look around; they were in a reasonably large space with office or storerooms at the other end. That’s where they were being led. Hayley must admit that she was a bit confused about the attire of her abductors. They seem to have all dressed for a funeral, sombre outfits in shades of black and gray with what looked like standard full length down jackets on top. There were also three people that she hadn’t seen before, a very sombre looking couple in drab clothing and a burly man dressed like he was about to interview for a position as a butler. If she didn’t know better Hayley would have sworn they were off to a funeral. Waddling along Hayley followed Gayle and Natalie in being lead into a room off the warehouse area. The change in surroundings was instant. This room was well decorated in pastel shades with nice fittings, couches and thick carpet under foot. Hayley thought that the situation of her and her fellow captives may have improved. That was until she noticed the three coffins sitting in the centre of the room. Hayley swallowed hard, she had just put two and two together.

The burly man approached Hayley with arms outstretched. Her natural reaction would have been to step back and avoid his fleshy hands but Garrett had just finished securing her legs together with in four places with nylon straps. Having been the last of the three captives to be bound Hayley knew what was coming next. The burly man grabbed Hayley and with ease picked her off the ground and placed her into the empty coffin. Hayley was sitting up in the middle of the coffin when Garrett approached, “Lie back and get comfortable: you have a bit of a journey ahead until you get out.” Hayley guessed that Garrett must have seen concern cross her face. “Don’t worry this is the deluxe model, extremely comfortable and with an eight hour built in air supply. With that Garrett pushed Hayley flat into the coffin, her head hitting the extra thick silk cover pillow. Hayley was now lying flat and tried to get comfortable but the thickly padded silk lined side and floor of the coffin didn’t allow for much movement. Suddenly everything went dark as the lid was put on top and locked in place. It was a good job that she wasn’t claustrophobic, Hayley just tired to relax as best she could and enjoy the ride. Thinking about it Hayley did have to admit that moving people or indeed any other product this way was a great idea. Who would ask too many questions of a coffin? Well in this case she hoped that someone did.

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

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Interesting continuation my friend. I can only wonder what's in store for Hayley and the others being transported in those coffins.
Once I have you tied up in both my overfilled blue and red sleeping bags, You're not going anywhere! Hope you enjoy feeling the soft nylon tightly hugging your skin as the heat will soon become unbearable!

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

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Chapter 16

There was a full moon in the clear dark sky as Brendan Hogan the manager at the small station at Jacob’s Harbour stood on the platform and waited for the train to arrive. Although on a main route the larger interstate trains hardly stopped at the station that served the sleepy town of approximately 5000 residents. You had to make a special request for the late train to stop which Hogan knew someone had done tonight. Hogan heard vehicle engines approaching along the single track road that led to the station. He turned to watch as three vehicles entered the car park and pulled up next to the small station house. Just as they arrived Hogan could see lights of the train around the bend in the track. By his calculations it would arrive in around four or five minutes. Hogan watched the lights get bigger until he felt a presence at his side. “Good evening Mr Hogan” said the woman.

“A pleasure to see you again Ms Williams” Hogan began then paused trying as if unsure what to say next “I just wish it was under better circumstances.” Louise Williams nodded her head as they both turned to watch the train approach. Louise casually slipped an envelope into the outside pocket of Hogan’s coat. Neither of them acknowledged that this had happened. The train slowed as it approach the station, the driver judged it to perfection stopping the long train in exactly the correct place so that the last cars were at the platform. The door to the storage car opened and the ramp dropped onto the platform. Shortly after three coffins were rolled down the ramp, a down jacketed woman at the end of each. Once clear of the ramp the staff from the train deposited several bags onto the platform, raised the ramp and closed the door of the storage car. No passengers either got on or left the train at Jacob’s Harbour. Hogan signalled to the driver and the train began to move away, slowly then gaining speed. With the train moving he doffed his cap to Louise Williams and made his way back to his office to tidy up before leaving for the night.

Louise Williams approached the down jacketed women and hugged the one at the front of the line. “Nice to have you back at home Samantha.”

“Not quite their yet, better keep up the pretence until we get back to the island. Don’t want our friends overhearing anything they shouldn’t” Samantha replied indicating the three coffins. Louise turned and lead the way through a gap in the fence and into the car park adjacent to the station followed by the small convey of women pushing and pulling the pushing the coffins on gurneys. Fortunately once you moved away from the small station and into the depths of the car park there was no external lighting. Louise had instructed the crew members that had driven the vans to park them in a row with the rear doors facing the far end of the car park. That way even if somebody was watching or arrived at the station the vehicles would block their view of what was happening at the rear. The gurneys were pushed to the rear of the middle van then collapsed so that they were as low to the ground as possible before Peel and Munroe removed the tops one at a time.

Hayley blinked incessantly as the lid was removed from the coffin. Although it was dark the little light provided by the moon and stars still had an effect. Hayley decided that she must have been in the coffin for between five or six hours. Although her movement was extremely restricted she hadn’t been uncomfortable during the journey; however saying that it was an experience that she was not eager to repeat. Munroe leaned in and quickly undid the straps that were binding Hayley’s legs together. Hayley assumed that she was now meant to stand and with the aid of Munroe was just about able to achieve this. It felt good to be out in the fresh air again. Unfortunately she couldn’t take in too much of her surroundings as the rear of the vans and their open doors blocked most of the view. Hayley also thought that she could so with some relief from the gag as her mouth was extremely dry and starting to ache; also a fresh diaper would be welcome she had to soil hers an hour or so ago. “Let’s get this show on the road. We are exposed out here” Hayley heard a voice say.

“Alright sexy pants step out of the coffin” Garrett said. Hayley complied and was rewarded when Garrett removed the straps that had been keeping her arms pinned against her body. That was bonus Hayley thought, her wrists were still bound and the mitts made her fingers useless but at least she could move her arms again. Then led into via a handy ramp into the back of the van by Garrett and was pressed down into a leather seat with its back against the side of the van. “Arms up” Garrett said. Once Hayley did as instructed Garrett pulled straps from over each Hayley’s shoulders and clipped them into a central buckle that was on one of five straps. The seat seemed to have been specially designed to restrain people as these first two straps were followed into the central buckle by another strap from each side of her chest and a thankfully heavily padded strap from between her legs. Garrett then tightened all of the straps to hold Hayley in place. Thankfully the padding of her down suit took some of the discomfort away but Hayley still grumbled behind her gag and tried not to let her discomfort show. Hayley was sure Garrett took great pleasure in this, especially the strap between her legs. Once satisfied that the straps were tight enough Garrett bent over and used a nylon strap to bind Hayley’s ankles together. It was almost getting to the stage where Hayley wished that they had just knocked her out with chloroform. If the gag was ever removed she would make that suggestion. Hayley then thought that the journey couldn’t be that long of they would have knocked them out. Hayley sat perfectly still, well there was nothing else she could do as Gayle and Natalie were led in and secured in seats to her left exactly as she had been.

The three crew members were beckoned over by Louise Williams. Selecting the two largest men Louise pointed at the gurneys and their contents lying next to the vans. “You pair stick them in the back of the last van and get rid of them at the dump. Drop the van back off on your way back to the harbour.” Louise consulted her watch. “We leave in ninety minutes so get a move on.” Both men nodded and went to start their task. Looking at the remaining crew member she said “we will drive the other two vehicles to the dock.” Louise jumped behind the wheel of the vehicle that contained their captives and started the engine, Samantha, sorry Duncan she reminded herself got in the passenger side. Louise had seen Munroe and Peel get in the back with them. Looking to her left she could see Martinez in the passenger side of the other van, the reminder of the group and the bags had been loaded into the back whilst Louise was talking to the three crew members. Louise carefully pulled out of the car park and headed down the hill, into town and toward the harbour taking care that she didn’t draw too much attention to the little convoy.

“Ladies we are approaching the last leg of the journey. Many thanks for your co-operation so far. Once we get on the last leg we can see about those gags and freshening up your diapers” Peel said. Hayley hated to admit it but she would have said thanks if she could have.

The drive didn’t take that long. Hayley guessed at less than fifteen minutes as the van braked to a halt. “Time for the blindfolds to go back on ladies” Peel said before placing thick, padded masks over all three captives. Hayley then heard a faint click and felt the pressure of the straps that had been holding her tight against the seat release. Then she was able to move her legs independently as Garrett had removed the nylon strap holding her ankles together. Hayley realised that with only her wrist now bound she was as free from bindings as she had been in what seemed like weeks. There was a squeak of hinges and suddenly Hayley felt a cool breeze against her face and the unmistakeable smell of salt water. They must be at or very near the sea she thought, but she didn’t think that this trip was going to be sandcastles and ice cream. Once again Hayley was lead down the ramp from the van and onto solid ground.

“I wouldn’t try to make a break for it Hayley. You might run straight into the ocean and I wouldn’t de diving into save you” Garrett whispered into her ear. Garrett grabbed Hayley by the arm again and lead her down the step, onto and then along the pier. Natalie and Gayle followed close behind being lead by Peel and Munroe. Louise William was at the head of the column with Duncan and Yelena and Martinez brought up the rear carrying the group’s bags together with the three crewmen from the boat. They reached their destination a large, luxury sea going boat. Elizabeth Crawford loved being on the sea and had spared no expense on the boat. Despite being so large it could be sailed by a single person as long as they knew what they were doing. The group made there on board and into the large lounge room.

“Take them below and secure them temporarily. I will be down once we are underway” Louise said to Garrett. Once the three captives had been removed from the room Louise turned to the lead crewman of the boat and issued instructions. “Let’s take the scenic route to the island. It will give the girls a bit more time to relax and throw our captives out a bit.” The crewman nodded and set off to make preparations to shove off.

Hayley, Natalie and Gayle were taken downstairs. Judging by the way that that the floor was moving and the sea air Hayley deduced that they were now on a boat. Eat you heart out Sherlock Holmes. After a walk there was a brief pause while Garrett unlocked a door and all three captives were pushed into a cabin containing a large double bed. “Peel you go and get the fold down bed, we will need it later. I am sure that our captives will comply with our instructions and won’t cause any problems? Munroe and I will be fine.” Unprompted all three bound and gagged captives mumbled in the affirmative and nodded their heads. Hayley heard the door open and correctly assumed that was one of their abductors, the one known as Peel leaving. “Ladies we are going to remove your gags, blindfolds and cuffs but please do not try anything. I can assure you there is nowhere to run. After all you are on a boat.” Hayley heard footsteps approach and then felt fingers at the back of her head undoing the buckle that held her gag in place which was then removed, quickly followed by the blindfold. Hayley enjoyed the feeling on not being gagged, especially with such a heavy gag, working her jaw to get the feeling back into the lower half of her face and lips.

“Thanks for that. When can I get a fresh diaper?” Hayley asked.

“Later but please be quiet for now” was the reply from Garrett. The tone of the reply was clearly intended to conclude the discussion. Hayley raised her cuffed and mitted hands in surrender. Hayley watched as Munroe and Garrett removed the gags and blindfolds from Natalie and Gayle. Except in addition the cuffs around Natalie and Gayle’s wrists and finger control mitts were also removed. Relief was short lived however as each instantly had their arms pulled behind their backs and their wrists secured with a length of strong cord. Next a cloth was forced into each of their mouths which were secured in place with a folded silk scarf over their mouths. This was then tightly tied at the back of their heads.

“Smallest in the middle” Munroe said and pointed at Gayle then the bed. When Gayle didn’t move Munroe grabbed Gayle and roughly pushed her down, face first onto the bed.

“Hey! No need for that. We will behave. Isn’t that right Gayle?” Hayley said automatically taking a step forward. Garrett pointed a finger at Hayley.

“Don’t move any further Hayley. Any more disobedience and the chloroform will come out. I know you ladies enjoy the smell but we cannot be bothered lifting you about.” Gayle by this point had moved herself over into the centre of the bed. Hayley watched on as Munroe produced another length of cord and secure Gayle’s ankles together. Next Natalie was instructed to lie down next to Gayle and then her ankles were bound with a length of cord. “Your turn Hayley, now behave like a good girl.” Hayley managed to force a smile as Munroe and Garrett approached. Garrett undid the buckles on Hayley’s leather cuffs. As soon as they were removed without having to be prompted Hayley placed both wrists in the small of her back. Munroe who had moved behind Hayley and quickly bound her wrists together. Hayley walked toward the edge of the bed and with as much grace as possible rolled onto the bed so that she was face down. Garrett quickly bound Hayley’s ankles with the last length of cord.

“Thanks for the co-operation ladies. As you will note the gags and restraints are quite generous at the moment so don’t abuse the privilege. It won’t be too long until we are back. If you are good there should be rewards. Munroe can you get the restraining bags out and let them loft up. I will go and let Louise know that we have finished.” Garrett left and Munroe went about removing the restraining bags from their compression sacks. They were stored in specially designed lockers in this bedroom should they ever be needed. Fortunately the locker was large enough to hold enough of the bags so that all three of the captives could be secured properly. Once Munroe had all six of the restraining bags lofting on the floor in the cabin she left and headed for the main room. Hopefully her colleagues had already cracked open the wine.

After the door closed Hayley raised her head off the pillow, looked over Gayle toward Natalie and made a noise to get her attention. Natalie now raised and turned her head to face Hayley, some of the white cloth that had been stuffed in her mouth poking out around the edges of the light blue silk scarf that has been secured over it. “DATS GA WHAN?” Hayley asked. Hopefully Natalie understood my gagged talk for ‘What’s the plan?’ Hayley thought.

“WHRI OUR LSS WHOOSE?” Natalie muffled back. ‘Try to get loose?’

“MMMMMMMMMM” Hayley responded shaking her head. “VEAR OOD EE MO?” ‘Where could we go?’ Hayley hoped that she was interpreting Natalie’s heavily muffled speech correctly. Natalie blew through her nose in resignation and nodded her head. Hayley felt her friend’s frustration but at the moment they were resigned to their fate. Hayley had noted the large sleeping bags being taken from their compression sacks and left to loft up. Hayley assumed that they were going to be fully restrained again for the majority of the journey. There was nothing that Hayley could do about that for the moment, in fact the bags were very comfortable so she settled down and put her head back on the pillow. It was a worrying day when your main concern was getting a clean diaper on.

Chapter 17

The door opened and Louise Williams strolled into the cabin, all three of the bound captives lying on the bed reacted to the noise. “Nice to see I can still make an entrance. Please don’t get up” Louise said. “Ladies please untie our captives but leave the gags in place at the moment. Quickly the cords were removed from all three captive’s wrists and ankles and they found themselves standing at the end of the bed facing Louise Williams with Munroe, Garrett and Martinez standing behind her to dissuade any of the captives making any kind of move. “Ladies in the interests of maintaining good relations I have decided to grant you a brief period of relief from restrain. There is food and drinks on the table in the corner, you can use the toilet to freshen up and there are fresh diapers and down suits in the cupboard. You will have thirty minutes until we return to restrain and sedate you for the remainder of the journey. How you use that time is your business but it will be the last time that you are not bound and gagged until we reach our destination.” Louise turned and left the cabin with the other three women trailing shortly after. On the way out Martinez

“Those bags look very comfy and cosy all lofted up like that, don’t they detective I bet that you can’t wait to get inside them again. They should be fully puffed up by the time we come back” Martinez said quietly into Natalie’s ear. “It will happen soon, something to look forward to.” Natalie had noted that for some reason Martinez now was taking particular pleasure in tying and restraining her.

After door was closed then locked Hayley pointed at her gag and Natalie took the hint and untied the scarf allowing Hayley to spit out the cloth.

“At last half an hour without being bound and gagged” Hayley said as she untied the knot and removed Natalie’s gag after which they hugged.

“MMMMMMMMMMM” mumbled Gayle.

“Sorry honey; got a bit carried away there” Hayley replied and hurried across to untie the scarf used to gag Gayle. Once the knot was loosened enough the scarf slipped to around Gayle’s neck and Gayle was able to use her slender fingers and removed the scrunched up cloth from her mouth. Hayley was already on her way to the bathroom, down suit already half undone and thrown from her shoulders.

“Thanks for that. Could someone explain what the hell is going on hear exactly” Gayle said with exasperation. “I seem to have been abducted for some reason and I have no idea why!” Gayle heard the sound of running water and turned to see Hayley’s head peak out from behind the door frame.

“First things first, let’s all grab a two minute shower get dressed then have a chat” with that she was gone into the shower.

“You can go next whilst I look out the costume change……..sorry what was your name again” Natalie said heading for the wardrobe.

“Gayle Hutton.” Gayle sat and wondered exactly how bad her current position was.

The three women had showered and were all standing in a rough circle wrapped in the large fluffy towels, Hayley held three large thick diapers in her hands. “Anybody know how to put one of these on?”

“I have a young nephew. I will put the clean diapers on you two if you promise to do mine” replied Gayle lifting a box of talcum powder. “Just lie back on the bed with your head on a pillow and lift your hips when I tell you.” Hayley and Natalie both complied and Gayle quickly applied the diapers. Hayley got up and walked around and patted her diaper in various locations making slight adjustments to make it more comfortable.

“Fits perfectly, thanks for doing that Gayle.”

“Snap” Natalie seconded.

“Now your turn” Hayley reminded Gayle waiving the diaper in the air. Gayle turned red. “I know it is embarrassing honey but, better than the alternative.” Gayle nodded in agreement and lay down on the bed. With that job complete all three put on the spare down suits.

“Now will you tell me what is going on?” asked Gayle. Natalie and Hayley looked at each other before Natalie signalled for Hayley to start, so she did with introductions then Hayley quickly ran through the ancient history then the more recent stuff about the kidnappings and property deal and her investigation and getting grabbed at the charity ball. Natalie chimed in occasionally with comments or other details. “So I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time?”

“Looks like it Gayle, it happens to the best of us” Hayley said with a reassuring smile.

“So you two have history with these criminals?” asked Gayle.

“Yes well some of them” Natalie replied.

“Do we make some kind of escape attempt before we get to where they want to take us?” Gayle asked.

“I don’t think so Gayle” replied Hayley, that response brought a slump in Gayle’s shoulders. “Purely a strategic decision at the moment Gayle, there are three of us and at least ten of them. I don’t fancy our chances for overpowering some or all of them then getting off the boat. We could be miles from the coast.”

“So we just let these women bind us again?”

“No other options” Hayley replied.

“Knuckle down and hope that our friends come and find us whilst trying to come up with our own plan to escape when we get the opportunity” Natalie said. Hayley only hoped that Natalie was correct as until now their abductors hadn’t made a mistake that would allow an escape attempt. Suddenly the door opened, half hour must be up. Louise Williams entered the cabin followed by Peel, Munroe, Garrett and Martinez. They have come mob handed thought Hayley to try ensure that we comply.

“Play time is over ladies, back to business. Full restrains obviously ladies but you can forgo the blindfolds and gags at the moment. I will leave this to the professionals” Statement of intent over Louise Williams exited.

“Stand up ladies, hands out in front” Martinez seemed to have taken charged following the exit of Louise Williams. Martinez, Peel and Munroe approached the three captives, each held a bag containing the supplies that they would need to bind there respective captive. Garrett had entered carrying a collapsible bed and was currently in the process of putting it together. Two on the bed and one on the cot Hayley assumed. Her attention was soon back to the person in front of her as Munroe approached and produced a pair of thickly padded finger control mitts from the bag and placed them on each of Hayley’s hands in turn, securing each mitt at the wrist using the small leather straps. Next the padded leather cuffs were placed on Hayley’s wrists and bucked tightly, securely binding Hayley’s wrists close together allowing little movement. Then Munroe produced two of the now familiar nylon straps and used them to ping Hayley’s arms to her body. A quick glance to her left told her that Natalie and Gayle had been restrained in identical fashion. Hayley and Natalie were them moved away from the bed, passing Garrett on the way carrying two of the large, thickly down filled restraining bags which she place carefully onto the bed. Hayley and Natalie watched as Peel made Gayle sit her diapered bottom on the inside of a bag and secured her legs with three of the nylon straps. Gayle then swung her legs up and into the bag which Peel closed and zipped up. Between them Peel and Garrett picked up the outer restraining bag and slipped the inner bag that contained Gayle into a further down filled cocoon. Then to Hayley’s surprise Garrett produced a bottle of chloroform and poured the liquid onto a cloth which she wasted no time in placing over Gayle’s nose and mouth. Hardly any movement was visible from within the restraining bags as Gayle succumbed to the fumes. Peel and Garrett then picked up the down filled package that contained Gayle and carefully placed her onto the cot bed, her head on two pillows that had been put at one end.

“Was there any need for that?” Hayley asked.

“Unfortunately there is” Martinez replied “we need to show you how helpless your current position is. Don’t worry Natalie. I will be attending to your restraint and sedation personally.”

“Me next” Hayley volunteered. Hayley relaxed as she went through the same process as Gayle. Once the restraining had been completed they didn’t knock her out but went straight to restraining Natalie as she could feel or perhaps a better description would be sense that Natalie was now lying beside her on the bed. It was really hard to tell inside the down filled cocoon she now found herself. There was also now the familiar noise of small movements against the smooth fabric of the restraining bags rubbing. “Time for a nap ladies, when you wake up we shouldn’t be far from our destination.” With that Hayley saw a pad of cotton wool come towards her and face. There was nothing that she could do as the pad was placed over her nose and mouth. Even before she could smell the fumes Hayley knew that it would be doused with chloroform.

The ceiling above her was still moving but to Hayley it felt that it was just bobbing about, there was no real motion as if they had stopped. Hayley had woken around ten minutes previously having no idea how long she had been out. Garrett, Munroe and Martinez had all come into the cabin and knocked all three of them out at least once each during the journey. Martinez took great glee in confirming that they were having a party in the main cabin to celebrate. Great Hayley thought. Then the door to the cabin opened again and the now familiar voice of Louise Williams said “Ladies we have arrived at your final destination.” When there was no response from the three cocooned women she continued “Well it may be your last chance to chat for a while but it is your choice. Garrett I will leave it to you to get the captives to their room in the main house. I have a catch up with the boss in ten.”

Hayley could hear footsteps then heard a zip and felt the pressure release over her body, then her outer restraining bag was slipped away and removed and the inner bag unzipped and flipped open. Without having to be asked Hayley swung her legs out of the bag and onto the floor. The nylons straps were removed and Hayley stood up. Before she could say anything a cloth was stuffed into her mouth and a silk scarf used to keep it in place. Next a sleep mask was placed over her eyes and everything went black. “Hayley unfortunately the boss insists on this for all new guests.” It was Garrett doing the talking. Guests, Hayley thought that was a quaint way to describe the current situation. “I have to insert earplugs to block out clear noises.” This really was taking it to extreme measures Hayley thought but in her present condition wasn’t in any position to argue. Hayley stood still as she felt Garrett insert the earplugs delicately into first her left then right ear in turn. Once they had been out it every sound took on a quality like Hayley was underwater. Hayley stood perfectly still and assumed that both of her fellow captives and been given the same treatment. Then Hayley jumped as without warning she felt someone grab her upper arm and push her along. Taking the subtle hint Hayley kept her feet moving and allowed herself to be lead out of the cabin, along the short corridor, up a set of stairs and out onto the deck of the boat, not that Hayley could be 100% sure where she was at this point.

Hayley, Natalie and Gayle were lead from the boat onto the dock. On the dock they were then stopped and stood still for a minute whilst all of the straps and cuffs on binding their arms were removed before being forced down into a large, old fashioned style wheelchair with raised backs that went above the head of the person in them. Each wheelchair had heavy, padded straps strategically located to secure someone into the chair. There was nothing that Hayley, Natalie or Gayle could do to resist so they sat in complete stillness as thickly padded leather straps were used to secure them into the wheelchairs. The straps were located at both ankles, across the thighs, stomach, chest, wrists and upper arms. Once the buckles had been tightened on the straps there was absolutely no room for movement, it was as if they were part of the wheelchair.

Before they were wheeled off a thin band of hard plastic was secured around each of Hayley, Natalie and Gayle’s left ankle. A small light blinked on each of the bands to indicate that it was operational.

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

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Great story so far
love cooking, panty/knicker gags, nappies, handicapped.

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

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Chapter 18

The three women had been sitting in the room strapped to the wheelchairs for around an hour when the door opened. Louise Williams entered and walked up to Hayley. Louise could tell that despite being blindfolded and having earplugs in Hayley could tell that someone had entered the room. Louise removed Hayley’s gag, blindfold and earplugs before moving on and doing the same with Natalie and Gayle. As she walked behind the wheelchairs Louise noted that the pairs of restraining bags were already lying out on the beds lofting up nicely. Louise felt three pairs if eyes staring at her as she went to the corner of the room to fetch a chair which she positioned in the centre of the wheelchairs which has been left in a rough half circle.

“You girls sure don’t take any chances with possible escape attempts” Natalie said. Louise met her gaze and just shrugged by way of a reply.

“Ladies we have already met but to confirm my name is Louise Williams and I suppose I am here to give you the standard introduction. Welcome to Tranquil Island, a paradise on earth. We hope that you enjoy your stay with us” Louise said changing the tone of her voice to match a rep at some cheap holiday resort. Taking a pause Louise continued, her voice taking on a slight air of menace “in all seriousness listen carefully. I shall say this only once. You are on an island, the only practical way off is by helicopter or boat. There is always the option of swimming but even I don’t know exactly how far away the next inhabited piece of land is.” Louise paused to let that sink in. “There will be times when you will be restrained and also sedated however if you behave you will be allowed to roam the island relatively freely and gain privileges such as use of the beach and if you so desire some of the sports facilities. We aren’t monsters. Lastly I would like to draw your attention to the band around each of your left ankles. It is a tracking device that is monitored by our security team so we know where you are at all times. Someone will be along to take you out of those chairs and into the comfort of the now familiar restraining bags shortly. Anybody have any questions?” There were no responses. Louise stood up and moved the chair back to the corner of the room. “Unfortunately the gags and other stuff have to go back before I leave.” Louise made her way across and began the process of gagging, blindfolding and replacing the earplugs. Louise started with Natalie and once the task was completed stood behind Gayle.

“How long will we be kept here?” Gayle finally asked.

“I honestly don’t know Gayle. The boss makes those decisions. The good news is I think that she wants to keep you rather than send you on so that’s good news.” Before there could be any kind of response Louise forced the cloth into Gayle’s mouth and tied a scarf to secure it in place. Louise finished with Gayle then completed the task with Hayley without any further interruptions.

Louise exited the room and found Garrett and Munroe standing in the corridor waiting for instructions. Louise picked up her phone and watch from the table outside the room. You weren’t allowed to take either into a room where a captive was held. Glancing at her watch she issued instructions. “Another hour in the chairs and then get them fed, watered, freshened up, in the bags and onto the beds. The boss wants full restrictions with only the minimum breaks for a week before she even considers granting concessions.” Garrett and Munroe nodded confirmation before Louise turned and walked down the corridor. It had been a long and stressful job and she was planning to unwind in the spa with a bottle of wine.

Chapter 19

6 days later at the offices of King & Co Investigations

There was a knock on the door and everyone turned toward it. Christina, Gillian, Michelle, Rhiannon and Jane looked at each other before Michelle walked over and opened the door. The group had been sitting around for what seemed an eternity. They had all been brought together in the common cause for locating and rescuing their abducted friends Hayley King and Natalie Twain.

Michelle had become concerned about her employer and friend when Hayley didn’t respond to her texts or telephone calls. After they had went unanswered for a day Michelle decided visit Hayley’s loft apartment. Using the set of keys that Hayley had given to her for emergencies Michelle entered the apartment and had been very surprised by what she had found in the kitchen / dining area. Christina Howard and her sister eating breakfast from bowls. Michelle stood still and Christina stood and approached, reading the body language Christina managed to clamp a hand over Michelle’s mouth in time to smoother the scream. “Hayley has been abducted. Calm down, have a seat and I will explain everything. Then I need your help.” Michelle nodded and once Christina’s hand was removed the two sat down. Christina then ran through what had happened and what she knew from beginning to end, missing out the part where she had betrayed Hayley to the kidnappers in exchange for her sister. When Christina had finished Michelle considered what she had just heard and pulling out her phone said “I think I know someone who can help.”

The sky darkened and then the rain started to pound against the window. The weather reflected Gillian’s mood at the present time. Gillian had done some further digging on the irregularities with the paperwork as Section 10. They were there and they seemed to point toward Martinez. However before Gillian could present her case to the top brass Martinez launched a pre-emptive strike, fabricated evidence against her and prompt suspended Gillian with immediate effect. Martinez even had two security team officers around to revoke her security clearance and escort her off the premises. Martinez even threatened to detain her in the facility if she didn’t leave peacefully. That was before Martinez went on annual leave last week, leaving Gillian in limbo. Nobody above Martinez would trust what Gillian said even if she did have copies of her evidence on her personal computer. Then her mobile rang, the display told her it was Michelle calling. After answering the phone Gillian was greeted with a stream of words that she could only pick out some important words like, Hayley, abducted and another name that she hoped never to hear again. “Michelle, calm down and start again.” Michelle finished. “Put her on” Gillian said and waited as the phone was handed over “Christina I am on my way over. Your story better be convincing.”

Rhiannon Scott who shared a flat with Natalie returned from vacation to find Jane Robbie coming out of her bedroom. Rhiannon picked up a handily placed hockey stick and waived it in the general direction of Jane who held up her hands, trying to look unthreatening. “Who the hell are you?” Rhiannon shouted. Jane didn’t answer right away. The sneaky hot babe with the hockey stick didn’t look that intimidating.

“Could ask you the same questions?” Jane retorted.

“My name is Rhiannon Scott and I live here. Where is Natalie?”

“I haven’t seen or heard from her for more than a week. If you stop wielding the hockey stick I will tell you the story.” Rhiannon lowered the stick but kept it by her side. Jane realised that this was as good as it was going to get and began her story.

The group had joined forces and investigated but without Hayley and Natalie’s instincts and contacts they didn’t make any progress. That was where the group found themselves, sitting around the table in Hayley’s office when Detective John Smith entered the room and took one of the seats around the table. The women could tell from the detective’s demeanour that things hadn’t gone great. Eventually Michelle decided to ask the question. “So what happened?”

“Well we brought Alexander in but he didn’t spill anything.”

“What do you mean? Why didn’t you confront him?” Rhiannon asked.

“What with? Trust me we got the full court press but there isn’t real evidence. The only two things that we have are Christina seeing him at the gala ball with Louise Williams and somebody who may be Elizabeth Crawford plus that he got permission for his development. Neither of which are really caught red handed stuff” Smith explained calmly. “His lawyer got him released pretty quickly.”

“There must be something that you can do? We need to find something that will give us a clue to where they have taken Natalie and Hayley” Michelle chipped in.

“Not really. The alleged victims, including your sister” Smith pointed at Christina “aren’t willing to make a statement.”

“Well even if they did what could they tell the police. I went through it with my sister and she couldn’t describe any of the people that took her accurately and had no idea where she was kept. Plus that wouldn’t give us a direct link to Alexander” Christina replied. The room fell into a resigned silence.

“What’s the plan of action then?” Rhiannon asked of the group.

“Crawford would be too careful to leave anything incriminating lying around” Smith said.

“You’re right detective. But what about Martinez?” it was Christina again.

“Searched her house but didn’t come up with anything. She had cleaned it pretty well.”

“What about her office?”

“We would never get authorisation to search a federal facility on what evidence we have at the moment” stated Smith,

“What about an unofficial search?” Christina just let the idea float out there.

“Christina my electronic pass was cancelled by Martinez when she suspended me after framing me for the missing supplies and dodgy paperwork” Gillian was almost shouting. “Even if I could get into the facility my pass wouldn’t get me into her……” Gillian trailed off as if something had just come to mind.

“What is it Gillian?” asked Rhiannon.

“Martinez kept a room in on the top floor of the Section 10 facility. She used it occasionally for staying overnight. It was the only room in the entire place that had a traditional lock on it. Martinez kept the only key. If she left in a hurry there might still be something left in there.”

“How do we get into the room if we don’t have the key?” Michelle asked.

“If only we had a professional thief that could pick locks……..” Rhiannon said whilst staring at Jane who hadn’t said a word during this entire exchange.

“Leave me out ladies! It sounds like there could be a lot of law enforcement interest here. Which is something that I try to avoid at all costs” Jane replied.

“Look you owe Natalie and Hayley. If it wasn’t for them you would either be in a cell or maybe captive at the hands of Crawford right now” Rhiannon replied her voice rising slightly.

“Alright but if you are serious then we…”

“Stop right there ladies” Smith interrupted. “I need to leave now before this discussion goes any further. I can let myself out.” With that Smith got up from his chair and hurried out the door. All of the women had turned to watch Smith leave.

“I was going to say we need a plan. And probably a bit of luck” finished Jane.

“We will need a security card to get into the building and through most of the doors. They won’t be easy to come by” Gillian chimed in.

“How would we get one Gillian?” Christian asked. Gillian started to pace around the room thinking things through.

“We would need to take a chance. If we just steal one it will be deactivated as soon as it is reported missing.”

“What about stealing one from somebody that is on holiday?” Michelle chimed in.

“Policy is that if you are going on holiday then the security card has to stay at the facility after your last shift. We are going to have to take one from someone who stays off-site then keep them from reporting it.”

“How do we do that?” said Jane, running both hands through her hair.

“Ladies I think that I have a plan.” Everyone stopped and look at Christina. “But I don’t think that you are going to like it.” Christina explained her plan to the others. Nobody said a word as Christina ran through her plan. Halfway through Gillian grabbed a pen and paper and started listing names and working out shift patterns. By the time Christina had finished Gillian had circled a name on the sheet of paper. “Gillian you can’t go in. They know that you are suspended. It would raise too many red flags.”

“That leaves us one short. We need somebody to cover the security desk on the top floor whilst Jane takes on the locks.”

“What about me?” Rhiannon offered. Christina looked her in the eye.

“You sure you are up for this?” Gillian asked whilst at the same time scrolling through her phone.

“Yeah, I’m sure.” Rhiannon answered.

“Good” Gillian replied holding her phone up so that everyone could see the photograph that she had brought up “because I picked this lady for a reason. She looks very much like you.” The rest of the group crowded round to take a look. The consensus was that the resemblance was uncanny.

Chapter 20

The door opened and in entered two women, one was the woman Hayley knew as Garrett or Kirsty, the other one, the woman with the Russian accent was pushing one of the large old fashioned wheelchairs that had been used to transport the three captives from the boat. All three women looked at each other after taking in the strange attire of the women. Hayley, Natalie and Gayle had been free of their restraints for about an hour. It was a bit strange as they had been kept bound for virtually the entire time that they had been held captive, now after being knocked out they had come round to find that they were not restrained within large down filled bags. They had looked around the room for a way out. The windows didn’t open and the glass was very thick, nothing doing there. The door was blank on the inside, no handle to turn of hinges to tamper with. Natalie had commented that they seem to have thought of everything. Hayley commented that they had obviously prepared well. There were three double beds in the room, the wardrobe, in addition to spare down filled suits contained clothes that would fit all three women; there were even three toothbrushes in the ensuite bathroom.

“Hayley the boss wants to see you” Garrett announced. The reason that Hayley, Natalie and Gayle glanced at each other was that both women wore old fashioned style large ball gown style dresses, well at the least the skirts of the dresses. The top half of any dress would be obscured by the down coat that Garrett and the Russian were wearing. Although the outfits were identical in nature the colours were different, pastel shades of blue for Garrett and pink for the Russian.

“What’s the wheelchair for?” asked Hayley

“We aren’t carrying you” replied the Russian.

“I am capable of walking” retorted Hayley

“Not when you are sleeping” replied the Russian as she reached into the pocket of her down filled coat and produced a bottle and cloth. “Don’t worry is only chloroform.”

“Look I had worked that one out. Not my first time at that rodeo. Come on ladies no need for that. I will comply.” Hayley was trying to negotiate not being knocked out yet again. “Besides if you keep using the chloroform you will soon need to hold the cloth over my nose and mouth for five minutes before I enter the land of nod.”

“Sorry we have orders from Ms Williams. For the moment nobody leaves this room without being knocked out.” Whilst talking the Russian doused the cloth with chloroform, “We can do this the easy way where you just let me put the cloth over your nose and mouth and you relax, take nice deep breaths or you can struggle and have a fight. Either way you end up out.” Hayley resigned to her fate nodded and the two women approached, the fabric of their large dresses swishing as they walked. The Russian who had the cloth walked behind Hayley.

“Shouldn’t we get to know each other better first? What’s your name anyway? We can’t keep calling you the Russian.” Hayley questioned. Suddenly the woman brought the cloth around and clamped it over Hayley’s nose and mouth. Although she knew it was coming Hayley still recoiled slightly. “If it makes you feel better then you can call Yelena. Just take the deep breathes and inhale the sweet fumes” said the Russian. Hayley relaxed and inhaled the fumes from the cloth. After several breaths Hayley felt herself starting to relax and felt a tingle in her arms and legs. Her mind started to get confused and her eyelids went getting harder to keep open. Eventually she couldn’t stand any longer and fell back into Yelena. Yelena had been practising and was now skilled in the art of sedation and kept the chloroform cloth clamped over Hayley’s nose and mouth until Hayley went all the way out.

“You pair keep back unless you want to us to use the cloth on you.” Garrett growled. Natalie and Gayle both nodded and looked on as the two women wearing the large dresses lifted Hayley and put her in the wheelchair. Garrett and Yelena worked methodically to secure the padded straps to Hayley’s wrists, upper arms, chest, stomach, thighs, and ankles. After completing that task Yelena wheeled Hayley out of the room closely followed by Garrett.

“Where do you think they are taking Hayley?” Gayle asked Natalie.

“I have no idea but hopefully they treat her alright”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t think about it Gayle. Let’s try and keep positive. Control what we can.”

“Like what. We are their captives. They have total control!!” Gayle was starting to get hysterical. Natalie had to keep her calm. Get her focused on something.

“Well like gather all the information we can. Even something that seems like a negative can be useful.” Natalie could see that she was winning the fight to calm Gayle down. “We know that we are being held on an island, we know that there are at least six of them, we know the names of those six and we know that they are professional. The more we know the better our chances of one those bits of information being useful.” Gayle nodded and headed for the bathroom. Natalie wondered if it was Gayle’s spirits she was trying to keep up or her own.

Half an hour later

Hayley came round and shook her head clear. Hayley’s body was starting to get used to her being chloroformed now as they after effects were not as severe. She didn’t know whether this was a good or bad thing. Hayley assessed her situation. She was lying on a large four poster bed. There were padded cuffs around both of her ankles and both of her wrists. Each of these cuffs was attached by black rope to each corner of the bed meaning that her arms were in a slightly awkward position with her hands just above her shoulders and her legs were spread open. Hayley tried the bindings, there was bit of give in the restraints, she could move around and squirm but there was no chance of getting off the bed. Hayley also noted that she was naked apart from the fresh diaper that had been put on whilst she had been unconscious. This diaper was different to the previous diapers that she had been forced to wear. This one looked and felt thicker and a floral patterned design on it. Looking around the room Hayley couldn’t see much as the heavy drapes were closed over the window and the lighting was at a very low level but from what she could see would describe the room as opulent. The thick pillows and duvet on the bed were covered in silk bedding.

“Nice to see you are awake Ms King” said a voice from the other side of the room. Hayley guessed the owner of the voice from the accent, it was Elizabeth Crawford. Hayley saw the woman approach from the out of the gloom as she made her way to the bed and sat gown near the top. Hayley decided to get straight to the point; then noticed that Elizabeth was wearing a long down filled coat. What was it was these people and down filled clothing?

“How long do you plan to keep us hear Mrs Crawford?”

“Please call me Elizabeth”

“Alright Lizzie! How long do you and your creepy sidekicks plan to keep Natalie, Gayle and I captive on your weird little island?” Hayley’s voice took on an angry tone and got louder as the sentence went on. Something crossed Elizabeth Crawford’s face and Hayley instantly regretted what she had said. Lesson learned; don’t talk back to the boss.

“I heard that you were feisty and had a bit of a mouth. Let’s see if we can do something about that.” Hayley didn’t like the sound of that and watched on Liz opened a drawer in the bedside cabinet and produced a cloth and a large pillow gag with a leather strap. Hayley had managed to raise her head enough to get a look at the other contents of the drawer and didn’t think she liked where this was heading.

“Look can’t we discuss this. Not a fan of foreign objects in my mouth” Hayley said.

“Unfortunately no” was the reply as Liz lightly grasped Hayley’s chin, “now open wide. I thought that you would be used to this by now.” Hayley found the cloth stuffed into her mouth this was then supplemented by the pillow gag to hold it in place. Liz reached round and tightened the buckle on the leather strap at the back of Hayley’s head to keep the gag in place which forced the cloth deeper into Hayley’s mouth. “There that’s much better.”

“MMMMMPPPPHHHH” was the only noise that Hayley could make as the gag was effective.

“Hayley you are a very, very beautiful woman and I think you and I are going to have lots of fun for as long as you are a guest here.” Liz stood up and ran a finger slowly down Hayley’s body from just under her chin to where the diaper started then unzipped her down coat and let it fall to onto the carpet, exposing the fact that she was only wearing skimpy red lingerie. Hayley closed her eyes, now she was sure that she wasn’t going to like where this was going.

Chapter 21

The last thing that Hayley remembered was the smell of chloroform coming from the dust mask that Elizabeth Crawford had placed over her nose and mouth. For a change Hayley had welcomed the fumes and gladly taken deep breaths welcoming the darkness when it had come. To Hayley’s surprise when she found that she was not bound to the bed or gagged. There was a patterned silk gown on the bed next to her. Hayley assumed that this was for her so decided to put in on. It felt very smooth against her skin, which at this point didn’t feel at its best. Hayley walked around the room, her feet digging into the deep carpet to see if she could find anything useful. Her search was not fruitful and was interrupted by the door opening. Elizabeth Crawford entered carrying what Hayley could tell was a down suit and a diaper. “I hope that you enjoyed that as much as I did Hayley” Elizabeth said as she made her way to the bed to deposit the items on it. A shiver ran down Hayley’s back. She also noted that Elizabeth had changed into clothes and judging by the condition of Crawford’s hair was freshly showered. God, Hayley thought there was a good chance she would kill for a shower right now.

“Can’t remember a thing actually” Hayley replied. Hopefully that sounded more confident than it felt thought Hayley. Elizabeth Crawford moved away from the bed and toward a door. Hayley watched as the door was pushed open to reveal a large bathroom.

“I have a treat for you Hayley; a nice hot bath to soak in, soothing oils, fancy bubbles, aromatics, the works.” Hayley looked on stunned. This woman that had used her just a couple of hours ago was now offering her a reward.

“I would get into the bath before it cools down Hayley.” Crawford must have seen the look of confusion on Hayley’s face. As if this would explain it Crawford said “remember what Louise said about behaving and privileges. You have forty five minutes until the guards come to take you back. Be diapered and suited up when they arrive” With that Elizabeth Crawford turned and left the room.

Hayley thought about refusing the luxury on principal but personal hygiene got the better of her. Hayley entered the bathroom to find a large bath filled with steaming hot water, bubbles and judging by the gorgeous smell that greeted her lots of relaxing aromatics as promised. Well Hayley thought no point in letting it go to waste and she had definitely earned some reward. Stripping off her diaper and throwing it in the waste bin she plunged in. Lying back and trying to relax Hayley noticed a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates on a shelf within easy reach and decided to help herself.

The bath was heaven sent; it even had a massage setting. Hayley enjoyed the luxury for as long as possible before stepping out and drying off with a large fluffy towel. Hayley made her way reluctantly to the bed and picked up the diaper that Elizabeth Crawford had left. Hayley had never even put a diaper on a baby let alone herself, her only experience was being directed by Gayle on the boat earlier this week, or was it last week. Hayley unfolded the large, thick diaper and laid it flat in the middle of the bed. With a bit of effort Hayley managed to position her bottom over the centre of the diaper, sat down then lay flat on her back. Craning her neck to get a good view Hayley fumbled about with the front and sticky straps until she was satisfied that it was securely in place. Given how long she had been kept restrained for long periods of time and leakage was not an option. Hayley climbed off the bed and unfolded the down filled suit, stepped into the legs and put the suit on, zipping up the front. Hayley then sat on the bed and awaited the guards.

A couple of minutes later the door opened and the same two women who had brought her to the room appeared to take her back, again with the large old fashioned wheelchair. Hayley lay down on the bed. “Hit me with the chloroform ladies. A nap would be great right now.”

“Not this time Hayley. Mrs Crawford said that there would be no need for the return trip as long as you are blindfolded and gagged. Mrs Crawford said that it was your decision.” Hayley sat up on the bed.

“Wait, I get to choose?”

“Correct. What will it be; chloroform or blindfold and gag?” said Garrett

“Tough choice but I will go for blindfold and gag combination.” With that Hayley surprised her two captors by bounding across and sitting in the chair. “Strap me in ladies.” Taking great care with her dress Yelena kneeled down and stared to strap Hayley into the chair starting with the ankles straps. Although the straps were padded Hayley winced slightly as Yelena tightened the buckle on the strap. They did like to make sure the straps were secure Hayley thought. “Ladies are those outfits comfortable? Used to wear something similar at work, always liked it very lady like I thought.”

“Going to hurry up and gag her Garrett” said Yelena without looking up. “All this talk is bothering me.” Hayley made a mental note that Yelena may have a short fuse.

“How do you get that billowing effect on the dress? Is it a light frame or underskirts?” Hayley continued to talk before a cloth was forced into her mouth silencing her. This was followed by a pillow gag that was buckled behind her head. Hayley shrugged as Yelena secured the strap across her thighs that secured her to the seat of the chair then the strap across the stomach that secured her to the back of the chair, pressing her into the soft padding. Next Yelena secured Hayley’s wrist and upper arms to the chair using straps. Finally Garret lowered the blindfold or more accurately sleep mask over Hayley’s eyes blocking out the light. Hayley felt the brakes release on the chair as she was wheeled away. Hayley assumed that they would not take the most direct way back to the room to try and disorientate her; it is what she would have done in their position. Hayley was felt that she was wheeled down a corridor then stopped. Hayley was spun round and then moved backwards into a lift. Hayley was trying to take in am much as possible with her ears. At the moment all she could hear was the swishing and rubbing of fabric from the dresses worn by her captors. Hayley was guessing that it was underskirts rather than a frame under the outer skirts at this point. After the lift had gone up, down and back up again they exited and after another period of movement paused. Hayley heard a door open and was wheeled forward.

“Hayley!” Natalie and Gayle chorused.

“Back up ladies” Garrett said with menace. “Sit down on your beds. It’s time to get you restrained for the night. We will do Hayley first then you two so get prepared. It is lights out when we are finished until morning so if you need a diaper change get it done now.” Hayley assumed that they would be going into the restraining bags again for the duration. Hayley didn’t like being bound but this system was certainly better than rope and when you were in it you were far more comfortable than any bound person had the right to be. Hayley felt the straps loosen one by one as she was released from the wheelchair. Hayley felt a hand help her up from the chair. “Stand still whilst I remove the gag and blindfold” Hayley was happy to comply. Hayley blinked as her eyes adjusted to the light again. Hayley noted that two of the large restraint bags were already positioned on each bed, waiting to encase their captive in an inescapable cocoon of down then turned to see Garrett remove three small clear bags from a bag hanging on the rear of the wheelchair and hand them to Yelena Hayley could see that they contained the other instruments that would restrain them, the heavily padded gag, cuffs and straps. At this point Hayley was resigned to her fate and would not resist in any way as she was restrained.

“Let’s get on with it ladies. I am starting to feel a bit tired.” Hayley said to keep up the bravado. Any thoughts of more chat were ended as Garrett applied the gagged, jamming the soft ball into Hayley’s mouth and using the buckle to press the thick pad onto her lips. Next the finger control mitts were put on her hands followed by her wrists being secured with the padded cuffs and arms pinned to her body using a couple of straps. Once Hayley’s arms had been secured Yelena moved on to start securing Natalie whilst Garrett indicated the bed and Hayley gladly sat her rear on the first restraint bag and allowed Garrett to secure her ankles and legs with further straps. Once this was complete Hayley swung her legs onto the bed and get ready to be cocooned in down as Garrett flipped over the top of the bag and zipped it up.

“Thanks for the help. We will get the second bag once your friends have been restrained” Garrett said to Hayley over the top baffle of the bag and moved off. Due to the high collar Hayley couldn’t see what was going on but could follow the progress using sounds as Natalie and Gayle were bound for the night. Hayley felt her feet get lifted and helped as much as possible as she was slid inside the second bag. Once fully inside Garrett secured the centre zip on the bag. Hayley had to admire the way that the woman performed this task given what they were wearing. Hayley could hear Yelena and Garrett move around the room checking and tidying before the door opened and closed in quick succession. A couple of seconds later the lights went out and the room plunged into darkness. Hayley relaxed and got set for the night. Hopefully tomorrow would bring some opportunities to find a way to escape.

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

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Another great continuation my friend! Can't wait to read the next part of this thrilling saga. :D
Once I have you tied up in both my overfilled blue and red sleeping bags, You're not going anywhere! Hope you enjoy feeling the soft nylon tightly hugging your skin as the heat will soon become unbearable!

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

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Chapter 22

The next couple of days fell into a routine for the three captives. The lights came on early in the morning then soon after they were released from their down filled cocoons, freed from their bonds and allowed to freshen up. Their captors then brought them breakfast and then left them alone for rest of the morning. The next time they saw anybody was when lunch was delivered early afternoon. Unfortunately after lunch it was back into the restraint bags for several more hours. Natalie had thought about this and they must have restrained them for a reason. Something must be happen during the afternoon that meant that they had to make sure that Hayley, Gayle and herself couldn’t cause any trouble; another piece of information to file away for future use. They were freed again for dinner and again left to their own devices for a bit until they were again bound, gagged and put into the restraining bags for the night. It was much better than when they were first brought into the room when they were kept in the bags for what felt like twenty three hours out of every day with the only short breaks for food and diaper changes.

Louise Williams enter the room and stood facing Gayle, Natalie and Hayley. This time she was wearing one of the large dresses that were worn by the other women who were there captors, Peel, Garrett, Jackson, Munroe, Martinez and Yelena the stern looking Russian. Hayley decided it would be best to get in first and straight to the point. “When are you going to let us go?”

“Afraid that’s not my decision Hayley” Louise responded shrugging her shoulders. “I just work here. Maybe you can ask the boss when you see her later.” Louise knew that Hayley was trying to unsettle her so fired back with that comment. Louise could see Hayley visibly retreat as what that meant sunk in. “I know that it can be boring stuck in one room for a long period of time so I have spoken with Mrs Crawford and she had decided that if you continue to behave for the next couple of days then you will be allowed outside.” All three women smiled at this.

“I assume that we won’t just be allowed to wonder free” suggested Natalie.

“You are indeed correct. In addition to the tracking anklets there are some other conditions.”

“Like what?” Gayle enquired.

“Well you would have to wear finger control mitts and gags……..” Louise didn’t get the chance to finish before Gayle interrupted.

“That’s ridiculous. You claim that we are on an island so why do we need to wear those?”

“For your own safety” was Louise’s reply. Hayley stifled a laugh but had to admire the smart thinking of their captors. Hayley and Natalie had been careful not to discuss too much in the room as they were sure that the room would be bugged and all of their conversations would be monitored and recorded. Gagging them outside the room would mean that they couldn’t communicate freely there either.

“There is something else isn’t there?” This was Natalie again.

“Correct Ms Twain. As you will have noticed all of the women that you have seen wear these dresses. If you want to leave this room you will have to wear them. It’s a non negotiable requirement from Mrs Crawford. I will give you an hour to think about it” and with that Louise turned is swish of fabric and left the room. Hayley turned to the other two.

“I don’t know about you lot but I am in all the way. I want out of this room.”

“I don’t like the conditions attached. The more we agree to what they want the more control they have over us. I think that we should resist as much as possible” was the reply from Gayle.

“Where would that get us?” Hayley said. Gayle didn’t have an answer to that question.

“Hayley is correct Gayle. Plus it will give is more information. Like I said any bit of information could be useful in helping us escape. So I am in.” Hayley made her way across and set down on the bed beside Gayle and put her arm around the smaller woman.

“Look the three of us are in this together. We have to assume that nobody is going to ride in on a trusty steed and save us. We are going work our own way out of this. Now Natalie and I have a certain skill set but there might be something that you see that can help us out.” A smile started to appear across Gayle’s lips. “Beside it will be nice to get out of these puffy suits and put on one of those dresses. Every girl likes to get dressed up.” Hayley was trying to be positive, she thought that they would need a mistake from there captors in order to escape and up until now they hadn’t made any.

An hour later Louise Williams returned to the room and Natalie told her that they would agree to the terms and get to venture outside. With a smile on her face Louise informed them that she would make the arrangements for tomorrow afternoon. “Fingers crossed for nice weather.” Louise then threw something that she had been hiding behind her back to Natalie, although not expecting it Natalie managed to catch the item. “That’s the control for the television on the wall. You can watch for a couple of hours until the ladies restrain you for the afternoon later.”

As promised by Louise later that evening the door opened and the two women called Duncan and Munroe entered with Munroe pushing one of the wheelchairs. Duncan stood next to the chair and tapped it her hand. “Do you want to jump in Hayley?” At the same time Munroe was pouring what everyone assumed was chloroform onto a cloth. Hayley paused at the edge of her bed. “We could come over there and knock you out then carry you to the chair but this way works better for us.” Hayley slowly got up and sat in the chair. Munroe handed Duncan the cloth and went to work securing Hayley into the wheelchair with the heavy straps.

“Is there any need to use the chloroform?” Natalie pleaded.

“We’ve been good. We even get to go out tomorrow.” Even as she said it Gayle knew it sounded pathetic. It drew a smile from Duncan and Munroe as if they had won a small victory. Hayley could feel the effects of the chloroform start to kick in as she heard Natalie and Gayle complain on her behalf. Hayley’s head started to swim and her vision blurred, her eyelids got heavier. The thing was it wasn’t the chloroform that bothered her it was where she was going to wake up that was the problem. That was the last thing that went through her mind before everything went black.

Same room, same bed and same position Hayley thought as she again found herself naked apart from a diaper and with her wrists and ankles secured to the four corners of the large bed. Hayley was not exactly looking forward to what she assumed was going to happen over the next couple of hours but couldn’t really do anything about it. Hayley heard movement and watched Elizabeth Crawford walked toward the bed. Hayley decided to get on the front foot or maybe some would call it trying to delay inevitable “Good evening Liz. Can I call you Liz?” Hayley saw something flash across the woman’s eyes.

“I prefer Elizabeth or Ms Crawford. Nobody calls me Liz” was the reply as Elizabeth Crawford sat down on the bed, her eyes lazily taking in Hayley’s naked form.

“Sorry.” Hayley make that sound as sincere as possible. “Can I ask some questions?”

“If you want to ask questions you had better get to it before I gag you.” Hayley took that as a sign that Crawford may actually give some answers. Beside she must be in a good mood. Right let’s start small. “How long have you lived here?” As Hayley asked the question Elizabeth got up from the bed, took a couple of steps and dropped the down filled coat that she was wearing down to the floor.

“It is just coming up for five years now but my family has owned the island for longer much longer than that.” Hayley liked the answer as Elizabeth had given more information than was asked. Hayley went for another question.

“So we are on an island?” Hayley said more to herself. So Louise Williams had been telling the truth.

“Yes, surrounded by the beautiful ocean” replied Elizabeth as she made herself busy lifting items from drawers and putting them on the table top. Hayley heard a buzz and looked around. Elizabeth caught the look, “just checking the batteries.” Concentrate Hayley.

“What’s with the big dresses as employee uniform?”

“It’s a personal preference of mine. I think that women look great and project strength and elegance wearing that style of dress. And as I write the cheques it’s my rules. But I thought you would have already been aware of that from your time in government employment.” That last comment puzzled Hayley and it must have shown.

“What do you mean by that? How did you know I worked for the government?”

“You don’t know do you?”

“Know what?” Hayley had the impression that she was missing something.

“I thought that Carla would have told you.”

“Told me wwhht………” Hayley was cut off as Elizabeth pushed a cloth into her mouth. Dam Hayley thought. Annoyed with being gagged and not being able to ask further questions. The pillow gag was locked in place next. Elizabeth turned back to the chest of drawers beside the bed and picked something up, Hayley started to struggle against her bonds, out of frustration more than expectation that they would loosen.

“I like it when girls get feisty……..let’s have some fun.”

Chapter 23

The next day once they had lunch there was a prevailing sense of excitement amongst the three women in anticipation of being allowed out to get some fresh air. Louise Williams and a couple of the other kidnappers had brought in large garment bags whilst Gayle, Hayley and Natalie were eating breakfast and put them in one of the two wardrobes in the room. “When you finish eating put on the dresses and then we can get this show on the road” Louise said before leaving. Hayley brushed the crumbs from her suit, got up and headed for the wardrobe. Eagerly Hayley looked through the garment bags, they had been labelled and she removed the bag with her name it. Quickly Hayley unzipped the bag and removed the dress. Hayley hung it up on the outside of the wardrobe and looked at it. It was beautiful full length white ball gown style dress. Hayley ran her hand down skirt and savoured the smooth feel of the fabric. Hayley did have to admit that she did miss wearing garments like this since she had left Section 10. Hayley unzipped the down suit and let it fall to the floor before stepping out and hanging it up in the wardrobe.

“Can you give me a hand getting into the dress?” Hayley said over her shoulder. Gayle and Natalie made there was over to help Hayley get dressed.

“Aren’t you going to take off the diaper?” Gayle asked.

“As much as I would love to probably best to keep it on. Our hands aren’t going to be of any use and we will be gagged. Who knows how close we will be to a toilet. Do you want to try and mime I need the loo?” Gayle could see the logic in that. With some assistance Hayley got the layers of underskirts on before putting on the remainder of the dress. Natalie did the zipping up duties for the bodice. Hayley stood in front of the mirror and gave herself the one over. She looked good even if she did admit it herself. The dress fit her perfectly and accentuated her curvy figure. The skirt flowed beautifully from the bottom of the bodice. Crawford obviously had a skilled seamstress hidden away in the basement.

“How does it feel Hayley?” Natalie asked. Natalie had to admit that she was a bit nervous about wearing a dress like this. Natalie had always been a bit of a tomboy and had worn a dress maybe three times since her eighteenth birthday and nothing like the dresses that they were now expected to wear. Also Hayley looked unbelievable in the dress and Natalie had no idea what she would look like.

“I wish it didn’t but it feels great. Now let’s get you two looking fabulous.” With that the three women set about getting Gayle and Natalie into their dresses. When Gayle looked in the garment bag with her name on it in addition to the dress there was also a smaller bag inside. Gayle opened it to find two large white clothes, two large silk scarves and two pairs of finger control mitts with a note that read: Please feel free to use these on your fellow captives. Gayle’s shoulders slumped and she handed the note to Hayley who then passed it on to Natalie. “Don’t worry chick” Hayley said with a smile. “Don’t let them get to you.”

Once Gayle, Hayley and Natalie had got into the dresses Gayle emptied the contents of the bag with the note onto the middle bed. “Should we wait or just get on with it” Gayle said aloud to know one whilst playing the various items on the bed. Hayley picked up one of large silk scarves and played ran it through her fingers. The quality was very high.

“Let’s just get on with it Gayle. You can do me first” Hayley said and handed a scarf and cloth to Gayle. Natalie wasn’t paying attention; she had wandered off to the full length mirror and was admiring how she looked in the dress.

“I haven’t done this before Hayley, not even messing around as a kid or you know for……”

“I get the idea Gayle. It isn’t that complicated just scrunch up the cloth and stuff it in our mouths. Then fold the cloth into a band and over the mouth gag us to keep the packing in place.” Gayle scrunched up the cloth and hesitantly edged it toward Hayley’s mouth. Hayley opened wide and let Gayle force the cloth in her mouth. Gayle made sure that the cloth was entirely in Hayley’s mouth. Gayle then walked behind Hayley and folded the large silk scarf into a band then reached round and carefully laid the entre of the scarf over Hayley’s mouth. Gayle then tied the two ends of the scarf in place at the nape back of Hayley’s head sealing the cloth in her mouth.

“Is that alright? It’s not too tight is it?

“MMMPPPHHH” Hayley mumbled then gave Gayle the thumbs up which quickly morphed into Hayley waiving her fingers at Gayle.

“Yes, the finger-control mitts.” Gayle picked up the first pair of thickly padded mitts and separated them, sticking one under an armpit. Hayley held out her left had and Gayle slid on the mitt, careful that each finger was in a separated into a space, so that the padding would prevent Hayley making a fist leaving her unable to pick items up or push buttons with her fingers. Gayle tightened the Velcro strap around Hayley’s wrist to secure the mitt in place. Gayle then repeated the procedure with Hayley’s right hand. Hayley tried flexing her fingers but they padding prevented any movement. Natalie had watched on without comment using the time to look at what she was wearing in the mirror.

“I guess it’s my turn” Natalie said finally leaving the mirror and moving toward Gayle. Once Gayle had gagged and mitted Natalie they set about waiting for the door to open; which it did almost immediately. Louise Williams entered with carrying a pair of mitts. Gayle assumed that they were for her. Looking over Louise’s shoulder Gayle could see Yelena and Garrett standing with arms crossed just inside the room. Gayle was very compliant as Louise put the mitts on her hands then stuffed a cloth in her mouth. It was then that Louise paused.

“I see you have gone with over the mouth with the scarf rather then cleave. If you promise not to try and remove the gag’s I can let you away with it.” Louise saw three heads nod almost in unison. Louise finished gagging Gayle and then took a step back. “Right I will lead the way and then you three follow. Yelena and Garrett will bring up the rear. Just remember ladies that any funny business will not be tolerated.” With that Louise turned and headed toward the door. Hayley signalled with her mitted hands for Natalie and Gayle to lead the way which they did with Hayley bringing up the rear. Louise turned left once she had exited the room with Gayle, Natalie and Hayley following in single file. Although the corridors were wide the large skirts made walking side by side impossible without banging the dresses against the walls. Hayley was trying to take in as much information as possible but there wasn’t a lot except from the fact that the building that they were being held in was large and also tastefully furnished. Hayley didn’t realised that she had slowed down but felt a prod in the back.

“MPFT” Hayley involuntarily mumbled and spun round to find Yelena smirking at her.

“Keep moving blondie” was the taunt. Hayley ignored this and carried on down the corridor.

“Watch your footing on the stairs ladies.” Gayle, Natalie and Hayley carefully made there way down two flights of stairs to what was obviously the main entrance. Natalie glanced around to get her bearings but all of the doors from the entrance foyer were closed. Bugger they were good Natalie thought. Louise continued straight for the main front doors and flung them both open, gesturing for the three women to exit. Hayley was the first to step outside and found that she was standing on a large porch that ran the full width of the house. There was a short set of stairs down onto the paved driveway. Hayley made the short walk into the sunlight, closed her eyes and tilted her head back, enjoying the feel of the warm rays on her skin. After full minute Hayley opened her eyes and joined Natalie and Gayle who had walked ten yards off the porch and onto the driveway which was circular in shape at the top to allow cars to turn. Hayley, Natalie and Gayle stood and looked at each other before Hayley shrugged and decided to head down the driveway. As they walked Hayley looked left and right taking on the large, manicured lawns and flower beds. At the end of the driveway there were open gates that allowed access through the metal fence Hayley paused and turned to look at the house. It had originally been a large two story colonial style house but obviously it had been extended and altered over the years as there were extensions on either side.

At the end of the driveway all three women looked at each other. It was clear that there captors were not going to allow them much leeway. The three women were following closely behind Hayley, Natalie and Gayle. Despite that Hayley was resolved to enjoy the freedom. Looking left she could see that the road sloped away and round a corner on the left. Hayley remembered the sensations from being wheeled around when they first arrived at the island and believed that this is the direction that they were brought from. So Hayley thought that there wouldn’t be much to see in that direction beyond the dock so headed off the other way. Carefully walking along what was now an unpaved road the trio found themselves striding along with Yelena and Garrett keeping a respectful distant behind. As they continued along the road they got the general feel of the island. To the right where the house had been was open land and to the left were trees and a large bank. Hayley could feel a light breeze and combined with the light scents made her conclude that the sea was in that direction. Soon on the right a group of small buildings came into view, looking at them Hayley guessed that these were used as storage and also staff quarters. There was a turn off coming up from the road leading to the group of building which would make them easily accessible from the docks. As they approached this turn off Hayley noted that the banking and trees ended and there was a path. Looking to her left she guessed that the pathway lead down to a beach or shore. About five minutes after passing this crossroads the three captives heard a whistle from behind them. They all turned to find Garrett pointing at an imaginary watch on her wrist and they back along the road where they had come from. With a resigned sign Hayley started trudging back toward the large house, quickly followed by Gayle and Hayley. Yelena and Garrett watched as the three women approached, allowing them to pass before following at a discrete distance.

All three enjoyed the freedom that they were experiencing during their walk back to the large house. As they approached the driveway Yelena and Garrett got noticeable closer, although that might have been due to an involuntary slowing of the pace from Hayley, Gayle and Natalie. On arriving back at the house they found Louise Williams waiting for them at the door.

“Ladies I hope that you enjoyed the walk. Take note this is what comes with good behaviour.” Louise paused and scanned the faces of the three captives. “You will no doubt be tired after that walk so I think that a lie down and a nap is in order.” A smile crossed the face of Louise Williams “I am sure that Yelena has something that will help you relax.”

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

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Chapter 24

The light was starting to fade as Gillian, Christina, Jane and Rhiannon sat in a car round the corner from Kirstin Chandler’s bungalow. Gillian had been quiet on the trip across and Christina could tell that she was uncomfortable with what was about to happen. Christina hoped that Gillian could get over that and concentrate on the task at hand. They waited until the exact time that they had agreed before three of the women exited the car, leaving only Christina left behind the wheel. The other three made there way along the sidewalk until they reached the fence line of the row of bungalows. The gardens of the bungalows backed onto a wooded area which was a bonus. Just before the fence Gillian, Jane and Rhiannon broke off the sidewalk and headed into the woods. Gillian led the way and counted down five houses until they were standing behind the correct house. All three women were dressed head to toe in black, leggings, tight sweaters and assorted caps. Jane and Gillian each had small backpacks on there backs containing the tools of their respective trades. Carefully and with Jane now leading the way the group vaulted over the fence into the rear garden, quickly making their way toward the back door. A security light came on and all three women pinned themselves against the back wall of the house. After the light went off and nobody investigated they relaxed and Jane had a good look at the rear door and the locks. Jane could see alarm contacts through the window but with the house occupied they had to assume that the alarm was not on. The first bit if luck that they would need tonight. Jane pulled her picks from her rucksack and went to work on the lock on the rear door. It was a good lock but shouldn’t provide her with too much of a problem. Suddenly Jane felt the lock release; then tried the handle slowly and with a soft click the door opened. Before entering the house all three of the group removed their hats and but on balaclavas to hide their faces. Jane entered the kitchen first followed by the other two women, Gillian closing the door softly behind her. All three crouched on their haunches looking at the light spilling from under the door from the kitchen and listening intently. Gillian could hear a couple of faint noises from the other side of the door, the first was the television and the second was… Jane had put her hands above her head and mimed washing her hair. Gillian nodded in agreement. The second noise was a shower. Perhaps their second bit of luck tonight. Gillian opened the door from the kitchen and stepped into the main living area; she had been in the house before for a party and remembered the layout. There was a corridor at the back with all of the other rooms off it. Gillian indicated and the other two followed her quietly down the corridor to the main bedroom at the rear of the house past the bathroom where the shower was running. When they entered the room Gillian took off her rucksack and opened the small pocket to retrieve a cloth and the bottle of chloroform that Christina had kindly supplied. Pouring a healthy amount of the drug onto the cloth then handed it to Rhiannon and gave her the thumbs up. Rhiannon nodded and took up position on the far side of the door just as the shower stopped. Gillian took up position on the near side of the door whilst Jane crouched behind the bed. They all heard the door open the door to the bathroom open and then the light footsteps on the carpet as Kirstin padded down the corridor. As Kirstin entered the room with only a towel wrapped around her Jane sprung up from behind the bed. Kirstin took a further step into the room and then stopped in shock.

“What the h……..” Kirstin never had the chance to finish as Gillian and Rhiannon grabbed her from behind, Rhiannon clamped the chloroform soaked cloth over her nose and mouth whilst Gillian garbed her in a bear hug to pin Kirstin’s arms to her body. “HYRGATT” Kirstin mumbled from behind the cloth, throwing her head from side to side to try and dislodged the cloth. Jane hurried across to grab Kirstin’s legs, between the three attackers then picked Kirstin up, carried her across and dumped her on the bed, pinning her down whilst all the time Rhiannon kept the cloth pressed over Kirstin’s nose and mouth. Kirstin knew from the smell that the fumes from the cloth belonged to chloroform but couldn’t escape them as the three black clad women had the upper hand. Rhiannon watched on her Kirstin’s struggles started to wane, eventually stopping altogether as her eyelids fluttered and then closed over. Gillian, Rhiannon and Jane all took a seat on the bed and took off there balaclavas to catch their breath after the struggle.

“Right lets get a move on” Gillian said in a stern voice. Rhiannon made her way across to the wardrobe, pulled out an outfit and laid put it over a nearby chair. Rhiannon stripped off her clothes and started to put on the outfit from the wardrobe. Gillian emptied the items from her rucksack onto the bed then went through a chest of drawers and found a set of pyjama’s and place them on the bed. Jane headed to the front door to let in Christina. Christina entered the house dressed in skin tight jeans, tight white sweater, boots and a standard issue Section 10 full length down coat that Gillian had given her. Christina and Jane sat down on the small couch and waited in silence for the other two women to appear.

In the bedroom Gillian went about securing Kirstin. With Rhiannon’s help Gillian was able to remove the towel that Kirstin had wrapped around her body then picked up the thick diaper, unfurled it and slide it under Kirstin’s bottom then used the sticky straps to secure it in place before putting the pyjama’s that Gillian had taken from the chest of drawers on the unconscious woman. Next Gillian untangled the seven nylon straps and used the shortest to secure Kirstin’s wrists before using the two longest straps around the body to pin Kirstin’s arms tightly. Finally using the remaining four on Kirstin’s legs at the ankles, just above and below the knees and then around the thighs. Gillian watched on as Rhiannon finished off her outfit by pulling on the standard full length down jacket. Gillian hoped that Rhiannon could pull this off as it was too late to pull out now. Both women made there way into the living area to have a final chat with Jane and Christina.

“Here are the keys to the house” Jane said passing them to Gillian.

“Thanks. Have you got everything?” Rhiannon responded by pulling the security passes from the inside coat pocket and waiving them in the air. Jane checked her rucksack and nodded; the tools of her trade in place.

“There is plenty of binding stuff and chloroform in the car” Christina indicated with her head, hands buried deep in pockets. “Lets get moving” and with that Christina headed out the door followed by Rhiannon and Jane. Gillian watched them walk to the car where Christina got in behind the wheel and Rhiannon and Jane got in the back then closed and locked the front door.

In the front of the car Christina was calm. It was good to get down to a bit of action again rather than sitting around. Catching Rhiannon’s eyes in the rear view mirror Christina said “About ten minutes away better get the burglar tied up. Don’t forget the gag and blindfold.” Rhiannon found a set of padded cuffs with a small chain between the two sections that went round the wrists. Jane helpfully turned round and put her arms behind her back allowing Rhiannon to put the cuffs on both wrists and secure them in place. Next Rhiannon pulled out two of the nylon straps and secured them around Jane’s body to pin her arms into her back, positioning the straps just above and below Jane’s breasts. Rhiannon pulled a thick sleep mask from a bag and placed it over Jane’s head and placed it over her eyes. Finally Rhiannon balled up a cloth.

“Open up Jane” which she did and Rhiannon stuffed the cloth into Jane’s mouth, securing the cloth in place with a silk scarf. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine thanks” Christina said from behind the wheel, indicating to make a right turn.

“I wasn’t taking to you” Rhiannon said with a smile.

“Well she shouldn’t be able to answer you back!”

“MMPPHH, HURRPH” Jane mumbled and nodded. Everyone then sat silently and waited until they arrived at the Section 10 facility.

Back at the house Gillian saw that Kirstin was starting to stir so had put on her balaclava again and taken a couple of items from her rucksack and sat on the bed waiting for Kirstin to regain her senses fully. Once that happened Gillian firmly hand gagged Kirstin and place the middle finger on her free hand over her mouth. Kirstin nodded her understanding. Gillian removed her hand, grabbed a cloth that was lying on the bed and forced it into Kirstin’s mouth then used a scarf to hold that in place. Finally Gillian put a thickly padded sleep mask over Kirstin’s head, placing it over her eyes. Gillian was then able to remove the balaclava again, checked her watch then sat the chair in the corner of the room and waited. There was nothing else to do.

The car made the turn into the street that led to the Section 10 facility. Christina held her hand back and Rhiannon passed on the recently procured security card. Edging up to the barrier that was the only entrance in the tall wall Christina rolled down the window and pressed the pass against the Perspex section and waiting, the light changing from red to green then the three solid steel bollards slowing lowering into the ground. Christina slowly pulled the car into the car park, careful to pick a space where there would be less chance of the car getting blocked in. Christina got out, opened the rear down and helped the bound Jane out of the rear seat. Rhiannon got out the other side. Christina flipped up the large hood of her down coat before clutching Jane by the upper arm and leading her round the car. Rhiannon also flipped up her hood, took the proffered security card from Christina and led the way toward the front door.

“The first door should be easy. Keep your hoods up and avoid looking directly at the camera. The guard won’t be that interested if you just swipe through using your card.”

Rhiannon hoped that Gillian was right. With confidence Rhiannon approached the external door and swiped the card. After a split second that seemed much longer Rhiannon heard the lock disengage and pushed the door open. She entered a corridor that was probably wide enough for two people to walk side by side.

“The guard will be too interested in the screens to pay you too much attention. Just acknowledge them with a wave and carry on to the second door.”

Onward Rhiannon walked past a glazed panel that looked into the guard station. As Gillian had predicted the guard didn’t take much notice and was engrossed in the CCTV screens. Rhiannon raised a hand and quickly moved to the door at the end of the corridor where she swiped the card again and opened the door, this time holding the door open to allow Christina to lead Jane through.

“Once through the second door you will have reached the holding area. This could be the main area of concern for you. At that time of night there might only be a single guard in that area and certainly none at the desk. However that guard will probably recognise or in your case not recognise everyone that works in the facility.”

Christina held Jane by the upper arm and took a look around the holding area. Fortunately the guard was not sitting at the desk. Rhiannon quickly joined Christina and indicated toward a corridor off to the right. Christina nodded and headed toward it.

“Make your way down the corridor on your right. It leads to the offices, storage rooms, holding cells and changing room. Use Kirstin’s card to open her locker and put on her uniform, the locker number will be on the card.”

Rhiannon and Gillian both heard the footsteps behind them and paused before continuing on their way. They had to get to the locker room.

“If you have to make a move wait until you get to the locker room where there is no CCTV coverage.”

The footsteps continued behind them, getting louder. As they entered the locker room Christina snatched a glance over her shoulder and saw the approaching guard about twenty yards away and approaching fast. Christina turned hard right and helped Jane into a seat and then made herself busy removing items from the pockets of her jacket, Rhiannon west straight ahead looking for number 33. A couple of seconds later the guard burst into the locker room.

“Ladies you know the rules. Prisoners have to go into the holding cells.” The guard said following Rhiannon but pointing to where Jane was seated. Rhiannon ignored the woman and continued to lock for locker 33. Eventually locating it and using the card to open it up. Rhiannon was slightly taken aback by what she found in the locker.

“Did you not hear me?” Rhiannon heard the guard’s voice from the other side of the locker door. Suddenly the guard slammed the locker door shut which made Rhiannon jump. Rhiannon spun to face the guard. The guard was wearing sensible boots, skin tight black leggings, and a black sweater with a long black down coat finishing the ensemble. The guard also wore a belt around her waist with various pouches on it. “Wait. Who are you exact..MMPPHH” The guard never got the chance to finish the sentence as Christian clamped a thick white cloth over her nose and mouth. Rhiannon watched on as the guard, after getting over the initial shock struggled against Christina’s grip. Rhiannon knew from first hand experience that this was pointless.

“Bit of help?” Christina said and Rhiannon responded by grabbing the guard’s wrists so that she couldn’t use them to fight against Christina. “Just relax and enjoy the nap” Christina whispered in the guard’s ear. Eventually the guard’s struggles subsided and her eyes closed over. Christina kept the cloth in place to give the guard a good dose of the sedative. Rhiannon let go of the guard’s arms allowing Christina to lower her to the ground.

“What do we do know?” Rhiannon asked pointing to the guard now lying on the floor.

“Slight change in plan but we will just have to play the hand that we are dealt.” Christina said whilst glancing between the guard and a mirror beside the door. “You think that I could pass for the guard?” Christina asked Rhiannon.

“What do you mean?

“Rolling with the punches, adjusting the plan, thinking on my feet” Christina said with a smile whilst searching the guard and finding her security pass. Rhiannon and Christina both turned as they heard Jane mumbling.

“First thing first Jane, Rhiannon get changed and I will take care of the guard. There must be something in those pouches that I can use.” Rhiannon quickly stripped down to her underwear before opening the locker and pulling out an elegant light blue dress with a large bell style skirt.

“How do I even get this thing on anyway?” Rhiannon said out loud. “I have never worn a dress like this before.”

“Easiest way is just to let the dress fall to the floor, step into it and pull it up. I will fasten the zip.” Christina replied whilst searching through the pouches to find something to bind the guard, eventually finding some padded cuffs and a set of nylon straps Christina set about using them to bind the guard. Once that was completed Christina looked up to find Rhiannon struggling to get into the dress. “Thought that you some kind of super brainy freak.”

“Well I haven’t done this before. Just give me a hand will you! We haven’t got time to waste.” Christina had to agree with that sentiment and helped Rhiannon get into the dress. Once that was done Rhiannon couldn’t help but grabbed a quick look in a nearby mirror and had to admit that she loved the way that she looked in the dress. But they didn’t have time to admire themselves at the moment. Rhiannon quickly pulled a matching short down jacket from the locker and slipped it on, followed by a utility belt that Rhiannon snapped on and tightened around her waist. Christina then walked across and removed the blindfold and gag that they had put on Jane in the car. Jane clocked the guard lying on the floor.

“I take it things not exactly going to plan then?” Jane asked.

“Not exactly” Christina replied whilst counting the lockers as she walked down the length of the room.

“We’re improvising” Rhiannon chipped in, walking past Jane and taking a quick look down the corridor. “Hopefully Gillian is right and there is nobody else around.”

“Nice outfit.” Jane commented.

“Thanks.” Rhiannon turned round. “Christina. What are you doing?” Christina had opened a locker and was just taking a dress out of a locker.

“Change of plan. I am going to come up to the fourth floor with you.”

“I thought that it would be better if you stayed behind and kept an eye on things.”

“Gillian said that it was only the two guards in this area. Sleeping Beauty over there plus Little Miss Sloppy on the main door who just sits and stares at the CCTV screens.” Whilst talking Christina had stripped off and put on the dress. Christina turned round “Zip me up would you.” Rhiannon paused, unsure of this change to the plan before striding over and zipping up the dress. “Rhiannon you gag and blindfold Jane again and I will take care of Sleeping Beauty.” Rhiannon did as requested while Christina picked up the guard under the shoulders and dragged her across the floor toward the back of the locker room and a large washing basket. Dropping the guard back to the floor Christina flipped open the lid of the basket and peered inside. Seeing the basket around half full of towels and other items waiting to be washed Christina decided that this would do. Christina turned back and beckoned Rhiannon across. Looking through the utility belt to find something to gag the guard with Christina found a cloth and silk scarf and used them accordingly.

“You want a hand Christina?” Rhiannon had made her way across the locker room and now stood next to Christina.

“Please. Grab her legs.” With some difficulty the two women lifted the guard, Rhiannon lifting her by the legs and Christina under the arms and tossed her into the laundry basket then closed the lid.

“Once you get through onto the main building there are living quarters, a canteen, storage and other facilities on the first two levels with the prison levels above. During the night there will only be one guard on each level at the security desk and a couple of others roaming the floors. Martinez’s office was on the fifth floor.”

Rhiannon could hear Gillian’s voice at the back on her head talking them through the procedures as they waited for the lift to arrive. It seemed that Christina had pushed the call button an age ago. Eventually there was a soft ping that heralded the arrival of the lift. Rhiannon looked around nervously. As the doors opened Christina looked at Rhiannon and made a calm door gesture. Rhiannon guided Jane into the lift; Christina followed and pushed the button for the fifth floor. The lift car was spacious but Rhiannon supposed it had to be to accommodate the dresses worn by the staff. Rhiannon watched as Christina prepared a cloth with chloroform. “Always be prepared” Christina said in response to Rhiannon’s unasked question. The lift stopped and the doors opened to reveal a corridor which has been nicely decorated with carpet and a nice coat of light blue paint. There were even pictures placed at intervals on the walls. The group walked along the corridor lead by Christina who seemed to know where she was going. They rounded a corner and found the security desk for the fifth floor. It was basically a desk with some monitors for the CCTV system. There was a guard sitting at the desk with her back to the group. Christina held up a hand for Rhiannon to stop which she did. Jane also stopping as Rhiannon had hold of her arm. Christina approached the guard as silently as the possible given her apparel. The guard seemed to sense her presence at the last moment but by then it was too late. Christina pounced from a couple of yards away; grabbing the guard pulled her onto the carpet. The guard would have cried for help but for the thick chloroform soaked cloth that had been clamped over her nose and mouth. Rhiannon watched on as the guard struggled but it was no use, Christina knew what she was doing and also had the advantage of surprise and leverage. The guard’s struggles continued but got progressively weaker and eventually stopped.

“Just wait hear for a moment” Rhiannon whispered into Jane’s ear before heading across to a nearby door and using her stolen key card to disengaged the electronic lock and open the door. Christina dragged the unconscious guard into the room and dumped her on the carpet.

“You look more like her than I do so you take the position at the desk and I will sort out the rest” Christina was now in full take charge mode.

“What if the one of the roving guards turns up?”

“Improvise. Beside you will see them coming on the CCTV screens long before they see you. It should give you time. Remember a girl’s best friends in this type of situation.” Rhiannon looked at Christina blankly “the element of surprise and chloroform.” Christina had already made her way across to Jane and guided her into the room before Rhiannon took her seat at the desk and studied the monitors intently hoping that nothing would happen.

Christina closed the door on the room and quickly set about untying Jane. Jane rubbed her wrists and allowed her eyes to adjust to the light before she took a quick look around the room. “Doesn’t look like any cell I have ever seen.”

“That’s exactly the point but we don’t have time to talk discuss that now. Give me a hand to lift her onto the bed then you better get going.” Jane nodded and helped Christina hoist the guard onto the double bed in the centre of the room. After that Jane quickly checked that she had the tools of her trade and headed toward the door.

“Bottom of the corridor, turn left then right and the office should be at the end of the corridor” Jane said out loud.

“Yes that’s right. Rhiannon and I will be waiting hear for you back.” With that Jane opened the door and after taking a glance in either direction slipped out. Christina went about binding, gagging and blindfolding the guard who was lying on the bed. After that task had been completed Christian exited the room and headed toward the desk where Rhiannon sat nervously watching the monitors. Rhiannon turned and nodded as Christina took a position leaning on the wall with her hands behind her back.

“How can you be so relaxed?” Rhiannon asked.

“Where is worrying going to get us?”

“Well we could end up locked up in hear for a lengthy period if things go wrong.” Christina had to concede that point but things had gone well so far and as she had already said there was no point worrying about it now so she shrugged and settled in to wait for Jane to return.

Jane made her way cautiously along the corridors, staying close to the wall although it wouldn’t really matter; the corridor was well lit with nothing to duck behind. She followed the directions that Gillian had supplied and found the door into the office easily. It wasn’t identified by any plaque but as promised it was the only door with a manual lock. Jane crouched down and identified the make of the lock. It was a good lock and would provide a challenge but not an impossible one. Pulling out her kit she selected the correct picks and went to work.

To pass the time Christina asked Rhiannon to pass a clipboard that was lying on the desk. The first page, Christina guessed was a rota of who was working that night. Not interested in that she flipped the page and found something more interesting. It looked like a list of women who were being held at the facility against room numbers. Christian took care and scanned through the list once, then went back and did the same task again. Now that was strange Christina thought. What puzzled her were the names that were missing, no Victoria, no Kirsty and no Linda. It seems that some of her former colleagues had either escaped or been set free. Both of these possibilities seemed unlikely. It was something to think about later. Christina tore the top couple sheets of paper from the clipboard and not having pockets stuffed them down into her bra.

“What’s that about?” Rhiannon had been looking on with interest.

“I will explain later. We have other things to focus on at the moment.” Christina said pointing toward the end of the corridor where Jane had just appeared round the corner with a laptop bag slung over her shoulder. Jane made a move out signal with her hand and taking the hint Rhiannon and Christina turned and headed toward the lift.

“It is actually harder to get out of the facility than into it. To exit you have to swipe a key card to get a set of doors to open. Well I say doors but its more like a turnstile at a baseball ground. And it is only one person per card so you will have to acquire one for each of you before trying to get out. I suppose you could always use a fire escape but that will set off all of the alarms.”

Christina, Jane and Rhiannon waited for the lift to reach the ground floor. When the doors opened they walked quickly toward the locker room. Jane paced across the floor as Rhiannon and Christina took off the dresses that they were wearing and got changed back into their normal street clothes. When they had finished getting changed the three women walked silently toward the exit. As they approached the narrow opening they funnelled into single file, Christina approached first and swiped her card. The doors opened. Jane went next and swiped her card and again the door opened and she passed through. Jane brought up the rear and swiped her card, after a slight pause the door opened. As they walked passed the Perspex window they all looked in and saw the guard raise a lazy hand in a gesture of recognition. Once outside they headed for the car and got in, this time with Jane in the front passenger seat bedside Christina. Nobody spoke until they were safely out of the car park and away from the facility. “What did you find?” asked Rhiannon from the back seat.

“Let’s wait until we pick up Gillian and get back to the office to see what we have.” The all sat in silence as they made there way to pick up Gillian. “Send her a text one of you.” Rhiannon reacted quickest, her thumbs dancing over the screen of her phone writing the message before pausing to read the completed message and then sending.

Gillian punched her security code into the phone and opened the message that had just arrived. Scanning the contents of the text Gillian allowed a smile to break across her lips. They had actually managed to accomplish the mission and get back out again. To be honest she hadn’t expected them to get out without getting captured. Gillian finally felt that they were gaining some momentum in the search for their missing friends. Gillian was sitting at a stool at the breakfast bar in the small kitchen of Kirstin’s house. Once the rest of the women had left Gillian had spent her time tidying up and making sure there was nothing in the house that could give them away. After quickly checking Kirstin’s bindings she had left the bedroom once Kirstin had shown signs of coming round and settled in at her current location to wait for word from her friends. Snatching a cloth and bottle from the breakfast bar Gillian made her way through the house toward the bedroom, checking as she went that nothing had been left behind. Pausing at the entrance to the bedroom and taking a deep breath Gillian entered and found Kirstin lying where they had left her, on the bed. Probably not surprising as they had left Kirstin bound, gagged and blindfolded. Kirstin sensed that someone had entered the room and squirmed against her bonds. Gillian made her way across and sat on the edge of the bed next to Kirstin. “Relax Kirstin, my friends and I have no intention of hurting you. In fact we have finished what we had to achieve and thank you for your help.” Kirstin stopped squirming against her bonds for a second and following the sound turned her head towards Gillian. Gillian opened the bottle and poured a healthy dose of the drug onto the cloth. Gillian knew that Kirstin would be able to smell the scent of the drug and guess what was coming next. “I have to leave now but need to drug you again so that I can untie you. Don’t want to leave you here until someone finds you.” Kirstin nodded her head in agreement. “Lean forward so that I can get that gag off.” Kirstin leaned forward and Gillian undid the knot at the base of Kirstin neck and removed the silk scarf that was holding a rolled up handkerchief in Kirstin’s mouth. Kirstin instantly spat that out.

“You don’t kthey….” Kirstin didn’t get the chance to finish as Gillian quickly clamped the chloroformed soaked cloth over Kirstin’s nose and mouth. Kirstin didn’t struggle against the cloth of the fumes, there was little point bound like she was. Gillian kept the cloth carefully pressed over Kirstin’s nose and mouth and kept a close watch as Kirstin went under. Gillian stuffed the cloth into her jacket pocket and then removed all of the straps that used to be secure Kirstin, then the blindfold. As Gillian was doing this she felt her phone vibrate again. It was the signal that Rhiannon, Jane and Christina had turned onto the street. Gillian picked everything up and carried then through to the kitchen and flung them into a rucksack. Taking a final scan around the room she was satisfied that everything that they had brought had been picked up. Hoisting the rucksack onto her shoulder Gillian headed for the front door. Opening the door she saw Christina’s car idling at the kerb a couple a houses up and across the road. Christina flashed her lights to acknowledge that she had seen Gillian and then stared the car at a gentle roll. Gillian turned, locked the door and put the keys through the mailbox. Casually Gillian made her way down the footpath just in time to meet the car as it pulled to a stop and hop in the rear seat.

“Everything went well then?” Gillian enquired.

“Golden” Christina said from over her shoulder. “Hopefully have something very interesting to look.” Excellent Gillian thought. Maybe this adventure had been worthwhile and they would finally have some progress with finding their friends.

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

Postby mrjones2009 » Sun May 14, 2017 7:39 am

Just like to say thanks for all of the positive feedback on the story, it is very much appreciated.

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

Postby puffalover » Thu May 18, 2017 8:49 pm

Your welcome mrjones2009. Thanks for taking the time to write this great story. Really looking forward to the next chapters my friend! :D
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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

Postby AVENGER11 » Sun Jun 18, 2017 3:12 pm

Your story is probably the best that I have read on this site.........brilliant

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Re: Nothing Personal 3 - Criminal Intent

Postby mrjones2009 » Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:32 am

Chapter 25

Back on the island

It was there third day of being allowed out of their room and Hayley, Natalie and Gayle were relishing the relative freedom that they had been given. During their previous late morning strolls it had been a combination of Louise Williams supervising with Yelena and either Garrett or Munroe as the guards. Now Yelena seemed to have the least experience but was easily the most intimidating of their abductors so was not to be messed with and Garrett and Munroe were the most professional, they didn’t make mistakes. Today it had been left to Yelena and Peel to look after them on their walk without Louise William supervision. On the first occasion their abductors had made Gayle gag and then apply finger control mitts to Hayley and Natalie. This time and on the previous occasion the abductors had done that deed, today Amber had been assigned that job. Once out of the house around the island Hayley, Natalie and Gayle had previously kept together but on this occasion they split up slightly and wandered in slightly different directions. “Should we get them closer together?”

“No it will be fine. Where would they go and what would they do. There is no chance that they would risk the freedom that they have been given” Amber replied. “Just make sure that we can see them all.”

Natalie had strolled off on her own down the hill on a path toward the beach and noticed that the buckle on the mitt on her right hand hadn’t been done up properly. Natalie wondered whether this was the mistake that they were waiting for. Checking round Natalie noticed that Amber would not notice if she slipped away into the trees. Natalie decided to take the risk; it may be the only chance that they get. Entering the small grove of trees; which wasn’t easy with the undergrowth and the dress that she had been made to wear, Natalie leant against one of the trees, pinning her right hand between the tree and her body. Natalie then pulled her right arm backwards with a lot of force. After a couple of attempts Natalie felt some movement and her hand popped free of the mitt. Checking that their abductors hadn’t come looking for them Natalie quickly removed the mitt from her other hand then untied the scarf from around her mouth and removed the thick cloth that the scarf held in her mouth. Natalie took a deep breath and hitching up her skirts exited the grove of trees. Natalie made her way back to the path and glanced right. That direction took her back to the house. She would have no chance of getting help in that direction so that meant the beach or make her way through the woods on the other side of the path. Knowing that time was her enemy with the anklets she decided on the beach. Decision made she made her way as quickly as possible in that direction.

Back in the main house

“I think that you should take a look at this Louise” said Susan. Louise walked across the small security control room and looked over Susan’s shoulder at the screen.

“What am I looking at?” Susan pointed at the screen. “The red dots are the prisoners and the green dots are us.” Louise thought she got the idea but Susan could read the slight look of puzzlement on the facial expression. “I know the topography of the island. There is no way that the green dots can see that red dot from where they are.”

“Who is it? And where exactly is she?” Louise asked already making form the door.

“It’s Natalie and she is on the beach.”

“Thanks. And get Kirsty down there with a wheelchair.”

On the beach

It was just out of shear desperation and she knew it but she had to try something so Natalie was waiving and shouting at a couple of ships or boats or whatever they were far away on the water. There was absolutely no chance that they could see or hear her. They she heard movement behind her spun round to find Louise and Yelena making their way toward her, one slightly from the left and the other slightly from the right. “Natalie that was naughty. We have been treating you and your friends well” Louise said.

“What by drugging us, kidnapping us, keeping us bound and gagged and holding us against our will for weeks” Natalie replied. It was at this point that she noticed the white cloth in Louise’s hand and started backing up. “I don’t want that stuff again. If I promise to surrender without struggle can we bypass the knock out? You must admit that I had to try and escape.”

“Understandable. Yet still against the rules. So you will have punished. Just relax Natalie and let us use the chloroform” Louise Williams said as both she and Yelena closed the distance between them on the beach. Natalie turned and fled along the beach but wearing the dress with the large skirts she didn’t have a chance against Louise who was wearing sneakers, jeans and a sweater.

Louise took off after Natalie and after thirty or so paces Louise launched herself at Natalie’s lower half and managing to get a grasp a handful of the soft material of Natalie’s skirt and hauled her down. There was a noise as Natalie hit the firm sand. At that point it was over, there was a slight struggle between the two women as Louise crawled up Natalie’s body before Yelena made her way across and grabbed both of Natalie’s arms. “Get off me you bitches” Natalie managed to growl before Louise managed to get the chloroform soaked cloth over Natalie’s nose and mouth. Natalie struggle valiantly but with the weight of two women on top of her she didn’t stand a chance. The fumes from the cloth quickly had an effect and Louise looked on intently as Natalie’s eyelids closed over.

Louise and Yelena picked up Natalie and carried her the distance to edge of the beach where they had left the wheelchair that Kirsty had brought. Dumping Natalie into the chair Louise fastened the wrist and ankle restrains, purely just to keep Natalie in the chair. Yelena took the grunt work of pushing it back up the path. At the top of the path they found Kirsty and Amber standing with Hayley and Gayle who now had their hands bound behind their backs and blindfolds over their eyes. “Sorry Ms Williams” Amber said.

“Take all three back to their room whist I report this incident to Ms Crawford. Once you have put them back in the room report to my office, all of you.”

When they go back to the room Kirsty and Amber removed the bindings from Hayley and Gayle and pushed them into the room. “Ladies your friend made a mistake and will get punished for it. Hopefully you don’t get the same treatment. If I were you I would behave for the next couple of hours. Get out of those dresses and into the down suits” Kirsty said with authority. Hayley and Gayle both nodded. Kirsty and Amber parted to allow Yelena to wheel Natalie into the room. Yelena undid the straps holding Natalie to the chair and put her onto the bed. “You might want to help your fried out of her dress as well.”

After the three abductors had left Hayley and Gayle helped each other out of their dresses, hung them up in the cupboard and quickly got back into down filled suits. Then they turned their attention to the unconscious Natalie and with a bit of difficulty managed to get her out of the dress and into a down filled suit. That task completed they sat down and awaited their fate.

Louise William’s office

“You know the rules that Ms Crawford lays down Amber” Louise Williams said, her face reddening with anger. Amber lowered her head to avoid Louise’s glare. “As you made the error you must accept the punishment.” Amber glanced round and notices that Kirsty and Yelena were now standing wither side of her. Without warning they grabbed one of Amber’s arms each and wrenched them behind her back.

“Hey come on guys, take it easy” Amber protested as thin cord was wrapped around her wrists several times and knotted securely in place. Before Amber could complain further Kirsty stuffed a thick white cloth in her mouth then producing a light blue silk scarf tied it over Amber’s mouth to keep the cloth in place.

“As I said Amber you know the rules. You are to be confined in full abductee’s restraints for sixty hours.” Louise heard Amber moan lightly through her gag. “Take her away and restrain her in room two. At least that way you can check on her at the same time as the others.” Kirsty and Victoria nodded and led amber away, the fabric of their dresses swishing as they went. “Kirsty” Louise shouted. Kirsty stopped and turned round. “The boss wants to see Natalie in the bedroom. Would you ask Yelena to see to that?”

“No problem” Kirsty responded. Kirsty caught up with Victoria in the corridor as she guided Amber toward the second room that had been fitted out to hold captives. “I don’t think that there are diapers in the room. I will go past the store cupboard and pick up a box.” With that she walked past Amber and commented. “That was sloppy Amber, very sloppy.” Amber glared at her in response.

Kirsty entered the second room carrying the box of diapers and found Yelena standing over Amber who was sitting on the central bed. Yelena had already removed the two down filled restraining bags from their sacks to allow them to loft up. “The boss wants to see Natalie in her suite Yelena. If you could see to that I will finish with Amber.” The Russian nodded and headed out of the room.

Yelena wheeled the wheelchair into the room to the side of the bed where Natalie lay sleeping off the chloroform. Hayley and Gayle looked on from one of the other beds as the athletic Russian easily manoeuvred the unconscious Natalie from the bed and into the wheelchair, this time securing Natalie with all of the straps. Nothing was said as Yelena wheeled Natalie out of the room to where Elizabeth Crawford received her special guests. “Perhaps we should have done something” Gayle asked, looking at Hayley.

“Like what?” It was a good question. After a short pause Gayle asked.

“Where do you think they are going to do with Natalie?” Hayley didn’t answer the question but she had a fair idea.

The room started to come back into focus as Natalie shook her head to clear it. Looking around Natalie confirmed that she was lying on a large four poster bed and unfortunately her arms and legs were securely bound to each corner of the bed. There were leather cuffs around each of her wrists and ankles which were connected to the corners of the bed by tough, red nylon rope. Natalie almost didn’t notice as she was now used to wearing a diaper but this one was slightly different. It felt thicker and had a floral design on it and apart from the diaper she was naked. Natalie looked around trying to establish what was going on when she notices a figure walking toward her from the gloom. The woman gracefully made her way and paused at the top of the bed. Natalie looked her up and down, a fine looking older woman wearing a small, clingy silk gown and by the looks of it not much else. “Elizabeth Crawford I presume?” Natalie asked. The woman nodded whilst looking Natalie up and down.

“I hear that you have been a naughty young woman and broke the rules.” Elizabeth said “Unfortunately breaking the rules has consequences.” Elizabeth Crawford removed a thick white cloth and a blue silk scarf from the pocket of her silk gown. “First thing is to get you gagged Natalie.” Natalie looked on as Elizabeth scrunched up the cloth and brought it toward her mouth.

Back in the room

The door opened and Gayle and Hayley looked on as Natalie was brought into the room strapped into a wheelchair by Yelena, followed by a stern faced Kirsty. Natalie was conscious but was gagged with a white cloth stuffed into her mouth which was held in place by a light blue coloured silk scarf. Instantly Hayley knew where her friend had been for the past couple of hours. Hayley locked eyes with Natalie and nodded to say that she understood and pass on strength. As she looked back Hayley found Kirsty standing with arms folded in from of her. “Your friend is being put in full restraints for sixty hours for her breech of the rules earlier today. Fortunately for you Ms Crawford has decided only to punish Natalie. I assume that you have no objections? If you let her out of the restraints I assume that Ms Crawford wouldn’t be so lenient.” Whilst making that little speech Kirsty had pulled a cloth from her the pocket of her down jacket and poured a decent amount of chloroform onto it. Hayley assumed that it was to be used on Natalie so that there wouldn’t be any issues when they bound her. Hayley was wrong. Kirsty suddenly clamped the cloth over Hayley’s nose and mouth with her left hand and used her right to ensure that Hayley couldn’t draw away from the fumes.

“MMMMMPPPPPPHHHH” Hayley muffled from behind the cloth. As she wasn’t expecting this turn of events Hayley’s natural reaction’s kicked in and she began to struggle.

“Hayley just relax and breathe in the fumes, let the chloroform do its work. I promise that when you come round you won’t be bound” Kirsty said calmly. Hayley’s eyes burned with indignation but what could she do. Hayley did as instructed, taking deep breaths until everything went black. “Gayle now time for your nap” Kirsty said as she spun round to face the other woman. With the other two women subdued Kirsty went to assist Yelena, who had already let Natalie out of the chair. Still stunned from her recent experience Natalie didn’t resist as the two women bound her and put her into the two restraining bags.

Three days later

“Unfortunately I have some bad news ladies” Louise Williams had entered the room and instantly this opening gambit had got the attention of the all three captives. Natalie had been released from full restraints a couple of hours ago. Natalie had been put in restraints as punishment for her pathetic attempt to escape or get help. Since then all three captives had been on their best behaviour. “There will be restrictions on your recent freedom privileges for a while.” There was a moment of silence before someone spoke.

“Is this because for what Natalie did?” Hayley asked Louise. Louise noticed that Gayle and Hayley had both stolen a quick glance at Natalie when she had mentioned the restrictions on freedom of movement.

“I don’t believe so. Miss Crawford has a quick job for a couple of the girls that requires them to return to the mainland” Louise responded.

“How long will that be for?” Gayle finally asked.

“I can’t divulge that detail for operational reasons” Louise replied. “On the plus side I will be helping out more so we will get to know each other better.” There was another spell of awkward silence.

“When will this restricted period start?” asked Hayley

“Once again I can’t divulge…”

“That for operational reasons” Hayley interrupted. “We get the picture Louise.” There was a hint of resignation in her voice. Once again a period of awkward silence ensued. Louise felt the need to break the tension.

“Don’t worry it won’t be for long and it will just mean that you have to spend a lot more time in the restraining bags for perhaps three or four days. If you think about it like that it’s not too bad really.” Louise stopped and to her surprise noticed that the three women were nodding almost imperceptibly, a tacit agreement.

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