If I Had Only Waited An Hour

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If I Had Only Waited An Hour

Postby mallbear » Tue Dec 26, 2017 3:59 pm

If I only had just waited an hour later I wouldn’t be in the mess I’m in now. I look up at the ropes that bind me and just to think I could have avoided this had I just went to the grocery store after I went for my jog like I planned.

Today started like any other, I left the house early to do my run around the neighborhood. It's a gated community which would lead you to think it was safe, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I was wearing my green Adidas track pants with a white V-neck, and my black Adidas running sneakers with grey tube socks that had the Adidas logo all over them. In hindsight, I probably should have thrown those socks in the wash a few days ago, but I have a tendency to just tuck them in my running shoes when I get done and forget, so needless to say they were a tad on the whiffy side.

I had my wallet phone and car keys on me, it was my plan to jump in the car and shower after I got my shopping done, but it was so hot out and I was so sweaty I had to shower. I felt gross, this was my first mistake. I opened the front door, I didn't lock it cause I knew I’d be back within’ an hour, nothing could possibly go wrong. Besides I’m sure the gay guy next door Doug would have seen something. He was always peeking over and stealing glances whenever I would be doing my stretches in the front yard.

My home looked exactly as it did when I left. I wasn’t alarmed in the slightest. I made my way to my bedroom and walked into my connected bath to start the shower. I sat on my ottoman at the foot of my bed and undid my shoes. Letting them drop to the floor and peeled off my socks leaving them on top of them. I started to slide my shirt over my head and when the shirt was covering my head I was hit by like what felt like I was sacked by a linebacker. Somebody had tackled me back onto my bed.

I could feel them pressing down on my arms and thighs. I could sense there were two of them, and they were strong. They gripped my half off t-shirt and pulled it over my head and arms. I could see what looked like two muscular men in black masks pinning me down to my bed. One held my arms and started tying my wrists together. He wrapped my hands with white ropes, I recognized them as the laundry line from the tool shed. The ropes were thin but bound my hands tight and effectively. They would not budge, and this guy was relentless knotting it off out of my reach. I looked down at the other guy who was winding the cords around my ankles.

“Please take anything just don't hurt me…...Mmmmp” I was cut off by the guys gloved hand. He pressed his hand over my jaw I thought he could break it.

“Shut the fuck up. I’m gonna sit you up. And you are gonna do as I ask.”

“RIGHT?!” He said clutching my jaw.

I nodded and he shook my head holding my jaw I thought he’d give me whiplash.

“Is there a safe?”

I nodded yes.

“Whats the code?”

He let go of my jaw and I told him.

“Good. Now I and my friend are gonna get going, but We need to make sure you don't make any more noise…”

“Dan?” I recognized the voice it was Paul. What was he doing he was gonna get himself killed. The guy clamped my jaw yet again. Even tighter than before.

My eyes peered over at the other man who was just emptying my safe. The guy gagging me just jerked his head signaling for his buddy to take care of Paul. I suddenly felt very worried. I didn’t know Paul that well but I didn’t want him to get hurt.

The other guy left and I heard a scuffle in the dining room where my back door is. I sat there for what felt like an eternity but was really maybe five or six minutes and in came Paul. He was being led in with his hands in the air.

He was wearing a blue shirt that said a corny saying, and khaki shorts with flip-flops. I watched as he sat him on the ottoman. He sat there his eyes fixed on my bound bare feet that were resting there. I wasn’t sure if he just didn’t want to make eye contact or what. But his possible foot fetish was the least of my concerns at this time.

“I’m out of the clothesline, what should we do about this guy?” His buddy asked.

“Look for something!” The other ordered.

He went into my closet and pulled out some exercise cords from when I tried P90X. The bright red cords were tightly wrapped around Paul’s wrists binding them behind him. And another was wrapped around his ankles.

We watched the other guy leave the room and it sounded like he was tearing up my kitchen. God only knows what for. All the valuables were in that safe, now stashed in his duffle bag. He came back with a roll of duct tape.

“Now you find that?!” The guy said annoyed.

“Sorry man, but those P90X cords worked in a pinch.”

“Whatever let’s shut these fuckers up and get out of here.” Sid my man gagging me with his gloved hand.

“Open wide princess.” The other guy said to Paul as he stuffed my grey used Adidas sock into his mouth.

He took the duct tape and started to wrap his head with it. Once his mouth was completely sound he shoved Paul to the floor, and made his way back over to me. Both guys pulled me up so that my wrists were sticking out between the bars of the bed. He took the tape and wrapped my rope tied wrists to the bars so that I was bound flat on the bed. He had my other sock in hand. I could smell it as it drew near, I could only imagine how Paul must have felt. I was going to experience it for myself. One guy lets go my jaw and the other stuffed the rancid thing into my mouth deep and stuck it in deep. The tube sock filled my mouth up completely, as I felt him digging around in my mouth with his fingers making sure it was lodged in there good and tight.

The other guy used the duct tape to seal the dirty socks in my mouth for good. He lifted my head and started to wrap it a cruel amount of times I lost count after the ninth time around.

“Let’s get the fuck out of here,” Said one to the other and within seconds they split.

I tried to mumble anything, but nothing was intelligible. I tried to look over the edge of my bed and could just barely see Paul rolling around on my floor trying to get free. I knew it was going to be a long weekend for me. If only I had just waited an hour this might of just been Paul and not me.


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Re: If I Had Only Waited An Hour

Postby alex967 » Tue Dec 26, 2017 5:33 pm

Nice story! Welcome to the forum,well written although my only complain would be to know who is Paul? He kinda dropped in out of nowhere. Still hope you keep writing

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Re: If I Had Only Waited An Hour

Postby mikeybound » Tue Dec 26, 2017 9:25 pm

Great read. Hope we get to hear more of these guys.

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Re: If I Had Only Waited An Hour

Postby bondagefreak » Wed Dec 27, 2017 1:52 pm

Loved the smelly sock gagging here!

Great writing so far! Keep it up.
Can't wait to read other stuff from you!

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