Young master Nicolas, the butler story

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Young master Nicolas, the butler story

Postby Boundluis » Mon Dec 18, 2017 7:37 am

My first attempt at writing a story.... let's see how it goes.


Ever since he was a little boy, Thomas wanted to become a butler. He could not explain why, but he loved the idea of serving the rich and famous with grace and dignity. So, after high school, he took classes to become a professional butler.

Right before he graduated, he heard about an opening with a rich family. Although he had no experience, he decided to send his resume. A nice, handwritten letter, offering his services. He had high hopes for it, but realized that, with no experience or references, his chances were very limited.
After a few days, he received a phone call.

“Good morning sir, Mister Reyes received your application and wants to invite you to the open selection next Wednesday. You are expected at 10 am. I wish you a pleasant continuation of your day, and we’ll see you Wednesday”
Thomas had no chance to ask any questions or to express his gratitude and excitement. Before he realized what was going on the line was gone. It took him a few minutes to realize what happened. Then it hit him: I’ve got two days to prepare… I have to make an excellent first impression.

Thomas was 6 foot tall, had a well-trained, not too muscular body, so that was ok. He ran to the hairdresser to make sure his short dark brown hair was decently cut. He ironed a crisp white shirt, and made sure his black suit was well pressed. Th

Wednesday morning, 9.55 am. Thomas stood in front of the big entrance of the mansion. He checked himself in the window: he looked good wearing his black 3pc suit with a white shirt, black tie and clean polished shoes. He took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. Seconds later, an older man opened the door and guided him to the Livingroom where he saw 5 other men waiting. Damned. Competition… and looking at them made him feel uncomfortable. They were all a bit older and looked more experienced. But although Thomas feared all hope was lost, he remained calm and made sure nobody could see how nervous he was.

At 10 AM sharp, an older man appeared in the room. By the looks of it, he was the headbutler.
“Good morning, welcome to the selectionday of the personal butler of young master Nicholas.”
Young master? Is this a job to serve a child? Goddamned, I did not sign up to become a babysitter.
“Young master Nicolas and his father will be dealing with the selection. I wish you all good luck”.
One by one, the men were called in the office. Five to ten minutes was the average time inside. Damn, this is going really quick. When the other candidates came out, they went back to their seats to wait for a verdict.

Thomas was de last one to enter the office. He was pleasantly surprised to find out that young master Nicholas was a handsome 19 year old guy. He looked fit, about 6 foot 2 with blond hair and piercing blue eyes. And although his father was formally dressed, Nicholas was a bit more casual with brown kaki’s and a light grey shirt that showed a bit of his trained body. Thomas was getting excited to be able to work here.

“So, who do we have here,… Thomas Wilson, 21, recently graduated,… not that much experience I see…” The look on Mr Reyes face was cold and hard. “You think you’re fit for the job?”
“Yes Sir” He wanted to say more, but the nerves got to him. That was all he could reply.
“What do you think Nicholas?” Mr Reyes asked his son.
“Well, I think he’ll manage. He looks like he’s a quick learner.”
“Well then mr Wilson, looks like you have the job. Please follow mister Jones, my personal, he’ll show you your room. We’ll send someone by your house to pick up any items you might need. Just make a list, and he’ll take care of it.
“Present yourself to my quarters in 15 minutes mister Wilson” Nicholas added to his father’s instructions.

Still flabbergasted about the unconventional interview, Thomas followed the butler towards the living room where all other candidates were still waiting in silence.
“That will be all, thank you for coming. You can all let yourself out. Mister Wilson, this way please.”

As the other candidates walked out, Thomas followed mr Wilson to the top floor of the mansion. He opened the door to a rather big room in the attic. It was poorly decorated, just a bed, a closet, a small desk with a phone and a chair. It’s basic, but It will work. I cannot imagine I’ll spend much time here.
“ Kitchen and laundry are on the ground floor, at het end of the hallway. Please write down your address and the items you might require, and I’ll arrange the pickup. Be sure to present yourself in five minutes at young master Nicholas’s quarters. First floor on the right. Behind the double door. Be precisely on time. He’s very punctual.”

Thomas hurried himself to the first floor. He looked at his watch as he arrived at the double door. Right on time. He knocked on the double door.
As he walked in, he saw young mister Nicholas standing in front of the window.
“Well Thomas, right on time. I’ve decided I’ll put your skills and qualities to the test over the weekend. I’ll be staying in our weekendhouse the next few days. You can start by taking my suitcases to the garage.
“Of course master Nicholas, right away”
Thomas looked at a few packed suitcases. As he started to close them, he spotted a roll of ducttape in them. Better not ask any questions… I don’t want to ruin it on the first day. Thomas closed the suitcases, and carried them towards the garage. Nicholas, carrying a small bag followed him.

“We’ll take the Landrover” Nicholas said.
“Excellent choice sir” Thomas opened the trunk of the black Landrover and placed the bags in the car. Right after he closed the trunk, he got pushed against the car, a hand covering his mouth.
“Mmmphmm!” Thomas tried to shout, but the hand muffled his sounds.
“Relax my boy” he heard Nicholas whisper in his ear, “if you keep calm and obedient nothing bad will happen to you. You wanted to serve me, didn’t you?”
Thomas nodded
“Well then, I’ll make sure you get the opportunity to serve me. I saw the look in your eyes when you first saw me. That’s why you got the job”

“mmmph?” Thomas was getting more and more confused. He felt Nicholas hand in his trouserpockets, grabbing his handkerchief. “Now open wide my boy” he said as he shoved the handkerchief in Thomas’ mouth. “Be a good boy, and keep that one in” Thomas nodded again, feeling the fabric of his big handkerchief filling his mouth. Nicholas pulled Thomas’ arms behind his back, crossing his wrists. Thomas heard the sound of ducttape, and felt his wrists getting wrapped together. Ater the wrists, his legs were also bound, making it impossible for him to run or break free. Nicholas turned Thomas around. Thomas stood there, arms and legs all taped up, with his mouth stuffed. He looked into Nicholas’s eyes and could see he enjoys what he’s doing. With a big smile on his face he pulled the duct tape once again, and wrapped it around his head, making sure Thomas could not spit out his gag.

“Let’s go for a little trip”, he said tapping Thomas’ taped cheek. He opened the trunk once again and pushed Thomas in it, next to the suitcases. “we’ll get along just fine my boy”. Nicholas smiled as he threw a blanket over his taped up victim.
As Thomas heard the trunk close, he panicked. What the hell is going on. What did he get himself into? He heard Nicholas taking the driver’s seat and hears the engine start.

“MMMMMPHPM!” Thomas squirmed and fought his bonds. Without result.
“Just be quiet there, and enjoy the ride” he heart Nicholas say when he drove out of the garage.

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Re: Young master Nicolas, the butler story

Postby mikeybound » Mon Dec 18, 2017 12:34 pm

Pretty good!

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Re: Young master Nicolas, the butler story

Postby squirrel » Mon Dec 18, 2017 1:00 pm

Great beginning! Hope to read more, soon. Thomas seems to get right what he always wanted :)

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Re: Young master Nicolas, the butler story

Postby Jack Roper » Mon Dec 18, 2017 1:52 pm

Yes, exactly the way a butler should be treated!

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