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Re: On vacation

Postby xtc » Tue Dec 12, 2017 12:28 pm

Up to form again.
Boxer shorts are cool,
but little speedos rule!

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Re: On vacation

Postby socjuc » Wed Dec 13, 2017 4:12 pm

wow Squirrel, liking how uncle Jack is kind of taking Steven's initial request to a new level. I hope Luke and Mr Howard start to get influenced by Jack too lol. Great story.
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Re: On vacation

Postby Bondagefootpig » Wed Dec 13, 2017 4:27 pm

Hmmm I wonder if Luke is actually gonna go to bed or come back down to torment Jack once he finds his erection?!?!? Perhaps Luke has some naturally ripe stinky socks sneaks and feet he will torture Jack with or maybe some tickle fun. Also can't wait til his dad and maybe other family or friends come too!

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Re: On vacation

Postby squirrel » Thu Dec 14, 2017 8:34 am

Chapter 8 - A friend in misery

Sleeping hogtied turned out to be much easier than when I was tied to a chair. It was mainly because I could at least change my position to a certain degree, by rolling from side to side. Although it was strict and inescapable I had quite a pleasant night. When I woke up the next day the sun was already up and my uncle was already in the kitchen, preparing breakfast for the four of us. I was taken aback by this; I must have been sleeping really deeply if all the noise he was doing wasn’t enough to wake me up. I moaned into my gag when I saw him.

“Morning, prisoner, did you have a good night?” He asked playfully.


“Sorry, busy right now. I’ll deal with you later, kid.”

I guess mocking me and making fun of me was really amusing for my uncle. Probably he was doing the same with his real prisoners at the police station. Nonetheless, I could do nothing to make him untie me, or at least undo the hogtie, so I just stayed there, trussed up and with his two putrid socks filling my mouth. I watched him bustle around and smoke one of his cigars. A few minutes later I heard the doors open and both Luke and his father went out of their bedrooms. I grunted into my gag, but they ignored me; I thought I saw a glimpse of interest on the kid’s face, but that was probably just my imagination.

“Still keeping him tied up, Jack?” Mr. Howard said when he sat at the table.

“Yeah, I like him much more this way!”

“Can I talk to him later, Sir?” Luke asked my uncle.

That was definitely not a good sign. Since he was asking for permission to do it he must have acknowledged that my uncle was in charge here and he won’t do anything without his permission. That meant that my presumable attempts to convince him to untie my would be futile.

“What do you think, Matt?”

“Well, I guess no harm will come out of it..” Mr. Howard asked lazily, yawning.

“All right then. I’ll give both o you half an hour later.” My uncle agreed to Luke’s request.

“Thanks, Sir.”

Then, much to my surprise, all of them sat at the table and began eating. I rolled on the floor, angrily, also demanding the food and water, but the guys didn’t take any notice of me. I gave up soon and just waited for them to release me from the hogtie and feed me. It didn’t take long for them to finish their sandwiches and water; when they were done my uncle and Mr. Howard came to me and untied the ropes connecting my ankles with elbows and wrists; it was a huge relief to be able to stretch my legs again. I grunted a quiet ‘thanks’ into my gag. When my legs were untied they stood me up and marched me to the kitchen chair and sat me on it.

“I’ll take the gag out. But you can’t speak yet. You’ll eat, then I’ll untie you completely so you can use the toilet and take a shower. Then I’ll retie you to this chair and you two can talk to each other. But if you dare to speak before that, you’ll get punished. Did you understand, kid?” My uncle’s voice was firm and his eyes cold. I nodded my head.

It was really painful when the gaffer tape was being unwrapped from my face, but I remained completely silent. Now that I was with other guys there was no way I could show any weakness. The tape was gone and my uncle untied the two bandanas from my mouth. He took the socks out and put them on the table. They looked so gross…

“That’s a nasty gag, Sir…” Luke said when he saw the wet material.

“Well, the prisoners should know their place…” Uncle Jack replied.

I kept my mouth shut and didn’t utter a word. My uncle placed a plate with three sandwiches on it in front of me and sat next to me. While he was feeding me Mr. Howard and his son went to the bathrooms . I ate everything quickly and gulped two glasses of water. When the breakfast was finished I remained on the chair and my uncle took all the dishes and put them in the sink. A while later Luke and his father came back and my uncle untied me completely.

“You may go, kid.” He told me.

I left the room without replying and went to the toilet. I used it and took a shower. I brushed my teeth and went outside, knowing well that with two muscular studs there was no way I could escape. So I didn’t comply when my uncle ordered me to sit on the same chair in the kitchen and started roping me to it. First my thighs to the seat, then legs to the legs of the chair. Next my arms were bound to the bars and my wrists immobilized completely. Finally uncle Jack took some longer coils of rope and fastened my torso to the back of the chair. Mr. Howard and Luke watched in silence.

“Matt, can you help me in the basement, dude?” My uncle asked his buddy.

“Sure thing. And in the meantime the kids can chat for a while.” Mr. Howard stood up and the two of them left.

“So, what is this shit?” Luke asked when he sat on another chair.

“Nothing, I just wanted to see what it feels like to be restrained. I thought my uncle would just cuff my hands, but he moved it to much higher
level I suppose…” It was great so talk again.

“Yeah, he seems to be really rough with you, man…”

“It’s not that bad, you know… my circulation is fine and I know he wouldn’t harm me for real.”

We chatted for some more time when my uncle and Mr. Howard came back. Uncle Jack told me not to speak any more and I complied.

“I have to go to town, kid. But Matt agreed to stay and watch over you when I’m gone. So behave and let me gag you.”

I sighed, but opened my mouth. The two vile socks went into my mouth, followed by the two bandanas and then many wraps of gaffer tape around my head.

“Impressive…” Luke said.

“Before I go…” My uncle started and turned to Luke. “Do you want to try this, too, kid?”

“Try what, Sir?”

“Being tied up. We can tie you up for an hour or so. You two would have some bonding time together.” Uncle Jack laughed and so did Mr. Howard.

“Well… it does seem interesting…”

“Come on then, sit here.” My uncle offered Luke a chair and he sat on it.

Luke’s father helped to tie his son up. He crossed Luke’s arms behind the back of the chair and roped them neatly. Then, he tied his son’s arms to the bars and his torso to the chair, making him totally helpless. Meanwhile, my uncle dealt with his legs; he forced them together and roped them tightly, leaving no slack between them. Finally he bent his legs and Mr. Howard connected his tied ankles with his wrists, hogtying Luke in the sitting position.

“Wow, you guys really tied me up good…” Luke stated when he tried to free himself.

“No problem, kid.” My uncle replied.

Without warning Mr. Howard forced some material into his son’s mouth, gagging him. He took his time pushing it in, and by the time he was done, Luke was silenced. My uncle took another bandana and cleave gagged their new victim. Then came the gaffer tape and in a matter of seconds, Luke’s lower face was completely covered in the sticky tape.

“Mmpphhhh” His grunts were barely audible.

“Now that none of them will cause you any trouble, I can leave.” My uncle said with a huge smile on his face and left.

“How does it feel, son?” Mr. Howard asked while lighting up a cigar. Luke just shrugged his shoulders.

Mr. Howard didn’t say anything else. He simply went to the living room and sat on the couch with a newspaper in his hands. He started reading, sucking on his stogie from time to time. I smiled under my gag; seeing Luke tied up was quite fascinating. The dude was really handsome and the ropes looked very good on him. I squirmed and struggled a bit, just to encourage him to do the same. He did and after a short while his face was all covered in sweat.

“Mmmphhh!” Luke tried to say when his time was up. He definitely wanted to be untied.

“Not a chance, son. It’s probably not what you expected, but I’m going to keep you like this for the rest of the day. I love the peace and quiet, and with you all bound and gagged it’s much easier to relax. Plus, being restrained is about not being able to escape… Oh, and I hope you like the taste of my socks.” Mr. Howard replied without even looking at his son.

“MMPPHHHH!!!” Luke was furious.

He struggled like mad but got nowhere. I can’t say I blamed him; it was like a treason to him, probably. But I couldn’t help and was really glad that I would have a companion to share my predicament with. At least for a few hours…

It was already dark when my uncle returned. He and Mr. Howard started cooking dinner and Luke was trying to shout and yell almost all the time. The dude had much strength; he must have been tired as hell, yet didn’t stop fighting.

“Relax, son, I’ll untie you before we leave…” Mr. Howard said irritated.
When the dinner was ready the guys told us to be perfectly quiet. If either of us would talk, both will get punished. That was tempting… I definitely wanted to see Luke in more trouble, but I suppressed the nasty feeling and didn’t utter a word when my uncle was feeding me.

After dinner I was gagged again with my uncle’s socks, the bandanas and the tape. Luke, on the other hand, was untied and set free. He stretched his body when he finally got up.

“How did you like it, son?” His father asked.

“It wasn’t the worst, dad…”

“Sorry for keeping you tied for that long, but when you are tied up, it’s not up to you when you get untied.” His father apologized and hugged his son.

“It’s fine, dad. I should have predicted that.” Luke smiled

Soon he and Mr. Howard went home and I was alone with my uncle again. It was getting late, so he untied my from the chair and marched me upstairs, to my room.

“Sit on the bed, kid.” He ordered when we came in.

“mmphh….” I tried to ask him to untie me.

“If you won’t do as I say you’ll spend another night hogtied. Your call.”

I sighed and sat on the bed. He tied my left ankle to the bed, then did the same with the other ankle. He did a nice job and I couldn’t move my legs much. He pushed me on my back and sat on my waist. With a smile on his face he untied my hands and grabbed one of them. With very little effort he stretched it and forced my wrist close to the bedpost. He tied my hand to it. Then he did the same with my other arm. I was spread eagled on my own bed.

“Guess this will be much more comfortable.” Uncle Jack said when he got up, all sweaty.

“Mmmpphhh..” I nodded my head and smiled under my gag.

“See you tomorrow, prisoner!”

He closed the door behind him and I was alone. Having nothing else to do I dozed off.

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Re: On vacation

Postby squirrel » Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:33 pm

Chapter 9 - Something new

Spending the night on my own bed was definitely something better than sleeping on the floor or on the chair. And although I was still tied up and gagged with my own uncle’s sweaty socks I couldn’t help but feel grateful. I guess I was getting uses to being trussed up and sleeping while restrained wasn’t that big deal for me. Of course, there was also the fact, that I liked my predicament, maybe even too much. So when I woke up the next morning it was already a bright daylight; I just lay on the bed, enjoying the feeling. By the time my uncle entered the room it was already eleven o’clock.

“Slept well?” He asked me while sucking on his big cigar.

I nodded; trying to speak was pointless anyway.

“Glad to hear that, prisoner.”

Without saying anything else, my uncle got on me and sat on my abdomen with his legs alongside my sides. I looked at him questioningly and mumbled something behind my gag; he just laughed and told me to stay still. I did and watched him puff on his stogie for some time before clenching it between his teeth. Now he had his hands free and didn’t hesitate to use them; without a warning he started tickling my exposed armpits. The moment his fingers touched my skin I jolted as much as my bonds allowed. I was extremely ticklish and this was a real torture for me. Due to the gag it was even hard to breathe properly, but, fortunately, my uncle stopped after only a minute.

“Still as ticklish as ever, huh, kid?” He asked taking a drag.

I just lay there, panting and regaining my strength. Uncle Jack untied the ropes from the bedposts and sat me on the bed. He gave me a few more seconds then unwrapped the tape from my mouth. He untied the bandanas holding his putrid socks inside my mouth and, after warning me to remain silent, allowed me to spit the groggy wad out.

“The same drill as usual, kid. Bathroom, breakfast, restraints.” He said sternly.

I knew there was no way to talk my way out of it; since my uncle has decided to keep me his prisoner the only way to avoid it was escaping. And that was definitely not an option, so I grabbed some fresh clothes and headed to the bathroom. There I used the toilet, which I needed badly after the tickling and took a long shower. I got dressed in a fresh T-shirt and a pair of shorts and went to the kitchen.

Uncle Jack was already sitting at the table and the meal was ready. He told me to eat, which I eagerly did. Although I liked bondage it was nice to get rid of the cruel gag for some time and chew on something else, than guy’s socks. I engulfed the breakfast in no time; I must have been much more hungry than I thought. My uncle gave me a glass of orange juice to drink.

“Ok, kid. Let’s truss you up a little.” My uncle said getting up. He lit another cigar.

I tried to plea with my uncle not to tie me up for a while, but one look of his cold eyes was enough to make me stand up. He grabbed me by my arm and walked me to the living room, where he had ropes ready. He worked in silence; first my wrists were crossed behind my back and roped up really neatly and tightly. Then my elbows: forced together and tied up. Next came ropes around my torso, binding my already tied arms to my back and immobilizing them. By the time uncle Jack was done with his work I was totally helpless.

“I must say I like tying you up, Steven.” Said my uncle when he finished tying my upper body and came in front of me. “It‘s much easier to keep an eye on you and keep you out of trouble this way. Plus, judging by your little soldier down there, you like this shit too, so it’s kind of win-win situation here.”

I hoped he wouldn’t notice, but I did have a bulge in my shorts. But that could have been expected: after all, I was a teenager and was as horny as probably every other guy at my age. But being tied up in front of my own uncle with my crotch visible was something I couldn’t even describe. I felt humiliated as hell. Luckily, my uncle turned this into a joke.

“Nothing to be ashamed of, Steven. It’s natural. Now, enough of this sweet talk, lad, time to shut your mouth for good.” He said and put his cigar between his teeth.

He went behind me and wrapped his left arm around my torso, pining me to his body. With his right hand he took some material from the pocket of his jeans; the damned socks again. Reluctantly, I opened my mouth, allowing my uncle to stuff my mouth again. But when the material touched my tongue I knew something was different; the wad was moist and tasted sweaty and salty, but that wasn’t a sock. I grunted angrily, but my uncle ignored my and kept pushing the huge wad into my protesting mouth. It took him over two minutes to deal with the gagging, but when he was done I was screwed up; the material was filling my entire mouth and spitting it out was almost impossible without help.

“That’s a nice gag, kid.” Uncle Jack laughed at me when saw my attempts to get rid of it. He took some deeper drags on the stogie and carried on. “Nice it may be, but it still needs to be finished.”

I watched him take the large bandana from his back pocket and fold it neatly. When he was done, he pushed the bandana between my teeth, forcing the gag even deeper. He tied the bandana securely behind my head, making sure the gag would stay inside my mouth.

“That should do it, kid.” He patted my cheek. “By the way, do you know what you’re gagged with?”

I looked him in the eye and shook my head no.

“My boxers. They need a nice washing up, and since you did a great job with the socks I thought I could use you some more.”

“Mmpphh!!!” I yelled in horror, but only fake grunts came out.

“Don’t worry, kid. I haven’t done anything… gross… to them. They are just drenched with my sweat, but that won’t be a problem for you.”

I started to struggle violently.

“If you don’t stop, I’ll hogtie you and throw you into a closet, kid!” He warned me and I settled down.

“Good boy. You are free to walk all over the house. If I spot you trying anything funny, you’ll regret this. Understood?” Again, I nodded my head.

Without further ado he went to the couch and lay on it. After a few moments he dozed off. I was stuck; being partially free was strange. I had a freedom to walk, but not to do anything else. It was only before one o’clock and the day was really nice. I decided I’ll risk it and opened the front door. After spending so much time indoor I wanted to breathe some fresh air. I went outside, on the porch and sat on one the wooden bench. It was wonderful: cloudless sky, fresh air, magnificent, green trees all around. One could ask no more.

I didn’t know how much time I spent there, but when I came back to the house my uncle was up and reading a book on the couch. I grunted and mumbled into my gag. He just chuckled and ignored me. I decided to turn the TV on and watch it for some time. But before I could do anything I heard a car from outside; someone was parking at our porch.

It didn’t take long before my own father entered the cabin. I was so embarrassed and humiliated. There I was, all bound and gagged with his own brother’s sweaty boxers. Totally helpless and unable to even speak for myself. I expected him to be furious, but when he saw me he just roared with laughter. My weak grunting made him laugh even more...

My Father

“Holy shit, Jack, what the fuck is that?!” My dad pointed at me and shook his brother’s hand.

“Steven wanted to see what it feels like to be restrained, that’s all.”

“For how long has he been tied up now?”

“Only a few days, bro.”

“DAYS!! Fuck, son, you must really love it. Anyway, I need to take the suitcases inside. Give me a hand, dude.”

My father and uncle went outside and brought the cases to my dad’s bedroom. I was just standing there, not able to do much else. When they were done my dad grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat at the table; he and uncle Jack were soon absorbed in a conversation, leaving me alone. I just sat next to my dad and listened to them. They behaved as if having a tied up teenager around was completely normal…

“Jack, can you leave us alone for a moment? I need to have a word with the kid.” My father said after about half an hour; I gulped.

“No problem, bro. Just gag him when you’re done.” My uncle said and went outside. I could see him though the window.

My dad untied the two bandanas and took the material from my mouth.

“Jack doesn’t go easy on you, huh?” He more stated than asked.

“I guess not…”

“So…” My father started and lit up a cigar. “You finally persuaded someone to tie you up. How do you like it, son?”

“It’s not bad, dad. I quite enjoy it, although I guess I’ve been tied up for long enough already..”

“You think so, kid? You know it’s not for you to decide.”

“What? Oh come on, dad! I’ve been tied up since we came here…” I didn’t like where this conversation was going…

“Too bad, son. You wanted it and you asked uncle Jack to do it. He’s the one to decide in this matter.”

“But dammppphh!!”

I didn’t manage to finish the sentence as my dad suddenly started jamming the boxers inside my mouth. I fought as much as I could, but I was condemned to lose. After several minutes mu uncle’s sweaty boxers were stuffed inside my mouth and the bandana was back in place, holding the gag in.

“I must admit that it does have merits to keep you like this, son. So quiet…” He teased me.

I was left alone again. My dad went outside and sat with his brother. They were sucking stogies, drinking beer, talking and laughing. I decided to go outside as well and join them. They seemed to be surprised when they saw me, but let me join them. We spent several hours like this.

“Guess it’s time to eat something, don’t you think, Frank?” My uncle asked when it was getting a little dark.

“Hell yeah, I’m starving!”

We went inside and, to my surprise, my father tackled me to the floor.

“Give me some rope, Jack.”

I squirmed but my dad held me firmly. My uncle brought him the rope and I felt them tie my legs together. My dad was tying my ankles, calves, knees and thighs together. Then he bent my legs and sat on my shins, pinning my heels into my butt. I groaned, but he was merciless; he hogtied me really tightly and uncomfortably.

“There you go, son. Since you like this shit so much, get some real roping!” He sucked on his stogie. “Oh, and no dinner for you today.”

I was furious. What the hell was going on?!

“Aren’t you too strict, bro? Prisoners do need to eat, you know…” My uncle asked with a smile on his face.

“It’s just one meal, plus the kid deserves a punishment.”

“For what?”

“For talking when the gag was out.” My dad replied and my uncle was stunned with the brilliance of the idea.

“Fuck, you are right… I forgot to give the prisoner permission to speak… Bro, you’re genius!”

They both laughed at my predicament and there was nothing I could do about it. I could only lay there and squirm a little. Which I did, but got tires soon. I was now watching the two masculine hunks prepare the meal and eat. I was hungry, too, but it seemed I wouldn’t be able to grab a bite that night. It was strange, but I realized I sort of liked my father’s brutality….

“We’re off, kid.” My dad said standing over me. “I’ve been driving a lot today and I need a rest. If you’re a good boy over the night you’ll get food and water tomorrow. See you, son.”

They both left, leaving me on the floor… Fuck, I was SCREWED…

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Re: On vacation

Postby bondagefreak » Wed Dec 20, 2017 2:07 am

Fantastic, as usual!

Just finally caught up to this.
You know I'm a big fan of boxer gagging, so was really happy to see this here.

Nice to see Steven's dad joining the fray!
Looking forward to seeing what's next in store for our young prisoner.

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Re: On vacation

Postby squirrel » Fri Dec 29, 2017 12:46 pm

Chapter 10 - A little work

It wasn’t easy to sleep trussed up in a really strict hogtie. My arms and legs were numb and raw. My mouth was parched dry. I tried to struggle, to wiggle something from the bonds, but my father and uncle did a great job, and all my efforts to free myself were futile. I could only lay there on the hard floor, chewing on uncle Jack’s sweaty boxers and roll from side to side. When I woke up in the morning I was sore and I desperately wanted to be untied, but I knew perfectly well that won’t happen until my folks decide otherwise.

I tried to think of a good way to escape, but there was none; no slack in the ropes, no sharp objects around to use to cut the rope. I sighed and rested; I could only wait for my dad and uncle to wake up and untie me, even if it would be for a short time. I didn’t have much to time to think, though; soon I could hear the doors open and my uncle and father came into the living room.

“Mmmphhh!!” I tried to plea with them, indicating that I want to be untied.

“Quiet, kid!” My dad said and sat at the table.

I was angry with him, I was really tired and hungry. I also needed to go to the toilet.. badly. But neither my dad, not my uncle seemed to worry about that. My uncle started making breakfast, and my father went to take a quick shower. When he was done, they switched places: uncle went to the bathroom and dad finished preparing food. But even then, they didn’t let me go; they ate and talked for a while, and I was moaning and grunting angrily into my gag, totally disgruntled.

“I think he’s learnt his lesson, bro, don’t you think?” My father asked.

“Yeah, let’s hope next time he’ll be more obedient.”

They both laughed at my predicament, but after a few more minutes came closer to me and started undoing the ropes. It was such a relief when the hogtie was gone and I could finally stretch my legs. It took the guys some time to completely untie me and stand me up. After being hogtied for so long I had some difficulties to stand, but with my father’s little help I managed somehow and my uncle unwrapped the tape from my mouth; it hurt like hell, but I remained silent, as usual.

“You have half an hour to use the toilet, take a shower and change.” My uncle said.

I knew there was no point in arguing, so I went to my room, grabbed some fresh clothes headed to the bathroom. Firs I used the toilet, then took a warm, nice shower. After struggling all night and producing lots of sweat I felt wonderful. I brushed my teeth, trying to get rid of the taste my uncle’s putrid boxers.

When I was done I sighed and opened the door. I expected to be grabbed and tied up again, but nothing like that happened. I was a little taken aback, but didn’t dare to speak.

“Come here, prisoner!” My uncle called me from the kitchenette.

I went there and sat at the table, next to my dad. He and uncle Jack were wearing shorts and cleats, but were shirtless; it was really hot that day. My uncle gave me a plate with sandwiches on it and sat on the other side of the table. My folks lit their cigars and talked to each other, while I was gobbling down the breakfast; I was really hungry, so I ate everything in no time.

“Drink it, kid.” My dad gave a glass filled with water.

I nodded and did as he told me. The cold water was amazing, I had never realized how good it could be.

“Listen carefully, son.” My dad started. “We’ve got some work to do in the shed today. And you’re gonna help us with it. You won’t be restrained in any manner, but if you try to do anything stupid or say a word you’ll get punished. Severely. And I guess we’ve already proven to you that we won’t hesitate to do it.”

I nodded that I understood. I was happy to be free for at least some time, although I still would be their prisoner. Probably one can restrain a guy without using ropes or cuffs; authority, or a threat to be punished can be enough.

“Good. Let’s go, guys.”

My dad and uncle took their stogies and we all left the house. On the way to the shed I removed my shirt; it was really hot and the sky was cloudless, so I thought it would be nice to get at least some tan.

The shed was a big one and it was divided into two parts. In the first one there were tools, shovels, wheelbarrows, some old pieces of junk and lumber. It was a huge mess, since we were storing everything in there; all the stuff we didn’t need at home any more ended here. The second part was empty at the moment; we usually stored wood for the fireplace there. Since it was empty we could use the space while tidying the garbage stored in the first part.

“Fuck, bro, what the hell are we going to do with all that stuff?” My uncle asked

“I’ll get the car. We can throw all the useless shit into the trunk and to the back seat and I’ll take it to town later.” My dad replied after some thinking.

“Well… I guess we won’t hit on any better idea so let’s get to work.”

The shed was dusty and muggy. After only a few minutes inside we were all sweating like crazy. We were working slowly and carefully; the guys talked to each other and I had to remain silent. When they decided to throw away something they gave it to me and I carried it to the car. Of course, with some bigger stuff like old dishwasher I needed help. It took us several hours to deal with the mess, but eventually we were done; gardening tools in one place, other tools like hammers, screwdrivers, saws in the other. We got rid of most bigger junk.

“That was tough, man” My dad said, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

“Yeah, we’ve done some nice work here, guys.” Uncle Jack said and we all turned around to go back to the cottage.

We were heading home to cook dinner when we saw a car approaching; it was Mr. Howard and his son, Luke. We waited for them to arrive at our porch and get out of the vehicle.

“How are you guys doing?” Mr. Howard asked and shook hands with us.

“Just finished tidying the shed, tomorrow I’ll go to the town to get rid of the garbage. Should you need anything, just ask.” My dad said.

“Thanks, man, I appreciate that.”

I wanted to say hi to Luke, but when I was about to open my mouth my father clamped his huge palm over my mouth and squeezed it a little. I knew there was no way I could run away, so I just stood there, shirtless, smelling my own father’s sweaty hand. My dad pressed my head against his chest to prevent me from moving around too much.

“Is Steven still your prisoner, Sir?” Luke asked.

“You bet, kid!” My dad replied and I moaned; they all laughed at that.

“Will you guys stay for dinner?” I heard my uncle speak.

“Actually we brought pizzas with us, we can eat while having a little poker game, what do you say?” Mr. Howard replied.

“Awesome! I don’t feel like cooking anyway…”

Luke brought the pizzas from their car and put the boxes on the table on the porch. It was really nice outside so the guys decided to eat there. I was surprised my father was still hand gagging me when they started eating.

“Calm down, you’ll get some, too. You’ve earned it today, kid.” He said when I moaned.

My dad removed his hand allowing me to eat the pizzas with the others. It didn’t take long for us to deal with them; they were really good and me and my folks were quite hungry after working in that damned shed. After we had finished eating my dad hand gagged me again.

“Bring the ropes, bro, and we’ll tie the kid up.” He said.

“You care to join, Luke?” My uncle asked when he got up.

“He does.” Mr. Howard said on behalf of his son.

I was surprised that Luke didn’t argue with that, but after a while I had something else to think about. My uncle forced my arms behind my back and started tying my wrists. As always, the bonds were neat and tight; I moaned in my father’s hand, resigned. Next they bound my elbows together and fastened my arms to my torso; I wasn’t going anywhere. My dad removed his hand from my mouth and my uncle thrust his boxers into my mouth. Again. He made sure my mouth was stuffed and cleave gagged me with one of the bandanas. Then came the gaffer tape and I was stuck for good.

“We’ll leave your legs untied, kid.” My uncle said.

“Your turn, boy!” Mr. Howard said, turning to his son.

Luke obeyed and stood up. His dad moved the kid’s arms behind his back and tied them up. Next he bound his son’s elbows and, with my father’s help, roped Luke’s arms to his torso. Mr. Howard stuffed the boy’s mouth with something and my uncle cleave gagged him with one of the bandanas. Then they gaffer taped his mouth shut.

“Get the stuff, guys, I’ll take care of the brats here.” My dad said.

Uncle Jack and Mr. Howard went inside and my dad helped me and Luke sit down on the wooden chairs. He placed us near each other, so our bound arms touched. It was nice of him to let us stay with them and watch the game.

“There you go, guys. Cards, beer, cigars. What can a guy want more?” My uncle said.

The opened their bottles and lit their cigars. The game went on for a few hours. My dad lost a couple of bucks and was definitely unhappy with that. My uncle teased him a little, but he also ended up losing to Mr. Howard. All in all the guys had a great time; they were totally focused on the game and conversations, ignoring the fact that they had two teenage boys bound and gagged with them. I can’t say it bothered me…

“Time to go, kid.” Mr. Howard said and stood his son.

I was surprised to see that he didn’t untie him, but helped him get into the car. He was going to drive home with his bound son on the back seat. I didn’t know what to think of it; it was already dark and there was little chance for someone to see them. But still, if they were caught Mr. Howard could be in serious trouble.

“Don’t worry, no one will see us.” Said Mr. Howard, as if reading my mind. “It’s not that far, and the kid seems to like this shit…”

When they drove away my dad stood me up and marched me to the toilet. He asked me if I need to use it and when I nodded yes, he unzipped my jeans and let me piss. When I was done he dressed me again, zipped the jeans and walked me upstairs, to my bedroom.

“Can’t have you walk around the house, kid, so I’m gonna tie you up for the night.” He said and pushed me on my bed.

He tied my ankles and calves together. Tightly but not uncomfortably.

“If you try anything stupid, son, I won’t hesitate to hogtie you for the night, so just lie still and get some sleep.”

I nodded and he left, leaving me alone, with a huge boner in my boxers…

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Re: On vacation

Postby BlakeNome1995 » Sat Dec 30, 2017 6:51 am

This story is amazing! I wish I could live it in real life! I’ve actually imagined being in Luke’s position before. Seeing someone else get bound and gagged and then being asked if I wanted to try. Omg please write more!!!

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Re: On vacation

Postby bondagefreak » Sat Dec 30, 2017 9:11 pm

Loving the gags, the poker game, the handgagging and the details about the weather.
This is getting better and better and I eagerly await each new installment.

Good job squirrel!

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Re: On vacation

Postby Sniffingyoursocks » Sun Dec 31, 2017 12:33 am

Can’t say something different than my Master:
Amazing gags, awesome handgag, cruel Dad and uncle, another kid sharing poor Steven‘s predicament, your good as always writing style..

And you two guys know how much I‘d love being in Steven‘s place.

Keep it up, bud! :-)
Obey and say 'Yes Master'.

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Re: On vacation

Postby Harlequinn » Sun Dec 31, 2017 8:59 am

Brilliant chapter

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Re: On vacation

Postby Harlequinn » Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:18 am

Can’t wait for this to continue!

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Re: On vacation

Postby bondagefreak » Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:36 pm

Harlequinn wrote:Can’t wait for this to continue!

Same here!
Try not to keep us waiting too long! :quirk:

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Re: On vacation

Postby Harlequinn » Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:17 pm

I cannot stress how excited I am for the next chapter of this

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