Once and for all

Fictional Stories of Males tying up Males

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Once and for all

Postby EzraMarubayashi » Mon May 22, 2017 7:46 pm

Part 1

James and Braxton had a rough start when they first met. Both of them had that rare combination of characteristics that most of us want: Good in sports, great looks, excellent at school and really easy to get along with. Of course, being such a nice package makes you confident and very competitive, but always in a healthy way. They happended to choose the same courses since they both wanted the same major, so... it was inevitable that they met each other and start competing in every possible way.

James was six foot tall, with dirty blond hair and eyes like honey. He was a bit built, but not so defined, giving him a next door guy looks, wich together with his nice manners, gentle deep voice and warm smile made him the kind of guy that girls were eagger to introduce to their parents. Braxton, on the other hand, had olive skin and green eyes, with a chiseled body and slightly shorter than James (one inch exactly). His hair was dark brown. He had a cocky attitude, but being a good natured king of guy, it was easy to overlook.

It all started in class, where they got noticed from day one because of their smart comments and usually found themselves tangled in small debates that the professor had to cut clean in order to continue. Next came the sports arena, where they competed for the same position in the trials, and even though it was a tough call, James got the place.

If we had to choose a key moment in their relationship, it would most likely be that night when they attended the same club. Erica was a bombshell whose blue eyes and long black hair made a perfect contrast with her pale skin. James was already talking to her, but got distracted with a girl from campus who asked him to dance, and being the gentleman he was, he couldn't refuse. Braxton actually never saw them together. James was in the dancefloor when Braxton made his move as soon as he laid eyes on her. Whether it was James dancing with another girl or the fact that he could be the one that girls took home to meet their parents, but Braxton was the one they went away with, Erica left the club with Braxton and became his girlfiend from that day on.

Altogether, they realized that their common interests would make them rather good friends, so they eventually started to get along. Those stimulating discussions and gym sessions brought them closer, but their rivalry showed up from time to time, fed by the fact that they could not go to the same parties since James still had a little crush on Erica and still felt a little betrayed by Braxton, and Braxton never attended a game because of James being in the team.

The day of the reckoning finally came. A great opportunity for a student to be the assistant of one of the most prestigious professors. They just had to come up with one hell of a project to show their talent and the professor would make his choise. Both of them craved this because it would be amazing for their resume and it came with a much need monetary income. Also, they knew instantly that it would be definitive for the tight score of their little competition.

"Good luck, buddy", said James shaking Braxton's hand.

With half a smirk, Braxton kept the hold of James' hand and brought him closer. "Why don't we make this a little more interesting?", he said.

James was puzzled for half a second, then smiled and replayed: "What do you have in mind?"

"It ain't no secret that I'm stiil a little sore for you beating me in the team trials, and I know this may seem childish but I'd like to see you suffer a bit in that same field. A reliable source told me that your brother once tied you up in the front yard, for the whole neighborhood to see..."

James' colours faded away as he remembered the most humilliating moment of his life. It happened in his early teenage years, and yet he could not forgive his brother completely (and definitely not now).

"...So, I was thinking of having you all tied up to one of the goal posts. What do you think?"

Picturing himself in such position made his heart skip a beat, but he was in no way backing out of a challenge made by this guy. "You must be pretty confident that you'll get the place, but I accept. The one who's not accepted is getting tied to one of the goal posts"

Honestly, Braxton never considered the possibility of loosing to James, but now that he imagined himself tied up there, he realized how much more humilliating it would be if he was the looser, again. Nevertheless, the bet was out and accepted. There was no way back.


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Re: Once and for all

Postby canuck100 » Mon May 22, 2017 8:49 pm

I like where this is going... good story, welcome to the board!

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Re: Once and for all

Postby xtc » Tue May 23, 2017 10:49 am

Thanks for posting. We need more like this.
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Re: Once and for all

Postby EzraMarubayashi » Tue May 23, 2017 6:02 pm

Part 2

Having made that dreadful bet with his rival/friend, two things kept James awake that night: Thinking of an excellent project so he could win, and remembering that day with his brother many years ago...

James was about thirteen. He was playing football with Matt and Nick, a friend of him. Even back then he was good at most things, wich caused his brother to be jaleous. Matt was three years older and James used to look up to his brother, but could help to brag sometimes when he noticed he was better than him in something.

That day their parents were out to visit some friends. It was a hot summer afternoon, so James was wearing a tank top, just like Matt and his friend. He, as usual, was kicking butts in the game but wasn't making a big deal of it. The problem was that Lauren, Matt's crush, was watching them play and made a teasing comment about how better his little brother was.

"I'll be coaching him for his season", said James as a joke. Everyone laughed except, of course, Matt.

The game continued until Lauren left 'cause she had practice with her volleyball team.

"Maybe you should help me coaching Matt", James said just before Lauren got out of their yard. She turned and looked at Matt with a mocking smile, waived her hand and left.

Matt picked up some clothesline that was around and went straight to James. "Now I'll show you, coach"

James saw what his brother was holding and even though he had never been in such situation before, he knew what was coming. He tried to run the other way, but Nick stopped him right away with his arms around him. Matt got there in a heart beat and grabbed James' arms in front of him, trapped them with one arm and started tying them with the other. James could feel the clothesline being wrapped around his wrists, but couldn't do much to stop it. Thrashing around and yelling at them only made him more tired since both of his captors were much stronger.

When Matt was done with his hands, he started pulling him with the cord. "Help me take him to the fence", he said to Nick, who laughed with the idea and did as was told. James' resistance was futile. Matt threw the cord over a high bar of the fence and started pulling from the other side, bringing James' arms up until he was almost on his tip toes. Then, he brought the clothesline under the fence and tied his brother's feet together and to a lower bar. James could not move an inch, and he definitely tried.

James stopped making noise. It was pointless. His parents were away and he didn't want to call for attention in his current state.

Matt stood there for a couple of seconds, admiring his work. Then he approached his little brother. "I don't even know why you use tank tops. You ain't got a lot of muscle and barely have any hair under your arms". He moved his right index towards James' unprotected armpits and brushed lightly over that peach fuzz.

James giggled against his will and tried to move away, wich was almost impossible. He knew that Matt would take this golden chance to tickle torture him. This part wasn't new to him, but he had never been so helpless before. He tried not to laugh, to avoid unwanted attention, but his brother dug in with his fingers and soon he found himself laughing his ass off.

This continued for what seemed an eternity, until Matt got bored. Nick then produced a marker and said to Matt: "Hey, maybe we can help him with his lack of hair problem". Matt laughed and started drawing some hair on his brother's pits, wich also caused some ticklish reaction. After that, both guys went back to the yard, leaving James hanging there. This had been bad enough already, as many neighbors had seen the show, but turned to worse when Lisa walked by. Lisa was James' crush and he blushed so much that he thought his face would explode.

"What happened to you?", she said, smiling.

"I...lost a bet", James babbled. He gave her a shameful smirk and wished a meteor put an end to that.

She laughed and said goodbye to him. Matt and Nick were watching the whole thing and could barely keep themselves together because of all the laughing. Matt decided that his brother had learned his lesson and let him loose. James didn't talk to Matt for a couple of days. He apologised to his little brother and eventually it was all behind, until now.


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Re: Once and for all

Postby xtc » Wed May 24, 2017 2:43 am

Good one so far!
Boxer shorts are cool,
but little speedos rule!

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Re: Once and for all

Postby EzraMarubayashi » Wed May 24, 2017 1:51 pm

Part 3

Braxton was up working on his project. Not only he wanted to take this awesome opportunity, but he had also made a big bet. The stakes were much too high to go to bed. He kept thinking on that day a couple of weeks before...

It had been a quite boring saturday. The exams were around the corner, so Erica and his pals were very busy to go out with him. He volunteered to help Erica, but the girl was an artist who needed to be alone when working.

"You can draw me naked if you want to", he said, but her project had a different approach so his aid wasn't required.

So, there he was, looking for a bar to hang around. He wanted a new place, something out of the routine, and headed to the outskirts of the town. The place was kinda big and crowded, and most of the clients seemed to be around their forties. He didn't mind, since he wasn't looking for action. He's a one-girl kind of guy.

There was a seat by the bar. He went straight there and was about to ask for a beer. "James?!", he said out loud, talking to the barman.
As he approached, Braxton could tell that the guy wasn't his buddy/rival, but the resemblance was remarkable. He was a little taller and had more muscle. He also seemed a bit older and his nose was somewhat larger, wich made him look more manly.

"So, you friends with my brother?" he asked.

"Yes, we are in the same courses at college. My name is Braxton. You must be Matthew"

"Braxton,... so you're the other demigod". He shook Braxton's hand, but his smile that wasn't all that friendly.

He served Braxton some beers and chated between clients, mostly about James. Matt noticed that Braxton wanted to know the dirty, embarrasing details in James' life. Braxton saw a mechanical bull that wasn't being paid attention to and decided to give it a try. He could barely hold on for five seconds.

"Quite a bumpy ride, isn't it? That's why the clients don't use it anymore", said Matt, mocking the young man.

With his ego a little bruised, Braton returned to his seat. As soon as he got back, Matt started serving heavier drinks, saying they were courtesy for a friend of his brother, and as a courtesy they were all accepted.

"Of course we had our fights, like anyone, but we got along pretty well. There was maybe this one prank he never really forgot, I think he's still embarrassed", Matt said in some point.

Even though Braxton was already drunk, he snapped out a little to pay more attention. "What was it?"

"James would kill me if I tell you", Matt teased.

"He won't mind"

"I don't think so, buddy". Matt turned around and started cleaning the glasses.

"Come on, don't leave me like this", he pleaded.

"I'll tell you what: If you can make it to 30 seconds on that rodeo bull, you can have the story"

"No way, man. I'm already loaded" replied Braxton when he remembered what happened a couple of hours ago.

"That's too bad"

Braxton waited for a counteroffer, but it never came. He sighed and got up to face the challenge. Just getting up the mechanical bull was a hard task in his current state. His first attempt lasted only three seconds. His second attempt was even worse. Fortunately, the place was almost empty already, with just some really wasted clients left. No one to laugh at him or remember this. Laying on the ground, he said that there was no way he could make it. When he heard no answer from Matt, he pleaded again for the story.

"This is what I can do: I'll tie you up on that thing and give you a whole minute ride. That would do for me"

Still on the ground, Braxton considered the offer for a little while and finally accepted. He was already up when Matt got there with some rope.

"OK, lay here, on top of the bull" Matt said as he helped him up the machine.

Braxton was on his stomach and he felt some rope being circled around his waist. Then, his legs were brought down and tied together but not touching, embracing the bull. Next, Matt pulled his hands behind his back and started tying them up. "Isn't it easier if I hold the bull?", he asked.

"Your hands would get injured. It's better this way"

Matt was already half the way and Braxton was too drunk to argue or oppose to the procedure. He was conscious enough to notice how strange it felt being tied up. This was his first time. The final touch was a rope that went around his torso and arms and to the bottom of the machine. It was pretty tight and he could not move at all. He hoped the tying would be a match for the bull.

"Oh, I almost forgot" said Matt as he picked a roll of duct tape.

"What is that for?" Braxton asked a little scared. He had already figured out that Matt wanted to gag him, but he couldn't tell why.

"Just in case you feel like puking. I don't think any of us wants to clean that mess" Matt answered, and quickly after that, he began to apply the tape on Braxton's mouth and around his head like six times, with the victim grunting from time to time.

The ride started and the boy felt all the power of the motor, giving him the shaking of his life. He closed his eyes and tried to concentrate in something that distracted him from all the twisting and turning. For a second, he was actually grateful for his tight gag.
The whole thing seemed to last much more than a minute, but it could also be his imagination. Either way, there was nothing he could do about it.

When it finally stoped, Braxton was dizzy and still felt the movement in his head for a couple of seconds. When everything went back to normal, he expected Matt to come and release him.

He slowly approached with a beer in his hand and took a seat, facing the all tied up Braxton. The young guy was a little puzzled.

"You earned it, dude. I'm telling you about the prank I did to my brother"

Braxton grunted behind his gag, asking to be set free.

"That can wait" Matt replied with a huge smile. He was obviously enjoying this. He started his story. Braxton resigned to his condition and payed attention. The rope was tight and it felt uncomfortable being so defenseless, especially in hands of a guy he just met, but he had no other option.

After Matt had finished, he got up and started untying Braxton, much to his relief (not just physically, as he thought for a moment that he might have just given himself up in a silver plate to some psycho).

"You OK, buddy?"

"Sure. I...thanks for everything, I guess" said Braxton rubbing his wrists. His little adventure had somehow evaporated enough of the alcohol in his system to make his head more clear and now all he really wanted was to go back home and get some sleep. "It was nice to meet you. I´ll pay you a visit some other day. See you later".


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Re: Once and for all

Postby alex967 » Wed May 31, 2017 6:38 pm

Nice story, like how it's going!

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Re: Once and for all

Postby EzraMarubayashi » Wed May 31, 2017 6:42 pm

Part 4

The past few days had been exhausting for James: attending classes, going to practice (an important game was comming, he couldn't miss a day), working on his goddam project. He finally had time to hit the gym. He was wearing a blue tank top and grey shorts. As soon as he got there, he spotted Braxton, who was already doing some cardio.

"Hi. I didn't expect to see you here", said James.

"I know. I've barely had any time this week, but I really needed this"

"Gym addiction, haha. Hey, this may not be the best time for it, but we need a guy in the team. The coach will be testing guys tomorrow and you would be perfect, he even asked for you."

Braxton looked at James with some skepticism, but the sincere smile across his face erased any doubt. He had tried to antagonize this guy in order to push himself to the maximum in their little competition, but he was really hard to hate. He said he would go and then continued talking about other things while they were working out. They carefully avoided any mention of their project and their bet, though.

Being such a jock, he did great and was admitted in the team. He was meant to be on the bench for the game on friday, since he was the new one, but the other team was playing dirty and the coach run out of men, so he was called in the field. It turned out that he and James made a killing combination and made the team win. It was hard to see who has the best player that night. James was in for most of the game, but Braxton's great moves made up for his short appearance.

On the team celebration, everyone was talking about how well both worked together. It was all fun until Darryl, one of the guys, said: "Let's not forget this is a special night..." everybody turned to Braxton, who was talking to another teammate. "We're giving the welcome to a new member of our family, and judging by his performance tonight, he's gonna be one hell of a player, so let's give him one hell of a welcome!" They were all cheering up and before he knew, Braxton was grabbed by the guys, who quickly started undressing him. He tried to cover himself, but they were just too many and soon enough he was just in his underwear. They were holding him down when James appeared with some rags and a long stick.

"Help me with this, won't you?" said James with a grin.

Two boys held his arms, and other two grabbed one leg each. With the help of some more guys, Braxton was lifted while James bound his arms around the stick and did the same with his legs, leaving him hanging like a hunting pray. He offered little resistance, knowing how useless it would be. The pressure on his hands and feet made the whole thing uncomfortable, but at least James chose some soft rags to tie him up. Two big guys walked around the house and the front yard carrying him, one on each end of the stick, while more people were doodling on him and giving him a beer bath.

When his "parade" was over, they brought him back to the house and untied his hands, removing the stick. He thought it was over, when his hands were placed behind his back and tied up again, this time with rope. They took him to a chair and gave him some room. This made him feel very uneasy, 'cause he knew something big was coming and he was right. Darryl appeared with a big bottle of whisky and some kind of funnel. Braxton's eyes were wild open as he tried to escape, but his bound limbs and the frenzy crowd around him made it impossible. Two guys grabbed him by his shoulders, another was holding his head and one more was inserting the funnel in his mouth. On the first attempt, almost a quarter of the bottle was emptied down his unwilling throat, but his coughing prevented the rest to go in. They gave him a break before the second attempt, wich just as intense.

The combination of the game activity, the stressful situation and quick alcohol ingestion knocked him down before long. The last thing he remembered was James face close to him and other faces whirling around.

When he woke up, things were still turning, but at least his head was more clear.

"Hey, bud. You missed most of your welcome party" said James, who was sitting next to him.

Braxton's body reacted but then he realized he was still trussed up and almost naked. He also noticed that the movement he felt wasn't entirely in his head. He was in a car and moving.

"In case you were wondering: Yes, it was my idea..., but I watched over you so that nothing went overboard"

"What are you going to do with me now?", said Braxton, half concerned, half resigned.

"Don't worry. I'm taking you home. I just thought you need to get used to the ropes" said James with a grin.

Braxton sighed and mumbled: "Yeah, I'm getting used to them".

"It could have been worse, you know? I had to walk home drunk and completely naked in the middle of the night and the middle of nowhere"

This made Braxton smile. "Well, at least I gave them a better show in my underwear", he said while looking at James' body.

"What are you talking about?", asked James a little indignated.

"You're fine, man, but let's admit it, I do look better"

"Mhh...., I'm glad to hear you're so comfrotable in the buff, 'cause that's how you're gonna be when you're tied to that pole"

"You're raising the bet? Fine, but I don't think it's fair. Your body hair makes it almost impossible for you to be naked...Hey, I say the looser should also get waxed"

James run out of breath for a second. Braxton was exagerating about his amount of hair, but he did have some and it would hurt like hell to be waxed.
"What are we saying", he added. "We cannot be nude in the school area... Let's do this: The looser has to make a video of him buying his own wax and rope, and of course, being tied to the pole in is underwear, and upload it to facebook"

"You've got yourself a deal, man", said Braxton.

"This hair is gonna go", said James as he dug with his fingers in Braxton's underarm and pulled some hair.

Just being able to close his arms some more, Braxton did so and said: "Quite it".

After a minute of silence, the idea sank on the two of them. Each one was really hoping to win now, and the scholarship was the least of their concerns.

When they got to Braxton's apartment, James got out of the car and opened the door of the other side. He was carrying Braxton's clothes.

"Thanks, can you untie me now?"

"Nope. I'm carrying you on my shoulder, bound like you are, and I'm leaving you in your apartment for you to free yourself"

"No way, dude. C'mon"

"I can leave you here outside like this, if you preffer"

Braxton shut up and with a frown, he let himself get carried to his apartment on his friend/rival's shoulder. Once inside, he was put gently on the couch and left all alone. Fortunately, it didn't take him long to untie his feet and then find some scissors to cut the rope around his wrists.


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Re: Once and for all

Postby EzraMarubayashi » Wed Jun 14, 2017 2:47 pm

Part 5

After weeks of very hard work in order to deliver a great project, and more days of anxiety before the results, the day finally came. None of them had had any sleep. The answer was supposed to be e-mailed early in the morning, so both of them were constantly checking their accounts.

James' cell phone rang. It was Braxton

"Hi, did you get the answer?" was the first thing James heard.

"Hhhm... yep. I guess I should say: Congratulations, man". He couldn't hide his disappointment. He had received the news barely a minute before Braxton called.

The sound of the voice on the other side of the line made Braxton's huge smile fade. Of course he was thrilled for his achievement and the opportunity to work with a renowned scientist, not to mention the fact that he had won the bet. But he was perfectly aware of how much effort his friend/rival had put in it too, so he couldn't help but feel sorry for James. He still wanted some revenge for that hazing thing, but decided to throw a bone to his pal instead.

"Thank you. I'm sorry it didn't work for you. This bet is kind of childish when you think of it. Why don't we just go for a beer and call the whole thing off"

"Ha, I don't need your pity. I'm not looking for doing this, but it was a gentlemen's agreement and it shall be respected as such. As a matter of fact, I'm going to start recording the damned process for the video on facebook right now."

James sounded jokefully indignated. Maybe this is what he needed to put his disappointment behind.

"Fine by me. Do you want some help with that? I wouldn't want to miss a thing"

"Sure, you can hold the camera."

Braxton got to James' place, where he was greeted with some sincere congratulations. After that, they started preparing the necessary items for the event. The first one on their list was wax strips.

"Wax strips?!!" said James. "I thought we would use a razor or something."

"We can try both. It would take many boxes of wax strips to remove that much body hair, anyway"

They were walking around in the supermarket and got to the aisle where the shaving products were. They had already picked razors and shaving cream, but were still deciding on what strips to take when a clerk came by.

"Hi, can I help you", she said.

"Yes. Can you tell us what is your stronger brand of strips, please?" asked Braxton. "We need some heavy duty ones to fix this" he said as he grabed James' left wrist and raised his arm. Since he was wearing a tank top, his underarm hair was on display.

James got a little embarrased as the girl laughed. Then, she suggested a brand and they took it. Braxton filming everything, making a zoom into James' pits and pulling a little the tank top to get the chest hair on camera, while James was explaining what was the purpose of every item they bought.

Now, they needed some rope and duct tape, so they went to a hardware store. They had several coils of different sizes and materials.

"It's time to buy the rope Braxton is going to use to tie me, but I have no idea on which is the best"

"Well, you'll be the one wearing it, so to speak. I think you should try them all to find the most confortable one" said Braxton with a grin.

James knew what was coming and decided not to put any resistance. He just gave a sheepish smile to the camera. Braxton put the camera on a close shelf to keep recording and proceded to grab James' wrists. He put them behind his back and took some rope, wrapping it around them and cinching it in the middle.

"How does it feel?"

"It's tight and the material is quite rough. It will hurt a lot if I'm bound with it for a long time or if I struggle", said James with no attempt of moving at all. It was going to be alot of testing and he didn't want to get marks so soon.

Braxton untied him and rearranged the coil. He repeated the process with a couple of rope types before a clerk came by. He was a little puzzled when he saw what they were doing.

"Can... I help you?"

"Dude, would you mind?", said Braxton to James with a smile, urging him to explain the situation.

James' face was red. He was aware that the video would appear on facebook and, therefore, would be seen by God knows how many people. But right now it was only camera. A guy staring at him while he was letting another man tie him up was a different business.

"I lost a bet and... I'm gonna be tied to a pole. Do you have any recommendation?" said James with half a smile.

The guy burst into laughing. When he calmed down, he actually suggested some rope that seemed soft yet firm. He stayed there, watching Braxton tie James up. He had to be sure the customers were satisfied. When James was trussed up, Braxton asked him to give his bindings a tug.

"I think this one is great! I cannot move, but it doesn't hurt at all", said James enthusiastically. Well, at least he wouldn't be so uncomfortable.

In order to confirm that James was effectively restrained, Braxton poked his ribs and armpits, causing him to start giggling uncontrollably. James tried to protect himself but it was useless, as his hands were stuck behind him.

"We'll take it", said Braxton while James was still convulsing, now on the floor.

After buying the necessary objects, Braxton said he had to get himself ready, and set their meeting at 4:00p.m. James thought that he was probably up to something, but it was pointless to worry about it now, he would be at his mercy anyway. At least he had forgotten about his fail for the morning.


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Re: Once and for all

Postby xtc » Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:27 pm

"I lost a bet and... I'm gonna be tied to a Pole." huh?
Oops! Sorry, misread that!

Thanks for this, I needed cheering up.
Boxer shorts are cool,
but little speedos rule!

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Re: Once and for all

Postby alex967 » Wed Jun 14, 2017 4:00 pm

Nice continuation! Looking forward to the next part

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Re: Once and for all

Postby EzraMarubayashi » Sat Jun 24, 2017 10:03 am

Part 6

James got to the field a bit early, because staying at home thinking of what was coming was even more worse. And there were the goal posts, welcoming him, unleashing all sort of fears. He knew Braxton well enough to trust nothing really bad would happen, but public humilliation wasn't one of his new year purposes. He was wearing his oldest rags, thinking that they wouldn't survive the event, and yet girls were staring at him with that look on their faces. Well, when you got it, you got it.

Anxiety was starting to take its toll on him when Braxton finally showed up, along with many of his teammates. They were carrying all the supplies and started giggling and making noise when they saw him. That was not a good sign.

"I'm sorry for getting late, man. Are you ready?", said Braxton with a smirk.

"As much as I'm gonna be. Lets get it started."

Braxton led him to one of the posts, where James assumed his position. Even though James' clothings deserved to be ruined, Braxton asked him to take them off, keeping just his boxer briefs. James complied, with an evident blush. It's not like they hadn't seen him in his underwear before, but the context and the anticipation of what he had coming made it different.

"Do I put my arms behind it?", asked James with a shy smile.

"No, cross them in front of you."

He took a large piece of the rope they had bought and trussed James' wrists. Then, he told one of the guys to tie the remaining part of the rope to the top of the post, where it met the crossbar. This pulled James' arms up as high as he could. In the meantime, Braxton was wrapping some duct tape around his ankles, attaching them to the post. After that, he wrapped some more around his waist and to the post, leaving James unable to move.

James was feeling so vulnerable and embarrassed, which increased when he saw the camera that was recording everything for the facebook video.

"Do you want me to gag you right now or after the waxing?", asked Braxton with a mischievous grin.

Not wanting to scream out of pain and thus, add to his already humilliating experience another detail, he chose to be gagged right away.

"I'll do it fine. No one will know if it hurts.", said Braxton in an understanding tone. Weird as it sounded, it made James feel a little better.

Braxton took one of James' socks and put it in the boy's mouth without resistance. Then, he wrapped the duct tape around his head like ten times, sealing the lips and sorrounding area. James had never been gagged before, and the strict one he was wearing now made him a little claustrophofic. He was also concerned about the hair that would be pulled when it was removed, but at least he couldn't make a sound. This was some sort of relief, because in that very moment, he saw the guys with the wax strips in their hands, rubbing them to make them ready.

"Are you guys ready?!" asked Braxton out loud.

All of them cheerfully yelled Yes. Braxton had the honour of putting the first strip, and he picked the left armpit. He did it purposely in slow motion, enjoying James' eyes opening wider and wider as he watched the strip approach. When the boy felt that sticky thing on his skin, he knew there was no way back and took a deep breath. Braxton rubbed it against the skin, to make sure it got the most hair possible. Then, Braxton turned his head to pose for the camera that was filmimg it and the phones taking pictures of the moment, while James was glad that most of his face was covered by the tape. After that, hell broke loose. James felt strips being applied all over him. Since he was almost naked, his teammates had alot of skin to choose from. They even propped him a little forward trying to reach his back. This was a little painful, because it stretched his arms even more.

When they were done, they stepped back to see the jock covered in wax strips and to have some photos with the victim. Braxton had, once again, the honours and proceded to rip the strip off James' underarm. He was looking at the boy right in the eyes when he grabbed the tip of the strip. James' breathing was going faster.

"1..., 2...., 3!!". Braxton's loud voice mixed with James' muffled yelling, so no one could hear it.

Now, it was everyone's turn. They ran to grab a strip, whether they had put it on themselves or not. For James, it was an overwhelming feeling at first, but he went numb, what made it easier on him. When they had finished, James was really sticky, with bald patches from neck to toe. It was time for the second part. They started washing him with hot water and soap, scrubbing softly to remove the remaining wax. So many hands rubbing his almost naked body, together with the warm sensation on his now sensitive skin was making his little buddy react. This scared him to death. His boxer briefs were soaking wet, there was no way he could hide it and this rush was only making it worse. He had never felt more exposed and helpless in his whole life. But this was all part of Braxton's evil plan. Luckily for James, he wasn't such a douchebag. He was just messing with his head (I mean his mind). He was in charge of James' mid-low section, and managed to cover it up to everyone else's eyes.

Braxton got close to James' ear and whispered to him: "You better think of something ugly, dude". He went back to his position and addressed a smirk to James.

The jock focused on the humilliation he would have to face the next day and how angry he was now that he had figured out Braxton's plan. It worked. Then, they finished the bath, produced some shaving cream and applied it all over him, even on his head, although it wasn't going to be shaved.
Due to razors being more dangerous than wax strips, it was decided that only Braxton would shave the bound jock. He took his time, making jokes every now and then. James was trying not to move at all as he felt the razor's touch on his skin. Braxton was particularly delicate when he was shaving James' most ticklish spots, making the boy grunt as a complain. He took forever shaving his friend's armpits and belly, just around the navel and down the happy trail.

When he was finally done, James was almost as hairless as a newborn, except for the area covered by his underwear. The wet tape was removed from his waist and feet, but was quickly replaced. Then, the remaining rope was applied to his torso in an X shape, restraining his movements even more. The video was finished and the last photos were taken, leaving James and Braxton alone in the field.

Braxton played with the ball for a while, teasing James with the threat of being hit. When he got tired of it, he approached James slowly.

"I bet all that waxing and shaving made your skin really sensitive", he said while barely brushing his friend's sides with his fingers.

James opened wide his eyes and started shaking his head as he tried to say No under his gag.

"I'm sorry. Did you say something? I probably should remove the tape".

James nodded, since his mouth was dry and his jaw was starting to ache.

"I don't know if I'll ever have this chance again, so I AM going to tickle you. But I'm sure there's nobody near that could hear you and come to see what's up, maybe even join the fun." teased Braxton. When his hand was about to grab the tape, James shook his head again.

"You want to stay gagged?", said the boy, faking surprise.

James rolled his eyes and nodded.

"OK, if that's what you want"

Then Braxton began his vicious attack, with James completely defenseless. Braxton was right. James' skin was more sensitive and suffered from the tickling like never before. He tried thrashing around, but the rope on his torso and the tape on his wait prevented it. His arms were tied up so high, that he couldn't bend his elbows a bit when his friend/rival made his "pit stop". The sensation was electric and there was nothing he could do about it. Braxton even licked an armpit playfully, which made the tickling feeling go skyrocket. Braxton's fingers explored all the exposed flesh, causing the bound guy to squirm as much as he could. When he seemed ready to pass out, Braxton stopped. He peeled the tape that was gagging James, who quickly spat the sock.

"Are you alright?", asked Braxton with genuine concern.

"Yeah, I'm OK", said James, breathing heavily. "Are you done with me?" asked with some fear for the answer.

"Sure. Let's get you down of there."

Before Braxton started working on the ropes, James asked him for some water. He drank from the bottle that Braxton put close to his mouth.

"Thanks", said James with a sigh.

James got released and put his clothes back on, but they felt weird, maybe because of the sore skin and the lack of hair. James and Braxton walked together for a while, talking, as Braxton was trying to make sure his friend wasn't really angry for all that happened. James wasn't happy but, unlike with his brother's prank when he was younger, he knew he had agreed to do this, damn, he even insisted on it. He gave a tired smile to his now-buddy, letting him know everything was OK. Braxton put an arm around his shoulder and smiled broadly. They kept on walking and inadvertently, Braxton started leading the blond guy to his car. Since James had got there walking, he thought of it as a nice gesture. When they past the way to his place, James said it, but Braxton kept driving like he didn't hear him.

"Man, I'm really tired. Whatever it is you're planning, can we do it tomorrow?". The exhaustion was clear in James' voice.

They stopped in front of a place that James recognized immediately. It was the bar where his brother worked. His colors faded, fearing that Braxton would exhibit the video to make fun of him in front of his brother. This would be hell for the years to come. He knew Matt didn't have a facebook account and their social circles were very different. It would probably take long before he found out about this, and by then it would be old news, easier for James to handle. But now...

"Dude, don't do this. I'll be your assistant", James pleaded to an indifferent Braxton. As the dark boy started walking to the entrance, James said: "I'll, I'll... let you tie me up again, I swear".

A huge, mischievous smile appeared on the young man's face. "The offer is quite tempting, but I'm not here to embarrass you. I'm not even uploading the video. There will be enough photos, anyway. Just come with me, would you?", said Braxton.

James took his word and walked in with him, but instead of going straight to the bar, they entered a little side room. His surprise was inmense when he saw his older brother hogtied and gagged on top of a table. Darryl and another one of his teammates were next to him and smiling at James.

"This guy...", said Braxton pointing at Darryl, "he's great at tying people up. We thought it would cheer you up after a rough day"

The shame on Matt's face when he saw his brother staring at him in his current state could only be compared with James' joy for the same reason.

"We'll be at the bar having some beers. Don't take too long. He's been tied up since the afternoon"

In a heartbeat, all the events of the day disappeared in James' mind. Life was good, he thought as he walked to his brother, who showed his fear with an increasing moaning.

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Re: Once and for all

Postby xtc » Sat Jun 24, 2017 11:27 am

Going well. I presume there is more to come.
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