Robbery gone wrong

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Robbery gone wrong

Postby testar » Fri May 19, 2017 12:14 am

Participants in this story are:
Richard and Elizabeth Barker, both in their mid-40’s.
Eddie and Cheryl Dale, also in their 40’s. The Dales were wealthy bankers, co-owners of two banks in neighbouring Riverdale.
Darren Barker, 19 years old, the eldest son of the Barkers.
Israel Barker, 16 years old, who is in his final year at Woodville High School.
Matthew Dale, also 16 years old, similarly finishing his final year at Woodville High. Matthew is Israel’s best friend as the boys had grown up together since they were toddlers.
Caleb Johnson, 28, unemployed but having had odd jobs in nearby towns for the last few years.
Arnold Young, 30, who worked at a local gas station.
Both Johnson and Young had criminal records for petty larceny and robbery and each had spent brief periods behind bars.

This story starts at 5.30 p.m. on Friday, 13th November in a hardware store in the town of Woodville.
The store is owned and run by Richard Barker, a local and successful businessman. He also owns two more convenience stores in the town. Mr. Barker works long hours at the hardware and generally has two assistants, both in their late 20’s, to help him. Occasionally his 16 year old son, Israel, does some customer service at the store, usually after school hours.
This particular Friday was the last business day before a long weekend. The store would close at 6.00 p.m. and would not re-open until 8.00 a.m. the following Tuesday. Business had been brisk during the day as a number of people were also apparently going on camping or fishing trips for the next three days. The store normally closed at 5.00 p.m. but Mr. Barker, as he normally does on such occasions, remained open an extra hour to service his customers.
Being the last working day before the long weekend, Mr. Barker had allowed his two assistants to cease work mid-afternoon as they had planned a camping trip over the weekend. To cover for their absence, he had asked Israel to come to the store as soon as he had finished school for the last couple of hours before closing.
At around 5.30 p.m., just half an hour before closing, Mr. Barker received a phone call from the local hospital informing him that his wife had sustained a possible fractured leg from a fall at her home. With just half an hour remaining before closing the doors, Mr. Barker decided that he would rush to the hospital to be with his wife, leaving his son in charge. There was only one customer in the store at that time.
“Izzy” Mr. Barker always called his son by his nickname. “I’ve got to go to the hospital to be with your Mum (her nickname was Lizzy!). They tell me she’s probably broken her leg and she’s in shock at the moment.”
“Could you mind the store until 6?” “There shouldn’t be too many more customers come through”
“You can probably close just before 6 if you want to.”

“Tell ya what. How about you get your friend Matt to come over and keep you company ‘till you do close. Also, you can probably kip over at Matt’s place for the next couple of days if that’s OK with his folks.”

“Ah, also, I won't have time to collect all the week’s takings to the bank tomorrow morning. What I’ll do is to put a time lock on the safe and we’ll do it on Tuesday morning. I’ll grab a handful of notes from the safe and keep them at home and we’ll do the bank thing Tuesday.”

With no other alternative, Israel was left in charge of his father’s hardware store for around 30 minutes until the doors were shut.
“Geez, I hope Mum’s OK. Give her my best, will you?”
“No probs, Pop. I’ll stay open until 6. It’s been fairly quiet the last hour or so anyway.”
“Yeah, I’ll text Matty right away and get him over. We were gonna do a spot of fishing tomorrow anyway, so I think I can bunk at the Dale’s overnight.”
“See ya, and give Mum a big kiss from me.”

“You’re a pain at times, Izzy, but you’re a good kid. I’ll give you a call tomorrow to let you know how your Mum is. Thanks and stay safe.” Mr. Barker’s traditional last words to his son would haunt him over the next few days.

Israel was of average height for a 16 year old, around 5’ 7” and was of slight build. He had been working out at a gym trying to build up his physique but was disappointed with the results thus far. No doubt his muscles would bulk up as he got older.
He had a fair complexion, matched by his dirty blond hair which he wore at shoulder length. His hair was very thick and dead straight, parted on the left side which caused his blond locks to fall gracefully over his right shoulder. His sparkling blue eyes gave him a surfer look of a blue-eyed blond teenager, though there was no surf anywhere close to Woodville. Israel’s handsome face made him very much a ladies man.
As he was working in the store, Israel wore his usual dark blue buttoned up shirt with Barkers Hardware emblazoned on the back. As it was a balmy summer’s day, Israel wore fawn coloured shorts and also his favorite Nike sneakers. They were the latest Nike release shoes – Nike Air Foamsite -, dark blue in colour.

Israel sent a text to Matthew explaining his father’s absence and asking his friend to come to the store. He then served the sole customer and waited for his friend to arrive. Matthew came through the front door about ten minutes later.

Matthew, though still 16, was a few months older than his friend but looked at first glance to be around 18 years old. It was he who had convinced Israel to join the local gym club as he had been going there for a couple of years. It showed as Matthew had certainly bulked up.
Matthew’s dark complexion was matched by his jet black hair and black eyes, which gave him a rather sinister look when he scowled. Like his friend, Matthew’s straight hair was also shoulder length, parted in the middle and just a little longer than Israel’s. He also was popular amongst the girls at his school.
Coming from home where he had been lounging about, Matthew wore a short sleeved black t-shirt with the words “Magic Happens” in white on the front and wore dark grey shorts. He also was a fan of Nike sneakers, but his were all red, contrasting with his nearly all black outfit.

Matthew teased his friend “G’day Iz. I’m here to babysit ya, buddy.”
“Yeah, very funny Matty.” “I’ll be closing in about ten minutes, then I’ve got to get the cash from the register and then we can be going.” “We’ll drop by McDonalds on the way back to your place and grab some burgers.”
“Actually Matt, could you take the money from the register now and take it into the back room and count it for me. I’d better stay out here in case anyone drops in late.”

Matt, did as his friend asked, bundling up most of the notes and most of the coins from the register, taking them into the back room for the audit.

Just as Israel was walking to the front door to lock up, he noticed a couple of figures standing outside the door. One of them walked in and asked Israel if he could show him to the rope section. The man was Caleb Johnson, who Israel knew by sight.

“I need some sturdy rope to tie a few things on my trailer. What would you suggest?” Caleb asked the teenager.

Israel guided the customer to an aisle which had numerous brands of rope and chains, along with other fasteners.
“Where’s your old man, young fella? He’s normally the one who serves me”

As Israel brought out a 30 feet length of sash cord, he explained to Caleb that his father had to make an emergency dash to the hospital and that he was just about to close the store. He engaged the man in conversation, as he knew Johnson was a layabout around town who generally did no-one any harm.

Israel brought the rope over to the cash register and said to the man in his most polite manner “There you are sir. That will be $6.95.”

Israel got the shock of his life when Johnson said “I’m sorry, sonny, I aint got no money, but I’ve got this” as he pulled out a gun from under his jacket and aimed it at the boy’s head.
Johnson then pulled balaclava over his head (he wasn’t all that bright) and said “I know you’ve got a safe in the back. Let’s go there and open it for me.”
As he was doing this, his companion (Arnold Young), who was also masked, came in the front door with his gun drawn.

Israel was still in a state of shock as he led the two men into the back room. As they entered the room, they noticed another boy sitting at a table counting some money.
“Well, what have we here? I didn’t expect you.” said Young as they approached Matthew.
“Get down on the floor, both of you. Hands behind your back.”

...... to be continued

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Re: Robbery gone wrong

Postby squirrel » Fri May 19, 2017 11:18 am

Great beginning, keep it going :)

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Re: Robbery gone wrong

Postby testar » Fri May 19, 2017 9:30 pm

Part 2 --- Robbery turns into a kidnapping

The boys did as they were instructed. They laid face down with their hands behind their backs.
Arnold Young grabbed the 30 foot length of rope from his accomplice and also a knife from a nearby bench. “Right kiddies. We’re just going to tie you up so that you don’t get loose for a while, take the money from the safe and scarper.” “Someone will find you sooner or later and we’ll be a bit richer, thanks to Barker Hardware.”
“Actually, before we do that, Blondie, I need you to get up, grab your keys and lock the front door. Put up the Closed sign so that no-one disturbs us.” “Me mate’ll accompany you and when you get back you’ll give me the combination to the safe and then we’ll get you all trussed up.”

Israel went with Caleb Johnson, locked and bolted the front door and returned to the back room. Johnson then roughly shoved him back onto the floor when Young asked him for the safe’s code.

Israel, still very much shaken by what had transpired, stammered “It’s 5 ... 3 .... oh, God, I forgot. Pop told me before he left that he had put the safe into timelock mode and it can’t be opened ‘till Tuesday.” “I’m sorry, but you can’t get in ‘till then.”

“What!!” Young exclaimed as he grabbed a handful of Israel’s hair. “If you’re lyin’ to me, so help me ....”
Young was furious that he couldn’t get his hands on the cash there and then. Scratching his head as he was waving his gun in Israel’s face, he turned to his partner. “What the hell are we gonna do now, Cal?”
Answering his own question, “We’re gonna have to take the safe with us and wait until Tuesday to get the dough.”
“OK, Blondie” turning his attention to Israel “Give us the code NOW if you value your life!”
“Ahh .... it’s 5 3 6 2 ... oh, what is it .... ahh ... 3 7. I’m pretty sure that’s it.” Israel’s thoughts were still scrambled as he was still petrified and still in the Young’s clutches.

Johnson interrupted his partner, who was writing down the code. “What are we going to do with the kids now? Even if we tie ‘em up, someone will find ‘em before Tuesday and before we get the cash.” “Maybe we better take ‘em with us along with the safe.”
Young agreed. “Yeah, you’re right I guess. Let’s bundle them and the safe into the van and get outta here.” Turning to the two boys, Young said “You can be our mules, kids. Go grab the safe and bring it out to our van – that’s good boys.”

“Before we do that ...” Young mused “If we’re gonna keep these kids for a few days, we’ll need to keep them secured.” “Tell ya what, boys, how ‘bout you go into the store and grab a half dozen lots of rope. Oh, and maybe a couple dozen rolls of the duct tape I saw there.”

Both boys gulped, knowing they were going to endure a few days of being tied up. As the men had guns, they were in no position to argue, obeyed the men’s commands and cradled as much rope and tape in their arms as they could carry.
When they had performed this task, Young took a couple of long rags from a bench and knotted them four times in the middle. “Just in case you feel like calling out for help, you’re gonna wear these when you go out to the van.” the man smirked.
“C’mon man, you don’t have to do that. We won't call out.” said Matthew who had barely spoken throughout the whole ordeal.
Young ignored Matthew’s plea and, throwing one of the rags to Johnson, the men each shoved the knotted rags in the mouth of each boy, tying them tightly behind their heads. The long hair each boy wore became trapped in the knots at the back, not that the men were too concerned.

The boys picked up the safe and slowly inched their way, crab-like, out the back door. Both huffed and puffed as they struggled with the heavy safe, their job made much harder due to the gags in their mouths cutting off portion of their air supply.
The men had parked their van in the laneway alongside the store’s back door so the boys had only a few yards to travel with their cargo. When that was done, Young ordered both boys into the van. Johnson had gathered the bundles of rope and rolls of duct tape, put them all in a cardboard box, and threw the box into the van alongside the safe.

Young, meanwhile, had cut the coil of rope which Israel had previously ‘sold’ to Johnson into four lengths, and told the boys to lie down on the floor of the van and put their hands behind their backs.
With two guns still trained on them, the boys had no alternative but to follow the instructions and allow themselves to be tied up. The boys had occasionally played tie-up games between themselves, tying up each other for short periods, but this was a whole different level.

Israel turned over onto his stomach and clasped his hands behind him, palm to palm. Young immediately wrapped some rope around his wrists three times before cinching it between his wrists another three times. The tying was not very strict, but tight enough to prevent the blond teenager from freeing himself. The remaining length of rope was then wrapped around his stomach, trapping his arms to his torso. Israel’s legs were then grabbed by the man and his ankles received the same treatment, i.e. bound with three turns of the rope and cinched three times.
Young then informed the boy that “I’d hate to have you rolling around in the van and hurting yourself, so I’ll make it so that you can’t do that.” His words and tone were of a captor who has complete control over his victim. As he was speaking, Young took the length of rope left over from his ankle tie and wound it under the boy’s tied wrists and back under his ankles, repeating it again. Israel was now securely hogtied. He could roll onto his side but that was the extent of his movements.

Meanwhile, Caleb Johnson was tying up Matthew in a similar fashion. The difference was that the black-haired teenager had crossed his hands behind his back, allowing the man to wrap rope around his wrists in an X manner about a dozen times. Matthew’s legs were also crossed at his ankles and they were similarly bound. He was also hogtied but more strictly than his friend. Tied as he was, Matthew could not even roll over onto his side and had to remain face down.

When the tying up process had been completed, Young took a couple of long cloths, threw one of them to Johnson and announced to his prisoners “Well, boys, you’re in for a long ride. We don’t really want you to know our destination or how we get there, so you can go bye-byes on the journey.”
The two boys were then blindfolded with the cloths, blinding their vision completely. Now gagged, blindfolded and hogtied, Israel and Matthew started their ride to who knows where?

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Re: Robbery gone wrong

Postby alkaid_ » Sun May 21, 2017 7:11 am

wow.... fantastic... awsome

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Re: Robbery gone wrong

Postby mikeybound » Sun May 21, 2017 10:05 am

How did I miss this story it's so good! However, could you do more to describe the boy's kidnappers? Are there any real life celebrities or something you think they look like?

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Re: Robbery gone wrong

Postby testar » Sun May 21, 2017 6:12 pm

This story has already been completed and was written several months ago.
However, the story can be tweaked a little by including any requests.
The story will be posted in 9 or 10 parts. Part 3 will be posted very soon.

My next story - The Four Amigos - was written some years back and will be posted sometime today.

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Re: Robbery gone wrong

Postby testar » Sun May 21, 2017 11:06 pm

Part 3 ...... First night in captivity

The road trip went on for what seemed like hours to the boys but, in reality was only about half an hour. The destination was a former house, owned by Young, but unused for several years. It was miles out of Woodville in a secluded location a fair distance from the main highway and accessible only by a dirt track. On the way, the men had stopped at a restaurant to buy some pizza, burgers and several cans of Coke.

On arrival at the house, the men parked their van in an undercover garage. Their first action was the lug the heavy safe between them up a small flight of stairs into the main house. With the men absent for that short period of time, both boys struggled furiously to rid themselves of their bonds but with little success.
The men returned to the van and undid the hogtie ropes from each boy. Israel was the first to be carried up the stairs and was left in what was once a bedroom. Matthew had no chance of trying to run with his ankles crossed and tied as they were. He was also taken up into the bedroom.

The problem which now confronted the men was how the next three days would pan out. Their original plan was to simply take the money out of the safe at the hardware store and to tie up whoever was in the store, whether it was Mr. Barker or his son. They now had two teenage boys they would have to hold for three days before they could get whatever money was in the safe.
Sure, they could simply let the boys go now and scarper with the safe and its contents. They knew the code to open the safe, so why not do that? The only problem with that plan was, what if the boy had not told them the correct code. They would not then have their bargaining chips, i.e. the boys, and they could not open the safe.
No, they would have to hold the kids until they were sure that they could get the money they were after. They would then let the boys go, unharmed.

“What are we gonna do with these kids for three days?” mused Young out loud.
“We can’t keep ‘em tied up for all that time, can we?” Johnson answered Young’s rhetorical question.
“Why not? It’ll keep the brats out of our hair ‘till we get the money. We can’t take the risk of them escaping and blabbing to the cops before we get outa this place.”
Johnson took a more humane view. “But Arnie, the kids have gotta eat and drink and go to the toilet and stuff. We don’t want ‘em dying on us, do we?”
“OK, OK, I get the message.” Young was only partially convinced, but did soften his approach. “We’ll figure something out in the morning though I still reckon they gotta be tied up. Also, they haven’t seen my face and they’re not gonna see it.”
“Let’s get ‘em wrapped up for the night. It’s probably past their bedtime anyway.”

Johnson and Young were very much amateur criminals and had not done anything seriously illegal, certainly nothing like kidnapping two boys. They also had no real plans for the near future and were also not very bright. Their conversation was in front of the two boys who were within earshot, tied up on the beds. Also, the men were using each other’s first names and Israel had already seen and recognised Caleb Johnson.

Arnold Young was very much the ‘brains’ of the outfit as Johnson was, quite frankly, a simpleton. He had earned himself the nickname of “Lloyd” after the Jim Carrey character in the movie Dumb and Dumber. Not only did he have Carrey’s inane grin but he had that ridiculous fringe haircut to match.
Johnson had been busted twice for driving off from the gas station (where Young worked) without paying for the gas. On one occasion he had tried to drive off without disconnecting the fuel pump nozzle from his vehicle, crashing the car and almost setting fire to the gas station.
An indication of his intelligence, or the lack of it, was when he put the balaclava over his head when enacting the robbery at the hardware store – even though he entered without it and Israel had clearly seen his face and had recognized him!

Young thought he was the mastermind of the operation and had many times drawn up plans of devious schemes for which to commit robberies. He had considered holding up one of the banks (owned by Eddie Dale) in Riverdale. This plan was aborted when Young realised that banks are generally awash with security cameras. His latest brainwave was to snatch the safe from Barkers Hardware at the close of business just before a long weekend. The safe would undoubtedly be filled with cash, there would be no security cameras or guards, and the premises would be staffed by only two or three people.
What could be simpler?
Young had a tough guy image, not unlike actor Tommy Lee Jones in his many such roles on the screen. He had the same weather-beaten, craggy face which only a mother could love. His steely eyes and gruff voice completed the tough guy image though his choice of partner, i.e. Johnson, was not what Tommy Lee Jones would have done!

Although it was just past 9.00 p.m. the men prepared the boys for the night. They had already been tied up for more than three hours but they could now add another nine or ten hours on top of that.

Israel, in particular, realised the seriousness of his predicament. What, he thought, would happen to him and his friend once the men had got the safe open? Would they release them as they had said or would something sinister happen, like being killed? These thoughts brought a fresh round of struggling, trying to get rid of his bonds. It was no use. He was stuck.
Matthew had also heard the men talk but he was much more confident that he and Israel would be let go when this drama was ended. Either that, or he would try to escape at the earliest opportunity. How he would do that had not crossed his mind but he was confident in his ability to do it.
As the boys were each laying down on a bed, the men untied the ropes around their ankles. Whilst the boys were laying face down on the mattresses, each leg was tied by the ankle to a corner of the bed, ensuring they would not be able to fall off the bed. To make doubly sure, more lengths of rope were tied between their backs and their bound arms and under and over the beds at least four times. There was now no chance the boys could roll off the beds and even move around on them. Both Matthew and Israel still hands tied behind their backs and also tied to their torsos. The cloth gags and blindfolds also remained in place. A toilet break or a drink of water was not a luxury given to the trussed up teenagers.
After a couple of hours of watching television, the men also decided to bed down for the night. The abandoned house they were now in still had some of the furnishings from the past, e.g. television, microwave, electricity, running water and toilet facilities but only the two beds. Fortunately, a couple of sleeping bags the men carried in their van were available so that would have to do as their ‘beds’.

Both boys had trouble falling asleep as their minds wandered, trying to process what was in store for them for the next few days. Though they had together played a number of tie-up games in a playful manner, the thought of being tied up for 3 days did not appeal to them. The longest either boy had been tied up in one of their games was about 4 hours. In these games the binds were not very tight and each boy knew that his friend would untie him immediately if he was asked to. Also, gags were only sometimes used and were usually either a loose cloth gag or a strip of duct tape over the mouth.

During the night both Matthew and Israel fought valiantly to rid themselves of their rope binds, trying not to make too much noise so as to wake the men. Matthew was a boy who always was in control of a situation and was known to be a ‘leader’ in most activities. He now found himself in total submission to his captors and unable to free himself from the ropes. He was able to locate a couple of knots close to his wrists but the more he tugged at the knots, the tighter the ropes seemed to become. He eventually gave up in frustration.
Matthew then began to try to dislodge the cloth restraints around his mouth and eyes. He rubbed his head vigorously against the mattress time after time. Eventually, after an hour or so, he was able to partially move the blindfold up to his forehead. He shook his head violently and, hey presto!, the cloth was completely dislodged. He could now see. Now to work on the hideous gag.
More rubbing of his head on the mattress, more chewing on the cloth and more pushing with his tongue didn’t seem to be having much effect. The four knots in the cloth made it almost impossible to get it completely out of his mouth. Another hour (or so it seemed) passed when Matthew noticed that the knot at the back of his head was beginning to loosen. It took more head shaking but the gag finally fell from his mouth.

With his sight and vision now in working order, Matthew looked around at the rope restraints, though he was bound in such a way that he was unable to see past his waist. It became very evident very quickly that it was futile trying to get rid of the ropes.
Matthew looked over to see Israel on the other bed just a few yards away from him. He also saw the two men, asleep on the floor. He noticed that his friend was writhing in his bonds so he was obviously awake. In whispered tones, so as not to awake the men, Matthew called out to his friend.
“Izzy, how are you mate. I’ve got rid of my blindfold and gag. Can you do the same? Try it.”
“Try rubbing your head on the bed and shaking the cloths to loosen them.”

Israel grunted “Uh huh” and gave a garbled “OK, will do.”
The blond teenager followed his friend’s advice and it was not long before the blindfold cloth came loose and he was able to see. He was not so fortunate with the gag as the knot at the back of head was tangled with his long hair and no amount of shaking or rubbing would dislodge it completely. Israel’s speech was no more than a gaggle of unintelligible and angry grunts and mmphs.
Despite their predicament, Israel’s failed efforts and his continued struggles drew a chuckle from Matthew.

Even though the boys had gained some element of freedom from the cloths, all they could do was to wait for their captors to awake and, hopefully, untie them. They hoped that wait would not be too long as their bladders were bursting to the point of exploding. Ironically, they were also in desperate need of a drink of water.

Around 6.30 a.m. Caleb Johnson began to stir from his slumber. He was fully awoken when Matthew called out “Hey, buster, how about untying us. We’re busting for a leak.”
Johnson sprang to his feet and immediately aroused Young who was still snoring his head off.
“Arnie, the kids are awake and, look, they’ve got their blindfolds off. Resourceful little buggers.”
Young wasn’t so thrilled as he knew both boys had now seen his face. “Oh sh...” he exclaimed. “That changes things now lads, now that you’ve seen my face.”
Israel gulped behind the gag flopping in his mouth, knowing exactly what Young was intimating. Maybe he wasn’t, or couldn’t, let them go now.

“Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” Young’s words did nothing to soothe Israel’s fears. “For now, I guess you’ll want to go for a pi...”
“Tell ya what, kiddies. We’ll untie you and, one by one, you can use the bathroom for whatever – even have a shower – then you’ll come back for some food.”
“If either of you try any funny stuff, you’ll both suffer. In fact, we don’t really need you at all” said Young, pointing in Matthew’s direction. That sent a shudder through Israel as he knew what Young meant and he didn’t want his friend hurt at all.

Israel was the first to be untied. Johnson firstly pulled the gag out of his mouth and then unpicked all the knots on the ropes which had bound his wrists and body for the last twelve hours. His legs were then untied from the bed’s corners and he was helped to his feet. The boy was unsteady on his feet, having been immobilized for so long and he rubbed his wrists which were rubbed raw by the encircled ropes.
Israel was led along a corridor to the bathroom and was told that he had just ten minutes to shower and go to the toilet. Johnson stood guard at the door whilst the boy took care of his business. After a refreshing shower, Israel put on his clothes and was led back into the kitchen area where he was told to sit on a chair at the kitchen table.

The same procedure was repeated for Matthew and it was not long before both boys were seated at the table, ready for their first meal since they were captured. Each boy was given a chicken burger and a can of Coke, which the men had purchased on their journey from the store to the house. It was hardly a nutritious meal for breakfast but, as hungry as the boys were, they wolfed it down voraciously.

The next problem the men now had was there was no more food in the house for either themselves or the boys. They had not planned to return to the house after they had taken the safe’s money from the store and the little food they brought with them last night had been devoured. So, they had to go into town to but some provisions – enough for three days for the four of them.

What should they do with the boys? Should they tie and gag them and put them in the van as they did at the store? No, that would be too risky, especially in broad daylight. The only solution was to tie up the boys whilst they drove to town, making absolutely sure there was no chance of escape. Should one of the men remain at the house to guard the boys whilst the other went into town, or should both go?
In the end, the men were confident they could secure the boys sufficiently so they would not escape. After all, it was only a ten minute drive into the next town and they would be back in under an hour.

“OK boys, here’s the plans for today. You’re free to wander around this room for a while and talk between yourselves.” Young laid down some ground rules for his captives.
“Don’t even think about trying to get away or calling for help as it’ll get you punished. This place is in the middle of nowhere and no-one’ll hear you if you do yell.” The first sign of trouble from either of you and there’s a cosy little basement that we’ll lock you in for the rest of your visit.”
“Remember, one little slip-up or mistake will mean you’ll spend three days all tied up in the basement. How dya like that, boys?”
Young was trying to sound benevolent and threatening at the same time but the boys knew exactly what would happen if they stepped out of line. Matthew, however, was not going to go down without a fight.

“You know, mister, it’s just about our duty to try to escape, so you’d better be on your guard.” Matthew responded in his typically bravado style.
“Just try it, kid, and you’ll regret it. Even if one of you gets away, the other will suffer and suffer big time. Maybe we’d better tie you up right now and be done with it.” Young’s comments pulled Matthew back into line and into reality very quickly.
“OK, OK, I get the message. We’ll be good.” “But you are going to let us go when you’ve got the money, aren’t you?” Matthew asked the question that both boys had been tossing around in their minds.
“Of course. We won't hurt you if you behave. All we want is the cash from this damn safe then we’ll be on our way out of this dump and out of the State.”

The men spent the next hour or so trying to figure out ways of opening the safe now, rather than to wait three days.
A crowbar might do the job, they guessed. If they tried to jemmy open the safe they might damage the timelock device and be unable to get in. The next option was to blow open the door of the safe with some explosives. As the men were not gifted in this area and had no explosive devices, that idea was also shelved. Also, an explosion might also destroy whatever money was in the safe.
No, they had to wait three days for the timelock to expire.

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Re: Robbery gone wrong

Postby testar » Wed May 24, 2017 6:46 pm

Part 4 ...... Plans for an escape

At around 10.30 the men decided they needed to go into town to get the provisions they required as the waited out three days. Because of Matthew’s previous idle threat of making an escape, if possible, they considered the only way to prevent this was to tie the boys up and put them in the basement.
“Right, boys, here’s what’s going down. We’re going into town for an hour or so to get some food. We can’t trust you, particularly you, blackie, that you won't try to escape. We’re going down to the basement so, if you’d be so kind, each of you grab a chair and off we go.” Young tried to make it sound like a boys adventure but the teenagers knew precisely what he had in mind.

The basement was a solid brick structure alongside the undercover garage with a solid steel door as the only entrance. It was window-less apart from a couple of small apertures high up on the wall. They allowed some light to penetrate from the outside, but were not large enough for a person to crawl through. The room had a lot of junk piled up against the walls. Piles of fish netting, all types of tools, boxes of clothing and assorted other junk. Johnson had brought with him the cardboard box full of ropes and tapes and dumped it in the room.

Young, the man in charge, ordered the boys to place the chairs in the middle of the basement. As they did, Young surprised the boys by asking them their names.
“We can’t keep calling you blackie and blondie, so what’s your names boys?”
“My name’s Israel and my friend here is Matthew.”
“What’s your name, mister?” Matthew cheekily asked.

“You don’t need to know that, kid .... er Matthew.” Young conveniently forgot that Israel knew his partner by sight and by name, and that Johnson had also called him Arnie several times. They really were amateur kidnappers.
“Strange name, Israel? You’re not a Jew are you?”

“Nah” Israel replied. “My folks named me after Israel Boone, a character from a TV show.”

Turning to Johnson, Young said “All right, you take Israel Boone and I’ll take care of Matthew here.”
Johnson took two rolls of duct tape from the cardboard box and threw another two to his partner.
“Let’s tape ‘em to the chairs. That way they’ll be more comfortable than the ropes, ‘specially after they’ve been tied up all night.” Johnson was the more pleasant of the two kidnappers, if kidnappers can be pleasant at all.

“Aw, come on, man. You don’t have to do this. We aint goin’ nowhere.” Matthew protested.
Israel agreed. “Yeah, just lock us in. We can’t get out and we’ll be here when you get back.”

“Yeah, you sure as hell will be. Besides, I’m gonna enjoy this.” Young smirked. “Now sit down and shut up and put your arms on the rest.” Young suddenly became tiresome of the boys’ protests and his tone changed.

The chairs in which the boys were now seated were old-fashioned but sturdy wooden chairs with an arm rest on either side. They had a high back rest which was a little higher than the boys’ heads when they sat down.
Young unwound the tape and taped each of Matthew’s arms to the arm rest. Tape was wound around the arm and the chair three times from his wrist right up to his elbow. The boy was further imprisoned by more layers of tape, ten in all, which was wound tightly around his chest and the back of the chair. The final piece of the taping was when each of Matthew’s legs were taped up at the ankles to a leg of the chair. When Young had finished the taping, Matthew could barely move. He could still wiggle his fingers and move his head around.
Israel suffered the same fate in identical fashion as Johnson got to work on him.

Each of the men then took several strips of the duct tape in order to gag their victims. A long strip, running from ear to ear, was placed over each boy’s mouth and smoothed down. This was repeated another five times so that strips of tape stretched from just under the nose, under the chin and at the top of the neck.
As a final piece of humiliation, Young tore off a long strip of tape and smoothed it over Matthew’s eyes, again from ear to ear. Another four strips blocked out the boy’s vision completely. Israel was watching his friend being blindfolded when Johnson approached him and he, too, had his sight withdrawn.

“There ya go, boys. Comfy? Cosy?” Young chortled. “We’ll be an hour or so, so just relax, have a cup of coffee (laughing) and we’ll see you soon. Bye bye.”

The boys heard the engine of the van rev up in the nearby garage and the sound of it running across the gravel track. When the sound had dissipated, the struggles began.

Neither boy had been bound with tape before as all they used in their playtime tie-ups was rope or cloths. They soon discovered that the sticky substance on the tape prevented them from shifting the tape at all. All their struggles did was to cause a bit of pain as the tape ripped off a few hairs on their arms.
Matthew was the first to realise that their best method of getting out of their bonds was to first get rid of the tape over their eyes and mouths. He mmmpphhed a few words to Israel along those lines though, of course, Israel had no idea what he was trying to convey.
Still able to move his head, Matthew was able to rub the tape over his eyes and mouth on his shoulder. All that did initially was to cause more pain as the tape which made contact with his hair stuck firmly to his hair. Matthew was nothing if not a fighter and he continued the rubbing process until he was able to see out of his left eye. Spurred on by that success, he tried the same method to loosen his tape gag. Together with the rubbing, Matthew tried to chew the tape over his mouth and also to push it out with his tongue. This took all of fifteen minutes but he was finally able to scrape the tape from over his mouth though it was still stuck to his chin and neck areas.
With his partial success in removing the tape, Matthew contemplated what would have happened if the men had wound the tape gag and blindfold all the way around his head instead of just strips on tape. It would have been impossible to remove.

“Izzy, I’ve got this damn tape off my mouth and I can see a little.” Matthew rejoiced to his friend.
Israel grunted an incomprehensible “great” under his gag as he was still stuck fast.

“Iz, if I can get my chair over next to yours, maybe we can work together to untie ourselves. If you can do the same. Just follow my voice and the sound of the chair. We’re not too far apart anyway.”

So the boys began the arduous task of trying to move the heavy chairs across the floor. With their feet taped to the lags it was no easy task. Little by little, inch by inch, the chairs were maneuvered closer to each other. First the back leg, then the front leg of Matthew’s chair made progress. Israel’s chair was barely moving, hampered by the fact that he couldn’t see where he was going. This was taking forever! They had to hurry as the men would be back soon.
It seemed to take an eternity (actually around ten minutes) but eventually the chairs were side by side. Matthew was the only one with sight so he had to do all the work. The tape was too strong for the boys to break and there was no cutting implement to slice the tape. Matthew had to find the end of the tape encircling Israel’s arm and gradually unwind it, again inch by inch. When about three quarters of the tape had been removed, Israel was able to break the remaining strands. He first ripped the tape from his eyes and set about untaping his other arm. He then leant over and untaped Matthew’s arm. The boys were then in a position to unwind the tape from their chests and to free their legs.

“Wow, am I glad to be out of that” Matthew confided to his friend. “Remind me to NEVER use tape in our tie-ups. It’s hurts so damn much when it rips off your arm and the places where it stuck to bits of my hair. Geez!”

“Oh come on Matty, you’re soft. You know for sure I’m gonna tape you up that first opportunity I get.”

After their brief moment of levity, the boys turned their focus to the situation in which they found themselves. Now that they were free of their restraints, what to do now? What could they do when the men returned? Could they overcome their captors and escape?

Matthew made the first suggestion. “Hey, what about that netting over there in the corner? We could throw it over both of them when they come in the door. While they’re trying to entangle themselves, jump on them and we could even tie them up!”
“When we do that, we could grab their car keys and get outta here. I’ve got a learner’s permit so it’ll be a good chance to practice my driving! Even if we can’t do that, we can make a run for it through the woods. We’re bound to come across a main road sooner or later.”
The thought of sweet revenge by turning the tables on their kidnappers resonated in the minds of the two boys. What could possibly go wrong?

Israel sounded a precautionary note. “What if they come in separately? I’ll chuck the net over one and you can be on the other side ready to whack the other one. There’s a metal tray on the bench you can hit him over the head with. We don’t want to kill anyone, just knock him out so we can run for it.”
“Sounds good, Izzy. Let’s get prepared and cross our fingers that everything goes to plan.”

The boys waited and waited and it was nearly half an hour before they heard the can coming up the dirt track. The garage door opened automatically, the van pulled into the garage and two car doors opened and shut. The sound of the men’s footsteps grew louder and louder as the boys prepared for their assault.

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Re: Robbery gone wrong

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Sorry, seem to have been missing out n this one.
It's good to see story of some length being posted.
Thanks for this.
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Re: Robbery gone wrong

Postby testar » Fri May 26, 2017 11:45 pm

Part 5 ...... Escape foiled and tied again

A key unlocked the metal door and in walked one of the men. It was Johnson.
“We’re baaaack, boys. We’ve brought you some goodies so you won't go hungry. Did you miss us?”
“Now, let’s get you untied so that ......”
Johnson was cut off mid-sentence as Israel threw the netting over his head and pulled down hard. The provisions the man was carrying scattered in all directions as he fell to the ground, thrashing around in the netting. Johnson started yelling and cursing his attacker whilst trying to untangle himself from the netting. His screams attracted Young and he also came running through the open door where Matthew was waiting for him.
Matthew hit Young on the head with the metal tray with enough force that the man fell to the ground, momentarily stunned.
“We did it!” Israel rejoiced.
“No time to find the car keys. Let’s run for it.” said the practical Matthew.
The boys would have to take their chances in the woods though they had no idea which way they would run. Maybe follow the dirt track?

The boys made a dash for the garage door. It was locked! No amount of pulling and pushing it made any difference. They would have to find another escape route.
Their only other alternative was to run up the stairs in the house proper and look for a way out through a door or a window. Reaching the top of the stairs they found that this door was also locked. They were trapped, and the men would soon be coming after them!

As Young rushed into the garage with the intention of grabbing the boys, Matthew picked up a hammer he found lying on the floor and moved towards the man.
“Give me your car keys now, or I’ll smash your skull in.”

Young backed away from the menacing boy and almost stumbled over Israel, who had been hiding at the side of the van. The blond teenager was instantly seized by the man, who pulled one arm behind the boy’s back, eliciting a squeal of pain from the boy. He also put Israel in a suffocating headlock which caused his blond locks to distort into all points of the compass.
“Come on, son, I’ve got your friend. If you don’t drop that hammer, I swear I’ll break his neck. Snap it like a twig. Your choice.”

Matthew’s threat was nullified. He knew the man would do what he had stated so he had little option but to give himself up. Young then tossed aside Israel, who was gasping for air, like a rag doll, almost knocking the boy unconscious as he hit the floor. He then approached Matthew and slapped him so hard across his face that the boy also went tumbling floorward.
“I’ll teach you to smash me across the head. You’re gonna pay for that. Both of you.” Young was now in a fit of rage, almost frothing at the mouth.
By this time Johnson had entered the garage, still partially entangled in the netting. “Get me out of this damn thing will you.”
“Ahh, get out yourself. Just hurry up and come to the kitchen. I got plans for these two.” “And bring all the rope and tape with you. I’m gonna make damn sure they won't get loose again.” Young, who had retrieved his gun from his jacket, motioned the boys up the short flight of stairs and into the kitchen/living area. Once there, he told his prisoners to lie face down on the floor with their hands behind their backs. The boys then knew they were in big trouble.

When all four had reached the living area Young motioned to Johnson to dump all the ropes and tape out of the cardboard box onto the carpet. “I’m gonna do these little bastards myself. There’s no way they’ll get themselves free this time. You just keep your gun on them. If they make any sort of a move, shoot ‘em in the leg.”

Both boys were now terrified of the fate that awaited them. They could see that Johnson was clearly livid over their near escape and that he was going to make their lives hell.
“Stay strong Izzy. We’ll get through this somehow.” Matthew whispered to his friend, who was now trembling with fear. “Whatever happens, I’ll always love you.”
This shocked, surprised and delighted Israel as he had always considered Matthew and he the very best of friends, but nothing more. Deep down, though, he knew that his feelings for Matthew were perhaps a little more than he had led himself to believe. He squeezed his friend’s hand in response, saying only that “You’re a good friend, Matty. I’ll always treasure our time together.”

Young had overheard their whispered conversation. “Well, aint that cute! Two lovebirds, ehh! Well, you’re gonna a lot of time together, all tied up.” “Now, let’s get started.”

“You first, big boy .... er, Matthew.”

Young grabbed a six foot length of rope and tied it tightly over Matthew’s crossed hands (behind his back) both horizontally and vertically half a dozen times, knotting the rope every second turn. When that was completed, duct tape was stretched over the ropes and the boy’s wrists, smothering all trace of the rope. Another short length of rope was then tied around his waist, trapping his bound hands against his body. Again, copious amounts of duct tape covered these ropes.
After Israel received the same treatment, Young grabbed both boys and pulled them together back to back. “Since ya love each other so much, howdya like to spend some quality time together.” Young chortled.
Israel blushed at the man’s comments, whilst Matthew wanted to embrace his friend, but not tied up together.

Young produced a 20 foot length of rope from the bundle on the floor and proceeded to cocoon the boys with the rope. Starting at their waists, the rope was tied with all the strength that Young could muster, tugging it so much that the boys overbalanced several times. When the rope reached their chests, some of it was snaked under their armpits and some wound over their chests and arms in the biceps area. After he had run out of rope, Young produced a couple of rolls of duct tape and began mummifying the boys from the top of their shoulders to their waists. The boys were now joined together as one.

The boys were then ordered to sit down on the floor but, wrapped up as they were, this proved virtually impossible without them falling heavily. The men then helped the boys to sit down.
Young took two more coils of rope, about six feet in length and began to tie up the boys’ legs. He crossed their legs and tied the boys’ ankles in the same manner as their wrists. Loops of rope encircled their ankles horizontally and vertically, again with knots on most turns. As with their wrists, duct tape was wrapped over the ropes which tied their ankles. The boys could now not stand up and faced a long period of sitting on the floor.

Still, Young was not finished with his punishment of his captives. Motioning towards Johnson, he said “Go find me a couple of sponges. I need to silence these kids. Can you also find those rags we gagged them with last night?”
The thought of being gagged for an extended period set off both boys in a frenzy.
“Come on mister, don’t do this. Please. Please. We’ll be quiet.” Israel was now whining and pleading not to be gagged. Matthew also hated the prospect of being gagged again. “Listen to Izzy will you. Please, sir, you don’t have to gag us. You won't hear a peep out of us. Promise.” “I’m sorry for what we did to you.”

Young was unsympathetic. “You’re right about that, young fella. We won't hear a sound from you when I’ve finished gagging you. So polite, too, ehh! You’ve sure changed your tune, haven’t you?”

A large sponge that Johnson had taken from the bathroom was stuffed into Israel’s mouth. It was further pressed in when the knotted cloth was tied over it and knotted at the back of the boy’s head. As Young was preparing to silence Matthew the same way, a last act of defiance came from his mouth. “Damn you, damn you to hell. When I get outta this, I’m gonna ...... mmmpphh” his words were cut off when a sponge was inserted and the cleave gag tied tightly over it.

One final touch was made by Young as he reached for another roll of duct tape. He then wound the tape over the sponge and cloth gags, passing around each boy’s head at least half a dozen times. The tape went from just under the boys’ noses all the way to the bottom of their necks. There was no earthly way that either boy could remove his gag now.
Matthew’s fears from earlier in the day that a wraparound tape gag would be impossible to break or remove now materialized. The hair of both boys was long enough that a few inches protruded at the bottom of the tape gags. Their beautiful manes were now trapped by layers of duct tape, making any movement of their heads from side to side quite painful. Young had used black duct tape on the gags and it contrasted well with Israel’s blond hair, but blended in with Matthew’s equally black locks.

“There you are, kids. All done.” Young trumpeted triumphantly. “This is your punishment for what you did earlier.” “No more running around and no more talking.” “You’re stay this way until we get that safe open ... and maybe even longer.”

‘Two more days tied and gagged like this!’ thought Matthew. ‘He wouldn’t be so cruel, surely. We’re gonna die like this.’

The boys tried to shuffle their bound bodies into a comfortable position, as much as they could. This was no easy task as they could barely move their upper bodies, though they were able to maneuvre their feet to relieve the strain of the ropes. Their hands, roped and taped, were useless and they were also wedged against their mate’s body and trapped by layers of duct tape. They could also not talk to each other because of the restrictive gags of sponge, cloth and tape. The only consolation was that they were not blindfolded but, even then, they could barely turn their heads to look into each other’s eyes. Also, too much wriggling about or struggling would result in them toppling over onto their sides and unable to right themselves.

They were now stuck, well and truly. Matthew and Israel were now completely at the mercy of their captors .... and Young was still mad at them. Whatever fate awaited them at the end of this ordeal, they would face it together. With that thought in their minds, small consolation that it was, the boys settled down to a long, long period of immobility on the living room floor.

With their captives safely ‘tucked away’, with no hope of escape, the men tried to figure out their next moves.
How could they open the safe before the time expired on the lock?
Should they just abandon the whole idea as they had no knowledge of exactly how much money was in the safe.
How do they successfully restrain the two boys for another two days in a way that they could not escape. They couldn’t leave them tied up as they were for more than a few hours.
What do they do with these two pesky kids now that they had seen their faces? Could they afford to just let them go or do they somehow put the fear of God into them to ensure they would not go to the authorities. They hadn’t planned to keep one boy, let alone two, captive as they believed they would get the cash from the safe at the hardware store.
One sinister thought came to one of the men. Perhaps they might be able to hold the boys to ransom. After all, the money they would get from a ransom for two boys would be much, much more than the contents of the safe.

During the afternoon the men did attempt to lever open the safe and toyed with the idea of breaking the safe with a hammer. However, the levering attempt failed and it was thought that any attempt to hammer their way in might damage the lock and they may not be able to get into the safe at all.

The men periodically checked on the welfare of the boys and also made sure their bonds and gags were still secure. After all, they didn’t want either boy to die on them, especially if the decided to ask for ransoms for them.
Because of their failed escape attempts earlier that day, the men were in no mood to take any pity on their captives. They would remain tied indefinitely.

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Re: Robbery gone wrong

Postby testar » Tue May 30, 2017 6:45 pm

Part 6 ...... Sunday - more of the same

As dusk fell and the night approached, the boys had to be bedded down for the night. The men contemplated tying the boys in a spread-eagle fashion as they had done on the first night. That would take time, untying and re-tying the boys.
Before that occurred, the boys were permitted a short bathroom visit. Their feet were untied but their upper bodies remained bound and taped and their gags also remained in place. To the utter humiliation of the boys, they had to allow the men to pull their shorts down and then pull them back up. This had not happened to either boy since they were babies.

After the bathroom visit, each boy was laid face down on a bed. The boys’ ankles were then tied with rope cuffs which were then tied to the end of the bed. The second night of imprisonment was going to be a long and uncomfortable eight or ten hours. Sleep would normally have been difficult but, so exhausted were they from their bondage since mid-day, they slowly drifted off into a fitful sleep.

Dawn on Sunday morning marked nearly forty hours since the boys were snatched from the hardware store owned by Israel’s father, Richard Barker.
Mr. Barker had brought his wife home from hospital during Saturday after her leg injury had been treated. He had attempted to phone his son in the afternoon but did not get any response from his mobile phone. He did not think this was unusual as Israel and his friend Matthew often went camping or fishing over the weekend. He then called Matthew’s parents on Sunday morning to ask them what the two boys had been up to on the Saturday and asked if he could speak to his son.
However, when Mr. Barker was informed that neither Matthew, nor Israel, had come home on Friday evening, he was perplexed and a little worried. Eddie and Cheryl Dale, Matthew’s parents, had assumed that their son had gone to Israel’s house for the night and were together during Saturday.
The parents of both Matthew and Israel then became very concerned. A few more telephone calls to some close friends of the two boys had yielded no information as to their whereabouts. The two boys were missing!

The Barkers and the Dales then began a systematic search of places they knew their sons often frequented. Camping sites, fishing sites, the local mall, a local youth centre and a couple of sports fields were visited. There was no sighting of the teenagers and no indications they had been at these venues in the last twenty-four hours.
A call was made to the local police station to report the boys missing. Though sympathetic, the police told the worried parents that the boys could not be classified as ‘missing persons’ until they had been missing for forty-eight hours. After all, young boys often went AWOL from their homes for short periods, either as runaways, on a boys’ own adventure or just to get out of their parents’ hair.
So, as the parents of both boys would not receive assistance from the police for another full day, all they could do is wait at home and hope that their sons would call them. Mr. Barker vowed that he would give Israel a real scolding when he next saw him. It was unlike Israel to disappear for a whole day without making some contact with his parents.

Meanwhile, at 7.00 a.m. on Sunday morning, the abductors went to wake up the two boys and untie them from the beds. Both boys were already awake, having had a restless night during which they slept in fits and starts for just a few hours. They had been tied to the beds for almost 12 hours and were barely able to make any movements in that time, so securely were they bound.

The boys were told that they would each be freed of all their restraints and would be permitted to take a shower, then have some breakfast.
Johnson went to Matthew and Young to Israel and both men proceeded to untie the boys’ ankles. They used knives to cut the duct tape around the boys’ bodies and their wrists. So they could re-use the ropes, the men untied the ropes rather than cut them. Because of the many, many knots in the coils of ropes, it took almost half an hour to completely release the boys from their bonds. The boys were then allowed to take off their gags themselves instead of having them ripped off by the men. It was a slow and painful procedure as the tape had stuck to the boys’ long hair and was also tangled in their hair. Piece by piece and inch by inch Matthew and Israel unwound the tape. They then untied the cleave gag and spat out the saliva soaked sponges which were wedged in their mouths. The sponges had collected all their saliva their bodies could produce, resulting in horribly dry mouths and two boys desperate for a drink of water.

Matthew was the first to respond as he put his arm around Israel and said “Are you OK, Izzy?”
Referring to his earlier declaration that he loved his friend “ I meant what I said earlier, bud. I just wish I had told you years ago.”
Israel was a bit more reticent about revealing his deep down true feelings and all he could say was “Let’s just be best friends for now, Matty. Maybe something’ll develop down the track, OK?”

Matthew now turned to the kidnappers “You really didn’t have to keep us tied for so long. You’re so damn cruel, both of you. You know what’s going to happen to you when they find out you’ve kidnapped two kids, don’t you?”

“Careful, careful. I can keep both of you tied for a lot longer, if that’s what you want. Do you?” Matthew shook his head. “No-one will find us once this is over. We’ll be long gone with the money.” Young sounded so confident.

The boys were escorted to the bathroom by both men and were given their privacy so they could have their showers in peace. As the bathroom had only a small window above head height, there was no way of escape.
Both boys noticed that their wrists were red raw from their ropes which had bound them for more than twelve hours. Matthew saw his image in the mirror he also noticed that his long black hair, which was always in pristine condition and styled perfectly, was very bedraggled. Matthew and Israel had always been very proud of their long locks, having them combed and styled meticulously. They once had a competition to see how long they could grow their hair before their parents objected and told them to get it cut. Matthew’s hair had grown way below shoulder length, so he won the competition. It was now still quite long, several inches above shoulder level and well groomed. Or at least it was on Friday night before his abduction and the duct tape which had flattened it.
Israel’s hair was probably in worse condition as the blondness had been darkened in patches where he had sweated under the duct tape. His hair was also jutting out in all directions.

The boys showered together, which they had never done before. This act reinforced Matthew’s feelings for Israel and made Israel re-evaluate his thoughts about his friendship with Matthew. Still, Israel mused, there would be plenty of time to develop this friendship after this ordeal was over.

Following their showers, the boys dried and combed their long hair as best they could. They then dressed themselves and stepped out of the bathroom where the men were waiting for them.

“All right boys, here’s what I want you to do.” said Young as he clasped his hands together and put his forearms parallel to each other. “It’s just a little insurance to make sure you don’t get up to any mischief.”
The boys did as they instructed but were surprised when both Young and Johnson approached them with rolls of duct tape. The tape was wrapped around each boy’s wrists and the wrapping was continued all the way up to their elbows. The process was repeated a second time until all the skin on the boys’ forearms disappeared from view. Tape was then wrapped a dozen times around their upper bodies, trapping their upper arms against their chests. With their arms taped up as they were, all the boys could do was to hold their taped arms skywards.

Back in the kitchen, the teenagers were told to sit on the chairs and they were then supplied with some food for breakfast. It consisted of a couple of pieces of toast with jam spreading and a fairly large microwaved meat pizza. It was not a normal breakfast fare for either boy. However, as they were both desperately hungry, they wolfed down the food in double quick time. They were each given a mug of coffee but, because of the manner in which their arms were taped, they had to be very careful not to spill the liquid on themselves.

When breakfast had been devoured, the boys were told they would be given some freedom for most of the day. They were told that, if they behaved themselves, they would not be gagged or blindfolded until later in the day when the men had some work to do outside.
The men still had memories of the boys’ escape attempt a day earlier. To ensure that another attempt would not be possible, each boy was told to clasp their hands together and interlock their fingers. With their hands in a ball, copious amounts of tape was wound around and around their hands and fingers. Not only were their arms mummified but so, too, were their hands.
Young gave the boys a warning that “You can wander around the kitchen and living room and have a little chat. But, if you try anything like trying to bite that tape on your hands, we’ve got plenty more tape to cover your mouths. Understand boys?”
“Yes sir” mumbled Israel “We’ll behave. Just don’t gag us. It hurts our hair when we take it off.”

Five hours passed, though it seemed much longer for the imprisoned teenagers. They spent the time with small talk, but particularly lamenting the fact that they had missed their baseball game yesterday. Their teammates would have wondered why they were absent as both had been regulars with the Cubs for several years. Surely they would have raised the alarm with their coach and with their parents.
Israel thought that his father would also be worried as he always let him know where he was at any given time. The fact that he hadn’t phoned his father in more than a day must have raised a red flag. He was very close to his parents and they would probably be looking for him by now.
In direct contrast, Matthew often went absent for a couple of days at a time, so his parents would probably think he was off roaming around the countryside as he often did.

As lunch time approached, hunger pains were rumbling in the boys’ stomachs. Israel yelled as loud as he could to get the attention of the men. After several minutes of calling out, Young came running into the room, calling out to Johnson at the same time.

In a fit of rage Young punched Israel to the ground and lifted him bodily, slamming him down on the chair. A sponge was then shoved into his mouth. Young then grabbed a new roll of duct tape and wound it, tightly, several times over the blond’s stuffed mouth and around his head.
More tape was then wrapped half a dozen times around Israel’s legs just above his knees, his taped arms were then pulled down on top of those wrappings and another half dozen circles of duct tape secured his arms to his legs. Israel’s legs were still unbound below his knees but Young fixed this by tying his ankles with a length of rope and cinching the rope tightly.

Matthew was watching wide-eyed as his boyfriend was being taped up, at times pleading with Young not to be so cruel to his friend. Of course, Young was in no mood to listen to Matthew’s pleas.
Still in a vile mood, Young then pushed Matthew down on to another chair and repeated what he had just done to Israel. Matthew’s legs were taped above the knees, his arms were taped to his legs and his ankles were bound with rope. And, of course, there was the tape gag that Matthew loathed intensely. Firstly, a sponge was inserted, then duct tape was wound around and around his head. His long hair, which by now had dried after the shower, was once again trapped under layers of duct tape. All Matthew could think of was the pain he would endure when the tape gag eventually came off.
When the taping had been completed, the chairs to which the boys were taped were lifted so that the boys were back to back. More rope was produced by Johnson who proceeded to wrap it around the chairs and the bodies of the boys, using the whole 30 feet of the coil of rope.
Matthew had tried to kick Young with his trussed up legs whilst the man was taping him up. As punishment for that, Young got down on his knees and tied another piece of rope around the boy’s ankles, tugged on it, and attached it to Israel’s ankles. This dragged the lower legs of both boys off the ground as the rope was taut between their two sets of ankles. No more kicking from Matthew!

The boys were told they would not be given any food for the evening meal, and that they would remain tied and taped to the chairs for the night.
The boys’ second day of captivity came to an end.

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Re: Robbery gone wrong

Postby xtc » Wed May 31, 2017 3:20 am

Keep going. Thakns for the tale so far.
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Re: Robbery gone wrong

Postby testar » Fri Jun 02, 2017 6:36 pm

Part 7 ...... It's now a ransom situation

Both Israel and Matthew had long since given up the idea of trying to break out of their bonds as neither the rope nor the tape had barely moved. They were able to get a few hours’ sleep on Sunday night though each boy woke up with sore necks from the angle at which their heads had fallen whilst asleep.

When dawn broke on Monday morning the men decided to release their captives from the chairs so they could go for a toilet break. Their ankles were untied, the tape which secured their arms to their legs was cut and the tape which had imprisoned their almost numb hands for several hours was unwound. The boys were not permitted to remove their gags and the duct tape which was wound around their legs just above the knees, and the tape around their forearms, stayed in place. The tape around their forearms had loosened a little but the double layers kept it mostly in place. With the tape still wrapped around their thigh areas, the boys were able to take only small steps on their way to the toilet. With their forearms still taped, the boys had great difficulty in lowering and pulling up their shorts.
There was no breakfast for the boys this morning.
The men were not allowing any freedom to the two boys, other than to let them wander around the living room or to sit on the chairs.

Hours dragged by very slowly on the Monday for Matthew and Israel. They had been kidnapped on Friday night and had spent almost three days with their kidnappers. They had spent almost the entire time either tied up, taped up and gagged and occasionally blindfolded.
All they could do during the day was to walk slowly around the room and trying to comfort each other with soulful eyes and muted grunting sounds from beneath the layers of duct tape covering their mouths. They could easily have removed the tape around their mouths, arms and legs from each other as their hands were not taped. Israel did make a move to rip the gag from around Matthew’s mouth but the black-haired teenager quickly withdrew, shaking his head. He knew that, even if they freed each other, they could not get out of the house without alerting their captors. They would also most certainly then be tied and gagged much more severely.
With their freedom restricted and little to do, the boys at one stage snuggled up together on the bed in the adjacent bedroom and went to sleep for a couple of hours.

The boys’ thoughts occupied them for most of the day. They were becoming more and more fearful of what would happen to them on the Tuesday after the men had opened the safe and taken the contents. Would they be released unharmed or would the men kill them?
After all, they had seen the men’s faces and would be able to identify them to the police at a later date. The men had been relatively kind to them thus far, apart from their bondage, but would they take the chance of being identified? How could they devise another escape attempt? As they were tied up and gagged and could not communicate with each other, what could they do? The only time they were not tied was when they went to the bathroom but, even then, they were under observation by the men all the time. If they could just get the men’s guns there may be a chance. Even that plan was flawed however as the men kept their guns on their persons most of the time.
The situation was hopeless.

Towards dusk Johnson, the kinder of the two men, suggested to Young that the boys should be untaped and given some food, as they had been taped up nearly all day. Fortunately, Young agreed.

“Come here, boys” Young motioned to the teenagers to approach him. “Here’s what gonna happen to you tomorrow”
The boys sort of froze and gulped behind their gags. This was the news they were waiting for. Would it be good or bad?

“We’re gonna take that tape off you now and give you your final meal.” That didn’t sound too promising!
The tape was ripped off the boys’ arms and legs, causing a few squeals from the boys as a number of hairs came off with the tape. “You can take off the gags yourselves.” Young showed some compassion at last.
Each boy peeled off the layers of duct tape from around their heads, trying not to bring too much hair with it.
“Right. You can have some food, then we’ll tuck you into bed for the night.” said Young without actually saying they would be tied to the bed.
“We don’t want to harm you kids but we had to keep you tied up until we get this damn safe open tomorrow. We couldn’t risk you running away and notifying the cops where we are.”
“When we get the cash tomorrow, we’ll tie you up so that you can get loose in a couple of hours. You can then get back to the main road and someone’ll pick you up. Then you can go back home to your folks and forget this ever happened. By that time we’ll be long gone out of the State.”
As if the men had read the minds of their captives, they informed the boys late on Monday evening what they had planned for the next day. They told Matthew and Israel that they did not intend harming either of them. They just wanted the money from the safe and they would then disappear from the boys’ lives completely.
The boys were very relieved when told of the men’s plans. This would make their last night of captivity so much easier to bear.

Matthew and Israel were free of their bonds for virtually the first time since Friday evening. The two boys and the two men sat down at the kitchen table as if they were one big happy family. The only oddity was that the men still had their guns at the ready.
Meal time for the boys consisted of a chicken burger and a huge pizza, washed down by a can of Coke. Not very nutritious, but hungry boys will eat anything.

At around 9.00 p.m. the boys were ‘tucked in to bed’ as Young put it. They were actually tied spread-eagled in a X fashion – the left hand tied to the top corner of the bed and the right ankle to the opposite bottom corner and vice versa for the right hand and left ankle. They were not gagged or blindfolded, but the boys were under threat that, if they did call out during the night, that would occur.
“Go to sleep, Izzy, we’ve got a big day coming tomorrow. At last we’ll get out of this hell hole and back home. I can’t wait.” All the fight had now gone out of Matthew and all he wanted was for this drama to end.
“I’m really, really sorry you got dragged in to all this, Matt. If only I hadn’t called you on Friday to come to the store, they would’ve just taken me instead.” Israel was now blubbering, inconsolable that he had brought his friend into danger.
“Come on, mate, you weren’t to know. I’m just glad I’m here to give you some moral support. Nothing’s going to happen and we’ll laugh about all this later on. Some adventure, hey?” Matthew was now more like a big brother than a lover as he attempted to bring some levity to the situation.

Both Matthew and Israel slept for most of the night but each awoke around 6.00 a.m., excited by the prospect of their impending release. The men also were up at the crack of dawn, in anticipation of the big payday that was coming their way.
Both boys were untied, a sign that the men now trusted their captives not to attempt any escape. Following another bathroom visit, each boy was given some breakfast which consisted of some toast, a bowl of porridge and a cup of coffee. Israel absolutely hated porridge but he gulped it down reluctantly.

The timelock on the safe was due to expire at 8.00 a.m. Coming up to the hour, Israel was asked to repeat the code he had given the men on Friday night. The blond teenager gave the code – 536237. His father had told him that, in the event of a hold-up at the hardware store, he should co-operate with the thieves. After all, Mr. Barker said, money can always be replaced but a person’s life is sacrosanct. Israel’s father loved using big words, to confuse and educate his son.

The code was inserted into the safe and it opened instantly. One of the men grabbed the wad of notes that was stacked inside and prepared to count the money. They had anticipated something like $20,000 for their troubles, based on the sales of the hardware store over the previous week. It very soon became obvious that the money in the safe was nowhere near that amount. In fact, only around $500 in notes and a few dozen coins were there!
Israel mind flashed back to Friday afternoon when his father told him he was going to take some of the money from the safe with him and keep it at home. Israel had no idea the amount of cash his father had taken.

Both men were furious at the turn of events and Young, in a fit of rage, threw all the banknotes in the direction of Israel and stormed over towards the blond. He demanded to know what sort of prank the boys had pulled and where the rest of the money was. Israel was in shock with the man screaming in his face and tried to explain the situation.
“Pop must have taken most of it when he left. I don’t know how much he took and I didn’t know how much cash was left. Please mister, you gotta believe me. I didn’t know!” Israel was shaking as Young took a fistful of his shirt, almost lifting the blond off the ground.

Not satisfied with the Israel’s answer, Young was now screaming at the top of his voice. After keeping the boys captive since Friday, all the men had to show for their robbery was a mere $500.
“All we got is a lousy five hundred bucks. What a bloody waste of time ..... and we’ve still got these two brats here.” “I reckon we might as well get rid of ‘em right now and get outta here.” Young still had hold of Israel and he reached into his jacket, pulled out his gun and aimed it at the blond’s head.
“No, please, don’t do it! I’ll .... I’ll get you more money. Don’t shoot me.” Israel tried to talk Young out of doing anything stupid, like killing him.
“Don’t shoot Izzy. Like he said, we can get more money for you. Please, please don’t shoot.” Matthew was now crying, pleading for his friend’s life.

Johnson, meanwhile, was horrified at the turn of events and did not want to be involved in killing any boys. “Put it down, Arnie, you don’t want to do this. It’s not worth it.” said Johnson as he tried to wrestle the gun from his partner.
In the ensuing struggle, the gun was fired. Johnson managed to move the weapon out of the line of Israel and the bullet narrowly missed the boy’s head. It was a close shave.

“All right, all right, you’ve made your point.” Young addressed Johnson. Turning to the shaken boys “Just sit down on the bed while we sort out what to do now.”

The men struck up an animated conversation as to how they should proceed. They were still desperate for the money they felt was owed to them and tried to think of a way to bring this about. In a rational moment, Young came up with the idea that, maybe, they could get some ransom money for the safe return of the boys. In their heart of hearts, neither man wanted to harm the boys though they still wanted some ready cash.

Being locals in the town, the men knew that Israel’s father owned the hardware store and that he also owned another grocery store in the town. They thought they could get a hefty ransom from the Barkers for the return of their son. They had little information about Matthew and his parents so they began to interrogate him about his family connections.

Firstly, Israel was forced to divulge his father’s telephone number, so that the kidnappers could contact him. Israel also knew the Dale’s telephone details, so he supplied that also. The Dales, the abductors discovered from Matthew’s interrogation, were wealthy bankers and owned a couple of banks in a nearby town.

With this information at their disposal, the men surmised they should be able to get a huge payout from the two families if they wanted their sons back alive. What amount of money should they ask for? The $20,000 they had hoped to gain from the safe now seemed insignificant when compared to what they could obtain for their two captives. With dollar signs flashing before their eyes, the consequences of them getting caught and landing in jail never entered their minds. The felony count had risen from plain robbery to aggravated robbery and now kidnapping. The men, who were simply amateur thieves, would now become big time and wanted criminals. They didn’t plan on getting caught and, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in their possession, they believed they could skip the State and maybe even the country.

The men finally settled on a ransom of $250,000 for each boy – half a million dollars in total. Once they received the money, they would split up and disappear from sight. It all seemed so simple.
They now had to make plans to contact the boys’ parents and arrange collection of the ransoms. They also had to convince the parents that their sons were still alive, so pictures had to be taken of their captives.

Now the men had to make sure the boys could not escape. They were suddenly valuable assets!
They had to be tied up and tied very securely.

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Re: Robbery gone wrong

Postby xtc » Sat Jun 03, 2017 1:55 am

Still enjoying this.
Take your time - just get on with it! - I can wait (drums fingers on the table).
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Re: Robbery gone wrong

Postby alkaid_ » Sat Jun 03, 2017 10:05 am



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Re: Robbery gone wrong

Postby bondagefreak » Sat Jun 03, 2017 8:45 pm

I'm not up to the date with the chapters yet, since I just noticed this today.

Nevertheless, I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that this is wonderful work.
Please, keep writing!

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Re: Robbery gone wrong

Postby testar » Thu Jun 08, 2017 6:19 pm

Part 8 ...... Matthew in peril, but where is Israel?

Matthew was the first to be tied up. He was ordered to lie face down on the bed. His hands were brought behind him with palms facing each other. Rope then encircled his wrists half a dozen times, then cinched between them. His elbows suffered the same fate. Duct tape was then wound around the rope. More rope then was tied around his chest, pinning his arms to his body.
Moving on to his legs, a similar procedure was enacted. Rope was tied around his ankles, then cinched, and a similar amount of rope tied his legs just above his knees and that, too, was cinched. Again, duct tape covered the rope restraints.
When Matthew was bound to the men’s satisfaction, they turned their attention to the blond Israel. The boy shuddered at the thought of being trussed up in the same manner as his friend, but he knew he had no choice – no say in the matter at all.
Israel’s mind flashed back to the times he and Matthew had occasionally played tie-up games with each other in year gone by. Ropes and cleave gags were the main weapons of choice in these games. Duct tape was rarely used and, most times, they did not employ blindfolds on each other. Hogties were quite common but the knots on the ropes were almost always accessible to the victim and he could usually be freed of his bonds within half an hour or so.
Israel remembered one time when, for some reason, Matthew became quite angry at him and tied him tighter than he ever had before. His friend had used an enormous amount of rope to tie his hands, legs and body in a strict hogtie. He had also been gagged and blindfolded with duct tape by Matthew who told him he would never release him. No amount of struggling had any effect on his bonds and no amount of muffled pleading through his gag could persuade his friend to untie him.
After about three hours, Matthew’s anger had subsided sufficiently and he untied Israel and removed his gag and blindfold. In a funny way, Israel rather enjoyed being the prisoner and under the control of his good friend. He did, though, long for the opportunity to return the favour on Matthew.

There was no need, for the present at least, to gag and blindfold the boys. After all, they had to show that the boys were still alive when they sent off the ransom photos.

Telephone calls were then made to both boys’ parents, issuing the ransom demands and instructions for the delivery of the money. An ultimatum of one day, i.e. Wednesday evening, was given for the delivery of the ransoms. The men reasoned that, due to Mr. Dale’s extreme wealth, he would have no trouble raising the ransom for his son. He could also bankroll a similar amount for the ransom of the Barker’s son. They also thought that the limited time would not allow the families to contact the police, or at least not allow the police to organise themselves.
Young and Johnson were very much amateur thieves and they now had become very amateur kidnappers. They really had not thought about their plans carefully, so anxious were they to get their hands on the money.
The boys would now have to endure another 24 hours of being tied up. The desperation of the men now over-rode their sense of taking care of their captives. They didn’t plan on releasing either boy from their current tied-up situation until the ransom money was in their hands. Toilet breaks and meals would now be cancelled.

Wednesday morning dawned and the boys wrists, arms, upper bodies and legs were still cocooned under the masses of rope and duct tape. Meals were not taken by either the men or the boys as the deadline for collection of the ransoms became all encompassing.

In the late afternoon the boys were prepared for their final trip out of their prison and on their way to meet the families.

When the boys had first been delivered to the house which had been their prison for several days, they had been blindfolded. To ensure that they could not identify the location of the house, the men decided they should again be blindfolded when they left the house. Duct tape was again wound around the heads of the teenagers as this was the best method of shutting out all light. And, of course, there were the dreaded duct tape gags, which Matthew hated.
The boys were bundled into the van for their trip and the final indignity was to again be put into strict hogties, just to make absolutely sure they could not run away.

The men had again made contact with the boys’ parents and made arrangements for delivery of the ransom money. It had been determined that Israel had an older brother, 19 year old Darren. It was he who was to deliver the money to the chosen spot.

Darren was to drive, alone, to a secluded lake just outside of town. The lake was almost hidden by thick scrub and vehicles could not approach closer than half a mile from the lake. In the past, it had been possible to drive right up to the lake but bush and scrub had long since overgrown the dirt track. Darren was to bring two satchels with the money and deliver it to one of the men. The Dales and the Barkers were under instructions not to get police involved if they wanted their sons back alive.

At around 6.00 p.m. as dusk was starting to envelope the evening, Darren pulled up at the lake’s location and forced his way through the scrub to the lake’s edge. As he came into the clearing at the lake he was greeted with the sight of one teenager standing on a small jetty which jutted out 20 feet from the lake’s edge. He was being held firmly by a masked man who appeared to be holding a gun. The boy had been released from his hogtie, but he was tied with ropes and duct tape which seemed to cover large parts of his anatomy. He was also gagged and blindfolded with tape.

In the gathering gloom Darren could not determine the identity of the boy as duct tape was covering much of his face. As he got closer to the jetty he realised that the boy was, in fact, Israel’s friend Matthew Dale and not his brother.
“I’ve got the money you wanted.” Darren called out to the masked man. “That’s Matt that you’ve got there. Where’s my brother?”

“I’ll tell you soon. Just drop the bags on the ground and walk slowly towards the jetty. You can collect the kid when I’ve got the money and I’ll let you know where to collect the other kid.” Young, who was the masked man, gave directions to Darren Barker.

“No way, man. You produce Israel now or you’re not getting anything. Do it now!” Darren threatened.

Young was in no mood to argue. “Hey, you listen, bud. I’m calling the shots here. If you don’t follow orders, I’ll throw the kid in the water and you’ll have to fish him out. And you’ll never find your brother. Is that what you want?”

“OK, OK, you win, just don’t hurt Matt.” Darren gave in. “There, the money’s in these satchels. Two fifty in each, just as you ordered.”

Young gave more orders to Darren. “Right, good lad. Now walk slowly to the end of the jetty and, remember, I’ve got my gun trained on the boy.”
Darren did as he was directed and stopped at the end of the jetty, on the opposite side to where Young and Matthew were standing. He was surprised at what Young then told him.
“Right, next step. First, throw your car keys into the lake. Next, there’s a piece of rope at your feet. Pick it up and tie it tightly around your ankles. When you’ve done that, I want you to jump into the water.” “Stay there ‘till I’ve gone, then you can take the kid.”

“Hey, what? You’re crazy. No way, man.”

“Do it, or I’ll shoot the boy. “yelled Young.

“Geez, what a nutter.” murmured Darren. “But first tell me where Israel is, will you?”

“Oh that.” “There’s a note in this kid’s pocket telling you where you can pick him up.”

Darren reluctantly tied his ankles with the rope and, fully clothed, jumped into the lake. When he surfaced, he saw the man and Matthew on the other side of the jetty. To his horror, he saw the man push Matthew backwards and into the water. The man then ran towards the money bags, snatched them up and disappeared into the bush.

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Re: Robbery gone wrong

Postby mikeybound » Fri Jun 09, 2017 3:54 pm

Okay they need to pay. Those double crossing bastards!

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Re: Robbery gone wrong

Postby xtc » Sat Jun 10, 2017 2:50 am

I wonder whether Matt has been trained in Georgian swimming?
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Re: Robbery gone wrong

Postby kidnapplz » Wed Jun 14, 2017 2:45 pm

Love this story well done sir.

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Re: Robbery gone wrong

Postby licensetotie » Fri Aug 04, 2017 2:20 am

Heyyyy testar. :mrgreen:
I know you don't really know me but I go by the name Licensetotie and I'm a gid writer myself (In another locale I mean. :P ). I've been visiting this site and reading the stories here for years (Pretty much since I was just a little kid.) and just recently I got an invite from Canuck to join the page "officially" and maybe share a few of my stories here.

Well...I literally JUST joined, haven't really decided yet If I'm going to post any of my stuff here or not BUT, anyway there was only ONE thing I wanted to do here as my first official post on SOTUG...and that's tell you how friggin' completely awetastic your stories are and that you're without a doubt one of my new favorite tie up story authors OF ALL TIMEEEE!!!! :D

So yeah...I REALLYY REALLYYyyyy hope you'll continue this story and your other one (The Four Amigos) asap because I can't even tell you how mega much I've been checking this site for the past few weeks just for the sole reason of seeing if you'd updated them! :bound: Seriously've got me hooked hella BAD here! So pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm begging you! Don't leave me and the rest of your fans hanging! Hook us up with some new chapters here! :D

P.S. Did I mention your writing style is fantabulous? :P

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Re: Robbery gone wrong

Postby testar » Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:19 am

Part 9 (FINAL) ....... Friends for life

Matthew was still tied up with rope and tape, gagged and blindfolded and, as such, he sank like a stone. Darren now had to swim to the other side of the jetty, locate Matthew in the dark and bring him to the surface before he drowned. With his legs still tied, it was no easy task even though Darren was a good swimmer.

It seemed like an eternity, but actually only just over a minute, when Darren touched the submerged teenager in the murky water. He grabbed Matthew around his waist but, with his feet still tied, was himself floundering as his tried to lift the boy up to the surface. He then had to paddle the 20 feet to the shore where he had to quickly untie Matthew but first had to remove his gag. Though the boy could not have swallowed any water through his mouth, a large amount of liquid would have been ingested through is nose.
As Darren lay on the bank of the lake with the boy, both still half submerged in water, he tugged at the tape covering Matthew’s mouth. With some difficulty he unwound it but became concerned when he could not hear Matthew breathing. Darren immediately started mouth to mouth resuscitation, but it was several terrifying moments before he detected any life from the still trussed up teenager. Matthew coughed up copious amounts of putrid water but at least he was still alive.
Groping around in the dark, Darren tried in vain to find the ends of the tape which bound Matthew, or some knots in the ropes which encircled him. He could find neither and could not even unwind the tape blindfold for fear of ripping out half of Matthew’s hair.

Dragging Matthew completely out of the lake, Darren laid him on the ground and reassured him that he was now safe. Matthew was in shock, trembling and crying but was comforted by the presence of his saviour. Darren told his brother he would have to return to his car to get a flashlight and a knife so that he could cut Matthew’s bindings. This proved to be a difficult prospect as Darren had to firstly untie his own feet and then stumble through thick bush in the dark simply to find his vehicle. It took him almost ten minutes to find his car and to return to Matthew, who had now lapsed into unconsciousness.

All the ropes and tape were eventually cut from Matthew. Darren also carefully unwound the tape from around the boy’s eyes as he knew just how Matthew adored his flowing locks, even though they were now tangled, muddied and messed around terribly.
Darren had to carry the boy back to his car and, as he was placing him on the front seat, Matthew began to stir. Concerned for the teenager’s well-being, Darren’s overwhelming belief was that he should transport him to hospital as quickly as possible. However, he also had another conundrum – he had to find where Israel was stashed.
As Matthew slowly regained his senses, his first thought was for the welfare of his friend Israel. The teenager had no idea that his blond friend had been transported elsewhere. He believed that Israel was also at the lake with him. He begged Darren to search the scrub and find him.
It was then that Darren remembered that the kidnapper had said that there were directions to Israel’s location on a note in Matthew’s pants pocket. Reaching into the pocket, Darren found a crumbled and soggy piece of paper with writing on it. Because Matthew had been thrown into the lake, the writing was smudged and almost indecipherable. Shining his flashlight on the note, Darren made out the words that Israel would be found in the bush nearby the road verge at a distance of 5 miles down the road, north of the lake.

Darren started his car with his spare key and drove towards where he believed he would locate Israel. Matthew was still in shock over his ordeal, but he insisted that they searched for Israel. In his mind, the welfare of his best friend was paramount.

About 5 miles down the road from the lake Darren stopped his vehicle and waved his flashlight into the thick scrub either side of the road. After a fruitless search for about 15 minutes, Darren wondered whether the kidnapper had lied to him and had already disposed of Israel. On a hunch, Darren looked again at the note and the smudged writing. Perhaps, just perhaps, the note said 6 miles and not 5 miles?

Darren the drove his car for another mile, turned off the engine and made another search for the blond teenager. After combing through the bush for another 15 minutes his flashlight revealed no sign of Israel. Just as he was considering abandoning the search Darren heard a noise in the scrub. Rushing toward the sound, all he found was a fox scurrying through the bush.
Dejected at his failure to find Israel, Darren returned to his car and told Matthew the grim news. He assured him that he would get the authorities to resume the search at first light the following day. Darren started his vehicle, turned on his headlights and reversed the car, ready to return to town with the now visibly distressed Matthew. As the car was turning around, a shiny object was noticed in the glare of the headlights. Darren stopped his car, left the headlights on and went to investigate what was shining. Several feet from the roadway Darren saw the image of a person standing against a tree in the scrub. It was a boy standing against the tree. It was Israel!

Israel was not standing against the tree – he was tied to it! The blond youngster was tied up with reams of rope and duct tape in the same manner that Matthew was. More rope bound his ankles and his chest to the tree, giving the impression he was standing upright. The teenager was also gagged and blindfolded with duct tape and his head was slumped forward. He had apparently passed out due to his traumatic ordeal, though Darren at first feared that he was dead.

Darren returned to his vehicle to get his knife so he could cut Israel loose. When he mentioned that he had found Israel, Matthew whooped with delight and ran as fast as his legs would carry him in the direction of his friend. Matthew was the first to arrive and he frantically tore at the tape gag which had encircled Israel’s head. To his utter delight, he discovered that Israel was still breathing and that he was also conscious.
Darren cut the ropes that secured Israel to the tree and set about ridding the boy of the ropes and tape which had imprisoned him for the last day. Matthew was doing his best to remove Israel’s tape blindfold without causing too much pain to his friend.

“Izzy, Izzy. Oh, thank God you’re OK. Don’t know what I would have done without you.”
Matthew had now almost recovered from his ordeal and was concentrating all his thoughts on his friend. He was hugging his friend so tightly that Israel told him to resist.
“Matty, you’re squeezing me to death. Come on, there’s time for this later.” Matthew knew what he meant.

Darren intervened and he separated the two lovebirds. Israel was still very weak from his bondage so Darren grabbed one of his arms and Matthew the other and, together, they all staggered back to the vehicle. The first order of business was now to get both boys to the hospital to tend to their bruises and scrapes.

As the three teenagers were approaching the vehicle, they were startled by the headlights of another vehicle driving, at speed, directly towards them. Was it the kidnappers, come back to finish them off?
To their immense relief, the vehicle stopped and out stepped two policemen. The police car had been shadowing Darren all the way, a move that had been pre-planned with the boys’ parents. When the Barkers had received the ransom phone call from the kidnappers, their first action was to notify the police. The authorities had been tracking Darren the whole time.

When Darren made contact with Young at the jetty, the police were in attendance, watching every move. After they were certain that Matthew had been rescued by Darren at the jetty, the police moved in to apprehend Young. They were watching Young as he made his way through the bush to his partially hidden van, where Johnson was waiting for him. The men had previously driven six miles down the road where they tied Israel to a tree. They then returned to the jetty where they had planned to receive the ransom cash.
Johnson was waiting near the van when Young returned with the satchels of cash. As the police moved in to arrest them, both men tried to make a break for it, running into the bush. The police had their dog patrols with them and the animals soon located both men and took them into custody.
In the meantime, Darren had already driven off in search of his brother so was temporarily out of the sight of the police. After questioning the men, the police ascertained where Israel could be located and drove to the spot as fast as they could. They met up with Darren, Israel and Matthew as the trio was about to get into their vehicle.

“Hey, you guys! Everyone OK here?” queried one of the policemen. “We’ve got the men in custody, so you’ve no need to worry about that.”
“What we need to do now is to get you two boys (motioning towards Israel and Matthew) to the hospital for a checkup.” “They didn’t hurt you boys, did they? In any way?”

“No, no, we’re fine. Just sore from being tied up and gagged for the last few days, that’s all.” blurted Matthew as he took the burly policeman in a great big bear-hug. “Oh, I’m sorry, sir.”

“That’s all right, lad. It’s great that you’re safe and well.” “Let’s get you to the hospital. Your parents will be there to welcome you.”
“When you get passed by the hospital staff, we’d like to ask you a few questions about what has happened since Friday, then you can go home.”

In due course. Both Israel and Matthew were given the all clear after through examinations at the hospital. They were treated for some minor rope burns on the wrists and some scratches and bruises were also cleaned up. Their long hair, their beautiful blond and black hair that they so prized, was a bedraggled mess but, for once, the boys didn’t really care. They were just thankful their ordeal had come to a safe and satisfactory end. Their hair could be spruced up when they got home.

Israel and Matthew walked out of the hospital, arm in arm, to a future where their friendship would reach new levels. It took such a drama to reveal how much they loved each other.

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