Andrew and Clay's Tugs

Fictional Stories of Males tying up Males

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Andrew and Clay's Tugs

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This is the story of Andrew and Clay's Tie Up Games

Chapter 1

"Hey Clay, how are you?"

"I'm good, what about you Andrew?"

"I'm good, are you ready for class?"


We were walking down the hall towards our science class. We hadn't known each other for long, I had just seen Clay around school. He always wore a polo shirt or a dress shirt. (Which I liked about him) he was fourteen and I was fifteen. As we entered the class room we split up and sat at our seats. The teacher was talking about animals with cool abilities. She mentioned one animal that caught my attention, the _eel. It can tie it's body in a knot to secure itself in a cave. The teacher asked

"Now which one of you can tie your body in a knot?"

"Clay spoke up and said, I can"

The teacher was confused and repeated her question.

Clay said "Oh, I though you meant with ropes, I can tie my body up with rope. That's what really drew my attention. I was interested in befriending Clay before, but now that I knew he liked to be tied up I was more eager. The rest of the class went by very quickly and I forgot about the whole thing for a little bit. In the middle of my next class my mind wandered and I resolved to ask Clay about his interest in tie up games.

As class ended everyone packed up their bags and left, except Clay. He stayed behind to ask the teacher a question about the lesson, as he often does. When he walks out of the classroom I am waiting down the hall by the stairs. I ask

"You said in class that you can tie yourself with ropes?"

"Yeah, I'm kind of an escape artist in training"

"Oh cool, I reply. Do you think you could show me sometime?"

"Yeah, I'll show you sometime"

"Thanks!" I reply as I get books out of my backpack for my next class.

Clay walks off to talk to his friends and I take the opportunity to peek in his backpack. Once I make sure no ones looking, I open his backpack and rummage around a little. At the bottom of the bag I find a coil of rope.

"Oh cool," I say to myself as I close his backpack and walk down the hall.

The next day I come to school, Clay is waiting for me outside of class. He says

"Hey, I have like a two hour break after class, want to come to my house and practice being tied up?

"Yeah! I would love to!" I reply enthusiastically. The request catches me off guard for a second.

"I can't focus too well in class and I am counting down the time until it's over. After what seems like an eternity, the teacher ends the lesson and dismisses the class. I go to the restroom and find Clay waiting there.

"Okay let's go to my house. I can walk there. Five minutes later we were at his house in the basement.

"Are you ready?" He asks

"Yes" I reply a bit nervous "are you sure no one is going to see us here?"

"Yes, I know this place is a secret and no one will see us" Clay replies confidently

"Okay let's start"

Clay takes the coil of rope out of his back pack. "Wait should I start with?"

"I don't know, maybe a hogtie?"

"Okay, starting with the hard stuff huh?"

Clay takes off his jacket. Underneath he is wearing a grey polo shirt. He starts tying his legs first, two wraps around each ankle and then a wrap in between to tighten it. Then he ties his knees together with the rope that is left over from his ankle tie. Then ties two slip knots and puts one around his elbows. Then he ties the rope from the elbow to his ankles.

"Should I be gagged?" he asks

"If you want to" I reply


Then he stuffs a bandana in his mouth and ties it behind his head. Lastly he slips his wrists into the slip knot behind him and ties it to his ankles. To finish he kicks his legs back, tightening the slip knots and finishing the tie.

"Woah, that's really good!" I exclaim

He replies with a few mmphs and grunts.

After about five minuets Clay begins to untie himself. He has difficulty with the slip knots on his elbows and wrists. So I untie them and help him out. He takes the bandana out of his mouth and says

"Thanks, I'm not that good yet, I've still got to practice more"

"You're better than me for sure"

"Hey, speaking of practice, would you like to try?"

"Sure!" I reply enthusiastically.

"We have more thank an hour so I think you have time. Do you want to tie yourself?"

"No, I'm not good at that"

"Should I tie you?"

"Yes please!"

"Okay, do you want the hogtie like me?"


"Okay then"

Since it is warm in the. basement I take off my jacket too. Underneath I'm wearing a white polo.

I lay down on my stomach and Clay starts tying my ankles. He does two wraps around each ankle and cinches it in my middle. Then he ties my knees together. Next he ties my wrists behind my back. After that, clay ties my elbows together and connects that rope to the one around my wrists.

With a smile on his face Clay asks "Do you want to be gagged?"

"Yes please I answer excitedly"

Clay takes off one of his long socks and stuffs in in my mouth. Then he takes his other sock and ties it around my mouth, effectively gagging me.

Lastly he ties the rope from my wrists to my knees and ankles, forming a strong hogtie. I wriggle around a little bit, testing the bonds, they are very strong and the knots are placed put pf reach of my fingers. I think to myself, "wow he's really good at tying"

After about five minuets Clay says "we have a half hour till class starts,I'll untie you now"

I didn't want it to end, but we needed to get to class.

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