Bondage Adventures of the Lakewood High Boys

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Bondage Adventures of the Lakewood High Boys

Postby sockgaggedjason » Mon Dec 26, 2016 3:55 pm

The Bondage Adventures of the Lakewood High Boys

Warning: This is a M/M bondage fictional story with a lot of smelly sock and sneaker involved with the tie up games.

Chapter One, Part One: Spencer Joins the Wrestling Team

Spencer Prusa was nervous about trying out for the high school wrestling team. He wanted, however, to please his best friend, Kenneth Laurenc.

Arriving at tryouts was intimidating. The practice gym was a small boxy space with little ventilation and the muggy aroma of young male body odor was intense. It was the beginning of the season and the current members of varsity were already practicing on the mats, which included Kenneth.

“Welcome, looks like you’re already suited up,” a sweaty Kenneth smiled. He was a handsome boy of sixteen, well-toned with thick dusty blonde and blue eyes. He was the classic looking all American boy. He patted Spencer on the butt and whispered in his ear, “I know you’ll have a good time on the team.”

Kenneth knew about Spencer’s attraction to other boys and his fetishes. It was their secret between each other. Growing up playing bondage games with each other, Spencer was always begging to be gagged with Kenneth’s smelly socks or made to smell Kenneth’s sweaty singlet. By puberty, Spencer was getting erections that he couldn’t hide from Kenneth. His best friend didn’t seem to mind.

Spencer was never very athletic and looked completely out of place when he stepped on to the mat. He was also sixteen years old but appeared even younger with his skinny build and boyish face. His baggy nylon gym shorts were practically falling to his ankles. He had a mop of thick light brown hair that feel into his eyes.

He took a deep breath and jumped on to the cushioned rubber wrestling mat like a good sport. It smelled of feet and dirt. He wrestled another scrawny kid like him. Kenneth and some of his buddies from the team sat on the sidelines watching. Spencer lost his match which meant he wouldn’t have a slot on varsity but the coach added him to JV in the 138 weight class.

Kenneth called him over to the sides. He put his arm around Spencer and introduced him to his teammates, James Gadzhiev and Todd McCloskey.

Spencer was familiar with James and Todd. He’d seen them in the hallways. He had crushes on them, both of them being typical agro jocks. They were both seniors. Todd was seventeen and James was eighteen. James was especially a fixture of Spencer’s fantasies. He was a tall and lean with jet black hair and intense green eyes. He wore his blue lycra singlet pulled down to his waist, shirtless, and his smooth body and washboard abs were coated in sweat. The straps of the shiny elastic singlet dangled to his sides and pulled down the uniform enough to show a peek of an Under Armour compression shorts waistband. The best accessory on James though were his sneakers. Instead of standard wrestling shoes, he was donning a pair of basketball style hightops. They were a vintage pair of Nike Air Jordans that looked completely trashed on his large feet. With them were a pair of white Nike tube socks that looked pretty dingy. Wow!

When they retreated to the boys locker room to change, the odor of body odor and sweat invaded the sacred cavern lined metal lockers and benches. Boys were peeling off their sweaty clothing, carrying on in their underwear or jockstraps or wrapping towels around their naked bodies before hitting the showers. He was, however, transfixed by James as he undressed, watching him strip off the sheer wrestling uniform as the stretchy material clung to his legs on the way down, revealing a pair of red UA compression shorts. As James deposited his gear in top shelf of the locker, Spencer delighted in the buffs of black hair at his armpits. Even the little details attracted him. Kenneth was stripping down next to Spencer and noticed his leering eye towards James, who was making his way to the showers.

“You know, Spence. You two have more in common than ya might think,” Kenneth told him privately.

Spencer flashed a look of puzzlement. “What are you talking about?” he asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough, ha ha,” Kenneth said.


Kenneth casually grabbed James’ compression shorts. “Smell.” He held it to Spencer’s nose.

Spencer inhaled. The stretchy shorts were not only smelly they reeked something bad. Like moldy cheese or stale vinegar. Knowing who it was coming from, however, was intoxicating.

“There. Gross huh? You love it,” Kenneth laughed.

It still didn’t seem to explain Kenneth’s puzzling statement so the thoughts lingered with Spencer.

Later that week…

Spencer was at his book locker when he noticed James strutting through the hallway. Instead of just brushing by and ignoring Spencer like he usually did, James made a point of coming over to say hello.

“Hey dude,” James smiled.

“Hey,” Spencer responded back happily.

James continued his stride past him through the crowd of teenagers as Spencer looked on. James’ ass looked good in his jeans to Spencer and the way his t-shirt clung to his biceps. He was a god among boys. He also noticed that same of pair of beat up Nike Air Jordans he always seemed to wear. He couldn’t see any socks on this time so he imagined stinky bare feet cooking inside those dirty leather sneaks.

Flash forward to Friday night…

It was the championship game for their school’s football team. Many of the students used it as an excuse to hang out at a park across the street from the high school, getting wasted in one form or another. Several members of the wrestling squad were there. Spencer was hanging with the cool club now. For the first time, he was taking drinks of beer. Kenneth brought them. The two of them were naturally with James and Todd. They talked with other boys, and some girls, shooting the shit about nothing in particular. Spencer noticed, oddly, at times James giving Spencer the eye and when there was a mutual glance, James would smile.

By the time the cops showed to break up the crowd of teenagers, the youths had a pretty good buzz going. They hoped into the back of James’ pickup truck who drove them to Kenneth’s house to continue the night.

Half drunk, the four boys were playing a game of HORSE in the backyard at Kenneth’s basketball court behind the garage. Once again James went shirtless, just wearing his jeans and, naturally, those ever present Nikes.

What was unfortunate for Spencer, or perhaps not, was how bad he was at the game. Losing had a consequence between the competitive boys. The loser had to take a truth or dare.

They retired to the basement of Kenneth’s house which served as his bedroom; a private sanctuary away from the family.

“What’ll it be, Spence?” Kenneth smiled at his best friend. “True or dare?”

Spencer ruminated and finally decided on a dare. He was too worried about being asked a question that Kenneth may call him out on if he wasn’t honest in front of James and Todd.

“Oh, man! I’ve got one!” Kenneth laughed, clapping with excitement. He huddled with James and Todd and told them the idea, starting the three to collectively laugh even harder.

Spencer got nervous.

“I don’t think he’s goanna like this one,” Todd warned.

“Yea, what is it?” Spencer asked.

“James, take them off,” Kenneth ominously declared.

Spence watched James unlace one of his Nike hightops, the famous Jordans. He removed his sock, one of the dingy Nike tube socks. Normally white but now a dingy discoloration from untold numbers of wear that looked so worn out the bottom of the sock was as thin as cheesecloth. And that odor. The smelly shoe and sweaty sock filled the room with a warm sweet odor, like the smell of malt vinegar.

“Phew, that’s rank!” Todd said. “They’re as bad as ever.”

“Going on two months on these,” James grinned.

Kenneth told Spencer, “You have to put James’ sock in your mouth and keep it there for one minute.”

Of course this was Spencer’s fantasy, and Kenneth knew it. This was no coincidence that this particular dare was chosen by his best friend. He couldn’t however show willingness for something so gross. He was too embarrassed. He shook his head in protest and stepped back.

The three boys leaned towards Spencer and told him he had no choice. Spencer persisted against the idea.

Kenneth then suddenly had a change of heart and seemed to take pity on his nervous friend. “No no guys. Let’s leave him alone. That’s too cruel. We’ll just do something else.”

“Ok, yea anything but that,” Spencer thanked, yet secretly disappointed that they weren’t following through.

Flanked by James and Todd, Kenneth whispered again in their ears as they all laughed.

“So??” Spencer impatiently asked.

Kenneth rumbled through his closet and returned with two large shoeboxes. Spencer knew what Kenneth kept in there and it wasn’t footwear. His heart started to race with a mixture of excitement and terror.

Kenneth opened the cardboard boxes and showed his friends what was inside.

“What the hell?” Todd reacted.

“Awesome!” James whooped.

Kenneth dumped the contents on the floor:

-several coils of white cotton rope
-leather and canvas belts
-a few long soccer socks
-two rolls of standard grey duct tape
-an old jump rope
-some ace bandages
-white athletic tape
-and a bright orange foam Nerf ball

“Man, this seems a little kinky,” said Todd as he and James inspected the collection of makeshift restraints.

“He likes being tied up. He’s good at getting loose. A game we play,” Kenneth informed.

“What’s the Nerf ball for?” Todd asked picking it up.

“It makes a good gag shoved in his mouth, ha hah,” Kenneth laughed.

“Gross, it stinks! So gay!” Todd exclaimed dropping the foamy ball immediately.

Todd didn’t share, on any level, the peculiar interests that clearly Kenneth, James and Spencer had. He certainly knew his best friend, James, liked to haze the rookies but it wasn’t his thing.

Spencer was embarrassed being outed by his best friend but also turned on by the sight of the older jocks handling the restraints.

Kenneth announced the rules to the dare challenge: Spencer would get tied up. Then he’d have an hour to get loose. If he didn’t, then he had to take a punishment. What was the punishment to be?

“Oh, I know. Then we get to gag him with my sock,” James eagerly volunteered.

Spencer looked noticeably worried. On one hand, there was nothing more he wanted. On the other hand, he was terrified that he would enjoy it too much. With bondage, he could control getting an erection. But when it came to any kind of smell tortures, he couldn’t help popping a tent. Kenneth knew this about Spencer of course but didn’t seem to mind. Having James, and in particular Todd, there was an entirely different dynamic. He didn’t know those boys as well and feared being ostracized by them and the entire wrestling team finding out.

Therefore, Spencer was 100% determined to get loose at all costs…

Under Kenneth’s experienced guidance, the three boys began tying up the skinny teenager. The three of them were on their knees surrounding Spencer as they strategized on where to begin hogtying him and what to use. James’ sweaty barefoot was also close to his face and he could smell it. This was going to be tough, Spencer thought to himself.

First, Spencer’s wrists were bound with a coil of the cotton rope in a criss cross fashion. They moved to his ankles. Spencer was fully dressed including jeans with socks and sneakers so Kenneth had no mercy on making a tight binding around his ankles. The jump rope was used here.

“Hold his feet back,” Kenneth said to James. “Take his wrists,” he told Todd.

With their help, Kenneth took one of the leather belts, using it as a loop restrained to pull his ankles towards his wrists. Then he fastened the buckle. Spencer was hogtied.

But they weren’t done! More of the cotton rope was tied around his upper legs. Then another belt looped through that rope and connected to the other belt that ran between the ankles and wrists. Once the second belt was taut and secured, this forced poor Spencer into an event tighter hogtie.

“Ugh, these are tight!” Spencer groveled.

“Quit your yappin or we’ll tape your mouth,” James warned. “We get to still gag him right?”

Kenneth then took one of the rolls of duct tape. They used it around his chest and arms, wrapping it at least a dozen times. The loud, shrill sound of the adhesive material being pulled from the roll as it coated his upper body was an exciting sound to Spencer.

At last, they were finished.

“Hogtied like a helpless steer,” James delighted.

As they admired their handiwork, Kenneth leaned in to his bound, helpless friend and in a compassionate tone asked, “You ok?”

“Yup,” Spencer replied.

Todd set a timer on his phone and Kenneth told Spencer one hour.

Spencer didn’t waste any time. He began assessing his restraints, trying to feel around the wrist knots with his fingers, wiggling his ankles. At first there seemed to be a small victory as he knocked off his sneakers so he was just in his socks. Perhaps that would help.

“He’s fucked,” Todd laughed as they watched his initial struggles.

The three boys started to drink some Mountain Dews and eat the last few chips in Frito’s bag as they lamented on what to do while their little buddy was tied up. They decided to order a pizza on Kenneth’s phone.

As they waited for their pizza order, they sat on the dingy old sofa and played Battlefield Hardline on PS4 with their socked feet propped up on the coffee table. Meanwhile Spencer was busy on the floor nearby squirming and whimpering for freedom.

Kenneth went up to use the toilet. When he came back, he constantly took the Nerf ball and shoved it in Spencer’s mouth just for the fun of it. “Keep there!”

“Mmmphh,” Spencer muffled in to the cushiony muzzle. To James and Todd’s surprise, Spencer did just that and didn’t spit out the gag.

“He looks like one of those stuffed pigs!”

“Oh yea, you’re right! Let’s put him on the coffee table and take some pictures of him,” Kenneth said.

The three of them lifted Spencer and placed his hogtied body on the coffee table. Todd busted out his iPhone as Kenneth and James knelt down posing with their bound and gagged captive. Then he shot some video for good measure. “Squeal! Spell!” Kenneth joked. Spencer playfully groveled in his foam ball gag continuing his fight for freedom. It surely would make for a funny YouTube posting, the boys thought.

More than half an hour in to the ordeal, Spencer managed to loosen some of the ropes around his wrists and ankles but the belts were severely restricting much of his flexibility. At this point he was pretty sweaty with his moppy hair sticking to and covering his eyes.

When the pizza arrived, Kenneth raced up the stairs and returned a few minutes later. But he wasn’t alone. The pizza boy was accompanying him.

“Take a look for yourself,” Kenneth said to their new guest as he walked down the stairs.

Spencer immediately recognized the delivery guy. It was one of his friends from marching band, Malachi. Malachi, aka Mac, was a skinny, acne faced nerd boy who played the trumpet next to him. Spencer turned beat red with embarrassment as his captors as Mac witnessed him helpless and feeble. In Mac’s virgin eyes to the scene, his poor friend looked like a fellow nerd kid getting bullied by jocks.
In his eyes, Spencer imagined that he looked like the nerd kid getting bullied by jocks.

Mac felt sorry for Spencer as a result. Todd applied some peer pressure though and encouraged Mac to take some photos of his own which he reluctantly did. Spencer just watched, unable to do anything about it. Mac then had to get back to his last late night delivery.

The boys ate their pepperoni pizza slices on the couch with their socked feet propped on top of Spencer, still planted on the coffee table. Spencer took a whiff of the delicious pizza and stinky feet invading his nostrils.

“He must like gags a lot,” Todd laughed noticing how Spencer still willingly bit down on the Nerf ball.

As they were finishing the pizza pie, only five minutes remained on the clock. Spencer had successfully dislodged the belts and was making real progress on the ropes around his wrists. If he got those untied, he would win the dare and be spared the humiliation of the smelly sock gag.

“Is the rookie gonna make it?” James laughed.

The three boys watch intently as they, in the last minute of the challenge, out loud did a countdown.

Would Spencer make it in time to get free?


(I may be interested in roleplay stuff online w/ other guys, or if you're in southern California maybe a TUGs meet up, hit me up)
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Re: Bondage Adventures of the Lakewood High Boys

Postby Sniffmyfeet » Mon Dec 26, 2016 10:24 pm

What an exciting cliff hanger!

James's socks sound really bad. Two months of wear is not a funny thing when they're gonna end up in your mouth.

Poor Spencer is afraid he'll get hard. I would be equally afraid if I were in his position!

If the guys get really evil, they can of course make him sniff the Air Jordans.
bondage /'bɒndɪdʒ/ noun & verb. ME.
A The condition of being bound or tied; fig. subjection to authority, constraining force, or obligation. LME.
spec. Sadomasochism involving binding, handcuffing, etc. M20.

(SOED, 6th ed.)

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Re: Bondage Adventures of the Lakewood High Boys

Postby DruidoftheWilds » Mon Dec 26, 2016 10:41 pm

Can't wait for the next part. This was really good.^^
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Re: Bondage Adventures of the Lakewood High Boys

Postby sockgaggedjason » Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:06 am

i like the suggestion about making him smell the air jordan nike, i'll include that

any other suggestions from guys are welcome for the next part, creative ideas are fun

i'm all ears
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Re: Bondage Adventures of the Lakewood High Boys

Postby masterecon » Tue Dec 27, 2016 1:24 pm

Awesome story and cannot wait for the next chapter!!!! Thanks!

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Re: Bondage Adventures of the Lakewood High Boys

Postby Veracity » Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:05 pm

Good start!

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Re: Bondage Adventures of the Lakewood High Boys

Postby Grandas » Thu Dec 29, 2016 12:52 pm

Spencer's one lucky guy to have someone like Kenneth to help him.

Looking forward to the next part!

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Re: Bondage Adventures of the Lakewood High Boys

Postby sockgaggedjason » Sun Jan 01, 2017 3:40 pm

hey guys, so one of you had a request for where part two of chapter one should go story wise. since its adult (sexual), i decided to move it to the adult area. you can find the conclusion to chapter one here:

check out and give me ideas or feedback for new chapters, thanks
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