The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 15, January 7th

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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, ch. 4, November 6th

Postby xtc » Sun Nov 06, 2016 6:07 am

Thanks for pursuing this thread.
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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, ch. 4, November 6th

Postby Veracity » Sun Nov 20, 2016 11:58 pm

So looking forward to seeing what else the wicked brothers have in store for our Simon.
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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, ch. 4, November 6th

Postby WAMGuy » Tue Nov 22, 2016 2:27 pm

So am I! I'm really enjoying the new stories of Simon's predicaments!

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The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, ch. 5, November 26th

Postby Bondwriter » Sat Nov 26, 2016 4:13 am

Thanks for all your comments and words of appreciation.
Here is another chapter.

5. Snatched Away

There was enough equipment to ensure a safe transfer. This William knew what he did, and with all the straps, reins and harnesses he had, he could do what Simon deemed a competent job at keeping complete control at all times.

Simon had his pride, and he resisted, flailing an arm left unattended, but his opponent had the upper hand and seized it. A smack over his bottom was also a response to his attempts at rebellion.

The brothers had customized the car seat, wrapping leather buckles with rings, adding many anchoring points to strap down the passenger and keep him against the seat.

It felt it was taking long to Simon, but his antagonist was very careful and thorough. He wrapped a harness that kept his arms tightly bound behind his back, his hands cupping his elbows. There was some set of straps for his legs that encircled them at seven places, three of which were also fixed to the car.

William took care of his passenger’s head last. There were thin straps to pin it to the headrest.

“A final touch to make sure you can travel incognito and you won’t be bothered by admirers.”

William grabbed a flesh-colored leather mask, which he used to conceal the many layers gagging the abducted boy. He applied it over Simon’s face and used thin ribbons to keep it pinned there. He then put a black wig on top.

William went out the car to have a look. He smiled at Simon, whom he faced directly. He came to the door.

“The illusion is perfect, there’s no way to tell you’re not just a regular passenger, a rather peaceful and calm one, of course. I’ll get our pole in the car and we can be on our way.”

Once he’d dismantled the platform and put everything in the trunk, William climbed in the driver’s seat.

“I’ve taken good note you resisted me and even rebelled. We’ll have to start training you to our ways. Let’s go, we’ve got a busy schedule ahead.”

The car drove slowly throughout the estate. There was very little staff left this late in the evening, but an accident had to be avoided, and of course, William didn’t want to attract his dad’s attention to his whereabouts. He parked in the shade of the large building where they’d performed the photo shoot.

“It’ll take me a minute, Simon, so stay put while I go get the last of the suitcases we left there. I’ll even leave the windows slightly open so you may breathe, you’ve sweated enough in your booth.”

Simon was puzzled by this sudden concerned for his thermal well-being. He sat, feeling for his restraints now he was on his own. He saw the door through which William walked open. Horace and Moe got out.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmm!”

They didn’t hear him. They were engaged in a passionate discussion.

“No way, Moe! Being paid doesn’t justify everything. This little ginger fruitcake seemed to get a big kick from being seen in bonds, but I don’t think we want to be associated with this order.”

“Come on Horace, it was an easy job and…”

Despite Simon’s wailing and shouting through the gag, the two men had walked by him without being the least aware of his presence. They soon were gone, and it took another two minutes to see William get out, a large case in each hand.

He opened the car’s back door and laid his packages over the seats.

“It’s all cleaned up and tidy, as my father likes it, Simon.”

He climbed to the driver’s seat.

“You’ve waited for me quite patiently. Did you see Horace and Moe? I was a bit worried they’d stay close to the car, but fortune favors the bold. Another lost opportunity for you, my friend. Theo must be waiting for us, let’s go and pick him up.”

The car rolled off slowly. They exited through the large gate and parked behind another large black car.

William remained quiet. Simon was of course busy feeling his bonds, and his twitching didn’t trigger a remark from his captor.

It was five minutes later, from the clock on the dashboard, that Simon saw Theodore cross the road just in front of their car. He wasn’t alone; he was with a red-haired boy, with the same unmistakable style as Simon, and who wore the same clothes the young escape artist had on in the morning.

Simon could hear Theodore’s loud voice.

“Thank you very much for your time and patience, Simon!”

“You’re welcome, it was fun. Call me anytime!”

Inside the car, Simon’s filled lungs emptied in a long wail meant to be heard by the newcomer from the outside.


It was no use, and the boy cheerfully climbed in the large car. It started. Theodore climbed in the back seat.

“Mission accomplished. Everybody saw Simon leave, so as far as people here are concerned, you’re headed back to your circus. So William, did he give you a hard time?”

“He’d started freeing himself, you know. He’s an expert at his trade, and we’ll have to watch out for any trick he could pull. But I managed. This actor did a good job playing Simon. Now, our young escape artist is ours. It’ll take three more days before they notice your disappearance back at the circus, and by then you’ll be safely stored away for our kidnapping pleasure.”

“Talking of which,” his brother said, “why don’t you start and get us going? There’s a nice place we’ve got to show Simon.”

“Yes,” Will said, starting the ignition, “Get him his sunglasses, will you, Theo?”

The sunglasses were actually blinding glasses, and as the car picked up speed, Simon could no longer see the road.

“Just a little precaution, we want to keep our little haven secret.”

Though they kept him from seeing how to get there, the two siblings discussed at length of the estate they were going to.

“This is an estate that has been our family property for almost a century. We go there all the time, and I’m sure you’ll like this location, Simon.”

“There are woods, pastures, a pond. It’s great for hunting or fishing. There are lots of outdoor spots where no one ever comes, so we may take him for walks, can’t we, Will?”

“We sure can. Do you like fishing, Simon?”

They expected an answer. Simon gave the single grunt to approve.

“Do you like taking walks?”

He answered positively again.

“Do you like exploring nature?”

It was another yes.

“I’m sure you must be keen on being kept bound and gagged for days on end, aren’t you?”

Simon denied with two grunts, but it didn’t move his antagonist.

“You’ll love our estate, then. No doubt we can have some outdoors fun too. But we have plenty of buildings to show you: the hunting lodge, the summer house, the boat house… Lots of useful places to keep a kidnapped boy incommunicado.”

“We won’t be disturbed, and it’s unlikely we’ll get anyone coming in.”

“You’re right, Theo, we’re remote enough not to have nosy people coming to bother us. But don’t worry, Simon, this doesn’t mean you’re not going to be gagged, I know how much you like it.”

“And there are lots of places to choose from. I’m all for trying them out all before we pick the best for Simon’s long term stay.”


Simon’s whispers barely rose above the sound of the engine, but they delighted William nonetheless.

This playful banter didn’t reassure Simon. His abductors had not seemed particularly mean, yet they were prepared and they seemed serious in abducting him. If they’d really planned well, there was little chance he could be found.

The car slowed down, and it eventually stopped.

“We’re there, Simon, our little ranch where you’re going to become our highest-value piece of cattle.”

“A calf or a piglet?” Theo wondered, stepping out to open a gate. Simon heard the creaking metal, and he heard it once the car had passed the gate. Theo climbed back, the gate secure behind them.

“We’ll have you enjoy the outdoors first. There are beautiful trees you might get acquainted with.”

The glasses were first to go; the evening sun wasn’t so bright anymore. They were in woods, it seemed, the narrow dirt road was in the shade. His limited field of vision still allowed to see hundreds of feet ahead, but they were indeed in a secluded location.

“We’ll take a little time to provide you with some comfort. You might be thirsty, and we’re going to get you into clean clothes.”

This made Theodore laugh. He took stuff from outside the trunk. He joined his brother to get Simon out of the car. His arms had stayed in the binder keeping his forearms united.

They were in some sort of clearing, and the straight and smooth trunks of the trees had to be the feature this place offered, if he’d understood their innuendoes.

“His bonds hold, this is good stuff you used, Will. Now, should we make the first tie-up a rope-only one?”

“Sure, it’s better with a challenge.”

Resisting against two determined and coordinated foes was hopeless, yet Simon tried his best to move his limbs when they were freed, but the grasp his captors had of these moments made them futile.

As they released his restraints, they also removed his suit.

“Clean clothes first.”

Simon was glad they didn’t just rip his burglar suit off, but he soon was in the nude. The leather harness reinforcing his gag prevented him from begging and they didn’t leave him in the buff for long.

“This is what Simon fans actually expect,” William said as he slid the blue silk briefs up his legs, finally adjusting it so it would wrap his mid-section and keep him totally decent. “I’ve done my homework, my friend; I read the novel telling of your adventures. I managed to get proper clothing and equipment so you’d be on familiar ground.”

“You sure put a lot of time in preparing gear for our friend’s visit. You visited a few stores too. Now, let’s get going with the fun stuff,” Theo said, brandishing rope, nifty coiled and ready to ensnare and imprison.

They pushed their prisoner back against a plane tree; they would soon weave a rope cage around their captive. Considering his foe’s source for inspiration, Simon tried to picture what was coming next.

Simon had a hard time believing how skillful the siblings were. They had managed to peel off his suit while keeping most cuffs and locks chained, working in respectful order to make this possible while keeping a large amount of control over their rather unhappy camper. His wrists were free, yet they pulled his elbows tightly together.

The same teamwork went on to truss Simon up to the tree trunk. They used all four hands to hold his limbs while they freed them from the chains to add turns of the soft white cotton rope around his limbs, and linking them to the tree. Once his arms and ankles were tightly roped, they went on with his torso and his legs.

The hands over Simon’s body weren’t shy and didn’t keep away from his private parts. William started over the bonds to restrain his thighs at their very top four times, and his fingers brushed over Simon’s manhood every time.

The thin and small piece of underwear enhanced Simon’s growing penis; the contact of foreign fingers got it to shake and quiver, tenting the gleaming fabric. William pointed the phenomenon to his brother.

The brothers went over every turn and every knot, getting some slack off with four or five passes. William tended to rub Simon’s cock or pat his bum, but his primary purpose was to fine-tune his rope work. The challenge was his first concern; getting a good look and a good feel at the lithe bound body was the cherry on top.

“I think we’ve done a good job. Simon must remember where and when he got trussed up this way.”

Simon’s memories of such moments were many, but the young man had hinted at his capture by Wilhelm. Thankfully he’d improved over the two years since this very memorable adventure.

“It would be a bit too easy to escape, and with the resistance he showed when I got him in the car, I don’t feel particularly generous. I think extra ropes would be a must.”

“Sure, let me just take a few pictures.”

Theodore got his instant camera out. It was a high-range brand, of course. Theodore knew how to use it, turning around and getting the best positions.

“You’re a very nice model, Simon, you keep still and I can go for longer exposures. Let me get the tripod.”

Theodore recorded the moment. Simon writhed into his ropes.

“Make it quick, Theo, our prisoner is gaining an edge over our knots with every move he makes.”

It was true; nonetheless, the sheer number of ropes and anchoring points required an equally organized method to get out of, and Simon knew it would be minutes before he’d get an arm free.

William took out hemp ropes. With his brother done photographing, they could start adding the coarse coils of rope, with turns wrapping his arms and the tree, over his chest and at the waist, making the whole set-up even stronger.

They did the same with his legs. Simon could feel how the rough rope added to his helplessness, even threatening to have him fail his escape.

“This time we’re done. Theo will take photos, and I keep the timer,” William said, sitting in the lawn straight in front of his bound and gagged prisoner.

His brother took a few more shots and sat down with his younger sibling to savor the softness of a warm late afternoon, when you’re in the woods’ shade, with an entertainment such as the one Simon offered them. It was rare and it sure got the brothers worked up.

“He’s not fighting very hard, Will. Do you think we should motivate him with a punishment if he doesn’t try enough?

“If it comes down to that, we might. Yet I’d like to give our guest a chance. He does have talent and I’d love to learn from seeing him escape. We’ve got him at hand, it would be a waste not spending this time getting better at tying knots.”
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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, ch. 5, November 26th

Postby kankuro10 » Sat Nov 26, 2016 9:13 am

This chapter has been very exciting. The scenes are very detailed and I like it when Simon is close to escape but in the end he fails.

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Chapter 6 - At the Torture Pole

Postby Bondwriter » Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:18 pm

6. At the Torture Pole

Simon kept on struggling, the added coils making it all the more tedious. He knew he could manage this escape.

“It’s been fifteen minutes, and I can’t actually see any progress. Would you give me a hand, Theo? I’m thinking we could also give our friend a drink and change his gag. I have ideas of things we may try out to silence an uncooperative prisoner.”

The siblings stood at his sides, and they handled the removal of his hefty gag without touching the ropes he was gradually getting slack from, in all fairness as first stated. Yet all four hands were busy with his head.

Once the leather bands and scarves removed, they pulled the ball gag out. William kept his hand over Simon’s mouth filled with its silk wadding. Theo brought the canteen with water to his lips, which William eventually released.

Simon’s ruby lips grabbed the metal ring, wrapping around it before he guzzled down the tepid water. This was great relief and Simon felt strength rising in him. His biceps rolled and he knew he’d soon be able to slip his elbows out of the rope web.

“I hope your thirst is quenched. We haven’t discussed gags this much with you so far, but I’m sure you’ll be interested in this next part, Simon the Lousy…”

The taunt got a brief, angry muffled response.

“This isn’t a very nice groan I hear. Let’s work something out so you can’t make a peep and get into any kind of trouble. The behavior you’ve just showed will earn you some punishment, it could remain light, just don’t push us into being mean!”

Simon nodded without a sound, William’s hands feeling his agreement.

“Good, I may start,” William said, keeping his grip over the red-haired hero’s head, “You’ll agree with me that a first step in keeping a captive mute is to fill his mouth well. We’ve tried out many different fabrics, hankies, scarves and so on in our games.”

“They work well, but you made a discovery over time, Will,” Theo said, looking at his younger brother admiringly.

“I did indeed. We’re inventors, you see, Simon. I noticed that wet wadding ended up taking the shape of the mouth and when dry they take the shape. This make for a good mold of your prisoner’s mouth. You can then use the shape to design objects. We’ll make a cast impression of your mouth later on, but for now, we’re just going to pack it up with wet hankies.”

Theodore prepared the numerous hankies and poured some water from the canteen on each of them. He folded three of them in one block.

William removed his hand, whispering his order in Simon’s ear. “Open up, no fuss, or else…”

This made for a solid cube at the front of his mouth; yet the siblings weren’t over. William kept his mouth shut with his sweaty palm again, while Theodore prepared more damp fabric strips.

They had Simon open his gob wide again. William held Simon’s chin while his brother stuffed one hankie on the left, cramming it inside his cheek, before it was the turn of the right one.

“It’s only six hankies, is there room for more?”

“It looks this way. Let’s just try and see if I’m right…”

William assessed the filling of the mouth with his hands.

“It feels you may still pack it a little bit more.”


Simon wondered.

“Didn’t I tell you to stay silent.”

“To be honest, Will, I barely heard him. Had you not said something, I’m not sure I would have been able to tell Simon was being naughty. We’ll have to start keeping track of his disciplinary record. Another strip coming up.”

William facilitated his brother’s job, keeping the jaws open. Theodore added another layer that went from cheek to cheek. He pushed the large bulk in the middle and stuffed the sides between Simon’s teeth and lips.

“It seems this time it’s airtight and we’ve filled every nook and cranny, it should work.”

Theodore picked up a grey silk scarf from the bag he’d brought, with all the equipment needed for their little lesson. William removed his hand; Theodore pushed the middle of the tie between Simon’s teeth. His brother grabbed the ends of the tie.

“Let me knot this fancy tie, Simon. It’s not an accessory for elegance, tied around your neck, yet it should help to keep you in line by forcing you to keep this fine wadding in your mouth.”

William tightened the knot very slowly. Simon didn’t move or say a thing.

The escape artist felt the tension grow, and the compact mass wedging his jaws grew more oppressive. William pulled over the knot until he taken all the slack out. The knot on the nape of his neck made the turns of silk rigid.

“It should work. You’re released of the silence rule, Simon. You should even try to make some noise.”

Simon complied with the implicit request; the amount of fabric in his mouth, and the tightness of the tie cleave-gagging him made even an attempt at calling for help or mercy taxing.

“Good first step, Will. How should we proceed?”

“Let’s wrap his head up and bind it to the tree. I’m not sure if he’s going to escape from our ropes, but making it a bit tougher for him by immobilizing his head isn’t against the rules.”

Simon knew from the gear they took out from their bag what they were up to next: there was a rubber swim cap, bandage and adhesive tape.

Theodore stuck a large cross over his cleave-gagged mouth, from his cheekbones to his throat. William stuck his hands in the black rubber cap, stretching it to slide over Simon’s red mane. He adjusted his hair and ears so it would be smooth under the thin protective layer.

Theodore encircled Simon’s head with two vertical turns that locked his jaws together, holding his chin and further making it impossible for the young escape artist to open his mouth.

“We’re getting there, Simon. You look very elegant mummified like this. Of course we can see your eyes only, but they’re really enhanced by the white of the tape and the black of the swim cap. I’m sorry if we’ve distracted you, but you seem to have quit struggling when we got interested in your mouth…”

Simon had indeed calmed down and kept focused on the strenuous gagging they’d undertaken.

“Let’s make you into a pharaoh, Simon,” William said, picking a roll of white bandage from the bag. The brothers picked one up each. They stood at his sides and started weaving the bandages around Simon’s head, laying turn after turn in an intricate network that encased his head, adding a bit to the tension but rather meant for the aesthetic effect it provided. The symmetry was respected, as Theodore wove his roll first, followed in turn by William, who mirrored the pattern his sibling laid out. Once their fifteen-foot-long bandages had ensnared Simon’s head, his jaws were properly locked.

The two lads had a cheeky grin plastered over their faces. Their hands were on their hips, and the three steps back they’d taken offered the best take on Simon’s bound form.

“A tightly bundled fellow with his head completely mummified, this is quite an achievement, Theo.”

“Yes, let me record it for posterity.”

Theodore picked up the camera and took a few shots, some with William posing next to Simon. As a proper actor, the young escape artist shook his head and protested the remarks on his good looks. His abductors acted like it was all a game; they seemed back ten years in age, having their picture taken alongside a carnival freak.

“Cheese, Simon,” William laughed, “Don’t frown, this never looks good.”

“Mmmrmmph! Grmmmmbbllllmmmmm…”

“The gauze enhances his features. How handsome he looks now! He’s quite entertaining, too bad it’s only still photograph. Still, I’m afraid his head motions are going to make the picture blurry.”

“There are ways to have him stand still so you can set a longer exposure time and take a good picture of our masterful job.”

William ran to the car; the trunk was filled with bags and cases, and he picked a small cushion.

“There’s a sure way to make our handsome model really still.”

Theodore let the camera hang around his neck while giving his brother a hand. William folded the soft silky cushion in three, making a thick sausage out of it; he laid it over the trunk behind Simon’s head. It filled the void perfectly and Simon could feel the thick padding; he saw Theodore pick a wide roll of flesh-colored surgical tape. It was four or five inches wide, and William held the cushion and the captive’s head while Theodore ripped a length, which he centered over Simon’s covered mouth and then made two turns around both his head and the trunk.

With his head thus pinned to the trunk, Simon could only move his eyelids. William seemed eager to join the fun.

“Hand me the roll, Theo.”

Smiling at Simon, he reproduced his brother’s gestures, but laying tape over Simon’s forehead. With the swim cap and the gauze bandages, there was no hair to ruin. It was a great last touch to show they were serious.

“It adds some contrast to the white of the bandages,” William commented when they admired the new state they had gotten Simon in. “Time for you to show us how good of an escape artist you are. Free yourself!”

Simon squirmed; he had assessed the bonds and knew what he had to do. This didn’t require force, but slow and repetitive moves from his arms and waist.

“This is most pleasing to the eye,” Theodore added, looking intently at the impressive head bondage. He shot four pictures, using the tripod to keep the camera as still as its target.

“Does it really silence him? Like, if someone was walking around the woods, would they hear him?” he wondered aloud when he was done.

“There’s one way to find out: let’s perform an experiment! Walk away and you may find out how far Simon manages to reach with sound while gagged as thoroughly as we’ve made him.”

Theodore approved the educational endeavor.

“I’ll do just this. We might have to find better ways if it turns out our escape artist friend can make too much noise.”

“All right, Simon, time for you to act. Make yourself heard, as when you’ve been kidnapped before and there were people close.”

Simon did his best, but his mouth was well filled and his jaws irredeemably locked. His nasal plea didn’t have much strength.

“Is it the best you can do? I’ll get you really going.”

William reached for Simon’s nipples, grabbing each with a thumb and index finger, which he used as tweezers to pinch the sensitive flesh.


The wail of despair wasn’t much louder, so William pursued his torment to be sure to get the loudest sounds from his gagged victim. It stopped when Theodore came back, which didn’t take long.

“I could no longer hear him after forty steps, which is about forty yards, then. This works well, considering we’re outside.”

“Maybe the wind was against you,” William said, licking and raising his finger to get where the wind came from. “Try walking the other way.”

The experiment started over, and William decided to pinch Simon’s chest, one inch away from his nipples, leaving the pointy bits recover from the stinging feeling the rubbing had caused. By pinching the artist’s muscles, he caused pain all the same and got the same response.

William let go, and his right hand slid down the captive’s chest, to brush his tight briefs and feel the reaction the nubile male member underwent.

“Oh, my, Simon, you seem quite eager. You’re quite the bugger, aren’t you? The hands of another boy get you hard! Hush now, Theo is coming back; I’ll have a closer look at your little birdie later on.”

His brother joined them to report on his attempt.

“Fifty steps this time, Will. You were right, it depends on the wind.”

The brothers’ banter went on. They sat on the grass in front of Simon. They looked at their prey while discussing his escape attempt. This lasted until Simon pulled out one of his tricks. His slow and steady work paid in the end. He’d gotten a knot off ten minutes previous and gained slack gradually. He released his right arm completely, and at once, which took the siblings by surprise.

They shouted and made much noise, which made it fortunate for the young abductors that the passer-by was only theoretical.

“Darn! He’s escaping, Will!”

“Let’s get him!”

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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, ch. 6, January 24th

Postby kankuro10 » Tue Jan 24, 2017 2:58 am

Another very interesting chapter. I was a bit surprised at the ending. But I don't think Simon escapes yet. As always, Adventures of Simon are very exciting.

Thank you for this new chapter.

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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, ch. 6, January 24th

Postby WAMGuy » Thu Jan 26, 2017 11:45 am

Awesome as always! I'm always really excited to read more chapters of this!

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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, ch. 6, January 24th

Postby Lake Lover » Thu Jan 26, 2017 8:33 pm

Simon is such a noble victim, entertaining William and Theodore as he enjoys his predicament. Oh, that I could possess such a boy! Bondwriter, you are incredibly talented!

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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, ch. 6, January 24th

Postby Veracity » Thu Jan 26, 2017 9:07 pm

That was an incredibly exciting chapter. I'm so happy that Simon is in his traditional costume!

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Coming up...

Postby Bondwriter » Wed Apr 05, 2017 9:00 pm

Hi. Head up for a three-page new Simon story, which was a request by Kankuro. It will be posted tomorrow morning.
And a little poll to motivate me into getting some more Simon underway.

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Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 7

Postby Bondwriter » Sun Apr 09, 2017 1:11 am

Requests are made to be fulfilled... Here you go!

7. Evening Attention

Simon fought as much as he could, which wasn’t much. Theodore seized his wrist and brought it back against the trunk while Will bound it again.

There was a complete review of the tie-up. They tightened coils and knots, and undid a few ropes completely to do the bond over. Simon’s skills and success had pricked up their pride; the two boys were anxious to prove their prisoner – and themselves – that they mastered the tree-tie and could ensnare even a talented artist like Simon.

There was much knot talk, and they made a show of being rope experts. Simon felt they weren’t phonies and that they actually knew what they were talking about. There were flaws to exploit, but not many. He doubted they’d leave him on his own to get rid of all his bonds without chaining and locking him first; he couldn’t escape steel restraints without accessories.

Once they made fine-tuning and the adjustments, the brothers lazily laid down on the grass, taunting their captive and praising themselves for their good job. It was over half an hour before Simon could pull out his wrist, the left one this time, but with less flourish than he’d done before, to his captors’ great joy. They leaped to their feet and set restraining him again.

The sun was getting low on the horizon.

“It would be fun to give it another try, Simon, but it is getting a little late, and I wouldn’t want you in the dark bound in ropes only, because you would manage to escape, wouldn’t you?”

“Mmph!” Simon approved wholeheartedly.

“You are to remain our prisoner for the whole photoshoot, so it’s going to be chains for you.”

The two brothers busied themselves cuffing and chaining Simon while removing the ropes and soon he was shackled so no running away was possible. They’d removed the brown surgical tape, but his head remained capped and mummified. They put his blinding glasses back on.

They started with his ankles and knees, so they wouldn’t be linked to the tree while hobbling him enough that he wouldn’t run. Theo then held his unbound arms while William cuffed his wrists.

They removed the ropes around his waist and he was now freed from the tree while still strictly restrained. No apparent weakness could be felt from Simon’s point of view; and he had no hair pin or similar item to pick the lock. He’d have to wait for another mistake from his abductors.

They gathered all the stuff they’d used and got it back in the car’s trunk; they had their chained guest sit in the passenger’s seat before they drove away.

The ride didn’t last two minutes; they drove for a few hundreds of yards through the woods before reaching a large meadow. There was a massive house in the middle, over a small mound. It was a modern building, but built in the pioneer spirit. It looked like a log cabin, though three stories high; at first glance, it could accommodate scores of lumberjacks if needed.

The brothers got Simon out of the car; William unlocked the entrance door. They entered, giving Simon his sight back once inside. The guest could see how state-of-the-art the interior decoration was. There was a telephone in the entrance hall, to start with. The kitchen had a sink with running water, there were electrical appliances and Bakelite counters.

Theodore went to a pantry to get food for their dinner. Simon had to sit down, with William behind him. The captor laid his hands over the boy’s shoulders to control him while his brother had his back turned on them. The hands felt the bare skin with gusto, and it relaxed Simon after the tension of the tree tie, especially the taut and cruel head binding.

“We’ll have dinner outside, you may wind down for now, Simon.”

Theodore quickly fixed something by dropping the content of a large tin can in a pan and warming it up over the stove. William went on massaging Simon’s shoulders, feeling his muscles closely.

Once dinner was ready, they moved to the back of the house. A corridor led them from the back of the kitchen to a terrace outside, which had a table and benches for outdoor meals.

They sat Simon down and locked a cuff to the leg of the table. There were several trips, with ominous bags brought along, but after ten minutes, the brothers sat down and enjoyed their stew and the biscuits that accompanied it.

“It’s nice to relax after a long day’s work, with a guest as peaceful and quiet as Simon!”

William’s comment had his brother snigger. They went on taunting their guest for having fallen into their trap until they’d cleared their plates.

“Time for Simon to get a bite too. Not that he’s had very exhausting jobs to do, being our little tie-up puppet, but such a strapping young steed needs food!”

The undoing of the bandages, the tape and the wadding it sealed inside his mouth were done as cautiously as the laying out. The brothers rolled the gauze strips neatly and discarded the sticky tape they peeled off.

“It’s unlikely there is anyone less than five miles, away, Simon the Noisy, but this doesn’t mean we want you to whine and plead with us, so you’d better not make a sound or try anything funny,” William explained with a hand clamped over Simon’s lips, with the drooling wadding removed and set over the table.

The brothers had an agreed upon feeding technique; Theodore brought a spoon with stew towards Simon’s mouth; William released it so his brother could shove the food in. William’s hand covered Simon’s lower face as he chewed.

“Better safe than sorry, you see, Simon. And I can check you chew well and that you don’t retrieve a hair pin or any other item hidden inside your mouth that could enable an escape.”

The meal went on with Simon enjoying it as much as he could. He couldn’t help but feel strangely aroused by William’s touch. His hands were warm and their firm and soft touch moved the redhead deeply.

Simon cleared his plate. The wadding went back inside to fill his gob. William used a thin strip of silk as a cleave-gag.

“We’ll let you freshen up a bit, we like our guests to enjoy good hygiene and we don’t want to deprive you of this small pleasure.”

“Redheads smell, and we don’t like their stench. It’s also unhygienic if they piss themselves,” Theodore sniggered, “We can’t have a dirty stinkpot as a guest, can we?”

Simon’s ankle was set free from the table and they helped him to his feet.

“We’ll go back to ropes only for your cleaning up. There’s metal that can rust in the padlocks, and we wouldn’t want to damage such good chains.”

The boys worked his arms crossed between his shoulder blades, with a harness that pinned them there solidly. A two-foot white cotton rope hobble separated his legs.

“This way,” William said, pushing Simon forward to the back of the garden. They turned the corner, and there was a concrete platform where there was a long hose and a faucet. “This should make it possible for you to clean up and even pee.”

William grabbed the rubber tube and turned the faucet on. The icy cold water soon flowed over Simon’s body. His head was spared, but he could feel the cold liquid dripping everywhere.

“Relieve yourself now, you won’t have another opportunity before a while,” William advised.

“Don’t play the sissy, you’re no special little flower!”

This was utterly humiliating to the proud redhead. Simon saw the water going down the drain and convinced himself to let go of his urine, which mixed with the clear water in a lukewarm liquid dribbling down his legs before the flow stopped.

William turned the faucet off; he grabbed a piece of soap from a small niche in the wall and he started scrubbing Simon with it. He even cleaned his briefs, though his ministrations to Simon’s willy didn’t last very long, just enough to revive the escape artist from the cold of the shower, and have his youthful member start growing timidly again.

Theodore left without saying a thing, and there was a bit more audacity from the brother he left on his own: William slid his soapy hand inside Simon’s briefs and cleaned him up back and front, delighting in feeling the mighty penis inflate.

William didn’t bring things to their natural conclusion; he stopped abruptly, and he turned the water on again to rinse his charge from the soap suds he was now covered in.

Theodore was back with a large towel, which his brother used to dry up Simon everywhere. William took care of every skin fold, wiping Simon and bringing warmth back to his limbs at the same time. The young performer enjoyed the attention, taking comfort whenever he could in his helpless situation.

“Don’t give him too much of a massage, Will, it’ll make him limber. We’ve revived him with a shower, and he’s been fed, so he could be in top shape. We’ll have to pay attention.”

“Don’t worry, Theo, I still have a good grip on our guest. And the wet ropes hold, I’m confident he can’t escape them.”

“You were confident fishing with dynamite would bring us the best catches, and we just ended in the pond when the boat turned over!”

“Yes, but this time it’s different. It’s ropes and knots, and this is something we’ve practiced way more than handling explosives.”

William was reviewing the ropes’ tension through the towel as he dried them. His square knots held fast, and the coils surrounding his victim’s limbs hadn’t loosened.

“I’d make it a wager. Five dollars that even with a couple minutes on his own, Simon can’t get out.”

“He’s shown he was good all afternoon. I’ll take you on this, that’s a lot of money to win, and this’ll teach you a lesson. Let’s pick up all the stuff and get it back inside, and I’m sure by the time we’re back, Simon will have freed a hand or an elbow.”

“Let’s do this, I’m sure I’ll win,” he said, looking in Simon’s eyes, “I expect my fierce competitor to lose. I’ll do his legs for the challenge.”

William wrapped coils of rope that he cinched above the captive’s knees and around his ankles.

He joined his sibling and they finished picking up the remains and plates on the table, and all the bags of gear they’d brought along. Simon thought fast. The wet ropes were a bit looser than when dry, but water also had them holding together better; overcoming their grip required motion. He had no time to try out if they really left him alone two minutes only.

“We’ll be back soon, try your best,” William challenged him as he turned around the corner of the building and disappeared with his accomplice.

Simon didn’t hesitate and leaped forward. He could jump around easily; this skill made the numbers livelier. It wasn’t exactly an escape artistry requirement, yet they’d worked a lot on the dramatics, and having the victim escape with a few masterful leaps brought more tension for the act.

He’d practiced bouncing around with his hands behind his back and his ankles tightly joined on a regular basis. Focusing on the underbrush forty or twenty yards ahead of him, he put all his might in each of his jumps, achieving the maximum distance while keeping his balance. He reached the edge of the woods without hearing any sound indicating the brothers had come back.

There could be a trick, but the brotherly feud sounded genuine enough. Did William so trust his abilities he hadn’t even thought of anchoring his captive to some solid and static fixture?

It was dark in the woods, and his jumps were shorter. He was afraid of thorns or small rocks, but he was lucky and didn’t feel any major obstacle. He soon encountered a dry mud path. His feet were bare; he used this at his advantage to follow the track, having his feet brush lightly to detect the rocks or branches; it didn’t allow for maximum speed.

He heard shouts coming from the house.

“Where did he go? That was a great idea again, Will!”

“He can’t be far away! Let’s go and find him!”

Simon’s heart beat fast. He had no clue where he was; they’d kept him blindfolded when they brought him to their estate, so Simon had no idea of the lay-out of the place. His natural talent at finding his way helped him to pick a right turn at a crossing. He was getting used to darkness, and could distinguish the shapes in front of him well enough he could go on bouncing without touching too much foliage and making noise that would give his position away.
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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, ch. 7, April 9th

Postby Veracity » Sun Apr 09, 2017 10:56 pm

This was a very exciting chapter! I think it gives the story so much more drama when the protagonist makes sincere attempts to escape. Do I want him to escape? Not yet! But, it's a lot of fun to see him try. Also, Simon's little bath was exciting in a whole other way!

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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, ch. 7, April 9th

Postby Bondwriter » Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:49 pm

Glad you enjoyed it. Will Simon find a way out and stop all this madness? Come back and find out next weekend...

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Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 8

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Is Simon eventually safe from his captors? It seems there's...

...8. Hope Ahead

There was a turn in the path and Simon saw a light in the distance. It couldn’t be the house they’d been in. Was there someone else living on the estate, possibly even someone the two abducting brothers didn’t know about? Simon had heard tales of hoboes living in cabins in large private properties. If only there could be one…

His progression went as fast as possible. He heard more noise coming from behind. He looked quickly over his shoulder: there were flashlights flickering some tens of yards away. He looked ahead and took jumps forward, trying to cover more ground.

The path eventually came out in a small clearing. There were eight, possibly nine leaps across this grassy area before he’d be at the door. There were lights inside, though he couldn’t see through the windows as the small cabin was raised over a high ground floor.

One. He landed on smooth grass; the noise from his chasers increased in volume, they were closing in on him. Two. Three. He could make it, they were still far enough. Four, five… He heard them coming out of the woods into the clearing.

“Here he is,” a voice hissed behind him, probably William’s. It was a whispered warning; the brothers did not expect the cabin to be inhabited. As he leaped another time, Simon saw a human shape through the window.


The nasal sounds he managed to cast at the highest volume possible were smothered when a canvas sack engulfed him from above, wrapping his body inside a layer of coarse, strong material.

“That’s a naughty boy,” William whispered. Simon was in his embrace again, twisting and fighting furiously, but the sack closed down on his body. There were straps being tightened, which made it an additional restraint.

Simon heard a knock on the door as he felt being dragged back to where he came from.

“Good evening Theodore, how are you?”

“Good evening, Mr. Evergreen, we thought you were on vacation, otherwise we’d have come to greet you earlier. I just saw your light was on when I took my after-dinner walk.”

The voices were remote to the forlorn boy entrapped in the thick and sturdy sack, his gag forbidding any articulate sound. He tried his best, yet William used his wrestling skills properly and used all four limbs to hold on to his recaptured victim.

“I’m leaving tomorrow morning. I didn’t want to bother you either.”

There was more small talk about the estate. This Mr. Evergreen was some handyman and told about the works in progress. Simon kept on moaning, but to no avail. The chitchat soon ended, with the heavy cabin door slamming shut.

Theodore ran to his brother.

“Phew! It was a close call. Damn Evergreen, he really thinks he owns the place. Thanks to Simon, I won five dollars,” he whispered.

“No time to brag,” William answered in a low voice, “We’d better get our guest out of the way before Evergreen decides to have a walk himself.”

William kneeled in front of Simon, catching his thighs with his right arm. He slowly stood up, lifting the prisoner effortlessly, and hauling him up over his shoulder, folded in two.

“I’m behind you to hold his shoulders,” Theo announced.

With Simon turned into a potato bag, they headed back to where they came from. They traded places twice, exchanging Simon when they were getting tired.

“No wiggling and twisting, lad, you don’t want to fall down head first as you’re currently tied up, do you?”

Simon picked up by sound they were back in the house eventually. They crossed rooms and climbed stairs, at least two flights, as they climbed over thirty steps. There were three stories, so this made sense.

Theodore, who was his last carrier, put him down on his feet. The straps or belts holding the sack over his head and torso loosened; they lifted it and he soon could breathe fresh air.

Four electric bulbs in the room cast a bright light and revealed they were in an attic. Wood floor, two beams, a few chairs, two beds or cots, two large wooden chests…

This wasn’t much furniture for the size of this attic, which had to be the complete third floor of the house.

“Welcome to our little playground, Simon. We’ve had the attic for ourselves since we were five, and it has been a quiet place to play tie-up games together. We’ve had a few guests before, but none as prestigious as you.”

“He’s prestigious enough to make you lose your bet. But it took us less than ten minutes to catch him, so I wouldn’t sing his praise too much.”

“Don’t give me this nonsense, Theo; you won after all, no need to fight in front of our guest. I’ll let you strap Simon over our special armchair, vent your anger over him. I’ll say we’re quite good: we found him and we kept our cool, and Evergreen never got the least inkling of what we were up to. I say this is talent on our part.”

“Yes, let’s get him ready for the night, I’m getting tired also with all our misadventures.”

He held Simon’s shoulders and had him hop to one of the chairs. Once they faced it, Simon could see it had undergone some customization. Straps and hooks were screwed at all the strategic points to fix restraints that could accommodate imprisoned limbs.

“I think I’ll ask you to give a hand, I don’t feel like having little Houdini play another one of his tricks.”

William didn’t say anything, but he took a step and assisted his sibling in removing Simon’s ropes and seating him inside the heavy armchair, a high-end one for that matter, with a thick leather seat and armrests.

Simon had to admit this was a fine piece of furniture; the straps were set at the proper place, they were two inches wide and made of solid and resistant hide. The buckles imprisoned his limbs one by one, with both captors, going over them and adding one notch if necessary before they eventually put small padlocks over the buckles, which would prevent their undoing further.

Wrists. Ankles. Knees. Elbows. Waist. Chest. This made for many leather restraints, pinning him to the piece of furniture.

“Good job, Theo. I’ll shave my head if Simon manages to get out of this one.”

“I take good note of this. I’m a good sport, and I’ll even add the leather finger cuffs so you can keep your mane, girls do like it.”

“Yes,” William sighed.

Theodore got some more leather gear. Five rings of leather sewn together, which encase the finger over their length and kept the thumb tucked inside the palm. Each ring had a tiny strap to tighten it. William relished the show. His brother wasn’t very skilled when it came to handling small things. Watching his big fingers struggling with the restraints entertained him.

“You’re being zealous, Ted, but you don’t have a seamstress’ touch!”

“Shut up, I’m doing this for your sake, silly.”

“Let me help you, then.”

William put the finishing touches to Simon’s hands, trapping his knuckles and fingers along the chair’s arms.

“That’s his hands and forearms well taken care of. We were lucky Evergreen is hard of hearing, Theo, because Simon is not very tightly gagged.”

“He couldn’t make much sound,” his brother protested.

“True; but we can’t take any chances,” he said, his lip revealing his canine teeth as he smirked, “and letting him with a gag he may eventually get rid of wouldn’t be very respectful for our guest. To Simon the Hopeless, we give only the best!”

Simon chuckled contemptuously at the taunt. His antagonist looked at him straight in the eye.

“Is this so? We should make doubly sure you can’t make a sound and that you can’t get rid of any muzzle we get you in.”

He picked up a small leather satchel, which he set over the table, five feet away from Simon.

“And we have just what we need for this, don’t we?”

William pulled out handkerchiefs, scarves, rolls of tape, what looked like silk stockings, leather straps and some swim cap, or could it be some fetish stuff that special outlets provided? Simon had gone to stores selling stuff for magic and escape artistry, and some of them did had sections and shelves featuring items meant for a private use.

Simon had not been shown them, but two months previous, he wandered around as Stilo handled his purchase with the salesman. The section with leather accessories caught Simon’s eye: he approached and looked from up close at the hoods, gloves and other strap gags, with balls or mouth-filling shapes.

The shorts he’d spotted got Simon’s mind reeling, and had caused some very strange dreams since. They weren’t ordinary shorts: they featured a peg sewn in the seat, which meant this would go inside the wearer’s bum.

He’d processed this information; he was experimenting with his own body, and he knew pleasure could be derived from such a set-up; so could be pain. Looking closely at the mass of stuff strewn across the table, Simon didn’t see any such anal implements.

“Theo,” William said, pointing to his feet. He bent over and removed his shoes and socks, with his brother following him by a few seconds in the footwear removal. They set the two pairs of socks two feet from Simon’s nostrils at the most. Powerful smells reached him; the lads had worn the thin stockings for a long time in their leather ankle boots. They testified of spending so long in the wet and moist, which meant smells came up.

“We’ve been nice as far as wadding is concerned so far, Simon the Smelly, but your little escape attempt calls for some apt retaliation. We’d thought about such an occasion, so we’ve worked on some appropriate socks since the beginning of the week.”

“We’ve had some warm weather and we were quite busy, running around, sweating like crazy all day… It’s true they stink, Will. Dad wouldn’t be pleased.”

“Yes, he never forgets to remind us to have clean socks and underwear ‘just in case’. As far as you’re concerned, Simon, we thought it best to have dirty ones if something came up. We’ll grant you the great honor of holding and laundering our socks in your mouth. There’ll be one of my brother’s and one of mine. You’ll get a drink first. No stupid move, or we could get even meaner.”

The two brothers leaned over Simon, holding his head and handgagging him as they removed the thin cleave and cotton ball, and having him drink a large glass of water.

“After the night cap, the great privilege. Open big!”

Theodore held Simon’s skull; they were two against one, and he couldn’t fight the superior number. Resolving to endure this new ordeal, Simon stretched his jaws open.

“I’ll put Theo’s sock in first,” William said, pushing the fabric slowly inside Simon’s mouth. This wasn’t too bad; the thin fabric made for not too bulky a ball. William followed with his own sock, which he pushed and kneaded so Simon’s mouth would be filled with socks. Simon wondered whether he was adjusting the fabric so the worst areas would be in contact with his tongue, which was now trapped at the bottom of his mouth.

The taste was unmistakable. With his mouth open and breathing through the socks, this felt worse. He didn’t have another occasion to try out what it felt like breathing through the sock wadding: William clamped his palm over the captive’s lips, preventing him from spitting out the filling. Simon retched slightly.

“Quit this act, Simon! We know you can take it. Don’t pretend you’re choking, you’ve had it worse before.”

The pressure of William’s and Theodore’s hands remained, relentless and unlikely to stop. Simon adjusted the socks with his tongue; it sure was a strong taste, but it wasn’t as massive a wadding as even the one just before. There were trade-ins, and he saw the bright side of not having his jaws killed by an overwhelming mass of fabric and the pressure of straps or strips encasing his head.

“You see? You have no problem overcoming your little reluctance. Trust us to help you pick up new challenges! Let’s get on with this gag, then.”

Theo had two strips of tape ready and he stuck them over Simon’s lips; they formed an X, and did the job –for now– to keep his lips sealed.

This couldn’t remain as the only layer. The bag hadn’t been fully emptied; William picked up some leather item out of it.

“Just for you, Simon, and also worthy of your talent, a mouth corset!”

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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, ch. 8, April 15th

Postby Veracity » Mon Apr 17, 2017 4:56 pm

Another fun chapter. Sorry, Simon, but I wasn't quite ready to see you escape just yet.

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The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, Chapter 9, April 23rd

Postby Bondwriter » Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:43 am

And he's not out of trouble yet, Veracity.

9. Silent Night

The collusion of nouns confused Simon, but he soon had the explanation as to this compound. William undertook putting it on. Simon could see a large sleeve of leather, which featured some reinforcements inside, considering the way it dropped in front of William holding it.

He got the confirmation when the young man laid the mask over his lower face and neck. The contraption had some thin, solid tongues sewn inside, much as corset stays; they stretched the thin layer of hide and ensured it would stay from right under his nostrils to the bottom of his neck.

William stood behind him; Simon felt him pulling over thin laces. The stays, the lacing, this sure was a corset. It took William a while to adjust the contraption after pulling the flaps together; he completed the lacing, pulling the leather pad tightly over Simon’s lower face, locking his jaws and preventing the wearer to bend his head down. Turning his head was difficult, if not impossible.

William stepped in front to have a look at his work.

“It looks good. Now, thank me for sprucing up your outfit with such an elaborate piece, Simon.”

“Mmmm mmm…”

“Ha! Ha! This will silence you this time.”

“He still can move his head,” Theo remarked. Simon didn’t feel this was true; he couldn’t correct his antagonist, though. He wanted to use all the features of the chair he’d worked on with his brother, “I’ll make sure he can’t.”

The headrest and its straps were there to pull this trick; Theo didn’t need much skill to strap Simon’s head to the chair. One wide strap over his mouth and one over his forehead held it pinned to the piece of furniture.

“This makes the set-up complete,” his brother approved, “I doubt even Simon may escape. It’s going to be a quiet night for him, and for us as well.”

“Good, because it’s been a long day and I need my rest,” Theo said, looking Simon in the eyes, “And I won’t take too kindly to a nasty little brat waking me up in the middle of the night.”

“I’ll bring a cot for myself. We’ve tested our armchair so I doubt our redheaded friend may actually get out of it, but he’s proved feisty. We need to keep him under a close watch.”

The siblings got busy preparing for the evening. Theo inspected a last time that all the straps were threaded solidly in the buckles.

“I’ll let you alone with my brother for the evening, then, Simon. You seem safe and secure. I hope you don’t mind snoring, because Will can be rather loud at night.”

William was back from the next room.

“If I do, just whistle a little tune, Simon, I’m told it works fine for this sort of issue,” he joked.

The boys exchanged more brotherly banter before eventually Theo decided to go to bed.

“I’ll leave you to watch over my brother, Simon, make sure nothing bad happens to him!”

“I don’t know if I’d feel really safe knowing Simon is my watch dog at the moment,” William chuckled, watching his sibling depart.

Theo’s steps reached the landing below and faded out in a long hall.

“We’re on our own, Simon,” William said in a much smoother tone, “I know you can’t fight an intruder, but I’m happy to have you close by to sleep. I’ll have a last look and get you a blanket, before I’m off to bed myself.”

William ran his inspection with his fingers as much as his eyes. Simon was no longer a white goose, yet he couldn’t tell for sure whether William had a further interest in caressing him at that moment, beyond checking the restraints held. The way he wrapped the large woolen blanket over him remained professional; the way he tucked it under his thighs, butts felt much less so.

“This seems all snug and comfy. I’ll get ready and we may sleep.”

William made his bed, unfolding the cot and garnishing it with sheets and blankets he got from the other room.

He’s set his sleeping arrangement straight ahead of Simon’s chair. He stood next to the cot and undressed completely. Simon caught a glimpse of his well-sized penis, and his pert buttocks. William took his briefs and a piece of twine. He folded them in a small pad, which he set over Simon’s mouth corset, just under his nostrils. Two turns of the twine around his head and the headrest fixed the worn underwear, condemning Simon to experience the evocative smells the garment had soaked in. It wasn’t urine.

William switched the light off behind Simon, who saw his silhouette walk in front of him and lie down on the cot.

“Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!”


There was a full moon outside, which kept some light inside the attic; Simon saw the shadows slowly move behind William’s bed for a while, half an hour to one hour, he estimated. He had thought William would do stuff to him once they’d be on their own but he didn’t. Simon assessed his situation.

He was afraid the armchair beat him. These lads had engineering skills and they had access to quality materials and tools. They knew his size and if this was custom-made, there was no hope but to disarticulate his shoulder, and even this seemed compromised by the strength and number of straps.

The last item William had provided him with brought other thoughts to the captive’s mind. It smelled distinctly of lust, and William had wanted to force this upon him. Could he be queer? Simon was in the throes of such issues, notably because of things said and done with Patrick the acrobat.

He drifted off to sleep; he knew what was likely to come, but he didn’t fear it. He gave himself away to his night fancies. Simon had another vivid dream. Some would have called them nightmares, but the young escape artists had embraced them. He’d read books on the human mind, and they said dreams were a way to cope with bad experiences. This was his official reason; there was another, which was that he woke up from these visions with a very hard and eager boner, which led him to touch himself and feel an immense gratification.

The one he had this night didn’t allow for such relief after the fact, of course. This time he was in a deep dungeon, with machines and contraptions. William was there; it didn’t take long before he morphed into Wilhelm, Simon’s nemesis, the young man who’d first abducted him and provided him with memories to churn for years to come. There had been more occasions to fall prey to other unsavory characters in the following years, yet none that had left as much of a mark on Simon.

Wilhelm had him restrained over a huge slate of wood. He had his limbs pinned against it with metal bands screwed to the solid surface; they wrapped his arms and legs above and below all joints. Simon could feel Wilhelm’s hungry eyes fixated on his groin. He wasn’t sure he wore his undies.

“So, my bound and gagged ginger, should I get you in a coffin next or should I wall you off in the depths of my manor?”

Wilhelm’s words reached Simon, who couldn’t decide whether he was afraid or aroused. His dilemma didn’t last long. A flood of light brightened up the place, and Simon got drawn back into reality.

“Good morning, Simon the Handsome, are you willing to play with your new friend Will?”

His captor folded the blanket; Simon got the impression he was sniffing it. It wasn’t cold, but losing the shelter of the warm wool brought Simon back to his senses quickly. William set his load on a stool and turned to Simon.

“The early bird catches the worm. My lazy brother usually sleeps in, but this is why I wanted to be up early. I’ve planned a few things I’d rather do with just the two of us. I’ll need you a little less strictly restrained for the next few hours. You’d better behave, if you force me to wake my brother up because you’re difficult, I doubt you’ll get any of the niceties I plan to give.”

William removed the twine and the manly underwear it held; then he undid the buckles that kept Simon’s head tightly against the headrest.

“First gift: I loosen your head bonds while I go and get your second one.”

With this, he was gone, leaving Simon to ponder on this very different attitude. He didn’t have much time to review and process what had happened or what his captor said; William was back with a tray. Bread and water, Simon spotted right away.

William got everything at hand and undertook removing Simon’s gag. He unlaced the mouth corset, whose powerful grip slowly loosened. He pulled the laces off until there was enough slack so he could lift the contraption off.

The cross of tape plastered over his mouth felt like it bonded with his skin, and his dry mouth couldn’t produce any of the moisture required to get the tape wet and remove it. William took care of it, though, using his nimble fingers to pull the adhesive off without the brutality Simon expected. He did snatch it off strongly at the very end; it felt more out of habit. Simon groaned nonetheless.

“Uh oh, Simon, if you want to get food and water in quantity, you’d better be a very quiet guest. There will be no other warning. If I hear the least noise from you, your socks will be the last thing to enter your mouth today.”

Simon nodded to confirm his understanding. William sat at his side, with the tray on his lap. He reached for Simon’s mouth; the young escape artists understood the non-verbal language also. He opened his mouth and pushed the wad of socks out with his tongue.

“Very nice and obedient boy I have all to myself,” William said in a whisper. He brought the glass of water to Simon’s lips. The boy slowly swallowed the fresh and invigorating liquid. He made the smallest gasp when he was done; William didn’t deem it ‘too much noise’, as Wilhelm probably would have.

William fed him the bread, keeping him handgagged as he swallowed; this felt a bit weird, but Patrick had done it too, and this seemed to be part of having a prisoner.

The bread wasn’t stale, so this wasn’t too unpleasant; after fifteen minutes, Simon’s tummy felt full, and his thirst was quenched as he’d gulped down a second glass of water.

“Did you enjoy your breakfast?” William asked, clamping his hand over Simon’s mouth. His captive nodded. “Thank you, now I’ll take you to the bathroom so you may relieve yourself. I’ll get you clean and dressed up; I thought I’d make a few pictures while Theo sleeps. Let me gag you before I take you downstairs.”

Simon didn’t protest and opened his lips when William offered the wadded underwear. Simon took it in, the now familiar intimacy revealed to his taste buds after his nose.

“I’ll do without tape, but keep your mouth well closed while I put the muzzle back on.”

The lacing of the mouth corset betrayed William’s feelings. It was becoming clear to Simon this boy wasn’t just interested in the thrills of abducting guests; having other boys bound and gagged, under his control caused a stir in his loins.

It was contagious; Simon felt the tent in his blue underwear. The thin layer of hide tightened over his face and neck; the taste of the boy’s underwear and the sturdiness the whole set-up gradually made this gag irremovable.

“I’ll use cuffs and ropes to restrain you for the bathroom break. It doesn’t make noise…”

Simon felt William was about to bugger him, or do stuff to him, and the bathroom would be the perfect place for this. He moaned in protest.


“What is it with you? If you don’t want a break, I’ll let you simmer over your chair, or maybe I could ball-tie you on the floor and leave it to Theo to free you when he wakes up four of five hours from now.”

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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 9, April 23rd

Postby kankuro10 » Sun Apr 23, 2017 5:44 am

YES. New Chapter. I love how you write SImon's thoughts. It was incredible the dream. I love The Adventures of Simon.

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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 9, April 23rd

Postby Veracity » Thu Apr 27, 2017 7:32 pm

Another hot chapter!

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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 10, May 14th

Postby Bondwriter » Sat May 13, 2017 11:31 pm

Thanks for the appreciative comments, Kankuro and Veracity.
Here is the new chapter. There's another one that should be complete soon, then one more chapter to end this episode.

10. Burlesque Artist

William prepared and executed flawlessly the transfer of Simon from his chair into a rope harness. He used his whole body to hold Simon in a tight embrace, never leaving his limbs totally free. Simon could feel the hours of practice, and the passion the boy had for his job.

“I’ll say I clipped your wings, my little early bird. Or are you the worm I caught?” William joked as he walked around his charge twenty minutes later. Simon had four pairs of leather cuffs wrapped around his limbs; his forearms were folded together in the reverse prayer position, which forced Simon to puff up his chest. Small lengths of rope made his longer possible steps a couple inches at the most.

“Everything seems in order,” his keeper said with an appreciative eye, “Let’s get it over with.”

Simon’s worries turned out to be unfounded. William clung to him going down the stairs, but Simon read it wrong. William was just in a hurry because he had lots of things he wanted to do before his brother woke up. There was no assault once in the bathroom; William tried his best not to look embarrassed.

“I’ll let you go,” he said, lowering the blue briefs and turning around. Simon was a bit puzzled; he leaped the three hops that separated him from the console. He sat and did his business. William didn’t say a word as he came to wipe him off, pull his briefs back up and flush the toilet.

The young captive received the same silent treatment throughout the thorough cleaning up that ensued, thanks to a washcloth and a bar of soap. Simon stood at the sink and William refreshed him.

Simon braced up for more mature stuff when William finished his toilet lowering his briefs again. He had a boner, yet the young man didn’t say a word. He washed it but he didn’t linger on.

He dried Simon in a fluffy towel, which got the young performer to coo behind his severe leather muzzle. William smiled.

“Let’s get back upstairs. There are clothes I would love you to try on, Simon. Will you be my tie-up model?”

Simon saw William behind him in the mirror. His face was inches from his own. His manners had really changed and he displayed a more benevolent look.

“You can’t reply, silly me! But I see it in your eyes you would love nothing more than this,” he whispered in his prey’s ear canal.

The walk back upstairs was uneventful. At least, it wasn’t more eventful than the coming down. There was still some amorous leech clinging on to Simon, though always keeping far away enough that he didn’t have his groin brush against Simon as he managed him.

Simon wondered whether there would be a surprise waiting for him at the top floor. William was much more than an escape artistry enthusiast, though he didn’t dare make a move. However, this was another false alarm; William shortened Simon’s legs hobbles when they got in there, and he went to the room that had to be the other half of the attic and from which he’d fetched all his gear.

William came back out of the room some five minutes later. He was wearing little boy clothes; he carried two suitcases that he dropped at Simon’s feet.

“Glad to see you’ve stayed still and didn’t try to hop your way out. You should remain just like this while I set up the photography equipment.”

He spun on his heel, showing his naked thighs and the plump buttocks the grey flannel of the shorts cupped and hugged. He didn’t leave the room for long; Simon had all leisure to watch his weird outfit and enjoy the way it displayed his lean, muscular body. William set up lights that flooded the scene in white brightness. He installed a tripod with his camera and adjusted the settings over his model, whose arms started feeling the strain of the reverse prayer position.

“Watch the birdie!”


“Very good, spin a quarter turn to you right… Your right, not your left.”

William took three other shots of his captive, the profile one having Simon’s gender most prominently displayed, which would be good for selling them. And for his early night entertainment.

“It’s in the box, then. What do you say we change your clothes a bit?”

Simon nodded, but his neck reminded him it was locked in the corset. He grumbled once.

“Do you like my outfit? I have another one just for you.”

Simon realized then that his minder really wanted to have him try outfits out and take pictures of him. He opened a suitcase, revealing its content to Simon’s eyes: three piles of garments carefully ironed lined it; from all he saw, he knew these were silk and satin underwear, possibly made for female wearers. The pastel colors didn’t scream of male clothing. William didn’t leave his questions unanswered.

“I’ll turn you into a cute and dainty little boy to start with, Simon. I’ve got a blouse, a jacket, underwear and shorts that will make you an adorable lad.”

He pulled out pastel blue clothes. They weren’t totally unwearable; there were flaps and an elaborate tailoring, but no silly frills and ruffles.

“There’s really something I find fascinating about tight, hugging clothes worn by a good-looking boy. And nice, shiny outfits make me feel real tender towards other boys.”

Simon was still protected from an unexpected kiss by the mouth corset, thankfully. William turned to dressing him up anyway. It took time, and Simon left him perform his task without hindering him. The boy had too much equipment and skills to let him escape; Simon also was curious to find out more about William.

His captor put him in the blue satiny suit; he avoided his throbbing boner, touching it only for dressing up purposes, like putting his underwear on. Yet, half an hour later, when he’d gotten his arms bound in a more traditional manner, woven a chest and crotch harness to anchor several coils restraining his limbs. It struck Simon when he had him pose afterwards that even though he’d managed to act in an inappropriate manner, he wanted more profile shots and it seemed no coincidence the clothes were cut the way they were, and made Simon feel like he had a package hanging down in front.

There was time for another outfit. This time, it was more like a wrestler singlet, all black and shiny.

“There are accessories to make it look even better,” William said, opening the second suitcase once he had Simon properly wrapped in his enticing costume.

The young fashion enthusiast picked a satiny harness, showing it to his captive. He got the matching cuffs, which he wrapped tightly around Simon’s elbows first, with a second set for his wrists. There were buckles to fasten them and they seemed lined with some rubbery stuff. His hands remained trapped by very little rope, but William was watching closely and he would be very difficult to fool.

With his wrists padlocked together behind his back, the ropes fell and William then set putting the harness on.

William put it on methodically, buckling loosely the shoulder straps first, then the waist belt and eventually those that went between Simon’s legs. The straps were a couple inches wide, and they added to the hugging and revealing effect the tight singlet offered.

The harness held fast, and it offered anchoring points at all important places to subdue a captive. Once his elbows were held to the strap going over his chest, motion got more difficult.

“This looks great, I’m going to do your legs and we’re going to see whether you manage any sort of escape.”

Simon felt the ropes binding his legs loosening, but soon the bracelets of satiny fabric clung to his lower limbs at the top of his thighs, his keens and ankles.

William had worked from the bottom up, and Simon could feel his burning desire to play with his crotch. The touch of the boy over his bare thighs wasn’t this of a binding technician. Simon could feel the enjoyment his captor felt from feeling him up.

The sound of steps coming up the stairs announced the arrival of Theo.

“Hey, Will, having your fun with Simon already? I had a great night of sleep, and I feel like working on my knots. Could you lend him to me for a moment?”

“Sure. I’m almost done with his bound wrestler costume, then I’d like to give Simon fifteen minutes for an escape attempt, then he’s all yours. If you’re in a hurry, give me a hand; I still need to get him face down and get him a little more helpless.”

They grabbed the helpless Simon and held his shoulders, pushing him forward and holding him close; he saw the wood floor approach until he softly landed over the hard surface.

“Let’s make him into a neat bundle,” William said. It seemed the siblings had some tacit understanding of how to handle a captive. They grabbed Simon’s ankles and pulled them towards his satin-clad butt. The small rings sewn over the straps were fiendishly located, and they allowed to merge his legs together, holding them at three places, for both legs.

“Go ahead and squirm,” William ordered, standing up and having a look at the elegant package he’d made of his model. This looked amazing.

“I’ll go get the instant camera. Keep an eye on him. Make sure he tries.”

Theo sniggered once he was on his own.

“It seems you like being my brother’s doll, Mr. Escape Artist. I’ll have my turn too, though I think I like ropes and tight knots better than all this dressing-up stuff.”

Theo kept watching, impressed by the effectiveness of the design. It did look wimpy, but it sure wasn’t, and Simon wriggled like a worm to no end. Without a lock pick, he had no way to handle real padlocks.

“This is a fierce wrestling match we’re given to see today! Here we have Simon the Wonder Boy! He can get out of chains, ropes, the strictest positions and the most confining devices! He’s up for wrestling against the Invisible Man, who’s used his power to wrap Simon in his magic bonds. Now the escape artist extraordinaire seems stuck in the tight hogtie of his transparent opponent! Look at his bum wriggling!”

William didn’t dawdle, and he was back soon. He didn’t waste time in crouching to get the best angle to get a photograph of Simon. He even released his legs to have him stand and take more.

“You’ve failed the attempt, so we’ll keep a memory of this moment.”

He would also keep a memory of Simon’s obvious arousal, which the singlet tended to enhance rather than conceal. William didn’t mind, on the contrary, he enjoyed this greatly.

“Here are the keys, Theo, have your fun.”

“I’m sure I will; I need to practice my hogtie, and I’ll benefit from having an experienced model.”

The older boy was stronger, and no less cautious than his younger sibling. He went the reverse way, removing the padlocks and replacing them with ropes. He left the cuffs on, which made it tougher to flex his joints, and the binding that ensued showed the mastery that came from long hours of practice.

The folding of his legs had been a warm-up for the young performer. Theo took advantage of his flexibility and he went a step higher. He ended with Simon wrapped in coils of rope, lying face down again, but when it came to the hogtie he’d announced, this got much stricter.

Theo pulled his bound ankles high behind him. Theo asked for his brother’s help at this time, ‘just to stay on the safe side’; there were ego issues between the two, but how (and when) would Simon be able to play one against the other.

The young man was a master at lashings, and he bound Simon’s wrists to his elbows, before he linked his wrists to his knees, turning him into a pretzel.

“This looks great, doesn’t it Will? Stay flat on your tummy, Simon, my brother is going to take another photograph.”

The boys took several shots of the impressive hogtie.

“I’ll say, we should shoot another one with a less fancy gag,” Theo suggested.

William agreed; they kneeled in front of Simon, and they removed the leather muzzle, the tape and the socks. They had him get a drink, under the usual condition that he had to stay quiet.

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Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 11

Postby Bondwriter » Sat May 27, 2017 8:50 pm

11. An Ally Pops Up

Theo was ready when his brother was done with his kind caring; the hunkier boy crammed a ball inside his mouth, and used a necktie to cleave gag him. He had other scarves and bands of cloth at hand; they allowed for six tight layers, compressing the boy’s lower face.

The ball had been used by William for sanitary bedtime activities. He’d honored the scarf with his semen, thinking of Simon the night before. William’s school uniform necktie was used as a tight cleave. They took their time, pinching the corner of his lips together around the knot before tightening it.

Theo used silk next. He folded scarf in four and used it as a tight over-the-mouth bandage. It started the job of making hos lower face a compact volume.

The older brother used the five other ones with care, so they would reinforce the mass underneath. This wasn’t the most massive gag crammed in Simon’s mouth, but it sure did its job and prevented him to make a peep.

“It ain’t as fancy as this leather stuff of yours, Will, but I’m sure it works!”

He smacked Simon’s left butt cheek to test the gag; Simon’s indignant reaction got muffled by the packing and the many layers holding his jaws and preventing any air to come out of his mouth. His nasal grunt was feeble; Theo turned to his brother and grinned.

“The good old-fashioned techniques still work, and doesn’t he look cute like this too?”

“Sure, he does. I like variety, that’s all. And experiments. It would be stupid no to get the most of having a guest like Simon. Should we go and get the living room ready for our next game while Simon makes another futile attempt at thwarting the Marcy brothers’ excellent rope work?”

“I’m with you on this, Will. When we’re back, I’ll show you how skilled I am with the palm of my hand, Simon. I’ll show your buttocks, that is…”

They left abruptly, leaving the trussed up boy on his own. His body wasn’t tethered to any piece of furniture, beam or ring in the floor. The hogtie was tight, and the ankles linked to his elbows could turn into a predicament after a couple hours.

Simon twitched, twisted and squirmed. His fingers could move, and he felt for the ropes around his knees. The move got him to catch the weakness that Theo had left in his binding; the coil going around his right elbow wasn’t properly knotted, and a few more twists and squirms got his elbow free from the rope.

The left one soon followed; his wrists were free, and he moved his forearms to loosen the coils of cord linking his elbows and ankles. This did the trick. It would take a couple minutes, but he’d found the flaw at long last. He’d show the wealthy guys he could fool them too.

Two people ran up the stairs; Simon was done with his arms, and he pulled the scarves gagging him down. He ripped the necktie off and spat the packing at the very moment the two brothers entered. William spotted what was going on at first glance.

“Damn, Theo, I told you we shouldn’t have left him alone for so long.”

“Please, Theo, Please, William, I’ve won, now let me go.”

Both young men rushed to Simon’s sides, grabbing his flailing arms and locking it back between his shoulder blades.

“I wouldn’t say you’ve won. Your legs are still bound, aren’t they?”

“Be a sport, Will, don’t be a grrrmmmmmbbll…”

Theo had clamped his wide, clammy palm over Simon’s lips; his hand closed over the poor captive’s lower face.

“Get the packing from the floor, Will. We should get the bold little bastard quiet again before we show him a more stringent way to bind him. He challenged me, and I’ll see to it he can’t repeat this feat.”

The siblings first got the thick, slimy mass back inside Simon’s gob, cleave gagging him with the neck tie.

“Tsk, tsk, Simon, my brother has reckless ideas, and he leaves flaws in his bonds on purpose, to give you a chance to prove your skills. I’m watching over him,” Will snarled, “I’m all for old-fashioned techniques, if these mean our escape artist friend is treated with respect and actually challenged.”

Theo didn’t comment but he looked satisfied: William’s opinion mattered a great deal to him. Both captors used the padlocks and the harness and cuffs to get Simon in a reverse prayer position, his wrists pinned as behind him to the strap going around his chest and under his armpits.

“We’ll have you stand up. You’ve managed to get your gag off, so we’ll have to react accordingly. I’m going to show my brother how to make sure this doesn’t happen again. I’ve been enjoying your visit too much to let you go so soon.”

They restrained his legs with locks at knees and ankles, and William prepared the stuff he needed for what he deemed an adequate gag.

Scarves or handkerchiefs, the swim cap, rolls of the wide, flesh-colored tape… Simon was familiar with these materials; he got no surprise from the treatment William gave him.

Theo was more than willing to help, and he held the prisoner’s head, or handed the requested stuff as William undertook a new layer.

Their first job was to add a silk scarf to the packing inside Simon’s mouth. This took some time; William was cautious, not wanting to choke his trophy. Yet this had to be effective and even a bit punishing after the escape attempt.

The sealing of the lips started with just a cross over his lips. It pulled them shut and it would take tens of minutes to wet it, considering the packing that forced his jaws open and trapped his tongue.

The swim cap and the nine turns of the two-inch wide tape mummified the young escape artist’s head; only his eyes and nose were left visible. William had pulled each turn taut, and it made the bottom half a compact mass.

“It looks tidy. I’m proud of the result, and I’m sure it works really well.”

Theo ran his spanking test, and a resounding smack ensued. Simon could make only very faint noises, which got the brothers happy.

“You’re all set to be left hanging for a while,” William sniggered.

The two siblings took care of his arms next releasing them from the strict reverse prayer predicament, only to bring them in front of their captive and cuffing them together with a padlock linking the D-rings attached to the leather bands encircling Simon’s wrists.

They pulled his arms up, the back of his head resting on his arms. It was time to take care of his elbows. This forced him to bend his neck. William grabbed the end of a chain, which he linked the wrists to.

The brothers weren’t done; they were intent on sprucing up the result by adding ropes; they wove a tight and well-laid network of white cord, which added to the tightness and inescapability.

“I’ll even try my hand at a head harness,” William offered.

They’d used yards of rope to bind his limbs, and they’d created a tight and hugging torso harness, that intertwined with the satin one. William licked his lips as he approached to continue his magic rope work, around Simon’s head this time.

“I’ve improved over time,” he said when he was done. There were threads encircling his forehead, his chin and made into a tight net. His head was protected by the many layers mummifying it. The final lengths of the long piece of rope he’d used for his clever design wrapped his arms, pulling his head against his arms and immobilizing it fully.

“I’d never done it this way, but it seems you can’t move at all. What do you think of the ring in the floorboard? Anchoring you well enough?”


“He seems to approve, Will. Good job. I think we’ve got him this time. We still have a few things to do to entertain him next.”

William approached the bound and gagged boy standing, the balls of his feet off the floor and stretched fully. He could spot no weakness from touch or feel. He felt his bonds as much as he could; his fingers had been bound two by two also, and the binding held. This could change with time if the ropes stretched from his weight. He wondered how long the boys had planned to leave him here like this. His kidnappers could indeed go out and get ready for the next part of their scheme.

Simon faced the door to the attic. He caught a sight of the landing; Theo was waiting for his brother who was gathering rope in a bag.. A third boy came into view, joining the older and taller Theo.

Simon groaned and moaned, but the muffling gag did its job. He felt like he saw the boy turn towards him, but William came between them at this very moment. Theo caught what was going on and said something to the boy, pointing to the staircase. The lad disappeared and Theo closed the door on the landing.

“Close, wasn’t it, Simon? We have company, but I don’t want our young guest to know you’re here. Theo did just what was called for. The little twerp got no clue whatsoever that we had a bound and gagged young man in our attic.”

He made a last turn around Simon, checking the restraints and tightening the ones holding his gag. Once he was certain he wasn’t taking any chance, he parted with the usual cliché.

“Wait for us quietly over here, we won’t be long.”

William grabbed his bag now filled with ropes and exited. He took a peek outside to check the landing was clear. He opened the door wide: it was empty. He waved at Simon before shutting the door up. Simon heard the key rattling inside the lock, and William’s light steps going down the stairs before he was left with silence.

The wait started, with Simon squirming ever so slightly to accommodate to the stringent position. It wasn’t this long when he heard steps coming up the stairs. The knob turned and the door opened. To Simon’s surprise, this wasn’t William.

Simon watched the boy standing in the threshold. He frowned, and remained quiet. He stepped towards the bound and gagged creature standing in the attic with his hands above his head.

This was a couple years younger than he was. He had round cheeks, and strong front teeth. He had large black eyes with long eyelashes. He smiled cockily looking at the captive.


The boy wore short pants and a shirt; his clothes weren’t cheap. He was close enough that Simon could see the shade of a moustache just above his lips. Black hair over his calves told of a man in the making.

“Have you been playing with my cousins?” the boy asked.


“You have, then? I was expecting something like this. They acted quite mysteriously.”

Simon had to get the boy to free him. But the intruder didn’t seem in a hurry to release him. He looked curiously at Simon. He got really close and looked at how he was bound.

“They’re getting good at roping and knotting. It seems they’re doing a much better job than when we met at Christmas.”


“What they did? They tied me up, but I managed to escape their lousy knots in less than half an hour.”

Simon felt the boy’s breath over his belly as he leaned in to see his legs’ bonds – or at least looked like he was. The captive could see the landing; he spotted some motion. Will and Theo. Moving on tiptoes, they slowly progressed towards the boys standing face to face, with Keith unaware of their threatening appearance..


Simon tried to warn him, but the lad couldn’t keep his eyes off the show he’d discovered behind the attic door.

“I’ll release you later. For now, let me have a look.”

“What do you think of how we’ve handled Simon, Keith?”

The brothers’ cousin wasn’t startled by William’s remark. He turned slowly towards the boys, smiled to them and got back to watching Simon. He winked at him. Simon faced another ruthless and devious opponent.

“You didn’t kid me when you said you’d made a bet with your friend and that he lost!”

“Simon had to be given some detention. It’s all a game, and I’ll tell you, when he wins he doesn’t have any mercy for us.”

“He’s ruthless, and he’s left me trussed up to a tree from noon until it was dark last year,” Theo whined.

Simon kept on pleading, trying to let Keith know his relatives had abducted him. It was hopeless. William was a first-class persuader.

“Simon is great at playing the poor, helpless little boy. Don’t get fooled by his wailing, this is all an act.”

Keith had a wide grin over his face.

“Don’t worry, Will, I won’t meddle with your friends. I’ll leave Simon help himself.”

The boy spun on his heel to talk with his cousins, offering the redhead captive a view on his round bottom. The flannel shorts seemed to enhance this aspect of the wearer; the bare thighs, knees and calves were appropriate pillars to the eye-catching, artful display.

“Tell me, Theo, does your father know you have friends in flimsy outfits trussed up and strung up in the attic?”

The boy sounded self-assured. He went on with a softer voice, his tone becoming suave and enthusiastic. Simon knew the sound of blackmail.

“Once again I learn of some silly or dangerous thing you do without your dad knowing. You driving his car, you were inviting friends who emptied his liquor cabinet, and all your other misadventures...”

Keith looked over his shoulder and winked at Simon.

“You’ll need to pay the usual fee to buy my silence. I hope you have five dollars.”

Simon scrutinized Theo and William. Their faces didn’t bear the slightest hint of discomfort or shame. Their cousin had made his offer, and their bland mask slowly turned into a devious smile.

“So, what do you say?” Keith asked after a 5-second silence, his voice sounding slightly uneasy.

“You didn’t wonder why we would give away our secret and let you know about Simon when you popped up? And why we invited you to spend the day on the estate if we had a guest to play with?”

“Ugh, no, ugh, well, we should get back downstairs and just forget about it. I’ll go without my fee this time…”

The boy kept stammering, but the body language in response was unmistakable. They stood tall, and prepared to cut any attempt at running away.

“I’ll let you play with your friend then, and I’ll be on my way…”

He darted off, trying to go around Theo; he was no match for his older cousin, who had a solid thirty or forty pounds on him. The two large and strong arms grabbed the boy by the waist and Theo dragged him back in front of Simon. William joined him, and four hands could now seize and hold the scoundrel.

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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 11, May 28th

Postby xtc » Sun May 28, 2017 5:20 am

Perhaps we should stop thinking of Simon as an escape artist?
Boxer shorts are cool,
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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 11, May 28th

Postby Bondwriter » Sun May 28, 2017 8:39 pm

He's an entertainer, and without his tricks he may end up a bit stuck. Being a magnet to tie-up enthusiasts will get our performer into these knotty situations.

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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 11, May 28th

Postby Veracity » Thu Jun 08, 2017 7:40 pm

Interesting addition to the little games with Keith entering the picture.

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Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 12

Postby Bondwriter » Sat Jun 24, 2017 10:32 pm

12. Picking on their Younger Cousin

They threw him over the floor face down. They sat on him, ropes in hand. Theo sat over his thighs, his own feet pinning Keith’s, Theo’s shins pressing over the younger boy’s calves, his ands resting over the torso.

William had his knees over the lad’s shoulders, his thighs keeping the head still. This muffled Keith’s curses and threats, reducing them to some unimportant background noise. William had the boy’s wrists between his shoulder blades, and his skilled hands immobilized his cousin’s in this strict position. William went on weaving a harness with Keith still complaining and threatening to tell on them.

“You’ll be in trouble and you’ll end up in military school where they’ll rmmmghrmm…”

His final words had gained in clarity, for the two seconds William’s thighs vice had released his head. He’d pulled him up to his knees, Theo still controlling his lower body while William applied an airtight hand gag over the younger boy’s mouth.

“No fuss from you, Keith. We’ve heard you say how lousy our knots were. And your lively mouth can’t keep on leaking such nonsense as the one you spout. You’ve seen how we managed to keep our prisoners quiet. You’re going to find out first hand.”

“We’ll make sure the both of you don’t waste time chatting as you’re left on your own.”

Theo was done binding Keith’s legs at keen and ankles. He ended up removing the lad’s shoes and socks.

“Damn, Keith,” he commented, catching a whiff from the footwear, “Your mama wouldn’t approve of coming to visit us with dirty socks.

“Pew,” William sniggered, “Our cousin hasn’t figured out yet he no longer is a little boy. We have a foolproof way to teach him this particular lesson.”

Simon watched, guessing what was to come; the two older boys kept a firm grip, with the boy sitting on the floor. William removed his hand as Theo, who sat over the boy’s thighs, directed the wadded socks towards his mouth. Keith tried to scream, but his outburst was short-lived. The socks crammed inside his mouth did the job and muffled his angry order.

“Let me mmmrrggrrmmpphmmmrbbblllmmm!”

“If you say so,” William said, placating his hand over his young relative’s mouth, “but I’m afraid you don’t make much sense and I doubt you may convince us to free you now.”

His voice was growing colder and nastier.

“What about the little issue of you having come without informing your mom of your whereabouts? Not a very smart move, if you ask me.”

Theo had picked up a roll of flesh-colored surgical tape and he plastered five strips over the kid’s lower face, sealing his lips and trapping his socks in his mouth. William held his head; he went on taunting his unfortunate relative.

“Simon isn’t one of our friends. He’s our actual captive. Your threats just convinced us that you should share his fate.”

“We can’t have a snitch blackmail us,” Theo added, picking a scarf to complete the gag.

“You’ll fetch a good price on the slave market, Keith. There should be wealthy old men more than willing to keep you their servant. This isn’t a very pleasant future for you. You should have known better; you thought you were smart enough, or you underestimated us,” William said, tightening the knot over the young teen’s neck, the final layer strengthening the set-up.


“The twerp doesn’t sound too happy, Will. Let’s rope him up, he feels twitchy and we’re going to show him our best knots.”

They laid Keith over his belly. Simon got another demonstration of the swift and thorough job the brothers could perform with ropes. He wondered about some of the knots, but he couldn’t –and wouldn’t– comment on the flaws the siblings’ rope work featured.

The boy kept on pleading and trying to get mercy through his gag, but he only got laughs from his relatives. Simon felt like he had to rescue the poor lad, who had taken the whole thing as a joke. He felt further for a way out, but his bonds held fast.

The brothers soon had Keith in a tight hogtie.

“Here we are, Dear Cousin, you’re handled properly. We’ll have to go and make some arrangements to be sure we’re rid of you. You shouldn’t have meddled in our business. This will be your ultimate lesson, then.”



“Nice to see you have mercy for the little blighter, Simon the Soft-Hearted. Keep on squirming, who knows, maybe you’ll manage to break free eventually.”

“Let’s make sure the escape artist can’t help his new friend, Will.”

The siblings undertook releasing Simon’s arms from their position and got them from above his head to behind his back. They used padlocks, which would be more difficult to overcome. They left the rope coming from the rafters linked to the harness between his shoulder blades.

“Isn’t this more comfy, Simon the Wimp?”


The gag hid the true nature of Simon’s reply; it wasn’t an approval of his opponents.

“If you say so,” Theo commented, “Let’s go check our partners can handle the twerp on top of you.”

More moans came from the two bound forms, both struggling in their tight bonds. The brothers left the attic, with a last snigger towards their captives.

“We shouldn’t be too long. Knock yourselves out trying to escape, we know you can’t.”

Simon could see the boy at his feet wriggling. The door hadn’t been shut for more than thirty seconds when Keith got a hold of the knot keeping his wrists and ankles tied together. He seemed desperate and acted accordingly. It worked, and the young teen seemed smart enough to know how to proceed.

Keith sat and brought his knees to his chest; he leaned forward and sprung up. He stood facing Simon, who could see the distress in his eyes. Hopping and contorting, he brought his bound wrists close to Simon’s right hand, which rested on his hip. The young entertainer acted automatically; his fingers picked the knot and untied it like at practice.

He then felt Keith lowering himself, getting the knot binding his elbows within Simon’s reach this time. Smart boy, the redhead thought. His fingers picked it easily. He heard a satisfied gasp from the just freed lad.

Keith hopped to stand in front of Simon. He unraveled the net of ropes imprisoning him. The boy took his time, and cast glances at Simon, who moaned to have him hurry so he could free him. He’d seen Theo set the keys on a small stand, and he tried to alert his new ally to this fact.

Keith looked at the bunch of keys, but he kept on removing his bonds at his slow pace. He ended with the gag, sliding the scarf down. He peeled the surgical tape off with a swift move and spat the sock out.

“Thanks, Simon the Hopeless. That’s what Will advised me to call you. It was very kind of you to help me escape. But don’t have too much hope, I’m not going to return the favor.”


“Why not?” This boy also understood gag talk. “Because you’re my birthday present. I turned fourteen yesterday and my cousin Will knew what the best gift was for me. I thought I’d be Will and Theo’s prisoner. We’ve played games a couple months ago, and they know I like escape artistry. Will told me that I would be bound and gagged, but that I would have a fellow-captive. If I managed to get you to free me, I would have you as a model for a whole afternoon.”

There was another unhappy grunt coming from the hobbled and locked escape artist.

“You thought I would release and you would win your bet against my cousins? Think again!”

Simon tried his best to get it across that this was no game and that his cousins planned to keep him their actual captive for a long time. His endeavors didn’t succeed. They brought a merry grin over the cheeky lad’s face, but this wasn’t what he aimed at.

“Let me check your restraints…”

The young teen stepped very close to Simon; he inspected the locks, which had remained just the same as before. He walked around the hobbled prisoner, who felt the boy’s fingers pulling on the cuffs and padlocks. The hand got bolder, and Simon felt one cupping his left butt cheek.

This was no coincidence; having finished his inspection, and in front of his captive again, Keith reached for Simon’s inflated package through the wrestling singlet.

“Silk is soft but very solid. You put it to the test, though.”

Simon felt his package twitch under the touch. Keith adjusted his grip, trying to hold the full set in it.

“I didn’t believe Will when he told me about his friend who likes being bound and gagged; I was wrong.”

The boy let go of Simon’s package.

“It’s better you don’t mind. Will told me that I could try my knots on you, and I like it better if you find it fun. I once played cops and robbers with a group of friends, and we tied up Augustus, Robert’s little brother and the brat complained to his mom. Robert got grounded. Will told me that you wouldn’t snitch on us.”

Simon kept on pleading and threatening at the same time. The prospect of having his fun unhampered by stupid adult rules made him deaf to the escape artist’s gagged calls for freedom.

“I’ve been practicing knots for two weeks, and I’m improving. Now I can test my skills. I’ll call my cousins, Will told me not to start without them. He said you were sneaky and you would try to get untied any way you could because he made a bet with you.”

The boy retrieved a key from the wardrobe to open the door to the attic.

“I managed to get free, Will! You guys can come, I will need a hand with your friend, he’s squirming an awful lot!”

“Did he release his hands?”

“No, it seems to hold tight, but I don’t know how long.”

The conversation ended with Will and Theo entering the attic. They both had their hands full with gear, some of which they’d already used on Simon, though it seemed there was even more. Will had a rucksack also, so who knew how badly he would want to impress his younger relative?

“I didn’t think you’d escape, Keith. You managed to use the little slack we’d left. Good job!”

The boy beamed from his older relatives’ praise.

“I practiced a bit over the last week or so. I can thank Simon too. He fell for the trick you told me to play, he really thought he was helping me escape some bad guys!”

“We warned you he’d do anything to convince you to release him. He’s a sly one, which means we have to watch out all the time. With us to give you a hand, it’s much safer. He’s skilled, but he can’t resist three captors at once.”

Simon looked incredulously at the trio. They’d even invited a younger cousin to witness his sorry situation. They also wanted him to fully experience the thrill of keeping another boy captive.

“We told you this was a birthday present you wouldn’t forget. We didn’t lie, did we? Simon must be thrilled to have a new game partner, but he won’t confess to it.”

“He’s gagged,” Theo explained, “But even if we let his mouth free, he’ll talk some nonsense and try to convince you to do his bidding.”

The younger teen turned to Simon, looking at him intently. He stood with his legs slightly spread and his hands over his hips. A grin appeared over his face.

“We’ll keep him gagged, then… But don’t worry, Theo, I don’t have such great presents often, so I’ll make the most of it.”


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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 12, June 25th

Postby kankuro10 » Sun Jun 25, 2017 2:27 am

Yes. The story is getting more exciting and interesting. Every time I have more desire to read more moments of Simon tied and gagged.

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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 12, June 25th

Postby xtc » Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:32 am

Thanks for the latest update.
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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 12, June 25th

Postby Veracity » Wed Jun 28, 2017 8:30 pm

An excellent update, I must say, pulling the metaphorical rug out from under Simon's feet.

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Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 12, June 25th

Postby Bondwriter » Wed Jun 28, 2017 10:21 pm

Thanks for your comments and praise, people. Another chapter is on its way.

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Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 13

Postby Bondwriter » Sat Jul 15, 2017 10:11 pm

13. Family Fun

Simon should have been deeply touched by this wonderful scene of cousins bonding over a hobby; yet his concern was about the cousins’ real intent, which seemed unclear. He didn’t really fear them, and so far thought there was some prank aspect to what had taken place. Involving more people certainly meant more chances of this being a joke.

This wasn’t on display for the ensuing treatments he received. Keith led the group, though his cousins advised him and showed him how to do better in putting restraints on a captive and moving him from one position to the next.

“I’d like to give Simon some rest. He’s been standing for long,” Keith said, “And I could practice binding someone to a chair with experts…”

The lesson lasted for almost an hour. William and Theo kept close and discreetly held the experience subject when restraints were removed. They stopped Simon’s attempts at writhing even before he began performing them.

They tried various ways to bind his legs and arms, having the 14-year old birthday boy practice his knots. He didn’t know many, but those he knew he performed with ease; there was no hesitation as to how the rope would travel around the limbs or bars to link.

He did well with binding them behind his back, passing his bound hands between two slats and wrapping his forearms to the seat’s back. He also showed he could unite them to the armrests closely.

He tried various positions with his prisoner’s legs also: binding his ankles to the chair’s legs or together and to the rungs. They also linked his ankles to the back legs of the piece of furniture, which Keith deemed more fun.

“I think that with his legs up like this, it must be even more difficult wriggling out of the ropes. Look, he can’t shake as much as he did a few minutes ago.”

“Well observed, Keith. If you got him into a chest harness, it would be much better yet. Pinning him to the back of the chair will make any motion even more difficult.”

This brought interest from Keith.

“Where should we start? How do you make a chest harness that holds without strangling the prisoner?”

William seemed very pleased by his younger cousin’s taste for knots. He demonstrated once and undid his rope work so Keith could start from scratch. The lesson covered knots properly, Simon thought. The younger teen did a thorough job, holding and weaving the rope with a firm hand, understanding how to best pull Simon’s upper torso close against the chair.

Eventually, the tie-up apprentice had Simon pinned to the chair, his forearms glued to the armrests and his ankles pulled against the back, just above the seat.

“This should hold him. He can’t do much now, and he can’t whine.”

Keith had a mischievous look at his relatives. He stood in front of the prisoner, reached for his chest and twisted his nipple through the singlet’s fabric.


This sudden move caught the escape artist by surprise. His eyes opened wide; his grunt betrayed annoyance.

“He doesn’t sound too happy,” Theo smirked.

“He sounds much too loud,” William added, “Which brings us to our next point. How can one keep a captive quiet enough so there is no major issue like warning the neighbors you keep a close eye on them?”

Simon took in the grin the younger teen displayed, looking down on his sitting captive. He couldn’t believe a kid could show such enjoyment at having him fully restrained. He took his time, thinking, before he turned towards his cousin.

“This is the moment when we need to gag our prisoner really tight. This not only saves us from his biting, it also keeps unwanted witnesses away, and it protects us from pleas or any whining .”

“Well said, Keith. You need to deprive your charge of any way to complain and try to have you do his will. That’s a most interesting take on what we should do next. Simon has a big mouth to fill, and I can show you many ways we have to keep the packing well inside his mouth. He does grunt and moan, but this is also nice to communicate when you have him on your hands 24 hours a day. How do you think we should proceed, Keith?”

The boy played cute, spinning on his heel from his cousins to Simon, pouting and making faces to show he was thinking hard.

“We could pack his mouth with my socks, this works well if you use a belt so he can’t spit it.”

“It needs to be a wide one, then,” William said, having experienced firsthand how a single strap or strip of cloth usually wasn’t enough to prevent him, when gagged, to expel the packing from his mouth. Knotting the packing and using many turns of thin rope to keep the stuffing in worked better. It still required massive size to make it impossible for the tongue to push it out.

Keith sat on another chair, a simpler one this one. He removed his shoes and socks.

“I’ll go barefoot, it’s warm enough.”

“It’s good enough for Simon, and it’s splinter-proof!” Theo bragged about his high-end housing. “Talking about our ginger guest, should we give him a drink before we gag him next?”

“You see, Keith, your cousin Theodore is a considerate soul. He will have mercy on his foe, and his abducted rival will get some water to drink. I’m not too worried about Simon’s welfare, brother, but it’s getting warm, so if you brought refreshments for everybody it would be a very good idea.”

Theo left Simon in custody of the pair of cousins. William seemed more eager to teach his skills to the youngster.

“Coming back to the topic at hand, Keith, I have just what you need to stuff your socks in Simon’s mouth well and make sure he won’t remove it.”

Simon saw the item William had picked from the wardrobe; the mouth corset was a most stringent way to keep his mouth shut. William would certainly demonstrate how to best seal his lips with tape before fitting the apparatus and tightening it. The younger boy was flabbergasted.

He let out a cuss word and he whistled: William displayed the leather piece so his cousin could easily guess its purpose. Within the context, Keith could see it was meant to encase the lower face and neck of the wearer.

“Where do you get such stuff? This doesn’t sell in hardware stores!”

William had no qualm lying.

“Our friend is a circus performer, and this is part of their costumes.”


“Indeed, Simon, it is fancy stuff and it’s tailor-made. You’ve got reasons to be proud. You see, Keith, our friend needs to look truly helpless, and it looks just the part, for the number takes place in the middle ages. It requires this prop .”


“Of course, show business requires much attention to detail.”

“Darn, Will, you understand what he says? How do you do this?” the younger lad asked.

“It’s a question of practice. Didn’t we understand that you begged us for mercy when we had you tied up in the barn?”

This seemed enough to shut Keith up. Simon could only admire William’s poise. He delivered his story in a cool, detached manner.

Theo came back with a tray full of lemonade, glasses and biscuits. He set it over a small table.

The three cousins took a break, going on with anecdotes about great gags.

“There was this time when I locked Brad in the broom closet. I had his mouth filled with cloth and many scarves to keep the packing in. He was silenced so wdll that I forgot about him. He said he tried to call but I couldn’t hear him. It took four hours before I eventually thought of freeing him!”

Simon wondered whether the newcomer made this up to impress his older relatives. He didn’t know the lad well enough to tell. He’d played some games involving tie-up situations, this sounded certain. Simon deemed such a young maniac dangerous to hang out with; forgetting about a bound and gagged friend didn’t appeal to him much, if the anecdote was based on facts.

William’s looks towards his cousin were warm and admiring. Simon saw there was no lustful longing in his captor’s eye. He cast the image of a protective big brother, eager to see his younger sibling get good at hunting or fishing, or sports. This didn’t necessarily bode well for the captured escape artist anyway.

Keith and his mentor turned towards Simon when they were done nibbling on the plain but tasty biscuits and drinking their glasses of homemade lemonade.

“Are you willing to play the part of the model for Keith’s gagging lesson, Simon? You’ll even get a sip of lemonade, just to prove you we consider you a good friend for letting the birthday boy have his fun,” William grinned slyly.


“No, silly, you can’t spit on him when he gives you lemonade.”

“He would do that?” Keith asked, worried.

“He’d do anything. Remember that we have a bet, and he will try any way he can to have you free him. If you don’t he’ll take it on you. So, yes, he could spit his lemonade on you.”

Keith recovered from his surprise. He stepped in front of Simon and leaned into him, speaking in a slow, menacing voice.

“You’d better listen to me good, boy. You’re not the first captive I’ve had to give a drink to. This will go well if you don’t try anything funny. If you spat the lemonade as my cousin said you would, it would get you a spanking and some time out. So no funny stuff, not a word or not a sound, and you will get your drink. Otherwise, my socks come straight in. Do you understand?”

Simon grunted once in approval.

“You’re quite the trainer, Keith,” William commented.

“I know how to get the best out my prisoners,” the lad replied cockily, “and I’m sure I’ll get the best of Simon.”

The kid really he thought he was the cat’s pajamas or something. Simon would have laughed at him, but two things prevented him from such a reaction: the gag, obviously, but William’s presence felt intimidating. He was looking out for the little braggart.

Keith stood behind Simon, his cousins framing the chair on each side in front. They gathered the various scarves as Keith removed them one by one.

“This one was tight! Glad it’s silk, otherwise I couldn’t have removed the knot. Oh! And the one underneath seems even more tense. I wonder whether we can make a more effective gag. I’ll see when we get the wadding out of his mouth,” Keith stated with definitive expertise.

He finished by sticking his fingers inside Simon’s mouth, fishing for the wet, soiled scarf balled up inside the performer’s gob.

“This is big! I can’t believe he took such a big packing in .”

“Simon always stressed the importance of gags in his act. They need to look like they work, he says.”


This sounded like approval from Simon, hough it actually was a despairing sigh.

“is the big packing explains why he was so quiet.”

“He still made some noise when I pinched him. He has a big mouth, doesn’t he,” the boy laughed, “And we know how to handle big mouths, don’t we?”

The young teen’s attitude annoyed Simon, but with the massive gag and William in ambush to interpret his grunts, he had no hope to get his complaint across.

“I’ll trust you to do better than us. What about some wager, though?”

Keith had given in to his cousins’ bets and wagers, which had triggered some embarrassing and unpleasant predicaments for him. He looked inquisitively at his older relative.

“If he makes less noise with your gag, then you may go on playing with Simon. Otherwise, you get a half hour of time out.”

“Bound and gagged,” Theo felt necessary to explain.

It didn’t seem they had any proper way to measure the gagged boy’s loudness, but this didn’t prevent Keith to take up the challenge.

“I’ll try my hand at it, and you may do your worst on me if I lose .”

The atmosphere had loosened a bit for the young performer. His captors hadn’t said anything explicit, but after all the various reveals, the escape artist understood now he was the victim of a prank; he’d been hired to be a toy used as a stake in the boys’ competitive endeavors. He wouldn’t mind seeing Keith lose his bet, especially if it meant the bragging twerp would end up in some strong and relentless tie-up.

At the moment, though, the three knot tiers were more into cooperation. Theo kept Simon in a strict hand gag; he nodded to let Keith know he could bring the lemonade to the captive’s mouth. Simon picked up on this and so did the younger lad; they acted in consequence.

The redheaded artist accepted the liquid without any trouble. The young teen’s smirk was enough to warn him there was someone who was quite eager to punish him and enact taxing penalties. The lemonade felt good after spending so long with the gag in his mouth.

Theo’s hand came back over his lips before he could even think of trying to make a fuss. Keith put the empty glass away under his cousin’s eye.


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