The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 15, January 7th

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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 13, July 16th

Postby Veracity » Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:35 pm

I'm still loving this story!

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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 13, July 16th

Postby kankuro10 » Sun Jul 23, 2017 4:06 am

OMG. I love it. Again, the story is very interesting. I want to read more. Especially Simon's thoughts.

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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 13, July 16th

Postby Bondwriter » Sun Jul 23, 2017 8:01 am

Thanks for the comments. Duly noted, I'll get Simon on my to-do list.

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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 13, July 16th

Postby Kai » Mon Nov 20, 2017 9:57 am

I have commented before on how very much I enjoy reading your stories, especially the Adventures of Simon, but also everything else you've contributed. Thanks for all your efforts, I particularly enjoy the fact that each chapter is a really good length and takes the story forward at a good pace. I hope very much to read more from you soon - and many more of Simon's adventures please!

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Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 14

Postby Bondwriter » Sat Dec 16, 2017 8:26 pm

Due to popular demand, I'll post another chapter. There's a final one, which is almost complete to end this Simon story.

14. Toyed With

“What do you have in mind to silence him good, then?” William asked.

Keith looked very serious as he answered.

“First thing is to fill his mouth properly, of course. We need to pack his gob so no air comes out, and so he can’t move his tongue.”

“This would make for a good start,” William approved.

Simon looked at the boy who seemed to be thinking hard.

“There’s one small issue, though, it would be better if we used some dry stuff to pack his mouth, and I’ve drooled over my socks. Would any of you have some socks to spare?”

William admired his cousin’s ingenuity; how could he refuse his help to the cute and motivated younger boy?

“I think I have just what you need.”

William removed his shoes and peeled off his socks. They were long and grey, and looked like a much bigger mass than Keith’s.


“Hush, prisoner,” Keith ordered, “Obey and you won’t be in trouble. If you prove difficult, I have some punishments in mind, but you don’t want to learn about these.”

“Well said, Keith,” Theo added, “So far he didn’t spit in my hand. I’ll say we’ve tamed him over his short stay in our custody. But you’re right to keep pressuring our captive. That’s how to have him behave.”

“Here you are, Keith,” William said, handing his dirty socks he’d turned into a neat little ball.

Keith’s nose frowned; his look of disgust turned to one of intense satisfaction.

“They do smell,” he said, avoiding stronger, derogatory words describing the stench that would antagonize his cousin, “Which should make our prisoner even more eager to get it out.”

He approached the bound boy.

“You’re going to be a nice boy, Simon, and open wide so I can cram my cousin’s socks inside your mouth. I know this might be a bit strict, show us you’re no wimp.”

Theo slid his hand down, uncovering Simon’s lips but holding his chin in a strong grip to keep his mouth open.

“I’ll take it slow so you don’t choke.”

The younger boy’s mug was inches away from Simon’s, looking intently at his face. He inserted the balled up socks inside the wide open mouth at a snail’s pace. Keith had certainly taken care of horses; he knew better than putting his fingers in such a position that would enable the pet they were handling to bite his hand. He waited that enough fabric prevented him from closing his jaws before he felt more confident prodding and kneading inside the captive’s gob.

William had come to assist his brother who held the captive’s chin in a relentless grip. William took his turn when Keith had managed to get most of the huge mass of wool inside.

Simon complied; he was outnumbered. The worn socks weren’t the worst ordeal. He had gotten physiological reactions from experiencing other males’ bodily smells before. Keith wasn’t too brutal in pushing them inside his mouth; he acted under his cousins’ supervision to demonstrate he could handle a prisoner, not to torture or choke him.

The escape artist’s focus turned to the ropes. Keith had done a very good job and his cousins’ monitoring had prevented the most obvious flaws that would allow for a successful escape. When the knot-tying apprentice had finished the job, it seemed it would hold as well as his older cousins’. After some four minutes spent in the tight rope weaving, Simon identified the flaw. The wrists wouldn’t hold for long once he managed to use the little slack there was in the loops of cordage binding them.

Keith was blissfully unaware of his antagonist’s progress; he was pushing and prodding the ball of smelly wool, bulging the boy’s cheeks and no longer afraid of getting his fingers inside; he’d managed to push enough material to make a wedge that wouldn’t make biting the young master remotely possible.

“It’s going to fit all in,” he said kneading the wool to get it all inside. Simon’s jaws spread open as far as they could and in the end the youth had packed his mouth full. He laid his palm over the open mouth to indicate he was done.

“A nice first step,” he commented, “But if we want to really keep him quiet, we need to make sure it stays in. Could you hand me this piece of rope?” he asked William, pointing to a thin piece of white cord.

“Here you go. How are you going to use it, though?” William asked, playing the naïve audience.

“Like this!” Keith replied.

He removed his hand and set the middle of the rope over the packing, pulling to tighten the loop going around Simon’s mouth. There was enough length to go around his lower six times before he knotted the two ends over his charge’s neck. The younger teen made sure each loop held properly, tightening each turn and making a small knot over his neck with each added coil.

The six turns of rope ended making up for a tidy layer that made it completely impossible to push the socks out.

“Just one turn isn’t enough,” Keith explained, “It’s too easy to get something past a single rope.”

He didn’t say where he’d acquired such skills, but he’d experimented with bonds and gags several times considering his experience. His hand went down to Simon’s chest, in search of a sensitive piece of flesh to run his test. His thumb and index finger slowly seized Simon’s right nipple; once the grip was good, he pinched and twisted to elicit a grunt.

Simon obliged.


“Thanks for proving my point, Simon. Much less noise, but still way too much. We should seal this mouth of yours better, I’m not one hundred percent sure there no sound coming around Will’s socks.”

He went to the table where William had laid out props for the experiment. He picked up a rubber swim cap and some tape. Simon wasn’t impressed by the intended solution’s originality; he stayed mum nonetheless, not having any alternative.

William and Theo held the prisoner’s head tight while Keith plastered several strips over the lower face. Keith them put his hands inside the swim cap; his cousins made way so he could slide it over Simon’s head.

The escape artists had managed to loosen the rope around his wrists enough for an escape; he was in no hurry and would wait for a better moment to make his move, one when he wouldn’t be framed by three motivated and robust boys eager to test out their knotting skills.

Keith managed to cover his head in the black, stretchy material without pulling his hair. He took a step back to check it was straight and laid out evenly. He adjusted the cap a couple times before he grabbed a roll of tape.

Simon knew this was one of the best gags if looking for complete silence. The boy started with the vertical turns. From the first one he pulled them tight, pulling his jaws together and clamping them over the thick mass invading his mouth.

Keith was reasonable on the amount of rope, and didn’t just make many turns for show; he just laid another couple turns that went around his head. He picked a large white cotton scarf to finish the job.

This last layer could have been deemed overkill, but the thickness of the cotton covering his lower face and partially obstructing his nostrils would certainly add to the muffling effect.

“I think I’m done,” the lad said as he knotted this final scarf, adjusting it so it couldn’t slide off. Coming back in front of his model to check on his handiwork, the boy grinned widely.

“This looks impressive, if I say so myself. Let’s see…”

Reaching with his hand towards Simon’s chest, he ran his test again, attacking Simon’s left nipple this time.


“Hear this, cousins? Isn’t this an effective gag?”

“It sure is,” William agreed, “Let’s see if Simon can get rid of it. I’d love a cup of coffee, so what about giving our friend a chance and fifteen minutes to get rid of this masterful gag of yours?”

“If you please,” the younger boy said, “I’m quite certain he won’t disturb us or play any trick, seeing how tightly bound and gagged he is.”

Simon rejoiced; he was two minutes away of having his arms free, which meant three minutes away from being fully released. This lad’s bragging annoyed him. The ginger escape artist felt strongly about demonstrating how much the youth still had to learn.

The three relatives didn’t see it coming. Simon didn’t thrash around or look like he was struggling with his restraints. The brothers and their cousin stepped aside and discussed what would happen next. Keith sounded quite certain he would have another try at binding his new friend.

Once he had loosened the ropes and knots, some squirming got them to come undone. The ropes fell to the floor, and Simon removed the muffling gag. He couldn’t run away, but considering how things had developed over the last few hours, there could be a way out.

“Nice try, Keith, but not good enough…”

The fourteen-years-old looked at him stunned.

“But… I thought… I did….”

“Darn, Keith, it seems you bragged a bit too soon. This is Simon you’re dealing with.” William winked at the redhead entertainer. “I guess an expert’s lesson is in order .”

Simon was getting the ropes in neat coils. He’d caught William’s wink and had replied with a bashful nod. He grinned at William’s words.

“I’ve heard a lot of bragging, Keith. You weren’t good enough for Simon.”

Theo lay in ambush; he’d also picked on his brother’s tone.

“Will said it all, Keith. Time to show us you’re no wimp and can take a challenge like a man. And who’s better suited to give you a proper lesson in knots than a top notch escape artist?”

Keith still made small gaps, trying to collect his wits. He’d certainly not imagined he’d get caught. His hopes to try out a ball-tie and indulge in foot tickling were crushed. His older cousins were calling him out, and he knew what they expected.

“I just hope for you Simon isn’t too mad at having tasted our bonds. We did keep him helpless ourselves.”

“I also almost escaped,” Simon added.


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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 14, December 17th

Postby kankuro10 » Sun Dec 17, 2017 3:01 am

OMG. This chapter is very exciting. I love this story and the end of the chapter had many surprises.

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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 14, December 17th

Postby Veracity » Wed Dec 20, 2017 9:46 pm

I missed this when you posted it A few days ago. Great stuff!

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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 14, December 17th

Postby xtc » Thu Dec 21, 2017 6:30 am

I missed it too for some reason. Glad to read it now, though.
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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 14, December 17th

Postby WAMGuy » Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:35 am

Really excited to read the last chapter! This story's been one of my absolute favourites!

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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 14, December 17th

Postby canuck100 » Thu Dec 21, 2017 11:24 am

I’m surprised that they’re letting Simon remain untied! Will he come back for more of their tie-up treatments?

Great chapter, once more. Always fun to read.

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Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 15

Postby Bondwriter » Sun Jan 07, 2018 2:29 am

Hi there, People. Due to popular demand, here is one of the final chapters of this story. This is a mild ending. There could be other adventures with dastardly villains, but they'll probably be posted in the PG 17 section. I'll give some heads up in due time.

15. Proper Demonstration

They had broken the ice; Simon took the whole thing with a smile. They gave him the opportunity to take the overwhelming boy down a notch or two. He’d use his skills to indulge his audience.

“How do you want to start your lesson, Simon? Will you bind Keith’s hands behind his back?””

“That’s always a good way to begin. Turn around, Keith, and give me your wrists.”

The teenager felt mortified by the older boys’ coalition. He couldn’t get away with it, though. His cousins wouldn’t let him. He felt the palms of his hands being pressed against each other. The ropes cuff Simon wove in no time was the nail in the coffin. He could have tried an escape; it was too late now.

Simon moved on to the elbows. He saw no reason to make it easy, and he couldn’t afford having the lad get out of his bonds. He needed to be up to his reputation.

Simon wrapped the limbs a couple inches above the joints. These first two turns were loose, but he didn’t leave hope rise in his young captive for too long. He wove a basic rope harness that pulled the arms to the torso, and went over the shoulders, with the final turns behind acting as a frapping knot.

“Darn, this is tight,” Keith whispered through his teeth.

William clamped his mouth over his cousin’s mouth.

“Hush, boy, do not disturb our knot expert’s concentration.”

Simon continued his demonstration anyway. Though Keith remained quiet, William kept his handgag on, a hand behind his head to keep him motionless.

Simon kneeled to take care of the boy’s legs. He started with rings of rope at the top of his thighs, above and below his knees and finished with four turns around his ankles. He had a longer piece at hand; he anchored its middle to the rings binding them, and tightening the simple coils to make them into rope manacles. He threaded them back up the other way, using the two strands to bring the legs together inexorably.

“I doubt he’s going to run away any time soon,” he commented as he tightened the final ring of ropes at the top, “He’s kept quiet, so maybe we could do without gagging him…”

“Are you kidding?” William wondered, “If I remove my hand, I’m sure the little blighter will scream at the top of his lungs. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind us, and even you, getting into trouble.”

To make his point, the older teen let go of Keith’s head. Was it a reflex reaction or a conscious endeavor at fully experiencing helplessness? He played right in his cousin’s game and he bellowed as his lips recovered freedom.

“You bastards! Let me go or grmmmmphhlllmmmbblllmmmmm…”

“What did I tell you? Don’t even think of biting my hand, naughty boy, or I will whip your bottom raw!”

“You’ve convinced me,” Simon said with a sad tone, “This is a desperate case and exactly the type a good gag may help.”


William’s unrelenting grip brought the boy’s protests to a tolerable level.

Simon picked up the soggy ball of socks they’d used to silence him and stood before the immobilized contestant. He brandished it under his nose.

“You gave him a choice and he made the wrong one, Will. This is the least we can do. He’s got quite a big mouth, so he should take it all in. These are his socks, he won’t prove difficult taking them in.”

The three older teens gathered around the bound and handgagged boy. He cooed, moaned and pleaded behind William’s palm. He was beginning to understand that playing tie-up games meant he’d be on the wrong side of the ropes at some point.

He gave a decent fight, but they were three against him. Theo had a knack for forcing jaws open. Simon had nimble and skilled fingers, which compressed the ball of wool to a maximum, which helped to slide it inside the boy’s gob .

Simon had rope at his disposal to reiterate the same cleaving trick Keith had used on him. He strived to make it even. The length allowed for this, with many turns that would yield a tight and constricting band. The bulk of the sock stretched the boy’s jaws open. The turns of rope held it fast and gave his cheeks a bulging effect.

William stood behind Simon, admiring the entertainer’s handiwork.

“I wish you could see it, Keith. Don’t worry, though, there’s still plenty of film and we may keep a memory of your encounter with Simon.”

“Or two or three!” his brother added.

“Yes, let’s start with just your nice rope band holding the packing in.”

“Your dirty sock that Simon chewed on all morning,” Theo reminded their charge.


It was too late for Keith to let his cousins and their fiendish gypsy friend know that it didn’t make him feel too good. William and Theo had never shied away from tormenting him.

“Just keep smiling pretty, Keith!” William commanded his cousin. His brother got behind the tripod and set the camera with fast and knowing gestures.

“Will you have a group picture?”

The two knot-tiers framed their victim, laying their hands over his shoulders and leering at their bound and gagged prey. Theo snapped three shots.

“I imagine you still have layers to add to his gag, Simon,” Theo remarked, “It would make for another nice photograph.”

“You just need to ask!”

Simon got into character easily. He picked the scarf he’d been gagged with from the chair’s back and got back behind Keith. This time, Simon had to pause as he tightened the knotted scarf over the nape of their model’s neck. Simon knew how to smooth the silk over the face and below the chin. Then a slow and repetitive tightening got the knot to pull the supple and clinging surface. It compacted the impressive mass of wool further, swathing his lower face in a tight mask of silk, locking the jaws together. It silenced him yet better. Simon knew any attempt at using one’s voice with such a heavy gag felt very taxing.

“With this huge sock crammed in his mouth, your chatty relative won’t even try talking. It’s too unpleasant.”

“I guess this is the purpose of a gag,” William laughed.

Keith seemed to be resigned to his fate and he didn’t act agitated. Theo watched Simon mishandle his younger relative in his viewfinder. He took a first picture. Simon kept on tugging over the two ends. He pulled more slack off the additional scarf. Theo announced he was off to get more film and take a break.

He was off in a dash, leaving William and Simon on their own to handle the captive. The red-headed escape artist reversed the tightening process and released some pressure the nasty silk scarf caused.

“This may be very unpleasant. It looked great and I’m sure you’ll enjoy seeing the result. For now I’ll loosen it so it just stays on to make the gag look tidier,” Simon broke the silence once Theo’s steps had faded away, “I’ll take it you’re no newcomer when it comes to tie-up, yet you might not have experienced such very strict gagging before.”

“He’s taking it well, Simon. But yes, slow and steady wins the race. There’s some more time to improve his bonds and try other unpleasant gags out. We’d better leave him on his own so he may calm down.”

To Keith’s great shame, his older cousin pointed to his crotch. He had thought about his stiff member when Simon bound his legs. He’d been aware of another hardening when he’d first felt the silk of the latest scarf slide over his gagged cheeks. Simon smiled at him and he nodded, confirming he was on his cousin’s side.

William dragged two chairs and they sat in front of the standing bound and gagged boy.

“Nice job, Simon, Keith is stumped. Except in his shorts.”

Theo’s absence once again caused William to be bolder and more explicit. Simon no longer had the gag saving him from finding something clever and honest to say.

“I hope I don’t shock you, Simon.”

“No, not at all,” our young hero replied, though his voice trailed off and he let his friend pick up the conversation.

“I know I don’t shock Keith. You see, I was the one who got to untie him from a hogtie when I trussed him up inside the barn a couple months ago. The little fiend had rolled over and creamed his pants.”

“Oh?” Simon asked in a perfectly incredulous tone. It had happened to him when indulging in tie-up activities. And to Patrick too.

“He’ll stand; this will save him some laundry. Though it seems my cousin is now fully developed. He looks bigger down there. He also leaks juice like a man.”

Simon had of course spotted the randy young man’s physiological reactions. The manly smells when he bound his legs were unmistakable . Simon had a hard time voicing out his observations. William was a tactful guest and he moved on.

“Let’s save us some time when Theo comes back. It would be kind and generous to provide Keith with the same gag he gave you so it makes for a nice memory album…”

Simon retrieved the swim cap and rolls of gauze.

“You mean wrapping up his skull closely to be sure he keeps chewing on his sock?”

It was a nice diversion; Simon agreed wholeheartedly. The two older boys framed the helpless victim, with William behind holding him steady while Simon would work from the front.

“Remove the scarf, Will, we’ll use it to finish up the job. For now, I’m going to shield his hair. If you have any more of this nice adhesive tape, it’s possible to make it totally soundproof.”

Simon was now free from a gag and he showed his audience he had acquired the gift of the gab working in entertainment. It certainly wasn’t true, considering that preventing noise from coming out would have required and actual filling of the nostrils, but this would obviously be rather lethal. He’d had one nostril filled by some captor of his, who claimed it worked. It had been no picnic though the man had made sure he’d be able to breathe at all times.

This wasn’t this sort of context. He was more than willing to help William out. This wouldn’t hurt the little sadist and possibly be a proper life lesson. Some head mummification did get the game a notch higher.

“There are quite a few rolls of this surgical tape left. Let me get some…”

Simon slid his hands inside the rubber cap and stretched it. He slowly slid it over the boy’s hair. He tucked some hair in and checked the boy’s ears hadn’t folded.

“I hope you’re proud of the attention a great artist like Simon shows you, cousin. He’s even going to turn your head in a nice Easter egg,” William joked when he handed Simon the requested tape.

Simon felt the boy brimming with lust and erotic tension. The lustful scents in the room weren’t necessarily all Keith’s, but this next step in his treatment didn’t curb his horny reaction. The boy moaned and cooed through his nose, probably pleading for being relieved by a helpful hand caressing his package. Simon went slowly and methodically. He first used two chinstraps pulling his chin and with their ends overlapping at the top of his rubber-covered skull.

The rolls of gauze would make for a perfectly symmetrical result. It tidied the job. This boy had big brown eyes and thick, long eyelashes. It would certainly make for great photographs if the Marcy brothers’ talent with a camera matched the range of equipment they used.

Simon was finishing the wrapping of the boy’s head when he heard Theo’s steps in the staircase.

“I see you’ve finished the job,” he said coming in, “We’ll take a photograph.”


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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 15, January 7th

Postby kankuro10 » Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:25 am

This has become more interesting. Simon is on the other side of the ropes. Wow. I like the idea of new adventures of Simon in the PG 17 section.

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Re: The New Adventures of Simon: Simon and the Wicked Brothers, chapter 15, January 7th

Postby WAMGuy » Sun Jan 07, 2018 12:05 pm

Awesome as always!

I'd also very much enjoy more Adventures of Simon in the PG 17 section!

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