A Lad in Distress - Chapters 1 - 21 -- PG16 -- Updated September 4th

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A Lad in Distress - Chapters 1 - 21 -- PG16 -- Updated September 4th

Postby Bondwriter » Sat Apr 23, 2016 9:16 pm

A tale that I wrote with the input and support of Jeremy, who's posted stuff here too. Here are the first four chapters. The story isn't complete, but it's long enough to offer interesting adventures for the bonds and gags fiction enthusiasts. There are very evil and disturbed villains, and abductions, so be warned.

A Lad in Distress
by Jeremy & Bondwriter
Chapter 1 – A life-long obsession

"Once I'm done with adjusting this, I doubt you will give me any cheek, Marty. And you will be in a proper condition to perform."

Shaun tugged over the corset puller. The corset he was putting on Marty wasn't the usual kind, tightening around the waist. Instead, the corset tightened around his mouth. The kid leather apparatus was designed to encase the whole neck and lower face of the wearer with a lace tightened at the back. There were stays as in a real corset. They were flat and invisible, but they framed Marty's Adam's apple and went over his chin. The metal reinforcement ensured that once the back was closed firmly with the lace, jaws were solidly locked and lips were concealed by the gleaming lamb hide.

Shaun liked sturdy gags, and the mouth corset was only the tip of the iceberg. Marty's mouth was filled completely with a good amount of balled-up silk; the lips were swathed in the usual criss-cross of fine two-inch surgical tape Shaun found convenient and effective to make good gags. Two turns around the head pulled against the neck ensured a finer posture once all the layers were finally applied.

"So Marty, are you getting into character? The gag is tight, and you can't speak a word, can you?"

"Mmmmm Mmm Mphmm…"

Marty played along. He was strapped to a chair, wearing only a pair of nylon shorts, thin white socks and kid leather boots that wrapped his feet closely. Shaun had spent forty-five minutes gagging him. Marty had learned this was Shaun's kick in the last thirty-six hours he had spent in his Washington State property.

Marty had been impressed by the mansion when Marty had driven him from the airport and passed the gate. The house was modeled after grey stone abbeys or manors found in Ireland or Brittany. It wasn't gothic, really, but it looked spectacular overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and the trees showed they were beaten by the winds.

Marty was there testing a project Shaun was working on. Or so Shaun said.

Shaun was born Hollywood. His mom was an actress and his father a 'suit' in a big studio. He'd had a small career as a director. He'd been assistant director on a few movies, and he'd gotten a break in directing number five in a franchise that many would have deemed 'torture porn'. It was about a super evil and clever serial killer who restrained his victims and would instill fear before ending them violently, except for an unlikely survivor who managed to escape. The killer would manage to elude the law at the end of each movie in the franchise. The next one would then have to invent yet new devious plots to satisfy the target audience.

Shaun's version had been the most successful in the series. He had a twisted mind, and he had managed to make the script even creepier than previous episodes. His taste in gags was not for nothing. Most of the time, the killer's traps in these movies featured heavy, tight restraints; there were always nefarious games emphasizing the fact the victims could not speak. Of course, there was also the classic seizing of the wannabe rescuer, who was the object of a trap.

But there were also scenes that many had found unbearable, in which the killer spoke through a speaker and would list all of the gruesome things he would do to his victim, and would have him repeat it gagged with lots of layers and heavy wadding inside his mouth.

This film had gotten Shaun on other action or horror projects and provided him with a stream of requests from actors. His liking for bondage was no secret, and some aficionados who had acting ambitions started hitting on him to have them as guest for trials.

Marty was the twelfth in eighteen months. His parents' manor up north was a wonderful playpen for such activities. So here he was, having an eventful weekend with a handsome twink very appreciative of his fetish.

"Good, Marty, gather yourself, we're going to shoot the scene. I hope you remembered your lines."

As the restrained cutie mumbled his response, Shaun went to the window. He looked at the ocean; from the top of the cliff where the mansion was perched he could see far to the west. The sky was grey. It mirrored Shaun's state of mind. Out of all the young men he'd brought here, there had been some fun for sure, but every time, after a few hours, he realized these games weren't the real thing. He was waiting for this one special young man he had thought of for all these years.

His mind drifted to his first intense memory of bondage. He had gone to his grandparents over Thanksgiving weekend; they lived in the country in Northern California. It was a small town, and it was always mildly boring when he went there. He was seven; his grandmother had to entertain him in the small ways the small town offered. One was a movie theater. It was an old style venue, featuring one screen only. The building itself, much different from the multiplexes Shaun had gone to before.

This was the first sign this was no ordinary experience. His grandmother had been glad there had been a new Disney movie playing for a few weeks. Shaun loved cartoons, of course, and the prospect of going out with his grandmother all for himself pleased him.

That's how he saw Aladdin for the first time. The movie started; for a seven-year-old boy, the experience was mind-blowing. The songs were great. Shaun was highly amused by the comedic aspects; the Genie was really funny. The villains scared him. Then, as he thought the movie was over with Aladdin kissing the Princess, it had happened.

Aladdin, then under the guise of Prince Ali Ababwa, was vanishing thanks to the magic carpet. That's when it happened. These few seconds, seen countless times since, were imprinted in his brain forever.

Jafar's guards seized Aladdin and swiftly bound and gagged him. He had a wide scarf trapping his lower face so all he could do was utter muffled groans. This impressed the young Shaun very much. Aladdin was completely helpless when Jafar uttered his ominous sentence: "I believe you've worn out your welcome, Prince Abooboo.". Then Aladdin kept trying to talk, to no avail. Jafar ordered his guards to dispose of Aladdin. Shaun had been very afraid at that moment.

Aladdin was sent into the sea from the cliff, with a chain ball at his ankles. Shaun had had strong conflicting emotions, as the ordeal fascinated him as much as it frightened him. As Aladdin drowned slowly, trying to get to the lamp to make the Genie appear, Aladdin grunted in despair, but he couldn't utter a word. It was nice that the Genie didn't need to be called by saying a magic formula. He rubbed the lamp as he was about to die, and so the Genie was freed and could save Aladdin. It was well worth losing his second wish. The rest of the movie, with his grandiose finale, had somehow distracted the seven-year-old boy; but as soon as he'd been outside the theater, his mind had wandered back to this scene.

He tried to gag himself with a bandana. He soon discovered that though the gag looked good in the bathroom mirror, it didn't hold, and it didn't prevent him much from making noise.

He added a hankie the next time. From there, he explored different household materials, duct tape, cling wrap film, and he found various ways to fill his mouth so his tongue couldn't move.

He was one of the first to get the VHS upon release. He got copies of the film in all subsequent formats. Of course, the VHS tape bore the signs of Shaun's leanings, as it was a bit difficult to watch the scene.

Then there had been Chris Wilde, four years later. Chris Wilde played the lead role in a drama/ sitcom show Shaun's mom was in. Chris was from the Midwest; when the second season was shot, it was arranged he would live with the Wainworths, as his parents couldn't be as much there as for the first season.

The first two weeks were not too eventful. Shaun got along with Chris, who was eighteen months older than he was. One evening, Shaun managed to get the conversation rolling about tie-ups. There had been an episode in the first season in which Fred's character had a dream in which the kids he was supposed to babysit the next day tied him to a chair and gagged him with a bandana. Of course, he woke up, and in the final shots of the episode, as he reached the place he would have to show how grown up and mature he was, the tykes could be seen preparing to bomb him with eggs and flour.

It was a bit silly, but of course this episode had been one of Shaun's favorites too. At eleven, soon to be twelve, Shaun now felt a very special tingle 'down there' when he thought about other boys gagged. So he brought the conversation as casually as he could. Of course, to make it easier, he had first managed to get the other boy to watch Aladdin.

Shaun knew how to control himself when the scene played. Looking from the corner of his eye, he could see a very slight smirk. Once the scene was over, Shaun shifted a bit. He said very detachedly, "This is a cartoon, with just a scarf he could call for help…"

Shaun counted up to five in his head, before he made a remark he wanted to sound thoughtful.

"Didn't you get gagged with a bandana in one of the show's episodes, Chris?"

"Yes, but it was pretend. And the shooting didn't last more than twenty minutes. I agree, Shaun, just a bandana doesn't work. I had to say 'mm mm' with my lips closed to pretend."

There was silence. To Shaun's amazement, the older boy broke it.

"Why, Shaun? Do you think you could tie me up and gag me so I can't escape or call for help?"

Shaun was flabbergasted. He was eager enough not to let such an opportunity pass.

"Uh… Sure, that would be a cool game."

"I dare you, then!"

Shaun didn't wait for long. He jumped to his feet.

"Stay right here, Chris, I'll go pick some things."

There were ropes in the entrance pantry. Tape was in the bathroom, and Shaun went to his bedroom to get a few hankies and items he'd collected for his private games.

As he came back, Chris stood from the couch. He was wearing a track suit, which suited Shaun because it made him look good and he wouldn't have clothes getting in his way.

Soon Chris was bound hand and foot. That's when he let his younger friend know in a not too subtle manner that he shared similar interests.

"I'm going to call out, your parents are going to come and free me, and you'll be punished."

Shaun had pushed him back onto the couch, hands tied behind his back. He sat next to him and clamped a hand over his mouth.

"I doubt you will, Mr. Superstar, because I'm really kidnapping you this time. The studio will pay a handsome ransom for you!"

He removed his hand, only to cram in a medium-sized silk handkerchief. Shaun then added a golf ball inside the older boy's mouth. There was a roll of duct tape, and an X was stuck over Chris' lips. The scarf that topped this was tightly knotted over the nape of Chris' neck.

"Mmmmpphhh! Mmmmm! Mmmmblmmmm!" he tried unsuccessfully.

"Ha! Ha! I doubt you can call for help now."

Shaun had added three coils of rope at the knees, waist and chest, so the bonds would look a bit more impressive.

He fetched his digital camera.

"You're going to smile for the ransom pic!"

The boy nodded eagerly. The teenage star had weird dreams, too.

The game had gone on for three hours; the prisoner had been moved around, fed and gagged again, and his picture had been taken in many different settings.

After this, there had been more experimentation with Chris. Though they both somehow acknowledged the erotic nature of such activities, they always had them in challenges or games context. They kept their clothes on.

From there, Shaun had managed to find other playmates. Many of them, actually.

As he looked at the ocean, Shaun couldn't help but think that what he really wanted was his own 'Diamond in the Rough'. Someone whose perfect body and looks would be that of the gracious cartoon character. And one in which he could be Jafar .

"So, Marty, in this scene, you will have to answer the questions of a devious criminal who thinks you're responsible for the fire in his house that killed his family ten years ago. You remember what you have to reply? I have all evening, and even all night, if you don't perform as directed."


Marty couldn't be sure that Shaun wasn't serious. He needed a part. He would be paid for the test, which was unusual. He dove inside, as he'd been taught in acting classes, tapping into the character's emotions to give the most convincing performance. This would be his big break!

"Mmmbbllm! Mmm! Mmmph!"

Chapter 2 – Breaking up

As he stirred from a deep slumber, Zach felt the warmth of the other body inside his bed. He felt really good; the hot smell of bodies in the morning, after some relatively chaste activities were always something he enjoyed waking up to. Like hot coffee and the smell of cinnamon rolls.

He dragged himself out of bed. Zach's boy friend, Taylor, was driving him to a casting. A commercial for waffles in which he was supposed to play the perfect young husband. He looked really young to play the part, but one never knew what could be these weird casting people's criteria.

They had the breakfast Taylor had cooked; they chitchatted over what they would do for the weekend. Zach seemed mildly annoyed when Taylor told him that he would eventually not be going at his friend's for the party that evening. Zach had longed for a little privacy, like the night before, to chat or read online on some his guilty pleasure interest. It was deeply frowned upon by his boyfriend.

Taylor was gay, but he was very straight-acting. His rather traditional upbringing had brought his to despise fringe behaviors; so whereas he had overcome his gayness rather easily, not feeling much shame for getting hard at the sight of a bulge in other men's pants, he had a deep distaste for cross-dressers, flamers and SM type people.

When Zach had let him know about his liking for bondage, he had been adamant that would Zach act out these fantasies, he would not go on with him.

Zach was getting out from his shower; he spotted Taylor looking at the email on his laptop. No! He hadn't locked the session last night. He'd just faded the screen as Taylor came home.

The lean and wiry young man of almost nineteen stepped cautiously behind, his towel wrapped around his waist. His lush hair was falling down his neck; a quick toweling got it to full volume anew.

Taylor was most grateful to have found such a lovely boy. Everybody turned their eyes to them when they walked down around the Palisades. Zach's jet black hair, his dark complexion and his lovely smile that he offered generously got both men and women to turn towards him.

As Zach could see above Taylor's shoulder, his stomach churned. Taylor had not only opened a PDF file with the comic Zach collected every chapter of from a Yahoo Group, but he'd gotten it from an online acquaintance who he'd discussed the issue with at length. His instant messaging had remained open too. This was what Taylor was poring over, a long saga depicting the adventures of a young man in the thirties who had been struck with an ancient curse that meant he was to be in bondage peril all the time. And there was no shortage of villains to undertake the task of keeping him bound and gagged in the harshest ways.

Zach liked the cartoonish aspect of the story; he found such stories titillating; there was a thrill watching young men in peril. These tales also made him feel good about being safe from the frightening prospects the young Brit faced.

Zach would have loved someone to tie him up to see how it felt. But Taylor wouldn't have taken it too kindly if he'd tried. For that matter, Taylor turned out to be really pissed.

"So Zach, you still enjoy these smutty bondage stories? I thought we'd put the matter behind us. I think I had been clear too."

Being the son of a Lutheran pastor meant that Taylor, despite living in Sin City was intractable when it came to monogamy and decency. He was very jealous also.

Taylor jumped to his feet.

"I'll go brunch in a diner; you're on your own to get to the audition. You'll have to be out of the apartment tomorrow; I won't be sleeping here tonight, eventually."

Zach had to admit he had been warned. He still thought his little fantasy to be quite harmless. It was a betrayal of the terms nonetheless. The door slammed. Zach's most important issue was to get to Burbanks on his own. The cab was his only solution. He checked his pocket. The two twenties were supposed to take him to the middle of the next week.

It would be time to find a solution to the money issue another time. He called the cab company.

As he saw the streets, ramps and freeways of the City of Angels pass in front of his eyes in the downbeat cab, his mind wandered to this little fetish of his. He'd been interested in tie-up and kidnapping situations from a tender age.

He had very few occasions to actually play with like-minded people. There was a vivid memory of being seven and having to endure a penalty after a game of cards with his cousins, all female and older than him. As he had long eyelashes and was a very beautiful child, they had hugged and kissed him often.

This time, his cousin Sherry who was thirteen had decided he had to stand with his hands on his head for ten minutes since he'd lost. When she noticed he had moved his feet, she came and bound his ankles. As he was fidgeting, she declared it was necessary to tie his wrists behind his back.

She had done so, and had eventually tied a scarf over his lower face. The way the three girls praised his cuteness, but overall his helplessness made him feel queasy, but in a nice way. Ten minutes later, he was freed. The memory remained vividly with him to this very day.

There had been more longing for tie-up, self imposed gags before he'd wanked as he was later. He had always been rather unlucky finding partners. He'd had a few online connections, but they never got anywhere. Either pervs wanted to put him through the most gruesome ordeals, or when he found a gentleman interested in mild bondage role-play, he was turned down as soon as he'd sent a pic, these people wanting nothing to do with a minor. Which he was not, but he could not convince them.

The cab stopped. Now he had to forget about his sorrows. What mattered was to get the part. He was in desperate need for cash, and he knew he could do it in Hollywood. He couldn't go back to his hometown, as his issues with his family had seen him thrown out of the house eighteen months previous. He had been told never to show up again; time would maybe mend things, but for now, this was not a viable way out.

He entered the studio's gates. He walked the third of the mile to the warehouse indicated on the calendar he had on his phone. The hall was already full of handsome young men, ranging from eighteen to thirty. This was quite a mouth-watering display.

The wait in the large hall was likely to last some time. Zach grabbed his phone. There was good network access. He launched an app for a fetish site he'd used to find people to chat with. He sent messages to people he knew and lived in LA. This time he could meet them, now that he no longer had to refuse because of his boy friend. This would give him something to look forward too; knowing Taylor, there would be no forgiving. Even if he felt stupid and that he regretted his words in a few days, Taylor would be too proud to admit it. There would be no attempt at fixing what he had broken.

Zach was eventually called, having had the time to send cheerful messages to three of the people he was connected to on the site; the three that had close locations, actually. Zach stood; he had to do his job, and prove he was worth being given the part.

He'd had the script as he waited. He had to pick up a binder full of papers, since they had not a sample of the product. He was then to bring it to a table where the casting staff were present. All people between forty and sixty were supposed to be the cheerful family he was living with.

The thought of this moment had kept him going through the morning. After doing the scene three times, with a special focus of the person filming, as his performance was grabbing attention, he was dismissed.

He felt faint; the build up to this performance had prevented him from thinking about Taylor. Now he realized the blond surfer boy was gone. The cute butt, the firm thighs, the big green eyes: all this was gone. And he had to find a place to stay.

He leaned to the wall and sighed. As he eventually dragged himself outside wearily, the notification of an app message on the phone rang in his pocket. He hadn't turned it off! At least it had not rung during the audition.

A bar tender Zach had talked to online was interested. His name was Josh, and he was trying to get his script, and so he tended bar waiting for his break. Zach sat, and after a few back and forth messages, with the tens of seconds of eager waiting in between, it was decided that he could go there later in the early evening. By a stroke of luck, it was one of the few weeks Josh wasn't working on Saturday evening.

Zach went home, showered and changed to ride his bike to the guy, who lived only two and a half miles away. He packed some clothing; Zach was lean and had a toned body; yet he was not a gym rat. He liked sportswear when it was shiny, smooth material. He loved how it could enhance other boys' bodies.

This was one of the things he'd exchanged about with Josh. So he put Speedos and black polyamide running shorts in his bag; they made his butt stick out a little, but he was proud of his perfect round buns, and he wasn't against showing his thighs a little. He hoped this would fit Josh's sports clothing fetish.

He rang. Josh opened the door; he looked better than on his profile pic. He had green eyes that looked at Zach with interest. Cropped light brown hair with shades of red. A great smile. Zach was glad he'd hooked up with someone he was attracted to for his first bondage hook-up. Josh was dressed in a shiny tracksuit. He looked great.

"Come in, Zach!"

Zach had barely entered the flat before Josh clamped his hand over his mouth.

"I guess someone shouldn't have meddled in my business."

A cartoonish kidnap role-play had been decided, and Zach moaned a lot, wriggled around but didn't really fight.


"Sorry, but you will have to stay here a bit longer. We can't have you go around calling the police or thwarting my plans any further.

Josh pulled Zach towards a chair. Coils of white rope were piled beside it, and a few had already been anchored to the simple wood kitchen chair.

Josh held on fast to the cutest bike rider he had ever seen. He couldn't believe his luck. It was worth all the trouble he'd gone through to make this happen when he'd gotten Zach's message in the morning.

The bike rider outfit he wore was all Lycra, and feeling the cute little buttocks all wrapped in the shiny material made Josh's manhood grow in his own Speedos he wore underneath his tracksuit. He didn't want to scare such a promising promise of bondage pleasure. As Zach had stated "not too sexual" in their exchanges, he would let the boy ask for it if some further occasions happened.

He dragged Zach to the chair and forced him to sit down. It was fortunate this was role-play. It took Josh long minutes to decide upon which rope to use next, and working over his bonds with gleeful enthusiasm. Had Zach resisted, Josh’s job would have been made much more difficult.

Eventually Zach was really well trussed to the chair. He squirmed, he twitched, but there was no way he'd escape such rigorous bonds. The little fear he'd had when he first had been handgagged had subsided. He felt Josh was a fun playmate; the "I guess I can’t let you call out for help, now, can I?" he uttered meant there would be some gagging next.

Josh grabbed a long strip of cotton he used to cleave-gag Zach. There was a small knot in its middle, but it was more for show, as he could get rid of the scarf with a little head motion and the knot did not fill his mouth, if this was why it had been tied there.

"More difficult to have a smart mouth now, little meddler. You'll have to stay quiet while we fence the goods!"

The details of the scenario had not been discussed, but being in the hands of a bunch of thieves appealed to Zach tremendously. This was actually his first tie-up ever, if you didn't count a few self-experiments, and so far it was great. Zach pretended to be silenced, grunting with his mouth closed, as the scarf between his teeth didn’t hinder speech much.

Josh kept him like this for almost an hour. He regularly came to check on him, informing him on how the whole post-heist activities were going, and pointing out repeatedly how helpless he was. He didn't resist poking him here and there. Josh was still impressed by Zach's beauty, and he acted a bit shy. He didn't want to be rude to this handsome man, and he didn't knead him as he'd have done with other play partners.

This was a great evening, as Josh then changed Zach into some nice nylon shorts before he restrained him, spread-eagled to his bed with soft cuffs that attached to the bed's frame. .

Josh leaned over, with a white silk scarf he was folding in a wide bandage. He removed the thinner one tied between his teeth. Zach tried to call, low enough so the neighbors wouldn't call 911. The handgag was back.

"Oh no, scoundrel, you won't. I'm going to gag you nice and tight for the night."

He then wrapped Zach's lower face in the smooth material. With Josh straddling him, Zach could feel his captor's hardness, through the shorts Josh now wore, over his chest as he tied the scarf

There were more intimate activities; Zack got wanked in his shorts a few times, and his hand was freed to reciprocate the favor.

This was an evening of fun. Zach slept there overnight, though in his own bed. They had a little extra tie-up time in the morning before real life obligations forced Josh to leave. Zach got a nice wank from Josh as he had his hands bound behind his back.

Zach rode back to the apartment, feeling elated; he grabbed his things, which could be put in two bags. He booked in a motel; it was not exactly upscale, but his money didn't allow much luxury. The rest of the Sunday was uneventful; Zach glowed in the feelings of what he'd just done. He slept very peacefully that night, actually.

Chapter 3 – Breaking out

The following Tuesday, Zach got a call. He needed to pass a second audition on Thursday for the waffle commercial. The next two days saw lots of hope, heavy preparation, as the eighty-four words of text he'd gotten from the first time were memorized and repeated over and over.

He dressed in his finest elegant casual to be in character. Zach took the bus, he got there on time. Everything went fine, except that he still wasn't told if he got the part. There would be more waiting. He left the room, with more positive feelings than the first time.

As he exited the door, he had to let a tall man in. This guy was dressed in a suit, a modern one tailored in a style reminding of late nineteenth century Victorian elegance. Zach was quite impressed by the man's poise; as he stepped outside, he realized he knew this long face, with the jet-black hair and the short pointy goatee. It was Shaun Wainworth, the torture movies director. To be fair, he'd done some action movies too. Crossing path with celebrities was one of the LA things that still impressed Zach.

Inside the building, Shaun stood aghast. His gaze was turned towards the outside; he'd followed the young man he'd crossed with his eyes. The beauty of the face had been replaced with the view from behind. In Shaun's mind, it didn't disappoint. The tight buns encased inside the close-fitting slacks made for a great complement to the amazing face he'd seen. He'd been so mesmerized by the apparition of this real life Aladdin that he'd lost all his means. When he came to his senses and ran outside to talk to the young man, he was gone.

Shaun went back inside; on the entrance posting board, he saw there were two casting auditions; one of them was for the project he was working on. Both were conducted by agencies he'd worked for. From there, it didn't take thirty minutes for Shaun to find the contact information of the young man by enquiring with the waffle commercial staff.

He got out with the information. His dream had come true.

Now he had to work on making it happen with this Zacharia fellow. Shaun didn't think subtlety was much needed. Still, he couldn't possibly call the young man out of the blue if he intended to get his Aladdin scheme to work.

Back at the office, Shaun quickly decided to call Zacharia's agency for a project that would have them send the young man to him. He was shooting a music video the following week, so he needed some specific types of faces for close-ups in the video. The assistant he talked to sent him a link for several actor pages fitting his requirements of slightly Middle Eastern, lean and with black hair. The third link was Zacharia. He gazed at the face and the smile. He hadn't been fooled by his senses.

He was about to hang up the phone, when he thought of asking right away about Zacharia. The assistant obliged. He heard the keyboard rattling, as she picked up the boy's file from her computer. He then got the information that Zacharia had not been picked for the waffle advertising. Good, he would be more likely to accept his own offer.

He told the woman he'd keep in touch, and that he would let her know if he needed to see the young man. Shaun hung up, his mind wandering as he imagined his long-hatched plan could be set in motion soon. He smiled.

Zach didn't take it too well the following day when he got the call from the agency. Shaun had called back just before, so he did get the good news of an audition for a music video. He was given the address of a hotel where a conference room had been booked for the purpose, and told to show up the following morning.

The place was one of these impersonal places for business people and various executive events. He was to go to the Ivory Lounge, which was called this because it was painted in light beige.

Zach had been told the video director would be at the audition. He recognized Shaun Wainworth straight away; he smiled at the coincidence, but this type of things happened to him often. The Shaun was accompanied by another man with cameras. It was a small audition from Zach's experience.

More than an audition, it turned out to be a photo shooting. A photographer took pics of Zach walking, sitting, portraits. There was a bit of videoing too. It lasted rather long. When it was over, Zach was told he was hired straight away.

The photographer who worked for Shaun gave the young actor a card with an appointment for costumes the next day. He handed him a signed copy of a completely legitimate contract.

Zach came out, ecstatic. It was a bit more modeling than acting; this was better than nothing. From what he was told by Shaun as they talked, this was a music video for a 20-something pop-country artist; it was a ballad about how people are different yet yearn for the same thing. There would be lots of people of different ethnicities or looks featured. Zach was glad to be part of such a project.

The song was meant to be a global hit, and Shaun made good money on such jobs. Of course, his name had to be changed to preserve his horror movie directing credibility. Another thing he liked about these gigs was large castings; the bigger the pool to draw from, the more chances he had to find young men who would be the good target for his fantasies.

Zach walked out the room with appointments and a promise of money coming in shortly, even if it would not be a very big amount. He had things to look forward to.

Shaun looked a last time at the behind set in motion by two wonderful thighs. This was his Aladdin. He had to have Zach; have him, like keep him in the family mansion up north.

He could enact the plan he'd developed over fifteen years. The idea had been no more than a childhood fantasy at first. As he grew, his representation of Aladdin's gag scene had changed. Whereas in the beginning, he imagined being the boy in distress, he soon grew to be Jafar. The games with Chris Wilde didn't help much, since the young actor loved tight bonds and ruthless kidnapping role-plays. The taste for silencing gags had grown on them, and as they experimented with various ways to fill the mouth and seal the lips, Shaun thought more and more that he was the villain.

"Make sure he's never found…" This is where his imagination branched somewhere else. He was thirteen at the time, and he imagined himself being Jafar and saying these words. But then, the hefty guards put Aladdin in a trunk, and carried him to Jafar's palace, where they were to make sure he would be never found.

Then Jafar kept him in his dungeon. As years went by, and discovering other sources of depictions of male bondage, this peculiar fantasy had played in hundreds of ways in Shaun's mind. And as he had started earning money, he had imagined how to make some of these scenarios happen and made the family home a place where to enact them.

The birth of these fantasies had coincided with the moment when he'd lost Chris Wilde as a tie-up games partner. Chris was older than Shaun, and for him the games had become more explicitly erotic. Though he couldn't really ask Shaun to help him in this department, being the older kid, he still counted on Shaun's tendency to develop restraining tie-ups and thorough gags, as he got wilder and wilder reactions to the inescapable bindings Shaun put him into.

For this game, they had talked together a bit; Shaun had told Chris of his liking for Aladdin many times. Chris thought that maybe he could dress up as Aladdin; this would certainly pique the interest of his younger friend. Shaun liked the prospect very much; he sorted out his ropes and scarves carefully.

Chris made himself an Aladdin costume. He had some eggshell basketball shorts that went below the knee; they were getting to be a tight fit as Chris was now well into puberty and he'd gotten them when he was thirteen. They had a pleasant gloss, and would do. He had a large red silk scarf that he used as a belt and a tight purple waistcoat that completed the costume.

Shaun started with 'a spell', which was their way to start their games so there wouldn't be fights that risked to be lost by Shaun, as Chris didn't really want to be on the giving end. Chris was turned into a statue; of course, even in their fictional world, the spell didn't last forever; Shaun tackled the restraining quickly. After two minutes, the spell could have been off. With his arms so snugly bound behind him, his forearms bound tightly against each other; there was no way Chris could have fought off his smaller kidnapper.

Of course, to make sure he would never be found in the recreation room of the house, Shaun knew how to gag him to near perfect silence. He'd put several pieces of paper towel into a knee-high stocking he'd stolen from his mom's drawers. Chris opened wide and took the whole thing inside willingly. He cleave-gagged him with three turns of the cotton rope. He liked how this pulled the corners of Chris's mouth. His friend could no longer say a word. Shaun then added a wide white cotton bandage over the muffling setup.

Chris was in seventh heaven, and being marched to the basement by Shaun was not that easy, considering the boner he'd sprouted throughout the ordeal. The next two hours were a delight for him. There was the intense frustration of not being able to wank when he would have liked it so much, but the stories and comments Shaun made compensated for this.

He was bound to a metal chair, to a concrete pole, in a hogtie. His gag was removed to give him a quick drink, before being replaced and made even tighter.

All good things come to an end, alas! Shaun's mom got back home three hours earlier than planned. Shaun rushed upstairs when he heard her come; he had to divert her attention and make sure she wouldn’t ask about Chris. After ten minutes chatting, he grew impatient to get downstairs and free Chris. Chris was getting worried once he'd been left on his own.

It wasn't his calls that got Shaun caught; it was his conspicuous ways. His mom followed him; she was horrified to find the boy she was supposed to care for as he was a guest trussed up like a sausage, and making muffled screams from behind the gag. This didn't really look like child's play to her. She freed him swiftly, and let Shaun know they were to 'have a conversation'.

There were new accommodations for Chris’s stay the next day. Shaun got a long motherly talk on how much better he should behave and how nasty it was to kidnap his friends. It turned out Chris, thinking long-term about his career, let all the blame fall back upon Shaun's back. This was a very humiliating moment; this is when Shaun found out what betrayal could be.

His parents no longer had an interest in going to the Washington State manor. They didn't mind their son spending lots of times there. They thought he had a taste for the landscape, and the quasi gothic feel of the estate, with his interest for horror movies. Of course, with the tendencies he'd displayed from a very young age, they knew some kinky stuff could be going on when Shaun went there, but who were they to judge?

So Shaun had made it his second home. The young actors he'd brought up there had helped him to test the developments he'd made in some of the rooms; some were inspired by old fifties horror films; some were more the result of Shaun's fertile imagination when it came to kink. They made it rather easy to keep these young men restrained and gagged for days.

And now the time had come. Shaun could not forget the smiling brown eyes of the young man during the photo-shooting. And the round and firm buns above the slender thighs.

Chapter 4 – More auditions

Zach got to the studio half an hour early on the day of the shooting. He'd gone to see the costume designers the week before, and he'd been measured closely. He had never been so closely inspected. When the seamstress was done, she knew the size of all of his body parts; only his genitals had been spared; yet, there had been questions about how big he was down there; blushing, Zach had answered he was six inches at rest. There wasn’t a question about his size when erect; he sighed. He was told that all the actors had to look their best, and that a consequent budget was put into getting perfect looks.

After registering at the entrance, Zach went to make-up, and then he had to wait for his turn on set. The basic idea for the day was to shoot all of them in front of a green screen; they would then be set into various adapted settings thanks to digital imagery.

The costume people fitted him in his costume. For once, Zach's Middle Eastern appearance had been a blessing; he was to play the Persian prince and his costume looked even better than on the sketches he had been shown. All the actors or models illustrated diversity, which was the point of the video.

It was an off-white color, of the finest taffeta and silk, with a cape and a matching turban. Once he was dressed, with the cape over his shoulders, he looked at himself, not unhappy with what he saw. This looked vaguely familiar, but he couldn't pinpoint what it reminded him. His shooting only lasted a little less than half an hour. He had to walk, move around as requested and then vaguely interact with other actors; they hugged, they exchanged smiles. Everything was going real fats, and Zach could notice how busy everyone was.

Shaun Wainworth seemed very concerned with everything taking place on the set, and particularly of what was happening in front of the green screen. Zach noticed how intensely he looked at actors. His performance was closely scrutinized by the director.

Zach left after changing and having his make-up cleaned up; this had been a good time, and he hoped this would trigger some further jobs. All the people had seemed to admire his looks. Zach knew he was attractive, but he'd never really thought of this much. He hadn't been told over and over as a kid that he was the most handsome person in the world; now these movie people voiced out their admiration. Zach puffed up his chest. He felt good.

Shaun also felt good. He finished the rest of the shooting with the image of Zach playing over what he saw. He fought hard, so as not to let anything out of the ordinary transpire to the crew working around him. For his future plans, he needed to make sure no one had spotted his interest in Zach.

As he relaxed on his couch watching the rushes that evening, and playing those shots of Zach in his Prince Ababwa costume. The more he watched, the more he knew that this was no stroke of luck. This was fate. This was his destiny coming to fulfillment. There was some work to be done, but he knew how to do it; he knew how to get all the help needed.

"Make sure he's never found…" he whispered before exploding into a laughter that frightened the young costume designer apprentice he'd brought in for the evening and who now was ball-tied and hooded at his feet.

In the following week, investigations were performed, costumes and accessories ordered, henchmen summoned. As he ticked off his to-do list on his chart, he felt closer to this moment when he would see Zach again. Shaun had three weeks with not much on his schedule but a few appointments. It was nowhere as time-consuming as filming a movie.

He had thought of this before, but he really thought simplicity would help. Abducting Zach would be performed in a place with no video surveillance. He would be lured into a trap, bound, gagged, put inside a vehicle that was well equipped for such an endeavor, and driven up north by Shaun himself. The sixteen-hour drive had been planned in detail; Shaun usually flew up there and rented a car, but he knew the road and the places to avoid from the many times he'd driven there, either with his parents or as of late on his own.

On the following Friday morning, Shaun made a single phone call from an untraceable prepaid phone. He even drove a few miles to be sure the cell towers picking up the signal could not be linked to his living location.

"Shaun Wainworth calling. I'm currently working on a movie project. It's an adventure movie, and we're still wondering about the lead. You fit the character perfectly."

On the other end of the line, Shaun could hear the excitement he created.

"Uh, well, yes, and when do you want to meet?"

"That's why I called you straight away and didn't call the agency. You see, I'm leaving tomorrow for scouting locations for the movie, and I'm afraid if we don't meet today the studio will make the call for an actor I'm not too passionate about. You did great in the video, but this is a speaking part, and I can't go into a fight with the suits without being certain you can play it."

"Where should we meet?"

"I've booked the same room at the hotel where you auditioned for the video. There will be other people; there are a couple of other people I want to audition, for other parts, mainly. Still, it's low-key. As it's a bit tense with producers, I'd rather not feed the rumor-mill. So keep it hush-hush, will you?"

"No problem, Sir," Zach replied.

He knew how projects floundered in Hollywood if the wrong person was told of it; hence the necessary discretion of serious people.

"Can you be there at noon?"

Zach had nothing scheduled today, except for a little visit to the gym in the afternoon. He was to meet with Josh again, but not before the Monday, as he would be busy working all weekend.

Zach's next two hours went fast. He thought of how to act, though he hadn't been told what this movie was about. After shaving, showering and dressing up a bit with a polo and jacket, Zach left for the appointment. His sunglasses made him feel like a movie star trying to escape paparazzi.

When he reached the Ivory Lounge, he found an inkjet-printed notice on the door: 'Audition will be held in Room 212'. Could this be the hush-hush way that had required a last minute change? He didn't think about it too much. Zach took the stairs, which saved him crossing the lobby to the lifts.

He knocked on the door of Room 212. It was Wainworth himself who'd come and open the door.

"Zach! You made it! I wasn't sure, from your tone…"

"Oh no, Mr. Wainworth, I'm very interested in your project."

"Good, good. Come in."

It was a suite; not a huge one, but there was some big living room with a couch and armchairs and there had to be a bedroom next; and obviously, a bathroom. There were two men sitting there already.

Zach greeted them; they cheerfully replied.

"Meet Ted and Bill, they're here to audition for another part. I think you might even have a reading together. The idea of trying you in the role came from the video shooting. The costume you wore is not the perfect one for our try, but it is quite close. I've gotten it from the costume department; it's in the bedroom, let's go and get you dressed."

Zach remembered he looked good in the outfit. He followed Shaun to a bedroom at the end of the suite. His previous costume was laid on the bed. Shaun helped him to put it on. Zach noticed how he was watched. He was getting used to being ogled by older men, and if it could land him a part in a major motion picture, this was a small price to pay

They went back to the suite. ‘Ted and Bill’ looked at him; once again, he saw admiration in their eyes.

“OK, people, we’re going to try for a basic scene. The character has memories of a scene that impressed him much as a child. You must have seen Aladdin.”

The three applicants nodded.

“So we’ve got this scene at the beginning of the movie when the lead character, that’s your part, Zach, has a dream after seeing the scene on cable one night. He dreams that he himself is being kidnapped by you, Ted and Bill, who will play the Vizier’s henchmen. Later on in the movie, it turns out that the hero’s antagonists happen to be the thugs he has a run-in with.”

Zach could see the scene. Considering his own fantasies, he felt a little thrill running down his spine. This Aladdin scene was hot. It had scared him when he’d seen it as a child; as he’d watched it again, knowing the character would eventually be rescued, he’d gone to liking it a lot. The bound and gagged cartoon hero fueled his tie-up dreams.

“What we’re checking with this screen test is how you look for some tie-up action. There isn’t any dialogue, and we’ll try other scenes with lines to say later on.”

Zach had heard rumors about Shaun Wainworth’s liking for bondage. Well, if looking good tied up earned him a lead role, as it was what he was apparently being tested for...

“Zach, you will stand facing the camera. Look a bit behind and above, like you’re looking at a starry sky. Then Ted and Bill catch you from behind. Ted, you handgag him while Bill grabs his wrists. Then you both bring him down to the floor. Bill, you shackle him while Ted ties a white scarf across his face as a gag.”

This seemed straightforward enough. Zach wondered whether it could be as much fun as with Josh. It took a couple more minutes so Shaun could do another explanation of the scene, giving indications as to the length of each movement.

“You should work as a team, people. What matters is what will be seen by the camera, so work together so it looks convincing.”

Shaun went behind the big high-range professional digital camera. It had convinced Zach that the whole set-up was legit, apparently. The young man stood proudly, dressed in his Persian Prince costume; he had some chops at acting, Shaun thought. Being able to stand in front of a camera and pretend no one was there wasn’t a thing he got from all his actors.

So Zach was looking at an imaginary sky while the two goons closed in on him. Ted and Bill were well rehearsed too. Their timing was perfect. Ted clamped a big hand over the boy’s mouth, who opened wide eyes as they pushed him to the floor. Bill was skilled with restraints, and Zach only pretended his arms were flailing. His wrists were quickly chained behind his back, with Ted gagging him at the same time. Zach found it very exciting. He was glad he was wearing briefs rather than boxers; this was a little arousing.

Once Bill had pretended to knock him out with a blow to the back of his head, which didn’t result in blunt force trauma in the fictional world, Zach lied on his belly.

“Cut! Not bad for a first try, gentlemen. This is quite convincing.”

Zach lifted his head, looking at them. The faint praise pleased him.

“Could we do it again? I’d like to see a tad more surprise and indignation from you, Zach, and more villainy looks on your faces, Ted and Bill. Then we can move on to the next scene.”

Ted and Bill unshackled Zach, who pulled down the mock gag they’d bound across his mouth. He handed the white scarf to Ted.

“Everybody gets back in position.”

Zach focused so he’d be ready to cast pleading looks once he would be seized. This time, the assault was swifter, and Zach didn’t need to pretend that he couldn’t call as Ted’s hand was the first sign of the attack, and that, try as he might, his attempts at shouting were thwarted by the big, sweaty hand.

He was on his belly, Bill restraining his wrists. But contrary to the instructions, they changed the sequence somehow. While he was still being handgagged by Ted, Bill shackled his ankles also. Wasn’t he supposed to do it as the gag was put on him?


“Not a move and not a sound, Prince Abooboo, or we will retaliate,” Ted whispered into his ear.

Something wasn’t going according to plan. Zach squirmed, but the chains and cuffs were not children’s toys. Bill joined Ted. The hand was gone briefly. Zach needed to say they were ruining the scene. He opened his mouth to protest; a ball of slippery material glided between his lips, filling his mouth soon. The scarf that had been tied across his mouth previously was used to cleave-gag him.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmbllmmmph?!”

Zach wondered what was going on. A smirk from Shaun gave away the plot.

“Much, much better this time, boys,” he said, addressing Ted and Bill. “Why don’t you give our friend a seat so he may enjoy what’s up next.”

Zach kept grunting and grumbling, but his muffled attempts got anything but laughter.

“We sure will, boss,” Bill said with a chuckle in his voice.
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Re: A Lad in Distress

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Good start. Thanks.
Boxer shorts are cool,
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Re: A Lad in Distress

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I'm just waiting for the next parts.

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Re: A Lad in Distress

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Cool story! I'm waiting for the net parts

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A Lad in Distress: Chapter 5

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Hi there, people. Thanks for the comments. Here is another chapter of this collaboration.

Chapter 5 – It’s a trap!

The two bulky men stood Zach up. Ted held him as Bill went to the other bedroom in the suite. He came back pushing a wheelchair. It looked slicker than the ones Zack had seen before. The seat and the back were fine black leather. The frame was shiny steel chrome. As Bill brought the chair next to the two men, with Zach still struggling and Ted keeping him in his strong embrace, the captive saw the numerous straps, on the armrests, the frame, the footrest, the back. There was even a headrest that had straps dangling from it too.

The screen test went on as Shaun filmed the following four minutes it took Ted and Bill to sit Zach into the wheelchair. They restrained his legs first, at ankles, knees and thighs. Then his arms were unchained and his forearms were strapped to the armrests, with his arms restrained to the frame above the elbow and just below his shoulders. The cuffs were buckled, tightening their grip over his body one by one until he made one with the chair.

Shaun yelled “Cut!” as Zach’s head was the only body part he could now move.

“I believe you’ve worn out your welcome, Prince Abooboo…” Shaun snarled as he leaned on Zach to check his henchmen had followed instructions properly. He tightened the strap binding his left wrist one notch; the rest was good.

Ted and Bill had done their job, so they went back to sit on the couch with a magazine in hands. They were used to Shaun’s ways, and the money was good, so they were glad Shaun would pick up on what had to come next. This would save them efforts.

Zach was now grunting intermittently. He wondered what type of prank was being played on him. The kinky gear, the forceful taking, maybe Shaun was actually screen testing for a kinky bondage video. Shaun’s words didn’t put him at rest.

“Now, Zach, you’re still a bit loud. I can’t afford to have you alert someone outside the room. ‘Devious Hollywood Director Kidnaps Poor Wannabe Actor’ isn’t a headline I want to be a part of.”

Zach’s turban was removed and carefully laid over a big armchair. Shaun pushed Zach’s head against the headrest and pulled a strap taut against his forehead. The scarf cleave-gagging him was untied. As Zach tried to spit out the ball of silk that had been crammed inside his mouth, Zach pushed the one he’d just untied and balled up quickly.

“Some additional wadding. A must for silencing feisty young men.”

Fingers prodded the material, pushing and poking so it would all fit in. Zach felt his jaws open as his mouth became fully invaded by soft and thin material

“Now, to make sure you don’t spit it out...”

This was crazy. Zach couldn’t believe how much strain this put on his mouth. With his head kept immobile, and the scarves packed inside his mouth tightly he didn’t even manage to get his tongue to move at all before Shaun was back with some contraption he’d gotten from one of the large bags.

This was leather; it looked thin and supple, and polished too, judging from the gleaming reflections as it swung from Shaun’s hand. As Shaun put his hands inside, the shapeless form was much easier to identify. This was a hood of some kind. Shaun put a hand over Zach’s packed mouth.

“This was made just for you. It should make you look good.”

He removed the head strap and pushed Zach’s head forward. Shaun was behind the wheelchair, and he lowered the custom-made hood over his captive’s head. He pulled it down. There was an opening for Zach’s nose and eyes, finely cut to enhance his cheekbones and let a bit of his forehead show. Otherwise, it covered him down to the bottom of his neck.

Shaun adjusted the hood so the opening was perfectly lined with Zach’s beautiful face, the top just half an inch above his eyebrows, the bottom just under his nose. Once it was done, Zach realized that the looseness he was experiencing wasn’t supposed to last. The back of the hood, from the crown of the hair down to the neck featured two lines of grommets with a lace running between both edges.

Shaun started lacing the hood up. He took his time, as he knew the contraption was made to measure and that it should line up perfectly in the back. Using the corset puller, he got this exact result, despite Zack not being particularly cooperative. Twenty minutes down the road, the boy’s face was encased in shiny kid leather, his jaws crushed around this insane amount of silk inside his mouth.

Shaun put the turban back on, as well as the strap restraining his head. He pushed the wheelchair towards the lounge area where Ted and Bill were sitting, not paying much attention to the ordeal the poor Zach underwent. Picking up the remote, Shaun switched the TV on. He pushed a button, and the entertainment center came to life.

The screen turned to this Aladdin scene that Shaun had based his test on. Shaun was more focused on Zach’s eyes than on the screen. The soundtrack only got him to picture every single detail of this distress moment that was just a little over one minute long. The video was a loop that started over every minute and twenty-four seconds, with Aladdin seized anew and threatened of drowning.

No one talked in the room. Zach didn’t mumble, as even this was difficult and rather painful considering how thoroughly he was now gagged. It was the sixth or seventh time the scene played when someone knocked on the door.

“Room service!”

“Will you get it, Ted?”

The big man stood up and went to open the door. The bellhop came in, pushing a cart full of food and drinks; this was no shabby hotel they were in. ‘This must be one of their accomplices,’ Zach thought. ‘They can’t let someone see me like this if he’s not in on what is happening to me.’

“Good morning, Mr. Wainworth. Here is the meal you ordered for three.”

The bellhop was a twenty-something blond dude, some surfer who traded his swim shorts for the formal and tight grey suit the hotel staff wore. He leered at Zach. Zach’s eyes opened wide.

“I’ll take it someone is going to skip a meal?”

“Mmmmm! Mmmphlp, Mmmmbmmllmmm…”

This guy didn’t mind seeing him like this. He even found it funny; but he wasn’t aware of the fact that what had to be a screen test had gone a little bit too far now. Shaun’s lack of emotion as he spoke the next words frustrated him further.

“Indeed, young man, Keith is being punished as he’s been quite naughty. So no lunch for him.”

Ted and Bill laughed; the bellhop joined them. Wainworth gave big tips. The bellhop had met two other guests of his over the last two months, both in as tight a bondage as this one was. The men came in with him and they checked out together, so it was perfectly consensual.

The bellhop had a tingle in his briefs thinking about the sights the men and offered, tightly bound and gagged so they made very little noise. This one was really playing the part really well, trying to speak though his mouth must have been filled with whatever dirty rag these kinky gays used for their naughty games.

“Yes, Keith, you need to get into condition for the next scene.”

The bellhop had done what he was supposed to; Shaun went up to him and gave him five bills. Twenties.

“Not a word to anyone about my playmates, OK?”

The bellhop nodded and thanked briefly. He didn’t move right away, being fascinated with the show Zach offered, notably this leather hood that was really high-grade stuff. Before he’d pick up on what was really going on, Shaun had to get rid of him.

“Hey, you want to make a little more money? If you like what you see, you can join Keith. He’s paid five thousand bucks for today’s session. You’re handsome; I’d be willing to pay you as much.”

Zach kept on pleading, warning the young man that it was a trap. His head being pinned to the back of the chair and the amazingly silencing set-up muddled the message just like Shaun wanted.

“Plus Keith seems eager to have a companion…”

The bellhop mumbled a “No, thank you.” He pocketed the wad of bills. “And not to worry, Sir I’ve seen only three gentlemen in here.”

The door closed, with only the faint drone of Zach’s muffled protests being heard. Zach stopped after ten or fifteen seconds, then the men burst out in laughter. Shaun went back in front of Zach.

“Let’s say my very specific tastes are well-known around here. In two years and thirty-three visits with ‘guests’, I’ve never had anyone go and disclose anything to gossip rags or websites. I tip well, which helps. Nevertheless, a first time is always possible.”

He went to switch the video camera off. Zach just realized that he had been filmed throughout the entire time he’d been in front of the TV in his wheelchair.

“So, gentlemen,” Shaun said, getting Ted and Bill’s attention, “It’s time for us to check out. We’ve got to get our young friend here ready for transportation. First stage is getting to the van, so let’s trigger Operation Camouflage!”

The trio set into motion. Shaun got busy with Zach’s head; he had a latex mask made just for him by a friend who did prosthetics for the studio. There were holes for the eyes only, and it would cover the hood completely. He released the forehead strap and meticulously laid the latex over his captive’s face. He then put a blond wig on him, and put the headrest strap back on, concealed under the fake hairline.

While he adjusted it, Ted was putting fake breasts over Zach’s chest, carefully buttoning the silk costume. Bill was busy putting blankets over Zach’s body. There were D-rings on the hidden side, and little zip ties were used to make sure the blankets hid all of the restraints and that they couldn’t slide down. The three men had a look at their handiwork. They were satisfied.

“Our little Prince Abooboo will wait for us in the hall. Get lunch ready, gentlemen. I’ll be right back.”

Shaun then pushes Zach’s chair into the small entry hall, and puts the brake on so Zack stares straight at a full-length mirror. The transformation is complete. The dark-haired young man has been turned into a buxom blonde, a stupid smile plastered over a face as she passively sits.

“Mmmmh! Mmmm!” Zach pleads desperately.

The fake breasts. The cut of the outfit, with a waist cincher, and his manhood concealed by the blankets. Zach was a different person, and a woman for that matter.

“Don’t worry, Princess Abeebee, I like my boys to be boys. But if I need to answer questions about what the video cameras will record, I’d prefer to do so about my disabled cousin Edna. She’s blond and quite a looker. She also happens to use a wheelchair because of neurological issues. I’ll put you in much more handsome clothes very soon, but first we have to whisk you away discreetly. Just be patient while we have lunch, and don’t make anything stupid.”

Zach heard men speaking; Shaun had closed the door, so he couldn’t make out what they were saying. He started realizing the horror of the situation; these men were hell-bent on keeping him restrained. There wasn’t much he could do since he’d first fallen in Shaun’s treacherous charade.

He tried to move, fixating on the reflection in the mirror. It could be seen that there was a live human being sitting in the chair, but no one knowing Zach would have identified him with the clever disguise on. Eventually, he heard the men coming. Ted put the flight cases with the equipment and the accessories on a trolley. Zach heard he was to take them to the van and come to pick them up at the entrance.

Zach was part of them. Ted turned left to go to the technical lift to the parking lot; the other group turned right and headed to the main elevator. Bill pushed the wheelchair. The elevator was empty. As it opened on the reception, they crossed people. The ambient noise was enough to cover Zach’s attempts at warning people he crossed that he was actually being kidnapped. There were also many people who were embarrassed by someone with a wheelchair and who pretended not to see him.

Shaun knew the hotel routine. The shift between the morning and the afternoon crews had taken place half an hour before; they wouldn’t meet the bellhop, who was the only person who might have wondered about the young man turning into a blonde woman.

Bill and Zach kept about ten feet away from the counter as Shaun took care of checking out. After a polite ‘Have a nice day, Mr. Wainworth’, he followed Bill who was heading towards the exit.

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A Lad in Distress: Chapter 6

Postby Bondwriter » Sat Apr 30, 2016 8:57 pm

Here we go people, an update, and another chapter of Zach's adventures and distress.

Chapter 6 – Distressful Journey to the kidnappers’ lair

Ted was parked already. He opened the back door of the van as the group approached. It was a van actually equipped to transport people in wheelchairs. Ted and Bill lifted the chair and put the wheels in what looked like rails. They pushed Zach and his chair in. He heard a click, as the wheels triggered their locking inside powerful metallic jaws. Bill jumped behind Zach as Ted closed the doors and climbed back into the driver’s seat.

“Feel safe, Abooboo,” Bill said, “You won’t need a seat belt as you are. This is real medical equipment, designed and built for maximum safety.”

Zach started his journey, in the company of two flight cases and of a sinister individual who didn’t speak much. Shaun was eying him in the rear-view mirror, or turning from the front seat to look at what was taking place in the back. He was made one with his wheelchair. Any attempt at motion was thwarted by the intricate restraints holding him in the wheelchair. This didn’t stop him from trying, draining him from energy as the miles piled up.

Through the tinted windows, he could see the landscape unroll. He couldn’t read many signs, but they were heading north. They drove for four hours on the freeway; Ted took an exit, and they followed smaller country roads for another twenty minutes.

“We can’t drive in one stretch, Zach.”

Shaun turned towards him to explain.

“Not with you like this. We’re going to make a little stop in a ranch that belongs to me; we’ll store you away for the night and then we can go back tomorrow morning and drive the rest of the road to my house… which is about to become yours! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Ted turned into a driveway. They stopped; Zach saw him press a remote control and the van entered the garage. Ted and Shaun got to the back of the van and helped to bring Zach down. This was a very ordinary ranch; it had to be a classic 4-bedroom from what Zach saw as they entered the hallway leading from the garage. There was a large room split between a living room and a dining room where they led Zach. Bill put the brake on the chair.

Zach was left on his own for a few minutes, while the others went to get some bags from the van. They then threw themselves in the armchairs and couch. Zack had a view of all of them, but not being able to move his head, he missed much of what was going on in the room.

He was able to follow the conversation. Shaun could now address him in a quiet environment.

“Maybe I should tell you about my long-term goals with you. When I saw you at this audition, I knew I had to have you. You were the boy of my dreams come to life. One that I could keep captive. One that I would dress up in the morning, one that I would discipline if he misbehaved. So I set up this little plan. I checked your phone as we drove, and you didn’t call anyone after I called you. And I did it with an untraceable prepaid card. So I think it’s safe to say that no one will ever find out where you disappeared. Then I can keep you in this little property of mine for as long as I want. Gentlemen, could you rid Zach of his clothing and get him out of his chair? He might need a little care and clean clothes. Then I wouldn’t be against initiating him to the touch of ropes.”

The goons were enthusiastic.

“Sure, Shaun, I need a little action after sitting all afternoon.”

Sadly, for Zach, the little action was a routine Bill and Ted were familiar with. It consisted in removing all bonds or restraints while replacing them with others that would get their ‘customer’ in a different but still inescapable position.

They started with Shaun giving a hand. Removing the mask required caution if he wanted to be able to use it again. Zach was soon standing, in Prince Abooboo costume, all the way to the chains and cuffs they had used for the screen test. The cuffs had been shortened by two links, however. The cuffs were only temporary.

Shaun got a bag containing cotton rope from a closet in the kitchen. Then the three men discussed how best to restrain him. There were three beams in the middle of the room, allowing for pole ties, but Ted thought that Zach would benefit more from a hogtie after being pinned to his chair for so long.

“No reason to argue. There is a very simple solution: let’s do both!”

This type of decision was good for the morale of the troops, Shaun knew. Ted and Bill would feel compelled to work together, and this would avoid them being idle, which often led to some unwanted behaviors, like drinking or watching porn on the Internet.

Vice was far from their minds as they tackled restraining the poor Zach. They started with the hogtie. Zach discovered how much strain it put on him having a net woven in white ropes uniting one’s forearms with his arms. They had put some harness made of rope first, which might have been a good way to spread the tension, as the rope coming across his shoulder blades was the anchoring point for another one tugging on his knees.

Then Bill remarked that the hood didn’t match. Shaun, who’d documented the hogtie with a smaller digital camera, gave the go-ahead. Bill loved scarves, and they used the opportunity of removing what was in Zach’s mouth to let him have a drink of water.

Bill used only one silk scarf to pack Zack’s mouth, but the one he used as a cleave-gag next was tightened cruelly, and compressed the ball of material inside Zach’s gob. Two more were used to seal his lips and lock his jaws.

“It’s not like neighbors could hear, there aren’t any, but it’s always annoying having a whiner as a guest.”

Zach hadn’t tried to talk when he’d been given a drink; but it seemed being gagged was the norm with these men.

Zach was lying on his belly, squirming like a worm. Ropes had knots, and knots could be untied. Though he knew full well that his captors wouldn’t let him go even if he managed to pull a Houdini, this could be practice for another time if they left him on his own. The three men had slipped their shoes, so all he could see was socked feet and the bottoms of three pairs of pants. For a few minutes, there was cheering for Zach to struggle, but soon they lost interest. Falling back in their seats they had a conversation about previous times. Zach understood they’d already restrained unwilling guests of Shaun’s. But he lacked a frame of reference, so he couldn’t follow much of what was being said.

They caught his ear when they started talking about clothes for him. It was three pairs of hands handling him ten minutes later. They’d taken him in front of a mirror; he saw his various body parts being stripped, though not all at the same time. His genitals weren’t uncovered; he was left in his skimpy and shiny briefs. He ended up in tight black shorts that cupped his buttocks to perfection, and that actually made him a man without the shadow of a doubt, considering how it enhanced his front. A white tee-shirt, long socks, and he was ready to be bound to the beam.

They once again showed expertise and effectiveness. There were ropes bound to the beam first and then wrapped around his body; there was also a harness featuring a crotch rope which ends helped to bind him to the beam. The final crisscross coming from his ankles and woven around him and the beam up to his chest finished the job.

The looks the men gave him now he was no longer protected by ample clothing were much more disturbing to Zach. He saw lust in their eyes, and it worried him. There was more talk about what makes the success of a pole tie, but Zach heard that the conversation was on automatic pilot and that the only focus of attention was him.

Shaun came closer to him, inspecting the young man bound to his pole in more revealing garbs. He patted him here and there, assessing the flesh’s firmness or checking the grain of the skin. The beam was rather narrow, so the satin-clad butt was properly displayed and available to the director’s hands too. Shaun then went back to his camera.

“Smile pretty for me, Zach,” Shaun taunted.

“Mmmmm! Mmph!” a disgruntled Zach replied, shaking his head.

Bill picked up on this. He fetched a roll of duct tape and wrapped three turns across Zach’s lower face and the beam, immobilizing his head again.

“It doesn’t pay to be feisty here, young man,” Bill laughed.

And so the evening passed by, his predicament remaining the same. The only highlight, or lowlight, possibly, was to have to pee in a bottle. Shaun retrieved the captive’s cock from his shorts pretending it was no big deal, all three men wanted to know what his cock looked like. This was followed by a drink. It was late and it was decided the men would go to sleep in turns to keep watch on the prisoner.

Zach never got any slack from the ropes as he squirmed and wiggled. It felt like the ropes were actually tightening against his body. Eventually, he found out that he could relax completely; the number of ropes and their position held him in a standing position no matter what. Ted got the first watch. He soon fell asleep; his light snoring eventually took his toll on Zach, who fell to sleep. He would wake up abruptly from a bad dream, usually involving being trapped or being made a prisoner. He would get an adrenalin rush from the realization and get back to his uneasy slumber.

“I’m your Master now.”

Zach opened his eyes, looking at Shaun with a devious smile plastered over his face. There was daylight outside. This wasn’t a dream, and there was a new day of torments ahead.

“You're speechless, I see. A fine quality in a Booboo.”

“Mmmmh! Mmgrmmbllm!”

“And awake with that. Good. Ted and Bill are going to prepare you for today’s stretch of the trip.”

Zach didn’t intend to let them handle him without struggling. But two men with the proper tools for subjugation are no match for an opponent barely weighing half of each of these fiends. So Zach was untied from the pole to be hobbled with chains. His gag was removed briefly as he was fed and watered; then a clean piece of material was packed in his mouth again, before he’d get his lips taped and the kid-leather hood was put back on. Bill worked more efficiently than Shaun, and the grip of the formidable muzzle soon had Zach reduced to silence.

The two cronies eventually brought him to the bathroom where he was made to relieve himself before he got cleaned. Bill put a clean tee-shirt on Zach, and then he got him into a big adult diaper that he topped with thick, rustling plastic pants.

“Elementary precaution, boy. The journey might be a bit long, so we’re better off offering you some protection.”

Looking at his diapered middle in the bathroom mirror, Zach felt humiliated. It made his butt look bigger than it really was. He wondered about what ‘a bit long’ implied. Yesterday had seemed a bit long to him, yet this could be even longer if they needed to prevent a bathroom incident.

He was brought back to the living room; Shaun had brought in a big flight case. It was twice as high as those they’d transported the day before. Bill opened the latch to the cover and lifted it. He fiddled with the front panel; it revolved around hinges too. The small seat inside and the location of the various straps inside told Zach that this would be where he would be to travel today.

Ted and Bill were methodical. His legs’ hobbles were removed to be replaced with straps at the ankles knees and thighs. With his legs thus neutralized, they could release his arms and get him to sit inside the crate. There was a small seat screwed to the back panel where his diapered ass was laid. His arms were restrained to the side panels one after the other. His forearms were parallel to the ground, held at the wrist and at the elbow; his arm was kept anchored by a strap imprisoning his biceps. His legs were pushed back towards him, his knees touching his chest. Two straps were added to prevent him from unfolding his legs, tugging his knees and ankles towards the back of the case.

The front panel was lifted and locked, but they kept the top lid open as they wheeled the flight case outside the room. Zach’s eyes were just above the edge and he could see his surroundings. They were back in the garage where Shaun was getting busy loading bags into the van. The gear they’d transported the day before apparently stayed in this house.

“Let's have the guards extend him an invitation to the palace, shall we?”

This sounded quirky to Zach; he had a faint memory of this Aladdin movie; it was more the tone Shaun used than the content, really, which allowed Zach to identify what the reference was about.

“Don’t worry, Zach, this might be a bit cramped in there, but there are special features to keep you entertained.”


Zach imagined the worst. Was he planning to have him suffocate in an unvented and airtight crate?

“Make sure he’s never found.”

The case’s top was brought down, plunging Zach into darkness. He felt the case being lifted into the van and locked to the floor as the wheelchair had been. The almost imperceptible rumble of the engine starting reached his ears.

At the same time, a small square right in front of his eyes lit up. It was an LCD screen inserted in the panel. There were small speakers on each side of the head, as picture came with sound. He knew from the first picture what it was. The logo, this castle appearing on a blue background was this of Disney. The oriental music that followed was a mere confirmation that he was watching Aladdin.

Zach was through the fourth run of the movie, which started over as soon as the credits rolled, when he felt the case he was in being moved. The lid opened. He looked up, seeing Shaun’s face. The man was sniffing the air coming out of the confined space.

“No accident, boys,” he said to Ted and Bill, “Our friend Zach is holding up.”

He looked down, meeting his captive’s angry eyes

“It won’t be much longer, Abooboo.”

The lid closed again. This time, it was not the movie that flicked in front of Zach’s eyes. It was the scene of Aladdin being seized by the guards. The same one he’d been shown in the hotel room. This time, he quickly lost count of the numbers. It had to be between ninety and one hundred times of this same scene playing, with Aladdin starting being doomed, being close to drowning before he was saved by the genie. Then it started again.

The lid opened, with Shaun smiling at Zach.

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A Lad in Distress - Chapter 7

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A large chapter for a mid-week update. Enjoy.

Chapter 7 – The palace of the One Thousand and One Delights

“Welcome to A-Grabber. City of mysterious disappearances, of entanglement, and the finest merchandise this side of the Pacific, in luck today, come on down!”

Zach thought he was in for having the movie’s dialogues twisted in all manners as long as he would remain prisoner of these men. He was taken away from the case.

“The merchandise hasn’t suffered from transportation,” Shaun said as he closely inspected the captive he’d snatched, “but he could do with a little cleaning. Ted, Bill, I’ll let you handle him. I’ll be waiting for you in this young man’s quarters. I need to make sure everything is ready.”

Shaun left, and a silk bag was pulled over Zach’s head. He was now blind. The men checked his shackles around the wrists and elbows held fast. They added some at his ankles. Zach was barely recovering from being balled up in the cramped space, and he would have been unable to fight, but no chance was taken at the moment.

Framing him, they had him walk while holding his arms. They first stopped inside a bathroom. The blinding hood was removed; they were in a large marble. There were marble and golden fixtures, with lots of Arabian-style decorations.

The diaper had been left unused. Ted removed it. Zach had fewer inhibitions about being naked now; he wanted to pee real hard, though. So when they sat him on the toilet he just relieved himself happily. Bill then removed his tee-shirt. Zach was put in the shower and the two men carefully cleaned him up, careful not to wet themselves or Zach’s fancy leather hood. This washing did him good. The warm water helped him to recover some mobility in his legs and arms. It was too short, of course, as he soon was pulled from the warm environment and dried in a fluffy towel by four strong hands.

His silk hood was pulled over his eyes again. They frog-marched him again through long halls. They climbed stairs and went down others. It had been minutes now when they entered a room. Shaun’s voice informed him they’d reached their destination.

“Here you are, all clean and smelling good. Bring him to me, boys. And let me see his eyes.”

The hood slipped off his head, pulled by Bill, and Zach took in all he saw. Shaun, first of all, standing wrapped in a large silk cape. He was dressed as the sorcerer Jafar. He had a thin moustache and a goatee to complete the resemblance. Fake eyebrows, too. Shaun had made friends in the prosthetics department at the studio, which proved handy very now and then.

The look he gave Zach made the poor captive blush. It was lustful. Zach realized he was naked.

“Isn’t it cute, boys? Our little Abooboo is blushing. He must be embarrassed displaying his wonderful body to us.”

There were sniggers from the two henchmen.

“Don’t worry, Abooboo, we’re going to protect your modesty.”

As Shaun went to a four-poster bed where clothes were laid out and Bill freed his ankles, Zach had time to look around him. This was another oriental set, with pastel colors of various hues, but with lots of orange and red and softer touches of blue and green. Besides the bed, with silky drapes hanging from the canopy, there was a big satin-covered pouf, which Zach knew was called an Ottoman, a large trunk, like in pirate films, a couple chairs and a cot. The walls were oriental wood panels. The windows were high on the walls, their sill some eight or nine feet above the floor.

Shaun had an outfit in his hands. He kneeled in front of Zach.

“Let’s make sure you don’t wave your manhood around trying to lure men into lewd behaviors,” Shaun said as he pulled some briefs up Zach’s legs.

It was a very soft material that glided smoothly over his legs. Once pulled up, his cock and balls were sheathed in the stretchy material. He felt how snugly it hugged his bottom. He tried to look down to see how they looked. Shaun noticed. He spun Zach around. He was now facing a mirror and could see how tightly it fit him. Shaun helped him move around so Zach had an idea of what his behind looked like. His round and firm buttocks were swathed with shimmering fabric. In other circumstances, Zach would have found this hot.

Then came the pants. They were white and made of some sort of polyamide fabric; they came down under his knees. The waist was tight; the cut was designed to enhance his backside as well. A large silken belt was wrapped around his waist. It was red.

To turn Zach into Aladdin, Shaun didn’t need to release his arms. The little blue waist coat had zips just above the shoulders, so it could be put on someone who had his hands bound. The little red hat, and now Zach was just Aladdin at the beginning of the cartoon. With a more visible butt. And a tight kid leather hood wrapping his head closely. As he looked at his kidnapped victim, this little detail seemed out of place to Shaun.

“Ted, could you get a glass of water and a few silk scarves? White ones would be better.”

He removed the hat and started unlacing the leather hood. As the lace loosened, the pressure around Zach’s head decreased. He felt relief. The hood was pulled off; it clung to his matted hair and his sweaty skin. Shaun took his time; this was to be expected when using such contraptions and one just had to be patient, and pull it away from all directions, a little at a time. Eventually, he triumphed of the animal hide. He pulled the tape away and collected the wadding when Ted came back with a glass and a pitcher of water.

When Shaun gave him water to drink, Zach felt even better. He hoped this improvement in his condition could last. He got three glasses of fresh water. He saw Bill folding the silk scarves; he had an idea what they would be used for. The glass had been put back on the tray. His mouth was free for the first time since the morning. He had to use the opportunity to try to at least be spared the gag.

“Please, Mr. Wainworth, don’t gag me… I won’t try to call out, I promise, I’ll mmmphmmmbllmm.”

Ted was close, as he’d kept behind the young man, and he had acted promptly. His large hand clamped over Zach’s mouth, he sniggered: “This is one feisty dude, boss. A polite one at that. ‘Please, Mr. Wainworth,’ he won’t be punished for being rude, at least.”

“You’re right, Ted. Still, there’s no need to ask for such a favor. Gags are part of your costume now, Aladdin. Bill?”

The massive man approached, a big ball of silk in his hand. Zach twisted and squirmed, forcing Ted to tighten his embrace. The duo was skilled and coordinated, so there was almost no shouting audible when Ted removed his hand and held on to Zach’s jaw as Bill slid the ball of silk inside Zach’s mouth.

The handgag was reapplied, while Bill took another scarf. A cleave gag was tied tight over his neck, making it impossible to spit the massive ball of fabric out.

“You take care of the last layer, boss?”

Shaun, who had stood a few feet away watching his men handle the reluctant prisoner approached. He had a long folded white poplin scarf in his hand. This was very soft cotton, and it clung tighter than silk to make the final layer.

Zach was still struggling, but with two pairs of hands holding him, the third pair coming into the equation didn’t have problems binding the white scarf around his lower face.

“This will tame you, Abooboo. But I think a little taste of ropes will get it through your head that any resistance is futile.”

Bill got ropes from the trunk and the rope binding started. The three men worked silently, each knowing what he had to do, or gesturing to others if they had to move or that they noticed some slack had been left. His legs were tied tightly behind his back, at the wrists and elbows, with some harness keeping them pinned against his back. His legs were equally trussed up with five coils of rope from his ankles to the top of his thighs.

They took him to the Ottoman where they had him lie over his belly. The three pieces of rope that were used next turned Zach into a neat little parcel, as they pulled his ankles to his butt and tied his ankles against the back of his thighs, the balls of his feet touching his satiny buttocks.

“These will be your new quarters, Street Rat, but only if you behave. As it’s your first day here, let this be a warning. If you display any such bravado in the future, it won’t be a cozy hogtie in your luxurious room, but you will be shackled to a wall in one of the cells of the castle, they’re several floors under our feet, and they won’t be as comfortable as this room.”

The three men gathered some of the things they had removed or used, putting it away to leave the place tidy. They exited the room, leaving the poor Zach squirm. The sound of a key turning inside a lock resounded in the large room.

He tried to get to the knots making these ropes such a hopeless trap, but to no avail. The size of the gag was distressing too. He wondered if the previous one wasn’t more bearable. The wadding was big, but not as big and the hood actually spread the pressure over all of his head, whereas the knots over his neck were already starting to feel uncomfortable.

Shaun’s obsession with Aladdin puzzled him. Apparently, he had turned this room into something out of the cartoon. If he was this much into this movie, and that he had found him, Zach, to become the main character to enact his fantasy, it was likely no to turn out too well.

Zach went on squirming. At some point, he felt the rope around his ankles loosen. He had been slow and methodical; he kept on the measured manner; it worked better than thrashing around wildly in his bonds. By pulling over the ropes softly he eventually managed to get the rope around his wrists to loosen.

Zach started picturing how the ropes encircled him. He had made mental notes of what was going on when he’d been bound; it was tough keeping track of the moves of three men, but memorizing was something Zach was good at, which was one of the reasons he’d gone into acting. As he felt the ropes, he eventually got to reach a knot. This was a final one, meaning it could be undone. Other knots had threads being terminally knotted somewhere else, though not this one. Once he’d untied it, Zach’s spirits rose. The hogtie was gone, and he could let his legs unfold.

Zach could sit on the Ottoman. He leaned forward, and with a quick push on his legs he stood up. He looked around, searching for something that would help him cut his bonds. There was no blade in sight. Zach noticed that the trunk had metal corners nailed to protect it from shock. One of these was going off slightly.

He hopped towards the trunk; the piece of metal sticking out had sharp edges, as he sat over the trunk and reached for it with his fingers. He positioned his hands so the metallic edge would rub against the rope binding his wrists. He had to adapt the angle, but it was working. He increased the pace of his motion, and soon the rope was dealt with. With his wrists free, he could get to further knots; it took a while but eventually he was free. He undid the scarves gagging him. The water pitcher was still there, so he guzzled down the rest of the water.

He walked to the door. It was still locked. Looking at the room, he thought that maybe there was another exit. Through the windows? He looked up; he’d missed it as he was too far into the room first, but there were bars behind them even if he managed to climb and open them. He felt a little wind running. Maybe there was a venting system?

Zach touched the wall with his nimble fingers. Feeling with the tip of his digits, he could spot there was a gap inside the wall. He then saw light fixtures further on the wall. The general look of the mansion he was held in hinted at secret passages; twisting the first light fixture on, he found it turned easily once he’d pulled on it. There was a click, and he saw a panel open within the wall, and slide sideways. There was a secret passage, and it was no longer as secret since he’d found it.

Zach stepped inside the passageway. There was a faint light, since opening had certainly switched the faint lights on. Zach was taking his fifth step, trying to see what was around the corner ten feet ahead of him when the floor collapsed under him. The trapdoor had its hinges three feet behind, and Zach didn’t have time to grasp on anything. He fell, immediately caught by a metallic slide. It was well-polished metal, and his clothing glided over it; his buttocks were rubbed and he couldn’t stop with his legs. He was going faster, but soon the slide ended and he landed over a thick rubber mat, one that was used to catch stuntmen after a fall.

A little stunned, the young actor lifted his head, taking in the surroundings. It was a large cave, which had to be somehow modeled on the Cave of Wonders in the cartoon he had to watch over and over as he was transported here. But he didn’t have time to explore much, as his eyes almost immediately caught what mattered most: the group of three men who’d kidnapped him, sneering at him, with Ted and Bill holding chains and cuffs, and Shaun waving a large leather bag around.

“Our street rat is better at escaping than I’d thought. We’ll have to show him what happens when one tries to escape us. Ted. Bill…”

The two henchmen moved in closer. Zach was lowering himself down, ready to jump to a side or the other and try to bypass the muscled pair. The cave was wider behind them and Shaun, and if he could make it past Shaun, he could lose them in the maze.

Sadly for him, though, he didn’t get to test his skills at outrunning followers in a chase. As he took an impulse and his left leg and started to the right, Bill’s big hand snatched his collar, the other one soon grabbing his waist. He writhed and twisted to escape him.

“Let go of me, you big goon. LET ME GMMMmmmmmbbl Mmmph!”

Ted had not left his friend without assistance long; he’d clamped his right hand over Zach’s mouth, grabbing one of his arms and leaving the poor young man completely unable to escape the two men’s formidable grip. Cuffs were added at his wrists and padlocked behind him. Bill had taken over the handgagging as Ted was busy shackling the unfortunate boy once again. Shaun, all dressed in his black silk robe had stepped closer to enjoy the whole treatment, which he was recording on a small video camera.

“Mmm! Mmmbblmm! MMM!”

“So, my little Abooboo, I’m afraid you’re hopeless when it comes from escaping the just nature of your punishment. Yes, you’ve kidnapped the princess, and this can only be paid back by being kidnapped tenfold!”

Zach didn’t have time to wonder about multiplying kidnapping. His captors’ vindictiveness was all too real, as his limbs were now tightly restrained; he saw they were ready to gag him, which seemed to be the highlight of such activities for them. Shaun was taking something out of his bag.

“If simple scarves are too nice for you, maybe we can use something, let’s say, a bit more punishing.”

It was a rubber contraption, with a rubber bladder. As Shaun approached, Zach recognized the item from watching online bondage catalogs. It was called a butterfly gag. Bill had helped Shaun to put such a device on before, and as Shaun approached the thing from Zach, the henchman slid his hand down, leaving the lips and cupping Zach’s chin. The actor didn’t try to call out this time, but Ted knew the drill too. He pressed Zach’s jaws with his thumbs, forcing him to loosen his muscles for a second, which Bill used to pull Zach’s mouth open.

The rubber bulb was inside his mouth, and Shaun adjusted the little flap covering the boy’s lips and lodging it well inside the captive’s mouth. Shaun produced a pump he plugged between the teeth. The bulb started to expand with the first squeeze of the pump. The rubber expanded, following closely the confines of the mouth, stretching Zach’s jaws and trapping his tongue. Luckily for the young man, it didn’t grow towards the back of his mouth. Yet his tongue was crushed under a layer of rubber and his mouth completely plugged so he could let out any air through it.

There were grunts of protest, but they were no use. Shaun started taping the lips and lower face methodically. He added a rubber swim cap; he adjusted it at length, and then wrapped Zach’s head with more layers of the white silky material.

“This is a bit much, but you’ve proved you had to be kept under a close lid. Lads, bring him back upstairs. I’ll let you make sure he won’t be playing any trick on us soon.”

Ted took a scarf out of his pocket and he blindfolded Zach with it. Then they marched Zach through halls and up staircases, until they finally were back inside the room he’d escaped from. The blindfold was removed. Zach didn’t like the way they looked at him.

“Our young Abooboo, or should I say Street Rat, seeing how he’s dressed, has quite a formidable ass. Nice round buttocks. I’d say when he behaves naughty, a good spanking of these plentiful mounds would be a good start for a punishment,” Bill said.

Ted approved; he helped Bill change the cuffs so the forearms would be parallel to each other, wrist cuffs linked to elbow cuffs. Zach’s bottom was cleared off. The two men held him standing.

“Ten each, then?” Ted asked.

The hands fell over Zach’s bottom in turns. The blows were sharp. It stung, and Zach screamed through his gag as he was made to suffer this punishment. He counted inside his head, and it all stopped after twenty spanks. The captors weren’t quite done with his behind; they used the pretext of checking how warm it had gotten to caress his silk-covered bum.

“It did get hot, but nothing like what we can achieve with a paddle.”

“You’re right bill. At least he won’t have a bruised ass for a week, though.”


Zach wasn’t too keen on this kind of discipline; he was not too keen on being held captive anyway. But the dreadfully effective gag made his moan useless. He could do nothing as the two henchmen seized him and took him towards the bed. They did their job with care too, as they got him spread-eagled over the canopy bed. Not only were his wrists and ankles held to the posts, but a leather harness was added to imprison his chest and waist, and ropes were threaded through D-rings over the harness to be attached to the bed frame.

“I doubt you’ll get free from this one soon,” Bill sniggered.

The door to the room opened. Lifting his head, Zach had a look; it was Shaun as he’d expected. Yet, this kinky director wasn’t alone. He was followed by another bound creature.

“TJ kept our young Marty in good shape. I haven’t had time to change him into a more fitting costume, but he soon will be wearing stuff that matches our young Aladdin’s outfits.”

As Shaun came closer to the bed where Zach lied, the newly kidnapped actor could see better the fit young man dressed mainly in grey. Zach took in what he saw without much surprise at that point. Had he seen this prisoner a few days before, he would have been puzzled by the warped nature of his costume and bondage.

The skimpy shorts, the hairless legs, the silk stockings, the white shirt and blue tie, the blazer and the hat: this was a kinky version of a British school boy. The leather harness and the single glove that Zach saw when the boy was made to turn as he was just near the bed seemed very strict.

“Zach, this is Marty. Marty, meet Zach.”

There was no reaction from the captives.

“You’re quite rude. Cat got your tongue?”

“MMm mmp.”


“Much better. Has Zach behaved, lads?”

“He did, boss. We spanked his heinie to let him know who we were.”

“You did? I’m quite confident Marty had his own backside stimulated, as TJ seems to be in naughty schoolboys scenarios as of late. Did he spank you, Mart?”

Zach saw and heard how heavily the boy was gagged. There had to be wadding and lips sealing, but one of these mouth corsets had been laced over the boy’s lower face and neck.

“Well, my boys,” Shaun said explicitly looking at Marty and Zach, “It turns out you’re in for some adventures here. You’ve been chosen to be kept under our strict supervision. I intend to have lots of fun with both of you. It will be hard work too, as I intend to use you as actors in a new feature I have in mind. This place is quite convenient both for shooting some scenes and having you rehearse and practice your scenes. We believe in giving you first-hand experience on how it feels being bound and gagged so your performances will be acceptable. I’m afraid that we do have a bit of company once in a while, so we’ll have to keep you out of sight and hearing. My guests don’t like being disturbed. Ted and Bill will see to your welfare, so you’d better not be cross with them. Is it clear?”

Shaun raised an eyebrow, triggering grunts from his prisoners.

“Good. Ted and Bill will prepare you for the night. You’d better get the rest you can. I have a busy schedule for you tomorrow, and you’d better be in shape for the trials you’ll have to go through.”

There were grunts, turning into sighs from Zach, who wondered how this insanity would end.


Re: A Lad in Distress - Chapters 1 - 7

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I admit that at first it took me a while to get into this, but now I'm hooked. Great stuff!

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A Lad in Distress - Chapter 8

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Thanks a ton, Veracity. Considering the board's still up, I'll update with another chapter.

Chapter 8 – Ted and Bill’s Most Excellent Handling

It was well in the morning the next day. After a night he spent tied in a sixty-nine with Marty on top of him, Zach had been further handled by Ted and Bill. The two henchmen were solid workers when it came to preparing Zach for a new scene. Shaun had more things to prepare in the rest of the mansion, so they were to keep him in his room for a few days yet. They were given Marty as a prop to play with; Ted and Bill sure knew how to make the best of having two prisoners to keep tightly bound and gagged. Of course, with two hot little bundles like Marty and especially Zach, there were many scenarios the two hunks could play. Ted and Bill were into various fetishes and domination role-plays, having at their still rather young age, a long experience when it came to restraining and kidnapping male victims. With time, they had developed a more playful approach than when they first started making the neighborhood boys their captives.

With the two young men, their unblemished, soft skin, their round buttocks and well-developed sausages, adding clothing which would enhance these shapes, and getting the two lads in some uncomfortable yet sexy position would make time go really fast.

It didn’t mean they hurried when they put the two boys in their respective costumes. Of course, this looked more like a Halloween Parade than an actual movie scene, with Zach as the street urchin and Marty as a kinky schoolboy; yet the unseemly scene got the two kidnappers aroused.

There was something about Zach’s bum wrapped in white satiny silk that got Ted all woozy; when his eyes drifted away from the alluring sight, they fell on Marty’s grey satin-clad butt, which didn’t really get Ted to go any softer in his own hugging briefs.

Considering the situation, and since Shaun had told them to keep the two captives together, Ted and Bill got the ropes out. There was certainly something to do with the two boys, like having the schoolboy worship the Persian prince. They were about to start by binding Zach to a stone pillar. Ted’s phone rang. He grunted. It was Shaun, which meant plans could possibly change.

“Ted? I just wanted to let you know I’ll be with the decorating crew all day. There’s this guy I wouldn’t mind luring into some sexy time, so you’d better make sure our two guests can’t make a peep. If it turned out this guy wasn’t into kink of any kind, I’d rather have him not hear them at all.”

“Sure, Mr. Wain.. uh, Shaun.”

Shaun had insisted on being on a first name basis with his recruited staff. They were paid enough to try and please their current employer. Ted turned to Bill.

“We need to ensure they won’t be heard by Shaun’s guests.”

Bill smiled. This had been a thing he’d learned to do. He’d gotten in enough trouble the one time he didn’t gag his prisoner that he would see how useful it was when there was a risk of someone in the vicinity picking up that someone was held against his will. Marty was a stickler for big gags, according to Shaun. This would give the bulky thug a good occasion to experiment and keep his hands at silencing a captive.

While Bill was mentally preparing for taking care of Marty’s mouth, Ted was trussing Zach up to the pillar, with white cotton ropes that he made into neat coils around Zach’s limbs, body and against the purple marble pillar. He tightened it little by little, so that his ankles were pulled back against the cool and hard surface. His shins were next, then his knees, his thighs, and Ted took particular delight in ending the length of ropes he’d used as a crotch rope, going along Zach’s groin and ending in a two-turn belt fastening his waist to the pillar.

He undid the leather cuffs that had imprisoned Zach’s hands at the small of his back for the last two hours; it was time to take care of the chest and torso.

Bill had not needed to think for too long about how he would thwart any attempt by Marty to call out. Truth be told, this had happened often; Shaun had guests, even with a kidnapped young actor gone missing trussed up, muzzled and stored away while he had visitors. This added much to the thrill for him.

The number of times he had handled Marty was not huge; yet he’d make an impression on the young actor who’d checked in with dreams of getting a break in Hollywood only to be abducted; Marty had no acquaintances he’d informed about his weekend up north. He’d realized how much of a mistake it was soon after arriving at Shaun’s; but then it was too late.

Now, a hot young twink had joined him. Marty had to admit this was one the most handsome fellows he’d ever seen in bondage. Shaun’s taste for tight shiny clothing and the amazing curves his brother-in-bondage displayed made for a nice improvement in Marty’s life. This was better than being left in TJ’s hands. The brute liked nothing better than a glowing red bottom.

“You’ve heard Ted, Marty dear. You’re going to need some good stuffing inside this cute little gob of yours.”

Having dressed up the captive boys, Bill knew their underwear had been changed. He had them in his pocked, having retrieved them quickly from the laundry basket in the bathroom. He removed Marty’s leather plug gag. The strap was tight and restraining, but the plug was of a moderate size, compared to most of the ones Shaun liked using on him. It was quickly replaced by the two pieces of underwear, including Marty’s own, which he knew he’d worn for at least three days.

It wasn’t too bad, as the skimpy briefs didn’t reach the volume of jockey shorts, which Shaun had sometimes used on him. Bill clamped his hand, as he retrieved something from his pocket.

“See, Marty, I changed this morning too. I’m afraid I’ve leaked a bit of pre-cum in these; actually, I also wanked in them last night…”

Another piece of nylon, heavily smelling of manly musk was added to the already consequent mass in his mouth. A little tape, a rubber swim cap and more tape, and poor Marty was properly gagged and silenced. His eyes were watering. Bill had a knack for getting close to the point where breathing would be difficult. Yet, Marty knew that with time, the bundle would compress itself and become a solid mass within his mouth.

Bill left Marty standing, his hands and elbows bound behind him. He joined Ted to gag Zach, as his friend had used three more coils of rope to make Zach part of the marble column.

“Have we told you you’ll never be found yet? Hum, Prince Ali?”

The two devious goons chuckled.

“And to be sure of this, you will be properly muzzled. Shaun won’t take any chance. You’ll have to get used to being put aside once in a while. Marty has grown used to being left on his own for long periods of time as Shaun throws parties or has some of his business partners and associates come and visit. Not everybody knows about his peculiar leanings.”

Zach had caught the underwear stuffing as it had happened ten feet in front of the pillar; he now had Marty’s watery eyes sinking into his. Despite the tears, Zach could read the comforting glance. This didn’t mean that he was spared any effort to make his subsequent gagging any easier. Silk stockings were used with the same purpose the briefs had been used on Marty. His mouth was crammed with tasty and smelly nylon that had been worn by the four men present in the room; one sock from each of them, which had been poked in slowly. Then, Zach had been fitted with a kid leather lower face mask. This wasn’t as bad as the tape, yet the thugs made sure the straps pulled his jaws close together and had him bite over the ball of dirty footwear.

“We just need to fasten Abooboo’s head to the pillar and our little British schoolboy will be able to worship him in silence.”

This was Ted’s specialty: he knew the fine art of weaving a harness around a captive’s head with two coils of thinner rope. It could have been enough to hold Zach’s jaws locked and the wadding inside his mouth. On top of the gleaming leather welding his jaws, it was a fancy decoration and it also made it easy to bind the captive’s head to the pillar behind him.

“What a sight, Ted,” Bill said, standing a few feet away, bringing Marty closer to the trussed up Persian cutie. “Look, Marty, I’d say Prince Ali is having the hots for you.”

Zach blushed. He realized he was hard. It was true, Marty’s sight was not foreign to his current enlarging emotion.

“You’ll have to see for yourself,” Bill said as he pushed the little schoolboy towards the boy tied to his pole; Marty’s legs were devoid of hair, and there was a hefty boner tenting his shorts. He was made to kneel in front of Zach.

His waist was fixed to Zach’s knees with more white rope. They bound the ankles covered in silk stockings crossed together.

“Here you go, Marty. Don’t rub against Zach’s legs. If there’s a wet patch in front of your shorts, Shaun will be told. And you don’t want Shaun to be told, do you?”

“Mmmph!” Marty shook his head, which made his gagged lips brush against Zach’s silk-covered manhood.

“Let’s make it a bit more fun. If you don’t manage to get Zach to flood his shorts with cum, it’s you who’ll be punished, Marty. If you manage to get him to cum, or if you make him leak pre-cum enough, he’s the one who will have his buttocks warmed up by TJ this evening.”

This was quite a dilemma for Marty. He didn’t feel like getting the newcomer in trouble. For all he knew, he felt like trying to impress him; such beauty had to be worshipped indeed, and he was afraid of displeasing the young man.

Marty didn’t move. This didn’t please the henchmen. Ted kneeled behind the schoolboy and grabbed his head, putting his pinkies inside Marty’s ears. He started shaking Marty’s head, and used it to caress Zach’s crotch. Zach was about to cream his shorts when a loud knock at the door got everyone to freeze; well, this made Ted and Bill freeze; and Marty’s head with Ted.

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A Lad in Distress - Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – Out of sight

Bill rushed to the door to see what it was. He got it slightly ajar. This had to be the decorator Shaun had talked about. He seemed puzzled from seeing the bulky figure of Bill’s, apparently unwilling to open, as if there was something hidden behind the door.

The young man had gotten lost. Bill didn’t know whether Shaun did it on purpose, but he always arranged so that visitors would come close to the places where he kept Marty to make the prisoner mad. This was a little game that Bill liked, actually. Getting a desperate boy to think he would be rescued, only to crush his hopes further when he had the detainee realize there was no hope: this was what Bill had enjoyed from the first times he had needed to restrain an unwilling victim, in his younger days, when taking lunch money or domineering other boys because he was four inches taller and thirty pounds heavier than them.

“You must be with the crew building the set for Shaun’s next video?”

The younger man was now realizing he had to be disturbing someone. Bill was wearing a pair of shorts cut in sheer fabric. It was all he wore and he was covered in a thin sheen of sweat. He had to be busy with a lady, or, maybe, is rumors had to be believed, with another man. The young man regretted already knocking at the wrong door as he’d lost his way coming back from the loo. The noise from the drills and saws, inside the halls, bounced over the heavy stone walls, making it difficult to discern where it came from.

Ted stood next to the captives, delighted by the show and the subtle music the boys produced. There was carpeting and not much reverberation, but it had been clear enough this was someone they didn’t expect; both captive boys had thought they should take their chance and they were mphing as loud as they could. It wasn’t much, and Ted thought he didn’t even have to block their noses, as the small nasal whines they emitted couldn’t be heard; even if they were, only the trained ear could pick up the distress. Most people would think it was plumbing noise, or some device’s motor.

Bill finished giving the young man indications; he wasn’t curt, but he wasn’t warm and welcoming either. The door soon snapped shut, with the young man effortlessly dealt with, leaving while being totally unaware that he’d been fifteen feet away from two kidnapped actors.

Bill spun on his heel, and facing Zach, he let out some evil laughter. He recovered from his bout, getting serious again.

“Did they try to call out, Ted? There was noise outside; I couldn’t hear them at all myself.”

“They sure did. That was an impressive try. Yet, we had planned well for such an occasion. This was a small mouse squeal that would have gone completely unheard anyway.”

Bill had had memories come back to him as he’d prepared Marty. He had been friend with Ted since they were eleven, and the first time they’d ‘played’ with their friend Nicky, they had ended up gagging him so they could make the moment last longer by preventing him from calling out for help; they’d soon found out that it also ensured the helpless twit couldn’t talk back or protest, which made it easier to put him through ordeals while pretending he was loving every single minute of it.

“This reminds me of that time with Nicky, Ted.”

Bill had stepped back closer to the group. His toes touched Marty’s T-strap sandals, and he could look straight into Zach’s eyes. Ted had reminiscences of this first time too; he didn’t need much prodding to get talking about his past feats.

“This was awesome. See,” he told Zach who couldn’t look at him anyway, “we’ve been taking care of unruly lads like you for close to twenty years. The first time we were twelve. There was a guy from the eighth grade who gave us some grief. He didn’t want to settle the matter when we demanded his lunch money. So we retaliated by hogtying him inside a broom closet for a whole afternoon.”

There was much gloating from the two fiends. Bill had kneeled back behind Marty and grabbed his head again. He knew how to twist and shake it for maximum effect on poor Zach. Ted’s nasty tale got Zach to picture the scenes of this poor boy abducted and thoroughly trussed up; Marty’s breathing through his nose and the touch his lower face sporting silky tape took their toll soon. He tried to resist very hard, but Zach soon discharged inside his shorts.

There was a pitiful wail from Marty, who saw and smelled the disaster; he apologized as much as he could, but this only drew mockery from the two goons.

“My, oh my, these two darlings are going to be tons of fun. By the way, lads, we took care of Nicky at least once a month for the following three years. I think he really liked it. Let’s say we never really asked, and we never gave him much of an occasion to let us know.”

There was more cheer from the two accomplices.

“Good, Zach will get to experience TJ’s butt-warming skills. Let’s let these two cool down, as we think of some other game to play in an hour or two, when they’ve fully benefitted from this interesting position.”

The hunky men went to the TV which was at the other end of the room. They were away from the prisoners’ sight; they both wanked copiously in small silk handkerchiefs. Had they been allowed to, they would have fucked the two captives senseless. But Shaun had expressly forbidden sex. So they relieved themselves before they turned the TV on. They didn’t watch, as they whispered to each other; they were to decide on the exact punishment they would have TJ to inflict on Zach for losing the wager. This conversation led them to find out a way to get Marty punished too, since the henchmen liked the idea of displaying fairness when it came to handling their charges.

“The rubber slipper will be a good way to get Zach acquainted with TJ’s handing of discipline. How d you think we can get Marty to share the punishment? Should we remove his gag and provoke him into speaking?”

“I don’t think this will be necessary, Ted. Just look at the runt. He’s going to wet his briefs without us having to move a finger!”

Marty was aroused by the smelly mass under his nose; the cock dripping through the fabric caused the kneeling young man to want some relief too. By grinding his hips softly, he hoped he wouldn’t be caught by the two goons; little did he know they were paying close attention to his actions.

A last shaking of the hips indicated he managed to reach orgasm. The faint grunt accompanying him was the clue Ted picked up telling the pair it was time to go an check on Marty; there had to be some wet outcome to this subservient position he’d been made to take.

Ted crouched beside Marty and reached for his crotch.

“He came in his shorts, Bill. Just like we said he would. And against the guidelines he was given.”

“I’ll recommend he get the same treatment as his black-haired new friend. Don’t you think Shaun will like to turn Marty into Abu? Our Prince Ali might enjoy having a pet friend.”

There was protest from the gagged young men, who both disliked going further into this silly Aladdin role-play.

“Hear how happy they are about our ideas, Ted. The little monkey rubbing against his master’s legs; isn’t this cute?”

There was a roar of laughter from the two fiends and friends. They then undertook to release their captives from their uncomfortable position.

“Both of our guests can’t control themselves, from what I see,” Ted said.

“This is quite unacceptable,” Bill added. “Shaun won’t be too happy, but TJ will love having two pairs of buttocks to take care of, no doubt.”

The two friends used a couple hankies to wipe the crotches of the prisoners. The two boys were then left to stand. Their captors were waiting for something to move on. Soon the sound of the doorknob being turned announced someone. It was Shaun, casting his malevolent smile across the room.

“Hello there, my fine little specimens. I hope you haven’t given Ted and Bill any reason to complain about your behavior?”

Ted and Bill pretended they were sad and disgruntled.

“Alas, Shaun, Marty couldn’t help himself, and they both have shot their load as you can see from the dried up stain around their crotch.”

“Marty should know better by now. Well, he’ll get to be punished once more. When will he learn?”

There was some chit-chat to discuss the merits of strict chastity control.

“The good news is that the last of the crews working to give our young Aladdin wannabe a dwelling matching his looks are gone. The decoration work is finished. We’ll have him tour this new place. Bring Marty along, my friends, it won’t hurt that he sees the new facilities. I have a hunch he will het to spend a little time there too.”

Ted and Bill strapped harnesses over their charges’ torsos and legs so they would keep control of them while they would be walking throughout the mansion. Soon, the two costumed young men were ready to explore their surroundings further. Zach thought of Shaun’s obsession with Aladdin. How would it translate in this new room? An even more important concern to the young man was how he would rid his captor of these thoughts and get him to release him.

“We’re all set, my friends,” Shaun said. He took his breath and started singing a tune which Zach identified immediately. It was one of the tunes in Aladdin, one at the beginning. Shaun had changed the lyrics quite a bit, though…

“Oh I come from a land, in a faraway place
Where the cute little gagged boys moan;
Where you’re tied by suspense
And the games are intense…
It's erotic, but hey, it's home”

To be continued…

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A Lad in Distress - Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 – The Cave of Wonders

Shaun went on singing; he was the Piper luring rats towards the river where he would have them drown; of course, he was only leading his crew and guests to the new location he’d had remodeled down between the first floor and the cellar. This was a place he’d thought of for Zach long before he’d meet the young man. He had had visions of this place. There was the cave of wonders in the movie, but there were also the prison cells where Aladdin was held when accused of kidnapping Jasmine.

There were Shaun’s own kidnapping fantasies that had come in play when he’d imagined the location. He wanted lots of small spaces where to store his prisoners, and he thought that it would help much to have fun games with several players if there were possible hide and seeks or scavenger hunts in which looking for captives.

Shaun was still singing: “Arabian nights, Like Arabian days, More often than not, Are boys bound so hot, In a lot of good ways, Arabian nights, For Arabian dates, Now not one more word, Bound, gagged and unheard, Your new fate awaits…”

Shaun’s voice wasn’t too bad, but he forced his singing, making it super campy. They walked down a long hallway, went down two flights of stairs, then went in another hall that turned abruptly at the end. They stood before a large, massive wooden door. It was mimicking a medieval prison gate, but there had to be reinforcements making it even more solid.

Shaun, done with his obscene song, had taken a large brass key from a chain at his neck. He slowly inserted it inside the keyhole. It turned with a loud clank.

“Excuse the mess,” he said as he yielded to his guests. “It’s almost done and I know our little lambs will benefit from seeing what awaits them, especially my little Abooboo. They might have some nice dreams thinking of this place and the games I intend to play.”

This was a huge hall, from what Zach saw. The walls were made of grey stone; if it were fake stone, it was quite a good copy. There were drapes in purple, orange and pink of varied hues to give the place a somewhat more cheerful appearance. There were tons of chests, wardrobes or tables and armchairs. Zach looked at it closely, wondering which of the pieces of furniture could also be turned into storage items.

Shaun pushed them towards a large hole in the wall at the back.

“This is actually the yet unfinished work, lads. There was a large window, but to keep in the theme of the underground cave, I asked it’d be walled up.”

As Marty came closer to the hole in the wall, he noticed that a hundred yards away from them, the construction workers were still cleaning up their tools and putting everything away in the van. Marty moved closer, trying to be seen before he’d try being heard. Zach saw his look and he came closer too; he saw the potential outside help. He wasn’t as patient as Marty, and rushed to get his head through the hole, shouting as loud as he could.

This was poor timing as a guy from the screw started a high-pressure hose to clean up tools. Nobody was looking at them, and Shaun and his two henchmen immediately acted upon this. The young men were seized and pulled back. Bill, who’d grabbed Marty, was trying to pull him far behind and have him lie on the floor so he wouldn’t be seen. But Shaun discouraged him. He’d found a spot on the side where they would be in the shade, and so they could watch the men outside without being seen. Shaun held on tight to Zach, along with Ted. Bill carefully had Marty stand and shuffled with his prisoner to the rest of the group’s side.

“They can’t see us, and with the wind carrying our way, any of the little noise our scoundrels could make through these fine gags of theirs wouldn’t be heard anyway.”

He caressed Zack’s gagged face.

“Fine kid leather. And the big wadding filling your mouth is made in the highest quality silk, even if a bit worn.”

“Mmmph? Mmmmbbllmm!!!”

“Keep singing for me my lad.”

Shaun turned towards Marty, still in Bill’s implacable grip.

“Cat got your tongue, Marty? Or you’ve just realized it was hopeless?”

Marty remained quiet, defeated. He could see the men getting the last of the cleaned up equipment inside the van, and all four of men boarding the vehicle. The passenger window was open; one of the men looked towards them. Marty had the impression this man was looking straight into his eyes. But this lasted for a fleeting second only. The vehicle was gone, at least until the next day, and he knew it was unlikely Shaun would give them opportunities to call the crew out.

Their moans turned to pitiful wails; they were echoed by an evil laughter from Shaun and chortling by his henchmen.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Your escape plans were thwarted again. Now, for disobedient little captives like you, there are plenty of opportunities to teach you a good lesson right here in this Cave of Shaun’s Wonders, my own cave of bondage pleasures.”

Shaun turned to Ted and Bill, taking a dramatic stance.

“I’m at my wits’ end with these two, please store them away that I don’t have to bear any of their annoying babbling and misbehaving for a few hours.”

Ted and Bill looked at each other. It was their cue to pick up on the evil talk, and of offering some ideas; they knew what kinds of apparatus was available for punishing the two prisoners. They just had to play parts that they never thought about. Their best mocking and taunting had always been improvised. Bill was a bit quicker than Ted.

“Tight bondage, closed place, sensory deprivation for two or three hours.”

Shaun frowned, as if he had to think hard.

“OK, but make the bonds strict and unyielding. They need to regret this little outburst.”

“We’ll start with Marty. Let’s start taking care of him with ropes.”

Zach, held by Shaun who was breathing down his neck, was allowed to enjoy the full display of talent by the two goons. They had gotten coils of white rope from a large drawer within their immediate reach, and they had gone for a rope-only tie-up. They folded Marty’s shins against his knees as they had him lie over his belly. Then his wrists and elbows were bound together; his arms being welded to each other, his wrists were linked to his ankles and the rope tying them was pulled very tight before being knotted.

“Time for the body cage,” Ted said, going to a wardrobe from which he picked a large tangled bunch of straps. As he unfolded it with Bill, it made sense what it really was. This made for a network of thin leather straps all connected to the ensemble. Rings went around his wrists, elbows, between his legs, around his thighs and ankles. There were even straps to restrain his head, one coming over the gag and a sort of cap capping the top of his skull.

“Not a move, not a peep this time. Try and call out for help,” Ted taunted.


Marty had been turned into a shorter and more compact version of his former self with his legs thus united. And there was no hope that any motion of his limbs was possible. Zach knew this had to be painful; and every moment when Marty was further restrained meant they were closer to the moment when it would be his turn to be thoroughly restrained by the sadistic Ted and Bill.

Ted went to get a stand on wheels. There was a rod with a hook, like a support for a bird cage. The two hunky minders picked up the package at their feet. They first had Marty stand on his knees; they lifted him; at the top of the leather contraption, there was a ring that went through the hook.

Marty was hanging with his knees a couple inches from the platform. Zach could only hope for his companion in misfortune that there was some metal in the head gear, so all his weight wouldn’t be on his neck; this would hurt.

There was no wailing; Zach could read in Marty’s eyes some resignation, but this particular piece was designed for the specific purpose of keeping the captive from being hanged. With Marty taken care of, Zach now was the target of the captors’ ministrations.

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A Lad in Distress - Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – Stored Away

“Let’s handle our pretty Prince Ali,” Ted said, shaking his hands for this much anticipated pleasure.

“What do you have in mind, my friend?” Shaun asked.

Ted was impressed of having to reply. Shaun was also holding his hand-held digital camera, and cameras made Ted nervous.

“Uh, what about having him in the gibbet cage? This isn’t the strictest of the restraints, but it may be made quite severe if we tighten the screws enough.”

“Indeed, this is a tool that may be adapted to many situations.”

Bill was already standing behind a concealed control panel. It was disguised as a lectern, but this was the control center for the gizmos and devices that were no doubt in store behind the pleasant appearance of a peaceful cave.

The faint noise of an electric motor could be heard; Zack looked up, a metal cage was coming down from the ceiling. A trap door had opened without a noise. Ted pushed Zach closer to the place where the cage would land. When it was half a foot above the floor, Bill stopped its descent by pushing a button.

It was time to get some action done, and to bind the arrogant Middle Eastern guy so he would be shown to keep his place. Bill grabbed a single glove as he joined his childhood friend. Keeping the lad’s arms tightly pulled as one behind his back was mandatory for this specific cage, because the metal rings that encircled the body were shaped to accommodate the arms behind, forearms touching each other. The putting on of the glove and the tight lacing was followed closely by Shaun, who wouldn’t take it too kindly to see his henchmen do this without enthusiasm and willingness to do good.

Zach could feel the tips of his encased fingers brushing against his satin-clad bum. This was something he had trouble with, this single glove. Marty hadn’t complained, so he thought it best not to, so as not to hurt his fellow-prisoner’s morale. Having two well-coordinated captors handle him meant that every time he thought they were done, another strap was made tighter, a lace was pulled closer, and the single glove turned out to have straps to keep it tight against Zach’s spine.

They laced his legs in a leather sheath too. Bill then took a wrench and started adjusting the various metal circles at the proper height on the front and back rods that were the backbone of the contraption. It was apparently well engineered, for it didn’t take very long for Bill to get to a result he was satisfied with.

Shaun came to have a closer look. He then took part to stuffing Zack inside the cage. The metallic strips were closed one after the other, and with each of the metal bands Zach felt a little more pressure. Now he knew this was inescapable. His feet rested on a little platform, and his limbs were restrained by metal after being sheathed in thin leather.

“Very good, my friends,” Shaun gloated, “This isn’t the most painful of the possibilities the Cave of Wonders offers, but I think we won’t hear from our little Abooboo for a while. Let me see…”

Shaun handled himself the closing and locking of the thin, wide metal strips. There were a few leather straps on top of this, at further places, pulling in the limbs and torso yet closer together. He took three steps back so he could benefit from the whole display, this lithe and supple body constrained within the cage frame.

“This will keep you out of trouble! You should have a pleasant night down here. The first of many. The first of one thousand and one nights!”

The crazy laughter wasn’t followed by Shaun singing his bawdy song again. There was some kneading and prodding, as Shaun inspected both Zach and Marty for safety and security.

Zach’s cage was lifted a bit higher by triggering the motor from the control panel. Marty’s eyes were at Zach’s nipple level, they were four feet away, which meant they could look into each other’s eyes with a little effort.

It made them very little good as the light was switched off, with Shaun’s last ‘Don’t go anywhere!’ being immediately followed by the sound of the door being pulled shut and two turns of the key in the lock.

The helpless captive were left hanging in their respecting contraptions; Zach could feel and smell a little of the outside marine air that came through the hole that would be filled soon to make his prison invisible from the outside.

It was cold; the strain over his arms cruelly locked behind prevented him from ever falling asleep; a few times he almost did, only to come to his senses with a pang of panic which then kept him highly aware of his dependent position.

In one way, Zach and Marty were lucky; Shaun’s plans for the next day changed a few minutes after he left the room. The episode of them trying to get the construction workers’ attention had given him some idea for a little entertainment. It required getting them out of their current predicament earlier than foreseen.

It was not even five when the key to the Cave made itself heard, turning inside the lock. The bright light switched on blinded temporarily the boys, reduced to their condition of Christmas baubles. When they recovered sight, they saw the wicked trio with two brightly decorated crates.

“Good morning, my young friends. I hope you’ve enjoyed your nightly comfort, for the day will be spent in a much less pleasant position.

“Mmmbllmm!” “Mrgrmmph!” Both replies were pleas for mercy, as they were all cramped from being held in their respective cages.

“Don’t fret, just look at these marvels of engineering I got made for occasions just like these. Zach, you might have enjoyed a variation on this model when we brought you over here. I have four of them, in case you’d have a few friends who’d like to share your fate. From the outside, they look just like some circus or music-hall props, with the bright colors and the shiny mirrors daintily inlaid over them. They don’t look as they’re actually places in which to store people long-term. Bill, please?”

Making sure he could be seen by both prisoners, Bill opened one of the crates; he lifted a lid, and then opened the door in front; Shaun was right, this was quite the same as the case he’d been transported in. This one was a bit higher, though. There was some base, which, according to Shaun’s explanations, allowed for some venting so they could remain in there for a while without suffocating.

Other than this, there was a soft silky lining and it appeared to be slightly bigger than the transportation case.

“Gentlemen,” Shaun addressed Ted and Bill, “If you will to get our guests ready for their day of observation.”

Marty was first to be taken down from his perch. But then, it was only to be packed in the case, sitting with his thighs open wide, his knees pulled towards his shoulders, his ankles strapped to the sides of the box, where there were hooks to attach his limbs to the inside of the crate.

It was Zach’s turn next. The crate allowed for better seating then the one he’d been taken into, diapered for the journey to Shaun’s own private hell.

The boys’ gags were removed briefly so they’d have a quick drink of sweetened water which would be their only input for a while. They were gagged with Ted and Bill’s soiled underwear, their lips were sealed shut, and rubber swim caps allowed for further mummification of their heads with tape.

Then it was time to shut the door and the lid. In front of the lads’ eyes there were some of the inlaid mirrors. These were one-way mirrors, and t allowed the person inside the crate to view what was going on outside. Shaun waved to them one last time, and the trio of twisted minders lefts the captives, the wheels well locked so no inside motion would yield any shaking outside.

It was less than an hour later when the construction crew entered the site, ready for the last stretch on this particular project. Shaun Wainworth was a peculiar customer, but he paid well and early, so the men were usually eager to be working on his various construction and decoration jobs.

Inside their crates, the boys were well vented, but the whole apparatus made it possible to completely mute any sound that could have come from the boxes. The motors and fans underneath were very quiet, yet allowed for making air reach the lads’ noses while preventing any noise from coming out.

It was quite puzzling for the poor detainees; there were small microphones picking up outside noise and playing it to their ears; there were electronic filters modeling the dampening by a thin board and a layer of fabric, but it was damning both to Zach and Marty that they couldn’t be heard.


“Mmmmbllmmph! Mrmmph!”

The microphones inside the cases picked up the desperate attempts with clarity and strength. Shaun turned the volume up a bit. In his video-monitoring room, there were four displays of the lads, two of each prisoner’s face. They tended to go into some attempts at defeating the muting effect of the gags. Shaun found interesting that his captives made their fruitless attempts simultaneously.

The construction crew wouldn’t stay much beyond noon; there were still a few hours to enjoy the show. Shaun wondered how best he could spend his afternoon with his guest. A few ideas ran through his mind; he smiled, thinking that the fun was only beginning.


Re: A Lad in Distress - Chapters 1 - 11

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Your hitting all my buttons. And gibbet scene! Hooray!

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A Lad in Distress - Chapter 12

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I hope you like the next chapter, Veracity.

Chapter 12 – Routine and newcomers

It turned out that the construction crew was followed by the painting team. They had a sudden opening in their schedule, and they could come and do the sophisticated job Shaun had ordered. Shaun had gleefully accepted, and indicated to Ted and Bill that there would be more entertainment for the two captives.

He could also get even more shouting from the prisoners desperately trying to warn people outside, when not a sound came through. The illusion created for the captives of a thin wall separating them from outside had the bound and gagged boys completely fooled.

Once they realized that maybe they could be heard, but the crew had orders not to pay attention to them, they eventually calmed down. Zach found an interest in watching some of the men laying out their colors. This wasn’t just decoration. They drew lines before; they were painting huge murals on some specific sections of the walls.

When they were gone in the evening, Ted and Bill rolled them back to their chamber. They would be bound separately for the night. These were Shaun’s orders; he seemed not too happy about too much promiscuity. And Zach was too good for Marty.

This went on for three days. Zach was starting to see what the painters were doing. This fit with Shaun’s strange fascination for this cartoon. They were recreating sets of the film. They reproduced the caves, prison cells or deep dungeons that were featured in the movie.

On the fourth day, in the morning, Zach and Marty were all surprised not to be put back inside the boxes. They were showered and had to endure Ted and Bill’s hygiene ministrations. After being thoroughly cleaned up, they were put in leather shorts and harnesses. This wasn’t too Aladdiny, if you asked Zach. Shaun soon entered to admire the finished work.

“So, how are my little leather long-term restraints doing this morning? While the finishing touches keep being put to our Cave of Wonders, I think I might have you socialize a bit. I mean, you haven’t gotten to meet this many people over the last three days…”

Shaun’s sarcasm was tough to swallow for the captives.

“I have some guests coming over. You see, Marty, most of the boys I’ve brought here to play with have gone back. It’s most likely today’s visitors will do so too. But this may only happen if I’m sure they won’t be suspicious about your real status. I’m sure they won’t though. And they’d better not. It’s big here, but I can’t take in any meddling kid that comes across my way.”

Shaun had watched Scooby-Doo as well as Disney’s apparently.

“I’ll tell them you’re big pros who try outperforming others and that you’re halfway through breaking a 21-day record. They will be there for a day and a half at the most. Ted, Bill, go set Zach and Marty in the library.”

Both boys were wheel-chaired to the library. This was the place where Shaun started up. It was a calm and comfortable room, and its atmosphere didn’t warn of the dangers of the nether dungeons of the house. It was perfect to introduce his young preys to some idea of a refined and elaborate bondage: the smell of properly waxed furniture, the book shelves and the view over the ocean gave it an air of seriousness and luxury.

There were two antiques, or possibly facsimiles. They were chairs that had to be used in psychiatric institutions. Marty had tested one, the time his games with Shaun had turned into abduction. Ted and Bill took care of the ‘patients’. They added straightjackets over the harnesses; there were holes that allowed for the D-rings of the harness to be threaded through, so the harness could be used as well as the jacket. It was fine kid leather, and Zach deemed he was now wearing a garment worth more than his whole wardrobe. It was apparently made to measure; looking at Marty, and catching a glimpse of himself in one of the long standing mirrors as he was brought to the chair, it was clear that it was cut precisely to his size.

At least, they were restrained with their arms folded over their chests. The strapping to the chair, with all the possibilities offered by the many attachments, the foot-rests and arm-rests, left them utterly helpless. Try as they might, they barely managed to get the gleaming straps to slightly ripple under the muscular efforts they managed.

“You’ve heard Shaun, my good friends. We must make sure you don’t whine about being REALLY captives of ours, so there will be no lack of effort on the gagging. All leather and classy, as the rest of the costume.”

Two formidable hoods were produced. They came along with leather pear plugs. As they started working on Zach, he felt that this too had to be made to measure. Once they had him close is jaws, the shape filled his mouth and trapped his tongue down; yet it didn’t exert too much pressure outside, like when Shaun crammed a napkin inside his mouth.

A little taping of the lips followed. This hood covered all the face. There were some pin pricks where the eyes where, but it allowed to discern shapes and colors, not to see what would be going on. Their heads were then strapped to the chair’s head rest too. They were now part of the library’s furniture, a pleasure for the eyes of the audience that was to come.

They were left to test their bonds; they were trapped under a layer of leather, pinned to the chair as if it had become some exoskeleton. One without joints. There was some noise coming out of the hallway. The big door opened. In came the infernal team with two guests. These were two Californian cuties; they were trussed up in ropes and had scarves bound over their lower faces.

“See, my little snooping meddlers, see what happens when you break into my property. Dirty hippies! Haven’t you got any respect for others’ goods?”

The boys whined. The sound meant that there was more than one layer under the bright scarves that could be seen. Shaun was his evil villain self, with his sweet voice that he now was really doing more and more like his favorite cartoon’s villain. It was a loss for the prisoners that they couldn’t see too well, for the two guests were a wonderful show. Shaun had not picked them up at random. They wore silk jockey shorts and tee-shirts that had been out of fashion for a solid thirty-five years; Shaun liked the outfits of the past eras when it was hugging and short.

He’d decided on some role-play; the two dudes, Paul and Mark, were an item and they longed to be abducted together. When they’d learned that the cool guy who traded stories and thoughts on bondage on their favorite dating site happened to have a large house on the Oregon Coast, they’d decided it could do for a nice vacation up north, as there were nice spots to hit the waves too. It wasn’t amazing surfing, but it was less crowded than the beaches they were used to. There was an exotic appeal to a place overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in the wilderness.

Having been seized by Ted and Bill at the entrance, as the scenario stated their car had broken down, they’d been drawn inside at gunpoint, and Paul had been made to restrain Mark. Ted and Bill had given a little demonstration as they handled Pau next. They benefitted from each other’s left sock as wadding for their gags.

Of course, the two gimps welded to their chairs made noise as the newcomers were introduced to them.

“Watch, my fine stranded motorist friends, watch what happens to those who come and try to pry their nose into my business. These are tax collectors who thought they could assist me in filling out forms. Their fate hasn’t been this that they foresaw. Arrogant and ignorant of our local ways. They’ve been here for a few months, and I’d better tell you, they will be for many more to come. But for now…”

The shapes dancing in front of the straitjacketed boys told of what was happening, as Paul and Mark were being put into hogties at their feet. There was a lot of mmphhing, quite a bit of writhing around, as Zach could get the vibrations of the bodies through the wood floor.

The game went on. Ted, Bill and Shaun improved on the knots, tickled their new prisoners, twisted their nipples through the tee-shirts and kneaded the cocks tenting their shorts. The game went on; for Zach and Marty, it was a nightmare, as their muffled pleas became part of the general atmosphere. For non-expert ears the grunts and moans were all the same. To Shaun’s it was a symphony, with the playful consensual mumbling from the cute newcomers underlined by the droning, pitiful whine the boys, and especially Zach, were emitting softly.


Re: A Lad in Distress - Chapters 1 - 12

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Another very hot chapter!

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A Lad in Distress - Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – An Elaborate Simulation

The trio of captors left the four bound boys together for a little while. The happy mumbled replies Zach got told him these hunks were totally unaware of what was really going on. It was a while later, with Zach having given up on getting understood, when the formidable team of captors came back. The door opened more loudly than the first time.

“It seems our two friends here had a friend. We found this young man at the gate; he was hiding, but not well enough. They were pushing a young man whose looks could have him associated with Mark and Paul. Though his arms were bound behind him, his legs were hobbled and he was also skillfully gagged, he was much more fidgety than his mates had been. Marty could feel this. There was something fishy in this arrival. Another bout of rope knotting went on. There was technical talk this time, about lark’s head and other knots. Ted had sailed, so he had even quainter phrases when it came to talking of ropes.

Eventually, the last visitor, a strawberry blond guy with lots of hair from what Zach saw, was left to wriggle over his belly, next to his friends. He wasn’t as docile, and he moved like a madman. The captors left, with a snarky remark from Shaun, and there were now five boys bound together in the library.

Zach had the hogtied newcomer in front of him, so he could see him writhing. Ted and Bill had been their usual proficient selves with rope and they had bundled the young man in a lot of them. His fighting gave them the will to struggle themselves, and after ten minutes, the three hogtied captives, grunting and squirming, had managed to get a thin sheen of sweat over their foreheads. The two boyfriends had gotten close to each other; their escape attempt had been hampered by Paul having a sudden interest in caressing Mark’s bum rather than trying to untie the knots binding his wrists.

Zach was entertained by the show to his great shame. He was still making sounds to attract attention, but his rendition of ‘SOS’ apparently didn’t get much response. He could see the shape of Marty from the corner of his eye. Were he also trying to call out the hogtied boys and inform them of the non-consensual aspect of their being there, Zach had no clue. Shaun’s schemes were wickedly brilliant.

This lasted for a while; the smell of the sweaty bodies at their feet rose to the straitjacketed captives’ nostrils. There was a scent of excitement and arousal that permeated from the group. Zach longed for the days when he’d been at the hands of his friend Josh. These were the days. He had to keep hoping for a mistake from his captors. The two goons, Ted and Bill, were not this smart and if given an opportunity, they would be easily outwitted.

He was contemplating this prospect when he noticed that the latest boy to be brought had a different pace to work himself up. His breathing was faster, and he could hear triumphing grunts. Zach clearly saw a wrist getting out of the bonds, and a hand started searching for the next knot. It was quickly found; the grunts conveyed more and more satisfaction.

Eventually, the young man sprung to his feet, his fingers ripping off the layers over his lower face. He spat out what had been a sock a long time ago.

“Man, these people are insane! I was peacefully enjoying myself in the shade of the wall when the crazy locals were holding me at gunpoint and trussing me up like a chicken.”

He looked at Zach; he was puzzled.

“What kind of a loony bin is this? Gimps, just like in Pulp Fiction?”

As he looked closer, he seemed puzzled.

“Where do I start to get you people out of this?”

He gave up; he went for the rope-tied boys who seemed to give less trouble. Zach and Marty were frantic; their hum was now steady, with pitiful attempts at trying to provide any contrast in tone and delivery that would indicate the abnormal situation they were in.

As the boys were released, confusion ensued. Mark and Paul thanked the young man, agreed this was a hellish place. They turned to Zach and Marty. They pointed the same thing; there were locks or specific fixtures which made it impossible to release the young men from their bizarre chairs.

It was decided they would flee and call the police. The humming got desperate.

“Don’t worry, dudes, we’ll be right back,” Paul said with a wink that Zack caught despite his blurry vision.

Zach had no clue what was going on. After all, it made sense these would have been real kidnap victims. Shaun had lied to him as he had lied to them. At last he would get a break. They would; Marty had suffered even more than him, but it was about to be over.

Hopeful and optimistic thoughts were rushing through his head. Ted and Bill entering the library dampened this train of thought a bit. They were pushing the crates that had allowed their prisoners to witness the construction work.

“Time for you lads to get a drink and a bite, before we store you away for this afternoon’s little ceremony!”

There weren’t many more details provided; Ted and Bill got to their care giving tasks, with what had now become an average touch. They were neither mean nor nice; they performed their jobs. The feeding and watering was quite welcome, whereas what came next, which consisted in having them put in crates, brought only pain and despair to the recipients of the handling. None of the attempts at begging for mercy to be spared this wicked treatment fell on deaf ears.

The thick hoods were replaced with mouth corsets, which were more bearable; every time Ted and Bill took care of them, some things would get stricter but yet some would improve .Once enclosed in their little boxes, they were rolled to the other side of the library. They braced for another long wait.

It could have been over an hour when eventually the library filled up with people. Six more, it turned out, as the captors were marching the three escaped young men in front of them. They were made to stop a few feet in front of Zach and Marty’s boxes; they were to be the audience.

Shaun was at the top of his villain-playing abilities.

“So, my ragged urchins, you thought you could get away from my power? You will get plenty of time to think about how silly this was. I don’t take in too kindly to strangers abusing my welcome. Ted, Bill, what do you think we should do to eradicate such a poor tendency our visitors have?”

“Hang them by the feet for the night?”

“Whip their asses raw?”

“My fine friends, I’m grateful for such enthusiasm at proposing interesting solutions. Should they be used on first-time offenders, though?”

“You choose, boss. My take on it is that you’d better strike hard the first time; you have only one occasion to make a first impression, after all. But I see your reluctance, as you enjoy the fine job of slow training.”

Yes, my faithful Bill, yes. I like how your foul little mind works. I was thinking of having some escape challenge: we and five hundred feet of rope against our three wannabe Houdinis.”

“Hogties again?”

“Uh? No. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Make it ball-ties please!”

This time, having full possibility to watch the events taking place on the other side of the mirror made time go faster for the captives. Their abductors turned out to be quite impressive to watch as they bundled the three prisoners into tight balls. The ropes made the young men look like sculptures, enhancing the boys’ lines; the ropes that pulled their shiny shorts up their cracks was a sight Zach still enjoyed.

The three guests ended up on their backs, their knees to their chins, their heels against their butts, with their arms wrapped around their legs, their wrists tied to their ankles. This made for a fine view of their nylon-clad bums.

Shaun then went on one of his rants. It was impossible for the helpless young men trapped inside their boxes to know when Shaun was telling the truth and when he was letting his fancy run wild. This time, he was explaining to the ball-tied boys how he would smuggle them out of the country to sell them into a slave-trading organization.

Marty had heard of this a few times; he’d been threatened with being sent to a ruthless and cruel master in the Middle East when he didn’t behave. The means Shaun had access to were certainly huge; it was possible that he actually knew such shady people.

Then the five prisoners were left to their own devices; Shaun and his henchmen watched the three rope-tied lads on a video monitor as they were a few feet down the hall. They cast glances at each other, whispering comments on how well they’d done. A quick look at Zach and Marty’s faces informed them they were both doing fine.


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Re: A Lad in Distress - Chapters 1 - 13

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Nice to read the next chapter.
Boxer shorts are cool,
but little speedos rule!

More by the same author: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=22729

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A Lad in Distress - Chapter 14

Postby Bondwriter » Tue Jun 28, 2016 9:19 am

Hey! Glad you like it. There are quite a few chapters to go, so here is chapter 14.

Chapter 14 – Aftermath

This went on for one hour. Zach couldn’t help ogling the writhing flesh in front of his eyes. His mind went thinking about the kidnappings. Shaun couldn’t do this so many times without increasing the odds of getting caught. The fact that the boys had been prevented from getting in touch with the outside world didn’t bode well for them.

It lasted forever; the boys had worked up a sweat again trying to free themselves from the strict hold of ropes. Paul had even creamed his shorts, but the position hid the fact.

The evil trio rushed in again. They approached the bound guys over the carpet; their move was swift and soon the three boys were freed. Once the gags were removed, praise and thanks were uttered.

“This was amazing, Mr. Wainworth. Just like a real adventure; and your castle is just amazing, like there are secrets hidden at every corner.”

This caused a concerned grunt that didn’t pass the confines of the crates Zach and Marty were in.

“I’m glad you liked it. We may have another go at it after dinner and tackle, let’s say, more intimate tasks.”

There was a roar of laughter and bawdy comments to welcome Shaun’s suggestion. Inside the crates, despair peaked. This had been a game all along.

“What happened to the two guys who were there earlier on?” Mark asked.
Shaun looked at them with a faint smile.

“Oh? These are some of my most hardcore bondage friends. Their thing is long lasting immobility, and they’ve been taken to their sleeping room. You can’t keep someone bound in the same restrictive position for a very long time, but I have sleeping bags that make it possible to stay ten to twelve hours restrained without exerting too much strain.”

Zach wished he had been treated like this. Here he was, forced to hear the lies Shaun served his little court.

“I doubt they’d have liked the party I have in mind for this evening, anyway. They’re just not the type.”

As the chatter went on among the small crowd, Ted and Bill were quietly whisking Marty’s crate away, the high-range roller bearings allowing it to roll smoothly through the room, unnoticed. Zach remained in his and could see the party starting.

The young men were putting on loud music, getting bottles out. Throughout the next three hours, Zach had the opportunity to observe the interactions in the room, with Shaun always on the lookout, he could see. Shaun always had a glass in hand, but he never drank from it. His guests were rowdier and there was lots of ass-grabbing, mock-wrestling and judo like banter which ended up with a handgag.

Their gestures and vivacity dwindled with their liquor consumption.

One of the guests, the last one to be featured in their role-play, staggered outside Zach’s field of vision. His name was Sean, and the resemblance of their first names had been the subject of many jokes with Shaun. The boy was a glorious redhead with a lithe body and a shy, handsome smile. He seemed capable of going a bit overboard, and he had maybe gotten out of his league with liquor; the weed that had circulated late in the party had finished him.

He needed fresh air, and probably a place where it would be safe and not too disgusting to puke. He exited the large library and went down the stairs. He grabbed the bannister and followed its reassuring lead. There was much whirling in Sean’s head, and the spiral staircase didn’t diminish the spiraling effect that was affecting his senses.

He went down and down, and down again, not noticing he had missed the ground floor that would have allowed him to get outside and enjoy the breeze softly blowing from the ocean on that day. He opened the door at the bottom of the stairs. It now became an emergency to find a bathroom, and he stepped into the large hall. It had doors on both sides; he went on his quests.

Ted and Bill were usually security enthusiasts, and tried to follow procedure. But with the amount of tying and hobbling and gagging they do, they sometimes needed to cut corners and skip the imposition of a set of cuffs during the change in the bondage applied to their ‘guests’. This had been one of these times. They were to get Marty in his cage, wearing a spandex costume; Shaun knew wealthy men who contributed some income to his little operation, against some private time with Shaun’s ‘guests’. Marty was a looker, and he was also gay and had a solid sexual experience, which made some patrons come back on a regular basis.

To make a long story short, they’d stored Marty in an unlocked room, on his wheelchair, while they had to go and spend some time fetching various items to prepare Marty as the customer had requested. He had been left alone for ten minutes now.

Sean opened the door and saw the figure in the shade. This was no bathroom but he couldn’t wait any longer. He turned to the side and he regurgitated some of the liquor he’d excessively consumed. The flow was plentiful but brief. Sean didn’t feel any shame at having thus dirtied the hall. This got him to recover a little bit.

The figure. Was it what he thought it was? It had to be one of the tie-up record breakers, he was interested in seeing how he looked now. He stood and felt for a switch inside the small room he’d just revealed before losing his cookies. He turned on the light and saw a dude in a wheelchair. He was now wearing tight spandex, with his thighs spread so his knees were linked with straps to the chair’s legs.

Sean noticed the guy was looking at him straight in his eyes. He couldn’t talk, as his lower face was covered with turns of tape wrapped around his head. And yes, he was mmphing an S.O.S.

“Mmm mm mm MMMMM MMMMM…”

“Hey dude, sure, I’ll come and give a hand.”

Sean had always played friendly and rather consensual tie-up games, since he was thirteen or fourteen, and there was no desire from him to see one of his fellow-players be restrained once it’d become unpleasant and uncomfortable. He reached for the tape. He removed two turns of silver duct tape which had given the gag a rather tidy look, and then two turns of coban wrap that were probably crushing the poor bastard’s lips.

The guy spat some nylon rag out.

“Thanks. You’ve got to free me and we’ve got to go and find Zach. You guys might have been weekend guests, but Shaun has kept me prisoner for months now.”

Sean had trouble taking it all in. He went for the wheelchair, to release the guy from it.

“It’s no use without the keys. You’d better get me out of here; I’ll show you the way. There’s an elevator at the end of the corridor, and I know the code. I think I know where I can find the keys and also locate Zach.”

“Ok, bro, I’ll get you out.”

Sean stumbled behind the wheelchair. He fumbled to find the brake’s release and pushed Marty outside his small cell. There was a lift where Marty said, and the code worked. The elevator door opened and they both entered the elevator car.

“Ground floor,” Marty indicated. They went up smoothly. The door stopped and Sean went backwards; he’d kept the same position as there was no room to maneuver inside the car. He pushed the door open with his bum, which was at present nicely wrapped in some tight nylon board shorts. He got the chair out and took one last step backwards before he could turn around and push the chair in the other direction when his bum touched something familiar. A man’s thighs; Sean leaped but a pair of arms had grabbed him from behind and was holding him in a nice, tight embrace; a big sweaty hand was clamped over his mouth, making any try at discussion useless.

“A little meddler, hey?” Bill hissed into his ear. Ted was grabbing the wheelchair, leaning in towards Marty.

“He removed his gag,” he told his accomplice who was busy putting Sean in a tight arm lock while clamping his hand over his mouth in a masterful handgag.

“I guess this means procedure number nine.”


Sean was puzzled, and no longer too excited by bondage; he hadn’t been given a chance, as they’d certainly been waiting for them once they’d heard the elevator climbing. He had no clue what this procedure stuff was all about, but Ted and Bill knew it was a serious one. It meant that the boy would have to join the pool of Shaun’s captives.

Marty’s gag had been removed. They should have put him in the lock-on helmet. Too bad for Sean.

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Re: A Lad in Distress - Chapters 1 - 14

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Excellent addition!!!

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A Lad in Distress - Chapter 15

Postby Bondwriter » Sat Jul 02, 2016 12:30 am

Thanks! Here is another one...

Chapter 15 – Not a Game Anymore

Ted and Bill were no rocket scientists, but they had enough information on that boy Sean to know that his disappearance would be fairly easy to organize. Shaun had all the required contacts to mete out some enforced captivity on those who dared to confront him. A cute ginger usually had no trouble finding a purchaser.

Marty had tried to protest and plead but Ted had stuffed a thick rubber bladder inside his mouth. It was inflated and a half mask was swiftly strapped across his lower face. He could join Bill and help him out with Sean, whom his old time friend was now straddling having laid him out face down on the floor. The man’s weight over Sean’s frail frame pinned him to the floor inexorably.

Ted got a leather harness and a few straps. This time, no half-assed measures and any further unintended consequences. He had to be restrained and put away in a manner that wouldn’t allow him to be found.

“I’m thinking, Ted,” Bill said as Ted cinched the straps that kept Sean’s arms pinned to his sides.

“You know I don’t like when you think.”

“No, but I’m not sure Shaun will be happy to have to clean up our mess. So, why don’t we handle our little issue here all on our own?”

Sean was terrified. The maniac was now restraining his legs with tight leather straps. They were going to whack him good, as the two hunks had a malevolent smile. Their lecherous glances told him that they considered his ass theirs. He wailed.

“MmmmgrM! Mmmphmbl!”

“Not to worry, young man. You’ll live. There is a market for cute little pups like you. No doubt some wealthy guy in the Middle East or Asia will be very happy to have you as a pet. Most often, nothing too dreadful happens to the young men in our care, though we don’t really follow up in what happens in the long term…”

Sean was now fully aware of his surroundings, sobered up by fear and the feeling of helplessness that affected him.

He was restrained in professional range gear, with two hunks holding him within their tight and silencing embrace. He had to warn Paul and Mark. They must have passed out by now, probably, if Shaun had kept giving them the generous amounts of spirits Sean thought he’d seen his friends guzzle down as he had. Depending on where he would be when they’d come to their senses, he maybe would be able to get them to know what had happened to him. If they left him ungagged and were far away enough so he would have his screams muffled too quickly, this could work. What followed dampened his hopes.

“We’ve got to shut up our young ginger lad well, Bill. His friends are still around, and it’s enough of one to have to handle without adding labor for us.”

“I hear you. Plus my hand is getting a bit sore from muffling the scoundrel’s shouts. Get something that will ensure he doesn’t give us any more of a headache.”

Ted was more than willing to oblige. He kneeled in front of Marty and removed his shoes before he peeled his socks off.

“Yuck, Marty, you don’t bathe often…”

These were actually silk-stockings that went up to mid-calf only. They were thin, and Marty had worn them for four days with only a rudimentary shower Ted and Bill had deigned to give him. They were rolled into a tight ball, with all loose ends in front so they wouldn’t slip to the back of the boy’s throat. Ted and Bill knew the value of such merchandise and wouldn’t want to waste it by amateur carelessness.

The roll of surgical tape Bill had in his pocket came in handy to seal the socks in the redhead’s mouth. Eight strips over his lower face of the silky smooth white tape plus two turns around the tape made for quite a formidable gag. Sean hadn’t been able to make a peep since he’d felt the clammy hand silencing him as he’d gone out the elevator.

Bill kept a hold on the boy and Ted grabbed the wheelchair’s handles. They all went back into the elevator car. They stopped on floor below.

“We’re going to have you rest for a little while boys. This floor is used by staff only, the guests can’t access it. We need to go and get more gear if we want to store you for transportation without your becoming liabilities.”

They had Sean hop in front, Marty being pushed behind. They weren’t going too far away. There was a large closet used to store towels, napkins and sheets. This gave the two kidnappers an opportunity to hogtie Sean in cotton, which was classier than hemp; with these two pulling the ropes, it happened to be almost as rough and strenuous. Sean was put in a kneeling hogtie; he was in front of the wheelchair, and they attached his harness to the legs, with his nose a couple inches from Marty’s crotch.

“I think his underwear was changed much longer ago than his socks,” Bill chortled. The two goons chuckled as they closed the door, before they locked it, adding one more obstacle on Sean’s road to freedom.

Sean was still wondering what was happening. Sniffing the manly smells from Marty’s crotch were some solace, but it seemed he’d fallen in some cuckoos’ nest and the situation was dire.

Mark and Paul had indeed fallen asleep on the luxurious sofa there was in this great party room. Ted and Bill were fast to work on finding a space for Sean. This had to be one their homophone employer would stumble upon. He never came into their quarters, so this could be a good place to hold him. They weren’t against giving the lad some extra care in the evenings, and having him at hand couldn’t hurt.

Just to make some impression on their new prisoner, they got one of the crates that gave full view and sound of the surroundings to the person kept captive inside, when the two-way mirror and the treacherous audio-system gave the occupant the impression he could be seen and heard.

It was early in the morning when they pushed it inside the laundry closet where Sean was still honoring Marty by kneeling in front of him. Marty saw his rescuer being sat in the crate.

One hour and a half later, Sean was in the crate that now sat in the entrance hall. He saw Paul and Mark, being escorted by Ted; the group walked down the stairs and passed two feet in front of him before they exited the manor. Five minutes later, Ted was back, standing in front of the crate.

“You’re on your own now, my fine fellow. Your friends really believe you had to go because of some family reason. Well, we’ll try to make sure you do feel like we’re family…”

The frightening man disappeared from view; the crate moved forward. Bill was taking Sean back to a hideout where he could discuss the boy’s fate with Ted undisturbed.

Zach wasn’t faring much better. He’d witnessed the party, wondering of Shaun had not spiked his guests’ drinks, considering how much they staggered and slurred their words rather early in the evening. One of them had left the room without anyone seeing him, and the others were drinking Shaun’s words and liquor until they’d collapsed slowly on the big couch in each other’s arms.

That’s when Shaun had come to take care of Zach’s crate. He’d felt the brake being released and the state-of-the-art roller bearing of the wheels made the motion smooth and silent. They’d gone through a hall and entered a long corridor. The walls were painted in shades ranging from orange to brown, with touches of yellow, which had to be the idea Shaun had of a Persian wall covering.

They entered a door on the right, the room lit up as Zach’s crate was pushed inside, revealing a large room with a huge screen at the back where the scene of Aladdin’s kidnapping was playing. He was rescued by the Genie, and then it went back to Aladdin being seized by the guards; the scene was on a loop. In front of him, Zach saw a coat rack with expensive silks in pasted colors. Shaun loved playing doll with him, so he was in for another clothes try-out.

He was right. Armed with leather cuffs, bits of chain and padlocks, Shaun took Zach out of the crate and restrained him tightly to prevent any rebellion. There was a quick and welcome bathroom break and he was then dressed up in the kinky Persian costume. There was a large mirror; it helped Shaun see what he was doing, and it enabled Zach to witness every step of his subjugation. The pants would have fallen below the knee in a more faithful tribute to the cartoon; for Shaun’s fantasy, they didn’t cover much of his thighs. They wrapped his bum tightly, though, and the sheen of the fabric enhanced any motion by displaying the soft curves it was covering.


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A Lad in Distress - Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 – In At the Deep End

A little sleeveless coat was added, and yellow slippers were put on Zach. It took longer than usual for Shaun to dress him up; though he hadn’t partied as hard as his guests, he still had been using various psychotropic substances that impaired his full functioning.

“I’ll give you a drink, my handsome prince, before I let you know of the great things we are to do together.”

So Zach’s gag was removed, and he gulped down over a quart of water. Then he got a full silk gag. A ball of silk was stuffed into his mouth before a scarf rolled into a thin sausage was used to pull the wadding inside his mouth between his teeth. Two more scarves were then cruelly knotted at the nape of Zach’s neck, a bandage going over his mouth and a wider one yet going from under his eyes to his Adam’s apple.

“You look very cute, my little Abooboo, nicely hobbled and gagged with precious silk. You’re in a position that allows you to listen to me closely, so let me clear some things up with you.”

Zach wasn’t sure what had to be cleared up. He had to be freed, so he would go back to Los Angeles where his future lay ahead of him. Music started playing; Shaun had hit a button on a remote control. Looking straight at Zach, he opened his mouth and started singing in a falsetto voice.

“Oh I come from a land, in a faraway place, where the cute little gagged boys moan, where you’re tied by suspense and the games are intense; it's erotic, but hey, it's home…”

Shaun had launched into his perverted take on the cartoon’s song again.

“Arabian nights, like Arabian days, more often than not, are boys bound so hot in a lot of good ways…”

Shaun smiled at Zach as the music faded away.

“You yet have to be bound in a lot of good ways, Zach. My construction crews are done, and I have the perfect set to have you star as Aladdin in an interesting take on the story I have in mind. You will become a star; enough with crappy amateur stuff when it comes to male bondage: the people want high production value, a plot and handsome models. That’s where you come in, my friend. You look even better than when we first met and you came to stay with us.”

This was quite a euphemism for being kidnapped. But Shaun seemed genuinely interested in seducing Zach with his words; it could be worth letting him finish.

“My little gagged boy doesn’t moan, hey?” Shaun said as he cupped Zach’s chin and lifted his face to look into his eyes. “You’ll have to, as you’re going to be the first star whose only lines are mmphs. Trust me; I have enough ideas to get the whole fiction work very well so your grunts make for compelling lines in the dialogues. Aladdin will be caught by the guards, possibly briefly kept prisoner in the women’s harem, as some people get their kick out of such devious stuff. And of course his encounter with Jafar. This will result in a lot of scenes to shoot, so it’ll take a while. I’ve had over fifteen costumes made for you. Look at this one.”

Zach looked in the mirror; the cut of the waistcoat and the shorts, since that’s what it looked like, was very finely done. His waist looked thin; his buttocks were greatly enhanced by the material and the tailoring. His cock was prominent too and couldn’t be missed. To his utter shame, Shaun’s cooing was also making Zach hard, as he’d developed some peculiar reactions to being handled with bondage over the days.

“You’ll be chained to pillars, trussed up to chairs, carried around on horseback, spread-eagled over racks, with peril upon peril reinforcing your fighting spirit. I hope you can keep up with my demands. If you do, not to worry, fame and fortune await you.”

Zach was puzzled by Shaun’s words.

“There’ll be lots of hard work before we manage to get such a result. For now, while I go to see that the surfer dudes are safe from any post-partying incident, I’ll let you start by studying this scene that I might have showed you before. Let me see…”

Shaun checked the chains linking his cuffed elbows, wrist, knees and ankles. He picked up a leather half-mask, one that didn’t have a plug. Its straps locked, though, and Shaun was putting the second padlock on when his phone rang.

“Hello? Yes Ted… Sure, I’ll come right away.”

He ended the call and put the phone in his breast pocket.

“Our guests have started leaving. I’ll go take care of my hosting duties. Have a good look at the scene, it’ll help you with your acting later on.”

Shaun was gone, leaving Zach standing in tight hobbles, firmly gagged and forced to watch the same scene repeat over and over on the screen. What if Shaun had actually ‘kidnapped’ him as part of an acting method? This was more or less what he’d been told; it made sense that for such a role, having been effectively kidnapped would make for a better performance later on.

He was replaying Shaun’s words, trying to get his mind off the endless kidnapping in Aladdin, who was rescued only to be grabbed again. Then, some detail burst into Zach’s mind. There had been no sound of a key turning into a lock as Shaun had walked out after receiving the phone call.

Zach hopped to the door, which had a mirror on it also. He did look great in the costume, though the bloomers –since it’s a bit what the finely crafted silk garment looked like– allowed his turgid cock to bounce in a rather obscene way as he played the bunny. Turning around, he went for the door knob; he turned it and the door opened effortlessly.

Zach was getting a bit more familiar with the building. He turned right, and his sense of orientation didn’t fail him: at the end, there was an unlocked door opening on a narrow spiral staircase. He’d been taken through there before. He climbed down cautiously and opened the first door at the floor below. It wasn’t locked either, but it yielded on the second floor. He kept going down and the door at the bottom of the stairs opened on the ground floor.

Was he making a mistake? Was Shaun really planning to make him a star? Who was Marty and did he have a role in this scheme? For now Zach’s resolve was to get out. After all, he would still be able to come back if it had been an elaborate plot to prepare him for a role.

Instead of heading towards the main entrance door, Zach veered to the right. It was a narrow passage with windows to his right; he could see outside, and the grounds were empty. A door was at the end of the corridor. It had no lock; it was a fire exit, so he pushed the bar keeping it latched and let himself out effortlessly.

He didn’t know much about the outside of the manor; he could see the big iron gate at the end of the path that gently went down slope. This one had to be locked. He headed in the opposite direction, to explore the fence or wall surrounding the estate; there had to be a spot where he’d be able to climb the wall.

His walking was slow, considering the five-inch steps he could take. He reached an iron fence after what seemed hours. He followed it; after what seemed like miles but had to be some hundreds of feet at the most, the fence turned into a stone wall that was ten feet high at the most. Zack got some hope as he saw pile of stones ahead. As he reached the spot, his prospects seemed even better. There was not only a breach in the wall, but the stones that had fallen made for a possible way to reach the top. It was a bit difficult to keep his balance with the thin slippers not really protecting his soles very hard. But he managed.

He jumped the five feet, landing on his feet and letting himself roll down on the high grass that was beneath. He rolled over so he could stand up again. No ankle sprained, no nose broken, this had gone well.

He went on; he had to keep close to the wall where there was a sort of path, whereas the moors to his left seemed difficult to walk through, with the juniper bushes and other thorny plants.

He soon reached the junction of the wall and the road outside the manor; from there he would have to walk until he found some help. He soon found a road that followed the manor’s outside walls over a few hundreds of yards. He turned at a junction, taking a road that was going away from the hellish place he’d just escaped.


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A Lad in Distress - Chapter 17 & 18

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It's been a while, so two chapters for this update. I'll try not to forget to post further episodes, there are ten or so more to go.

Chapter 17 – Encounter on the Moors

He walked for a solid half an hour. The moors were barren and deserted and he could hear the sound of the marine breeze only. He heard the sound of an engine behind.

He turned around; it was a large, red SUV. He had a brief doubt on hiding and trying to figure out who was coming; but he had grown weary and just hoped that rescue was at last at hand. As he stood on the side of the road, looking at the vehicle approaching, he had a blissful view of his return to a normal world, with a shower, a bed and a good meal, rid of these dreadful restraints and gags. He hoped his general appearance would be enough for his finder to take him somewhere where they could be removed at last.

The vehicle indicated right, slowed down and stopped. Its tinted windows hid the driver; the door opened and Zach blanched. Shaun smiled earnestly getting out of the car.

Zach turned and tried to flee. It was of course hopeless; his shuffling and his grunts didn’t prevent Shaun from calming catching up to him, embracing him from behind and hiss in his ear.

“My, Abooboo, it seems you’re a feisty little one; you’ve got to be glad that I want to make you a star, otherwise you would endure some major punishment.”

Shaun had straps in his hands, which he used to restrict Zach’s arms, pinning them against his body. He then tightened his legs’ hobbles and picked him up over his shoulder, patting Zach’s shorted bottom in the process.

“Let’s get you back on set, my lad. We’ve got work to do and we can’t let a capricious young star get in the way of a great feature film. Maybe some nice, classic and traditional rope work could be a good preparation to the scene I intend you to start with.”

Shaun opened the car door and delicately laid Zach on the passenger seat; the sitting position tightened the straps and hobbles that encircled him. Shaun fastened the seat belt; the click sounded like an indictment. Zach moaned, but the mass of silk so tightly packed inside his mouth made it a pitiful wail. Shaun got into the driver’s seat and the engine revved up, making it a matter of seconds to go over the distance Zach had walked.

“I’ll have you so hopelessly trussed up with simple cotton rope that you will be properly stimulated to play the scene with passion and talent. This will also allow me to have you understand how the scene is to be played. And Ted and Bill might get a kick out of it too.”

The gates opened when Shaun pushed on a remote control, and soon they were back in the garage where they had first arrived. Ted and Bill were waiting for him with the wheelchair and he was taken to the large room they’d seen decorated when he’d been crated along with Marty a few days before.

“Let Zach have some time in ropes; strict pole-tie for him, please. And if you have any idea for a taxing and muting gag, I’m all ears, my friends.”

Ted and Bill were swift and supple when they started performing a pole-tie, especially with the cute little bundle Zach was. They were a feast to watch, as they wrapped him in coils every couple inches. Shaun took pictures throughout the task his minions performed with such skill and ease.

Once Zach was tightly pulled against the thin pillar, the two goons started racking their brains on how to best gag Zach in style.

They agreed on leaving the current ball of silk in, and to merely remove the half-mask and mummify his head. The four hands flew around Zach’s head, weaving three different rolls at the same time, and imprisoning Zach’s head further with each turn. They finished by sticking a small piece of leather, a small sausage of fine calf hide filled with foam, that filled the space between the back of his head and the post. More gauze was produced to wrap around his mouth and the post, then over his forehead to fully immobilize his head.

“You look wonderful, Abooboo. I admire your feistiness and stamina. I hope you have some in store as the role you’ll have to play today is quite physical. I’ve decided for shooting the scenes in the order they are in in the cartoon. You will then be able to better feel what the character is supposed to. It requires a bit more work on the production side, but I’m willing to make this sacrifice provided I get a better result, with you being able to display more talent at being a good-looking prisoner. You will have to say your lines with much conviction. You will need to memorize them well, I’ll make sure you do!”

There was a quick exchange in voices too low for Zach to get what was being told; the glances he got could mean instructions were given to carry out his next ordeal. Ted and Bill went further inside the ‘cave’, behind Zach so he couldn’t see what they were up to. Shaun walked up to his prey, examining the bonds from up close, with a satisfied smirk plastered over his face.

“Well, my lad, our little feature is called A Lad in Distress. But I think I might keep on calling you Abooboo.”

To his great shame, after having been submitted to countless screenings of the cartoon Shaun was obsessed with, it had started getting its toll on the poor captive. This actually made him hard. Shaun’s hand now kneading his erect cock through the sheen fabric could definitely assess the excitement bondage provided the boy with.

“Especially if you like it,” he whispered. “But for some serious talk. You do remember the first scene in which Aladdin is seen; he’s stealing on the market and then he gets chased by guards. This makes for an interesting narrative canvas to start drawing the major themes of the film. Basically, the interest in your character is based on the fact he keeps falling from one perilous bondage situation to the next. In this scene, you will be shown having a chance to do your street rat trade, which is stealing gracefully and escape the guards and their various bondage contraptions.”

Zach knew he was in for a serious time with strict and rigorous bondage. Since Shaun had caught up with him on the road, he was rationalizing; he hoped that the promises of a real part in a real feature were true; it was certainly aimed at a niche market, but yet it would have decent production value and could trigger interesting events in his career.

“To make it a little more realistic, we’re going to work on the actual happening during rehearsals. The way you will perform the various trials that will be the various shots in a lively three-minute number will determine what we will shoot when the crew is here a couple weeks from now. So you will be performing with your hands bound behind your back. There will be objects to collect around the room, with limited time before the guards played by Ted and Bill intervene. The more you get caught, the longer and more numerous the punishments that will be filmed afterwards. This is some incentive for you to do your uttermost to be swift and flexible, and to display some fluidity in your moves. This is what I am visually after for this feature.”

Shaun went on about his aesthetic views of his bondage movie; He did it with some talent, though Zach realized this meant he would have to suffer some very stringent positions in the ‘punishment’ phase. He didn’t doubt Ted and Bill’s sadistic streak would show up then.

Shaun left his prisoner trussed up to his pole alone as he joined Ted and Bill behind the captive; there were more whispered discussions. He came back after what seemed an eternity to Zach who was starting to suffer from the inability to move any of his limbs.

“We’re almost ready, so Ted and Bill will come and prepare you soon. You need an appropriate costume. As the scene will play, I’ve thought of having some ironic set-up for the scene. There will be a song based on the musical number Aladdin sings as he’s chased through the market place. We’ll have you record it later on; it is meant as some stream of consciousness from your character for the audience. Of course, you will be restrained and gagged, but it’ll give some insight into what the street rat thinks, much as in the movie when he sings. I can do it for you while we wait.”

Chapter 18 – Back into the Villains’ Claws

Shaun stood four or five feet in front of Zach, put a hand over his hip, firmly planted over the floor. He cleared his throat and started singing in a low voice:

“Shoulda been
One jump ahead of the breadline
Now I’m, in the midst of thrill,
Trapped here, imprisoned against my will
It’s pretty hot though!
One jump ahead of the bound men
Too late, and as a joke
These guys train me to be housebroke…”

When he was finished at last, he clapped his hands; to tell the truth, as he started dancing with the rhythm, and with his voice more adapted to this song than the other one, this was an interesting show for Zach. Not having been punished, he was really starting to think this would end up being a fruitful experience. The song was rather witty; it meant there would be tons of tie-up for every shot, if Shaun intended to get the spirit of the cartoon in his own feature.

Ted and Bill joined them. Shaun snapped his fingers, no longer in cool cat jazz-singing style, but in total Jafar mode.

“Get him prepared. Make sure his pants show no crease and his little waistcoat enhances his hips and ass as it’s supposed to. I want it to look good.”

The two goons worked hard and fast, and fifteen minutes later Zach had been released from the pole; his hands were cuffed in thick leather manacles behind his back.

Ted and Bill were actually rather good at dressing him up, and it was a pleasure for them to adjust his tailor-made clothes so he would look as charming as possible. Cuffs at the elbows, knees and ankles were added once he was properly dressed up.

“This is going to be the shooting of the action needed for the scene. You might be allowed to start over the course; there may be different outcomes to the various situations you’re going to face, and it might be good to pick the proper ones once we’re at the editing bench. What it means for you is that the three trials will be played three or four times each. I expect you to do better with every new take. So here is your role: you will try to get the loaf of bread around the room. You have to climb over the ladder, jump to the thick carpet and then race through the forest of sticks over there and get back here. If you do well, the guards don’t get you in the end.”

Zach had no idea what ‘doing well’ implied, or what escaping the guards earned him. There were cameras and he was to perform anyway, so he kept ready to start performing. Zach went over the course once more, showing him where he was to go throughout. The ladder could be climbed with his hands behind his back, it wasn’t too steep; the jump was reasonable and the mattress underneath thick and soft enough to break his fall, but he’d have to be cat-like if he wanted to avoid an injury.

The forest of sticks demanded some twisting, since it consisted in thin metal tubes running from floor to ceiling and spaces of a few inches. It was meant a bit as a maze, with several of the paths leading to groups of sticks which couldn’t be slid through. Zach watched carefully where Shaun was stepping since he seemed to know his way around. He was a bit far, though, and he wasn’t too sure he’d spotted the exact places needed.

“So, that’s all you’ve got to do so far, Abooboo. Put your heart into it. There are several takes, remember, so try your best every time, this will certainly give better final results. Let’s get ready, Bill.”

Shaun and Bill both put on harnesses that held the camera rig that made for a stable picture. There were light digital cameras mounted on them. Bill had practiced quite a bit during long afternoons with Marty, and Shaun’s guidelines and instructions were precise and meaningful, so the man had no trouble obtaining good results. The equipment being top notch also helped.

“Here is your loaf of bread,” Zach said, putting a large piece of rye bread in Zach’s right hand, “We’ll follow you closely for the first run. You have to pretend we’re not there, Prince Abooboo. Ready? Steady? Go!”

Zach stumbled forward. Having his limbs restrained no longer caused him as much clumsiness as the first times he had to walk around. His natural athletic abilities helped a lot for this sort of exercise. He looked forward, oblivious of the two men recording his performance on camera. They were only a few feet away, with Shaun one step ahead of him, shooting a three-quarter view of his torso and head. Bill was close behind Zach, focusing on his round buttocks rolling under the gleaming fabric of the kinky shorts.

The motion of the said buns got really interesting on the small screen Bill watched when Zach started climbing the ladder. The length of his hobbles barely allowed for it. But Zach made efforts, and the contortions he had to perform reflected in the reflections over his silk-clad booty.

The jump was uneventful. Shaun thanked fate for Zach not being a coward and not having any issue jumping confidently and landing over his feet before rolling into a ball over the rubber foam mattress. Bill was at a perfect angle to shoot Zach unfolding and getting to the side and standing up.

The forest of sticks was another cause of joy for Bill and Shaun. There were grunts from Zach’s efforts to go through the maze. He had to bring his hands as close as he could and make himself as thin as he could as some of the possible ways still required to get through the obstacles a bit forcefully. There was hence even more squirming and writhing, which enhanced the body and the wonderful way it was dressed.

Zach had to change course many times; it had taken Shaun barely two minutes to go through, but Zach was in the maze a solid half an hour. But he had identified some course and he was sure he would do better the second time.

There had been silence all through the shooting; as the young actor stepped across the finish line, the take was over and Shaun could speak again.

“Well done, Abooboo, though I doubt we can use the last part of this scene, as you seem much too hesitant. I’m confident you will do better in the next takes. Let’s all get in position for take number two.”

No time for a break, then. Zach wasn’t exactly exhausted though he felt sweaty and hot from remaining active. He staggered anew when prompted to do so. He did much better this time. He found a way to twist his way through the ladder, his jump was actually done boldly and it took only ten minutes to go through the forest of sticks.

This time, a short break was decided. Ted was waiting in the shadows and he had a towel and some wipes to clean up Zach a bit. He vented him with a small fan so he would be dry for the next take. This left Shaun and Bill time to discuss what new angles they would try to explore next. They were soon all ready to start over.

“You’ve got to try to look more graceful for the next take, Zach. Your moves could be even more fluid, which will make for an amazing scene.”

Zach’s ego was raised a bit by the semi-praise and as he stumbled forward, he focused on his gait. Bill was witness to it, as this made for an amazing show from behind. He wasn’t right behind this time, and the curve of the buttocks could be better seen cutting over the light background of the set.

He still did well with the climbing, the jump and this time he went through the forest of sticks without an actual mistake, so it took less than two minutes to go through.

Zach was quite pleased with himself. This had to be quite a performance. He crossed the finish line proudly.

“Not bad, not bad at all,” Shaun said. “Overall there has been some serious acting for this scene. You won’t be caned. We may move on to the next scene right away, the one where the guards catch poor little Abooboo and gag him with his loaf of bread.”

“Mmmph?!” This was no reward! Zach was appalled.

“Well, yes, we can’t dawdle and procrastinate, Zach. Shooting a movie is hard work. You should know, and if you really want to be an actor, you’d better start getting used to toiling. See the bright side too: the change in gags allows for giving you something to drink.”

Shaun was more amiable than ever. It was strange. He kept his interest in bondage yet he called Zach by his name; his demeanor was almost ‘normal’. Zack was deep in thought about how to react when Ted approached him.

“We’re playing the next scene together; I’m supposed to punish you with the fruit of your sin,” he said, grabbing the piece of bread from Zach’s hand. “I’ll be nice and make sure you don’t starve first.”


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A Lad in Distress - Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 – On the Market Square

While the cameramen had a private discussion on how best to film the gagging scene, Ted did what he’d told. Zach didn’t say a thing when his gag was removed; he knew the drill in the house, and however nice the men could seem, he had enough experience to know that it could certainly revert to full sensory deprivation with just one word uttered.

Zach got some energy drink, a cereal bar and water to finish with. Ted practiced his handgag and posed for Bill who was looking at the best angle for his camera to achieve what they’d planned for with Shaun. This gave Ted the opportunity to rub himself against Zach’s bum, which was something he relished.

“Try to call out, Zach; I’m sure Bill needs to set the volume of his microphone properly.”

Zach complied.

“Mmmph. Mmmbllmm…”

“It seems everything is in order. You remember your lines, Ted?”

“Yup. Ready whenever you want.”

“OK, then. Bill?”

“Rolling, then.”

This was the start of the scene; Ted took his time, keeping his firm grasp over Zach, spreading his hand wide so it would cover the captive’s lower face. Some extra pressure got him to open his eyes wide, just as expected.

“So, street rat, you managed to escape all the traps, but there’s always a clever guard, a smarter one to thwart the plans of fiendish little thugs like you.”

He pinched Zach’s arm he was holding on to; this was the prompt for Zach’s line.


“I hear you’re not too docile. I have ways to keep you silent. Your gag was nice, but I have something in mind that will get you to regret stealing on the market.”

He grabbed a large piece of muslin. Ted used both hands to cram it inside Zach’s mouth, having whispered into his ear to open it wide. He put the middle first and lined Zach’s mouth with the thin fabric. Then he took the piece of bread and forced it into Zach’s mouth. It took a while, and some gurgling could be heard from Zach. Ted was acting rough, as the ruthless guard he was supposed to be. The big wedge of bread kept the young man’s jaws wide open; Ted, kneaded and prodded to ensure the bread would fill in the mouth well. The muslin would make it much more difficult to swallow the dough that would result from the compression and saliva.

“You like bread? Well, you’ll have it as your torture for a while.”

Ted could finish the scene with the imposition of the lower face mask. It was a different one, a bit thicker; the chin-piece was reinforced with some cast made of Zach’s jaw sewn inside the mask. Once fastened tight, no speech was possible anymore.

And tight it was; Ted took his time tightening the three buckles that allowed for pulling the leather and the cast close to Zach’s chin, trapping the mass of already soggy bread inside his gob. The muslin kept most of it together. And now his jaws were welded with each other.

Shaun came up close to check on Zach’s costume, and this latest gag. He could only admire Ted’s care and willingness to do well with the accessories he was given.

“This is the cutest look, my sweet little one. We should have a few shots of you standing and twisting in your bonds in despair. Can you do this for me?”

Shaun’s pleasant smile bore witness to his willingness to get good pictures and adequate acting.

“You might think that you can’t make a difference with your performance, Abooboo, but this isn’t the case. I’ll say so far no one has been able to play the scene as well as you did. So you will give me your best for this scene. I want several shots so I can cut up bits and pieces and make it look like it’s a very long humiliating penance, with the street rat taunted and mocked while not being able to use his wits to reply. You’ll have to act the part real well, as if there was a whole crowd mocking you when I give you the lines they’re supposed to shout to you.”

Zach was left standing in front of the wall. His arms were kept tightly behind his back with cuffs; Shaun frowned.

“Wouldn’t ropes give a better look?”

There was a smile from Ted and Bill, who were always eager to weave some cotton around a cute little body like Zach’s. They fetched the coils and performed flawlessly; the rope harness, the crotch rope, the way his limbs were truly secured within the net of carefully knotted cords: their eagerness to top their game never dulled out.

Some writhing and twisting were possible, and the shooting began. The scene had a few hecklers insult Aladdin, and Shaun repeated the same phrases over and over. Once he’d yelled ‘cut!’ he went to Zach and explained him how to better act the scene. This went on for what seemed like centuries to Zach.

“Not showing off anymore, you thief!”

“You’re at loss for words now the law caught up with you!”

Ted and Bill filmed relentlessly too, occasionally joining Shaun in turns to play a more realistic crowd. The trio acted to have male and female characters of all ages taunting the poor pilloried thief. After about ninety minutes they had numerous shots that would prove worthwhile.

“Very good, boys. I think we might educate our young performer a bit. Let’s see some examples that might show you what areas you have to improve in your acting… I’ve had some decent performers and really crappy ones but I intend to turn you into the best one.”

Shaun had grabbed a tablet which he used to control the big screen on the wall at Zach’s right. He displayed folders called ‘try outs’ and launched a video in it.

Zach watched intently. There was another boy wearing some Aladdin costume, shackled and heavily gagged, attempting the same trial he’d just been submitted to for this market place scene. The set was not as lush as the one they had now, but the costume was almost as good; the waistcoat was tight and similar to the one Zach wore. The pants were even tighter than the ones he wore, hugging his groin and butt in quite an explicit manner. This was one sexy young man; being a strawberry blonde didn’t make him a very convincing Aladdin, though.

When the one minute and a half scene ended, Shaun launched another one. Zach identified Marty, who was much clumsier than he was. In total, Shaun showed five different young men playing the same part; they all shared some similar build and costume; yet they had distinct facial features, and they ranged in age from quite young, probably not even of legal age to men in their early thirties.

“They are all fine-looking fellows, yet you have something more; some special charm, or I’d say poise. A little rope and a gag and you display the best work that may be expected from an actor playing the lad in distress part. I can help you develop this talent of yours. You may have heard of the Method, with actors preparing for roles by immersing into the characters’ world. This is something that we could apply to your preparation.”

“We’d be most willing to help out too, if this may help the lad improve. We always volunteer when some rope work is needed by a boy we’re caring for.”

Zach saw the lecherous smirk over Ted’s lips. He knew only too well how these two never got tired of binding and gagging him.

“Thanks a lot, Ted. I think that actually, for the next scene, we should have Zach rehearse and get into character with such a method.”

“What does this next scene entail?” Bill asked.

“The next scene to shoot is when Aladdin is kept for days inside a dungeon. Maybe if he got to experience the solitary confines of such a room, he would be more credible when asked to wriggle in his chains, don’t you think?”

“You’re the director, so I’ll trust you on this. If keeping him tightly restrained in the dungeon makes for a better movie, I’m all for it!”

And hence Zack was freed from his ropes prison, only to be shackled again. They blindfolded him before they marched him outside and down one of the staircases. Zach was none the wiser as to where they went, but he wasn’t eager to find out. He was being punished for having done a good job; his sense of fairness was hurt. They entered a room that felt a bit cooler than the one they came from. His blindfold was removed; Shaun had kept silent, even having Zach wonder if he wasn’t just with Ted and Bill, but apparently he was still supervising the move.

“The stone pillar would be a good way to start. He can stay standing strapped to it for a day with minimal care. I’d say use leather straps, and buckles and padlocks; the bondage needs to be totally inescapable without some sort of hidden tool, Houdini-style. But we don’t want you to play an escape artist, but a long-term prisoner.”

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A Lad in Distress - Chapter 20

Postby Bondwriter » Sun Aug 14, 2016 4:24 am

Chapter 20 – When the Cat’s Away

Ted and Bill had gotten straps and padlocks from a chest; their motions were swift and their touch was heavier-handed than usually. The cuffs were placed over his limbs before the ropes were removed. D-rings were padlocked straight away; then they maneuvered to pull him against the marble pillar; it was five or six inches in diameter and it felt a bit cold through Zach’s clothing. The strapping and locking went faster than rope weaving; it didn’t take five minutes to fasten Zach securely against the post. He stood, his limbs and torso glued to the marble by the high level of pressure the leather caused.

“Very good subjugation of your captive, my friends. Now Zach, we’re going to leave you for a while. Just try to channel the feelings of frustration your situation causes. These are the emotions you will have to display in the next scene. It may only be beneficial that you experiment for yourself what it feels like to be left in a dungeon for an indefinite length of time.”

The goons gathered the remaining equipment they hadn’t used. Once they had picked up everything, Shaun led the way. He switched the light off as they exited.

“We’ll be back some time from now. Don’t worry, we’re in no rush and I intend to give you plenty of time to get this feeling of despair sink in!”

The door was slammed shut and the ratcheting of the key inside the lock resounded briefly, being soon replaced by complete silence.

The straps were taut and any attempt at motion turned out to be useless. Zach tried to escape by having pleasant thoughts. There was no stimulation, no Aladdin scene playing over and over, and Zach was able to let his mind wander around. He thought of the peaceful family house, and the warmth of being with his loved ones. His mind then took him to Scott’s apartment; he relished the idea of cuddling with him under the quilt.

He woke up with Bill removing his lower face mask, and the light on. He was fed and watered without a word. Bill replaced the disgusting block of dough he’d had in his mouth for hours with stained briefs once Zach had swallowed everything he was offered. The distinct taste, or possibly the smell before it was crammed into his mouth let him know what it was covered with.

“I did cum in these, my friend, so think of it as your dessert.”

His lips were taped before the mask was strapped back on.

“We’ll be back for you, don’t worry.”

He was left in the dark silence again.

There were two more visits from Bill, within long hours from each other. Zach was even offered a urinal to relieve his bladder while remaining strapped to the marble pillar. The third time, Bill came with his accomplices. Shaun was his usual cheerful self. He had his goons change Zach’s position; he had him chained against the pillar with his hands above his head.

He rejoiced when seeing how much Zach was fighting the guards. The muffled protests were still the finest music Shaun could hear, and witnessing Ted and Bill’s display of force to prevent any strong reaction from their captive was a lovely show in itself.

“Mmmmmph! Bmmm!”

“Calm down, Abooboo. We’re being particularly kind with you, and that’s your way of thanking us?”

Zach felt some despair sinking in as Shaun’s smirk indicated the boy would be kept prisoner as long as he felt like it, which could be forever.

Ted and Bill got the poor captive shackles around his ankles and wrists, and they locked a large stainless steel belt tight around his thin waist, to pull him against the pillar. There were only three points to anchor his body to the pole, but their sturdiness made it as deviously imprisoning as the previous manner.

His captors left him to his thoughts again. Zach managed to get his mind wander again.

He heard the key turn inside the lock. The light being switched on blinded him, but he recognized the voices. Ted and Bill were the ones checking on him this time. He grunted in his gag.

“Hush,” Ted said lifting his index finger in front of his mouth, “Don’t disturb the peace of our humble abode. We’ve come to get you out for a few hours. You need a break and this is taking place now.”

The tedious work of releasing from the pillar to get him in fetters so he would be able to walk was performed quickly and flawlessly. Zach wondered how this fit in his acting training; he was grateful for some action anyway. Bill blindfolded him eventually.

“Let’s get moving, my lad, there are things to be done; I hope you won’t mind being a bit more active as we have some fun games planned for you.”

After being dragged by his captors upstairs, his blindfold was removed. They were in the room he’d first stayed in. But there were two tables overflowing with bondage gear and clothing. Zach didn’t have to wait for long to hear what the scoundrels’ intentions were.

“I say, Abooboo, it’s a shame to let you all locked up when we have time on our hands ourselves. Shaun is gone for the day, so we thought we might let you in on our little secret,” Ted winked saying this, “because I’m sure you’ll be proud we chose you for our project. Bill and I have our own website; we make and sell bondage videos. It’s not an easy market, but if you’ve got a refined product, you can easily attract a high-range clientele.”

Zach knew from the equipment in sight that he was to become the refined product. The gag prevented his sigh from being heard by Ted and Bill.

“I’d say you’re in for a little photo shoot. We need to try out your commercial potential and make some samples that may be passed around to some of our finest customers. We’re always eager to hear from them on the lads we imprison. Bill and I are going to get you in some outfits and positions that are a little less Aladdiny than those Shaun has had you wear over the last few days. Though for our first tryout we’re going to keep you clothed. Maybe later on we’ll go for some nudity, but this requires yet different lighting and, to tell the truth, I love boys wearing sexy undies or shorts. You have the loveliest bum, Zach, and it would be a shame not to put it on display and get others to enjoy it.”

Hence Zach was first handled carefully to be put into a simple pair of navy blue shorts. The nylon was soft and wrapped Zach’s crotch tightly, yet it didn’t compress him too much and hugged his round shapes fondly. They worked so he ended up with his hands cuffed behind his back again, his ankles still wrapped into cuffs and hobbled with a short chain.

Ted then took pictures from all angles. After a while, he voiced his concern.

“This is fine, but we should really get a nice gagging sequence, this would make it much better for the whole shoot. What do you think, Bill?”

“Yes, the half-mask looks great but we could do for some different technique that would be more in line with our young friend’s athletic wear. I’m sure a pleasant sock and jock strap gagging will make for a wonderful display. Maybe we could even shoot a video of it, rather than just taking still pictures?”

“Fine with me, my dear friend.”

The fiends got busy; there were bags and cases throughout the room, filled to the brim with lots of bondage equipment; Ted and Bill started picking items here and there. They kept on chatting, eliciting grunts from Zach.

“I’ll say, Bill, we might use this time we set up the scene to enlighten our guest a little bit as to our experience with gags. Do you want to tell him why we came up with this as a requirement when we decided to grab a prisoner?”

“You’re thinking of this time we ended up in detention the first time we grabbed a boy in a lower grade and he squealed like a pig? This was most unfortunate indeed. We were behind the bike shed, and this kid had refused to give us his lunch money so we retaliated by binding him in a tight hogtie; then once we’d subdued and knotted him good we tickle tortured him. We were not too clever as youngsters, I guess, and we couldn’t imagine the kid could be heard since we couldn’t be seen. Sadly enough, the kid made enough noise that the principal heard him as he walked to his car to leave. We got in major trouble and were put in detention for two weeks every evening after class.”

Ted smiled at his friend’s recollection of their past feats. He looked at Zach.


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A Lad in Distress - Chapter 21

Postby Bondwriter » Sat Sep 03, 2016 11:05 pm

For all of you who were eagerly waiting for the continuation, here it is!

Chapter 21 – Modelling on the Side

“You’d better believe we didn’t make the mistake twice. We let things cool down for a few weeks and then we planned the little blighter’s kidnapping. His attitude when we’d been caught earned him this. He’d whined about how mean we were and did ask explicitly and to our face that we’d be punished as harshly as possible. So the next time we grabbed him, we made sure we wouldn’t be found. And one major factor not to get caught was not being heard, nor seen. So it was in the privacy of the locker room that we next pounced on the boy. And the massive sock we crammed inside his mouth, plus the turns of athletic tape to keep it trapped inside his gob made it much quieter this time.”

“Yes, we kept him all night long, and only released him then next morning when we were promised he wouldn’t snitch on us. We had been convincing, for we never heard about this evening of fun from the authorities.”

“As for the kid, William, he became one of our friends as it turned out the little blighter actually liked being kept bound and gagged!”

Zach wondered how much of their stories were true. Nevertheless, they seemed sincerely eager to rekindle the flame of their childhood games. There were rolls of tape, socks, scarves, jock straps at hand; no doubt that once the camera would be set, which Bill was now doing, the festival would start.

“So Ted, shall we give it a try?”

The little red light of the camera was on and Ted joined his friend. They framed Zach; Ted started by removing the lower face mask; Bill’s hand was in ambush and caught the saliva-soaked undies that had been in his mouth for a while now. Zach acted as expected, like he was on cue. As soon as his mouth was free, he moaned a plea.

“Please, don’t torture me any further, no gag, please, I can’t tmmmmppph…”

Bill had set the pair of underwear aside; he clamped his hand over Zach’s lower face.

“I think you’re being delusional if you think we let you speak long enough to boss us around in such an unpleasant manner. It’s like you don’t listen to what we tell you. Ted, jock or sock first?”

“Good question; I’d say let’s go for both, if only to punish the twerp for his useless whine.”

He carefully folded a jock strap, the pouch of which wasn’t white at all, and a long athletic sock; he was making a neat bundle of it. The two pieces of clothing were two feet away from Zach, but he could discern how strongly they smelled from where he was. Ted smiled at him as he got the bundle nearer slowly.

“Ready, Ted, three, two, one…”

As he finished the countdown, Bill removed his hand from the lips, but grabbed Zach’s chin and forced his mouth open. There was a gasp and an attempt at a scream, but the bundled dirty textile slid inside his mouth and dampened the sounds coming from his throat.


“Ha! Ha! Enjoy what I’m kind enough to let you suck on. Now let’s make sure you get to chew on it for a while.”

Bill renewed the handgag as Ted picked up a large roll of tape. The lower face was stuck soon inside a crisscross of white athletic tape.

“A fine bit of taping always spruces up a gag.”

“Mmmph! Grmmbllm!”

Zach could no longer endure the same remarks and taunts as they were repeated over and over. If he were gagged, then he’d better make the most of it and insult his captors copiously. This didn’t bring much relief or any empathy; they laughed.

“This one is cute, Ted. Look how furious his eyes look. If looks could kill…”

“They can’t, though. And if I’m correct, he’s telling us some rather nasty stuff. Let’s go for stage two. The rubber swim-cap and the head mummification.”

Zach had experimented this dreadful way of being gagged numerous times, but he still felt his stomach churn at the prospect, knowing from his tormentors’ looks that they would make it tight. He could only be grateful of Ted’s care in putting the swim-cap over his head, making sure he was reasonably comfortable, with his hair well tucked under and his ears kept flat.

“Now we’ve protected your hair, let the fun begin!”

Both goons worked together with a roll each, laying them in turns. Ted went vertically and Bill horizontally. Each further turn made the pressure a bit higher and Zach felt his head severely constricted.

“Mmmph! Grmmbmmph!”

He protested almost unconsciously.

“You’re welcome, Zach. This is a pleasure to handle you this way. This enhances your lovely eyes, you know?”


This was a mph of defeat. His evil captors had long proved their ruthlessness. He had to endure. The following photo session was another occasion for the duo to display their complicit ways.

“I must say, with all these years of practice, and the need for gags being mostly to silence our targets, I’m really growing fond of how it makes a fellow look.”

“This is lovely for sure; I feel the same; there’s also the kick I get out of hearing young Zach try to speak or shout despite the heavy gagging we submit him to. You see, lad, you’re quite special in this manner!”

The mere fact of being addressed triggered an angry reaction from Zach, who was unable to calm down and grew more and more agitated as he kept being the helpless victim of the two friends.

“Mmmmph! Mmmrblrph!”

This brought more cheerful laughs.

“How precious he is! I’m sure we’re going to get Zach lots of fans over the website. What should we have him specialize in?”

“We stated we wouldn’t limit ourselves to one specific genre or kink, so there’s going to be a variety of things to have him do. I wouldn’t mind having the website members give their opinion on what to do. We could always start a survey.”

“I think we can start with Zach being a kidnapped athlete. Like the champion of the swimming team?”

“Brilliant. This boy looks great in Speedos, so this is a good way to display his assets.”

Ted’s pun got Bill chuckling.

“He does have a fine pair of buttocks. And the front looks good too. We still have plenty of time before Shaun gets back and we need to go again into some Aladdin nonsense. Let’s make the most of it for now. What about a little Speedos tryout, then? There are quite a few in the suitcase, so we could have Zach’s bum as a fine model.”

And on it went. The two men behaved like kids playing with a doll. Zach saw the gorgeous swimwear they had; there were several brands, despite the name they used, but all of the garments were made of the finest and most shimmering Lycra. They hugged him tight too, and were his size, mostly.

“Don’t you think his ass looked better in the orange pair?”

“Sure, but the pouch of the black ones makes for a more appetizing cock.”

“True. Well, it’s good to know so we may use them in different settings.”

There had been only vague talk about the scenario, but keeping busy around the comely shapes of their bound and gagged captive did get their imagination flowing.

“The poor swim team champion is kidnapped by henchmen paid for by his competitors who want him well stored away while the final round of the championship is being run. This is a three-day meet, so the men are instructed to keep him safe for all this time. Of course they love their job and see to his every moment in their custody.”

Ted hissed his devious tale in Zach’s ear. He relished the look of his well gagged charge.

“And the little swimmer turns out to be quite a bondage lover.”

Ted’s hand caressed Zach’s chest and went down south to caress his Lycra-clad cock. To Zach’s utter shame, his cock was growing hard and twitched enthusiastically under the soft rubbing of Ted’s fingertips. He was betrayed by his manhood. He read satisfaction over his minder’s face.

“And I don’t think it’s going to be difficult for you to play the part.”

Throughout the session, the men changed the camera and actually started the scene. They were good at ad-libbing, and they talked about various things, just for the sake of eliciting indignant protests from the young actor, who was maybe a bit over the top when it came to trying out his gag’s effectiveness.

They used Speedos to wrap his arms; they added socks or slid a jock strap over his head, its pouch firmly staying over his nose. It was no prop, as it had gathered numerous shots of semen from both Ted and Bill, who’d worn it a bit too. It smelled heavily of their now familiar musky smells.

“You like sniffing the scent of studs like us so much, little one. We’re not going to be shy and we’ll share our smelly garments with you. I think I’d even feel like removing your gag temporarily so you may even get a taste of our manhoods.”

“This would be welcome, Ted! I could do with a blowjob.”


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Re: A Lad in Distress - Chapters 1 - 21 -- PG16 -- Updated September 4th

Postby Veracity » Sun Nov 20, 2016 11:54 pm

I hope we will see more of this excellent story sometime.

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Re: A Lad in Distress - Chapters 1 - 21 -- PG16 -- Updated September 4th

Postby Veracity » Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:03 pm

I see that it has been well over a year since this story was last updated. Makes me sad.

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Re: A Lad in Distress - Chapters 1 - 21 -- PG16 -- Updated September 4th

Postby bondagefreak » Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:38 pm

Sigh, I have to try to get into this story. I've read bits of it here and there and really like what I'm reading.
Bondwriter writes really well and I also tend to like his material a lot too.

But then I'm not surprised more chapters haven't been posted.
There are simply too few reviews.

I'm not trying to be negative in my criticism, but there is no way a story like this will ever work here.
On a story site, yes, but not on a forum and not here.

@ Bondwriter
Your material is pretty much in line with what most of the gay/bi guys on here like to read.
But the huge opening post (5 chapters long) is WAY too big to attract a large audience. It's an instant loss as far as reaching the target audience goes. You can get away with posting long chapters once you have the readers hooked. But starting off with a huge first post is an immediate turn off for a large portion of the readership.

I will not pretend to be all-knowing, but I do have quite a bit of experience reaching the audience and getting them involved.
Your material definitely HAS the potential. Your writing is excellent and the dialogue is sharp.
It's actually just the opening post here that stumped this story's potential. Of this, I am certain.
A large portion (but not all) of the readers are looking for shorter chapters which they can fit into 5-10 minutes of reading.
By having shorter chapters, you also end up getting more comments and feedback about different scenes.

I'm sure if you re-posted this in shorter updates, you'd get a larger following and a more vocal one as well.

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Re: A Lad in Distress - Chapters 1 - 21 -- PG16 -- Updated September 4th

Postby Veracity » Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:59 pm

Not sure that I agree with your basic premise that people only want stories in tiny pieces. Not the case for me'- I find stories that are posted in small nuggets to be very frustrating, and will often put off reading them until there enough installments to make it worth my while.

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Re: A Lad in Distress - Chapters 1 - 21 -- PG16 -- Updated September 4th

Postby bondagefreak » Tue Oct 17, 2017 10:16 pm

Veracity wrote:Not sure that I agree with your basic premise that people only want stories in tiny pieces. Not the case for me'- I find stories that are posted in small nuggets to be very frustrating, and will often put off reading them until there enough installments to make it worth my while.

Of course you don't agree.
That's why you're one of the readers that's been faithfully following Bondwriter, xtc and JasonToddman for many years.
You don't fit into the same category as most other readers on this site.

And nowhere did I write that people here are looking for chapters written and posted in "tiny pieces."
There is a balance to be had.

Over the years, we've had polls and topics about preferred chapter lengths and quite frankly, the numbers speak for themselves.

This is not an attempt to discredit anyone.
In fact this has nothing to do with the authors or their work.
It's merely an observation that most readers on this site seem to be put off by large, descriptive, long-winded opening chapters.
I'm not just saying this for the sake of increasing my post count.
I actually do think that several of the concerned authors could widen their audiences by posting shorter opening chapters.

Long updates work once you have the readers hooked, but IMHO, if you don't manage to get the reader hooked in the first few minutes, then chances are it won't work out on this forum.

Again, this doesn't apply to everyone, but it does apply to a large portion of the readership.

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