Finally he was captured

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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Fri Jan 16, 2015 6:52 pm

Riley woke me up really early the next morning which I didn't appreciate.

"Hey get up and dressed I have something to show you" he said. It was about five in the morning and I tried just rolling over ignoring him but he pulled me off the bed by my arm and I landed with a loud thud on the floor. I finally got up and pulled on a pair of black nike soccer pants and a grey sweatshirt. Then I went for my shoes.

"You won't need those" Riley said stopping me. He wasn't wearing shoes or socks himself. Instead of one of his slick suits he was just wearing baggy sweats and a red t-shirt.

"What's so important this early in the morning?" I asked tired.

He went over to the curtains and opened them. I was shocked by what I saw. We were in the back of the hotel and when he opened the curtains the most beautiful red and orange sun rise streamed through. What really suprised me though was that we were right next to the ocean, feet away from the beach. I hadn't seen it last night because It was so dark.

"Oh my god no way!" My inner teenager expelling. He smiled back at me.

"Come on lets go on a run" he said. I couldn't object to that it was gorgeous outside. We jogged on the beach for a few miles in silence. I didn't have anything to say neither did he but it did feel good just having a bit of freedom running on the beach. Finally we got tired though and decided to turn back. We were just walking slowly cooling down.

"What's the plan for today?" I asked

"Not much, we came a day early so you guys can relax for a day before the meet" he replied

"Can I see Drue?" I asked nervously

"Yeah, I need him and you to acctually practice for the team relay in acouple days. One of the boys on their team sprained his ankle and needs to sit out. If you practice to my standards you can have some free time afterwards" he said

"Riley they've been training all year for that I'm not a great sprinter" I argued

"Your the best replacement we have I'm sorry it's last second but these team races are what earn us the most points so it's imperative that we win them, don't fret it you'll be fine" he said calmly so I shutup and followed him back slowly to the resort.

The rest of the day went really smoothly Drue, Riley and I practiced on the beach for an hour or two on how to pass the metal rod correctly and did a quick workout on the beach then Riley released us to go swimming and mess around for the rest of the afternoon. He warned us to not betray his trust and not to get hurt looking at me specifically which we both agreed. There were still a lot of guards wandering around so we were being watched pretty closely. We had a great time though swimming at the pool and in the ocean all the other boys were enjoying themselves as well. And finally some pictures :)
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Mon Jan 19, 2015 10:37 pm

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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Tue Jan 20, 2015 12:00 am

It was around 7 when we were all ordered back to our rooms, Riley came and got me personally. When we got back to the room I took a shower and Riley and I went over how the next couple of days would go.

"Tomorrow is the distance and cross country races. You are in a cross country one with Drue. 4 miles. I... What the hell are you doing?" He asked when he looked up from his computer at me. I was laying upside down on the bottom of the bed arms over my head leaning halfway off the bed.

"I dunno haha" I said

"Stop messing around" he said and took my feet pushing me off the bed.

"As I was saying, it's through the woods just keep up with Drue and follow him. There's markers but it can be confusing. The end is about a quarter mile straight shot out of the woods, that's where you need to speed up and sprint the rest of the way. Drue WILL come in first and I expect you to make top three. Do you understand?"

"Yeah" I said.

"Alright good, let's get some dinner and get to bed, tomorrow's a big day." He said

The next day came sooner than I thought. Before I knew it Riley was waking me up telling me to get ready. I found the familiar navy blue running shorts in my bag and grey shirt. I slipped them on and waited on Riley to be ready. There was a knock on our door, it was Drue.

"Come in, and go sit on the bed" I heard Riley say I didn't really know what was going on.

Riley unrapped some medical tape and wraps and started wrapping them around one of drue's ankles.

"Are you okay?!" I asked concerned

"Yeah I'm great! It just helps to keep me from rolling it" Drue lied.

"Alright I think your good, let's get a move on" Riley said after finishing it. The meet was about 30 minutes away Drue, Riley and I all went in his car the rest in the bus. When we got there I was amazed it was packed! Huge track and tons of people. Boys from different teams everywhere. Drue jumped out when we got there I stayed back tho

"You good?" Riley said looking over at me in the passenger seat.

"Riley I don't really know how to ask this but who are all these kids? I feel a bit weird in our situation"

"Trust me you won't feel weird, now common get out" he said.

Riley was right though apparently these were all other kids from other boys prison camps/institutions. Mostly every single one was either handcuffed to a teammate or to a bench or had Ankle moniters/trackers. It was a lot to take in, bright sunny day, about 15 other teams, boys of all ages. Riley took Drue and I down to grassy part in the middle of the track to stretch and limber up. I was enjoying myself, Riley was acting really relaxed which helped me relax a bit. I'd never been to a track meet and was overwhelmed. He was just leading us through some basic stretches.

"Oh great" I heard Drue say under his breath and I looked up. A short man maybe only 5'4 was leading over 3 boys on leashes. They were all dressed in black uniforms. Two of the boys looked to be drue's age and one mine. The two were smaller like Drue but the third was larger incredibly muscular and stood about 6'2.

"Is that my replacement?" The tall boy clearly asked Riley laughing when they were standing in front of us. Riley got up from the ground and loomed over the man and even the boy just staring at them. The boy said some other insulting things causing me to try and rise up to Riley's defense but Drue put his arm in front of my chest telling silently to let Riley deal with it.

"I see you can't even control your boys Riley" the man said

Riley reached over to the boy though and just squeezed his shoulder/collar bone area completely dropping the kid to the ground. "I can still control yours though" he said and walked away calmly

"This isn't over" the man yelled at Riley who just ignored him.

We got up and ran after Riley, Drue started bursting out laughing though which confussed me.

"What the hell was that?" I asked

"That was Brandon Kelly he used to train with us until Riley sold him to Mr. Cruz who you just met. He was never really good but I'm sure Cruz just beat the shit out of him until he was haha or just pumped him full of drugs which Riley refuses to use. They are our biggest competitor" Drue said

"That's right so you two need to start focusing your race is in under 30 minutes lets get some water and get checked in" Riley said. I had more questions but this wasn't the time to ask them. We finally started getting lined up for the race at the beginning of the track. There were about 50 boys all squeezed in everybody was pushing and shoving trying to get closest to the starting line. I felt Drue take my hand and hold it for a split second.

"Just keep up" he said then released my hand. The countdown had begun Drue and I near the back. The gun went off and we all started. They were all jogging but Drue suprised me he shot off in a dead sprint passing everyone in a few seconds I was confussed I wouldn't be able to sprint this long race. I remembered what he said though so I quickly passed everyone and set out towards the woods with Drue. He was on complete fire I had never witnessed him run so fast I was having trouble keeping up. We were now well into the woods about 3 minutes ahead of the other boys. There was a split up ahead the signs and tape clearly telling us to go left but Drue grabbed my arm and yanked me to the right. I jerked away from him though and stopped.

"That's the wrong way!" I shouted.

"Trust me dalton" he said waving for me to follow him. I was worried.

"Drue that's cheating I'm already in such shit with Riley if he finds out.."

This was the first time I ever heard Drue raise his silly voice.

"You have to fucking trust me" he yelled. I looked to the correct route and then turned down the wrong path with Drue.
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Sun Jan 25, 2015 7:01 pm

We slowed down now jogging down the trail in silence. I was just praying in my mind we wouldn't get caught or be in trouble. Soon I heard other voices on the trail though.

"Did you hear that?" I asked

Drue just laughed "seems like we arnt the only ones cheating"

"You're all a bunch of cheaters!" I exclaimed

"What did you expect dalton?" Laughing

We were about two miles from the clearing and by staying behind Drue the entire time I noticed something I didn't like. He was ever so slightly limping but it got worse as we got closer to the finish line. I decided not to say anything about it though. We were getting closer and closer Drue leading me through the woods different directions, he'd clearly ran this before and knew which way to go. We were about a mile out now when Drue spoke again.

"It's a straight shot, see you at the end" with that he started sprinting again soon cheers could be heard as I saw him leave the woods up ahead. I had no idea where he had so much energy I was still jogging when the boy from earlier jumped out of nowhere onto the path a few steps behind me. He started sprinting towards the clearing which made me speed up as well. My heart started pounding heavily as we had about a half mile eventually running out of the woods. We were neck and neck staying close to eachother neither of us moving foward past one another. I could hear Drue and my teamates cheering as we reached the track. I was running as fast as I could still right next to this boy. When I could see the excitement In my teamates eyes though it sparked me deep inside. I pushed forward as hard as I could passing in front of him and crossing the finish line in second place. The crowd exploded with cheers and clapping my teammates all running up to me. Drue jumped up hugging me and I spun him around in the air. The rest of the team cheering and jumping on me. It felt really good even Riley came up to me clapping he put his arms around Drue and my shoulders congratulating us. We were done for the day but stayed on the sidelines with Riley and Sam to watch the other boys compete in their long distance events. We needed to place in the top three to win the cash. After the day was over we came out in first! Still with several days of competing but we were off to a great start.

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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby tony2 » Sun Jan 25, 2015 11:14 pm

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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Mon Feb 02, 2015 5:17 pm

The days events were slowing down and our team was finally done. Drue and I left Riley for a few minutes to use the restroom before we left. Drue was very lovey but I didn't really think it was anything it was how he always acted. Although when we finished in the bathroom Drue pulled me back and made sure everyone was gone. He got up closer to me as if he was going to hug me which he did but then without hesitation kissed me right on the lips. I was confussed and shocked. I pushed him away and wiped my lips with my arm.

"What the fuck man?! I'm not gay you pervert!" I could see he was really hurt by my reaction but I didn't care I was angry and not thinking about his feelings. I left the bathroom quickly and found Riley.

"Where's Drue?" He asked

"He's going back on the bus lets go" I said coldly. He looked puzzled but wasn't reading too much into it. On the way back I got sick alittle bit from car nausea but mostly because I was just sick to my stomach at what had just happened. I threw up all over Riley's car which made his mood go down fast.

"Did you take any of those pills before we left? He asked irritated.

"No I forgot"

"You're cleaning this up when we get back" he said. I didn't respond.

When we got back Riley asked for a roll of paper towls and cleaner, then handed them to me.

"Get to work"

I cleaned his car for almost 2 hours before he said I could quit and come back up to the room. That night I just thought about my day. I thought about Drue and what must have been going through his head. I was still too angry however to care about his feelings. The next day was our team race I was going to have to face him but I was so nervous. It came faster than I wanted it to. I tried to find Drue the morning of at the hotel but I couldn't. When we got there the boys were warming up in the workout room Riley and I were late though so when I looked for them they wernt there anymore. The door was glass though and there was a mirror in the back room I noticed a small light in the corner so I went back and turned on the lights to see Drue in the corner. He was holding a flashlight and was injecting himself in the ankle with a needle. He looked up instantly and tried to hide the needle.

"What is that?!" I asked

He got up and tried to walk out of the room. I put my arm up though blocking his way.

"Get out of my way Dalton" he said in a low tone

"No what was that?!"

"None of your damn business, move!" Now starting to raise his voice.

I now moved right in front of him blocking him.
He turned away and picked up a 40 pound medicine ball on the floor.

"I gave you your chance" with that he threw the heavy ball at me my first reaction was to turn sideways to dodge it but it hit me right in the side. We both heard the loud cracking sound of some of my ribs breaking. I fell to the floor my body was in so much pain, I could barley breathe and Drue seemed as if he didn't care. He walked over me and out of the room.

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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby bondagefreak » Sun Feb 08, 2015 3:08 am

Wow, okay. I wonder how Riley's gonna react when he finds Dalton on the floor with broken ribs.
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Thu Feb 12, 2015 12:01 am

"Alright guys this is it, our biggest team race. If we win we surley take first in the meet.." Riley encouraged to Charlie and Dean as Drue jogged up to the circle.

"There you are! Where's Dalton?" Riley asked

"I thought he was with you"

"Last time I checked he went to find you...?" Riley asked getting worried

"I never saw him" Drue lied.

"Fucking dammit" Riley yelled as Drue crooked a smile.
"The race is in ten minutes!"

"Do you need us to look for him?" Charlie asked

"No! Stay I want you all here staying together. We'll have to use a substitute" everyone looked anxious and worried except Drue. Riley called Sam over, "who's ran the team race before?" He asked

"One of the boys helped out a few practices last year when Drue was out but he's only 14 and has never competed before." Sam said. Riley looked desperate but decided it would be best to put in the 14 year old named alex who knew how to run the race.

"Riley he has to be the anchor because rules state you can't change positions and alex isn't half as fast as these older boys" Sam said.

"I know dammit! But it's all we have right now!" Riley yelled

It was time for the boys to line up. First was Charlie, then Dean, following Drue, and last Alex. They all knew they were fucked but everything was going perfectly for Drue. He knew they would lose and it would all be Dalton's fault. The first gunshot went off and Charlie charged ahead as fast as he could he was in first when he passed the stick to Dean who started off strong everyone was looking at the race including Drue who was about to be passed the stick next. Alex was nervous as hell he didn't want to let anyone down but he knew very well that he wasn't a match for the older boys. He then felt a hand on his shoulder. "I got it from here kiddo" he looked behind him, it was Dalton standing tall over him. "What the fuck" alex whispered. "Just get off the track" I said. By now Drue had the stick and was approaching the last line of boys. I could see his face of shock when he looked up ready to pass it on to who he thought was alex. By now everyone was shocked to see me at the end ready to run. Nobody knew except Drue though how terribly I was hurting. I could barley breathe but clenched my teeth and started jogging then sprinting foward when Drue caught up and handed me the stick. With all my might I pushed foward running as fast as I could. Pain shot through my entire body my breathing was retched. I was only running half the track but by the end I became extreamly light headed from trying not to breathe deeply. I remember crossing the finish line and hearing the cheers but as I slowed down my body just gave out and I fell to the ground and fainted. Tons of people started to run to the finish line to help out and see what was wrong. Riley was like a bolt though and was first to reach me. He felt my pulse which was still there but pushed away other people who tried to touch me. Sam soon got the team to help push back people to give me and Riley space. "Dalton, Dalton!" Riley said. A women pushed her way past Sam and the boys and knelt down next to Riley and me. She started to rub my forehead. "Don't touch him" Riley yelled at her. "I'm a doctor I can help a lot faster and more effectively than you can" she said with a lot of sass.

My eyes started to flicker open when she rubbed a cool towel on my face.

"You're awake, good" she said calmly "tell me if you can feel this"
She moved my feet gently, I nodded my head slowly. "Do they hurt?"

"No" I said softly then started coughing horribly while holding my side which the pain had returned to.
She looked suprised "hey I'm just going to lift up your shirt" she said calmly. When she did I could hear a gasp from the crowd my entire side was black and blue. She started to move her hand to my side and I grabbed it forcefully "don't" I managed as I gasped for air and wheezed in pain. She turned to look at Riley.

"He has at least 3 broken ribs how did this happen?! Why was he running?" She asked angrily

Riley was shocked and couldn't say anything at first.

"I'm waiting!" She said impatiently. This women was fierce and sassy. Even though Riley couldn't say anything his eyes sparkled looking at her. She was African American with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes, probably 40's, 5'6, and a bigger curvier build. He thought she was beautiful. She started snapping her fingers in front of Riley though who soon snapped out of it.

"I'm not exactly sure he was fine this morning but then disappeared before the race, he wasn't suppose to be running we had a alternate I didn't even see him switch places with our other runner Alex."

"Dalton what happened" Riley asked me as I still lay on the ground

I didn't say anything but my eyes told a different story as they darted to Drue and back to Riley who then whipped around to look at Drue's guilty face. Drue tryed to turn and make a run for it.

"GRAB HIM!" Riley yelled as Sam was able to get his arm around Drue and slam him to the ground.

"I'll deal with him later, restrain and take him back to the bus." Riley said.

"What should we do?" Now addressing the women again. "Is it safe for him to get up?"

"He's probably too weak to stand that's why he fainted probably subconsciously not breathing to deal with the pain while running." She said

Normally Riley probably would have told me to get my ass up, but he seemed to fancy this lady. He did something unexpected. He reached under my back and knees and picked me up. I was no small kid weighing probably 200 pounds now with the muscle and height gain. Riley was an incredibly strong man and wanted to show it off.

He turned around, "what if I was In need to reach you?" Talking to the women. She sighed

"I guess I can write down my number" she said and wrote it on a piece of paper then handed to Riley. We parted ways but as soon as we were out of her sight Riley said

"Alright I know your hurt but get down" he gently put me down but helped me stand up. We slowly walked back to his car I had no idea how I was going to explain what happened.

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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby crazyman4 » Thu Feb 12, 2015 5:46 pm

Just starting reading a couple days ago. Absolutely love this story. Great job on it and can't wait until the next part.
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Thu Feb 12, 2015 7:10 pm

Thank you I hope you keep enjoying

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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby bondagefreak » Wed Feb 18, 2015 8:37 pm

Anxious to read the next part. Very much enjoyed your latest updates!
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Wed Mar 04, 2015 5:12 pm

The car ride was was awkward and silent I couldn't grasp Riley's feelings. Drue wasn't with us nor did I know what would happen to him but I was pissed off at his past days behavior. When we arrived at the hotel Riley got out quickly and started walking towards the door. I was completely confused and pissed off. I got out and shouted to him,

"Are we going to talk about this shit?!"

He stopped and looked back at me with anger plastered on his face.

"Get over here, now!" He didn't shout but almost whispered and I finally knew he was furious. I hurried up the best I could to catch up with him. We walked up to the room, and he let me in.

"Go sit on the couch, I'll be back in a second" he said

When he came back he was carrying a bucket full of ice. He wrapped a lot in a towel and handed it to me.

"For your side"

Riley then sat on the coffee table right In front of me our knees almost touched from how close he was.

"You're a horrible liar so tell me what happened. Beginning to end no bullshit."

I wasn't about to tell him that Drue had come on to me a few days before.

"I don't really know what to tell you" I said

"The truth Dalton"

"Nothing happened between us you misinterpreted."

"You're too loyal to someone who puts his own comfort before you" Riley said calmly

I looked at him surprised.

"I'm guessing this has something to do with you confronting him over a Cortisone shot he gave himself this morning" he continued

My jaw dropped a bit

"I'm not stupid Dalton, you see Drue has broken his ankle twice the second time it didn't heal correctly. He's supposed to let me know when it starts acting up. I saw him limping the end of your cross country race. This morning he was having trouble just walking. Then all the sudden he runs an amazing race? Yeah. OKAY. I only let him have two of those shots per year because they can cause lasting negative effects. He's already had both. So I'm suspecting somewhere in the process of you confronting him this happened" he said while twirling his finger at my side.

"Does that sound about right?" He said


"Next time this happens I need you to come tell me so we can avoid you or him getting injured. Do you understand me?"


"In the meantime you two need to work this and whatever else is going on out, I think you need to spend some good long time together"

"What?! No! " I tried protesting

"That's enough! Now come sit on the floor facing the window"

I wasn't sure what he was doing but I sat down crisscrossed on the floor. He was very gentle but took my arms and handcuffed them behind my back, I wasn't in the mood to fight. He also took a rag and blindfolded me. He took a metal chain and began to wrap it around my waist, I flinched and tried moving away when he accidentally touched my side but he got it then just the other long end on the ground behind me not securing it to anything. He left my legs alone. I could hear him get up and leave the room.

There was a knock on Sams door and he answered.

"Figure out what your going to do with him? Sam said

"For now" Riley said in a calm voice. Riley looked at Drue who was handcuffed to a chair.

"Riley whatever he said he's lying! I didn't do shit to him!" Drue said worried

"Shut up"

Drue kept running his mouth though which tempted Riley to give him a hard smack across the face.

"I said shut up!"

Riley took two rags putting one over Drues eyes and he pulled the other around his head forcing it in his mouth and tying it very tightly. You could see almost all of Drues top set of teeth it was so tight. Riley hooked his arm around Drues.

"Common get up" he said while pulling Drue up. He groaned in discomfort, Riley was being very rough. He pulled Drue out of the room back to his.

I heard the door opening but didn't know what was happening. Riley pushed Drue down the opposite way as me so our backs were together. I felt another persons back touch mine when Drue scooted closer but I didn't know it was him. Riley attached our handcuffs together with a third set and attached the chain around my waist to the other person. We were pretty well connected now. Riley took my blindfold off and I looked behind me just to be angered. Riley knelt down and put his finger to his lips indicating for me to stay quiet. I couldn't tell if Drue knew it was me, he had a blindfold and gag on. I guess this is what Riley meant when he said we need to spend some time together...

We sat there for hours neither of us got dinner and it was late now. Drue was drifting off I could tell because he put his head back and was resting it on my shoulder. He clearly didn't know it was me the morning would be interesting.
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby xtc » Thu Mar 05, 2015 4:46 am

Nice to see this continued.
Heads up for the typo in the second sentence.
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Thu Mar 05, 2015 1:42 pm

Omgosh just read the story haha
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Tue Mar 24, 2015 7:49 pm

I didn't sleep much that night, my side ached every time I took a breath. I just stayed awake in the darkness and even if I did dose off I'd wake up coughing and moaning in pain. Even enough to wake Riley up. I heard him open the bedroom door and walk over to the kitchen. He got a glass of water and came over to me.

"Your keeping me up, I'm going to have you take these" he whispered

I looked down and saw him holding a couple pills.

"What is it?"

"Don't ask questions just do as I say, open your mouth"

I wasn't happy but I choked down the pills and he gave me some water after. He got up and patted me on the shoulder.

"Good boy, those will help" with that he walked back to his room. They had to be some kind of sleeping medicine because pretty soon I was out for good. I awoke the next morning sore, hungry, and angry. I tried to stretch my arms but remembered my predicament. Drue was waking up too I could feel him shifting around and moaning because he was still gagged. I was irritated though and all his movements pissed me off even more. I took my body and slammed by back into his and told him to stop moving. He now knew who he had slept next to. He started wriggling trying to get free. I yelled at him to stop because all these movements were hurting my side. Riley heard us though.

"Stop it! Both of you!" He quietly said.

"Here's the deal until you guys can figure out your issues your going to be stuck together in whatever way I want. You are not to hit, bite, scratch, or hurt one another in any way. If one of you steps out of line you BOTH get punished, we're a team and it's time you start acting like one. I'm going to untie you both I want you to shower/ use the bathroom/ eat and change. We're going to go watch the final events today you have 20 min."

He helped Drue first taking off his blindfold and gag then his handcuffs and the chain around his waist. He got up, glared at me and went to the bathroom. Riley then did the same for me. I just got up and layed down on the couch ignoring the food in the kitchen or getting changed. I honestly tried to go back to sleep but Riley wouldn't have it.

"Dalton what did I just say?! Get the fuck up and ready to go! Now!" I just looked at him and rolled over

"I'm ready" I said

"If I get done changing and your still on that couch your going to regret it!" He yelled from his room

I rolled my eyes but got up. Drue was emerging from the bathroom I was now standing by the bar in the kitchen he came up behind me and flicked my ear hard. I looked at him with a death glare plastered on my face. The little fuck didn't get the message though and then did it to my side. That really lit my fire and I lunged at him wrapping my arms around his torso and tackled him to the ground we broke a lamp table and were wrestling on the ground I was on top of him getting some good blows to his stomach and face before Riley ran over and yanked me off of him. Drue got up quickly ready to lunge at me but Riley pulled a gun on him ending everything. Drue put his hands up to indicate he was going to behave.

"I'm going to give this one to you guys as I expected it. Step out of line again and you'll both be punished severely, do you understand?" He said looking at both of us. We both acknowledged.

He went up to Drue and grabbed his left arm slapping on a pair of handcuffs and gestered for me to come over to them I walked as slow as I possibly could, Riley attached the other half to my right wrist and locked it. "No complaining or fighting from either of you" he said again. "Get used to this because those arnt coming off for a long time"
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Wed Apr 22, 2015 9:57 pm

I knew this was going to be hard. Drue really could be an ass when he wanted to. Just walking down the the car he kept trying to trip me and kept trying to elbow me in the side until I just took his wrist in my hand so he couldn't. I was holding it so hard though when I let go there was a big red bruise on his arm.

Riley handcuffed our arms around a horizontal railing looking out towards the track meet. He warned us to behave before he left to get the other boys ready. I slouched down putting my arms and head on the railing just watching the meet.

"Hey do you happen to have a bobby pin?"

I looked up, a girl had stopped behind us and was pulling one out of her hair for Drue who flashed her a smile. He quickly began trying to get the handcuff off his wrist.

"Hey knock it off, if you leave I'm going to get in trouble" I said sternly but Drue had already gotten it off and latched his end to the railing so I was still attached.

"Fuck you" he said as he walked away. I sighed, Riley wouldn't be happy but there wasn't much I could do. About twenty minutes later I was spot on Riley was not pleased at all Drue wasn't where he left him.

"Is there a reason Drue is not here with you?"

I just looked at him but didn't say anything. He came up next to me and wrapped his arm around my side gripping onto my ribs. I yelled in pain but he put his other hand over my mouth gagging me. I fell to the ground In pain he let me down easy, "when I ask you a question I expect an answer, do you understand me?" He took his hand away from my mouth to answer

"Yes yes" I said gritting my teeth. He stood next to me still combing his fingers through my hair as I sat on the ground. He also took the handcuff attached to the rail off leaving the one attached to my wrist on. Then he kneeled down right in front of me.

"Go find Drue I don't want to see either of you until your handcuffed again to one another"

I got up slowly and went to find Drue.
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Mon Apr 27, 2015 12:21 pm

I walked around slowly looking for Drue I had looked all over the place starting to feel like it was hopeless he clearly did not want to be found. I stopped walking for a second just trying to look for him in the crowd. A man ran into me when I stopped walking shoving me forward, I quickly looked back and tried to apologize even though It wasn't my fault.

"Watch where you're going" he yelled at me. Walking past quickly

"You bumped into me asshole!" I yelled back

He whipped around outraged that I would talk to him like that. I now realized it was "Mr. Cruz" from our competing prison.

"What the fuck did you just say to me?!" He said walking up to me. I stepped in closer I wasn't afraid of him at all.

"You know what I said, now get out of my face" I said and pushed him back

"You have to be one of Riley's boys, disrespectful scum that needs to be broken to respect authority, one day I'll put you in your place"

I knew I could get in extreme trouble but I clenched a fist ready to beat the shit out of this tiny man. Drue ran out of nowhere though and put himself I between Cruz and I.

"Dalton what the hell are you doing?! Common lets go" he said trying to herd me away.

"That's right you better listen to him" Cruz taunted me

"SHUTUP!" Drue yelled "common move" he said gently pushing me on the back I turned back and flipped off Cruz now walking away.

"Do you even know what could have happened back there?! This is not like Home where we can fuck around with Riley. The guards at this meet would put a bullet in your head for attacking him no hesitation you have to show more self control man!"

I didn't say anything just looked at him angrily. I didn't know now how much I appreciated him almost saving my life but I would later on. I grabbed his wrist and re-attached the handcuff tightly. Probably too tightly.

We walked back to the viewing area to find Riley. When we got there though things weren't very pretty.
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Wed May 06, 2015 8:07 am

Cruz and some officials from the race committee were giving Riley an earful probably about my behavior. We approached slowly but Riley shook his head at us to not come over so we waited by some bleaches until they were finished talking. Riley came over and put his hands on both of our shoulders.

"Well we just got disqualified for you're behavior Dalton"

I looked back at him nervously expecting him to be fuming but he was calm and collected. I was confussed and it showed on my face.

"I'm sorry" is all I could say

"Don't be! You intimidated him and beat his team, both of you should feel proud"

I looked at him surprised but thankful and took a sigh of relief.

"If you ever talk to me like that though..." He trailed off

"I'll try my best" I said and smiled joking around with him.

He gave me a wink his dark green eyes sparkling in the sunlight.

"And you should let us out of these" Drue chimed in rattling his hand in the air attaching our arms."

"Don't push it" he said a bit more sternly. After a few hours we had left and made it back to the hotel. It was late out around 10 pm Drue and I were not settled yet so we barley exchanged words but at least he had calmed down. Riley was walking in and out of the 2 rooms in our big suite packing things and getting ready to leave. He finally stopped and looked at us just sitting on the floor watching tv.

"The bus is leaving tonight I'm not in the mood to drive though we'll leave in the morning I want everything packed tonight though. Go get some ice though and ice your side first Dalton."

We got up and left the room to get ice it was the first real time we were truly alone.

"I don't understand why you had to be such a prick about this" Drue said walking down the hall. I stopped yanking him back.

"I'm the prick?! Look at my side!" I lifted up my shirt reminding him what he did."

"Oh you had that coming" he said softly but I heard him. I tried not to react. We were walking again down the hall.

"That was a low move Drue"

"I could care less you deserved what you got"

His attitude pissed me off. I grabbed his wrist that was connected to mine and shoved him hard against the wall. Pinning my body against his so he couldn't move. He was a quick motherfucker though he pushed back enough for me to lose my balance then tucked his foot underneath my ankle pulling hard making me trip and fall to the ground with a loud thud. I pulled him down with me though and rolled on top of him grabbing his arms and pinning them above his head. I moved my knee in between his legs threatening to kick him right in the balls.

"Do you really want to play this game"

He knew I was stronger and would win but he had a lot of pride and defiance in him.

"Do it bitch!" He yelled so I did I wasn't one to bluff. He curled up in pain and gripped his teeth trying to not let out a shriek.

"Now that was deserved" I said laughing. He pulled a low move though and punched me hard in the ribs. I did shriek the pain was almost unbearable I could barley breathe. People heard us and started emerging from their rooms to see what was going on. Riley must have heard us too because he was checking to see what was going on. He didn't look pleased to see us both on the floor me moaning In pain and Drue slunched over still trying to recover from me kneeing him in the balls.

"Both of you get the fuck up now!" He said in a very quiet stern voice. Drue got up quicker than I did I was still just trying to breathe. Riley wanted us to get out of the hall though and away from the people. He grabbed my upper arm and just yanked me up which didn't help the pain I was feeling. He marched us back to the room angrily.
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Tue May 12, 2015 9:09 pm

"Get your arms above you on the wall" Riley said and pushed us towards a wall. We did as we were told and waited.

"This is all your fault" Drue whispered to me

"Shutup asshole" I snapped back

Riley emerged from his room he came up behind me and yanked my head back by my hair. I gritted my teeth in pain and groaned.

"Open your mouth"

It took me a second to comply he smacked me hard on my side. I opened my mouth he had taken off his ankle socks and stuffed them in my mouth. I hated being gagged more than anything in the world. He also took a dirty rag knotted it and tied it around my head tightly. He had a leather belt in his hand and we both knew what was coming. He left Drue ungagged.

"I better not hear one sound from you Drue." Riley warned. We were both already shirtless. Drue started shaking pretty badly I was surprised because Riley hadn't even hit one of us yet.

"Calm down" Riley yelled at Drue. He started to sweat and get panicked. I almost wanted to tell him it was going to be okay but I couldn't. It was the first time I had felt bad for him in the last couple of days. He was truly afraid of getting hit. I was confused and lost in thought when I felt it. A hard painful blow to my back. I wasn't expecting it and jumped a bit. I just clenched my teeth sunk my head below my arms and stiffened my back preparing for the next one. He hit Drue next, back and forth he went. Full force every time. I knew why he gagged only me. Sometimes the belt hit my side and hurt so badly I yelled into my gag but could barley be heard. Drue was a wreck he was crying and begging Riley to stop. He had already whipped us both about 20 times. Drues knees began to buckle and he started falling over I reached over and tried to catch him but Riley yelled at me to stop.

"Get up Andrue! You're pathetic" he yelled and yanked him back up by the hair. I hadn't seen Riley this pissed since I pulled him in the pool. My back was throbbing but didn't hurt as bad as Drue was making it seem. He was acting pretty out of character. After about ten more blows to my back and Drues Riley finally stopped when Drue couldn't get up again. He yanked the rag down on my neck and let me spit out the gross socks. I knelt down next to Drue who was kind of curled up into a ball. I put my hand on his shoulder his back was red with welts all over it.

"What was that Drue?!" I asked shocked

He looked up tears filled his eyes.

"I'm sorry" he sniffled then he turned towards me and got really close and hugged me. I gritted my teeth in pain.

"Stop, stop you're hurting me" I said he looked up upset. I adjusted myself on the floor and then put my arms around him trying to comfort him. He hid his face and head in my chest. I just sat there with him until he stopped shaking slowly rubbing his head. I still wanted an explanation though.

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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby wataru14 » Sun Jun 14, 2015 5:17 am

Any plans for the next chapter?
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Sun Jun 14, 2015 5:32 pm

Oh ya sorry I'll write something tonight ;-)
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Tue Jun 23, 2015 9:31 pm

Drue had finally fallen asleep. I layed him down gently on the floor and just sat next to him quietly. Riley came out of his conjoining room a few minutes later. He came over and Un handcuffed my hand from Drues then motioned for me to follow him. We left the room and I followed him to the stairwell. Once inside, he pushed me against the wall forcefully.
"All your shit ends now. I mean it dalton you are not to touch or hurt him again."

"I'm not allowed to hurt him?!" I yelled "are you fucking kidding me?! We're you and I not in the same room when you beat the shit out of us?!"

I was about to continue when he slapped me hard on the face. I glared at him deeply.

"I don't know what's wrong with him but that shit is not normal" I said pointing.

"It's non of your business, you are only here to work and win the money. You are nothing more to me than a object that I will use then throw away like you did not exist."

"Now get out of my face and go back to the room" he said sternly
I walked past him not saying anything he followed me back to the room. I layed down on the couch expecting to get some sleep but 5 min later I saw Riley come in with a coil of black rope in his hands.
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Mon Jun 29, 2015 1:38 am

"seriously?" I said irritated. He motioned for me to come over to him. I didn't feel like fighting I was worn out so I got up.

"lay down on the floor" he said quietly

I did and he grabbed my arms and pulled them behind my back looping my wrists with rope and pulling tightly. He then tied my ankles to my wrists securing a tight hogtie. I groaned in discomfort, he laughed and pulled the ropes tighter. I flipped him off, he just laughed and got up.

"nighty night" he said

I smirked back and watched him close the door to his room. I struggled a bit but it just brought me pain so I stopped and layed my head of the floor. I fell asleep quickly despite the ropes digging into my skin...

"wake up we have to get going" he said quietly shaking awake Drue then myself. Drue looked at me and laughed.

"shutup" I said jokingly

He got up quickly and grabbed Riley's phone off of the counter trying to get to the camera. I realized what he was trying to do and glared at him but it didn't stop him.

"smile!!" he said teasingly I tried hiding my face but there wasn't much I could do. I was happy he was in better sorts.

Riley came in and took his phone out of Drues hand

"stop fucking around, untie him and go give the valet the ticket for my car" he said pissed off

Drue came over and started to untie me.

"these are so tight, geez" he muttered as he kept fumbling with the ropes

"fuck hold on" he said as he got up and went to the kitchen and came back with a pair of scissors

"I don't think those are going to cut this" I said laughing

"Im not cutting it I just can't get my fingers under the knots" he said then used the scissors to pry the knots loose then untied me the rest of the way. I let out a sigh of relief as I slowly stretched out my aching legs and arms. Drue held out a hand helping me off the floor. We got the valet ticket from Riley and walked downstairs. The line was huge though.

"screw this I'm getting food" I said walking towards the breakfast buffet down the hall

"good idea" Drue said and followed me. We were approaching the dining hall when a beautiful blonde haired tall women turned the corner and started walking towards us with poise and confidence. she was wearing jeans, a loose tank top that showed her huge breasts and tall high heels. She looked to be in her forty's but was a really sexy woman. Drue was looking down and didn't see her. As we got closer he did as well.

"oh wow" he said out loud

"omg shutup" I said quickly embarrassed but he took it a step further.

"hey you!" he said as we passed her he paused for a second. She turned around and looked at him with a smile on her face then me. I looked down I was so mortified. Her response surprised me though.

"hey baby" she said walking up to him and putting her arm around his shoulder rubbing her hand through his hair.

"what are you doing here? he said

"work conference and you sweetie?"

"track meet"

"oh thats right I forgot that was this weekend, well Ive got to get going it was great seeing you baby, thanks for saying hi," she then turned around and gave us a wink while walking away. My heart almost dropped.

"wait susie can you help me with something?" Drue called out

"what is it babe?" she said looking back

"will you trade me?" he said holding up the valet number she laughed and came over and took it from Drue

"still up to your old ways I see" she said then looking in her purse and giving him her number. She kissed him on the cheek and waved goodbye.

After she was far enough away I walked over to Drue, "dude you just gave Rileys car to that girl!" I said worried

"relax that was his wife"

My eyes went wide, "what?! he's married?"

He just nodded his head at me "they've been broken up though for about a year now. She hates his guts"

"I can see why" I muttered and we went and gave the valet the ticket for the car. Then returned to the room.

"everything good?" Riley asked as we entered

"yeah the line was just long" Drue said

"Alright, each of you grab a few bags I don't want to take two trips"

As we got down to the lobby Riley saw his car parked out front. "common lets go" he said. We went up to the counter to get the keys and Drue gave me a slight evilish smile. I was so nervous.

"Hi, last name Marchetta, Its a Silver Jeep grand Cherokee" Riley said in a kind voice

"Oh I'm sorry sir, those keys were already picked up" the man said

"what? by who?!" he said confused, turning to us "where are my keys?!"

"Riley I don't have them you need ID to get them...." Drue said, Riley turned back to the man at the counter

"Was there a mistake?"

"All we see is a Blue Ford truck under your name"

"oh ok well just let me have the keys to that at least" he said

We walked outside Riley put his bags down next to us and walked over to his jeep trying to open the doors but they were all locked. He hit the window with his palm out of frustration. Drue was cracking up. "Looks to me Susie has your keys Riley " Drue yelled laughing

"no shit" he said angrily, just then she walked out of the doors looking calm as ever. Riley looked at her with a nervous look on his face.

"need these babe?" she said holding up the keys he walked up to her and held onto her hand in the air, they were talking to softly for me to hear. It was short lived though she soon yanked her hand away from him flipped her hair, put on her sunglasses, and left. In his car. ;-)
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Wed Jul 01, 2015 11:23 am

We all just stood there Riley seemed dumbstruck, I was still wrapping my head around what just happened and Drue well was being himself and trying to contain his laughter.

"lets go" Riley said in a low voice, we picked up the bags and walked over to the truck parked a few cars back. It was a huge dark blue Ford f350 powerstroke, looked to be around 2005 with big tires and a 4'' lift, crew cab. Riley unlocked it with the remote and I reached out and opened the back door just as I heard Riley yell at me to wait. I jumped when the loud alarm went off.

"sorry I forgot you have to open the drivers side first" he said shutting off the alarm

"shotgun!" Drue yelled and darted to the front seat I was quick though and pushed him out of the way playfully.

"nope sorry Its mine" I said while trying to fight him off for it

"BOTH OF YOU GET IN THE DAMN TRUCK NOW" Riley apparently was not in a good mood. We climbed in I took the front seat Drue climbing in the back.

"Dd you guys eat anything this morning? he said in a more relaxed voice once we were on the road

"Drue was too busy trading your valet ticket" I said

"asshole!" Drue hit my shoulder from the backseat.

"I figured, we need to stop then before we get on the freeway"

We were driving around the town for a bit before we found a big grocery store. It was similar to a Fred Meyer.

"Can we come with?" Drue asked

"Are you going to behave?" he asked looking directly at me

I looked up "what? oh yeah" I said

"Alright common"

We grabbed a cart and started walking around the store.

"Drue go get me a few bags of ice" Riley said and Drue left us. We headed to the deli counter.

"Get whatever you want and chicken strips for Andrew"

I got some fried chicken with fries then Drues chicken strips and put them in the cart. We left the deli counter and wandered through some of the isles picking up various junk food and snacks for the trip. We met up with Drue who had a handful of food himself.

"Geez are we feeding an army?" I said

"Clearly you haven't seen how Riley and I eat" Drue said laughing.

"Seriously Dalton, If you see something you want grab it" Riley said in a kind voice.

Riley was so damn bi-polar it was weird to me. Having him act like this was not something I expected.

"Do we need anything else?" Riley asked Drue

"Uh I think we got everything... oh drinks!" he said


In the Drink isle Drue was looking for a certain soda and Riley was getting water.

"omg Riley look at this" Drue yelled holding up a rockstar energy drink "80 cents man"

Riley's eyes lit up and walked over to Drue "no way" he said

"give me this" he said yanking the cart away from me then did something unexpected to me. He took his arm and swept the shelf with these drinks on it at least 30 must have fell into the cart. I looked at him as if he was crazy. I picked one up and looked at the ingredients

"what happened to being healthy these have so much sugar in them" I joked Riley looked back at me and lifted up his t-shirt showing off a well defined 6 pack. "I think I'm good" he said laughing. I was so surprised at the way he was acting. Apart from the way he was dressed Sneakers, t-shirt, black basketball shorts, a backwards baseball cap he looked and was acting like a straight college kid. I was so used to a poised professional looking serious man it was like an entirely different person. Drue did not seemed fazed at all though he was used to it.

"okay we good now? he said laughing with Drue like they were best friends "yeah we're good"

We walked over to the checkout Riley grabbed a few bottles of wine and vodka from the end of one of the isles as we were putting all the food on the counter for the guy to scan.

"can I see some ID for the alcohol" he said. Riley gave him his ID and a credit card.

"I need to see their ID's too" he said looking at us. Riley looked questionably at him.

"uh they're my kids they don't need ID"

"I highly doubt you're old enough to be their dad" he said in a rude tone.

"Why thank you" he said in a calm voice but I could tell his mood had changed quickly he was staring down this guy who looked to be in his twenties.

"Im sorry If their with you we can't sell you the alcohol" he said

Riley looked calm as ever but Drue and I could both tell he was furious because of the way his eyes sparkled and the way he stared at this guy.

"Alright" he said "Drue can you finish this" he said handing him cash instead of his credit card as he started putting things back in the cart. When we were done we went back to the truck and put a lot of stuff in a cooler that was in the bed of the truck and the rest back in the front with us. We all piled in and got ready to go.

"Did you get it" Drue asked

"Who do you think I am?" Riley laughed and Pulled out a bottle of vodka and wine from one of the bags.

I laughed out loud, I had to give it to Riley I didn't even see him take the bottles let alone get the security tag off without the cashier or me seeing.
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Wed Aug 12, 2015 8:00 pm

It had been quite the trip for the good and bad. I wasn't looking forward to going back but I didn't have much of a choice. I ate my lunch then fell asleep almost instantly. I thought the car ride would be long but I slept the entire way. I didn't even know we had gotten back until I felt Drue messing with me trying to wake me up.

"Urggg stop" I said groggily, waking up slowly. It was dark out and I really had to piss. Riley was unloading the truck within the gates of the prison. Drue was helping slowly. I didn't want to get in trouble like the last time so I got out and started to lift a bag out of the truck when I got a shooting pain on my side. I dropped the bag and whelped in pain holding my side.

"Hey stop you're going to hurt yourself, we got this" I heard Riley behind me.

"Go up and see Helen she if she can help you at all"

With that I left them to unload the truck. I had gotten pretty used to where the infirmary was because of how often I was getting hurt. When I got up to her office I knocked quietly but a different nurse answered. One I hadn't seen before. She was younger maybe 30 her blonde hair was in a tight bun and she was wearing purple scrubs. She looked almost scared to see me like a deer in the headlights. I looked puzzled at her.

"Who are you and what are you doing out of bed?" She asked questioning me.

"Uh I was looking for Helen I just got back from the track meet with Riley." I said

"Why isn't there a guard with you" she said getting ready to make a phone call.

"Hey hey it's fine!" I said putting my hands up indicating I didn't want trouble. "I just got injured there and wanted to see Helen but if she's not here I'll come back in the morning"

She put the phone down.
"Here wait I can help you if you promise no funny business" she said

"None" I said innocently.

"Okay come lay down in one of the rooms"

She must have been new and nervous about the kids here because she handcuffed both my arms to the bed.

"Really?" I said annoyed

"It's procedure who knows what you could do"

I rolled my eyes and sighed heavily which hurt. She lifted up my shirt to get a good look at my side. It was all black and blue. One of the ribs was sticking out a small bit.

"How did this happen?!" She said surprised

"I got into a fight" I said quietly. She didnt really know what to do besides put ice on it. I heard the door open and looked over it was Riley.

"How's it going?" He looked down and saw I was handcuffed to the bed. "Is he behaving okay for you?" He said nodding to the restraints.

"Oh yes he was just fine just gotta be careful I don't know him. There's not much I can do for his broken ribs though just ice and maybe some pain medication if that is okay sir?"

"Yeah that's alright give it to him here though through an injection." He said. She grabbed a small bottle of morphine and dosed the right amount then injected it into my right arm. It was fast acting and felt good.

"That's about all I can do tonight" she said. Riley unlocked my wrists from the bed and helped me get up. I was really starting to feel the morphine getting back to Riley's office he had had a small bed put into his large office In the corner while we were gone. I slumped down in the bed not even taking off my shoes and fell asleep once again.
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Fri Dec 11, 2015 12:14 am

I woke up in the middle of the night groggy and unaware of my surroundings. My side was hurting no matter which way I layed on it. Riley was gone so I got up and curled up on one of his big leather armchairs which was a better position to sleep. The next morning I felt Riley lightly shaking my shoulder. I tried to push him away with arm indicating I wanted to sleep more.

"Dalton it's time to get up you've been sleeping all day" I barley heard him and still refused to get up or even acknowledge him. He was being patient but was getting annoyed. Riley walked over to his desk and picked up a water bottle, unscrewed it, and threw some it on my face.

"Dude come on!" I said waking up and wiping off my face. He held up his phone to my face which had the time displayed on the front. It was nearly 6pm!

"I thought you could use some sleep but it's time to get up, go grab something out of the fridge and eat"

"I'm really not hungry Ri.." I stopped when I saw the look on his face had changed from kind to angry in a matter of seconds. I got up and started to munch on some things mainly fruit. When I was done Riley told me to put on my sneakers, I didn't object but looked at him questioning his request. He took me to the small gym a few doors down from his office where I had done a lot of grueling before the meet.

"Why are we here?" I asked in a low tone

"I just want you to walk on the treadmill for a bit"
I sighed deeply and gave him a look telling him I didn't want to but he pushed me softly towards the machine. It acctually felt good after awhile just walking at my own pace. About 20 minutes in Riley brought Drue in to join me.
"Hey buddy how are you feeling?" He said walking over to me.

"I'm good" I said with a weak smile.

"I'm glad" he reached out and touched my hand which I retracted quickly and stared at him as if he had once again crossed a boundary. I always knew he was a very touchy friendly guy which I never seemed to mind until about a week ago when I learned he was gay. Now the idea of him touching me in any way gave me shivers. He took the cue though and stepped back. He looked a bit upset but just got on the treadmill next to me and turned it on to running speed. I was a bit jealous seeing him run I loved running and hated being stuck here just walking.

"you don't have to be here if you don't want to, I've treated you like shit latley." I said after a few minutes. Even though him and I were doing better we still had a bit of a gap inbetween us.

"No I want to be here! If anyone should be sorry it's me. I can be a huge dick when I want to be"

I chuckled which just made me hold my side in pain.

"Don't make me laugh it hurts" I said while laughing

He smiled and we continued working out in silence for the next hour. He finally slowed down the treadmill, sweat was seeping through his shirt. I saw him pull it off, wipe his face and throw it on the ground exposing his well defined smaller body. I had to mentally admit to myself that if I was gay he would be very attractive.

Over the next few days we worked out together. Well he worked out and I barley did shit but it was helping just getting my body moving everyday. One morning Drue asked Riley if we could just go on the trails it was a beautiful day and both of us wanted to go out.

"Drue he's hurt that wouldn't be a great idea."

"We can go with the team?" He pursued "Sam can stay back with us? Please I'm going crazy I haven't been outside in a week!" Drue pleaded
It took Riley awhile to think this over but agreed to let us go on a shorter trail if Sam came with us. Sam wasn't pleased to be a babysitter but Riley insisted he go with us. It was so beautiful outside warm in the 80's. We walked the entire way through the woods usually a this path would have only taken about twenty minutes to complete running but I had to stop a lot going up the various hills to catch my breath so it took about an hour. Nobody was in a hurry though Sam even seemed in a good mood. We didn't talk much though. The team on the other hand took the trail they always do which takes about an hour to complete running. Dean always taking the lead now that Drue and I were not running with them. The boys sometimes liked to cheat though and take shortcuts so they could be done sooner. Usually Charlie the team captain and him would always complete the normal path though alone. Today even Charlie wanted to get done early though.

"Hey common lets just follow everyone else today, it's getting hot and I'm tired" Charlie said to Dean.

"Fuck no you guys all suck and are lazy asses I'm going the normal way" Dean shot back

"We're not allowed to split up common just come with me"
"No!" With that Dean sprinted away from Charlie. Charlie didn't like Deans attitude and decided to leave him.
Dean slowed down and walked for a bit, he was angry with the way everyone treated him. He had been working hard for months to get Riley's appreciation and all the sudden some cocky kid comes in and takes his place. He was just an alternate on the team but even when Dalton got hurt Riley didn't ask him to take Daltons place for the time being. He started to get so caught up in his thoughts that he didn't notice the rustling branches or footsteps near him. All he could focus on was how upset he was. He was respectful and obedient yet he still did not have an official place on the team. That's when he felt it, a hand grabbed his shoulder and twisted him around. Then punching him square in the face making him fall backwards. He got up instantly thinking it was Charlie but his heart dropped when he didn't recognize his attacker. He lunged at the boy who seemed to be a pretty good sized build 6'1 180 pounds, fit and wearing a back t-shirt and black running shorts. They started wrestling on the ground when another person pulled him off the boy and held his arms behind his back. This man was a lot bigger and very strong. The boy might have only been 17 but the man was In his 30's.

"Who are you? What do you want" Dean shouted now breathing heavily. Neither of them responded. Dean strugged trying to get free but this mans grip around his arms too tight. The boy pulled out a cell phone and started to call someone. Dean could only make out what the boy was saying.

"Sir we caught one of Riley's boys"
"No it wasn't the one you wanted we didn't even see him running the past few days"

"Do you mean Dalton?!" Dean yelled at the boy who looked up from his cell phone curious then spoke back into it.

"The kid we have though might know who you're talking about" he looked at Dean and told him the person on the phone wanted to talk to him. The boy walked over and held up the phone to Deans ear.

"Who is this what do you want?" Dean asked Instantly.

"My name is Mr. Cruz son, my boy says you think you know who I want? He's the one who beat my track team in many events a week ago. Does this ring a bell?"

"Why should I tell you?"

"I can make many great things happen for you boy, you can come live with me and I will make sure you are treated like a king all you have to do is describe who you are thinking of" he said calmly

"I think you are talking about Dalton, he's tall maybe 6'4-6'5 200 pounds, light brown hair, a cocky asshole, sound about right?"

"Yes he's the one. I want him. I can make a lot of money off him"

"Wait he's inju.." The phone was taken away from Deans ear and the boy talked more to Mr.Cruz before hanging up and turning back to Dean.

"Mr. Cruz said that he is willing to make a deal with you, if you lead us to Dalton we will take you in as one of our own, you don't seem to be appreciated where you're at now. You can have a spot on our winning track team. How does that sound?"

Dean barley had to think about it before agreeing he couldn't wait to see that little prick get out in his place.

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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby xtc » Fri Dec 11, 2015 2:36 am

Welcome back. I look forward to your next visit?
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Thu Apr 07, 2016 11:28 am

Dean didn't waste any time telling Cruz's guards where Dalton would be walking that day. He explained how he would probably be walking with at least Drue. The two of them decided quickly it would be easiest to just take the boys by surprise and chloroform Drue. The woods were thick and there were many places to hide along the way. They were still a bit suspicious of Dean though they weren't sure what exactly to do with him. Dean decided it best to keep quiet about Daltons injuries for the time being.

"What should we do with him" the boy asked the older man while looking at Dean

"I wanna see how he demonstrates himself, plus we might need an extra hand" he said after thinking it over for a minute. It was getting close to the time that Drue and Dalton would be walking the curvy trail so all three of them positioned themselves behind trees in a triangle formation. It didn't take long before they could hear voices through the trees emerging. Sam was with the boys though which was going to make it a harder job. Sam was dragging his feet behind the boys at a good distance. The youngest of Cruz's guards thought on his feet and stepped out of the trees in front of Sam slightly startling him.

"Hi! I didn't mean to startle you I'm looking for my dog, you haven't by chance seen a lab running around have you?" he said innocently

Dean and the older guard exchanged puzzled glances to each other from the trees they were still hiding behind.

*change of POV*

Sam stared at the kid for a second before answering " Um no I haven't sorry bud" By now I had noticed Sam and this kid. I stopped and waited.

"Hey you guys haven't seen a dog have you??" Sam yelled up to us

"what did he say?" Drue asked me

"I don't know hold on" I walked over to Sam and asked him to repeat the question. Dean and the older guard took this opportunity to pull Drue behind a tree quick enough and chloroform him while Sam and I were distracted. They did it quick and extremely quietly despite Drues attempt to fight them off.

When I got closer to Sam though I could see the boys face clearer, I knew him! He was at the track meet I remember running against him in one of my races. So I knew he wasn't looking for a damn dog. I looked back and called for Drue who was nowhere in sight. Dean and the very large man stepped out from the trees approaching slowly. The boy grabbed a gun from his waist band and held it up to Sam who was defenseless. As the big man got closer to me he drew his gun as well pointing it at me. I knew there was no chance of escaping these three guys, it would be useless to try to fight them or even get angry about the situation.

When the man got close enough he switched positions with the younger boy to deal with Sam who even though hated my guts was completely loyal to Riley and knew he wasn't going to drop this as easily. He cooperated for a second but then threw a good punch to the guys face trying to get the gun away but the guy was a lot bigger and it didn't take long before he hit Sam hard with the gun on the head knocking him out. It was just me now I decided to just make the best out of it there was not much I could do now.

"Well fuck" I said and laughed

The older man turned to me "shut up and get on your knees" he growled and put a large hand on my shoulder pushing me down. Now that all the attention was on me the younger boy noticed quickly how weak I looked. He eyed me up and down and I could see his reaction when looking at my black and blue side. He turned to Dean angrily.

"what the hell man?!" Pointing at me which got the attention of the larger guard.

"Whats wrong?" he said anxiously

"Look at his side!" The boy said to the older man

He knelt down beside me to get a better look. He moved my arm behind my back, it hurt and I winced. He then touched my side to see how bad it was, I cried out in pain and jerked away from him. He could tell my ribs were broken. He then looked up to Dean pissed off.

"You didn't think to tell us he's injured?!" yelling at Dean

"I tried to tell you! Im sorry! He ran with it last week though I didn't think it was a big deal"

"Fuck" The man said rubbing his face with both hands. "Cruz won't be happy about this"

I chuckled quietly. Dean was an idiot but also a major douche.

"Alright lets get going anyways" the man said heaving me up from the ground, he slapped a pair of handcuffs on my wrists and clenched them down tightly.

"Wait he probably has an implanted tracker" Dean said

The man turned around and flipped open a large knife "then get rid of it boy."

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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby crazyman4 » Mon May 30, 2016 6:48 pm

Sooo good.
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Tue May 31, 2016 10:02 am

The smirk fell from my face and Dean and I both exchanged nervous glances towards each other. I subconsciously stepped back into the man who was standing behind me. He looped his strong arms through mine to hold me still. Dean walked up slowly and took the knife from the man. A mean grin curled on his face, was that sick fuck actually getting excited about cutting me? It made me angry and since I probably wouldn't get the chance again I kicked him hard on the shin making him fall in pain. I really nailed him. The smile returning to my face. Almost instantly though the big man yanked me back, he turned me around and punched me hard in the gut. I couldn't breathe for a few seconds as I gasped for air he grabbed the knife and slid it across my hip quickly. It didn't hurt too badly but I was still clenching my teeth. He took the small tracker and threw it deep in the woods. Blood was streaming down my leg. Dean got up and slapped my side hard. I let out a loud yelp as the man grabbed me expecting a fight but I stood still.

"Alright enough!" He yelled

He did something unexpected after and released my hands from their restraints. I looked around quickly. He read my mind though and grabbed my arm.

"Don't even think about it, kid"

He pulled his shirt off and handed it to me.

"Hold this on your side" I did as I was told. He gave me a pretty good shove as we started to walk away from Drue and Sam. The younger boy and Dean walked ahead of us while the man and I took up the rear. He kept shoving me forward with hard pushes. I wasn't dragging my feet so he started to get on my nerves pretty quick. I shot him a dirty look. It just resulted in a hard slap to the back on my head. I walked a few more paces and stopped suddenly slamming my body against the man. He ran right into me. I thought my message sunk in when he gently nudged me forward again without saying anything but I was wrong. I didn't notice that he'd taken off his leather belt, I sure as hell felt it though the second he slammed it down across my back. I whipped around and gave him a look that was downright dangerous.

"Keep moving" he yelled as he hit my stomach with it. I wanted to just yank that belt out of his hand but I thought better of it. I slowly turned and started walking again but clearly not fast enough to his liking. Another smack to my lower back. It hurt like hell. I jogged forward a few paces to catch up with the other two boys. We reached a clearing in the woods about ten minutes later. There was a big black van parked. Two guys , later 20's well built and dressed in black were just leaning against it until they saw us.

"Hey nice work guys!" One of them yelled out. All of us got closer together. Dean looked fit and full of energy. I looked like shit, tired, dirty, weak etc. The other guys didn't actually know who was who. They looked at me though and I could tell they were snickering.

"Did things not go as planned? Why'd you bring another kid?" One said

"Yeah just tie him to a tree or something and leave him here we got who we want" the other said while giving a slight pat to deans shoulder. I guess I looked a lot more pathetic than I thought.

"Actually guys he's the tag a long" the older big man said while pointing to Dean. "This is who Cruz wants" I finally looked up after looking at the ground the whole time you could see the fire in my eyes even though I wasn't even restrained and was being very cooperative. Their eyes went wide though in shock. The big man broke the silence though.

"We have to get going, I have to clean his side first though" he grabbed his shirt from me and reapplied the handcuffs behind my back. They handcuffed Dean as well but let him have his arms in front. He offered 0 resistance. The man grabbed a back pack and took out a bottle of alcohol. He poured some of it on my side which stung horribly but I stayed still. He wiped the small cut clean and put gozz on it. Then wrapped a white bandage around my waist a few times and taped it off.

"It will do for now" I stayed quiet and still the entire time.

"Are you sure he's the one Cruz wants?" The other guard asked again.

"I thought he was supposed to be a handful and some track star" he eyed me up and down "he doesn't look or act like either, Cruz said it would be hard capturing him?!"

"He does seem pretty calm for what Cruz described but he's injured, has a few broken ribs. He tested us a little in the woods though until he became friends with my belt, he calmed down after that" both men chuckled and I smirked at them flashing my white teeth.

"We have a long drive lets get going" one of the guards got in the front while the other 2, Dean and the boy and I all got into the back which had two benches on either wall. There were hooks on the wall and the big man attached my handcuffs to one so I couldn't get up. There were also leg irons on the ground that he fastened around my ankles.

"How long is this drive?" I asked in a low tone.

"Don't worry about that, be quiet" one of the unfamiliar guards said. I glared at him. I nudged at the older man who was sitting next to me.

"Well?" He didn't answer

"HEY! Didn't I just tell you to shut up?!" The other guy looked irritated.

"Fuck off" I said in a low tone

His eyes shot daggers. He got up and walked over to me. Then pulled my hair painfully back so I was looking up at him. He held my head there while he fiddled to get a bandanna off his wrist. I knew what was coming. Dean whispered to the bigger man who was sitting on the other side of him.

"He gets really car sick" the man looked at Dean finally speaking


"Unless you want him choking on his own puke" Dean said, the man looked irritated but waved the other guard down.

"Do you not have ears? Did you not hear what he just told me" raising his voice after letting go of my hair. I let my head drop I already started feeling sick from the bumpy Forrest road. I wished I could lean forward more to help with the nauseous feeling building in my stomach.

"I heard. " he said calmly "he'll be punished later." I smirked at the guard still standing in front of me. He sat down on the other side of me. Then took his elbow and jabbed it into my injured side twisting it between my ribs. I shrieked and tried to move away but the restraints held me. I couldn't take a proper breath and felt like I couldn't breathe. I rattled every single chain holding me down and pushed myself into the older man next to me.

"Alright Mike that's enough" he said reaching over me and pushing his friend away. He got up though and got a small bottle and emptied it onto a rag. I imagined it was the same stuff they used back on Drue in the woods. He came back over to me and grabbed my head with a massive arm then pushed the rag up to my nose, I barley struggled. There was no point, it smelled sweet and I felt relaxed as my eyes fluttered closed and my body fell limp.

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