Finally he was captured

Fictional Stories of Males tying up Males

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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby xtc » Tue May 31, 2016 11:31 am

Welcome back again.
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Tue May 31, 2016 11:58 am

xtc wrote:Welcome back again.

Haha hey! (:

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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby tyman » Tue May 31, 2016 7:27 pm

love this story!
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Tue May 31, 2016 10:47 pm

tyman wrote:love this story!

Thank you.
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Fri Jun 03, 2016 3:14 pm

"Hey common wake up" I started to flutter my eyes open as the older man shook my shoulder. I looked around, we were still in the van but everyone else was gone, I assumed we were here. The man unlocked the handcuffs my wrists hurt from being restrained so long. I rubbed them slowly.

"I'm going to release your legs if you try anything or kick me I will beat the living outta you, understand?" I didn't respond just looked down.

"Hey! Do you understand boy?!" He said as he took his fist and pushed my chin up to look at him.

"Yeah." I said and dropped my head again

He once again raised my head more forcefully this time. I gave him a slight glare.

"Yes what?!" He said loudly

"Yes sir?" I said hoping that's what he meant. He remained silent while undoing the cuffs around my ankles. I stayed still.

"Good you're already learning" I shot my head up glaring at him deeply. He just chuckled. We got out of the van and he handcuffed my hands again but in front this time. I looked around we were in the middle of no where but there was a huge concrete building we were parked outside of, a huge concrete wall encircled it. It had a razored fence on the top. There was a big metal gate that was opened. I stopped right before the gate, I realized this was a lot more secure than Riley's place. Once I was in there wasn't a chance I could escape. I panicked for a second before the guard pushed me gently.

"You're fine, move" his words had sympathy in them, he could tell I was tense. I started walking again though, we walked through the big steel doors that led inside. It was gloomy and dark inside, everything was concrete, barley any windows. He led me through a door that was just an empty concrete room. It had drains on the floor and there was a big hose in the corner.

"Take your clothes off" he said sternly

I turned around and looked at him I knew there was no way out of any of this. So I decided to just have some fun.

"I'm surprised it took you so long to ask" I said smirking. He didn't expect that response and glared at me.

"Strip! Now!" He yelled

"Anything for you baby" I smirked again and winked at him. He clearly was not gay so I really didn't care. I started by leaning down and slowly taking off my sneakers, I looked up at him and licked my lips in a sexual way. He was shifting in discomfort. I chuckled, if he thought he could play a power trip on me by making me strip I was going to turn the tables on him. I honestly was just trying to think what Drue would do. He was always able to make fun in bad situations. I got up and tossed my sneakers beside me. I looped my thumbs around my shorts waistband slowly sliding them down while moving my hips in a stripper type way. He looked so disturbed. I was laughing so hard, kept winking at him. I did the same for my boxers turning slightly and showing him my ass. By the time I was done with my little "show" his mouth was gaping open with shock.

"You like what you see?" I said smiling with my straight white teeth. He was speechless.

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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby jtelford » Wed Jul 20, 2016 7:19 pm

This is a great read and I want to offer my encouragement to keep going even though I am new here.
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Tue Dec 20, 2016 10:45 pm

He came up close to me and unwrapped the bandage around my waist. The bleeding had stopped it was pretty superficial but still stung a bit. He took a chain that was bolted into the floor and padlocked it onto my handcuffs, it wasn't tight just made it so I couldn't step away from my position. He turned on the hose which stream lined with pretty good force and started spraying my legs with it. The water was ice cold and it was a bit of a shock at first I tried moving away but the chain kept me still. He sprayed my entire body down telling me to turn around halfway through so he could get my back. He sprayed it on my face a few times just to be an ass, I probably deserved it though. After he was finally done he unhooked the chain holding my arms letting it fall to the floor. He also took off the handcuffs.

"Shake off I don't have a towel" he said

I was still pretty soaked when he told me to put back on my clothes which was only shorts and sneakers. He looked at me though for a split second I could tell he was looking at my side and my ribs which were still very black and blue. He then grabbed my upper arm and pulled me out of the room we walked down a corridor for a second then into a big laundry/boiler room. He grabbed a light grey t-shirt from a shelf and made me put it on.

"This won't hide that" I said and chuckled

"Duh but I don't want your injury to be the first thing Cruz notices" he said as we left the laundry room. We walked past many cells with bars on them each had a few boys in them. They looked upset, unhappy, and nervous. I looked closely as I walked close to a few of them, a lot of the boys had bruises, cuts, welts. Everyone was restrained in some way it made my heart sink a bit. We finally walked up some stairs though and to a corridor that seemed to just be offices. The man stopped me for a second and handcuffed my hands behind my back tightly, Then pulled me forward again. We entered a grim dark office that was pretty large but looked as if it could be a torture chamber. We just stood in the middle of the room not saying anything for about five minutes I looked around quietly, the walls were concrete the desk was large and metal. Nothing about this space seemed friendly or inviting.

"Hey, kneel down" the man said out of nowhere when we could hear voices

"What why?" I asked

"Just do what I fucking tell you!" He whispered then kicked the back of my knee hard. I fell to the ground and looked at him enraged. He held his finger to his lips indicating for me to be quiet. Just then Cruz and the young boy from the woods walked in the room. Cruz had his arm around the boy like they were a couple, even though this boy might have been 15 and Cruz looked to be in his 40's. He pushed the boy away and told him to go lay down in a corner which the boy did with no hesitation.

"Wow you should give rover a treat for being such a good dog!" I gasped. The guards eyes widened so much they looked like they were going to pop out of his head.

"Well at least I know you retrieved the right kid Jonathan." He came and leaned against his desk right in front of me. I was not scared of this guy I looked him straight in the eyes. After a moments pause he spoke again.

"How was he for you John?" He said shifting his eyes to the guard.

"He was good things went smoothly actually." Why did he just lie? I was a dick to him and the other guard Mike. Just leave it to Cruz's puppy dog to ruin it though..

"Sir he was horrid, cussed out the guards, even tried fighting!" He protested. I wasn't mad it was true but I learned quick not to trust that kid.

"Oh I see.. I remember I needed to fix that mouth of yours.. And trying to fight authority that's not permitted at all." He reached over and patted my head I jerked away from his hand.

"Don't worry soon you'll be eating out of my hand"

"I think I'll leave the ass licking to your little pup over there" Cruz smacked me. I just laughed even though it was a hard blow.

"You need a few days to get your attitude in check before we start training. Put him in solitary confinement, no food, and put a shock collar on him. "

"Sounds like you've racked up some lashes too boy, 100 today, 75 if you behave tomorrow and so on, double it if he steps one foot out of line"

"If that's what gets you off at night" I said and smirked. He slapped my face again. This time I didn't laugh.

"You'll learn quick with the shock collar" he said calmly and smiled an evil grin.

"Now get out of my office" John yanked me up. We were almost out the door when I heard the boy say something again.

"Those lashes are going to feel great when they hit your ribs" I looked over my shoulder and glared at him. John tried to keep walking.

"Jonathan is there something you forgot to tell me?" We both stopped in our tracks looking at one another knowing exactly what the other was thinking, fuck.

"Come here boy" I turned around slowly the smile gone from my face. I walked back slowly and stood right in front of him. He reached over and tried to lift up my shirt. I backed away though so he couldn't.

"If you move again you will regret it deeply, now come here" he said in a stern cold voice.

I stepped forward and let him lift it. He ticked softly and shook his head. "Thought you'd try to hide this Jonathan?"

"It was worth a shot" Cruz didn't look amused when John chuckled.

"I saw this about a week ago when he and I ran into each other at the meet, I'm surprised you tried to hide it Jonathan. Maybe you also need a whippin?" I looked at the guard his expression had changed as well, he looked furious almost. Then he just walked out of the office. Cruz picked up his phone and called the other guard Mike up to his office. I just stood there silently not really knowing what just happened. It didn't take long for Mike to appear.

"I need you to take over for Jonathan, we need to fix up this ones attitude" he said pointing at me. I smirked at him and chuckled softly.

"Did he say something funny?!" Mike yelled at me. I ignored him and kept my gaze on Cruz.

"Hey I asked you a question!" He yelled again. I saw his hand about to smack my side out of the corner of my eye. I moved quickly missing his blow.

I spoke in a low tone, almost a whisper.
"Don't you fucking dare"

"We need to shut this kid up, he has such a filthy mouth" Mike hissed. Cruz was already walking behind his desk to grab something out of a drawer. He pulled out a thin black collar it looked a lot like the bracelet Riley had put on my wrist. I was pretty sure it was a shock collar. I was spot on.

"Do you know what this is?" Cruz said holding it up.

"I have a pretty good idea"

"I can remotely set this to shock you whenever I want, how long I want, and how intense the shock will be."

I gulped. I didn't like the sound of that.

"In your case however there is a setting that will shock you immediately if you speak at all automatically. You'll learn quick to shut your mouth. If I ever hear you swear again you will get a shock twice as bad, understood?"

I nodded my head silently. He walked back over to me and clasped it onto my neck.

"Let's just test it out" he said with a smile and punched me square in the ribs.

"Agghh, holy fuck" I screamed, just then my whole body spasmed and pain shot down my entire body, I fell to my knees, gritting my teeth trying to not make too much noise for the thing to shock me again. My entire body was tense I felt as if I was never going to be able to stand again. Just when I thought I was getting my breathing under control Cruz kicked me right in the gut. I let out enough noise to send another electric shock through my body. Again my body tensed and spasmed. It took me longer this time to re cooperate. I fell on my wrist which made a cracking sound everyone heard. Cruz turned off the shock collar for a moment.

"God dammit what just cracked?" He said sternly. I sat up slowly, gritting my teeth. I clearly didn't respond fast enough though. He kneeled down and gave me another slap to the face.

"When I ask you a question you respond without hesitation." I glared up at him but responded quietly.

"My wrist"

"Get up" he said coldly offering no help. I was able to get to my feet though with not much trouble. He took the handcuffs off to look how bad it was, my arms sinking to my sides. It was just a twist. I then took my own right forearm and gripped it tightly trying to keep my right wrist still.

"It hurts that badly?" Cruz chuckled

"You know it does" I said coldly

"It's fine, Mike will you please handcuff him, take him to his cell, and give him his first 100 lashes for today's behavior? Double it if he steps out of line."

"As for you, I'm turning this back on now" he said waving the remote in my face.

With that Mike slapped the handcuffs on my wrists and pushed me forcefully out of the office.

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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby tony2 » Tue Dec 20, 2016 11:03 pm

Well done.
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby Sniffmyfeet » Tue Dec 20, 2016 11:08 pm

The lashes will be really cruel, now that they have turned the shock collar back on. Poor boy...
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby bondagefreak » Tue Dec 20, 2016 11:15 pm

Glad to see you're back at it, mate :quirk:

As always, I'm looking forward to your next chapter.

100 lashes with a shock collar on. That's pretty harsh man.
Poor boi 8)
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Tue Apr 18, 2017 11:29 am

Change of POV

"Your behavior yesterday was appalling and will not happen again"

Jonathan frowned.

"I'm your bounty hunter not your personal brute."

"Giving you the freedom to choose your work is not the same as you being free, don't confuse the two" Cruz said calmly

"I'm not going to beat somebody to the point of submission"

Cruz gestured for the two guards in the corner of his office to come forward.

"Well clearly you've forgotten who your master is, I think these men will have to help you remember"

Jonathan looked behind him as they got closer and could feel their hands on his shoulders. Immediately he shrugged them off. He could have broken them both in half if he wanted to. Cruz put his hand down on the gun sitting atop his desk.

"Are we going to have a problem?" he asked tapping the gun.

"No, what do you want me to do?" Jonathan sighed deeply.

"I need you to give our new mouthy slave his lashes today, I heard he was misbehaving from Mike yesterday so please give the full 100 again. If he's good you can reward him with a few bottles of water. His cell is hot I'm sure he'll start behaving soon, don't hesitate to give him some jabs to the ribs either might as well use that to our advantage."

"Anything else?"

"Just report back I want to know if we're making progress."

Jonathan nodded and left the room. He had only done a few punishments for boys in the past yet everyone seemed to turn on their heels as he walked through the halls. He had brought most of them in very few needed discipline at all and knew their place. Cruz was cold and harsh when deciding the punishments he chose to give the boys who stepped out of line but even that was rare. He hated undisciplined boys.

Jonathan grabbed two bottles of water on his way down to the isolated cells. He was dragging his feet going as slowly as possible. When he reached the corridor of cells he grabbed a short whip from the wall, looked at it and sighed. He had enough beatings for a lifetime though and wasn't going to take another for this kid. When he approached the dark cell and opened it there was no sound to be heard. He saw the boy laying towards the back probably sleeping. His hands and feet were chained to the wall. Jonathan set down the water and whip. He knew Cruz turned off the kids shock collar.

"Good morning"

No answer. He walked up to him and knelt down. The cell was pitch black. Jonathan extended his arm and touched daltons back lightly. He had to jump back when the kid threw an elbow at him.

"What the fuck kid, relax" he said sternly

Jonathan got up and switched on the lights but what he saw horrified him. Blood all over the floor, the boy had deep wounds on his back and chest, his knees were cut and bleeding, legs and arms bruised. There were even cigarette burns. He was shaking slightly. Jonathan could tell immediately that Mike tortured the poor boy. He got a blanket and a wet towel. Walking up slowly to dalton again to avoid scaring him. Dalton still sat up quickly trying to move away the best he could.

"Get away from me"

"Shh relax I'm just gonna put the blanket over you, are you thirsty?"

Dalton licked his cut lips and looked eagerly at the water. Jonathan handed it to him. It was empty in an instant. He then slowly continued to wrap the blanket around the boys shoulders.

"Do you mind if I clean up your knees? They're pretty bloody."

"That's what happens when you repeatedly get pushed onto a stone floor, is that what you're here for? To give me another beating?"

"No." was all Jonathan could bring himself to say. He took the towel and wiped off some of the crusted blood on daltons knees, hands, and wrists. After he was done he left the second water bottle and closed the cell door behind him. He later on lied to Cruz saying everything went well and that he didn't get any resistance which seemed to please Cruz.

"I knew a firm hand would wipe the smirk right off that kids face, I have to leave for a few days, continue with his last set of lashes tomorrow and we will start his training when I get back. Let the guards know he is allowed to eat if he does well tomorrow."

"Yes sir" Jonathan replied.

He tended to Dalton the next day but had to leave him after that to do his own hunting for Cruz.
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:14 pm

I was taken to a different cell deeper in the prison but at least it had light and a bed. The guard took the shock collar off, gave me some dry oats to choke down and water. He also took off the handcuffs and leg cuffs I was wearing. When he left I lay down and tried to sleep off some of the pain in my body. It was peaceful and quiet. Nobody was around, and all the other cells were empty. I was very relaxed until I realized somebody's hand was cutting off my air supply. I frantically woke up my arm catching somebody hard straight in the face. They fell back and I was able to get a closer look at them. It was just a boy, maybe my age but short, 5'10 perhaps. Not in the least bit skinny though very fit and muscular. Not a guard so I felt a sense of relief.

"Are you okay?! I'm really sorry!" I said as I crouched near him. His facial expression told me he was not about to play nice. He threw a hard punch putting me right on my ass. I was dizzy and discombobulated but he sprang up and pinned me down against the floor while he threw another hard punch to my jaw. It took all my strength to push him off of me and then leapt to my feet. Stumbling backwards away from him, I could see he still wanted to fight and was about to lunge at me again. This guy was nuts. Coughing and wheezing caught up to me quickly I could barely breath as I slumped next to a wall. He stopped and stared for a good 30 seconds face still plastered with murder. The coughing slowed though as I was able to get some larger breaths in. I looked at him standing over me now, blank face, still huffing his chest which was shirtless. He finally spoke.

"Why were you in my bed?" Eyes beating down at me. I looked at him in shock. That can't be why he was so furious.

"What?" I asked quietly and got up now standing over him. He just wouldn't quit though and pushed me hard against the metal bars.

"Why are you in my fucking cell, sleeping in my bed?!" He yelled. Fuck it. I pushed right back and because of his size compared to mine he stumbled back. I didn't yell, probably couldn't right now. I spoke sternly done with this bullshit.

"Listen I don't know where the fuck I am, who you are, or why I'm here. I have 4 broken ribs and was just trying to rest from probably the worst beating I've ever gotten in my life yesterday. I'm exhausted and don't want to fight I'm sorry I fell asleep in your bed, it won't happen again." He looked me up and down, just now noticing all the cuts/bruises/burns on my skin. Face becoming more calm.

"If I ever catch you in my bed again without permission I will make sure my beating to you will be worse." This guy had some real issues. It was strange seeing such a hothead in this place. Every single boy I'd seen so far has been quiet and cowardly towards other boys and guards. I'd be surprised though if he was this tough with the guards. Cruz seemed to have a 0 defiance policy and anyone who stepped one foot out of line was toast. I already could tell I needed to watch my mouth.

The next two days were uneventful. I hadn't even learned the other boys name. He seemed pretty peeved to be sharing a cell with me, even though I just sat in the corner and let him be. Everyday a guard would come get him in the morning and bring him back at night. They didn't tie him up or ever cuff him I noticed. It made me wonder if he really was a guard just watching me for Cruz. On the third day a guard finally came for me. He had a great time synching my wrists, elbows, and chest tightly with rope before walking me out back up to one of the main corridors. Yanking me left and right through the halls I kept quiet not wanting another beat down for something stupid. We went to a medical type room with a big metal table in the middle. There were two other guards and a nurse. They helped untie my arms and pushed me over to the table making me lay down and stretch out on it. Leather around my waist and legs were applied. My arms were forced above my head and handcuffed through a ring. I had no clue what was happening. The nurse came over and pet my head slowly.

"You're a cute one aren't you?" I jerked my head away and glared at her.

"Is he restrained well enough for you?" One of the guards asked.

"Yes but there's one thing we're missing" she pulled out a bit gag from a drawer and walked back over.

"Open up sweetie"
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Re: Finally he was captured

Postby » Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:48 pm

I looked over at what she was holding and immediately tightened my jaw. I hated being gagged. The nurse saw exactly what I was trying to do.

"Oh sweetie this is going in your mouth the easy way or the hard way I suggest you just save yourself the trouble" She said while walking over.

"Don't." I replied in a quiet whisper

She got close and leaned over ready to push it behind my teeth. Instantly I jerked up and scraped her wrist with my teeth. I didn't mean to cause harm just a warning bite. She pulled away quickly and yelled out in pain dropping the gag. One of the guards pulled back a fist ready to strike at me.

"Hold on a second please" we all looked at the doorway where Cruz was standing. Great timing I thought to myself and rested my head back down. The nurse was now crying and ran over to him ratting me out. He stopped her.

"I've been watching for awhile I saw what he did, can I see your wrist please?" He said

There wasn't even a mark of where I had bit her it was just a little red in color. She was making it sound as though she was dying with all her crying. He comforted her and wrapped her wrist ignoring me. When he was finished he began walking over to the side she was originally on.

"So all this over a gag?" He said picking it up off the floor and laying it on a table.

"You need to learn when to pick your battles. Well we'll see if it was worth it. "

Cruz walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a washcloth and a big bucket which he then began to fill with water. The nurse started snickering while trying to hold back a laugh. I didn't know what was happening. Once it was full he handed the washcloth to a guard and told him to hold it over my nose and mouth. I couldn't breathe and started to panic. Thrashing a bit but that's when Cruz started pouring the water over my head. It filled my throat and went painfully up my nose. It felt like I was drowning. I was yanking at my restrains frantically while it went on for about 10 seconds. He finally stopped my head was pounding, the guard finally took the wet rag off my face. I couldn't catch my breath while I was coughing so hard. It didn't take long though before I gave Cruz a huge glare.

"You're a fucking lunatic" I rasped

"Well I guess he wants more" he said and nodded to the guard to put the washcloth back over my mouth while they repeatedly waterboarded me. Again a third time after I mouthed off more. I was struggling so violently the skin under my wrists and ankles started to bleed. After the third time though I had had enough I felt like I was about to pass out any second but it didn't happen.

"Stop please! I'm sorry"

"Sorry what?"

"Sir.." I said defeated. My throat and lungs burned, and the coughing was awful.

"I think he's ready for you to try again darling" Cruz said as he motioned the nurse over. She was hesitant but took the gag once again and came over to me. I was still panting heavily but paused for a second and opened my mouth before she could even ask me to. She still seemed nervous though and didn't strap it very tightly behind my head.

"Oh he's got such nice teeth I think they should be on better display" Cruz said as he came over, tightening the gag and pulling it deeper in my mouth so you could see all of my top teeth clenching onto it. I still was able to muster a small glare in his direction.

"I see Riley didn't claim his property. Did you have any other owners before Riley? You don't have any serial identification numbers on your side."

I shook my head no.

"That's what I guessed, no training or discipline of any kind. No respect for authority. Don't worry we'll change that right away. Serena he's ready"

She was holding a tiny machine that had a long pointed end. Very sharp. It was a tattoo gun.

"I'm just going to tattoo your serial number on your ribcage, Please stay still" she said quietly.

Cruz bent over and talked quietly in my ear. "If you cause anymore harm or move a fucking muscle, water boarding will just be the start" I nodded to let him know I understood. She cleaned off my upper ribs and started tattooing 5 numbers. Cruz stayed for a second to make sure there was no more trouble but left about halfway through. I have a high pain tolerance it was a bit sensitive over the bones but I stayed still and quiet the entire time. It didn't take too long and soon she was putting a small bandage over it.

"Alright it's done" she said and got up to put the gun down. She then walked over to me and took off the gag. I looked at her quietly giving a slight glare. She slapped me hard against the face.
"That's for biting me"
I deserved that. Finally they took me back to my cell. The guard instructed me to lay on my stomach when we got there. He pulled out coils of rope and started tying my elbows together all the way down to my wrists. My knees and my ankles as well. He then yanked my ankles up and looped the rope around my wrists. I thought he was done but he stood up and pulled the rope as tight as he could stretching my legs and arching my back painfully. I yelped as a result of it and gritted my teeth.

"Shut up" he growled and tied off the rope. He left me on the floor of my cell and closed the door. The rope digging into my raw wrists and ankles stung and my back was already cramping. About ten minutes later my cell mate was pushed In. He wasn't restrained. Just wearing basketball shorts and sneakers. It's the only thing I'd seen him in since I'd been here but he could say the same for me I suppose. He never talked to me unless it was yelling about something stupid. It had been days and I still didn't even know his name or his role in this place. He walked over my back not saying a word then lay on the bed. I rolled my eyes. A few minutes passed.

"What did you do?" I heard him ask.

"What?" I asked surprised he was communicating with me. He got up and sat on the side of the bed.

"Well I see you got your serial number but your hairs wet and that doesn't look like a very comfortable hogtie. I'm guessing you either got your head dunked or were water boarded. Am I correct?

"Water boarded." I said quietly

"So again, what did you do?"

"Bit the nurse when she tried to gag me."

He let out a chuckle. "I'm surprised you aren't gagged right now, especially because Serena is the only nurse who works on weekends and she's Cruzes daughter"

"Great." I replied.

"A few years ago I bit a guard and was gagged for a week straight as well as being trussed up like you are."

"You've been here a few years?!"

"Most of my life, actually." He sighed

My eyes widened. "Do you run on the track team?" I asked

"I used to. Cruz uses me for other things now."

"Why? Like what?"

He just sternly stared at me and didn't respond, ignoring my question.

We both looked up when the cell door was unlocked, Cruz and a guard walked in. Cruz pulled a spider gag out of his pocket.

"Don't even think about fighting or biting me boy" he said as he walked over. I didn't and let him push the wide gag past my teeth, stretching my jaw wide open. He buckled it tightly and I knew it wasn't coming out for a long time.

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