The Slave, Hunter (updated with chapter 12; 09/01)

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The Slave, Hunter (updated with chapter 12; 09/01)

Postby Jason Toddman » Tue Oct 08, 2013 10:06 pm

A new story, at the request of Hunter316.


Initial Cast:

Hunter - Age nearly 15 years old, 5’ 7”, 130 pounds, slim but with an athletic body (good definition). Shaggy light blonde hair, blue eyes, light freckles around his nose. Very handsome face.

Jaden - Age 17 years old, 6’ 0”, 175 pounds. Much more muscular than Hunter, brown hair and brown eyes, very athletic and captain of the school football team. Comes from the wealthiest family in the region. Pretty much the most popular boy in high school.

Alex – Age 16 years old, 5’ 10”, 160 pounds, Asian, black hair, dark brown eyes. Taller and more muscular than Hunter but shorter and less muscular than Jaden. Rather dominant-aggressive personality to most people but is a loyal friend and follower of Jaden’s, and also lives in the same neighborhood.

Sam – Age 15 years old, 5’ 8”, 140 pounds, a little bigger than Hunter, follower of the other two. Has blonde hair, hazel eyes; not as muscular as his two friends but still trim, wiry and strong. Member of his school’s wrestling team. Like Jaden and Alex, comes from a rich family.

Sierra – age 15 years old, 5’ 7”, 110 pounds, slim but athletic, on her school’s acrobatic beam. Long wavy blonde hair, gorgeous face and a killer body. Green eyes. Has a mild crush on Hunter, who has a very strong crush on her but is far from being the only boy who does. Has a mild but noticeably mischievous personality.

Appearing Later:

Carsen - Jaden's little brother, 12 (almost 13) years old, brown hair and brown eyes with freckles, very good looking kid. Just a bit shorter than Hunter but with an even more athletic build, short hair (not quite buzzed, but pretty close).

Austin- Alex's little brother, 13 1/2, short and fairly skinny for his age; smaller than Carsen but very athletic (wiry build). Shaggy black hair, black eyes, into sports like soccer just like Hunter.


It was the game that would determine which school would obtain the State Soccer Championship; the last Soccer game before the end of the school year. It was a cloudy but pleasantly warm day in early June; just one week before summer vacation would begin.
Hunter saw his chance, kicked the ball along the field with two members of the opposing team striving vainly to catch up to him, and with a mighty surge of his leg muscles licked the Soccer ball directly toward the net as hard as he could.

“Look at that kid go,” someone in the audience yelled as Hunter scored another goal into the Soccer net past the keeper; winning the game for his team. “He must’ve been eating his Cheerios!”

“He’s got really nice Soccer legs!” a familiar-sounding feminine voice replied from somewhere behind him. Hunter didn’t see her, but it was undoubtedly his mischievous friend Sierra who had spoken. Hunter was pretty sure she wasn’t just referring to his skills in running fast and kicking soccer balls either.

Hunter blushed momentarily but pretended to ignore the comment as he and his team-mates celebrated their latest win against their rival team The Mighty Muskrats. High-fives were exchanged all around as the audience in the bleachers and members of both teams prepared to go home after a long, hard-fought game. Several of his teammates congratulated Hunter for making the winning goal but none of them lingered for small talk afterward.

Finally, as the team began to disperse to rejoin their families and go home, Hunter grabbed his knapsack, sat all alone on a small bench at one edge of the field, and changed his soccer shoes for a clean set of Nike sneakers. He would have to ride his bike home, and the stiff-soled Soccer shoes were less suitable for that than his normal footwear would be. He had no change of clean clothes otherwise however; why bother changing into regular clothes when he’d only get those sweaty and smelly as well riding his bike six miles over rather hilly roads? He may as well keep his already gamey Soccer outfit (red shirt, blue shorts with red racing stripes, and knee-length red socks) on until he got home and could wash up and relax.

Hunter idly looked around and watched as his team-mates were greeted by their parents and siblings; many of whom cheered their family member’s efforts in the game regardless of which team they’d been playing. Hunter looked at some of them wistfully, and wished he had a family like some of the ones he was watching. But he had no siblings or close friends (other than Sierra) to root for him. He had parents all right, but his father was hospitalized in a sanitarium 100 miles away to treat his advanced Tuberculosis, and his mother was also there for the weekend to visit with him. Hunter would not have minded being with them there as well, but minors weren’t allowed to visit contagion wards, and there were also classes to attend and his schoolwork and farm chores to deal with. Also his Soccer team had needed him, he thought to himself with a grin.

Hunter looked up as the same pleasant feminine voice as before called his name from a closer distance than before. A smiling Sierra was coming toward him to say hello and congratulate him on scoring the winning goal. Hunter’s mood picked up greatly as the girl walked up to him. Having her around chased away all his feelings of self-pity and regrets, and he smiled as he returned her greeting.

Up in the stands, three other boys quietly conversed; watching Hunter surreptitiously as the crowd began to disperse or – in the case of family members or friends - join up with team members to take them home. All three were dressed in brand-new, fashionable clothes; indicating their families’ high socio-economic standing in the community.

“Is everything all set?” the largest boy, Jaden, quietly asked the other two boys as he watched Sierra walk up to Hunter and congratulate him.

“Yep,” Alex replied. “I made sure both his bike tires are flat as pancakes. He lives too far from here to want to walk – especially alone.”

“Looks like it’s going to rain soon too; that should help,” Jaden added. “Since I offered Sierra a ride home, she’s certain to include Hunter in on the offer when she finds out he’s stranded here. She’s told me that he *hates* walking in the rain!”

“And once we drop her off, we’ll have Hunter all to ourselves,” Sam added unnecessarily.

It was all planned carefully. Hunter lived over six miles (all of it along country roads) from the rural high school he and they attended, and had bicycled here at the start of the school day. Between his bike ride here, a long day of school classes, and the subsequent Soccer game after school let out, he’d be too tired to want to walk home, the school buses were long gone, and he would be unlikely to hitch a ride with strangers. Sierra was his girlfriend however – or, at least, so Hunter thought of her as being – and lived roughly halfway between Hunter’s house and the school. Once Sierra offered him a ride home, Hunter would surely be glad to accept.

Of course, he’d really be accepting a ride home from Jaden. But the normally shy boy likely wouldn’t object even though he didn’t know the older boy very well. Without Sierra in the picture it would likely be different, however. Jaden was a junior (though he seemed like a senior even to actual seniors) while Hunter was only a freshman over two years younger. Moreover, Jaden was from the wealthiest family in the county while Hunter’s parents were merely struggling farmers deep in debt because of Hunter’s father’s medical bills. Therefore, the two boys generally did not move in the same social circles. Moreover, Hunter was notoriously shy; and it was well-known that he had strong feelings of inadequacy around other students from the wealthier families.

However, Jaden – though occasionally a tad rough to some of the freshmen like many jocks his age – had never been unfriendly to Hunter. In fact, he even once scared off another kid he’d caught picking on Hunter for some reason, gave Hunter a friendly smile, and then went on his way. Therefore Jaden’s offer of a ride home would arouse no suspicions on the younger boy’s part… especially when made through Hunter’s own girlfriend… even though Jaden’s own house was not along the way to Sierra’s and even further out of the way to Hunter’s house.

Of course, Sierra didn’t have a clue about what Jaden’s true motivations were. She simply believed Jaden offered her a ride because he was her friend and was rather sweet on her. This was also true, but she didn’t know that Jaden’s true plans involved getting Hunter into his van rather than her. She would be making the offer herself on her own initiative; unaware that such was Jaden’s true aim all along. She would make the offer, Jaden would graciously go along with the idea, and not only would he have Hunter where he wanted him but Sierra would be even more impressed with Jaden than ever! It was truly a win-win scenario – at least for Jaden!

Sierra was in fact sweeter on Jaden than she was on Hunter. The younger boy was very cute and sweet-natured, yes; but from her lofty standpoint of being a year older than Hunter he was also just a kid, and so naïve about so many things. In her adolescent mind, Hunter simply paled in comparison with Jaden, who was older, larger, stronger, more athletic, and so… manly, though still in a ruggedly handsome boyish kind of way.

The fact that his family was wealthy might have been a subconscious factor as well, but she would have vehemently denied that notion had it ever consciously occurred to her at all. Hunter was a sweet boy… but the more rugged Jaden was practically a man! Not only did he have a driver’s license (which Hunter was too young to possess) but he owned his own brand-new van as well! And when she thought about how he looked with his shirt off… well!

Jaden and his two cronies watched from a discreet distance as Hunter and Sierra talked together without moving toward the bike rack where Hunter had left his bicycle. Excellent. The longer that it took Hunter to realize that his bike tires were flat (and irreparable even if he happened to have a tire-repair kit with him), the fewer options for getting home he would have as the other people all around continued to disperse; getting into their own vehicles - or, in a few cases, mounting their own bikes - and riding off. Half of the people who had attended the Soccer match had already left, and most of the rest were already inside their vehicles and starting out. The threat of rain in the air helped; it encouraged people to hasten on their way home.

Of course, Jaden’s plans had not – could not – have been airtight. Hunter might decide to simply walk home after all if the weather improved, or perhaps hitch a ride from another friend if any were still around when he noticed the condition of his bike tires. But there were contingency plans to account for these variables as well if all did not go according to plan.

If Hunter started walking then, if need be, they could take Sierra straight home and then come back for him. There was a place along the way where they could pass by Hunter unseen by anyone else on the road, stop, and offer him a ride. If he refused for some reason, they could simply grab him and take him along with them anyway. He’d struggle of course, but they’d be three to his one and each of them was much stronger than he was to boot. And, of course, they could still use the means to pacify him that they planned to use anyway; it would be harder but not at all impossible.

If he got a ride home, well – he’d be home alone for a long while anyway. Hunter’s dad was going to be in the hospital for a long time to come and Jaden knew that Hunter’s mother was gone for at least the weekend as well; leaving Hunter completely alone in the house with the nearest neighbor a quarter-mile off and well out of earshot. Then they could simply snatch the unsuspecting Hunter while he showered (no one expects – or is ready to deal with - trouble when they’re home alone taking a shower!) or slept in his bed; and take him away from his own house with no witnesses nor anyone to interfere. Afterward, people might think he simply ran away from home or something.

The crowd continued to disperse; all but a few people with cars had driven away by the time Hunter and Sierra began to walk to where he had parked his bicycle. Jaden, Sam, and Alex remained seated on the bleachers and continued to watch them casually. Their continued presence there would arouse no suspicions; after all, they were simply waiting patiently to give Sierra a ride home after she had finished talking with her other friend.

“I think she likes Hunter more than she lets on,” Alex ventured with a derisive snort. “Are you sure her feelings for him have nothing to do with why we’re doing this, Jaden?”

“I’m sure,” Jaden said flatly. “I’ve got nothing against Hunter. Hell, his being sweet on Sierra simply makes this whole plan a whole lot easier to work out. Look at him. He’s reached his bike, but he’s still so busy mooning over her that he still hasn’t noticed both his tires are flat and poked full of holes! But yeah, that’s not why I want to take him. It’s not revenge at all. Quite the opposite. I like the little bugger, actually. He’ll make a cute pet!”

“Ohh, hooo,” Alex said in sudden comprehension. “So that’s why you had your ‘guest quarters’ all prepared. I thought maybe you were planning a special surprise for Carsen or Austin again… or maybe even for Sam here.”

Sam gave Alex a dirty look but did not dignify the comment with any further response; he was sure Alex was only joking about that possibility. “You’re really going to make Hunter a permanent guest then?” Sam asked Jaden. “I thought at most that you were going to just do a short tie-up, like you’ve done to me and those other two.”

“Carsen’s my own kid brother, so I couldn’t very well hide him away indefinitely, now could I?” Jaden retorted to Alex with a mildly sarcastic tone. “Especially not in our own house. Mom and dad aren’t in the house much, but even they would notice something was amiss if Carsen didn’t’ turn up now and then. Besides, he may only be twelve but he’s already getting pretty big and too hard even for me to keep under total control. A bit too much like me, I suppose.”

“And my kid brother Austin’s just as close to Carsen as I am to Jaden,” Alex added. “Carsen would put up too much of a fuss if Austin became just another one of Jaden’s pets, even if it *would* take all the pressure off of himself. But he doesn’t know Hunter there from a hole in the ground. He’s not going to object to Hunter taking his place in our bondage and domination games. Hell, he’ll probably help with Hunter’s training just out of his own best interests. With Hunter there, he’ll be free to do whatever else he pleases whether his folks are home or not. Austin would help too, if only to ensure he never takes Hunter’s place in the ‘guest quarters’.”

“Yeah, your brothers always were rather strong-willed for their age, weren’t they?” Sam replied with a grin. “Sometimes they even try bossing *me* around when I visit either of you at home. I can see why you’d prefer having someone who isn’t so strong-willed as your slave, Jaden. Your brother and Alex’s brother are too much like you. They’re natural masters; not slaves. Hunter on the other hand is the perfect choice. He’s mild-mannered, not very strong except for those legs, and not at all bad looking. Training him ought to be a pretty pleasant experience.”

Jaden wasn’t paying all that much attention to what Sam was saying; at that moment, he was watching those very same legs his friend had just mentioned as Hunter hunkered down to re-tie one of his sneaker’s laces that had come loose. As he was still wearing his soccer shorts, Hunter’s legs were still on display. Although Hunter wasn’t especially muscular, he was quite fit, and his legs were definitely more well-developed than the rest of him. He had proved that with his Soccer skills today; running almost tirelessly during the game despite all the prior exertions of the day. He would have had energy to spare in those legs to get himself home on his bike if his tires hadn’t been sabotaged first.

Jaden definitely admired those trim muscular legs Hunter had. He looked forward to…

“Oh, look,” Alex said with a chuckle as he nudged Jaden gently with his elbow. “The poor dope has finally noticed what happened to his bike!”

Indeed, Hunter’s yell of outrage was carrying clearly all the way over to them, even though they were a good 300 feet away.

“He’s got good lungs,” Sam observed dryly. “Better make sure no one else is within earshot when he finds out we’re not taking him home.”

“That’ll be your job,” Jaden reminded him. “Just make sure you don’t goof it up, or you *will* be staying in the ‘guest room’ tonight… and for many nights to come!”

Sam swallowed nervously and became considerably more obsequious. “I won’t mess up! And Alex will be there to help me restrain him anyway if he gets too feisty!”

“Just make sure not to hurt him either,” Jaden added. “Hunter won’t make a very good slave at all if gets too heavy a dose of that stuff, or if he gets hurt so much he needs medical attention. I’d do the honors myself but I’ll have my hands full just driving the van; so I’m counting on you. Do *not* let me down!”

“I won’t, Jaden! I won’t! I promise!” Sam exclaimed nervously. “The dope’s right here in my jacket pocket, and all the other stuff’s packed inside the box in the back of the van.”

Hunter was still howling almost incoherently (but apparently quite luridly) about his bike, while Sierra was attempting to calm him down. It was plainly evident that the flat tires were not merely unfortunate accidents; someone had deliberately, maliciously slashed the tires. Hunter was at a loss to understand who at his school would do such a thing. Though he had few friends other than Sierra, he had no enemies at school to speak of either; certainly no one who disliked him *this* much! Hunter could only surmise that it was done by some punk from the losing team showing poor sportsmanship against the person most directly responsible for their team’s loss.

“Now what am I gonna do?” Hunter groused unhappily as Sierra managed to soothe him with a sympathetic hug and a chaste kiss on the cheek. “It’s gonna take an hour to get home on foot even if I jog, and I’m too bushed to jog that far. So that means a 90-minute to two-hour walk – maybe longer if I walk my bike on those flat tires the entire way!”

“I’m sure you could easily get a ride,” Sierra told him. “I’m sure anyone would give a cutie like you a ride even without you sticking out your thumb for one,” she added teasingly. “Just show off those lovely trim legs of yours!”

“I never accept rides from strangers,” Hunter insisted; ignoring the teasing compliment about his legs. “Mom and dad are always telling me horror stories about how some people like to nab kids who hitchhike and do all sorts of awful things to them! Especially to ‘cuties’ like me,” he added with a rueful smile and a calmer voice; Sierra always was a soothing influence on him!

“Out by the cities maybe, but nobody around here would do anything like that,” Sierra replied confidently. “Anyway, Jaden’s giving me a ride home. I’m sure he’d give you a ride home too if you asked him nicely.”

Hunter looked askance at the bleachers where the three older boys still sat; casually talking among themselves and idly watching them. “I don’t know,” Hunter said doubtfully. “Seems to me he likes you too much to suit me. He’d probably just tell me to walk home – and to get lost while I was at it! I doubt he even cares whether or not I’m alive.”

Hunter would have probably more chagrined than pleased if he’d known then just how wrong he was about what Jaden thought of him!

“All right then, *I’ll* ask him,” Sierra replied cheerfully as she gave Hunter another kiss on the cheek and then quickly sauntered over to where the other three boys awaited her. “Like you said, he likes *me*! He won’t say ‘no’ if *I* ask him.”

Normally, Hunter would have probably preferred to walk the six miles home rather than accept a favor from someone he barely knew and whom he considered a rival for Sierra’s attentions. Especially a rival he felt completely out-classed by. But he was tired, upset about his vandalized bicycle, hungry, thirsty, sweaty, and he just wanted to go home. So, grunting a bit unhappily about the situation but making no actual objection to Sierra’s idea, he grabbed his gear and followed along a few feet behind her as she walked straight toward the other three boys.

“Ready to go, Sierra?” Jaden called out in a sincerely friendly and amiable voice as he and his two cronies stood up and stepped down off of the bleachers they had been sitting in. Then he turned a friendly gaze toward Hunter. “Hi, Hunter. What’s up?” he asked amiably; which put the wary Hunter somewhat off his guard. “Great game, by the way!”

“Hunter’s stranded,” Sierra replied briskly as she walked up to him. “Someone messed with his bike. Could you give him a ride home too please?”

“Sure, Sierra; no problem,” Jaden replied cheerfully. “There’s plenty of room in the van. Come on, Hunter. You can sit in the middle seat along with Sierra.” He said this while clapping Hunter on the back; smiling as if they were lifelong friends instead of two boys who usually exchanged little more than silent glances to each other when they passed each other in the school hallways.
“Hey, go bring your bike too. I have a bike rack on the roof. No point leaving your bike here.”

Hunter was somewhat surprised at this friendly gesture but said nothing other than “Thanks”; though he said this with sincere gratitude and flashed one of his winning smiles as he did so. He then ran off to retrieve his bicycle from where he had left it.

“You’ve got such a sweet smile, Hunter old kid,” Jaden thought quietly to himself as the group walked over to his van; now almost the only motor vehicle left in the parking lot. “Too bad I won’t be seeing many more smiles like that coming from you for a while. But I’m sure I’ll see it again eventually… and the wait and the experiences in between will be worth it.”

Jaden after unlocking the sliding door at the side of his van and invited the others to climb in. he then took Hunter’s bicycle for him and, with Alex’s help, secured it snugly on the bike rack on top of his van. There were three rows of seats in all. Hunter gestured for Sierra to climb in first, but she demurred. “My stop is closer,” she pointed out. “I’ll be getting off first, and as there’s no door in the other side it makes more sense for me to get on after you if we’re sitting together.”

Hunter gave in to her logic and climbed into the middle seat, and Sierra climbed in and sat beside him. Sam followed the two of them inside the van and sat by himself in the seat behind them. Alex then closed the sliding door behind them, opened the passenger side door next to it, and climbed into the front passenger seat while Jaden climbed into the driver’s seat and started the van’s motor.

Hunter and Sierra chatted amiably together as the van pulled out of the school parking lot and started down the road. The other three occupants of the van remained silent, but Hunter and Sierra were too preoccupied talking with each other to notice or care.

After a pleasure three-mile drive, the van reached Sierra’s house; a pleasant two-story house near the edge of the business center of town. Like Jaden, Sam and Alex, her family was more than comfortably well-off, though not rich like Jaden’s family was. Sierra’s kid sister Kiera was outside playing, and called a cheerful greeting to Sierra as she slide the van door open. Sierra gave Hunter a quick hug and said her goodbyes before getting up and hopping out of the van.

“Wait, I’ll get out with you,” Hunter exclaimed and began to get up to follow her. “I can just walk my bike home from here.”

“Don’t be silly, Hunter!” Sierra protested a bit sardonically as she thrust out a hand to stop him from climbing out of the van. “It’s still over three miles to your house. Just let Jaden drive you home like he agreed to. Jaden, you want to take Hunter home, don’t you?”

“I most certainly do,” Jaden replied quite sincerely, though the home he had in mind was his own rather than Hunter’s. But his smile and tone were so disarmingly friendly that they put Hunter off his guard. “Don’t sweat it, Pal. Why walk when you can ride?”

“Oh. Okay,” Hunter gave in reluctantly. “See you Monday, Sierra.” Hunter said more cheerfully.

“See you Monday, Hunter,” she replied warmly before closing the van door shut again, waving to him, and then turning to walk briskly toward her house; her younger sister cheerfully tagging along right beside her and asking her about her day. Hunter watched them wistfully; he wished he had someone at home who cared how *his* day had been!

Somewhat glumly, Hunter sat back down in his seat.

“Don’t worry Hunter; we’ll have you home in no time,” Jaden promised him as he began driving his van away from Sierra’s house and continued down the lonely country road. “We’re going to take good care of you.”

He looked into his dashboard mirror at Hunter, who was paying little attention to him, and then at Sam, who was paying very close attention to him. The road was deserted of any other traffic, and there were no houses around. No one could see them.

Jaden nodded his head slightly as he locked eyes with Sam. Sam nodded back, and Jaden continued to concentrate on his driving. The exchange of glances went completely unnoticed by Hunter, but the younger boy nonetheless began to tense up. It seemed awfully quiet in here now, without Sierra to talk to; and he scarcely knew any of these three boys he was riding with. He felt something was wrong. Maybe he should ask Jaden to stop and let him out right here.

“So Hunter, how’s you dad doing?” Jaden suddenly asked him with evident concern.

“Oh… uhh… okay, I guess,” Hunter replied hesitantly. “Doctors say he can probably come home next month.”

Unknown to Hunter, Sam was quietly pulling a handkerchief out of one pocket and a small dark bottle from another. He uncapped the bottle and quietly emptied its contents onto the handkerchief before carefully setting the bottle down on his seat to one side of him.

“Must be kind of lonely being home all alone, isn’t it?” Jaden inquired sympathetically; watching both Sam and Hunter through his rearview mirror.

“I’m used to it,” Hunter replied quietly; looking out his window and totally oblivious to Sam’s movements behind him. “Folks were never home much to begin with. Mom and dad aren’t exactly close. I doubt they’d even notice if I never came back home.”

Jaden coughed and acted like he was going to choke for a moment, but quickly regained his aplomb. “Hey, Hunter, it must really suck spending the weekend all alone,” Jaden said after a moment. “Look, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you spend the weekend with us? You’d have some company, and we’d get to know each other better.”

“Why would you want that?” Hunter asked in some puzzlement as he looked up warily.

“Well, you’re Sierra’s friend, right?” Jaden pointed out reasonably. “And *I’m* her friend too. So it stands to reason that the two of us should also be friends! How about it?”

“Uhhh… well, thanks, but I’d better not,” Hunter replied quietly. “I’m tired, grubby, need a bath and fresh clothes, and… well… I just don’t’ want to. Maybe some other time, all right?”

Jaden didn’t reply.

Hunter looked upward at the older boy after a few seconds when he heard no answer. It was only then that he noticed that Jaden had turned down a little used side-road that went nowhere near where he wanted to go. “Hey, what’s up?” Hunter asked nervously as he straightened up in his seat. “You’re going the wrong way!”

“I really think you’d be happier if you just came home with us,” Jaden replied levelly but with what was meant to be a reassuring smile.

Hunter wasn’t reassured. The smile didn’t quite reach Jaden’s eyes, which at that moment looked cold and scary to him. The combination of wide toothy grin and cold eyes made Jaden appear like a shark to Hunter at that moment.

Behind him, Sam clutched the wet cloth in his right hand and slowly leaned forward.

“No! Please! I just want to go home!” Hunter managed to exclaim just before a pair of arms came from behind him and grabbed him tightly. The left arm hooked itself around the boy’s throat, while the opposite hand tightly held a wet, strange-smelling cloth against his face. At virtually the same instant, Hunter began feeling very light headed.

“NOOOO!” Hunter screamed. In a panic, he lurched forward with all his strength. Aided by a surge of adrenalin, Hunter managed to break away from a hold that would normally have kept him helplessly trapped – at least for the time it would take for the chloroform to work. “Let me out of here!” he yelled as he grabbed his knapsack and began to throw open the sliding van door to jump out despite the fact that the van was still traveling at a good thirty miles an hour. Hunter was too panicked (as well as dazed from his too-brief exposure to the chloroform) to notice or care about this however; at that moment anything was better than staying where he was!

Hunter grabbed the latch of the van door and began to slide it open. At the very same moment, Jaden, not wishing to see Hunter hurt himself by jumping out of a moving van, slammed on the breaks. Unable to brace himself, Hunter found himself propelled forward and slammed against the back of the front passenger seat, while the van door – retaining its inertia – slammed shut again but did not latch.

Before Hunter could recover himself, Alex turned around in his seat and grabbed the younger boy as he was recovering from his sprawl. At the same time, Sam closed in on him again; holding the wet cloth in one hand and ready to press it into his face to quiet him down.

“No! NO! NOOOO!” Hunter screamed as he turned his lower body directly toward Sam and, acting purely from instinct, kicked out with his right foot. A kick that had sent soccer balls flying a hundred feet now impacted a different set of balls with equally startling results. Sam wasn’t sent flying but merely sent reeling backward. The chloroform-soaked cloth fell from suddenly limp fingers, was snatched by the wind from the still partially open side door, and flew out of sight like an autumn leaf into the ditch beside the road.

Sam did not notice and did not care; in fact, he’d totally lost all interest in the proceedings as his perceptual world shrank into an agony-saturated sphere centered in his groin. He groaned and curled up into a tight fetal position; writhing and moaning in sheer misery.

Jaden pulled over to the very edge of the dirt road and braked the van to a complete stop. Taking a quick look to make sure the road was completely deserted (which it was, as he was sure it would be), he then turned around and climbed through the gap between his seat and the passenger seat to grab the struggling Hunter in a bear hug; forcing Hunter down onto the floor of the van with the weight and strength of his body.

“Get the stuff! Quick!” Jaden ordered Alex; it was obvious that Sam was in no shape to comply with his orders at the moment.

Alex climbed through the gap and hurried to the back of the van, found a large cardboard box, and carried it back to where Jaden was still pinning a still-struggling Hunter down. The younger, smaller boy lashed out with his legs again; evidently hoping to score a second strike, but Jaden was completely out of reach of his kicks and Alex was nimble enough to avoid them. Before Hunter could kick out again, Alex closed in on him and pinned Hunter’s legs down underneath his own body. Hunter tried to kick his legs free, but Alex was too strong and heavy for him; especially while Jaden was still pinning his arms tightly against his sides. He managed to immobilize Hunter’s legs even as Jaden immobilized his arms and torso, and went to work.

Hunter’s eyes bulged in shock as Alex opened the box, pulled out a small blanket that apparently had been used as cushioning, and removed, in order, a set of handcuffs, a set of ankle cuffs, a small chain liked the one Hunter himself used to lock his bike to protect it from theft, a ball gag, and what was apparently some kind of ski mask or hood made of brown leather. The chains made startlingly loud clanking noises as they moved; sounds previously muffled into inaudibility while packed inside the blanket inside that box.

“What are those things? What are you doing?!” Hunter them asked with alarm before Jaden hand-gagged them into silence.

“You should have just let Sam out you to sleep, Hunter,” Jaden said to him in a calm, quiet, reasonable tone of voice as he and Alex together grappled with Hunter to roll him over onto his stomach and force his wrists behind his back. “It would have been easier for all of us and less scary for you… at least until you woke up!”

Hunter continued to struggle uselessly; looking backward in alarm as Alex attempted to place the handcuffs onto his wrists. He continued to wriggle around; making it almost impossible to keep him immobile and keep him quiet at the same time. Jaden had to take his hand away from Hunter’s mouth to help hold him, whereupon Hunter began screaming for help at the top of his lungs. Jaden had chosen his route well however; this side road was virtually deserted of traffic or pedestrians, and there were no houses within a half mile of the spot.

Sam was now recovering from the pain of his injury by this time. Luckily for Sam, Hunter’s kick hadn’t made a solid connection to his jewels like everyone had originally thought (though his left inner thigh was going to ache for a long time to come), and so they were injured far less than his pride and dignity had been. Angered more than hurt, Sam now joined Alex and Jaden in subduing their quarry; taking the handcuffs from Alex while the other two concentrated on holding Hunter still (and silent) again. He reached out and clicked the handcuffs onto Hunter’s slender, immobilized wrists with a smile of grim satisfaction.

“Why are you doing this to me?!” a red-faced Hunter tried to shout, although his panicked, angry query was largely muffled by Jaden’s hand as it was clamped firmly over his lower face. But his assailants did not answer. Alex and Jaden simply continued to hold him immobile while Sam reached for the ankle-cuffs and began to lock them on.

Throwing caution to the winds, Hunter bit down in the fleshy part of Jaden’s hand covering his mouth as hard as he could. He heard a mild grunt from Jaden as he bit in; the older boy must have been in quite a bit of pain but he suppressed it with considerable self-control. Then Hunter’s vision went momentarily black - with a million bright sparks spiraling all around – as a sudden hard slap to the side of his head stunned him and made him release his bite-hold.

“Don’t do that again,” Jaden’s voice hissed warningly and ominously in his ear in flat, level monotones rather than in anger; “or next time I’ll hit you with some force!”

Dazed from that slap, Hunter felt all of the fight go out of him as Sam finished locking the hobble-cuffs onto his legs. But Hunter feel a renewed surge of panic as his senses cleared and, out of the corner of his eye, he saw Sam Grab the bicycle chain. At first he thought Sam was going to beat him into unconsciousness with it. But instead he and the others forced Hunter’s ankles and wrists close together near his posterior and put him into a hogtie; not too tight a one but definitely tight enough to keep him helplessly immobilized even once Alex and Jaden released their holds on him.

“Sorry about that, Hunter,” Jaden said to the now-terrified boy as he gently patted him on the head. “I usually prefer to use ropes when securing a captive myself. Handcuffs, ankle-cuffs, chains… they just don’t have the elegance… the individual, personal touches… that being tied with rope has. But when time is of the essence, well… cuffs and chains are definitely faster and more efficient.”

Hunter wanted to snarl that he thought Jaden was crazy, but under the circumstances decided that keeping his mouth shut was a much wiser option. As it turned out, it was going to be his last chance to much of anything for a long while.

“Now for the coup de grace,” Sam said in exultation as he picked up the ball gag and held it just a few inches from Hunter’s eyes. “Now be a good boy and open your mouth wide, or we’ll just have to force you… and believe me - at this point *that* wouldn’t bother me one little bit!”

Hunter looked up at the other three boys with panic and terror and saw no remorse or pity in any of their faces. “Please!” he said in a small voice, sounding like a small, frightened child. “Why are you doing this? What are you going to do to me?” He was just short of actually crying.

“We’re going to give you a new home, Hunter,” Jaden said to him as soothingly as he could. “Now open your mouth. Don’t make this any harder on yourself than it has to be.”

At the same time, Sam was rubbing his fist with his other hand as if ready and willing to soften Hunter up with a few hard jabs to the belly – or perhaps even lower down in light of what Hunter had done to him earlier in self-defense. Seeing no hope of avoiding being gagged anyway, Hunter sensibly gave in, let his whole body go limp, shut his eyes tightly, and opened his mouth.

He felt rather than saw the hard rubbery ball go into his mouth – pushed past his teeth to rest inside and keep his jaws forced wide apart. Tight leather straps were then immediately wrapped around the back of his head, cinched tightly with a few hard tugs, and buckled securely in place. The gag felt like it was immovable; there seemed to be no slack in it whatsoever.

“Lights out!” Sam exclaimed as he grabbed the hood and bent down over Hunter’s head. The hood was pushed down over the top of Hunter’s head and pulled down rapidly and efficiently. It covered Hunter’s entire head right down to his chin, but was open in front so that his eyes, nose, and gag-filled mouth were still visible. A chin strap was then secured tightly, rendering the hood snug and secure.

Then, as if that were not enough, a detachable visor was snapped onto the front of the hood directly over Hunter’s eyes; rendering him completely blind. It somehow deepened his already deep sense of utter helplessness.

“How’s the hand?” Alex asked Jaden. “Think you’ll need a Tetanus shot for that?”

“More like a Rabies shot!” Sam added sourly as he spared an angry glance at Hunter that would have made the captive boy shudder if he could have seen it. There was a desire for revenge in that voice however that totally unnerved the younger boy.

“It’s fine. Just need to wash it and put a Band-Aid on it,” Jaden replied in evident good humor; unlike Sam he didn’t seem to resent Hunter’s acts of self-defense in the slightest despite having slapped him earlier, and seemed to harbor no grudge about it. “I can do that at home. So let’s get Hunter squared away and get going before someone comes by and asks us why we’ve stopped here.”

Alex and Jaden bent down, lifted Hunter bodily up off the floor, and gently laid him down on the seat where he and Sierra had been sitting previously. Sam climbed into the seat behind Hunter as he had before as well.

“Keep an eye on him, Sam,” Jaden told him. “Make sure he doesn’t roll out of his seat.” Then his tone became a tad more ominous. “And make sure nothing else happens to him either. I think he’s had enough trauma for the time being.”

Sam took the hint; Hunter was not to be tormented in any way during the ride.

Nodding in acknowledgment, Sam leaned far forward in his seat, rested his arms on the back of Hunter’s seat in front of him, and stared down at the captive boy with a happy, satisfied smile on his face. Hunter sensed this and then turned away. In one sense he was glad to be blindfolded; he could not have looked any of his captors in the eye even if he could see.

Where were they taking him to? What were they planning to do to him? A thousand horrible images flooded his mind, each worse and more fantastic than the last. Whatever it was, he was sure he wasn’t going to like it!

Jaden and Alex moved back to the front of the van and took their seats. Jaden started the van back up, and a moment later they were all on their way.


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From left to right: Jaden, Hunter, Alex, and Sam
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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby bondagefreak » Thu Oct 10, 2013 9:14 pm

Jason, this is just fantastic!
I must say I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in "The Slave Hunter".
Yet again, this promises to be a gripping tale, perhaps one that I will enjoy more than usual.

I love the characters and love the idea of Jayden wanting to subdue smaller and younger Hunter into a pet slave.
This will be a wild ride and with your elaborate writing and detailed story-telling, this promises to be very good.

I wonder what Jayden has in store for young hunter! While I can imagine why Sam would have a grudge against the younger boy, I hope Jayden will keep him and Sam in check.

Can't wait to read more!

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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby mikelovessoccer12 » Fri Oct 11, 2013 9:26 pm

WOW. Very nice. :D

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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby Jason Toddman » Sun Oct 13, 2013 9:25 pm

My thanks to mikelovessoccer12 and bondagefreak for the feedback. :D


Jaden drove further up the dirt road only a short way before finding a curve between two longer straight stretches where he could see any traffic coming from either direction. He then slowed down and made a careful U-turn to take them back to the regular road. Once there, he turned right; in the direction they had been going before they had made the abrupt turn-off.

“Hey, aren’t we taking Hunter straight to your house?” Sam asked with a trace of puzzlement.

“No, we have a couple of other stops to make first,” Jaden told him with a grin as he looked at Sam through his rear-view mirror. “Which reminds me,” he added as turned to face Alex in the passenger seat beside him; “give our look-out a quick buzz to let him know that everything is a ‘go’, confirm everything is quiet at his end, and that we’re coming to pick him up.”

Alex nodded in affirmation, grabbed his cell phone, and hit a number he had posted on speed-dial. He waited only a few seconds before a baritone voice answered on the other end.

“Hi, Kane. Yeah, it’s Alex. Everything’s working as planned!” Alex said quickly but calmly. “How is everything at your end?”

“Perfect!” the baritone voice replied. “Folks are away for the weekend so I won’t be missed if you need me longer than you expect. I’ve been keeping an eye on Hunter’s house. No activity, as expected. And his mom called me a couple of hours ago to ask me to check on him every so often while she’s away and get him any groceries or such that he needs, so she’s definitely away for more than just the weekend too. It’s safe to go in.”

“Cool,” Alex replied. “We’ll be with you in five minutes.”

“I’ll be outside waiting for you then,” Kane replied; “’bye!” Then he clicked off.

“He says the coast is clear and he’s waiting for us,” Alex duly reported.

“Yeah, I can always count on Kane,” Jaden replied with a grin. “He’d have made a great slave himself, if it weren’t for the uncomfortable sociological implications.”

“At least Kane would likely have happily gone along with being your slave,” Alex replied dryly as he turned his head to look at their prisoner. “He’s always been the kind who wants to be someone’s… well, minion. He certainly served your older brother well enough. I don’t know why you didn’t just keep him; he offered to serve you like he did Jonas. You’ve got your work cut out for you with Hunter.”

“Like you said, Kane was my brother’s slave,” Jaden replied casually. “Taking him when my brother joined the Army and gave him to me just seemed like accepting hand-me-downs. And I didn’t like the sociological implications of accepting Kane as my own slave either. Besides, I want to train my own, just as Jonas trained Kane. And Hunter is my choice; and has been all this last school year!”

Although Hunter was in the seat right behind them, he was unable to hear any part of their conversation. In addition to the flaps that kept him blindfolded, there were thick plugs that went into each ear as well; rendering him as deaf as he was blind. Therefore he had no idea what was going on, where they were going, or why he was being put through all this.

Hunter could think of only one reason why Jaden would pull a stunt like this. Sierra was Hunter’s friend. She was also apparently Jaden’s girlfriend. Just as Hunter saw Jaden as a rival for Sierra’s attention, so Jaden must have thought of Hunter. But whereas Hunter felt too little concern (and much too out-classed) to do something about it, apparently Jaden felt that the matter was too important. And so now he was planning to take Hunter right out of the picture! And if Jaden was willing to go so far as to kidnap him, what else might he not do to make sure that Hunter didn’t get between him and Sierra ever again?!

Hunter shivered. If only he wasn’t gagged, he’d promise right now to never talk to Sierra again -and even avoid her and Jaden both – and never ever tell anyone about this entire incident if only Jaden wouldn’t hurt him and just set him free!!! But the gag made his pleas almost inaudible, and definitely incomprehensible. They merely sounded like vague grunts of discomfort and outrage, and so were completely ignored by everyone else in the van.

Sam looked gleefully down at their captive. He was a sophomore and Hunter a freshman, and as he lived some distance away from Hunter as well had rarely seen or interacted with the younger boy. On the other hand, although Jaden and Alex were juniors they’d had some classes together with Sam, and lived in the same neighborhood as well; so Sam had been friends with the other two boys for many years. Up until he’d agreed to help his two friends with their scheme concerning Hunter however, he’d been rather neutral in his feelings about the younger boy. When Hunter had kicked him in the groin, this neutrality had changed to active dislike and a strong desire for payback.

But now, as he looked down at their helpless captive, his feelings began to change again. Hunter must be scared out of his wits by this time, and yet he seemed to be taking this abrupt change in circumstances unexpectedly calmly. Rather than thrash uselessly around in his binds, he merely lay quietly on his belly on top of his padded seat – doing nothing more than mumbling into his gag. And, after all, Hunter *was* just defending himself the same way Sam would have under such circumstances; only a truly timid boy would have given in more easily. This thought caused Sam to slowly but steadily develop a sneaking admiration for the younger boy’s courage.

In addition, Sam realized that Hunter was actually a pretty good-looking kid. He’d always thought Hunter was just another humdrum kid in a lower class (socio-economic as well as being only a freshman). But now, looking at the subtle muscle tones of Hunter’s folded legs, Sam now saw that Hunter was better developed physically that he’d previously estimated. Hunter’s legs were as yet still smooth and almost entirely free of hair; the legs of a young athlete. They were certainly more pleasing to look at than his own, increasingly hairy legs; Sam thought a trifle sourly to himself. In fact, he wanted to touch them…

Looking suddenly up at Jaden and Alex, he noticed that neither were paying any attention to him. He’d promised not to hurt Hunter or let any harm come to him… an order he’d agreed to only grudgingly before, but felt more sincerely about now. But surely a little touch wouldn’t hurt him!

Sam slowly extended his arm toward his oblivious captive, stuck out a forefinger, reached slowly down, and began to gently stroke his finger along Hunter’s left shin just below his knees.

Hunter squealed as hard as he could into his gag at the unexpected contact and his body jerked almost as if he had been shot. He had no idea what was happening, and had been unable to see the contact coming. He thought he was about to be tortured.

Sam pulled his finger away and looked up guiltily at the others; but Jaden and Alex had apparently noticed nothing and were still talking quietly among themselves about what they were about to do. Sam suddenly realized that he’d been paying no attention to their conversation and might have missed something important. But before he could pluck up the courage to ask, the van suddenly slowed down as a tall, dark figure appeared at the end of a driveway ahead of them. Jaden stopped the van just as they came alongside of him.

“Everything’s all set, Kane,” Alex said to him from the passenger side window. “Climb on in.”

The side door to the right abruptly slid open; pulled by the person outside. Standing there was a tall, slender African American boy named Kane. Although 16, he was a few months younger than Alex so that, like Sam, he was only a sophomore. He was the tallest of all of them at 6’ 2” but weighed only about 160 pounds. He had short, black, curly hair and gray eyes that had an almost hypnotic quality about them. Unlike the others except Hunter, he wore shorts rather than slacks and a sleeveless shirt rather than long-sleeves. He wore sneakers much like Hunter’s, but wore short white ankle socks rather than long colored soccer socks. He had a slim, wiry build with subtle but pleasing muscle definition that was plainly visible on his limbs and the exposed part of his upper chest. He was also very athletic and was on the school’s basketball team. His facial features were pleasingly handsome as well; especially when he smiled – as he often did.

“Hi, guys,” he greeted them all casually as if nothing unusual was taking place as he climbed lithely into the van, turned, and slid the van door shut with a single smooth motion of his slender arm. Then he sat in the rear seat alongside Sam and smiled down at their hapless captive.

Hunter was only vaguely aware that the van had stopped and taken someone aboard; but he had no idea by then where they were or who had joined them. The fact that someone one was now aware of his predicament but was apparently doing nothing about it only added to his alarm.

“Hi, Hunter!” Kane said to the captive boy cheerfully as he reached out and patted Hunter several times on the thigh; not oblivious to Hunter’s bewilderment but also not too concerned about it either. “Nice to see you getting into the spirit of things.”

Hunter writhed in fright at first. Then, realizing that he was not being hurt at all, subsided when nothing further happened to him.

“He doesn’t know I’m in on this kidnap, does he?” Kane asked Sam cheerfully as Jaden resumed driving the van down the road.

“I didn’t even know you were until just now,” Sam replied a trifle ungraciously. “Why do we need you in on this?”

“He’s been my spotter,” Jaden explained from the driver’s seat. “He lives just down the road from Hunter and they sometimes visit each other. He knows more about Hunter than anyone – even Sierra – and he’s told me everything I needed to know about Hunter’s habits. It’s only because of this that I knew how to kidnap Hunter on his way home from his Soccer game. I’d originally planned to kidnap Hunter right at his house.”

At the same moment Jaden turned off the road to go up a long driveway flanked by forest on both sides, and coming to a house that was completely out of sight from the road – or practically anywhere else outside of the immediate area. There was a small, aged Volkswagen parked at the far end, but no lights on inside the house nor any other signs that anyone else was here.

“Where’s this?” Sam asked in puzzlement.

“Hunter’s house,” Kane replied with a grin.

Sam stared at the others with a slack-jawed expression. “Let me get this straight. We kidnap Hunter on the road so we wouldn’t have to do it at his house… and now we’re taking him to his house? What the hell for? Are we releasing him now, or what?”

“We didn’t want to do it here because he’d probably keep the doors locked while he’s inside, even when he’s awake,” Jaden patiently pointed out. “You know how shy he is. Kane’s the only one of us he’d likely let in; certainly not the rest of us if we just walked up to his door. Kane didn’t want to do this on his own. And we didn’t want to break into the house. For one thing, Hunter would have had time to call for the police even if we caught him asleep. Second, we plan to make it look like he’s run away from home on his own… using their own car.”

Sam looked at the Volkswagen. “That’s his parents’ car? They’re not home.”

“It’s his dad’s car,” Kane clarified. “His mom has her own, which of course she has with her. His dad’s car was left here. I going to drive away with it and hide it when we finish what we’re doing here. Everyone will think Hunter stole it and ran away from home.”

“But Hunter doesn’t know how to drive!” Sam pointed out. “He doesn’t even have a license! He’s too young for one.”

“He knows how to drive,” Kane contracted him. “I taught him myself, right here on his own driveway where he wouldn’t be violating any laws. His folks will know he can drive too, and assume that’s just what he did. It’s happened before. Look it up on the Net. Stories almost every day about kids way younger than Hunter stealing their folks’ cars and driving long distances with them. Most get caught or badly hurt… but Hunter is going to be so successful he’s going to virtually disappear, and no one will know where to look for him!”

Sam grinned as he began to catch on. “And we need you because Jaden is the only other one of us with a driver’s license, and he needs to drive the van.”

“Now you’re catching on,” Kane replied with his ever-present cheerful grin.

“Wouldn’t need you at all if I it hadn’t been raining so damned hard when I took my driver’s test,” Alex groused. “God damned windows were all fogged up, and the de-foggers in my car were on the blink, and the effing test monitor made me do a parallel park beside a green lawn behind a green car. I couldn’t see what I was effing doing, and the son of a bitch flunked me!”

“Water under the bridge,” Jaden said dismissively. “Let’s just get in there and do what we came to do.”

“What did we come here to do?” Sam asked with a puzzled grin as Jaden and Alex opened their own doors and stepped out of the van.

“We’re going inside Hunter’s house to get some of his stuff,” Kane replied as he casually picked up Hunter’s knapsack, opened it, and rummaged around inside. “First, he’ll likely need or want some of it in his new home, and they’ll help adapt to his change of circumstances faster and more easily. Second, it’ll aid in our attempt to make it look like Hunter ran away on his own.”

“Why would anyone think he would run away?” Sam asked.

“Hunter’s home life has never been very good,” Kane replied with uncharacteristic somberness.
“Long story, and even under the circumstances I don’t feel right talking about it behind Hunter’s back. But believe me, everyone will believe he simply ran away from home.”

“You’re reluctant to talk behind his back, but you’re willing to help us kidnap him?” Sam asked with a puzzled grin. “That doesn’t make much sense!”

“You don’t know what Hunter’s home life is like, or you’d see it makes sense,” Kane retorted as found what he was looking for inside Hunter’s backpack and yanked out a set of keys. “Believe me, if I didn’t think Hunter would be better off in the long run with what Jaden has planned for him, I probably wouldn’t be doing this. Don’t think of it as a kidnapping. Think of it as a rescue mission. That’s what I do!”

Kane said this last as he turned and pulled open the van door; hopping lithely out and walking away before Sam could continue with the conversation. He was just about to hop out of the van after the others when Jaden abruptly appeared outside of the van door and stopped him.

“The three of us are enough to get all of Hunter’s things,” Jaden told him. “I want you to stay here and keep a watchful eye on Hunter.”

“Why?” Sam asked with a careless shrug of his shoulders and a grin. “He’s not going anywhere, hog-tied like that!”

“Don’t you remember anything I’ve taught you about TUGs safety?” Jaden asked with a patient smile but a barely-suppressed sigh. “When we have a captive who’s tied up *that* severely, you never, NEVER leave him alone. Not because he might escape but for his own safety! What if he starts to choke, or vomit? Having someone right there to loosen his restraints could make the difference between a simple kidnap and Murder One! Sure, there’s not TOO much risk over the time we’ll be away, but there’s still a risk – and I won’t take any unnecessary risk with someone else’s life! Now please do as I say and keep an eye on Hunter, and make sure he stays safe.”

Despite the friendly tone and the use of the word ‘please’, Sam knew an order when he heard one. “Sure, Jade… if that’s what you want that’s cool with me.” Sam replied hastily in his usual obsequious tone of voice when addressing Jaden.

“Right,” Jaden replied with his usual warmer, far friendlier smile. Sam was relieved; it was hard to make Jaden angry – and even harder to anger him for more than a moment or two - but anyone who somehow succeeded in doing so always regretted it deeply!

“We won’t be long,” Jaden added in his usual relaxed manner. “Probably take only a half hour to load the van with Hunter’s stuff. I doubt he owns very much.”

Jaden walked off and joined the others at the front door of Hunter’s house, where Kane had found the proper house-key and had already opened it. The three were soon lost to Sam’s sight as they all went inside.

Alone with their captive again, Sam looked serenely down at the captive Hunter; feeling more sympathetic to the boy after what Kane had just told him. Hunter was still moving around slightly; as if trying to make himself less comfortable. His head was turning back and forth and he was making some small, muted, puzzled-sounding noises. Sam wondered what Hunter was thinking and feeling at that moment. It would be obvious to him that the van had stopped somewhere. He could probably even tell by the vibrations he could feel through the seat that most of the people who had been in the van with him had gotten out. The side door was still open and let in a breeze that Hunter could certainly feel on his bare legs. What did the captive boy think was going on around him? What did he think they were going to do to him? Blindfolded and ear-padded as he now was, did he even have any idea that he was parked in the private driveway of his own home at the moment?

In any case, Hunter seemed to have gotten over his initial panic. He merely lay there as quietly and as unmoving as he could; apparently realizing there was nothing that he *could* do and was awaiting further developments.

With a renewed spark of mischievousness and a half-suppressed admiration for Hunter’s graceful build, Sam reached out and stroked the bulge of Hunter’s left calf with his finger.

Hunter jerked again, but less energetically than before. He was still surprised of course, but noticeably less alarmed at the touch. Apparently he was beginning to realize that – even under these dire circumstances – a mere touch didn’t signal any immediate danger or threat of bodily harm. He didn’t understand what was going on of course; he was undoubtedly very puzzled by it in fact. But that was all right with Sam. He didn’t want to hurt Hunter; he just wanted to play with him for a while. Well, not in the bawdy sense of the term of course… Sam had no intention of touching Hunter *there*. He just wanted to have a little harmless fun at Hunter’s expense.

Sam gently stroked up and down Hunter’s smooth calf with his finger for a moment; giggling as the captive boy tried to jerk away as if being branded with a hot iron. Sam kept it up for a moment, withdrew his finger to give the captive boy a momentary respite, selected the back of Hunter’s knee as his next target, and reached down again to finger-stroke him there.

Hunter jerked again, but not as violently as before. Obviously someone was still in the van with him, and he soon realized that whoever was touching him was just trying to get a rise out of him. Oddly, this thought caused Hunter to relax considerably rather than tense up further. If his captors thought it was amusing to do something so mild (however odd) to him, then maybe they were more interested in scaring him and humiliating him than actually hurting him! Hunter found himself fervently praying that that’s all it was. This was humiliating, yes; but it was loads better than getting beaten up and/or getting dumped somewhere while still bound and helpless!

Of course, he thought to himself, that could still happen. But as long as they were more interested in just teasing him like this, there was still hope that they would soon let him go with a stern warning to stay away from Sierra from now on. Having been virtually deaf as well as blind since this hood was put on him of course, Hunter still had no idea that his friendship with Sierra was only incidental to his kidnapping and not at all a cause of it.

Hunter felt the finger again; this time stroking the back of his lower thigh. Uh oh! He was ticklish there! If whoever was doing this to him realized that, he’d really be in trouble! Hunter repressed an urge to struggle as the finger continued to stroke the backs of his thigh. Oh! Oh! Damn it, that tickled! Stop it! STOP!

Hunter could not help himself; his entire jerked as if he had just experienced a moderate electrical shock.

“Aha!” Sam said to himself as he pulled his finger away momentarily. “This looks promising!”
Wriggling the fingers of both hands in mid-air to limber them up, the fingers of his right hand now reached down to stroke Hunter’s ticklish spot while the fingers of his other hand slowly and methodically probed and explored Hunter’s helpless body in search of other ticklish spots.

Lying on his stomach kept many potentially interesting spots out of Sam’s reach unless he wanted to flip the boy over. That was not a safe thing to try right now however; Hunter might roll over too far and fall off his seat – and bound as he was he could hurt himself badly in the process. But Sam had plenty of options to explore before this was necessary, and he patiently and methodically tried them all out. Then, if need be and he had the time, he could remove Hunter’s socks and shoes and see how ticklish the undersides of his feet were.

This proved unnecessary. Hunter’s hips and the sides of his waist proved more than satisfactory for Sam’s initial endeavors, and he began tickling them with all the skill he possessed. Hunter wriggled back and forth as he vainly sought to avoid his tickling doom, but of course it was to no avail. Muffled but definite sounds of laughter could be heard through his gag as Sam persisted; mingled with other sounds which Sam assumed were pleas of mercy. If so, they went unheeded.

Sam persisted in tickling Hunter for several minutes; finally causing his captive to wriggle around so much that he almost fell over the front edge of his seat. Watchful for this, Sam reacted more than quickly enough to catch him and pull him safely to the back of his seat again; whereupon he simply tickled him some more.

Hunter was laughing so hard that he was afraid that he was going to soil himself. It was also rather painful to laugh with that God-awful gag in his mouth; his jaw was starting to get extremely sore. It was getting hard to breathe too; laughing while gagged was extremely breath intensive! Maybe his captors planned to torture him after all!

The unseen fingers abruptly stopped tickling him, and Hunter was finally able to relax a bit, catch his breath… and hold in his water.

Sam hadn’t desisted from tickling Hunter out of any consideration for his comfort or well-being however, but because at that moment Jaden and the others came out of the house loaded with cardboard boxes in their arms. When they came to the side of the van, he took each box from their arms and loaded them into the back of the van behind his own seat. At the same time, he suddenly noticed that Jaden, Alex, and Kane were all wearing light work gloves

“What’s all this junk?” Sam asked Jaden as he took his burden from him. “And why the gloves on such a warm day?”

“Some clothes, a few books, his laptop, an Ipod, some snacks he had, a few personal belongings of his, and some other odds and ends,” Jaden replied casually as Alex and then Kane passed along their own burdens. “The kind of stuff you’d expect a runaway boy with a small car to load them into to take away with him. Largely we’re taking it just for show; to make people think he’s a runaway somewhere… somewhere far, far away, hopefully. But he might adapt better too if we offer him some of his own junk back… at least as a reward for good behavior. And we wore gloves so that we leave no fingerprints on anything we touched but left behind.”

“Let’s get the rest of it and go,” Alex urged him. “I don’t like hanging around here like this where someone might see us.”

“Quit worrying. No one will see us. We just have two more boxes to get anyway,” Jaden replied. “You and Kane go get them. Sam and I are going to get Hunter’s bike off my roof and dump it.”

“Shouldn’t we bring it along with us?” Sam asked as he emerged from the van.

“Naw,” replied Jaden. “Think about it. Hunter supposedly has that car. Why take along a bike with flat tires? Where would he stow it anyway? Certainly there’s no room on *that* thing,” he added with a disdainful nod toward the rather beat-up-looking old Volkswagen in front of the van. “And besides, the bike being here will be conclusive proof that Hunter arrived home safely.”

“You thought of everything, haven’t you?” Sam replied with a grin.

“Yep,” Jaden agreed proudly. “We also ate some food and dirtied some dishes we left in the sink. We even typed a note saying he was running away on his laptop, used the printer to make a printout, and left it in plain sight right there in the printer; damn thing’s too heavy to lug along anyway and we left no fingerprints on it. So as far as anyone else will be able to tell, Hunter came home safely because we dropped him off. He had a meal, packed his shit, and then he left early that same night.”

“You really have a devious and diabolical mind, don’t you?” Sam asked him; but his tone was one of sheer admiration and amusement without even a hint of reproach.

Jaden smiled proudly but aid nothing further as the two of them unstrapped Hunter’s bicycle and set it aside on the lawn; letting it fall on its side rather than using the kickstand to keep it upright.

Alex and Kane emerged from the house with two more cardboard boxes full of stuff in their arms, and loaded it into the van. Then Kane went to the front door, closed it, and locked it. “I doubt even if Hunter were really running away that he’d leave his folks’ house unlocked,” he explained with a grin. “So I’ll take the Volkswagen and drive it to the spot you told me to, and you’ll pick me up from there after I’ve disposed of it?”

“That’s the plan,” Jaden agreed. “I’ll try not to keep you waiting too long, but we can’t go together. It’d look suspicious if anyone happens to see that car and my van together on the road. And besides, I want to get Hunter squared away as soon as possible. I don’t want to leave him in such a restrictive tie for too much longer if I can help it.”

“No worries,” Kane replied. “Take your time. It’ll take me a while to hide it where no one else will easily find it anyway. But you can’t hide a car there forever.”

“I don’t intend to,” Jaden replied. “I’ve already arranged with certain other reliable – that is, unscrupulous - parties to take the car from there later tonight and do what they like with it. No questions asked on either side. They’ll probably refurbish it and sell it somewhere. I’ll bet by Sunday afternoon, no one will recognize it as the same car that Hunter supposedly made off with, and it’ll be safely sold somewhere across the country!”

“You sure have a talent for deviousness!” Kane told him with sincere admiration; unwittingly echoing Sam’s earlier sentiment. “You think of everything! Well, all right. Off I go then.”

“No, you wait here a bit,” Jaden told him. “I want to leave first so that no one sees us leave together.”

“Okay, Jaden. See you at the rendezvous point later tonight.” Kane replied. And with that he gave the others a jaunty wave and a cheerful smile and walked over toward the car. Passing the van, he looked in quickly at the still-bound Hunter, and called out cheerfully, “Have a good time, Hunter!” (which the captive boy was entirely oblivious to) and continued on his way.

With Hunter’s salvaged belongings safely stowed away inside the van, Jaden, Alex, and Sam climbed back in and took their previous seats. Sam quickly checked Hunter over to make sure he was still all right. Hunter was still breathing easily and was still conscious, as a quick finger stroke to his legs quickly proved. “Everything’s fine back here,” Sam duly reported to Jaden.

“Good,” Jaden acknowledged with a grin. “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Jaden started up the van’s motor, and began driving back the way they had come. He wasn’t concerned about being seen emerging from the driveway by anyone who might be passing by; after all, he had an alibi. He was merely dropping Hunter off at home after his winning soccer game. In any case, the alibi wouldn’t be needed; the quiet country road Hunter’s house ran off of was totally deserted of traffic. In fact, they traveled more than a mile toward Jaden’s house before they came upon any other traffic at all.

The ride to the estate surrounding Jaden’s house was uneventful. It was a large, comfortable country manor that, like Hunter’s house, was surrounded by forest on almost all sides and was almost invisible from the road or from any of the other houses in the area. It was much larger than Hunter’s house however; being a three-story Victorian rather than the one-story ranch house Hunter lived in. It wasn’t quite a mansion, but it was well-furnished and well-kept.

At the moment, it was also deserted; as Jaden knew it would be. His parents were on a business trip In Hawaii for the weekend, and his kid brother Carsen was sleeping over with his friend Austin (Alex’s kid brother) over at their house for the night. There was therefore no one there to see them when the van arrived at the darkened house and its occupants stepped out into the equally darkened front yard (for night was falling by this time). Even so, Jaden looked and listened carefully as he shut off the van’s motor to make sure no one was in the area; say, what if Carsen hadn’t gone to Austin’s house after all or had returned for something? Although invisible through the trees, Austin’s house was only a brisk five minute walk away through a path that ran through the woods. But all was dark and silent here; there really was no one else home.

“Okay, let’s rig Hunter up for a little foot travel,” Jaden told the others as he turned on the interior van light. He and Alex piled in the back through the side door and joined Sam. Jaden nodded to Sam to proceed. Sam nodded as he inserted his key into the padlock holding the bicycle chain in a tight loop, which in turn held Hunter in his hog-tie.

Hunter jerked with surprise as he felt the pull against his arms and legs slacken and then disappear; allowing him to straighten his legs and let his arms down almost to his sides. Although his handcuffs prevented him from lowering them completely, at least he could now rest his arms on his back. He was still uncomfortable as his hands were still cuffed behind him, and his legs now dangled far over the edge of his seat; but it was a lot better than being hog-tied. Did this mean his captors were about to let him go free?

Hunter felt unseen hands on his shoulders gently pull him upward. Still unable to see, Hunter went with the pull as he rose from his prone position on the seat. It was very difficult to move unaided, but the unseen hands from at least two people guided him; first rolling him over so that he was lying on his back, and then helping him to sit upright on the right edge of the seat, facing to the right and presumably to the unseen sliding door of the van as well.

Hunter felt someone’s body brush past him, and then a set of hands working at his handcuffs. The cuff on his right wrist suddenly went slack and was removed. Oh, thank Goodness, they were setting him free after all! He thought to himself in relief as he placed his wrists in front of him and rubbed the freshly freed wrist with his opposite hand to help restore the circulation.

His relief was short-lived however. Before Hunter knew what was happening, the cuff was placed around his right wrist again and locked in place; leaving his hands cuffed in front of him now rather than behind. At about the same time, he felt what he was certain was a heavy set of chains being looped around his waist and connected to the handcuffs on his wrists. Before he even could think of resisting (not that there was any point in doing so), Hunter’s wrists were pulled down to his front; his bound wrists now framed around his belly button and the fingers of his hands brushing against the front of his shorts. There was a small tug. Alarmed, Hunter tried to pull his wrists free of his loins again, but was unable to budge them an single inch. His wrists were now completely immobilized against his own body!

Hunter’s alarm grew and he tried to fight, but a pair of hands grasped him firmly by the shoulders and held him still, while also gently but insistently pushed his upper body downward toward his thighs. Hunter felt another downward tug upon his wrists, and simultaneously felt an upward drag upon the hobbles on his ankles. He did not know it yet, but his handcuffs and hobbles had been re-connected; but this time in front and by a somewhat longer chain.

“There you go, Jade,” Sam told his friend proudly; mostly unheard by their ear-plugged captive.
“Just like you see them do in those prison movies. He’s ready to be moved.”

“All right, let’s get him set up in his new quarters,” Jaden replied with a grin.

Jaden pushed upward at the back of Hunter’s shoulders while Alex tugged lightly but insistently on Hunter’s wrists. Hunter got the message almost immediately; he was being made to stand up. He complied as well as he could, but his body was shivering violently. Where were they taking him? Why wouldn’t they remove the hood and blindfold so that he could at least see where he was going? Weren’t they going to make him beg to be let go like he was expecting? He was perfectly willing to beg for mercy by this point; anything was better than enduring this much suspense! He’d long since passed the point where pride meant all that much to him. They weren’t planning on doing something even worse to him, were they? No, they couldn’t be! That kind of thing only happens in movies, books, and bad TV shows!

Hunter was compelled to move forward. He complied hesitantly, fearfully, with tiny baby steps knowing that he had to step down twice to get out of the van. His unseen and unheard captors guided him by touch alone; bracing him and holding him so that he would not trip, stumble, or fall. That at least calmed Hunter a little; if they planned to really hurt him they wouldn’t be this careful about his not tripping or blindly falling on his face. But why was he still chained up? Were they letting him go free soon or not?

Jaden and Alex walked Hunter to the edge of the van door. There was a step protruding from the bottom of the door to make it easier for people to climb and out of the van, but Hunter was of course completely unable to see it; let alone use it hobbled as he was. The two larger boys took no chances; they simply grabbed Hunter bodily by the front of his shirt and the waist band at the back of his shorts and carried him safely down to the ground. It was a scary moment for Hunter, but he relaxed noticeably again when he felt his feet set down on flat, solid ground again.

A strong arm suddenly looped itself around his left arm, and another looped around his right; and together impelled him to go forward. Rather than be dragged like a drunkard or carried like a sack of grain, Hunter started moving forward again as fast as his blindness and his hobbles together allowed to. But what was happening? Where was he going now? They still had him chained, gagged, and blindfolded… and now they were taking him somewhere on foot! This definitely did NOT feel like he was being let go!

His dread growing by the moment, Hunter began to drag his feet, pull backward, shake his head and upper body, and yell as noisily as his effective gag would allow (which wasn’t much at all).
“Where are you taking me?” he tried to scream over and over. “Why won’t you let me go?” But his gag was too effective, and the only sounds he could make were too badly muffled to be comprehensible and so muted that he could barely be heard at all. All his words came out as meaningless “Umm-umm-umms”.

Jaden didn’t want to hurt his younger captive, but he had to be taught that resistance was not only futile but a punishable offense. Grabbing Hunter by the shoulders, he swung back his arm and gave Hunter a hard slap to the face.

The impact was of course blunted by the thick leather hood that covered Hunter’s entire head, but enough of the force of it got through to cause Hunter to be momentarily stunned. He felt a stinging sensation in the part of his face where he had been slapped, and he staggered momentarily.

It wasn’t much, but it was enough. When the arms pulled him forward again, he did not resist again. Helpless and weary, Hunter now resigned himself to his fate as he was taken unwillingly toward an unknown destination.


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Hunter and Kane
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Re: The Slave Hunter

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Jaden ran ahead of the others to unlock the front door of the house and turn on the outdoor lights, while Sam and Alex continued to guide their prisoner safely and steadily forward. As he waited for them at the doorway, Jaden took out his camera phone and began taking the first of what would be a very long series of photo stills and brief video clips to document Hunter’s new existence. One day, he was sure, he would want to re-live this experience by watching these videos again and again. In addition, these first few images he planned to record would be a valuable training tool to help break Hunter into his permanent new role as Jaden’s personal slave.

Alex and Sam guided their hooded and hobbled captive safely up the walkway to the front doorstep, stopped, and enabled Hunter to feel his way forward as they gently pulled up on his arms. Hunter hesitated a moment, suddenly realized what was required of him, and slowly, carefully lifted a foot to step up; the hobbles giving him just enough slack to enable him to do this relatively easily. There were several steps in front of the doorway, but each was shallow (no more than three inches in height) and deep (a person could take two or three paces between each step upward).

The step upward at the door itself was over twice as high however, and this one took a few seconds for Hunter to feel his way over with his foot and successfully navigate. Jaden took a video of this scene; chuckling and encouraging Hunter (even though the latter could barely hear him at all, let alone understand his words through his ear padding) as he raised his foot and then stepped on up and over the door-sill into the front hall of the house.

Once Hunter and his escort were inside, Jaden closed the front door behind them and locked it with a look of triumph on his face. “Okay, I think it’s time we let him see where he is,” Jaden told his two assistants. “Take that blindfold off of him and let him take a look around. Keep the hood and the gag on him for the time being though!”

Jaden resumed recording video with his camera phone as Sam reached over to Hunter’s hood and tugged at the Velcro-reinforced snaps at either end of the blindfold. The blindfold came off and was pulled carefully away; revealing a set of eyes that were clenched tightly shut against the sudden glare. Hunter’s eyelids fluttered, and slowly opened as the dazed boy’s eyes slowly adjusted to the light after having been covered for so long. Eventually they were opened even wider than normal as Hunter took in his surroundings with a feeling akin to shock.

He had expected to find himself in some kind of old deserted shack, or perhaps even down inside a dank, dinghy cellar that could substitute for a medieval-style dungeon. Inside, he found himself inside the spacious front hall of what was evidently a large and very elegantly-furnished house. It was a place that was far nicer and grander than any house he had ever been in or ever expected to spend any time in; let alone the small and simply furnished house he’d known as home. It was tastefully furnished with at least a dozen items that must have been antiques and yet were in such excellent condition that they looked new. This included a grandfather clock that stood in one corner sand indicated that it was now almost nine in the evening, and a ornate framed mirror about two feet by three that clearly reflected his bound, hobbled, and hooded image.

“Welcome to my home, Hunter,” Jaden said to the captive boy as if greeting a guest. “I hope that you like it here. You’re going to get to know it – or at least parts of it – very well.”

Hunter looked at Jaden in puzzlement, and it took Jaden a moment to realize that it was more than mere difficulty on Hunter's part in taking in his new surroundings.

“Damn! He still can’t hear a damned word we’re saying with that padded hood on;” he told the others with a rueful grin. “I guess the new ear paddings work even better than I had hoped. Sam, get that hood off him, will you please? Leave the gag in though.”

Sam complied with Jaden’s request while their host gleefully recorded the entire process; zooming in on Hunter’s handsome (if scared and gag-obscured) young face as it was revealed for the first time in several hours. Hunter looked back at Jaden in trepidation as he made a video of him. Was Jaden planning to post his humiliation on YouTube? Or would he merely use it as leverage against him to make him stay away from Sierra from now on?

“Please, let me go!” Hunter tried to plead through his gag. “If this is about me and Sierra, I promise never to see her again! I’ll break up with her. She’s all yours! And I’ll never tell anyone about this either. Just please don’t hurt me! Just let me goooo!”

However, the gag that covered his mouth and the stuffing which filled it rendered his words all but incomprehensible. The gist of his request however – at least, his desire to be set free – was clearly evident to everyone else present. Even had Hunter remained perfectly silent, his feelings of fright were perfectly obvious from the expression on his face (what could now be seen of it anyway). They were even quite understandable. This didn’t keep Sam and Alex from laughing scornfully at his frightened look and his muffled pleas however.

Besides, each of them had been through a similar scare before themselves when Jaden brought them here (in separate visits) for their first sleepovers with him; bound and gagged like Hunter now was by Jaden himself – who had been assisted by his older brother Jonas and driven secretly here inside Jonas’s own van. However, Hunter was to face something much longer and more intimate than a mere sleepover. What Sam and Alex had separately experienced had been practice; merely a game. With Hunter, this was not a rehearsal; it was going to be the real thing.

Sam and Alex laughed. Jaden smiled as he took a video close-up of Hunter’s frightened eyes and his attempts to talk through his gag (around which drool was now becoming visible), but he did not laugh. After taking a few seconds of video, Jaden lowered the camera phone and began to talk to Hunter in what were intended to be soothing tones. “Don’t be scared, Hunter. I know this must seem pretty frightening and bewildering. But there’s nothing to be scared of. Though Sam and Alex are laughing like a couple of stoned jack-asses, they were both in exactly the same state of bondage that you are the first time they visited me here to spend the night.”

“Yeah, it’s true,” Alex admitted with a wide grin. “That was two years ago now. Jaden and his brother invited me over. And somewhere during the ride over, they gave me something to drink. It had something in it and I went into a deep sleep. When I woke up, I was trussed up just like you are now, being carried into the house by Jaden and Jonas. They kept me tied up for a whole weekend in their private guest room upstairs and kept me – entertained - without their parents or their kid brother ever once knowing I was even there. But I got used to it and even grew to like it. Hell, I’ve stayed over a number of times for a night or for a weekend, or, a few times, a week or longer when school was out, ever since. I was tied up good and tight each and every time; except when helping Jaden bring someone else along as a guest instead.”

“And I was suckered into spending a weekend in bondage myself for the first time a few months after Alex’s first time,” Sam added. “Alex himself helped Jaden to capture me, bring me here, and tie me up to my bed. Man, I thought I’d pee my pants that first time. But it was a gas, and I learned a new way to have fun. I’ve been sleeping over here any number of times. A few of the other guys in our school have also spent some nights here, though most of ‘em ain’t regulars like me and Alex. So now it’s your turn to be Jaden’s guest.”

Hunter felt a little less anxious, but not by very much. At least they likely wouldn’t be bothering to try to make him feel better if their plans involved anything particularly drastic – or permanent! They were making it sound like he was being initiated into some kind of special club – like a college fraternity hazing! Even so, he didn’t want anything to do with any of this. He just wanted to go home – lonely and quiet though it was with his parents away – and relax, have dinner, watch TV for a while, maybe call Sierra or even Kane on the phone for a chat, and go to bed.

All attempts on Hunter’s part to communicate these desires were too badly garbled through the gag to be understood however, and what noise *did* get through were completely ignored.

“There’s no need to feel humble, Hunter,” Jaden said to Hunter with a wry grin as he resumed making videos of his captive. “I’m more than happy to have you as my guest. In fact, I want you to consider this as your home from now on. And I *do* mean from now on.”

Hunter didn’t like the sound of that and tried to protest, but as before was totally ignored.

“Yes, you do look tired and in need of refreshment,” Jaden said sympathetically, as if pretending that he understood Hunter’s gag talk and that Hunter was genuinely glad to be here. “Okay, we’ll take you on upstairs to your new room, and we’ll get you washed up, give you some fresh clothes, something to eat, and then let you get some rest. How does that sound?”

Hunter’s noises were insistent and loud even through the gag, and didn’t sound particularly grateful. However, Jaden continued to act like the gracious host of a guest who was absolutely delighted to be here rather than like a kidnapper gloating over his chosen and successfully nabbed victim. He led the way up the nearby set of stairs leading up to the second and then the third floor, occasionally stopping to turn, grab his camera-phone, and record Sam and Alex holding Hunter by his arms locked inside their own and ‘helping’ him climb up the stairs.

At about this time, Hunter began noticing a loud clinking, rattling sound coming from Jaden whenever the older boy moved; it was particularly noticeable as he climbed up the stairs. He soon realized that what he heard was a key-ring clipped to Jaden’s belt containing at least two dozen keys of all shapes and sizes. Some of them must be the keys to the restraints that he was now wearing. Once Hunter realized that, the rattling noises of the keys sounded especially loud to his ears in the otherwise quiet, empty house. It was the sound of freedom withheld; distant and out-of-reach even while clearly in sight. It was a sound that rapidly sounded ever more ominous and scary to the captive boy; just as a prisoner in a medieval dungeon probably felt upon hearing the sound of those keys carried by his jailer as he came and went.

Climbing the stairway was difficult for Hunter, as the hobbles allowed just enough slack for him to take the steps one slow step at a time; pulling taut every time he placed a foot on the next step. Even with Sam and Alex on either side of him to steady him and help him along, it took him two minutes to climb one flight of stairs that he could normally have climbed in ten seconds even at a leisurely pace (or less than five seconds while running). But his escort was patient and even encouraged him with smiles and reasonably kind words – even if their remarks also included a joke or two at Hunter’s expense as well.

“Couldn’t you at least take these hobbles and cuffs off of me?” Hunter tried to ask over and over again. But even if his captors understood what he wished – and they probably did – his pleas fell on deaf ears. After all, part of their purpose was to make clear to Hunter just how entirely helpless he now was, and would remain for the foreseeable future.

Had Hunter known how long his stay here was intended to be, he probably would have balked and fought back as hard as he could. But the ultimate result would have been the same; it just would have taken more time and effort. But eventually he would have been compelled to climb those steps by whatever means were necessary; even if that included a generous beating from his escort. They could have dragged and carried him up of course, but it was far more satisfying for all concerned to simply compel Hunter to climb up the stairs under his own power.

The second floor hallway was openly accessible from the head of the first set of stairs; most of it stretching to the left at right angles to the stairway as you faced the house interior from the stairs themselves. But Hunter got to see very little of the second floor. Instead he was made to turn to the right, and walk down a short hallway that paralleled the stairway on its right-hand side. This short hallway was almost blank, with one closed doorway opposite the stairs and a small window looking out the front yard outside (almost directly over the front door downstairs) at the far end. At the far end of this short hallway was a second stairway running directly over the first one, leading up to the third floor.

There was no hallway directly at the head of this second stairway. Instead, it led straight to a closed (and, as it turned out, locked) wooden door. This was no ordinary (that is, relatively flimsy) interior house door. In fact, it looked so stout that it would probably have taken a battering ram to knock it down. Taped onto the middle of it was a hand-made cardboard sign with inch-high letters etched in blue magic marker. The sign read:

Jaden’s Private Floor
Admittance by Appointment Only
(Carsen this means YOU!!!)

“I put that sign up the day Jonas moved out and joined the Army,” Jaden proudly said as he took his key-ring (the numerous keys in it having been jangling noisily this entire time), selected a particularly large, old fashioned key, and inserted it into the lock. “I’ve had the entire top floor – including the attic – all to myself ever since. My parents aren’t home very much, and they never come up here anyway. They let me have it as my private domain as long as I get good grades, do my schoolwork, do my chores, and generally – as far as *they* know – behave myself. Carsen’s room in on the second floor and he pretty much has *that* to himself – other than the stairs of course - since my folks’ bedroom is on the first floor. I occasionally let Carsen come up to my room, but he usually doesn’t do so on his own initiative.”

Jaden chuckled as he said this, and Hunter began to wonder if Carsen (whoever he was; Hunter had never met Jaden’s brothers and in fact never knew Jaden had any; let alone two) didn’t have some very good and special reasons for wishing to stay out of his older brother’s private domain. Perhaps some of them were the very same reasons that he now wished he could just turn around, bolt down the stairs as fast as he could go, flee from this house, and never look back as he ran all the way back to his own house.

Jaden unlocked the door and swung it open with a dramatic flourish. The door swung inward into the hallway beyond, and Jaden flipped a switch in the wall beside the doorway. This turned on a set of bright hallway lights within small but ornate chandeliers set into the ceiling, and revealed part of the third floor to Jaden’s eyes for the very first time.

The hallway was eight feet wide, ten feet high, and about sixty feet long to the far end, where a large window draped with curtains stood facing the back yard. A few framed pictures of various landscape portraits lined the walls on either side. There were three doors along the wall to the left spaced equally apart from one another, and one other door to the right just a few feet from the head of the stairs. At the far end of the hall, there was a noticeable rectangular discoloration in the wall where there clearly was once another door leading off to the right but had since been blocked off with dry-wall and painted over to be made a (not-quite-indistinguishable) part of the wall itself.

Hunter instinctively shuddered at the sight of it, even though under other circumstances he likely would have scarcely given it a glance. He had seen plenty of other buildings before where a doorway or a window had been bricked over to form part of the wall, and had paid no attention to them. But here and now, there was a disquieting feel to the sight of that sealed-off doorway. He was suddenly sure – without really knowing why - that whatever reason that space had been sealed over for would personally affect him; a reason that he would come to know and dread.

Jaden was not entirely oblivious to Hunter’s feelings but chose to ignore them for the time being. Still acting like the solicitous host to a not-even-remotely-reluctant guest, Jaden led the way down the hallway to the middle room on the left. He opened the door with another dramatic flourish. The room beyond was a large, ultra-modern, and well-appointed bathroom; complete with toilet, a large bathtub with shower built into the wall on one side, a clean tiled floor, a sink with a medicine cabinet over it, a radiator to supply heat, and several storage cabinets for towels, soap bars, and other personal cleaning supplies. There were no windows however; the only light was supplied by another overhead light that Jaden had immediately turned on.

Along one corner, flanked by the toilet along one wall and the bathtub/shower on the other, was a thick metal pipe running from the floor to the ceiling. There was a ten-foot-long chain composed of heavy links (each nearly two inches long and nearly a half-inch thick) lying on the floor with a handcuff-like shackle connected to it at each end. One end was locked around the pipe in the corner; the other lay open near the middle of the floor. Its intended purpose was quite obvious even to a reluctant guest who was unexpectedly experiencing all this for the first time. In fact, Hunter fully expected to be led up to it and its free end locked around his ankle.

His captors made no move to use this on him however.

“We’ll let you have some privacy while you use the toilet, freshen up, and change clothes,” Jaden told his prisoner as he proceeded to remove his hobbles and free him from his handcuffs.
“I see you’ve noticed the shackle there. Don’t worry, we won’t put it on you, if only so you remove your clothes and shower, and put on fresh ones that you’ll find in the cabinet, without any direct supervision or assistance. We’ll let you have twenty minutes to relieve yourself and get cleaned up. Please do NOT abuse the privilege. If we find we can’t trust you to do something as simple as this without… well, doing something foolish like trying to get away from us… then we’ll have to help you use the facilities from now on, just as if you were an infant or an invalid. You don’t really want to make us watch you or – even worse - assist you with every single bathroom visit from now on, now do you?”

Hunter found himself in perfect agreement with Jaden on that score at least, and shook his head side to side vigorously.

“Good! I’m glad to know that,” he continued; still sound like the polite host of an honored guest as he stood behind Hunter and inserted a tiny key into the small padlock that held Hunter’s ball gag in place. Jaden gently unbuckled it and casually removed it from Hunter’s head as if taking a guest’s jacket to hang it on a coat-hook.

Hunter worked his lower jaw and rubbed it with a now-free hand to get the soreness that had built up steadily over the last few hours out of it. Then, once he was confident that he could talk coherently without sending his jaw muscles into spasms, he faced Jaden with a look of pure supplication. “Look, couldn’t we just call it quits now? Please? Just let me go home! If this is about Sierra, I swear I’ll never speak to her again. I swear I’ll never tell anyone about any of this! Just please let me go home! You don’t even need to take me there yourself; I’ll be happy to just walk all the way home!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Jaden exclaimed loudly; talking over Hunter’s objection while holding out both hands in a shushing gesture. “Calm down. Sierra has nothing to do with this. She has no idea you’re even here. You’re being friends with her *isn’t* why I brought you here. Well, not the direct reason anyway. I just figured that any friend of Sierra’s is a friend of mine, and I like to invite my friends to come over to my house to visit and get to know me better. And that’s just what you’re going to do; get to know me better!”

This last was said with a straight face but with a cat-ate-the-canary grin that made Hunter feel even more uneasy than ever.

It was clearly not an offer but a command. Or, put another way, Hunter was being made an offer he couldn’t refuse. Hunter wanted to insist on declining, but realized that it wouldn’t do him any good to do so. If Jaden planned to do worse things to him than simply keep him (hopefully temporarily) prisoner here, Hunter saw no reason to hasten the moment when he’d be subjected to them. Conversely, Hunter had every reason not to goad Jaden into making his experiences even worse than he’d already planned it to be.

Hunter attempted a smile, but it was forced and so insincere it vanished in a second. Then he simply nodded his head in token acquiescence and waited to see what his captors would do next.

Seeing that Hunter was accepting the situation - at least for the moment – Jaden nodded back to Hunter with a considerably more sincere smile than Hunter’s had been, and then nodded his head to Sam and Alex as a signal to leave the room. “We’ll be waiting for you out in the hallway,” Jaden said to Hunter as he began to follow Sam and Alex through the door leading out of the bathroom. “You have twenty minutes. If you haven’t come out then, we’ll come in after you whether you’re ready or not, so don’t embarrass yourself or the three of us by dilly-dallying. Holler if you need anything.”

“Could I borrow your cell phone?” Hunter asked sardonically; wishing he’d remembered to bring his own to school. Had he had it along with him when he saw his bike tires were flat, he could have called his friend and neighbor Kane to pick him up and give him a ride home instead of going through all this nonsense with Jaden. Other than Sierra, Kane was probably the only real friend Hunter had; he would probably have come for Hunter and given him a ride home could Hunter have called him. But nooo… he just had to forget to pack the thing in his knapsack this morning when he found himself running late to get to school on time. Knowing that he would miss the bus going home, he’d had to ride his bike to get to school and in the rush had left his phone at home.

Jaden smiled with sardonic amusement at the request, shook his head in gentle negation, and stepped out of the bathroom; quietly closing the door behind him. “Twenty minutes,” he repeated loudly through the door so that Hunter could still hear him; looking at the time on his cell phone as he stepped out; “starting… now!”

With a sigh of resignation, Hunter looked all around him. The bathroom was definitely luxurious by his usual standards; larger, better furnished, and even cleaner than the bathroom at home. But there were no windows to climb out through; had there been one he would have attempted to climb out through it – never mind that he was on the third floor! – or at least yell loudly for help if there were any other houses or passers-by in sight. But there were no windows; nor any other door leading out of here except the way he had come in – and Jaden and the others were still waiting out there; he could hear them talking with one another! To leave, he would have to go past the three of them. Fat chance of that; any one of them was more than a match for Hunter in a tussle! Nope; there was no escape from here!

Hunter next quickly looked for something he could use as a weapon, and found nothing more dangerous than a toilet plunger.

An overwhelming need to use the facilities suddenly forced itself upon him as he looked at the toilet. Whatever else he thought of doing, he couldn’t go anywhere without using the can first. And so the next order of business was – taking care of business.

Once that was taken care of, Hunter realized that there was no point in not taking advantage of the bathroom facilities while he could still do so freely. If he merely dithered, his captors would likely simply force him to endure a stripping, bathing and dressing anyway – all of that followed undoubtedly by another tie-up even rougher than the first one. Better to do his bathing on his own and save himself the added and totally unnecessary humiliation. After all, Jaden and the others could have simply ‘assisted’ him in his bathing in the first place had they wanted to, and what could he have done to stop them? Not a damned thing!

Trying his best to act like he was back home instead of inside a strange house that he had literally been shanghaied to, Hunter turned on the shower and adjusted its temperature to a mildly hot but not scalding setting. He removed all of his clothes and dumped them (except for his sneakers of course) into the laundry hamper, as he supposed he was meant to do. He found clean wash cloths, fresh towels, unused bars of soap, and unopened bottles of shampoo inside the nearby cabinets – the last two in several different brands and scents. Selecting the types he was most used to, he took what he needed and stepped into the shower.

The shower was clean and ultra-modern looking, but had one feature which disturbed him. There were not one but several large metal rings set into the walls that resembled individual towel racks; set at different heights and locations. Hunter supposed that these could be used to steady a person who might find the bathtub floor slippery when wet, or to help someone who was not fully ambulatory to maneuver inside the shower stall. The rungs certainly looked sturdy enough for such purposes; each was so firmly set into the wall that Hunter found (when he tugged on a couple of them experimentally) that he could not budge them one bit. But remembering the set of shackles connected to the pipe just a few feet away, Hunter was certain that these racks were meant to hold something much heavier than mere towels! He could easily imagine himself being securely shackled to one of them while someone else stood in the shower with him and bathed his body themselves; laughing as he vainly tried to twist his body to avoid them and pull away!

With a shudder, Hunter banished such images from his mind and got to work lathering up his naked wet body and washing all the grime and sweat off. After all, if he didn’t want such images to become his reality, he’d better get a move on. He was quite certain that Jaden was not merely kidding when he threatened to come in here and speed things up if Hunter was too leisurely in his shower. The thought of Jaden and the others walking in on him while he was still naked- and doing the work of bathing him themselves as if he was an invalid - sufficed to make him quicken his movements considerably.

Despite his newfound haste, Hunter did as thorough a job of washing himself as he normally did after a long, hot day – especially after coming home from playing Soccer. He also took the time to shampoo his hair twice; not just because it was soaked with his sweat but because – even in circumstances such as this – he took pride in his appearance and especially that of his hair. When he emerged from the shower and toweled himself off, he even took the time to comb his hair (there were at least a dozen brand-new combs in one cabinet drawer). He was still fussing with it when Jaden’s voice called to him through the still-closed door. “Two minutes!”

Hunter hastily finished his combing and looked around nervously; suddenly realizing that he hadn’t found any clean clothes in here as yet. He opened the cabinets again and began a hasty but careful search for fresh clothes. All he found were about a dozen Speedos; each a different color or pattern but each also just as skimpy as another! Were these all he was supposed to wear? He dug further. No underwear; no shorts; no shirts; no socks; no clean shoes… just Speedos!

“One minute!” Jaden’s voice called through the door.

“Wait! What am I supposed to wear?” Hunter called back frantically. “All I can find in here are Speedos!”

“That’s all you need! Thirty seconds!” Jaden announced uncompromisingly.

Swearing under his breath, Hunter grabbed the dark blue Speedo with the red racing stripe; simply because that one looked the least objectionable to him. There was no way he was putting on the pink one with the red hearts, or the purple one that had a bright blue arrow in front pointing upward and read “Pull here to open”! And he wanted to take the yellow one with the white arrow in the hind part that read “In Through the Out Door” and flush it right down the toilet! He might have done it too had he had just a bit more time!

Hunter had just stepped into the chosen Speedo and pulled it up around his hips when the bathroom door began to open. “Wait, wait… just another second!” he exclaimed frantically as he tugged at the overly-snug Speedo and got it covering his essentials as well as he could manage.

But Jaden and the others did not hesitate or pause at all; they simply continued to walk right on into the bathroom and looked at him.

“You look nice, Hunter,” Jaden replied with a wide (and, under the circumstances, somewhat unsettling) grin as he looked Hunter’s trim body up and down with open appreciation. “Bet you feel better now that you’ve cleaned up a little.”

“I’d feel better still with some real clothes,” Hunter replied mildly. “Maybe I’d better just dig my own stuff back of the hamper and…”

“You don’t want to put those gamey old clothes back on,” Jaden told him flatly. “And we don't want you to either! You’re fine just as you are. Now come with us. It’s time we all had dinner. You must be famished by now.”

“Uhhh…could I put my sneakers back on first?” Hunted asked politely.

“Ugh! No way! Those things stink!” Jaden replied; his face wrinkled up in an exaggerated display of disgust. “You don’t need them anyway. Just put on the sandals inside that cabinet. You should’ve put ‘em on before we came in here, but I’ll let it go… this time.”

Hunter didn’t ask – and didn’t want to know – what might happen *next* time. He simply went to the cabinet indicted, opened it, found several pairs of flip-flops, selected one pair, and quickly put them on his feet. They weren’t much but they were better than walking around bare-foot even on a floor as clean as this; provided you didn’t mind the clomp-clomp noise one made with every step taken while wearing the things. Personally, Hunter didn’t like flip-flops and had rarely worn them before, but now was not the time to be picky about his foot-wear. Making a final adjustment to make sure they would stay on his feet, he stood up and faced his captors.

Sam was holding out a set of handcuffs and indicated to Hunter to turn facing away from him and hold his wrists behind his back. Alex was holding a set of hobbles. Jaden held what was most certainly a large dog’s leather collar and a six-foot-long chain leash. It was obvious from the expressions on their faces that it would be a waste of breath trying to talk them out of using all of these items on him; in fact, any resistance was likely to add more bondage items to the list. None of them were offering to put the hood or the ball-gag back on him for example. Any show of resistance on his part would likely remove such forbearance on their part. In fact, there was no limit in the indignities and amount of humiliation they could make him endure if it suited them. Perhaps all they wanted was the tiniest excuse to do so.

With a quiet sigh, Hunter turned around without comment and let his captors bind him as they wished. Maybe if he was a good sport about it, they wouldn’t treat him too badly. Perhaps he’d spend an unpleasant but not especially horrifying night – or at worst the weekend – as Jaden’s reluctant ‘guest’, and come Saturday - or at worst Monday - they’d let him go, they’d all go back to school, and hopefully he could put this weird experience behind him. Of course, he’d probably do less well on his finals than he’d hoped, since he wouldn’t be studying for much of the weekend like he’d planned to do. But if that was the worst consequence of this entire encounter, he’d count his blessings and be satisfied!

Jaden and the others bound him with their chosen implements as casually as if they were merely helping a small child put on his sneakers and tie his laces. Once Hunter’s hobbles and handcuffs were in place, Jaden buckled the leather collar around his neck, clipped on the metal leash, and gave it a slight but not uncomfortable tug. “There,” Jaden said to him with a wide smile that was slightly spoiled by the hint of a smug smirk. “Let’s go eat!”

Hunter expected to be taken down the stairs all the way back down to the first floor, where it was most likely the kitchen and dining room would be. But instead his captors turned left and walked him even further down the hall; taking the third room on the left. This led into a cylindrical-shaped room about twenty feet in diameter; evidently one of the two corner ‘towers’ of the Victorian structure.

The room was laid out like an independent kitchen. There was a stove on the far side, flanked by a kitchen sink on one side and an electric range on the other. On the other side of the sink was a full-sized refrigerator-freezer, which proved to be fully stocked with beverages, meals, fruits, and various snacks. There were two separate cupboards containing other food, dishes, bowls, utensils, and everything else that a small but well-stocked kitchen would be expected to have. There was even a new-looking microwave oven sitting on top of a kitchen counter-top.

In the center of the circular room was a round, modest-sized wooden kitchen table with four wooden kitchen chairs surrounding it. Each had a back support high enough to support the head as well when the person was seated. Two of the chairs had large wooden arms along the sides; the other two did not. The table had a brightly-decorated cloth covering it but nothing else; none of the places were as yet set. Jaden led Hunter to the closest of the chairs (one of the two without arms), pulled it out, and gestured to Hunter to be seated in it. Seeing no point in arguing about it, Hunter did so.

“My brother Jonas set this all up a couple of years ago, when he had this floor all to himself and I lived on the second floor along with Carsen,” Jaden explained idly. “He set the entire third floor up as a separate apartment that would be all his own. Once he moved out of the house of course, I pretty much inherited it. It’s the one set of hand-me-downs I ever got from him or wanted.”

Sam and Alex stepped to a cabinet nearby, opened it, and pulled out several coils of clothesline; still brand-new and coiled up with its original packaging. Hunter started to rise to his feet again in sudden alarm but Jaden placed a gentle but firm hand down upon his shoulder and compelled him to remain seated. “Relax, and just let us make you comfortable,” Jaden said to Hunter with a deceptively casual grin. “Right now, you’re our guest, and so we are going to serve you. Of course, after you’ve received the proper training, it will be *you* who will be expected to do all the serving for *me* - or sometimes *us*. But that’s a discussion for later.”

Hunter didn’t like the sound of that at all and wanted to ask some questions. Then he decided that the answers to those questions would likely be more frightening than enlightening, and he kept his mouth shut instead. He simply, silently watched his captors with growing unease as they began to bind him carefully and very thoroughly to his chair.

Although his wrists were already cuffed behind him, a generous amount of rope was tied around them, cinched together, and then further cinched to the central vertical slat that formed the back of his chair; preventing Hunter from moving his wrists or hands more than the tiniest amount. In spite of this, more rope was briskly and tightly looped around his arms above and below his elbows and cinched tight to the framework of the chair’s back; restricting his upper body movement even further.

Even this was apparently not thorough enough. More rope was looped horizontally around his torso and tied to the back of the chair; so tightly he almost could not breathe. Then even more rope was looped over one shoulder and under the opposite arm on both sides of him; tightly crisscrossing in an X-shaped pattern and welding his upper body even more securely to the back of his chair. He could not bend forward from a fully erect position in even the smallest degree.

His legs were secured similarly. His ankles were secured to the chair legs in such a way that his feet were both several inches off the floor. More rope above and below his knees ensured that Hunter could not move legs any more than he could move his arms. In fact, even his head was allowed no freedom of movement when his head was fastened firmly in place to the back of the chair behind it by leather straps that had been built into the back of the chair itself. The spot where his head rested was covered with soft padding however; so the back of his head was comfortable and even well-supported despite his inability to either turn or nod his head even slightly. Even his collar was attached to the back of the chair by clips that had been carefully built into it, though only after his chain leash was unhooked first.

By the time the others had finished tying him down into the chair, the only parts of his body that Hunter could move to any noticeable degree were his fingers, his toes, and his jaw.

“There!” Jaden proclaimed with considerable satisfaction. “Now that you’re nice and comfy, we’ll get dinner prepared.”

Hunter sat quietly in his imprisoning chair and watched as Jaden took what was evidently a previously prepared but untouched meal out of the refrigerator and unwrapped it. It was a large plate loaded down with roast beef in thick gravy, mashed potatoes (with more gravy), peas, carrots, and stove-stuff stuffing. There were generous portions of each; at least twice as much there as Hunter would normally eat in a single meal. “Hope you’re hungry,” Jaden said to Hunter with a sincerely friendly grin as he let him see the loaded plate, loosely covered it with a plastic top, and then stuck it all into the microwave. He set the timer for six minutes and turned the microwave on. The meal inside rotated on a built-in turntable as it heated up.

While Jaden as doing this, Sam set a place in front of where Hunter sat, while Alex set a tall glass half-filled with small ice cubes nearby. “What kind of soda do you like, Sir?” he asked Hunter; sounding for all the world like a waiter serving a customer at a fancy restaurant. “We have Coke, 7Up, Grape, Strawberry, Ginger Ale, Root Beer, Orange Crush, and Moxie.”

“Uhhh… I’ll have the 7Up please,” a somewhat bemused Hunter requested politely - while wondering how the hell he was expected to eat while tied down so tightly he couldn’t move!

“Very good, sir,” Alex replied politely but with a sardonic grin as he stepped away to fetch something from the refrigerator. It was, indeed, a two-liter bottle of 7Up, which he carefully poured into the glass in front of Hunter until it was filled almost to the brim. “Would Sir care to taste the vintage to see if it meets with his requirements?” Alex asked, still sounding like the waiter of a fancy restaurant but with a more noticeably mocking tone to his voice.

“Uhhh… sure;” Hunter replied cautiously. He was certain that a nasty prank was going to be sprung on him at any moment. ‘They probably intend to throw the drink right into my face or pour it all over my head,’ he thought to himself sourly.

But Alex simply lifted the glass of bubbling soda up to Hunter’s lips and let him sip it at his own pace. It was cold and delicious; especially after Hunter had been gagged for so long and had not had anything to drink since before the Soccer game had begun. That had been seven hours ago now; but to Hunter it seemed more like seven days!

The microwave dinged and shut off. Jaden got a couple of pot holders, pulled the steaming-hot plate of food out of it, removed the plastic top that had helped keep in the moisture, carried the plate over to the table, and set it down in front of Hunter. Then, as Sam and Alex watched (and took pictures and videos of the event with their camera phones), Jaden moved a seat just to the left of Hunter’s, sat down in it, and cut up the roast beef as if preparing to eat it himself.

Hunter was sure now that Jaden was simply going to eat the meal himself while he sat there; helpless to do anything but watch and drool hungrily. But instead, when Alex took up a forkful of food, he held it gently up to Hunter’s mouth rather than to his own. Jaden intended to feed Hunter his meal himself by hand; one bite at a time!

Hunter refused at first; and would have turned his head could he have moved it at all. But Jaden patiently held the food out to him, talking to Hunter as if he were an infant being spoon-fed a jar of Gerber’s baby-food. Hunter continued to refuse for a moment. But then the savory aroma of the food reached his nose, and his stomach began to rumble alarmingly. With all the weird experiences over the last few hours, Hunter had almost forgotten how hungry he had been getting. In fact, he was starved! He held out a moment longer, but then his pride gave in to his ravenous hunger. He opened his mouth and let Jaden feed him.

Jaden smiled like the proud parent of a child finally weaned off his formula as he dug the now-empty fork back into Hunter’s dinner and lifted up another forkful. Meanwhile, Sam and Alex gleefully recorded every moment of Hunter’s meal with their camera phones.

“Aren’t you guys having anything?” Hunter asked after swallowing his second mouthful.

“We’ll have something later, after you’ve been put to bed for the night,” Jaden told him. “In my house, the guests always get served first… and the servants eat last.”

Hunter sensed a double meaning behind Jaden’s words, but was too tired and bedazzled by all of his recent experiences to give it much thought. But he would have cause to remember those words later… when they would take on an entirely different meaning.


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Hunter, Jaden, Alex, and Sam
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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby xtc » Thu Oct 17, 2013 3:56 am

Enjoyable but I keep getting side-tracked by thoughts of a story that is forming in my head.
Don't worry, it won't be ready for some time yet!

I might be coming round to enjoying this story more than "What's a Prisoner . . ."
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More by the same author: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=22729

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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby Jason Toddman » Thu Oct 17, 2013 4:10 am

xtc wrote:Enjoyable but I keep getting side-tracked by thoughts of a story that is forming in my head.
Don't worry, it won't be ready for some time yet!

I might be coming round to enjoying this story more than "What's a Prisoner . . ."

Yes, What's a Prisoner kinda strayed from the central theme and into a rather bizarre subplot, didn't it? :quirk:
This time (hopefully) I will stick to (and describe in great [dare I say loving?] detail) the main story of a boy who reluctantly but slowly and steadily comes around to becoming another boy's (ultimately willing) slave. There may be somewhat stronger sexual elements that will come into play here than in the other story (as per Hunter316's original request), but nothing (afaik) that requires this story to be in the Intimate Fictional Tugs section.
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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby Veracity » Fri Oct 18, 2013 10:33 am

How do you manage to keep all these wonderful stories going at the same time? This one is great so far!

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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby Speedoblue » Sun Oct 20, 2013 5:58 am

Really can't wait for the continuation....!!!

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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby Jason Toddman » Sun Oct 20, 2013 3:44 pm

Veracity wrote:How do you manage to keep all these wonderful stories going at the same time? This one is great so far!

I'm not really sure myself. Sometimes it can be a trifle difficult though. :quirk:
Speedoblue wrote:Really can't wait for the continuation....!!!

Then wait no longer... :big:


As Hunter was being fed, he looked around him more carefully but seemingly casually. The room looked very much like any ordinary modern kitchen at first glance. But as he looked around him more carefully he noticed a few extra touches that had eluded his notice previously.

The first was the window. It seemed like an ordinary kitchen window at first glance; covered with small, tasteful curtains that almost entirely concealed the window from view. But as Alex happened to walk past it, the slight breeze of his motion stirred the light drapes and caused a part of the window to be exposed to Hunter’s view for a moment. As Hunter looked at it more closely at that moment, he noticed that it was not an ordinary window made of clear glass. Instead, it was a dark-blue stained-glass window that would be impossible to see clearly through either from inside or outside; day or night. In addition, there was a metal grille firmly set in front of it; making the window impossible to open (let alone look out through or crawl out through).

It was quite obvious from that one peek that the window was specifically designed to prevent anyone outside from ever seeing in, or prevent anyone inside from ever calling out for help or escaping through it. Not that it would be easy to crawl out through it anyway; the window was three feet wide but only about twelve inches high, and almost six feet off the floor. It would be very difficult for Hunter to squeeze his body through that - even slender as he was – and at the same time keep from falling thirty feet to the ground!

Hunter wondered if the window he’d seen completely curtained off from view out in the hallway outside was guarded the same way. He had barely glanced at it earlier; having had other things on his mind at the time. Hunter made a mental note to check for this the next time he was out there. He wouldn’t have been surprised now if it was, however.

Another extra feature of the kitchen was noticeable only when he happened to glance straight up. The ceiling was underneath the peaked roof that capped this tower shaped corner of the house and was over ten feet above the floor. Crossing underneath it, at the point where the ceiling began to narrow, was a thick wooden crossbeam. Suspended underneath it was a pulley, underneath which a thick heavy chain ending with a thick shackle dangled for about a foot or so. Hunter looked around, and saw the rest of the chain coiled around the pulley, stretch to an outer wall, and then disappear vertically beneath it behind the wall. Directly underneath the place where the chain disappeared was a narrow door, like that of a closet.

Hunter suddenly had little doubt that there was some kind of mechanism behind that door that raised and lowered the chain overhead – along with any burden that happened to be connected to it. He began to wonder what such a set-up could possibly be for, and suddenly imagined himself being suspended by his wrists by that chain; his legs dangling off the floor while the other boys surrounded him and laughed! Perhaps even using whips to beat him with!

The idea started to make him choke on the biteful of food he was chewing at the moment!

Apparently alarmed, Jaden set down the plate and fork he’d been holding, rushed to stand behind Hunter, and try to pat him hard on the back. Unfortunately, the chair back was built in such a way that Hunter’s back was almost inaccessible for such a procedure. But before Jaden could start to loosen Hunter’s bonds that held him so firmly upright against the back of the chair, Hunter’s coughing began to subside. Still concerned, Jaden looked at Hunter for a moment.
“Are you all right?” Jaden asked in a tone too solicitous-sounding to be entirely faked.

“Yeah, I think so,” Hunter replied; still coughing as he talked but not sounding like he was choking. “I guess something went down the wrong way. May I have a drink please?”

“Sure,” Jaden replied as he sat down, grasped Hunter’s soda-filled glass, and raised it to the captive boy’s lips to let him sip at his own pace. “You had me worried for a moment. What set that off? Was it something in the food?”

“No,” Hunter replied calmly. “I just noticed that set-up overhead and was wondering what it was for. I think I let my imagination get away from me?” He phrased the last part as a question; expressing his uncertainty in the matter.

Jaden looked up, smiled at Hunter, then turned to Alex and Sam and winked. “That’s just where the chandelier goes, that’s all,” he replied lightly as he held another forkful of dinner up to Hunter’s mouth. “It just doesn’t happen to be up there at the moment, that’s all.”

Hunter accepted the next bite; in part to conceal his extreme doubts that Jaden was being entirely honest with him. But for the sake of his peace of mind, he decided it would be unwise to pursue the matter. Even assuming he was wrong, why give his captors any funny ideas? After all, couldn’t a human hanging up from that chain would, technically, be considered a chandelier?! But the evasive way Jaden had talked still had Hunter’s mind imagining all sorts of dire possibilities! The thoughts made hunter uncomfortable, but he doubted he ever wanted to find out for sure just what the truth of the matter was!

“Sooo… how long do you intend to keep me here as your… guest, anyway?” Hunter asked Jaden somewhat hesitantly; certain even before he asked that the answer was going to be dreadful. At the same time, he didn’t quite dare to come straight out and call himself a prisoner.

“Ohhh… a while,” Jaden replied vaguely. Alex and Sam snickered at this; which, as far as Hunter was concerned, was definitely a bad sign.

“How *long* a while?” Hunter pressed almost pleadingly; feeling more anxious than reassured.

But Jaden simply smiled and wouldn’t answer the question, even though Hunter asked him three more times over the course of the rest of the meal. Finally, after the third time, Jaden finally said, “Every time you ask me that, I’m adding time to how long you stay tied up like that!”

Jaden intended no overt deception, but Hunter took this statement to mean that eventually Jaden intended to untie him and, hopefully, let him go unharmed. He was wrong of course, since Jaden never intended to set Hunter free again in the first place. He simply meant how long hunter would be kept tied so thoroughly that he was unable to move on his own; not how long hunter would be kept captive. But as Hunter was as yet blissfully unaware of this, he ceased asking Jaden this question; or, for that matter, any other question. Conversation languished, and Hunter ate the rest of his meal in silence.

Once their reluctant guest was finished with his meal, Sam put away the dishes and began to wash them in the sink. “Would you like some dessert?” Jaden asked Hunter as kindly as any real solicitous host would. “We have apple pie, chocolate cake, strawberry short cake, and something like six flavors of ice cream; or you can have any of the first three ala mode.”

Hunter was tempted, but he felt already filled to bursting. Whatever else his captors’ intentions toward him were, Jaden was at least feeding him pretty well! “Nothing, thanks,” he replied; again as politely as he could so that Jaden would be unlikely (hopefully) to take offense.

“Are you sure?” Jaden asked; sounding more like someone honestly eager to share a treat than like a person who felt the least bit offended. You’ve had a hard day after all, and I know you probably would rather have gone home than get shanghaied by us! I just want you to feel welcome here. I want you to feel like that this is your home now.”

Hunter looked sardonically at his own bonds. “Welcome?” he asked a bit sardonically.

“You’re so welcome here that we just can’t bear the thought of you not spending the night with us,” Jaden replied with a grin. “The offer of dessert is still good, but we won’t force you if you don’t want it.”

“Well… apple pie ala mode does sound kind of nice,” Hunter replied after a moment of silent thought. After all, if Jaden was willing to feed him this good, maybe his plans for Hunter weren’t as dire as they had seemed. Not that his claim that he was simply determined to have Hunter – a younger boy he hardly knew – as his house guest and wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer made any sense. But at least Jaden and his friends weren’t doing any of the things to him that Hunter’s overwrought imagination had been thinking of since they had first chained him up. There had been no beatings, no touches of a sexual nature (other than that light tickling, if that even counted), no threats, no violence other than when he had fought them… In fact, other than a few taunts such as even real friends sometimes use on one another when playing pranks on one another and keeping him almost continually tied up, Jaden and the other two really hadn’t done anything all that hostile to him.

True… tying him up wasn’t normally considered a very friendly act. But then again, Hunter could recall a few times when he and some other boys had been horsing around and tied one another up as part of some game. Of course, their tying skills had not been all that great, the tie-ups usually hadn’t been so scary or lasted so long, and Hunter and his friends had been much younger back then as well. Even so, Jaden and the others were acting more like this was just a friendly (if extreme and long-lasting) prank rather than a prelude to something ominous. All three were smiling, even laughing; and all three in a mellow, relaxed mood. Other than the fact that he didn’t particularly enjoy being tied up (especially so thoroughly or so well), Hunter was beginning to wonder if his fears were groundless.

Alex cut off a slice from the apple pie, placed it on a small plate, and scooped some vanilla ice cream on top of it. He set the dessert down in front of Hunter and Jaden, and then sat down in a chair next to Sam (who had finished his cleaning duties) to watch him. Jaden then fed Hunter his dessert just as he had fed him every bite of his meal.

“That was delicious,” Hunter told Jaden complimentarily after he finished his late bite, and then found himself yawning.

Jaden grinned. “So, you must be feeling pretty tired by now. It *is* getting pretty late. Want to call it a night and head to bed to get some sleep?”

Hunter nodded his head warily; he suspected a trick, but he was so tired by then that he was willing to take a chance that the offer was as sincere as the offer of a meal was.

“Okay, we’ll show you to your room,” he replied. And then, somewhat to Hunter’s surprise, Jaden and Alex immediately began to untie him from the chair.

But before his hands or feet were entirely free, Sam grabbed the handcuffs and hobbles and other gear that Hunter had been restrained with when he was brought into the kitchen, and proceeded to place these back upon him. Hunter watched this with some trepidation, but his fear wasn’t as sharp as it had been originally. After all, these three hadn’t really hurt him so far. If keeping him tied up most of the time was the worst they were going to do with him, maybe this experience wouldn’t be as bad as he had thought it would be after all. Maybe it was nothing more than a prank; if a rather extreme one.

Hunter was freed from the chair and helped to stand up. With his wrists once again fastened in front of him and secured firmly to his torso, and his feet hobbled, Hunter was led out of the kitchen. He took a look at the window at the end of the hallway before he was turned to face away from it; yes, the windows behind those thick curtains were also stained-glass; meaning no one outside could possibly see him even if looking directly at the window. But that wasn’t the most disturbing part.

The window was entirely fronted by a set of bars just like those inside a prison!!! He could see a small portion of them under the lower left hand corner when the drapes had caught against them and exposed it to view. If this was part of the prank, it was really carrying things much too far!

Hunter’s nervousness only grew as he was led back down the hallway past the faint discontinuity in the wall where a doorway used to be. The sight of it disturbed Hunter’s instincts. Why did the sight of this sealed-up doorway feel so ominous? What was on the other side of that wall? Why did it – along with those bars on the window – make hunter feel like this whole set-up was much more than an extremely elaborate, bizarre prank?

They came to the other door on the same side of the hallway as the sealed-over doorway, and Jaden stopped and unlock the door with his key-ring.

“What’s in the other room opposite?” Hunter asked, nodding his head at the closest of the three doors on the other side of the hallway; and the only one of the three he’d not yet seen beyond.

“Just an old unused bedroom, and a stairway up into the attic,” Jaden answered nonchalantly. “I use it to store some of my stuff. I’ll show it to you sometime; you might find some of the things in there pretty interesting. The bedroom’s where Alex and Sam are sleeping. But your guest room is over here.”

The way he said that didn’t make Hunter feel any better, but before he could dwell on what Jaden might have in there, he opened the door in front of him and stepped on inside, while Sam and Alex propelled Hunter forward to follow.

It was a large and luxurious bedroom. There was a king sized bed with tall brass railings at one corner, but it was dwarfed by the immensity of the room it was in. This one bedroom was easily three times the size of the living room of Hunter’s own, more modest house; and evidently ran most of the length of this floor. It was well furnished with two large dressers, an enormous trunk over six feet long, a somewhat smaller but equally sturdy-looking trunk beside it, a desk with a laptop on it, a desk chair, two lounge chairs, a 60-inch plasma screen TV, two bookshelves, and a bed-table with a lamp atop it.

There were two large windows along the long wall opposite the door. Both were covered with curtains, but these were not entirely closed and Hunter could see that these were also stained glass. There were also bars on the windows, but unlike the window in the hallway these bars were flung open like a set of interior shutters.

There were two doors along the far wall. One was open, revealing a sizable and well-stocked closet. The other door, a very sturdy-looking one, was closed.

“This is my room,” Jaden told Hunter rather proudly as he walked across his room and fitted a key to the lock of the mysterious closed door. “And here is where you’re going to sleep,” he announced as he opened the door while Sam and Alex hustled Hunter forward.

This room was, like the kitchen, cylindrical in shape, forming another of the corner towers. But here, the similarities with the kitchen – or any other room Hunter had seen so far – ended. There were no windows. The walls were entirely covered with thick, foamy padding like those used in certain institutions for the mentally impaired. The floor was similarly padded like the wrestling pads Hunter had seen in school. The sole piece of furniture was a bed with a heavy steel frame bolted to the floor and immovable. The top surface of the bed was covered with thick, leather straps; two for the ankles, two for the wrists, several for the legs, two for the torso, and even one for the head. Alternately, there was also a set of shackles locked onto each of the four bedposts, which could be used in place of the wrist and ankle straps to immobilize the bed’s occupant.

Hunter suddenly realized that this room must be what was beyond the doorway in the hallway that had been sealed off; leaving the only way in or out directly through Jaden’s room. Hunter’s feeling of dread rose sharply once again. This was no mere prank; the set-up was much too elaborate for that! I must have taken weeks – perhaps even months – and a lot of money to set all this up. No one would set up a room like a prison cell – or, worse, like the cell of an asylum – just for kicks! They really meant to keep him prisoner in here!

Hunter was suddenly certain that Jaden and the other boys weren’t going to keep him here for just an overnight stay, or even just the week-end. They meant to keep him a prisoner for much, much longer than that!

Alex and Sam proceeded to impel Hunter forward, but their captive began to drag his feet. “Is this really necessary?” he exclaimed. “Please; lock me in if you want… but don’t tie me down!”

“Would you prefer to send the night up there?” Jaden asked sardonically as he pointed straight up with a gesture of his thumb.

With haunted eyes, Hunter looked up at the ceiling, and spotted a set-up identical to the one he’d seen above him in the kitchen. This chain though had a set of padded leather cuffs dangling at the end of it. The implication of what Jaden was suggesting was obvious.

“Or perhaps you’d prefer to spend the night in the attic,” Jaden added. “One of the things I have stored in there is a very nice iron cage. I’d be more than happy to stick you into it if you don’t like this room. It’d be a bit cramped, though. It’s just big enough to sit in with your legs tucked up against you. There’s little headroom even when you sit, and no room at all to stretch your legs. It’s not padded either; its floor is just like the sides; thick iron bars. And the attic isn’t a nice place to spend the night either. But I’ll put you in there if you don’t like the bed in here.”

Hunter stopped dragging his feet and let his captors take him to the bed; he had no doubt in his mind that Jaden was telling the unvarnished truth.

“Lie down in the center,” Sam instructed Hunter as he was taken to the side of the bed. His escort released Hunter’s arms at the same time, so Hunter meekly turned around to face them, sat down on the edge of the bed, and positioned himself to lie on his back in the center of the bed as he had been told.

Sam crawled onto the lower end of the bed and removed Hunter’s hobbles, but leaving his wrists bound to his front for the time being. He grasped Hunter’s left ankles, positioned it to where one of the straps protruded from the bed, and wrapped the strap around Hunter’s ankle. There were several metal-rimmed holes through which a buckle could be secured, and Sam cinched the buckle tightly enough to keep that leg immobile without hurting his captive. Hunter’s other ankle was treated similarly; leaving Hunter’s legs stretched wide apart but not so wide as to be taut or uncomfortable; just held securely in place. He could move a little; at least, enough to relax comfortably. But any movement of more than an inch or two was impossible.

As if this were not enough, there were other straps built into the bed that could be secured around the shins and the thighs, and these were also employed.

At the same time, Alex worked on strapping down Hunter’s torso. Once this was done, his arms were freed from their restraints and left to lie at Hunter’s sides; only to also be securely strapped down at wrist, lower arms, and biceps. And then, as if as an afterthought, a set of thick heavy mittens were tied onto Hunter’s hands; rendering even his fingers totally immobile. Hunter could then move no part of his body below his neck.

And even this small freedom was soon denied him when the hood was placed back on him, and then a thick padded strap attached to the bed was placed around his head and also securely tied down. This prevented Hunter from either nodding or turning his head more than a fraction of an inch in any direction.

His jaw was not left neglected either as first a bit gag was placed inside his mouth and then the chin straps of the hood were re-fastened; preventing Hunter from even moving his mouth… let alone speak aloud or even make any noise much louder than a whimper.

Supposedly in the interests of ensuring that Hunter was not kept awake by any lights, the blinders were re-attached to his hood as well; along with the ear-pads in the hood, Hunter was now deaf as well as blind.

“That should help him sleep,” Alex said sardonically as he finished snapping the visor on.

In the end, Hunter could move his body enough to wriggle noticeably; at last, enough to ease discomfort from an uncomfortable position and prevent muscle cramps from being held too rigid for too long. But, for all intents and purposes, he was as helpless as a quadriplegic that had been simultaneously rendered, blind, deaf, and mute.

“Good night, Hunter,” Jaden called to his guest; “and sweet dreams.”

But Hunter was unable to respond; he could not even see or hear them any longer. He never knew it when his three captors left the room, closed the door behind them, and locked him inside his guest room for the night. He believed his captors were still inside the room; watching him. However, he was half correct; they *were* watching him. There were no fewer than four small security cameras secretly set inside the walls and two more inside the ceiling; all pointed straight at him and monitoring his every move – such as they were.

Jaden’s laptop was tied into these security cameras, and the moment after he locked his prisoner into his room for the night he walked to the laptop, turned it on, and watched the monitor screen. Excellent! The night vision cameras were working perfectly. Even while Hunter’s private little world was in pitch darkness, Jaden – or whoever monitored Hunter while he was tied down – could watch the prisoner for any signs of distress. The idea was not to strip away Hunter’s last vestiges of privacy as much as it was to ensure his safety in case something went wrong.

If Hunter should start to choke on his gag or show signs of a major muscle cramp for example, he could still move enough for signs of his distress to be evident even to a casual observer. The way Hunter was strapped down and gagged minimized this possibility enormously, but there was always the unexpected emergency. If something happened, someone could be inside his room in moments to help him before the situation became dangerous for him.

“I have to go pick up Kane where he dropped off that car and bring him back here for the weekend,” Jaden told Sam and Alex. “While I’m gone, I want at least one of you keeping a close eye on this monitor at all times. I’m not at all worried about his being able to escape; but if something happens to Hunter because no one was watching him, we’re *all* in deep trouble. Once I bring Kane back, the four of us can take turns watching Hunter while the rest of us sleep.”

“Wouldn’t it be a lot less trouble if we didn’t keep Hunter tied down so securely that we have to watch him so closely?” Sam asked. “Sure, it *is* fun seeing him tied don like this… but it’s sure going to be an awful lot of trouble. Seems to me an ankle tether and being locked in his room would have been sufficient. Even if he somehow got free of his bed, there’s no way out of there except right through your room here.”

“Eventually of course we will be less restrictive with his movements,” Jaden replied. “But you know the plan. Freedom of movement has to come in gradual stages, and Hunter must be taught that such freedom of movement is a privilege to be earned from now on; not a right taken for granted. Once he’s shown he can be trusted with a little freedom, he’ll be allowed more and more – but no more than he can be trusted not to abuse. For now, he has none. Eventually he will crave freedom so much that he’ll do his best to earn his freedom in small increments. Once he’s a fully trained slave that can be trusted, he’ll have all the freedom he needs. But for now, we have to start him off with next to no freedom at all.”

Jaden handed his two assistants duplicate keys to Hunter’s private room. “Use these only if Hunter shows signs of being in trouble,” Jaden told them. “For tonight at least, I want him to rest as comfortably as he can. He’s had a tiring day and has a big day coming tomorrow, and I want him relaxed – at least, as much as possible - and rested by the morning. No sneaking into his room and tormenting him! Got it?” he asked sternly, looking directly at Sam as he said this last.

“It’s cool, Jaden,” Sam replied with a relaxed grin. “I’m not sore at him anymore for kicking me in the nards. Well, I’m still sore,” he added ruefully but not angrily; “just not that way.”

Jaden smiled back; feeling more at ease now that he knew Sam wouldn’t be looking for payback. He knew Sam well enough to know his feelings; Sam was not a subtle person. If Sam said he was willing to let bygones be bygones, then his statement could be trusted. Like Jaden himself, Sam rarely if ever lied to anyone; least of all his friends. And that would be utterly important if he was to be trusted to help train Hunter.

One of the first things Hunter would need to taught (and must totally believe) was that none of his captors would ever lie to him. Winning his eventual trust and loyalty was the ultimate goal, and Jaden thoroughly believed that never lying to a slave (even in jest) was a vital ingredient in achieving that goal.

Another thing Hunter would have to be taught was that while bad behavior would be punished, good behavior would be as freely rewarded. His act of self-defense was one thing, it was perfectly understandable, and Jaden wanted to see to it that it was overlooked. But once everything was explained to Hunter and he realized his new role in life, proper discipline would be strictly (but fairly) enforced from that moment on.

What was past was past; and Sam’s actively holding a grudge would have jeopardized this discipline. It was good that everyone – captive and captors alike – would begin with a clean slate. It would make the goal of training and disciplining Hunter less difficult and more effective.

“Okay, I’ll be gone about an hour,” Jaden told them. “Kane drove Hunter’s mom’s car where no one will find it before the car-jackers I met with do, but it’s still quite a ways from here. You guys go ahead and take turns watching the monitor and fixing your meals until I get back. Kane’s agreed to do monitor-duty for most of the night once we get back and the three of us will be well rested when Hunter begins his first day of slave training.”

Jaden exchanged high-fives with his two partners and left to pick up Kane. Sam agreed to do monitor duty for Alex in exchange for Alex’s making a meal for Sam as well as himself. All three were relaxed and happy as they looked forward to a good night’s sleep and then beginning Hunter’s slave-training in the morning.

Hunter, however, was far from relaxed or happy. Unaware that he had been alone inside his room almost from the moment his captors had put the blinders on him, he was still nervously waiting for one of them to begin tormenting or torturing him in some way. At the very least he expected a full-scale tickle assault on his bound and totally unprotected body. Well, at least tied down with his arms at his sides as he was, his sides and underarms – two of his most ticklish spots – were mercifully out of reach. But the undersides of his feet were his most ticklish spots of all and (unlike inside the van) were uncovered and totally vulnerable.

But as time went on and there were no touches of any kind, an exhausted Hunter began to relax –especially as weariness finally overcame him. It took a long while (although not as long in real time as it seemed to him while immobilized in the dark and quiet), but Hunter eventually began to realize that in fact his captives apparently had no plans to torment him further – at least, not for the time being. Perhaps they felt that the anticipation – not even knowing if they were still in the room with him or not – was sufficient cause for amusement. They were probably watching him and laughing at him as he squirmed, he thought to himself.

There was no way for Hunter to tell that he had been alone virtually the entire time since the hood had been strapped onto his head. As the ear pads inside the hood were quite effective, he could hear no noise – except for the beat of his own heart inside his ear drums. He also could not realize that it was pitch black inside the room, as the blinders would have blocked all light anyway. He was alone in a room so darkened that no one inside with him could have seen him anyway. This would have brought him no comfort had he known of the night-vision security cameras however.

Although Hunter soon realized that more direct forms of torment did not seem to be in the offing and was able to relax somewhat, he was still full of dread. Why would three upperclassmen kidnap a lowerclassman that they barely knew and take them to the house one of them lived in? This set-up was far too elaborate for a mere prank! To scare him away from Sierra? But Jaden claimed this had nothing to do with his friendship for her! Why would be lie about that? If he wanted Hunter to stay away from Sierra, it made no sense to claim otherwise when Hunter was already plainly ready to agree to such a demand!

Unless Jaden thought Hunter would renege on any such agreement. If that was the case, perhaps his captor was making the further point that anyone crossing Jaden was extremely unwise! If so, Hunter felt that Jaden had already more than adequately made his point! Provided this really was all about Sierra (as he still firmly believed, as no other possible motive came to mind), Hunter vowed he’d agree to anything (*and* stick to such an agreement) if Jaden would simply let him go home again soon and leave him alone from then on! True, Hunter liked Sierra to a point that he at least thought might be in love with her… but anyone who could do *this* to him and not worry about legal consequences was no one he ever wanted to mess with! Not ever! Hunter was no Romeo; Sierra was no Juliet… and their ultimate fate was certainly not an enviable one!

Turbulent thoughts like these roiled through Hunter’s mind for an unknown time until, worn out by his experiences and his fears - and feeling utterly relaxed lying on top of the confining but simultaneously very comfortable bed – he finally dozed off. He slept soundly after that, and despite the tumultuous day he had just had his dreams were relaxed and happy ones.

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Re: The Slave Hunter

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Hunter awoke slowly at first. Then, for a moment, he was seized by blind panic that awakened him suddenly and completely. He could not move, could not see, and could not hear anything around him at all. What was happening to him? Had he suffered some kind of cataclysmic stroke? Was he paralyzed? Was he dead?!

But then the memory of yesterday’s events flooded back into his head and Hunter calmed down – at least, a little. Although he now realized that he was perfectly healthy after all, it was hard for him to feel calm about his current situation. He was virtually a prisoner of someone else whose motives for kidnapping him were still unknown to him. Although Jaden and his cronies had acted relatively benign to him so far, that was no guarantee that they would continue to do so. Surely if they were willing to kidnap him out of the blue like this, they were capable of doing anything!

Hunter’s imagination began to run over all the possibilities it could think of, and many scenes involving ransom, torture, rape, and even murder crowded into his mind. Left alone with nothing else to distract him or occupy his mind, and with a perfectly healthy (if somewhat morbid under the circumstances) imagination, Hunter spent a wretched time (of unknown duration) lying trapped in his bed and was unable to get back to sleep.

It was only an hour or so between the time he awoke (and began imagining all these things) to the time when an outside force drew his attention away his thoughts, but to him that one hour seemed like an entire day.

Hunter realized that he was no longer alone when he felt unseen hands suddenly tug at the straps that held his feet and legs immobile and loosen them. The immobility of his legs was soon gone and he could move them about freely – if blindly. However, his upper body and body remained trapped by other straps; leaving Hunter disinclined to do anything with his legs that might entice whoever was with him into discontinuing what they were doing (and perhaps even re-immobilizing his legs). He was still at the mercy of whoever was with him now, and there was no point in antagonizing him. Besides, it might not be Jaden at all but a potential rescuer.

Any hopeful thoughts that he was being released were banished when Hunter felt hard metallic bands being locked around his ankles. Moving his legs slightly, he found that his ankles were now hobbled together by a chain perhaps two feet long. His legs were otherwise unrestrained, but Hunter decided that it was wiser to remain lying quietly for the time being and await further developments. It was obvious that there was nothing else he could do that would help him; only make his situation worse than it already was - if that was even possible.

The straps that held down his arms were released. Unseen hands grasped his wrists firmly but gently and guided them to cross in front of him. Hunter made no resistance as he felt his wrists being cuffed together and then secured tightly to his front by a chain. His captors were obviously taking no chances with him. There was never a single moment when there was even the slightest hope of his being able to break away from his captors and escape.

The fact that they were doing this proved they had no intention of releasing him any time soon. As a result of this, Hunter literally felt the weight of despair settle down onto his chest, almost as if one of his captors had sat upon him there. Indeed, he thought for a moment that one of them *was* sitting on his chest; he felt so heavy and it was suddenly so hard to breathe. But when the straps that held his head immobile were released and unseen hands pushed upward on his back and urged him to sit up, he realized that this was only in his imagination.

Hunter’s body was guided by his captors to sit up, swing his legs around to the side of the bed, and sit erect there. Someone sat on the edge of the bed beside him and unseen hands began to undo the chin strap of his leather hood. There was a tugging, and suddenly the world was full of light and sound once again.

Hunter closed his eyes against the blinding glare that flooded his eyes. The light was so dazzling that he was sure the sun was somehow shining right into his eyes. It took a minute for him to realize that the light came not from the sun (which was in fact completely unseen as there were no windows for sunlight to enter in through) but from a single and not particularly powerful light-bulb dangling by a wire from the ceiling high overhead. Nonetheless the glare forced him to blink like an owl as his eyes adjusted to the presence of light for the first time in many hours.

“Time to wake up, sleepy-head,” Sam’s familiar voice announced cheerfully. Sam was talking in a more-or-less normal (if unbearably cheerful) tone of voice, but to Hunter’s suddenly restored sense of hearing it sounded like Sam was shouting right into his ear.

Hunter moaned incoherently and slowly opened his eyes. His vision was blurry at first, but as his eyes adjusted to the light everything came into focus. Sam sat on the edge of the bed right beside him, while Jaden stood in front of him with a happy smile on his face. The Asian boy Alex was nowhere to be seen however, but Hunter had no doubt he was somewhere nearby.

“Are you ready to begin a new day?” Jaden asked his captive with a smile.

Hunter still wore a gag that left him unable to speak, and as neither boy seemed to be about to remove it, Hunter simply nodded his head hesitantly in the affirmative.

“Good,” Jaden replied with evident satisfaction. “So here’s what we’re going to do. Sam and I are going to take you to the bathroom. Like before, we’ll let you have some privacy while you use the toilet, take a shower, brush your teeth, change clothes, and all that sort of thing. We’ll remove the restraints so that you can take care of yourself. I’d advise you to take care of business without delay. And don’t try anything funny, or we won’t be so nice to you about letting you use the bathroom unsupervised anymore. Got all that?”

Hunter got it all right. It sounded like his captivity wasn’t going to end anytime soon. He’d hoped he’d be released and allowed to go his way in the morning. Now it was evident that he’d remain a guest of Jaden’s for at least the rest of the day, if not longer. But surely he couldn’t be planning to keep him here like this longer than the weekend! Could he?

Hunter would have been terrified had he known how much longer Jaden planned to keep him around; but as yet Hunter had no inkling of the scope of Jaden’s plans for him. This would soon change however.

Sam helped Hunter to stand up, while Jaden led the way out through his own room and into the hallway beyond. Only when Hunter was standing inside of the bathroom once again were his new restraints – as well as his gag - taken off of him.

Finally able to speak out loud, Hunter was about to ask how long he would remain a ‘guest’ here, but Jaden evidently expected this and cut him off before he could utter a single word. “No questions now,” Jaden told him with a casual but serious-sounding and rather curt tone of voice. “Wash up. Do your business. Put your Speedo in the hamper. Fresh clothes are in the cabinet with the towels. All your questions will be answered while we have breakfast. You have ten minutes. Don’t take even a second longer, or you go without breakfast.”

And without another word Jaden and Sam turned, walked out the bathroom door, and closed it behind them.

There was an ominous edge to the threat of no breakfast that definitely worried Hunter despite the casual way Jaden had said it, and he decided to do the best he could not to exceed the time limit. He got the shower ready while he did his initial business, tossed his Speedo in the laundry hamper, and then washed as hastily but as thoroughly as he could. This was made easier by the fact that he’d been allowed to shower the previous evening, and had done little activity ever since. He stepped out of the shower, toweled himself dry, wore the towel around his middle, combed his hair as neatly as possible under the circumstances, and brushed his teeth.

While he brushed his teeth, he could hear snatches of conversation out in the hallway; mostly Alex’s voice. “Breakfast is ready,’ Alex announced quietly to Jaden just loud enough for Hunter to understand him. “Boy, I’ll be glad when we get the kid trained to cook us our breakfast rather than our cooking his.”

He evidently intended to say more, but Jaden’s voice was clearly audible shushing him. Then, a moment later, Jaden called through the door, “Three minutes left, Hunter.”

Only then did Hunter check the cabinet to find the clothes he was expected to wear.

What the hell was THIS get-up?!!

He hadn’t known quite what to expect to find inside the cabinet; perhaps another Speedo, or perhaps his own freshly-laundered set of clothes back. What Hunter found inside the cabinet was not only completely unexpected however, but was something he’d never seen or even imagined before – let alone thought of as something that HE would wear!

The clothing on offer consisted of the following – every single item being one or another shade of pink:
one set of tight cotton briefs,
one set of old-style PE shorts that covered little more than the briefs did,
one leather dog collar with a metal tag dangling from it that said ‘HUNTER’ on it,
one set of fuzzy slippers,
one set of thick leather wrist bands that buckled on like belts; each of which had a thick metal eye-loop protruding from it and had a soft, thick inner lining,
one set of thick leather ankle bands that buckled on the same way and also had soft, thick inner linings and thick metal eye-loops protruding from them, and
one exceptionally wide and thick leather belt that had over a dozen eye-loops sticking out of it.

There was also one leather – something – that evidently was meant to be worn somewhere, but Hunter had no idea exactly how it was meant to be worn. It was made of two leather strips three feet long and four inches wide intersecting diagonally in their centers to form an X-shape. This X had several Velcro strips and four stout-looking eye-loops sticking out of one side together surrounding its center at a distance of about twelve inches and a solid circular buckle four inches in diameter at the end of one bar. If the shape was compared to the X-shaped constellation of Orion, the buckle would be in the place of the star Betelgeuse at the upper left.

Hunter was still staring at these bizarre, flagrantly pink-colored items when Jaden’s voice called in through the door. “You have two minutes left, Hunter. Don’t keep us waiting!”

Imagining the others barging in on him and perhaps even forcing this rig onto his naked body by force, Hunter decided to swallow his pride in the name of preserving his dignity (and possibly his physical health). He hastily removed the wet towel from around his waist and put on the bizarre costume; all but the leather piece that he couldn’t figure out. “There’s one thing here I don’t know how to put on!” he called back through the closed door.”

“Don’t you have any eyes? There’s a diagram in the cabinet where you found the gear!” Jaden called back. “It’ll show you how to put the thing on. Now do it if you want breakfast! Sixty seconds left!”

Hunter hastily looked into the cabinet, and saw a sheet of waxed paper he hadn’t noticed before where the assorted gear had been sitting. He looked at the diagram on it, and sure enough it showed the item that mystified him and how to put it on. Apparently it was worn over the torso; looking much like the upper part of the costume the Martian character J’Onn J’onzz wore in the cartoon series Justice league - only bright pink instead of red and without the cape. It was meant to be folded around the body, with the straps fitting over his shoulders and under his arms. The X–shape was identical on either side, but it was clear from the diagram that the circular buckle (which worked much like a regular belt buckle) went in front (forming the center of the X-shape there) while the Velcro strips and eye-loops were in back; all facing outward. Fortunately, with the diagram to guide him, figuring out how to put the thing on was quick and easy.

“Ten seconds, Hunter,” Jaden called out. “You’d better be out here by the end of them. Seven, six, five…”

Hunter hastened to the door and flung it open. Jaden, Sam, and Alex stood outside the door facing him, and all three eyed Hunter up and down in evident approval (and amusement).

“Nice fit!” Sam remarked dryly. “You look pretty in pink!”

Hunter was tempted to belt him, but didn’t dare. Even if the other two didn’t try to break up any fight, Hunter knew that he was no match for Sam in a fair fight even if he somehow got in a solid sucker punch first. Being a wrestler, Sam would be able to bully-pin Hunter easily and then whale away at him at his leisure.

Alex was gleefully taking pictures of Hunter with his camera phone. Again, a red-faced Hunter simply stood there and said and did nothing. If he had little chance against Sam in a fight, he had even less of a chance against the taller, heavier Alex. If their goal was to humiliate Hunter – likely with the goal of having blackmail leverage over him to make him stay away from Sierra – then so be it. It was awful, but probably preferable to many of the things he had been imagining being done to him instead.

“All right, let’s try the ‘Power Bands’ out,” Jaden suggested. For the first time Hunter noticed two short steel chains – both painted a garish shade of pink – in Jaden’s hands. “Turn around and hold your hands behind your back,” Jaden instructed him calmly.

Hunter had a sharp retort that involved the bad place on his lips, but then he thought better of it. Jaden looked as if he was fully expecting such a reply. Alex and Sam looked ready to wade into Hunter if he did not immediately comply with Jaden’s wishes. Being a sensible boy, Hunter realized that the situation was hopeless and that his best option was quick compliance without argument. Allowing himself to heave a sigh of resigned frustration, Hunter turned around and did what he was told rather than endure being forced to do so.

He felt a tug on his wrists as the bands on his wrists were both tightened. He then heard the clinking rattle of a small chain, followed by the distinctive click of a padlock being locked into place. Hunter tugged experimentally and felt around with his hands and fingers, and realized that one chain had been locked onto his wrist bands and connected them together like a set of handcuffs. Another tug confirmed two things: that the wristbands were at least as secure as regular handcuffs, and that their flexibility and padding made them far safer and more comfortable than ordinary handcuffs would be. Even tightly secured as they were, they did nothing to inhibit his circulation; just his movements.

Knowing what was coming next, Hunter stood with his ankles a mere few inches apart and remained still while Jaden knelt behind him, tightened the bands on his ankles, and locked the other chain between them. These were just as secure and as comfortable as those on his wrists.

“Follow us,” Jaden said to Hunter, and without looking to see if his politely-phrased command was being obeyed all three of the other boys turned and walked down the hallway toward the kitchen. Hunter hesitated only a moment, realized that resistance was foolish as well as futile, and began to follow as quickly as his hobbles would allow. The chain connecting his leg bands was about three feet in length but had been doubled over to allow only half that length in slack. This was still enough to allow Hunter to walk at a normal pace; although the chains clinked and rattled with every step he took. Certainly they were loud enough to make it obvious to the others that Hunter followed as close behind them as politeness dictated, and all four boys walked quietly down the hallway and into the kitchen.

Jaden indicated to Hunter to sit in the same chair that he sat in the previous night. Hunter expected to be secured into the chair the same way as before, but apparently Jaden was satisfied with Hunter’s restraints as they were and made no move to immobilize him further.

A large breakfast consisting of French toast, sausages, maple syrup on the side, and orange juice was laid out for four. Alex and Sam sat in their own places at the opposite side of the table and immediately began to help themselves with scarcely a glance in Hunter’s direction. Jaden sat close beside Hunter and proceeded to help his reluctant guest eat his breakfast while – at least for the time being - ignoring his own.

“How much syrup would you like?” Jaden asked Hunter politely - sounding more like a kindly host rather than a captor and kidnapper – as he held the plastic jug of syrup.

“Uhh… about a quarter cup should be fine,” Hunter replied mildly.

Jaden poured out what he estimated was a quarter cup (though to Hunter it seemed more like twice that much). He set the bottle down and used a knife and fork to cut up Hunter’s stack of four slices of French toast into nine smaller stacks. Then, setting down the knife, he stabbed one of the stacks with the fork, lifted all four syrup-dripping pieces up at once with it, and held it up to Hunter’s mouth. Hunter opened his mouth hastily to receive his first morsel before the heavily-syrup-drenched food could drip all over him.

Jaden hand-fed Hunter his entire breakfast before he began to eat his own. He then ate his own breakfast leisurely while Hunter sat in his chair watching him and the other two boys cleaned up Hunter’s dishes and glasses as well as their own.

“I suppose you’re wondering what’s going to happen now,” Jaden said casually, as if planning to discuss a perfectly ordinary business arrangement between two teenaged boys.

Hunter simply nodded in affirmation and keep his eyes on Jaden; not trusting himself to speak out loud for fear of aggravating his situation (assuming that such a thing was even possible).

“You probably think all of this has merely been a prank,” Jaden continued conversationally. “But it’s not. You see, I’ve taken a considerable liking to you, Hunter.” He paused then; apparently waiting for a reply.

“You have a funny way of showing it,” Hunter finally replied mildly; carefully keeping his voice neutral. He wanted to say much more than this, but had the sense to know that it would be very unwise to do so.

Much to Hunter’s relief, Jaden simply smiled; apparently taking no offense and probably guessing what Hunter really wanted to say to him. “Well, it’s true,” he continued before taking another stab at a stack of French toast pieces and putting them to his mouth. “That’s why you’re going to stay here with me from now on… as my slave.”

You could have heard a pin drop from the other side of the room for several seconds after that. But the inside of Hunter’s stomach felt like it had just been nuked, and the inside of his head was swirling with numerous conflicting emotions as outrage clashed with sheer disbelief. He stared at Jaden; desperately seeking some slight sign that the older boy was simply making some kind of joke at his expense (perhaps in an attempt to frighten him), and finding none.

“You’re joking,” he said in a quiet, flat tone of voice that totally lacked conviction.

“No, I’m not,” Jaden answered with a grin as he stabbed his fork into a sausage and lifted it to his mouth. He seemed totally relaxed; as if they were merely talking about their favorite movies.

“You can’t be serious!!!” Hunter exclaimed in a much louder, more excited tone of voice as he struggled to get up out of his chair and stand on his two feet.

“Yes, I am,” Jaden replied without any visible change in tone of voice, expression or manner. “Now sit down, be quiet, and listen to me…”

“You must be crazy!” Hunter yelled at the top of his voice. “You can’t just kidnap someone and tell them you plan to make a slave out of them.”

Jaden looked up levelly at Hunter with a cold, emotionless expression. “I said sit down and be quiet. I won’t tell you again!” Jaden said in a quiet, level monotone that none the less contained far more threat in it than all of Hunter’s expression of outrage could ever do.

Hunter’s entire body shook as he gazed into Jaden’s eyes and read sudden danger for himself in them. Even before Alex and Sam (whom Hunter had briefly almost forgotten even existed in his excitement) began to approach him with quiet menace, Hunter sat back into his chair – as much because he felt too weak in the knees to remain standing as to comply with Jaden’s command.

“I’ll excuse that little outburst… this time,” Jaden continued; his relaxed smile restored to his face and speaking almost as conversationally as before as if nothing had happened. “I know it’s all pretty bewildering to you and you need time to adjust, but if you want to avoid unnecessary punishment, you’d better accept the situation and adapt very quickly. You are my slave from now on. You will carry out every order I give you, without question. You will not speak aloud to me or anyone else without express permission. You…”

“What IS all this nonsense?!” Hunter interrupted him. “What are you babbling about?!”

Jaden sighed and rolled his eyes. “I tried to be patient, but I guess you’re not quite as smart as I thought. Since you’ve already disobeyed a direct order, I’ll have to demonstrate that I mean business. Sam, kindly muzzle this unruly slave.”

With a gleeful laugh and a grin, Sam hurried over to a small drawer in the kitchen drawer, opened it, and pulled out a ball gag. The ball and straps alike were bright shades of pink. The ball was large, shiny, and looked intimidatingly large. Sam approached Hunter with the obvious intent of fitting it into Hunter’s mouth.

Hunter tried to stand up, but Alex was now standing directly behind him and forced him back down into his seat before he was even halfway erect and held him down by his shoulders. Alex and Sam then wrestled the gag into place while Jaden merely remained seated; calmly eating his breakfast and watching them as if merely watching a program on TV.

Hunter resisted, but the outcome was a foregone conclusion. After some seemingly obligatory swearing, yelling, crying, and struggling, Hunter’s mouth was fitted with the ball gag. The straps that held it in place were cinched tight (perhaps a trifle too roughly) and then locked into place with a small padlock. When Hunter continued to struggle, a length of rope was produced and his torso was tightly tied into the chair for good measure.

“If you don’t settle down right now, things are going to go a lot harder for you,” Jaden said in a warning tone that cut through Hunter’s outrage like a hot knife through butter. “Are Sam and Alex going to have to beat some sense into you before you’ll listen?”

Hunter looked up at the other two boys, who appeared to be more than willing to start using Hunter’s body as a punching bag if Jaden told them to. Breaking out into a cold sweat and remembering how hopeless his position was, Hunter forced himself to calm down. He ceased making sounds into his gag and his futile efforts to get free, and hung his head in resignation.

“That’s better,” Jaden said calmly as he finished the last of his breakfast. “Now look at me.”

Hunter wanted to do anything else but look into those hypnotic eyes, but found himself doing so anyway. Not just because of the implied threat if he did not, but because he felt as compelled to obey this command as if he were merely a puppet controlled by a set of strings. He looked up, and reluctantly looked into Jaden’s eyes. The moment he did, it was almost as if his vision zoomed directly into Jaden’s eyes. They seemed to fill Hunter’s vision, and he no longer saw – or at least noticed – anything else but those eyes.

“Now then, I’ll begin again… and this time you had better listen,” Jaden said in quiet, level tones. “You are my slave from now on. The three of us are going to train you now so that you will fully understand what that means. You will not speak unless spoken to, or unless you have been a given an order and honestly do not understand what is required of you. You will obey every order any of us gives you… without hesitation and without question. Disobedience will be punished. Good behavior will be just as quickly rewarded.”

Hunter merely gazed back at Jaden. Even with the gag silencing him, the fear he now felt was clearly written in his eyes.

“Your old life is over now Hunter, but a new and – I think – better one now begins,” Jaden continued; his tone of voice now gentler than before. “You will be well cared for from now on, and good behavior will mean more freedom and more privileges. I won’t ask as much from you as you may think. Your life won’t be filled with drudgery. You will perform some chores for me, Sam, and Alex; but your standard of living will be much better than it was before, living with your folks in that rundown old house of yours. You may not believe it now, but given time you may enjoy your new life much more than you ever did your old one.”

Hunter doubted that very much, but the gag prevented him from saying so. Jaden’s expression was almost as unreadable to Hunter. There was no doubt however that Jaden was fully aware of how Hunter felt about this situation.

“I’ll give you a little while to think about it while the rest of you get ready to prepare you for your first training,” Jaden added as he stood up. Then, without another word, all three of Hunter’s captors walked out of the kitchen, leaving the bewildered captive still tied to his chair and alone with his thoughts.

A slave! Jaden wanted to make him into a slave!? What the hell did he think this was? The Antebellum South? Ancient Rome? No one made slaves of people anymore! But then again, there are those wacky people on the Internet who do all sorts of freaky things to none another! What did they call it? B & D? S & M? Something like that. Is THAT what Jaden had in mind for him? Was Jaden going to try to… to do the kind of stuff his cousin Troy had once said the Catholic priest tried to do to him when he was an altar boy? Jaden didn’t seem like that kind of person… but then again, he hadn’t seemed like the kind to kidnap anyone either!

Hunter had been left alone with his thoughts for about fifteen minutes when the others came back into the kitchen for him. He could see none of them, but he could hear them quite plainly. Sam and Alex untied the rope that held him to the chair, while Jaden remained by the doorway and completely out of Hunter’s view. “Okay, stand up,” Sam told Hunter in a mild, casual tone of voice; but there was no doubt in Hunter’s mind that it was a command.

Hunter stood up rather shakily.

“Turn around and face Jaden,” Alex told him.

Hunter turned around, and then stared in shock at what he saw. Whereas Alex and Sam remained in the same clothing as they had worn earlier (and the night before), Jaden was dressed in something completely different. He wore pitch-black leather boots with numerous buckles on them and topped by a length of chain along their tops just below Jaden’s knees. Around his waist was a set of black leather shorts even briefer than the briefs Hunter wore. This was topped by a thick leather belt from which a set of handcuffs and a set of ankle-cuffs dangled on one side, and what was apparently a riding crop on the other. Above this was e a sleeveless black leather vest that was open in front. Underneath this was an X-shaped rig similar to Hunter’s, only jet-black rather than pink and with narrower straps. And he wore a leather eye mask that made him look like a bandit. All of it was jet black in color; making the ensemble look utterly intimidating rather than ridiculous.

Jaden allowed Hunter a few seconds to take all of this in. “I’ll only say this once, slave,” Jaden told him with a quiet but firm, level voice. “Get down on your knees and bow before me.”

Hunter shook his head in negation; but his lips quivered and his body trembled in fear.

Jaden sighed patiently and nodded to his two companions. Evidently expecting this, Sam went to the corner where the small door was set and opened it; exposing a recess in which was a large crank set into the wall. Sam proceeded to turn it.

From directly overhead, Hunter heard the sounds of chains rattling and descending toward him. He looked up in trepidation, and saw for the first time that the shackles that had been suspended from the chain the previous night had been replaced. From the end of the chain now dangled four smaller chains a couple of feet in length; each ending with a metal clip much like those used to connect a leash to a dog collar but much thicker and sturdier. Once these were lower to within four feet of the floor Sam stopped lowering the chain, while Alex proceeded to connect each of these clips to one of the eye-loops in the back of Hunter’s X-shaped torso-frame.

Hunter realized what the others intended to do, but he was still astonished and dismayed when Sam began working the crank the other way and Hunter felt a force at his back begin to propel him slowly but relentlessly upward. Before he could react, he felt his entire body lifted up off the floor, to dangle helplessly a couple of feet up.

It was very uncomfortable, even though the clips in back of his harness distributed much of the pressure along his body it was especially painful around his chest and under his arms. But the worst was yet to come.

Alex and Sam then walked over to stand directly in front of him. Sam began to slap Hunter hard and fast across the face, while Alex punched him painfully in the stomach - not so hard as to really harm him but enough to make Hunter feel like a punching bag. The two older boys kept this up for about a minute while Jaden simply watched with an expression that seemed more regretful than satisfied. He signaled to his companions again, and the sudden assault to Hunter’s face and belly ceased.

“You may hang around and think a little longer,” Jaden told him. “And when we come back, you’d better be ready to start obeying my commands, or your punishment will be worse.”

And with that, Jaden and his two companions walked out of the kitchen; leaving an aching and humiliated Hunter dangling by his torso-harness in mid-air over the kitchen floor.

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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby Veracity » Wed Nov 27, 2013 10:52 pm

This is a great story.

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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby bondagefreak » Thu Nov 28, 2013 3:51 pm

Chapter five is simply fantastic. It seems Jayden indeed went through a lot of trouble to prepare for Hunter. Everything is so well planned and orchestrated. Can't wait to see what lies in store for Hunter in the next chapter!

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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby bondagefreak » Mon Dec 02, 2013 10:58 pm

Can't wait for chapter six! Just don't make us wait too long...please :quirk:

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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby chloroboy » Tue Jan 07, 2014 7:14 am

Jason, did you decide to put an end to that story? Because that would be sad :(

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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby bondagefreak » Tue Jan 07, 2014 8:31 am

chloroboy wrote:Jason, did you decide to put an end to that story? Because that would be sad :(

I am not Jason, but from his other posts, it seems that low feedback is draining his motivation.
It is sad, because this story is really good and should have gotten more feedback.
At the same time, Jason's stories are always very detailed and elaborate and some readers/users here are only interested in reading about actual TUGs, without caring too much about character development or a realistic storyline.

Jason also has a tendancy to write LONG chapters.
Sometimes this is discouraging for the writer, because a lot of time and effort goes into composing each chapter.
Writing short chapters definitely seems the way to go on this forum. I found it is the best way to maximise feedback.
While two or three reviews is a little disapointing for a very big chapter, for smaller chapters, two or three reviews is all that you need to follow up with another short chapter.
It's less discouraging for the author and it also encourages more feedback in the long run.

Sorry for talking like you aren't there Jason :roll:
I just needed to say this. This has been my experience during the past few years of being on the forum.

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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby Jason Toddman » Tue Jan 07, 2014 9:03 am

Bondagefreak is right that low feedback has been draining my motivation, but that's not been the only thing that's been draining it. Another factor has been the winter blues; winter has a pretty strong grip where i live and the short days, immense snowfall, and record low temperatures. been rather depressing to me. In addition, i have been tiring more easily of late and find it harder to get motivated to start new chapters, though bondagefreak's idea of shorter chapters sounds like a good idea so perhaps i'll try this.
But one final reason is that, lately, some stories similar to mine - though not mine specifically afaik - have been getting flak from some members who feel that even fictional story situations involving slavery of minors is repugnant and has no place on this site. Though my stories have not been cited so far, this still tends to be strongly discouraging to me and is probably the biggest reason of all why i've found it difficult to continue this or any other stories lately. It's hard to enjoy writing when people (even if a small, vocal minority) talk as if you approve of everything you write about actually happening. And i certainly don't want to do anything that might increase the chances of something bad happening to this site.
I'll try to get over this and resume writing soon though. I just need to deal with getting out of the doldrums.
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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby Jason Toddman » Tue Jan 07, 2014 11:52 am


Hunter heard Jaden and the others walk down the hallway, open the door to the stairway, close it again, and lock it again. He dimly heard them descending the stairway for a moment, and then all was silence. They undoubtedly remained inside the house, but the floor was so well sound-proofed that he was unable to hear anything that went on down there. Jaden could have invited over a dozen people and be having a noisy party for all Hunter could tell; but at least in as far as sounds coming from the rest of the house were concerned the entire place could have been deserted. There was just no way to tell; Hunter could hear nothing. And, he was sure, even were his mouth free and he yelled his lungs out, no one either inside or outside the house would have been able to hear him up here either.

Hunter was left dangling by his harness for about a half hour before the others came back: Jaden dressed as before and his two friends still wearing their everyday clothes. “Are you ready to obey my orders now, slave?” Jaden asked Hunter sternly but calmly. “Or perhaps you need further persuasion. Perhaps you’d rather hang from your wrists for a while; or even upside down from your ankles. And all that time, Alex and Sam here can start beating you with whips.”

And sure enough, Alex and Sam now both brandished old-fashioned buggy whips – the kind the Amish still use while riding horse-drawn carriages – in their hands. Sam even gave his own whip an experimental snap in mid-air; grinning in anticipation. It was quite obvious to Hunter that Sam and Alex would just love to use those things on his back and buttocks!

That one loud, intimidating snap hit more than mid-air however; it also snapped the last of Hunter’s will to resist away. He realized now that this was no mere prank or an attempt to scare him. These guys meant business! Up to now the discomfort of hanging here – supported as he was by the straps around his torso – was considerable but endurable. Further resistance however would only cause him unnecessary (and much greater) pain and – no doubt – merely add to his captors’ pleasure in kidnapping him. His only hope of escaping further torment – assuming Jaden and the others didn’t start to torture him just for the fun of it no matter what he did – was to bow to the inevitable and submit to Jaden’s demands.

Hunter nodded his head and then bowed it in a token of submission.

“You’ll do whatever I tell you to; without question and without hesitation?’ Jaden pressed.

Hunter realized that this question took in a lot of potential actions he had never imagined doing – and didn’t want to imagine doing now either. What if Jaden wanted to make him do something really kinky and disgusting? Or what he if wanted to do something even kinkier and disgusting to Hunter? But what other choice did he have? It was either submit, or endure who knew what kind of torture and finally submit anyway when he couldn’t stand the pain anymore. At least if he submitted immediately, he might not only spare himself torture now but also be in a better position to take advantage of any chances to escape this situation later on.

Hunter nodded his assent.

Jaden indicated to his cronies to let Hunter down from where he hung. They seemed a trifle disappointed but moved with alacrity; moving back to the crank and easing Hunter gently back down to the floor.

Weakened by his ordeal, Hunter just lay there on the floor limply - as if every bone in his body had somehow been removed. But he wasn’t allowed to lie there in peace for very long. Sam nudged him gently with a toe nudged against his right kidney. “Stand up,” Sam ordered Hunter tersely. “Don’t make us ‘help’ you up, you lazy, insolent slave. Stand up, or else!”

Realizing that what Sam meant by ‘help’ probably meant beating up on him until he finally managed to comply, Hunter gathered his strength together and got to his feet without help. It was not easy, as his wrists were still bound behind him and his body still felt numb and lifeless from being hung up for so long. However, after what seemed like the entire morning but was probably only a few seconds, he finally managed it. However, he kept his head facing downward; unable to look anyone in the eye after having endured such humiliation.

Hunter’s captors merely watched him in silence for a moment. Then Jaden snapped, “All right, follow me, slave!” Then without looking to see if Hunter complied or not, Jaden turned around and strode out the door into the hallway.
Hunter hesitated a moment, until a brisk but not rough shove on his shoulder from behind impelled him to move forward. Knowing better than to show any signs of resentment, Hunter urged himself to follow Jaden down the hallway at the pace he set; still looking down at the floor – and at Jaden’s booted feet walking ahead of him – rather than up at any of his captors.

Rather than go back into his room or open the door leading downstairs, Jaden paused in front of the door opposite that of his room – the one doorway Hunter had not seen opened yet. Pulling out his key ring, Jaden selected a key and unlocked the door. He strode inside, and evidently expected Hunter to follow him. Hunter did so and looked up for the first time as he crossed the threshold.

He was flabbergasted by what he saw.

The room was occupied by several different devices; some quite familiar (if unexpected) and others he had never seen nor imagined before. One that grabbed his attention immediately was a large metallic cage set against the far wall of the room just across the doorway. It was roughly cubical; just over one meter to a side. All six sides (including floor and ceiling) was composed of metal bars one-half-inch thick and about four inches apart, with a metal bar brace running horizontally along the four vertical sides. The floor was covered with a padded mat (like those used in gym class but small enough to fit inside the cage) but otherwise the cage looked very cramped and uncomfortable. The door was wide open, and for a moment Hunter thought he was going to be forced to enter the cage at once. But his captors made no move to do so; allowing Hunter to look around the room at the other furnishings.

Next to the cage was a metallic structure about seven feet high and four feet wide. It was in the shape of a giant capital X, but with the addition of two horizontal cross-bars – one about 18 inches above the intersection of the X and the other an equal distance below it. The bottoms of the two legs were supported by large blocky ‘feet’ which helped to keep the structure upright and stable. Metal eyelets were set into the structure at various strategic points all along the front of the structure, and it was obvious even to Hunter’s untrained eye that these were designed to hold a human captive immobile in some sort of standing spread-eagle.

Another structure looked vaguely like a kid’s swing set; but instead of a seat dangling the chains, Hunter saw manacles instead. It was obvious even at first glance what was intended to swing from *this* swing set!

Yet another device looked like an old-fashioned pillory, with places for wrists, ankles, and head to be immobilized by heavy wooden beams padlocked together. There was a separate piece that could serve as a yoke to hold the head and arms imprisoned, but otherwise allowing a captive to move around.

‘Where did Jaden get all this stuff?’ Hunter wondered fearfully to himself. ‘What on Earth have I gotten myself into?’

“Take a good look around, slave,” Jaden suddenly bid his captive in a quiet but amused tone. “As you can see, I’ve been preparing for this day for a long time. How well you get to know what each of these things is for is of course up to you. The harder it is to train you and the longer it takes; the more familiar you’re going to be with this room. And then there’s the attic!”

Jaden paused and watched hunter with a grim smile as the younger boy looked all around the room with widening eyes. There were a number of other implements inside this room which he had never seen before and which he could only imagine their intended use was. Some of them looked more like instruments of torture rather than of mere restraint, but Hunter was unable to determine exactly what they were meant to do in most cases – not was he particularly eager to find out! Moreover, there was a set of wooden stairs at the far end of the room leading up into what was apparently the attic. From what Jaden had just said, there were even more furnishings upstairs waiting for his inspection up there. Only God knew what Jaden had stored away up there – God and Jaden – and Hunter was certain he would prefer to never find out for himself!

“Now then, unless you’d like a long and intimate tour of the attic, kneel in front of me,” Jaden suddenly instructed Hunter.

Something told Hunter that a tour of the attic would be akin to a stay in a dungeon’s torture chamber. Without the slightest trace of hesitation, he complied with Jaden’s command just as quickly as his restraints would allow him to; casting his gaze downward to the floor once more.

Unseen by Hunter, Jaden smiled with satisfaction.

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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby xtc » Tue Jan 07, 2014 1:06 pm

It's nice to see you posting once more. As you know, I always prefer shorter chapters.
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More by the same author: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=22729

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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby Jason Toddman » Tue Jan 07, 2014 1:13 pm

I think I do too... at least for now. They make it less difficult to get motivated to write at all.
I plan to resume chapters for the Kidnapped babysitter story soon as well, as that one is more fun (but also harder and more time consuming) with the 3D art included.
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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby chadmc90 » Tue Jan 07, 2014 1:18 pm

I thought I would add some feedback, since it seems scarce for this and many other stories.

Yet another wonderful story that is well written. I am interested in whether Hunter accepts his predicament, or he escapes or is rescued by somebody.

I do agree that the story would be easier to read if it was divided more. It's tough to read long chapters.

I would have commented sooner but I just read this story today. I look forward to seeing more installments in the future.

Looking through this site, I have noticed many stories have been left unfinished, and I hope this will not be a recurring pattern.

Hope this review helps motivate you to continue writing.

P.S. The title was misleading a bit. Basing it off the title, my prediction was that the story would be about a person who hunts slaves. Lol.
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Feedback highly appreciated! Feel free to Private Message me if you prefer to not post on the public forum!

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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby Jason Toddman » Tue Jan 07, 2014 2:19 pm

cmcd290 wrote:Hope this review helps motivate you to continue writing.
P.S. The title was misleading a bit. Basing it off the title, my prediction was that the story would be about a person who hunts slaves. Lol.

Your review indeed helps. As for the title, it was a deliberate pun on my part but not intended to be deceptive. Jaden was, after all, hunting for a slave. :D
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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby Veracity » Tue Jan 07, 2014 8:54 pm

Sorry to hear about your winter blues, and about the unfortunate lack of feedback to this and other stories. I'm not at all sorry to see a continuation of this excellent story. I, for one, hope that Hunter maintains some fight in him.. To me, there's nothing very interesting about a slave quietly capitulating to his master's whims. Also, I'd really hate to see all the equipment go to waste.

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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby bondagefreak » Tue Jan 07, 2014 9:56 pm

What a wonderful surprise I had this evening, when I opened this site and saw your update.
Well done! I've missed reading about Jaden and Hunter.
Looks like Hunter is getting into the spirit of things, so to speak :quirk:
Is it weird that I like Jaden a lot more than his two friends? :roll: They seem so irrelevant to me.
If I were in Hunter's shoes, I would try very hard to get on Jaden's good side. Once that was done, his two friends would be no more than a nuissance.

I've always loved the title and the clever word-game involved in it.
As for the latest chapter, I think it makes for a perfect read. It's just the right size.
Looking forward to the next chapter :odd:

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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby bondagefreak » Sat Jan 11, 2014 2:56 pm

Don't keep us hanging for too long Jason!

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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby Jason Toddman » Sat Jan 11, 2014 9:37 pm

bondagefreak wrote:Don't keep us hanging for too long Jason!

Looks who's talking. How long as it been since you've updated the Sleeping Bag story now? :P
Anyway, please remember that i have several irons in the fire simultaneously, and can only work on one story at a time. As is, I may have to abandon several of them - at least for the time being - to concentrate on the ones like this one that are actually getting feedback.
Of course, if you'd like to send me $250,000 so i can retire now instead of in seven or eight more years, I'd have loads more time each day to write stories right now! :mrgreen:
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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby chloroboy » Sun Jan 12, 2014 9:20 am

Well I agree. A very nice surprise. I'm glad you found your inspiration back. I'm waiting for the continuation too ;)

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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby ConnerMacManus » Fri Jan 17, 2014 10:30 am

I thoroughly enjoy the time that you spend developing your characters and creating vivid, exciting, situations. You do very well conveying the psychology and the relationship between the dominant and the submissive. Although this is fiction, the reactions of your characters are very realistic which, to me, is this story's main appeal. It is tough to endure criticism, even if it is indirect, and even more difficult to remain motivated in the winter! But try not to let the former deter you too much. You are an extremely talented storyteller.

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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby Jason Toddman » Fri Jan 17, 2014 1:09 pm

Thanks for all the encouragement guys. i wish some of my other stories were getting as much appreciation as this one seems to be.

Chapter Seven - Crossed

“Very good, slave,” Jaden told Hunter approvingly. “This can go very easily for you if you just continue to obey orders like that; regardless of what you think of the orders themselves. After all, I don’t intend to make you do anything dangerous, disgusting, or degrading… well, nothing that’s TOO degrading anyway.”

Jaden crouched down in front of Hunter, reached out, grasped Hunter gently by the chin, and pushed it to make hunter tile his head up and look Jaden in the eye. Somewhat to Hunter’s surprise, he saw an expression of honest approval rather than the sardonic leer of a triumphant bully that he had been expecting.

“Let me explain something to you,” Jaden continued in a quiet, gentle tone. “Regardless of what horror stories you may have read in books and magazines, or seen on TV or wherever, or heard from fellow classmates who don’t know squat about it, being a slave is not all that bad a thing. At least, I don’t intend to make it any harder for you than it has to be. I don’t intend to make you do anything kinky, for one thing. I’m not gay, nor am I a rapist. I don’t intend to make you do anything dangerous or particularly difficult either; such as working on a rock pile all day like someone in a chain gang.

“No, what I want you for is more along the lines of a domestic servant. I’ll expect you clean my room, do my laundry, cook, and serve my meals... stuff like that. You’ll have to do the same for my little brother Carsen – you’ll meet him later – plus Alex, Sam, and any other guest Carsen or I have in the house at any given time. You’ll also be expected to clean the rest of the house whenever our parents are out, so that they never see you or know you even exist. You’re to do nothing to let anyone other than the three of us and Carsen that you’re inside this house or anywhere near it.

“Behave, and do your jobs well, and little by little we’ll ease up on the restraints, give you some freedom and privileges, better clothes than the silly rig I made you put on today, time to relax and do whatever you like, and so on. I might even let you have some spending money and go out of the house from time to time – once you’ve earned my trust, that is.

“If you act up and get stubborn though, and refuse to obey orders like a proper slave, then… well… you don’t really know what’s going to happen to you, now do you?” Jaden concluded with an ominous tone and a stern look replacing his previous smile. “Just remember, Alex and Sam would just love to try out some of the equipment in this room.”

Hunter looked up and around at the other two occupants of the room. Sam was looking at the X-shaped restraining device as if imaging Hunter already helplessly strapped into it and planning how to torture him. Meanwhile, Alex was leaning against the framework of the sinister-looking swing set and looking at Hunter with an expression on his face that made Hunter quiver.

Hunter’s parents had never been particularly loving or close with their son, but they had not raised a foolish child either. Hunter decided that the only way out of this situation was to comply with his captors’ wishes as best as he could and avoid giving them any excuses to torture him. Perhaps they would eventually either let him go free or – if he cooperated with them well enough - become so complacent as to inadvertently give him an opening he could use to slip away on his own. Why resist when they could easily torture him anyway until his will to resist was genuinely broken? The sooner he swallowed his pride and at least outwardly acted the part of a submissive slave (while inwardly remaining determined to escape at the first opportunity), the better his chances would be of improving his situation in a time frame short enough for him to live with.

Hunter bowed his head again in token submission; as his gag made it impossible for him to make his surrender immediately evident any other way.

Unknown to Hunter, although Jaden was not lying to him at any point, he was not telling him the entire truth either. It was true that Jaden had no (conscious) desire to force him into anything sexually kinky. However, Jaden had every intention of keeping Hunter under some kind of restraints virtually constantly; even while performing routine daily tasks. This was not just to keep Hunter from being unable to escape of course. The main reason was simply that Jaden wanted to have someone who was under his complete and unquestioned control; and because he actively enjoyed keeping someone securely tied up for long periods of time. It was the last which was Hunter’s real purpose in Jaden’s plans.

Previously of course he’d tied up both Sam and Alex at various times. However, they had both already been his closest friends before he got seriously into tie-up games, and they both had families that were actively concerned about them and their whereabouts and which were in Jaden’s family’s own social circle. Making a slave out of either Alex or Sam was therefore out of the question.

Jaden’s younger brother Carsen had seemed like a likely slave at first; once their parents started spending so much time out of the house that Carsen spent more time alone with Jaden than he did with their parents. Keeping it all in the family seemed like a wise recourse at first, and for a while Jaden was able to compel his kid brother to do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. But recently Carsen had had a growth spurt, started working out and practicing karate, and had somehow developed a lot of assertiveness and moral strength along with his pubes. Although still no match for Jaden alone in a physical confrontation (let alone when Jaden had his cronies with him), he was strong-willed enough to prove to his older brother that trying to make him a fulltime slave would not be even remotely a worthwhile effort. Jaden would have to seek his slave somewhere out of the family.

Of course, Kane had volunteered readily to be Jaden’s slave. But Kane had been Jonas’s (Jaden’s older brother’s) slave; and therefore seemed totally unsuitable to be Jaden’s. This was not because Jaden felt any shame or guilt in having a black boy as his personal slave. Rather, he felt that having Kane for a slave would be like accepting a pair of hand-me-downs; like a set of clothes being re-used by a younger sibling in a poor family. Jaden was much too proud to accept hand-me-downs in any form; let alone something as personal as this. He valued Kane as a person and, better still, as a friend however; but he wanted to train a slave of his very own rather than simply accept the slave his brother had trained.

And training a slave to enjoy his slavery like Kane was half the fun!!!

“For now, you may take a break,” Jaden told Hunter as he looked up at Sam and Alex and made a few quick motions with his hands. Quickly interpreting Jaden’s silent signals, Sam and Alex stepped over to Jaden, freed him from his restraints, hauled him briskly over to the X-shaped frame, and began to secure him to it.

“This is known as Saint Andrew’s Cross,” Jaden explained to Hunter. “It can be very relaxing being tied to it, as Sam and Alex can both attest… providing no one is torturing you at the same time. Don’t worry, though; this is your break time not a punishment.”

Hunter didn’t feel particularly reassured as Sam and Alex quickly and efficiently secured him to the thing. It proved that the loops that protruded from his wrist and ankle-bands fitted quite well to the rings set into the stout metal frame of the cross when padlocked together to them. A couple of the loops that protruded from the get-up around his torso also proved effective in securing his middle right against the intersection of the X-shaped frame as well.

Within ten seconds, Sam and Alex had finished, and Hunter found himself strapped securely to the frame. It did not hold him rigidly immobile - he could actually move his arms, legs, and even his body a few inches in almost any direction – but he was unable to step off the feet of the thing or to move his arms down to his sides. Hunter was completely helpless but he could, however, move just enough to prevent muscle cramping from being held in place too rigidly.

Sam suddenly tickled Hunter lightly and briefly under the ribs; causing the surprised and alarmed prisoner to laugh while trying to twist his body away from Sam’s fingers. Sam didn’t pursue the matter however but simply smiled as he lowered his hands and stepped away from his victim. His intent wasn’t to tickle torture Hunter but merely to demonstrate to him how much he was still at their mercy (as if such a demonstration was needed!).

“Enjoy your break,” Jaden told hunter as he, Sam, and Alex proceeded to step out of the room. “When we come back, you’ll be expected to work for your keep.”

Hunter watched his captors silently as they walked out of the room and closed the door behind them. Hunter then heard the door being locked, and felt a constriction in his middle as if someone had punched him hard there. The turning of the door lock made no further difference physically of course (he was unable to move let alone reach the door); but psychologically it further emphasized Hunter’s hopeless situation.

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Re: The Slave Hunter

Postby bondagefreak » Fri Jan 17, 2014 1:25 pm

Now I'm very anxious to meet Jayden's younger brother! :o

I can't help but wonder what Hunter's first day on the job is gonna be like.
Jayden is indeed an intriguing character. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Again, I feel this was a perfect length for a chapter.
Really well done Jason. I love this :quirk:

As xtc would say "post when you're ready..."
But don't keep us waiting too long! :lol:

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