Weekend From Hell

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Weekend From Hell

Postby Unknown » Tue Dec 13, 2016 7:50 pm

*This is an older story I wrote on another site that's no longer active. I figured I would share it here and add more to it later.

When I was 12 I got invited to spend the weekend at my friends house. Thomas was his name (also 12 at that time). His parents had to leave town for the weekend and said it was ok for him to have a friend over. His older brothers were going to be there anyway. Their names were Mark and Rob. Mark was the oldest at 17, and Rob was 15.

The first day Mark and Rob challenged us to a game of basketball. But they wanted to making it interesting. The losing team had to be the winners slaves for the weekend and do anything they said without arguement. We foolishly agreed and needless to say, they kicked our butts. We lost without scoring a single point. After the game we went inside and asked them what they wanted us to do first.

"First you can clean our rooms" Mark said. "They're a real mess."
"What about the gags?" Rob asked.
"Oh yeah I almost forgot" Mark said. "Since you're our slaves for the weekend, and slaves really shouldn't be allowed to speak, we decided it's best if you're both gagged for the duration of your slavery."
"Gagged?" I asked. "You mean like duct tape over our mouths?"
"Something like that" Mark said laughing.
"No way" Thomas said.
"No arguing" Mark said. "You lost fair and square. You don't get to have a say in this. Now Rob, go get these boys their gags."

Rob left for a moment and came back with a roll of black electrical tape, a sock, and some hoisery. The sock belonged to him and the pantyhose belonged to his mom. Both were previously worn and dug out from their laundry basket. Rob ordered both of us to open our mouth. We looked at each other and did so after some hesitation.

The sock was shoved in Thomas's mouth and four strips of tape were used to gag him. The brown pantyhose were balled up and stuffed in my mouth and I was also gagged with four strips of tape. Mark had left the room while Rob was gagging us and came back with two ace bandages. They didn't think the tape was enough so they got some ace bandages and wrapped the bandages around our mouths and heads tightly. Once our gags were tight and were unable to produce a sound louder than a soft grunt or moan, they sent us off to clean. They warned us not to get any ideas and remove our gags for any reason.

We cleaned up their rooms, made their beds, vacuumed, picked up their dirty clothes. Then to add to our humiliation they gave us frilly pink aprons that belonged to their mom to put on and made us dust the whole house. Then we had to sweep, mop, and scrub the floors of the house. Thomas would make grunts and groans every once and a while from behind his gag. I couldn't understand if he was trying to get my attention or just making random sounds.

I knew Rob's sock probably tasted horrible. I knew for sure his moms pantyhose didn't taste very good at all. She must have sweated a lot in them and the sweat must have dried up because they had a very bitter, sour taste to it. When we were done cleaning they brought us into the living room, laughing at our prediciment.

They made us take off the pink aprons and had us ball our hands up into fists and hold them out in front of us. They then took the black tape and wrapped it around our fists, make it impossible for us to open our hands or do pretty much anything.

Then they did the meanest thing they could do. They gave us both wedgies. We both let out loud grunts from our gags as they stretched the waistbands of our underwear up past the shorts we were wearing. Then they used the tape to wrap our waists, securing our underwear in place and making sure we couldn't remove our wedgies. It was impossible to do either way with our hands taped together but they did it just for good measure.

"Ok guys you can take a break and watch some tv if you want" Mark said. "That is if you can work the remote." Rob and Mark laughed again and left us alone in the living room. We struggled with the tv at first but finally managed to get it on, and once we got it set to a channel we liked, we just kept it that way.

We sat uncomfortably on the couch for a few hours, occasionally changing our positions to try and get in a more comfortable position. The wedgies were both killing us. I was on the verge of tears and Thomas was grunting and moaning up a storm. There was no way for us to remove our gags or our wedgies. It was such an uncomfortable position to be in.

Our humiliation didn't end there. When they had enough of us watching tv they made us come into the kitchen and sit down to watch them eat. They ate right in front of us, didn't offer us a thing. They wouldn't even take our gags off or undo the tape from our fists. When they were done eating they brought us down to the basement. The basement was nice, fully finished with walls and cieling, carpet, a tv, couch. There were also two small cots down there that Mark and Rob had opened for us.

They laid us down on the cots and used the tape to tape our wrists together in front of us. Our fists were also still taped together. We still had the gags and wedgies taped in place. They then took off our socks and taped our ankles together. They give our bare feet a little tickle which made us squeal into our gags and caused me to grunt from the pain of the wedgie.

Then they left us alone again. It was Friday and my parents were expecting me home until Sunday. That was the same time that their parents were due home. So it looked like were stuck that way until then.

They came down later with the phone and told me that my parents had called. They lied and said I was in the backyard with Thomas. They said they would call back in five minutes.

"We're gonna take that gag of yours off long enough for you to talk to your parents" Mark said. "But if you mention a peep about this, the wedgie will be the least of your problems." I grunted into my gag and nodded my head to let him know I understood.

They unwrapped the ace bandage and ripped all the tape off my lips. I immediately spit the brown pantyhose out of my mouth.
"You used moms pantyhose?" Mark asked Rob.
"Yup" Rob said laughing.
"What did you use on Thomas?"
"My dirty gym sock."
"That's so messed up."
"Yeah, but you get used to the taste. Right Thomas?" Thomas let out a furious grunt from underneath his gag.

The phone rang and they answered it and held it up to my ear. I told my parents I was having fun and all was well. When I was off the phone, the pantyhose found their way back into my mouth and they gagged me with four more strips of tape. Before they could put the ace bandage on, the doorbell rang.

Mark went to answer it and came back downstairs with his girlfriend. Her name was Danielle, also 17 at that time. She couldn't believe her eyes when she first saw us. We both mumbled and moaned into our gags, begging this girl to help us out.
"You actually did this to your brother?" she asked.
"Yup" they both said.
"That's so mean. But it's kinda funny too. Who's the other kid?"
"Andy. He's friends with Thomas."
"So should I ask why your brother and his friend are all taped up and gagged in your basement?"
"They lost a bet" was all Mark said.
"Hey!" Danielle said all excited. "I have an idea for them." She whispered something to Mark and he told Rob they would be back later.

Rob spent the time they were gone torturing us by tickling our bare feet. He used his fingers at first but then he decided to experiment. He used a plastic fork, an old toothbrush, a pair of chop sticks, and a back scratcher. The fork and toothbrush were the worst. Anytime the bristles of the toothbrush brused between my toes or down the soles of my feet I would spazz out and grunt into my gag.

Danielle and Mark returned later with three boxes. They finally untaped our hands and our feet and let us remove our gags.
"I'm going to do you a favor and give you a chance to get rid of those awful wedgies" Mark said. "There are three different sets of clothes in these boxes. You can each choose one box. The only rule is whatever box you choose, you have to wear whatever is in it. No exceptions."

We agreed and I chose box number three. Thomas chose box number one. We were both horrified when we opened the boxes and saw female clothing inside. They were all old clothes that belonged to Danielle when she was a bit younger than us.

The box I had chosen came with a trainer bra, pink panties, a pink princess outfit and a pair of pink pantyhose to go with it. Thomas also had a trainer bra, orange panties, a blue and white cheerleader costume, and suntan pantyhose in his box. We reluctantly changed into all of this, but not before Danielle painted our fingers and toes red.

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby Unknown » Tue Dec 13, 2016 7:51 pm

So we had chosen our boxes and they were filled with Danielle's old clothes. After Danielle painted our fingers and toes red we went into the bathroom to change. I came out with a pink princess costume on and pink colored pantyhose. Underneath that was pink panties and a trainer bra. Thomas had on a blue and white cheerleader costume, and suntan pantyhose with a trainer bra and orange panties to go with it.

"What should we do with them now?" Danielle asked.
"It's back to the basement with them for now, until Rob and I can come up with some new plans for our slaves."

They took us down to the basement again. Insteads of taping our fists together, they made us hold our hands straight out together. Then they wrapped taped around our fingers and hands until we couldn't move them apart. They laid us down on the cots and were going to tape our ankles together but Danielle stopped them saying the tape would ruin our hose. So they found some rope and used their old boy scout lessons to bind our ankles tightly. Rob decided to change up our gags.

He made another trip to the laundry room and came back with a pair of his moms black pantyhose and another smelly gym sock. The pantyhose went in Thomas's mouth instead of mine. They gagged him with TEN strips of tape to the point where the whole lower half of his face was covered up to his nose. The gym sock found its way into my mouth and they covered my mouth with ten strips. Just to degrade us further they strapped the ace bandages around our heads too. It wasn't necessary at all because the gags were already effective enough.

"We should have a party here" Danielle said.
"Not tonight" Mark said. "The neighbors will tell our parents. Tomorrow they'll be gone and we can have people over."
Danielle and Mark went upstairs to be alone and Rob stayed behind to tickle our feet again. I don't know why but he seemed to enjoy tickling us. He started with me first. He used the back scratcher and then the toothbrush.

"Kootchie kootchie koo" Rob taunted me over and over as he brushed the bristles over my feet and across my toes. The pantyhose seemed to make my feet more sensitive. He seemed to notice this and made sure to tickle me for as long as he could.

"How does my sock taste?" Rob asked. I made some light groans past all the tape and bandages to try and let him know how foul and salty his sock tasted in my mouth. "They were in my gym locker for weeks. Never got a chance to wash them. But now you can wash them with your tongue for me." I glared at him and let out an angry grunt.

After he was done with me it was onto Thomas. He used the plastic fork and chop sticks on his feet. Then the toothbrush. When he got bored tickling us he went upstairs. We remained bound and gagged all night in the basement.

When I left off Thomas and I were bound with rope and tape by his brothers Mark and Rob. We were gagged with ten strips of tape and ace bandages wrapped around our heads and taped together. I was also gagged with Rob's dirty sock and Thomas was gagged with a pair of his moms worn pantyhose. Mark's girlfriend Danielle had painted our nails red and dressed us as girls. We were wearing trainer bras, panties, a pink princess outfit and pink pantyhose for me, and her old cheerleader outfit and suntan pantyhose for Thomas.

In the morning Rob tickled our nylon feet with feathers to wake us up. He cut the thick tape off our hands with a scissor but left our ankles tied. Gagged, he led us upstairs (it was tricky because our ankles were bound but we managed to get up them) and sat us down in the kitchen. He tied more rope to our ankles and pulled them back until our feet were suspended in the air and tied the rope to the back of the chair. Then our hands were taped in front of us. He said we had to stay bound and gagged til breakfast was ready.

I wiggled my toes in the air and felt the nylon material move along with them. This only led to Rob leaning down and tickling my feet more. I squealed into my gag to beg him to stop. We had been bound and gagged all night and still had to use the bathroom.

Mark cooked breakfast while Rob tickled our stockinged feet on and off. Once the food was done Rob undid the ace bandages and peeled the tape off our mouths. I immediately spit his sock out which was soaked with my drool and Thomas did the same with his moms hose. My mouth had absorbed the taste of his nasty sock and I could still taste it even without being gagged by it.

He untaped our hands but let our feet hang there as we ate. Every once and a while Rob would tickle our feet well we were eating and we'd shout at him to cut it out. It was weird being able to talk after being silenced with those gags for so long. That didn't last for long though.

Our feet were untied and they brought us in the living room. Rob fetched another worn pair of his moms pantyhose and a sock that belonged to Mark. He had two big rubber balls too. He wrapped one inside the hose and put the other inside the sock. The sock was stuffed in Thomas's mouth and the white pantyhose were stuffed in my mouth. He wrapped duct tape around our head six times until it was clear we weren't going to spit them out. The ball made our cheeks puffy and made it impossible to speak. Their moms pantyhose tasted salty and like vinegar in my mouth. I had no idea what Mark's sock tasted like yet but I figured I'd find out later.

They made us ball our fists again and they taped them. Then our ankles were bound and Mark left to meet Danielle and plan for their party later.

This left us with Rob who pushed us on the couch and gathered his tickling tools. "Did this little piggy go to market?" he taunted me as he tickled between my toes with a chopstick. Then he tickled my stockinged soles with a hairbrush.
"I want to try something he said" with a pair of scissors. He cut the pink hose off one of my feet. "I always wondered whats more ticklish, nylons or bare feet? Now you tell me."

He tickled my bare foot first with the brush. Then my nylon clad foot with the same. "Nylons?" he asked laughing. I grunted furiously through my painful gag to let him the nylons were more ticklish. Satisfied with the answer he tickled my nylon feet again with the sticks.

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby Unknown » Tue Dec 13, 2016 7:52 pm

After Rob got bored tickling me, he tried the same experiment on his brother. He cut the pantyhose off one of his feet and tickled both, first the bare foot and then the nylon foot. Thomas grunted and groaned through his gag to let his brother know the nylon foot was more ticklish than his bare foot. Satisfied with the answer he continued to tickle our feet using hair brushes, toothbrushes, chop sticks, feathers, and more.

I thought the gags were effective in keeping us silent but apparently we were grunting and mumbling a little too much because one of the windows was open a neighbor outside heard us. She rang the bell and Rob rushed us into the kitchen from the living room. He closed the window and told us he was going to get rid of her and that if we be quiet while he did that he would remove our gags. We grunted and nodded our heads in agreement.

Rob open the door and told the neighbor he had left the TV on to loud. He apologized as we sat quietly bound and gagged in the kitchen. When he finally got rid of her he returned to the kitchen. We mmmphed and motioned with our heads for him to remove the gags. "Sorry girls but I lied. Those gags are staying on. In fact, I think I should reinforce them actually."

He got the ace bandages and wrapped it around our heads and mouths which were already wrapped with tape. Then he wrapped more tape around the bandage several times. With the ball and hose stuffed in my mouth, combined with the tape, ace bandage, and more tape, I was silenced. No mmphing, no grunting, no moaning, no laughing. I couldn't make any sound except a soft whimper and those would only last two seconds before I ran out of breath.

He led us down to the basement, still bound and taped and laid us down on the cots again. He wrapped more tape around our bodies to keep us strapped down to the cots. With our fists taped together we could not free ourselves or remove our gags. We were defenseless as Rob picked up where he left off, brushing a feather between my bare toes. He used the point of the feather to poke and tickle the back of my toes and scrape up and down my soles. I couldn't laugh or scream, I just had to lay there and deal with it. I mumbled quietly to beg him to stop but he could barely even hear me.

"What's that Andy? I'm sorry but I can't understand a word you're saying with that gag on. If you want me to take it off all you have to do is ask me. You too Thomas." He poked his brothers nylon sole with the feather and he whimpered briefly.

Danielle and Mark returned with her friend Caitlin. Danielle was angry with Rob for cutting the hose. "You ruined my pantyhose. They look silly now. They can't serve people at the party dressed like that. I'll have to run home later and get you guys something new to wear. You won't have a say this time. I'll pick for you." She was referring to the party they had planned to throw later where Thomas and I would be serving the guests unwillingly.

"Take a hike boys" Danielle said. "Its our turn to tickle them now."

Danielle and Caitlin tickled me and Thomas for a while. They tickled under our arms, poked at our ribs and stomachs, scratched under our chins and behind our necks. They tickled our feet with all the items that Rob had left behind. Then they left to get us a new set of clothes for the night.

Mark and Rob freed us but made us keep our gags on. Our next job was to spruce up again and get everything set up for their party. We worked silently as the gags did a good job in keeping us quiet.

Danielle and Caitlin returned as we were finished. Our painful gags were finally removed. It took about three minutes to cut off all the electrical tape and bandages. I immediately removed their moms pantyhose from my mouth and Thomas did the same with Mark's sock.

We were given a chance to eat and use the bathroom. Then Danielle gave us our new outfits. They were black French maid outfits with pairs of black pantyhose for us to wear. We went into the bathroom to change seperately. Then she took out two wigs, one black and one blonde and made us put them on. Then her and Caitlin applied makeup to both of us.

"Here are the rules" Mark said. "You will be gagged for the whole party so you can't talk back or complain. You will serve our guests and do whatever we say or we'll give you wedgies that will last for 24 hours and make you walk through the whole neighborhood in those maid outfits. Got it?"
"Please don't make us do this" we begged.
"Rob go ahead and gag these boys."

Rob got two socks and stuffed one in each of our mouths. The sock in my mouth belonged to Mark and it tasted just as bad as Rob's sock or their moms pantyhose. Then he wrapped tape around our heads seven times to make sure the socks were going to stay in our mouths for the night.

Their friends arrived soon and after they all laughed at us, they went about their business like we weren't even there. We spent the night cleaning up after them and getting them snacks and drinks when they wanted it. I've never been so humiliated. There were more girls at the party than boys, all Danielle and Caitlin's friends they invited. One of the girls looked down at our stockinged feet and told Danielle she should have gotten heels for us to wear.
"There's always next time" Danielle said. I found out later what she meant by next time.

After the party was over we were bound again on the cots and left for the night. The next morning they made us keep our gags on when they freed us to use the bathroom. Then we had to clean up the rest of the mess from the party.

The rest of the day Mark spent with Danielle so we were left to the mercy of Rob. He kept us bound on the cots and tickled us for hours on end. Danielle came back later to get her clothes and clean the nail polish off us. Our gags were removed and they warned us not to say a word to our parents about it.

This wasn't the last time it happened either. They used pictures they had of us dressed as girls from the party to blackmail us. I have more stories I'll share, including one weekend where we got stuck alone with Rob. He kept us bound and gagged pretty much the whole time and came up with all new ways to tickle us.

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby bondagefreak » Tue Dec 13, 2016 8:21 pm

Ahhh, some nice, enjoyable brotherly fun.
I'm sure quite a few folks on here are envious of Thomas...having two older brothers like that.

Smooth writing, easy to follow.
I'm not a fan on pantyhose gags, but I absolutely loved the sock gags both Rob and Mark used on their two victims.

Don't forget to add "Weekend From Hell" to the catalogue:

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby xtc » Wed Dec 14, 2016 3:54 am

Well written, I look forward to seeing what different "activities" Rob managed to devise.
Boxer shorts are cool,
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More by the same author: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=22729

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby Princess_Stinkfoot » Wed Dec 14, 2016 5:21 am

Can't wait to hear more!!!
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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby Unknown » Thu Dec 15, 2016 8:55 pm

Thomas called me to apologize a few weeks after that first humiliating experience. It was a Friday and he told me his parents had gone out of town again but his brothers had gone with them. So he invited me to stay over and make up for last time. I asked my parents if I could spend the weekend there. Obviously I didn't mention about his parents and brothers not being home. They said sure and I grabbed some things and walked to his house.

I knocked on the door and Rob opened. I realized I had walked into a trap and before I could try and run away, Rob grabbed me, pulled me inside, and closed the door. He had a sock and a roll of duct tape ready to go. The sock was shoved in my mouth and tape was wrapped quickly and tightly around my head. I counted four wraps.

He pushed me towards the basement door and I heard "mmmph! mmmph! mmmph!" coming from downstairs. He marched me gagged down the stairs and I saw the two cots from last time. Thomas was already laid down on one cot, hands taped together, ankles taped together, head and mouth wrapped with duct tape.

"Thanks for helping me trick your friend Thomas" Rob said. "Hey Andy. Thomas didn't really lie to you. Mark is gone and so are our folks, but I decided to stay behind."

Rob had me put my hands together and taped them from wrist to fingers so I couldn't separate them or use my fingers to remove my gag. Then he laid me down on the cot and taped my ankles. He gave our feet a brief tickle and we squealed into our gags.

Then he went to use the phone. When he came back he said "I just got off the phone with Mark's girlfriend. She's coming back soon with your new clothes for the weekend."

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby Mike111 » Sun Dec 18, 2016 7:08 am

This is such a fun and adventurous story! I can't wait for the next chapter!

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby Unknown » Mon Dec 19, 2016 12:06 am

Thanks everyone for your comments so far.

Rob took the tape off our hands and feet when Mark's girlfriend came. Danielle had a bag with her and I had a good idea what was in there. We were still tape gagged when she presented us with our new clothes for the weekend.

There were trainer bras, white cotton panties, white blouses, and plaid skirts for both of us. She gave me beige pantyhose and she gave Thomas coffee colored pantyhose to put on.

"Before you get dressed, sit down so I can paint your nails." We grunted under our gags but we did as she told us. Danielle brought along a bottle of blue nail polish. She painted our toes first and while they dried, she painted our fingers.
"You two are going to look so cute" she said. "Maybe I'll do some makeup too."
"Mmph" I responded.
"What's that Andy? I can't understand a word you're saying with that gag. I would use lipstick but I can't with those gags haha."

When it was done, we went into the bathroom separately to change into our clothes. We looked ridiculous, but we didn't have any choice. The last time when they made us serve their friends at their party, they had taken pictures of us in our wigs and French maid outfits. Their friends were older than us and were not in our grade. So they promised not to say anything about the party or us. But Rob and Mark and his girlfriend still had the pictures and could use them to basically blackmail us.

We knew they could've showed those pictures to our friends and classmates. So even though we hated it, we went along with it. Rob led us downstairs and had us lay down on the cots again. Danielle reminded him not tape our ankles because it would tear the pantyhose.
"And don't cut them off either like you did last time" she said.

Rob used rope to bind our ankles and Danielle taped our hands together. She had us ball our fists up and she wrapped tape over them so we couldn't open them up. Then she crossed our wrists and taped them too to be safe.
"Okay boys I'll be back on Sunday to clean that nail polish off of you. But I'll probably stop here tomorrow with some fresh clothes for you two. Oh and I might bring Caitlin with me. See you later boys."

"MMMPH! MMMMPH! MMMMMPH!" We cried out as she walked up the stairs of the basement and left the house. We were pleading with her to help us out but she wouldn't listen.

"Now that we're all alone it's time for my favorite part. I've got a little game I want to try. I'm going to tickle your feet and if you can remain still for one minute, no mumbling or laughing or struggling, I'll let you go free for the rest of the night. I'll even give you a few tries. But if you lose, I have a new torture for you."

He started with Thomas. I listened to Rob count as he tickled his feet. He lasted only 15 seconds before he started trying to kick his feet around. Rob then gave me a chance. He tickled my stockinged feet and I tried to remain still and quiet. But after 30 seconds I couldn't hold it in any longer and I started laughing through my gag.

He went back to Thomas and gave him another try. He last a bit longer but he couldn't hold in his laughter for too long. He went back and forth tickling our feet but neither of us could last a whole minute.

"I guess you guys lose" he said. "Don't go anywhere. I've got something for you." He went upstairs. Thomas and I looked at each other and groaned into our gags at what Rob had in store for us. He came back with two pairs of socks that belonged to Thomas. Clean socks but as he put them on our feet I realized he had filled the bottom with ice cubes. Each sock had four ice cubes in them and they were trapped there in between the socks and our nylon feet.

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby Unknown » Wed Dec 21, 2016 7:58 pm

Rob went upstairs and left the ice to slowly melt inside the socks he'd put on our feet. The ice didn't tickle that much. But it was worse than tickling because of how cold and unpleasant it felt. We were squirming around on the cots and squealing into our gags. It took a few hours for it all to melt. In that time we got so exhausted from struggling we just laid there and accepted our torture.

I could tell the sock inside my mouth was recently worn. It tasted like one of Rob's gym class socks he had gagged me with the last time I was there. I guess the first time was fun for them. Pushing around their younger brother and his friend and forcing us to do all this humiliating stuff. But I couldn't understand why Rob was dragging this out. He seemed to really enjoy tickling our feet and liked seeing us dressed up as girls.

It was until I got older that I realized Rob probably had a fetish or more than one fetish. But at the time I didn't think anything of it. It was just an embarassing situation to be in as far as I was concerned. And Thomas didn't seem to enjoy it at all. But we kept going along with it. I wondered how long they would keep this up.

I started panicking a bit. I thought what if they wanted to do this to us every time their parents went away. What if they wanted to do this to us every weekend. What if we had to spend our whole summer break tied up and gagged for their amusement.

Rob took the wet socks off of us. Our nylon feet were wet too and Rob tried to tickle them again but it wasn't as effective. So he untied our ankles and removed the tape from our hands again. We took our pantyhose off so he could throw them in the dryer.

In the meantime we got to remove our gags. It took a few minutes to peel the tape off but it was such a huge relief to spit those socks out. He let us eat and drink something and go to the bathroom since it was getting late.

When the hose were dry we had to put them back on. "You know since our parents aren't going to be home until Sunday I guess you don't have to sleep on those cots." I thought he was going to say we could sleep in an actual bed which would have made the whole ordeal a little more comfortable.
"But then again the last time I trusted you guys, you made so much noise one of the neighbors came over. The basement is quiet and nobody can see or hear you down there. So I guess the cots will have to do."

We were disappointed but we didn't protest for fear he would gag us right away. He led us to the basement and taped our hands. He went easy on us and just taped our wrists behind our backs. Then he tied our ankles together, briefly tickled our feet, and got the duct tape and some new gags. He had taken a sock and a pair of his moms pantyhose from the laundry basket.

"Please don't gag us all night long" Thomas begged.
"Yeah we'll be quiet" I said. "We promise."
"Can't risk it. Now open your mouths. Nice and wide. I hope these will fit."
"You can't keep doing this" Thomas said. "I didn't say anything last time but this time I'll tell mom and dad."
"You won't tell them anything as long as we have those pictures of you."
"You can't do this to us!" Thomas cried. "We have rights!"
"Yeah the right to remain silent" Rob said cramming the sock into his mouth. He taped his lips shut and then stuffed the pantyhose inside my mouth and taped my lips too.
"See you in the morning boys" Rob said and tickled our feet one last time before bed.

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby bondagefreak » Wed Dec 21, 2016 8:05 pm

Still loving all the sock gags, bro :quirk:
Nice to see you're still at it.
Anxious to see what's next.

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby TUGfan-M001 » Fri Dec 23, 2016 2:28 am

I absolutely loved this story and would love to see Rob blindfold the boys! Thx for writing it and I look forward to some more sock stuffings and tortures.

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby boyscoutjm » Fri Dec 23, 2016 6:05 am


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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby Unknown » Tue Jan 03, 2017 8:16 pm

Thanks everyone for your comments. Here's the newest part.

Rob untied and untaped us the next morning. He let us remove our own gags. I can't even begin to tell you what a relief it was to get those pantyhose out of my mouth. We got to use the bathroom, eat something, and stretch out a bit.

Then it was right back down to the basement. He asked us to remove the pantyhose we were wearing. We both wondered what he had in store for us but we didn't question him. We took the hose off and sat on the cots. He had us ball our fists up so he could wrap duct tape around them until it was clear we wouldn't be able to open our fists. Then he crossed our wrists and taped them together for good measure.

A worn sock was stuffed in Thomas's mouth and some more worn pantyhose were stuffed in my mouth. Duct tape was then wrapped tightly around our heads. I counted four or five wraps.

He rolled us onto our stomachs and used rope to bind our ankles. Then I felt something scrape down my foot. Something that made me sqeual into my gag. It was a marker.

"I'm going to draw on your feet. Try and remain as still as you can because if I mess up I'll just wash it off and start all over again."

"Mmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmmmph!" I cried as he drew all over my feet with the marker. We were both groaning and mumbling and grunting into our gags, begging him to stop.
"What's that Andy? I can't understand a word you're saying with that gag on. Do you want me to take it off? If you want me to take it off, all you have to do is say in a loud clear voice 'please take my gag off' and I'll do it."
He was really having a laugh at us. I didn't even try to say it. I knew it would just come out as a series of moans and grunts and mmmphs. The pantyhose made our feet very ticklish, but our bare feet were ticklish too. And the marker was a hundred times worse than someone using their fingers.

He wrote "tickle, tickle, tickle" across one of my soles in very small print. On the other foot he drew a stick figure being tickled by another stick figure. He thought he was real funny. He even drew smiley faces on all of our toes. Then he tortured us even further by scribbling the marker all over our feet. Of course it ruined everything he had drawn or wrote over our soles. But he didn't care. He just wanted to prolong our torture.

"Mmmmmmmm" Thomas mumbled. He was begging him to give it a rest. He did stop but it was because he heard the doorbell. Rob left and came back with Danielle and her friend Caitlin.

"Mmmmm mmph" I grunted. I was trying to say "please help." Danielle had a bag with her. She had promised she was going to come back with new clothes for us.

They got a laugh at our feet covered in marker. "Did you draw smiley faces on their toes?" Caitlin said and laughed.
"Yup" Rob said. "I think they enjoy being tickled. They just lie there and take it. They don't even say anything."
"Mmmmph" I said at that comment.
"Oh yeah it's because of their gags. Duh."

Rob cut the tape off of us but the gags stayed on while Danielle gave us our new clothes. We went into the bathroom seperately to change. We had to wear the trainer bras we already had on with the new underwear she gave us. But it wasn't just underwear. She gave us thongs to wear. Then we had to put on matching pink shorts and pink sleeveless tops. The shorts looked ridiculous on us and they only went up to our thighs. To top it off she gave us suntan pantyhose to put on with the thongs. We wore them under the shorts which were very tight.

"We were going to tickle you" Danielle said "but it looks like Rob has tortured you enough. And I'm sure he's got plenty more in store for you boys. So I'm going to give you guys a break."
We grunted into our gags and nodded our heads to thank her. Looking back on it, it was so absurd that I was actually thanking a girl for not tickling me. And not only was I thanking her, I was thanking her after she made me dress up her old clothes. The whole situation was crazy. But we just went with the flow as we had no choice since they were blackmailing us with those pictures.

Danielle said she'd back for her clothes and to clean the nail polish off the next day. They then left us alone at the mercy of Rob. He had two ace bandages in his hand. "I want to trust you guys, but last time I did you made so much noise the neighbor heard you. So I'm not taking any chances."

He wrapped the ace bandages around our already gagged mouths. Once they were tightly wrapped he took more tape and wrapped it around the bandages to hold them tight. We were now gagged with three layers or four if you count the socks and hose stuffed in our mouths.

"Your job is to clean the whole house from top to bottom. Make it shiny and nice so I can take all the credit for it hahaha. Oh and one more thing." He took the thongs and stretched them up, giving us the worst wedgies of our lives. We grunted and whimpered into our gags. We almost had tears in our eyes it was so painful. "Don't even think about removing those. Now get to work."

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby Hades » Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:01 pm

Please more

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby boyscoutjm » Sat Jan 07, 2017 10:19 pm

YAY!!!! UPDATE!!! Cant wait for more.

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby Unknown » Sun Jan 08, 2017 6:21 pm

Rob made us sweep, mop, dust, vacuum, scrub, make the beds, do laundry. The only thing we didn't have to do was clean the windows or do any work outside. He obviously didn't want the neighbors to see us.

Our gags stayed on the whole time. We were gagged with worn socks and pantyhose, duct tape wrapped around our heads, ace bandages wrapped over that, and more tape wrapped over that. The gags were so tight we couldn't take at all. We could barely make a sound other than a whimper or a soft moan.

Danielle had given us thongs, pink shorts, pink tops, and suntan pantyhose to put on. And the thongs were bad enough on their own but Rob had used them to give us the worst wedgie imaginable. And we couldn't remove them while we work. We were actually on the verge of tears. It was that painful.

When we were dusting and scrubbing, Thomas mumbled something so low I couldn't understand a single thing. I tried to respond but my gag was so tight and anytime I tried to talk with the pantyhose in my mouth, my cheeks just filled up with air and the only sound that would come out was a very low "mmmm."

I looked down at one point and could see my blue toenails clearly through the suntan pantyhose. I felt so humiliated and defeated. I was dressed up like a girl, I had to deal with the pain of wedgie, and I couldn't even speak. I never realized how helpess a gag made you feel until I was gagged like this.

"Good job boys" Rob said. "Now back downstairs so you can get tied up again." We didn't try to put up a fight. We just followed him down to the basement and we put our hands together like we were saying a prayer and he wrapped tape from our wrists to our finger tips so we couldn't seperate our hands. He used rope to bind our ankles so it wouldn't ruin our pantyhose.

"I could tickle you again but you guys worked so hard that I'll give you a break for now. Be ready for later."

We laid there on the cots trying to get comfortable. We still had the wedgies and we still had those tights gags on. He kept us down there for hours before he finally untied us and removed all the tape so we could eat something. The gags took almost ten minutes to remove and it was very painful because of all the tape wrapped around our heads.

We also finally got to remove our wedgies. I could still feel it when it was gone. After we ate something and used the bathroom Rob said "since you boys have been so good, I'm going to let you watch one hour of TV."

We sat on the couch and turned on the TV. "Wait" Rob said and ripped off two pieces of tape and handed them to us. "I forgot about these. Gag yourselves."

We put the tape over our own lips and smoothed it out like he told us to do. "I won't tie you up or stuff your mouths with anything yet but I want you to keep those gags on until your time is up."

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby Unknown » Tue Jan 10, 2017 11:39 am

Rob left us alone so Thomas and I could watch TV in silence thanks to our tape gags. He let us enjoy ourselves for an hour. Then he gave us another chance to use the bathroom before he dragged us down to the basement again.

He taped our hands together from our wrists to our fingertips so we couldn't pull our hands apart our use our fingers at all. Then he laid us down on the cots and used rope to bind our ankles. He ripped the tape off our lips and showed us our new gags. He had two pairs of socks. One pair belonged to Thomas. The other pair belonged to me. They were the socks I had been wearing when I came over that Friday.

"Do you want to be gagged with Andy's socks or your own?" Rob asked his brother.
"Please don't gag us with our socks" we begged. But Rob wasn't about to listen.
"I guess I'll choose for you." He balled one of my socks up and stuffed it in Thomas's mouth. Then he crammed and packed the other sock in until both of them were in his mouth. Then he wrapped tape around his head five times.

Thomas's socks were stuffed in my mouth. I begged him not to stuff the second sock in but my mouth was already full and he couldn't understand a word I was saying. He stuffed both of them in and wrapped tape around my head five times.

Then he showed us his next surprise. He went out and bought electric toothbrushes to tickle us with. He turned them on and ran them up and down our feet. We squealed into our gags and curled and flexed our toes to try and dull some of the tickling sensations. I would spazz out whenever the bristles brushed back and forth across my toes.

"I've got a better idea" Rob said. He got two zipties and pressed the toothbrushes against the soles of our feet and ziptied them in place tightly. "See you guys later."

He left us alone. We kicked and thrashed around on the cots as the toothbrushes tickled our feet. The bristles were pressed against our soles and constantly turning every second. It was sheer torture.

Hours passed and the toothbrushes continued to tickle our feet every second that Rob was away. By the time he got back we were so exhausted we weren't even struggling or mmmphing. We were just lying there and waiting for it to stop. Rob cut them off and said "I think you guys have had enough for tonight. See you in the morning."

Danielle came by the next day to get her old clothes back and to clean the nail polish off of our fingers and toes. They reminded us not to say anything to his parents or mine and then Rob made sure to add "see you again soon Andy."

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby boyscoutjm » Fri Jan 13, 2017 5:17 am

I love this story!!! Keep up the good work

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby Bondwriter » Sat Jan 14, 2017 4:11 am

Nice little saga you've got here...

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby tedbangor » Sat Jan 14, 2017 6:28 am

What a great series. Hope there's going to be a lot more.
Maybe the boys could go sunbathing - whilst restrained obviously - and get the sort of tan lines that boys don't normally get.

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby Hades » Sun Jan 15, 2017 6:34 pm

Very nice keep going

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby Unknown » Tue Jan 24, 2017 12:22 pm

Thanks again for all the comments. This part will be shorter than the others but it will set up another part of the story.

It had been two months since my last weekend with Thomas and his brother. It was a Thursday when he came up to me in school and said his parents were going away again and his brothers were going to be home. They wanted me to ask my parents if I could stay for the weekend.

I didn't want to do it but they were still blackmailing us with the embarassing pics they had of us. So I asked my parent and of course they said yes. I went over on Friday after school and Rob and Mark were already waiting for me with Mark's girlfriend.

Danielle asked Thomas and I to remove our shoes and socks so she could paint our nails. She painted our fingers and toes bright red. Then she introduced us to our new clothes for the weekend.

She gave us old trainer bras and panties that belonged to her, and white blouses and plaid skirts and tan pantyhose to go with it. We went into the bathroom separately to change.

"This is too easy" Mark said.
"I know" Danielle said. "If I didn't know any better I'd say they enjoy dressing up like girls."

Rob gagged us. He use their moms worn pantyhose and duct tape to gag me and one his socks and tape to gag Thomas. Our first order of business was to clean the house from top to bottom so Mark and Rob could take all the credit for it.

With our gags on, we swept, mopped, vacuumed, dusted, scrubbed, and cleaned their rooms while they watched TV. Their dad was out of town on business and their mom was supposed to be visiting her sister.

But she had forgotten something important and decided to come back to get it. She was quite shocked to see us gagged and dressed in Danielle's clothes. She went straight to Rob and Mark for answers.

They casually explained that we had lost a bet to them some time ago and we had to be their slaves and do exactly as they said.
"Is this why the house is always so clean when we get back?" their mom joked.
"Yeah they're a great maid service" Rob said.
"And I assume those are your old clothes Danielle? Was that part your idea?"
"Guilty" Danielle said.
"And why are they gagged with duct tape?"
"So they can't talk back. And when they're not cleaning we usually just tie up in the basement and leave them down there."
"Well I have to say I'm a bit annoyed, but they do look so adorable dressed as girls. But you can't go tying up your brothers friend. You could get in trouble for it."
"Trust me he's not going to say anything" Rob assured him. "We have some rather embarassing pics and they don't want us to share them."
"Are you sure about that?"
"Positive. Andy's not going to say anything. And Thomas is our brother. We're just messing around. That's all."

Their mom was quiet as she considered the whole situation. Then Rob added "With summer coming up, we could do this every day. I'm sure Andy's parents wouldn't mind him staying here for a while. And dad won't know anything about it. He's going to be away the whole summer on business."
"Hmmm I suppose you're right" their mom said. "And I did always want a daughter of my own."
"Well now you can have two" Danielle said.
She considered it again. Then said "boys take off your gags." We unwrapped the tape and spit out the socks and pantyhose.
"You used my pantyhose to gag Andy?" she said.
"Hey it keeps them quiet" she said.

"Okay one rule" their mom said. "No more using my pantyhose to gag them. Instead I will wear knee high in the summer and you could use those. Also I will take the boys shopping and buy them some new clothes that are their own size so they don't have to borrow Danielle's clothes. And I will supervise your activities to make sure your brother and his friend don't get hurt."

We couldn't believe Thomas's mom was not only cool with this but she was willing to let them go along with it for a whole summer. But we couldn't say anything unless we wanted his brothers to leak those photos. So we kept quiet as they planned out our summer like we were even standing there.

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby Unknown » Wed Jan 25, 2017 6:15 pm


We still had a few weeks before summer and we enjoyed it as much as we could. Then the first day of summer came around and my mom talked to Thomas's mom and they worked out a deal where I could stay at their house for most of the summer. On the first day of summer, their mom took us shopping. Rob and Mark didn't want to come but Danielle went with us to help pick out our clothes.

She took us to a store who was owned by her friend. They weren't officially open for business that day, but Thomas's mom (I'll call her Mrs. B) told her friend about us and she agreed to open the store for Mrs. B to shop with us.

"Is this them?" her friend asked. "What cute girls they're going to make."
"I know it's going to be adorable" Mrs. B said.
"You know you're not the first mom to buy clothes here for their son. A lot of women do it. I won't mention any names but you probably even know some of them. So what do you need for them?"

"Well they're going to need trainer bras since a normal bra obviously won't work for them. Underwear. I'm guessing white cotton panties will do. And since its summer I don't want them to suffer too much. So I guess a few sundresses would be nice. And some thin skirts and blouses."
"We should get them some flip flops too" Danielle said.
"Good idea" Mrs. B said. "And I think we'll need some bikinis too if they're going to use the pool this summer."
"Anything else?" her friend asked.
"Pantyhose" Danielle said.
"Oh yes. We're going to need tights, pantyhose, and some stockings for these two."

We stared helplessly as they picked our clothes out for us. They made us try on the pink flip flops they picked for us. And they also made us try on these flat shoes that were all shiny and glittery.

Then we had to go into the changing rooms and try on the tights, stockings, hose, skirts, blouses, dresses. They even made us try on the bikinis. Before we left the store, they had us put on our trainer bras and panties, orange sundresses, and black tights and flat shoes. Mrs. B paid for everything, thanked her friend, and made us walk out of the store and drive home with her all dressed up.

Rob and Mark were waiting to gag us the second we got through the door. As Mrs. B said she would, she started wearing knee high stockings on a daily basis. And she had been putting all her worn pairs aside for weeks before the summer.

Since the stockings were so thin and small, two were able to fit in our mouths. That and duct tape made an effective combination and kept us quiet for the most part. The summer was just beginning and we had this to look forward to every day from now on.

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby Unknown » Sat Feb 04, 2017 4:08 pm


The first three days were pretty much the same. We spent our whole time dressed up as girls. Mrs. B made us change our clothes on a daily basis. She also made us clean the house every day but we spent most of our time bound and gagged in the basement.

Everyone else our age was enjoying their summers and we were locked inside all day. And Mrs. B, Mark, and Rob were all going about their business while we were tied and gagged downstairs. Like it was completely normal. Mrs. B didn't mind Rob and Mark keeping us tied up and gagged at all. She thought of it as a game kids play when they're younger and she thought we were so adorable in our girls clothes. She was totally cool with this but we weren't too cool with it obviously.

We protested whenever our gags were off but she kept saying "oh it's only for a few months." Mr. B was going to be away pretty much the entire summer on business so she didn't have to worry about him walking in unexpected and finding us dressed up as girls.

Rob tickled our feet every chance he got. And Mark's girlfriend Danielle also did her share of the tickling. And since it was summer, the basement was so hot and pantyhose or tights we always were wearing made us sweat a lot.

On the fourth day of summer break, we were taped up and gagged downstairs after we ate breakfast. We were wearing sundresses and thick green tights. We laid down there for hours until we heard the basement door open.

We assumed Rob was coming down to tickle us but instead it was Danielle and her friend Caitlin.
"MMMPH! MMMMPH! MMMMPPPPPHHHHHH!" We screamed through our gags, begging them to set us free.

But instead of freeing us, they pulled up two chairs and sat down to tickle us. Our feet were tied with rope so we couldn't seperate them or move around too much. We just had to lie there and let them tickle us.

They tickled us on and off for hours in between painting their own nails, chatting on their cell phones, and talking about how pretty we looked with our tights and dresses. It was so humiliating.

When it was time for dinner Danielle and Caitlin untaped our hands and untied our feet. They made us keep our gags on when we went upstairs. Rob and Mark were at a show that night so Mrs. B invited the girls to have dinner. She told us we could remove our gags at the table. We peeled the tape off our mouths and spit out the worn knee high stockings they had used to gag us.

"So how do my stockings taste?" Mrs. B asked me casually during dinner. The girls burst out laughing. I didn't bother to answer but since it was summer and her feet were a bit sweaty, they didn't taste very good. Actually they tasted disgusting. But it was better than Mark or Rob's socks.
"You should gag them with those all the time" Danielle said.
"Yes but I'll let the boys switch it up with the socks sometimes" Mrs. B said.

To be continued. Don't worry the story will improve and more will happen for sure.

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby Hades » Sat Feb 04, 2017 7:46 pm

Please keep going

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby Leopord » Thu Feb 16, 2017 5:55 pm

I'm definitely looking forward too the next part.

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby randomboy18 » Fri Feb 17, 2017 10:41 am

I love this story but i am begging you please do something with feet smelling

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby Unknown » Thu Feb 23, 2017 6:56 pm

I woke up one morning with Mrs. B standing over me. I was bound and gagged to one of the basement cots. I looked over and Thomas was still bound, gagged, and asleep on the other cot. Mrs. B had the phone in her hand and said "your mom just wants to check in with you. I'm going to remove your gag okay."
"Mmhm" I nodded.
She ripped the tape off my lips and yanked her worn stockings out of my mouth. "Don't make a peep until I hand you the phone. And remember not to mention anything about this.

She dialed my home number and talked briefly to my mom before she put the phone to my ear. "Hey mom" I said. "Yeah I'm having a great time. Thanks for letting me stay. No, Thomas's mom really doesn't mind. She said I can stay as long as I want. Okay love you too, talk to you later."

She hung up the phone and said "nice job. Just for that, I won't gag you again right away." She untaped my hands and untied my legs. Then she tickled Thomas's feet to wake him up.

"Grrrmmmm" he mumbled into his gag and kicked his feet around. She untied and untaped him and let him take his own gag off. The basement was very hot during the summer days and we had sweat a lot the night before. Thankfully she noticed it and let us shower after we ate breakfast and used the bathroom.

She got us some new clothes after that and we changed seperately. Our clothes were trainer bras, panties, yellow sundresses and suntan pantyhose. Then she stuffed our mouths with more worn stockings and gagged us with tape. She saw the disgusted look on my face and said "aw don't worry Andy. You'll get used to the taste eventually."

She had us do some laundry and clean a few parts of the house. Our gags stayed on the entire time. Mark and Danielle were on a date but Rob came home for lunch and after we were done cleaning he took us down to the basement.
"Hands together" he said.
We put our hands together like we were praying and Rob wrapped duct tape from our fingers to our wrists.

We laid down on the cots and our ankles with bound with rope so Rob wouldn't ruin the pantyhose. "So who wants to get tickled first?"
"Mmmmph. Mmmmph. Mmmmmphhh." We both shook our heads no but that wasn't going to stop him. It had only been a few days since summer began and Rob had barely tickled us yet. But that's only because he knew he had the whole summer to tickle us.

"That's right you can't really answer me with those gags. I guess I'll decide. You first Thomas." I watched helplessly while Rob tickled his brothers feet, his sides, and under his arms.

He tickled Thomas for a full hour and then moved on to me. "Tickle, tickle, tickle" he taunted me while he tickled my stockinged feet. "Tickle, tickle, tickle. Tickle, tickle, tickle."
"MMMMMPH!" I grunted furiously.
"Sorry I didn't quite catch that. What did you say?"

He tickled me for an hour, then switched back and forth between our feet a little while longer while he made small talk just to taunt us. "So are you enjoying your summers so far?" he asked.
It had been summer for only a week and we were hating it. We spent all our time in doors, bound and gagged, dressed like girls. How could we not hate it?

"I'll talk to mom and maybe she'll let you guys go swimming tomorrow." But Mrs. B already had plans for the next day.

The next morning we ate, used the bathroom, changed our clothes. That days outfit was blue sundresses and black pantyhose. Rob had plans but before he left the house he tied our ankles and taped our hands. At Mrs. B's request, he put us on the couch.
After he left, Mrs B. came in and said I haven't really let you guys enjoy any TV since you've been in the basement so much. So I figured you guys could lounge around today and just enjoy. Of course your gags will still on and you will stay tied up too."

Before she left us alone she mentioned that Mark's girlfriend would be by soon to do our nails...and makeup.

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Re: Weekend From Hell

Postby Unknown » Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:20 pm

Rob tied and taped us up on the couch and left to enjoy a beautiful summer day. We were gagged with two worn stockings each and duct tape. There was a set of windows behind the couch with no curtains so we laid on our sides so nobody walking by would see us. We watched TV in silence for a couple of hours.

There was also a computer desk behind the couch in front of the windows. Mark was home and he sat on the computer for a few hours. He'd roll over in his chair and lean over the couch and reach down to tickle our feet to annoy us every five or ten minutes.

Danielle eventually showed up. She had Mark untie our ankles and cut the tape off our hands. She asked us to remove our pantyhose. We still had our gags on so we just did what she asked us to do.

She used nail polish remover to remove the faded polish on our fingers and toes. She made us sit on the couch so she could paint our fingers and toes orange. She used two coats so it wouldn't fade as quickly. Then she did makeup. She used blush, lipstick, eye shadow, and every other product she had in her bag.

Mrs. B came in and asked if she brought the wigs. Danielle took out two blonde wigs and fixed them on our heads. They had us look in the mirror and we didn't even recognize ourselves. We were still wearing our blue sundress, black pantyhose, panties, and trainer bras.

Mrs. B got us our flat shoes she had bought us and said "Danielle is going to take you two for a walk."
"Mmmph?" we grunted.
"Don't worry. Nobody will recognize you. I can't even recognize you. And besides you guys need to get out more and enjoy the summer."

She let us take our gags off and we put our shoes on and reluctantly followed Danielle outside. She let us walk around the neighborhood. The flat shoes were actually comfortable and easy to walk in. She avoided going past my house just in case my parents were home. But she did walk past Rosie's house. Rosie was in the same grade as me and Thomas and she knew us. She took one look at us walking past her house and knew it was us.

"Andy? Thomas? What the hell are you doing all dressed up like that?" We were so embarrassed. Danielle talked for us and explained the whole situation to her. She even invited her to come over some time and see for herself.

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