the Babysitter part 2

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the Babysitter part 2

Postby Mattmey123 » Mon Jan 09, 2017 5:32 pm

The second Saturday of summer vacation has arrived for all kids who were out of school for two weeks now. Alex started getting out of bed and looked out her window to see clouds gathering for a afternoon shower and she began to think of the conversation she had with Natalie last night.

Friday night at Alex’s house

Alex and Natalie had just returned from the movies which they just saw The Hanger Over movie. They both thought it was funny but it could have been better. After chatting about the movie and seeing nothing on tv, Natalie finally said something she been wanting to say all night.

“Hey Alex, do you want to do something for me?” Natalie asked in a sweet innocent tone of voice.

“Do what for you?” Alex asked knowing she was going to ask for something she wouldn’t like.

“Well I’m planning on going out tomorrow night with a few girls from school, but my uncle and aunt want me to baby sit their kids Bryan and Sarah again. And I was wondering if you…..” Natalie began to explain before Alex cut in.

“If I baby-sit two kids who are half my size and age who managed to over power me last time and left me tied and gagged in your moldy basement?” Alex said finishing Natalie’s sentence.

“Pretty much.” Natalie replied with a innocent smile on her face.

Alex remain silent for a few minutes carefully thinking about Natalie’s request before replying.

“No.” Alex said flatly.

“Oh come on, pleeeease do it Alex!” Natalie begged as she got in front of Alex on her hands and knees.

“No, I’m still embarrassed from last time to be out done by two little kids and since I teach them to be better kidnappers, I be practically tied and gagged in a hour’s time.” Alex sharply replied to Natalie.

Natalie could only give a show of pity as this was the very reason she didn’t want to baby-sit them. “Alright then, I guess you don’t want to make some money of the sum of.” Natalie got her mouth near Alex’s ear and whispered the amount of money Alex would get for babysitting the kids and immediately Alex’s eyes lit up with glee and money signs.

“That’s more then last time.” Alex quietly said to herself. “Fine, I’ll do it.”

“YES</b>!” Natalie cheered in her head as she gave a look of joy on her face.

“On one condition.” Alex added which derailed Natalie’s joy.

“That be?” Natalie quickly asked.

“I don’t want those munchkins to play their tie up games with me tomorrow night.”

“You have my word that they won’t do it.” Natalie said but when she said it she didn’t have her fingers cross which showed Alex she keep her word and Alex agreed to do it, but Natalie instead had her toes crossed.


After seeing that the day would look dull and sunless Alex made her way downstairs to have breakfast and then would return to her room to dress for the day. After fully cleaning up and getting dressed after breakfast, Alex made her way to the mall to do some shopping at some of her favorite stores like DJ Denny, Dacy’s, and sock world. After getting some new shirts from DJ Denny’s, new pants and shoes at Dacy’s and getting many new pairs of knee and thigh socks from sock world. Alex made her way home to start getting ready for babysitting that she would be doing later that night.

When Alex got home it was just starting to rain and she put her stuff away and changed out of her blueberry t-shirt into a black sleeveless shirt which showed her white blue dotted bra. She took off her dark purple skirt which showed her white and blue stripped panties and she put on dark blue shorts. She untied her tennis shoes and threw them under her bed and took off her dark green knee socks and put on dark gray over the knee socks.

After combing her hair and putting on her glasses, Alex went down and got something to eat and casually watched tv until it was time to go. After a half hour of watching nothing but trash Alex grabbed her keys and put on her clog shoes and headed off to Natalie’s house and at this time the rain had stopped which made everything look wet and the smell of rain was in the air.


As Alex grew closer to Natalie’s front door, it opened and a dressed up Natalie emerged from the doorway. Alex couldn’t help to admire that her friend looked very nicely dressed up. Natalie was wearing a long silk black dress that went down mid way of her calfs with black tights and dark blue heel shoes with a small brown purse in her right hand. She also had on a small gold chain that went around her neck that had a small blue stone attached to it.

“You’re a little too dressed up for going out with girls aren’t you Nat?” Alex said as she scanned her over a few times.

“Yes I am, that’s only because there’s going to be some cute guys there as well.” Natalie said as she walked closer to Alex.

“Well that explains why you begged to me like a dog yesterday to baby-sit for you.” Alex said sounding a little smug.

Natalie only shot her a dirty look and said. “Begging it may be, but I hope to score tonight. Anyways there up in my room playing video games and my folks are gone and I should be back a hour before my aunt and uncle come by. Don’t have too much fun now.” With that Natalie walked off towards the street making Alex wondering why she wasn’t invited. Shrugging it off, Alex walked into the house unknowing of the plan that was made for her.


As Alex took off her shoes by the door and headed into the living room she walked over to the bottom of the steps and herd sounds of two kids playing video games come from Natalie’s room. Knowing they would be kept busy for awhile Alex made her way over to the couch and sat her purse on the table in front of her and made her self comfy and began to flip through the channels trying to find something decent on.

Watching nothing but junk for ten minutes Alex began to doze off into a light sleep with her head bobbing up and down from time to time. As she was about to fall over onto the couch she woke up and looked around only to see Bryan who was wearing a green and white striped t-shirt with brown shorts and no socks on and Sarah who was wearing a pink tank top and white shorts and white ankle socks and they were both looking at her as if she had something on her face.

“Oh hey you two.” Alex said with a light yawn. “What’s up?” Alex asked them.

“The sky.” Sarah replied in a smart-alecky way.

“Oh haha. You guys need something?” Alex asked them as she grabbed the remote to the tv and muted it.

“No, but we brought you this.” Bryan said as he held up a tall clear glass water that if you looked closer you could see a little white specks floating around in it. “We thought you might like a drink.”

“Ohhhh, how thoughtful. Thanks.” Alex said as she took a couple of big gulps and set it on the coffee table in front of her.

Seeing that Alex drank some of the water both kids said bye and raced back up stairs leaving Alex a bit suspicious. But seeing that they only gave her water and went back up stairs, Alex dismissed her suspicion and turned the volume back up on the tv and tried to find something to watch.

About fifteen minutes later, Alex began to yawn a lot and her eye lids were starting to get heavy.

“Ohhhh man, going out shopping must have been more of a task then I thought.” Alex said as she let out a few more yawns. She reached over and grabbed the glass of water sitting on the table and drink the reaming cool refreshing water and set it back on the table hoping it would jolt her awake.

Alex had hopped this would awoken her some, but it seemed to have only made her more sleepy. After ten more minutes of yawning and keeping her eyes opened Alex laid sideways on the couch and feel asleep. From above at the top of the staircase both kids looked on with glee finally seeing their babysitter asleep.

They ran down the steps and carefully approached Alex and shook her a few times and waited for her to respond. But seeing her still sleeping soundly, they ran over to the front door and opened it and waved to somebody outside and they ran back over to Alex to make sure she was still sleeping.

As the kids waited by Alex, Natalie came through the door and shut it behind her and walked over towards Alex. When she got there she checked her over to see she would be out cold for a while.

“Good work you two. Looks like half of a ‘super fast acting instant knock out sleep pill’ worked perfectly. Now, Natalie’s Night School of Tie Up Games is officially opened!” Natalie announced as she set her purse onto the table and pulled off her heel shoes and set them under the table.

“Now lets move the subject to the working area.” Natalie said as she wrapped her arms around Alex’s chest and picked her up while her two cousins pick Alex up by her legs and they carried her off up the stairs.

When they got to the top there was a large open area with a hallway to the left leading to Natalie’s room and a guest room with another hallway to their right leading to a large storage room and Natalie’s parents room. In the middle between the two hallways was a white wall with a bathroom in the middle with it all being connected by green carpet.

“Boy, she is heavy.” Sarah complained as she sat down on the carpet to rest a bit next to her sleeping babysitter.

“I thought she was in sports cousin Natalie?” Bryan asked.

“I can’t figure it out either, I think she hides facts about her weight.” Natalie said as she waved her arms around a bit to shake out the soreness of carrying Alex. “Any who, stay here while I gather the materials for tonight’s class.” Natalie said as she headed off into her room. When she came back out she was carrying a large blue duffle bag in one hand and a large fluffy pillow in the other. she had quickly changed out of her dress into a sleeveless blue shirt with jean skirt and was still wearing the black tights with no jewelry on.

She set the duffel bag on the floor near Alex and unzipped it and took out some of it’s contents and placed it onto the floor. What she laid out was three rolls of duct tape, two coils of red rope, and a few different colored cloths.

“Alright Bryan and Sahara, class has started. Today’s lesson will be over a certain tie that I personally spent many months developing. If done correctly, the captive will be unable to escape and have little mobility in struggling. So pop quiz class, what around here do you think we can tie our subject to?” Natalie said to her two cousins as they looked about.

After looking around quickly, both kids just shrugged their shoulders in not knowing.

“The answer is, this!” Natalie said as she walked over to the guard rail that kept people from falling off the top floor. She pointed to the round wooden Baluster that connected the floor to the handrail of the guardrail that was connected to the staircase.

“Now, can you two tell me how would we tie our subject to this?” Natalie asked the two who looked at the Baluster for awhile before answering her.

“Ummmm, do we put her arms and legs through the openings and tie them together?” Sahara asked.

“Good guess, but no. Do you have anything Bryan?

“Ummm, place her side ways against the balusters and tie her hands at one end and tie her feet at another end?” Bryan said.

“Another good guess, but no. The tie we will use today is one I spent much time testing and thinking about. The tie is called the angel hogtie!” Natalie proudly announced which captured booth kids attentions and Alex began to snore a bit.

“How does it work cousin Natalie?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah, how?” Bryan added.

“Like this, just watch and pay close attention.” Natalie said as she placed the pillow in front of one of the balusters. After making sure it was lined up perfectly she pulled Alex over to it and laid her chest onto the pillow and then pushed her up against the balusters until both legs were flat against two of them with one baluster in the middle of the two.

“After getting your captive to this point you grab a roll of duct tape.” Natalie said as she grabbed one and handed the other to her cousins. “You pull her leg up and get her ankle as close to the baluster as possible with her lower part of her knee cap against the wood as well. Once you got her leg like that, take the duct tape and wrap it around her ankle to the baluster and slowly wrap it down her leg making sure to over lap with the tape until you reach the bottom.

Just like Natalie said, she began to wrap the tape around the baluster to Alex’s ankle and kept wrapping it down her leg until she reached the end of the baluster by that time Alex’s left leg was completely mummified to the baluster.

Natalie looked over to her two cousins to see they were doing the same thing and just finished. Natalie went over to their side to see they did a good job taping her leg to the baluster.

“Alright class, next part of this tie is binding of the hands. Which we will bind them in a crisscross way.” Natalie said as she picked up a short coil of red rope and crossed Alex’s wrists behind her. Once they were crossed Natalie tied the rope around her wrists and knotted it off to the side of her wrist so Alex’s fingers couldn’t get at the knot.

“The next and final part of the tie is the hogtie part. But instead of it going from wrist to ankle, it will instead go to the baluster in the middle that Alex has been lined up to.” Natalie said as she picked up the last rope laying on the floor that looked cut on one end as if it had been cut to perfectly be the right length for something.

Natalie tied one end of the rope to the rope binding Alex by wrapping it around the rope binding her a few times then knotted it off. She then brought the other end of the rope to the baluster and wrapped it around enough times until Alex was being pulled backwards enough that her head was no longer able to rest on the carpet. Seeing this Natalie tied the rope tightly completing her rope binding.

Natalie stepped back to admire a real showing of her tie which was being shown live for the first time since she thought of it.

“She looks tied up good. I wonder if she can get free.” Bryan said as he took a close look at the rope binding her.

“You dummy, cousin Natalie said she can’t get free. But what about gagging her?” Sarah asked.

“Blindfolding or gagging a person is always option to any tie. But of course what tie would be complete without the person getting gagged with sticky tape or a cloth huh?” Natalie said as she picked up the cloth she set on the floor before. “Now the next lesson is on gagging a person kids.” As Natalie said that both kids sat onto the floor listening very closely, even more then they would for a teacher at a normal school.

“Now, when gagging someone there is no way to truly silence them. We humans, no matter what is over our mouths will always make a noise weather it be big or small. But gagging a person is a way of turning down the volume on them.” Natalie told them as Bryan raised his hand and Natalie nodded to him to speak.

“But on tv and movies, once a girl gets gagged they can’t speak.” Bryan spoke.

“Ahhhh, good question. But on tv a cloth over a person’s mouth really won’t keep them quite much if not any. The reason they are quite is because they are acting and the actore may be too lazy to mphpm a bit. Now there are many ways about going to gag a person weather it be with a cloth, tape, or other things that you two don’t need to know about quite yet. But always remember one thing, it is dangerous gagging some people.”

“Why’s that?” Sarah asked.

“Some people might actually gag on a gag that is over or in their mouth. Which could lead to many bad things. So it’s always important to do a safety gag which a person is untied and could get at it quick enough to take off. Try and find a right way to gag a person without putting them in danger. Understand?”

Both kids nodded their heads.

“Good, now to show you how to gag a person.” Natalie said as she walked over to the sleeping Alex and kneeled down beside her. She held a cloth out in front of her and brought it down to Alex’s mouth and slowly got it between her lips and pulled the ends of the cloth behind her head.

“This gag here is called a cleavage gag. It’s when you pull a cloth between a person’s lips and tie it behind their head. A cleavage gag alone isn’t good enough to really keep a person quite, but it will jumble their words up a bit and make them nphmp. If you want to make it more effective then I would suggest tying another cloth over their mouths and make sure the cloth don’t block their noise as they always need to breath.” Natalie said as she took out the cloth from Alex’s mouth and placed it over her lower face.

Since you two know how to use tape, I’ll skip to the final lesson of gagging, to make any gag more effective you can place a cloth, sponge, or something that is small and light into a captives mouth. Usually placing two small cloths into their mouths will be good but no more then three. Then placing a cleavage gag or a over the mouth gag will further increase their gagging effects.” Natalie said as she balled up one of the green cloths and placed it into Alex’s mouth then cleavage gagged her with a black cloth.

“And with that, our subject is fully bound and gagged and unable to escape.” Natalie said as both her cousins began to clap for her and she took a bow.

“So now what?” Bryan asked.

“Now we wait for our sleeping princess to wake up from her nap.” Natalie said as she grabbed the duct tape and put it back into the duffle bag and they waited for Alex to wake up.

It only took 15 minutes before Alex started to wake. When she did she could feel her legs and arms a bit stiff and tired to stretch them out. When she did she found she couldn’t move them much or at all. Her eyes popped open only to see two devils called Sarah and Bryan staring at her.

“Mrphprmrph!” Alex yelled at them but found her words coming out in mphpms instead.

“Mrphrpm!” Alex said from behind her gag as she struggled and pulled on her bindings to find that she couldn’t break free from whatever was keeping her tied down. Alex looked over her left to see some rope binding her and tape that kept her leg tied to something on the railing. When Alex looked forward again she found Natalie now looking at her.

“Enjoying your little pose Alex?” Natalie said in a sweet kind tone.

“Mrmprhpmrphrm!” Alex merely replied.

“Awwww, don’t waste all your energy yet. For now it’s time for tonight’s final lesson! My torture lesson.” Saying this made Alex gulp and struggle more to get free.

“Alright you two.” Natalie said as she faced her two cousins. Sarah, go get me a feather duster from the storage room. Bryan, go get me a small bucket of ice from down stairs.” Natalie told them and they both ran off to get their items and she slowly turned back towards Alex.

“Well it’s just you and me a little while.” Natalie said as she couldn’t help but smile at Alex.

“Mrmprhpm!” Alex exclaimed.

“Settle down there pup.” Natalie said as she patted Alex on the head like she was a dog.

“Was I just called a dog!?“ Alex thought to herself as she looked at Natalie coldly.

“Now don’t look at me like that. It will only make me want to tickle you more. Speaking of which, I should get your tickle spot ready.” Natalie said as she grabbed the lower end of Alex’s shirt and began to pull it back some. This caused Alex to begin to sweat a little bit.

When she got her shirt half way folded backwards, there was a small black patch on Alex’s lower back. Natalie grabbed it and peeled it off and tossed it to the side and she ran her finger over the spot which sent Alex thrashing and mphpming madly.

“So what your diary said was true, that is the most sensitive spot on your body. So sensitive that you got to wear something over it so your own clothes don’t send you on a laughing spree.” Natalie said as she stood back and watched Alex calm down a bit.

As Natalie was about to go in for another run with her sensitive spot, both her cousins came back. Sarah was holding a large feather duster while Bryan was holding a bucket of ice and a glass of water.

“Good work you two, but what’s with the glass of water?” Natalie said as she eyed the water suspiciously.

“Oh we thought you be thirsty with teaching us and all.” Bryan said as he held the glass of water forward. Natalie looked at it for a minute and then just shrugged her arms and gulped down the water in one go.

“Ahhhhh, that hit the spot. Now on to the final lesson of the night class. Torturing your captive to a point that they would want to pee in their pants.” Natalie stated while Alex behind her began to shake her head back and forth in disagreement and mphpming at them.

“But I do need to use the bathroom for that! Alex tired to say but the gag kept Alex from telling them.

“Now first we.” *Yawn* “Excuse me, now first we can tickle our captive or throw some ice into her bra or panties that will jolt her up, which.” *yawn* “I can really use right now.” Natalie said as a feeling of tiredness came over her.

Natalie then proceed to pick up two ice cubes from the bucket which were very small in size and went over to Alex and picked up the back of her shorts by the waist band and tossed a few cubes into her panties and stepped back to watch Alex do the mumbo in trying to get the ice out of her which was no use and made it melt more quickly.

“Mrmprhprmprhnpmr!!!” Alex squealed from behind her gag as the ice felt very cold.

“Now this beats going to a show any day.” Natalie said as she picked up the feather duster. “Now for tickling, a person can be tickled anywhere on their body with the best spots being on the souls of their feet, legs, belly, and many times their.” *yawn* “Excuse me again, and their arm pits. Now on our subject here, her most ticklish place is on her.” *yawn* “Why am I so tired?”

Natalie kept yawning and her eyes kept getting more and more heavy before she decide to sit down and rest for a moment, but the second she sat on the floor she fell backwards and was fast asleep on impact with the floor.

“And that class is a good example of why you should always ask what you do with the other half of things you break into pieces.” Bryan said to Sarah as they both giggled.

“Mrphpm?” Alex wondered behind her gag as to what just happened. As she struggled a bit more to get free of the ropes, she watched Bryan and Sarah pull Natalie up beside her and position her just like she was. As the two were going through Natalie’s duffle bag Alex kept calling out to them.

“Mprhrpmr! Mprhpm! Mpmphpmmm! Mprhprm!” Alex kept yelling at the kids and they finally came over to Alex and took off her gag.

“What do you want?“ Bryan asked her. Finally free from the gag, Alex took a couple of deep breaths before speaking.

“You two are good, soooo good. So much good that I surrender. Untie me now and I really show you a way to tie someone up. “Alex asked the two hoping they fall for it and untie her.

They both walked away from Alex until they were out of hearing distance, where they both began to whisper to one another. At the same time Alex kept tugging at the rope and tape binding her. She stopped when they came back over to her.

“Me and my brother discussed it and decide that, you will be regagged! But even better!”

As Alex opened her mouth to protest, Bryan shoved in a balled up cloth followed by Sarah pulling another cloth between her lips and knotted it off behind her head while Bryan tore off three long pieces of tape and placed one on the upper part of her lip, the middle part of her lip, and the last one went over the lower part of her lip which covered most of her chin. He ripped off two more pieces and placed them over the middle of Alex’s tape gag into a X shape.

“Mmphpmphpmmm!” Alex shouted through her gag but came out very soft.

“Cousin Natalie was right, it is like turning down the volume of a person.” Sarah said as they turned their attention back to Natalie. They each taped one of Natalie’s legs to a baluster and once they were tapped they tied her wrists together in a criss-cross way and then connected it to a baluster that was right behind her. To finish it off they gagged Natalie the same way but they used the tape first then tied a cloth over the tape.

Seeing both of them captured both kids cheered and raced off towards Natalie’s room leaving Alex to struggle and squirm to get free and for Natalie to sleep off the sleep pill that was dissolved into the water she drank.

Fifteen minutes had passed since the kids left and Alex was breathing heavily from trying to get free and Natalie was still sleeping soundly.

As Alex did her best to get free she stopped when she herd a sound of her cell phone ringing.

“Ahhh crap, who could be calling me?” The cell phone ranged a few more times before it went silent. No sooner did it go quite that Natalie’s phone started to ring. After six rings it also went quite.

“Mprhrpmrphmnpmph!” Alex knew that both calls came from the same person. But who called?

Another five minutes passed before Sarah and Bryan came back with huge grins on their faces and hid their hands behind their back which made Alex stop struggling and look at them cautiously.

“We got something behind our backs.” Bryan said

“Guess what it is.” Sarah added.

“Mrphrpmr?” Alex guessed though all her answers would sound the same with the gag on.

“Wrong.” Sarah said.

“The right answer is, a washable black marker!” Bryan said as they both showed Alex a black clydola washable marker in their hands. Seeing this Alex shake her head no, knowing full well what they had in mind.

“If you don’t stay still like our sleeping cousin will. Then we will dump this bucket of half melted ice onto your back.” Sarah threaten her which made Alex to think about it for a minute.

“For little kids, they sure are good little devils.” Alex thought to herself as she nodded her head in agreeing.

“Yay!” Both kids shouted as Bryan sat in front of Natalie and Sarah sat in front of Alex and began to draw on them. Before Sarah started on Alex she blindfolded her with a blue cloth since Alex was sending her a very cold look. Both kids spent the next hour drawing all kinds of shapes and objects over their faces which ranged from stars, to triangles, to small stick figure people, to many other small funny shapes.

As they finished, Natalie began to stir and the first thing she saw was her little cousin holding a marker in front of her face. This caused Natalie to leap at him, but being bound to the railing kept her from even moving a inch towards him.

“MPRHRPMRHPRMRRRRR! MPRHRMRRM! MPRHPRM! MRPRPHRMRPHMMMPRPRHRRRRMPHRMRPRRR!” Natalie kept yelling out from behind her gag as she pulled against her bindings to only realize that she was tied in her own bind technique.

Alex didn’t need to see what was happening to know what was going on. She basically knew someone didn’t wake up on the right side of being tied to a guardrail.

“MRPHRMPRHRPMRRRR!” Natalie yelled again as Sarah came over to back up him as he was a little frighten.

“Why so angry cousin? Don’t you like being tied up?” Sarah teased.

“Mrphrpmrphrpmmm!” Natalie replied as she was starting to grow tired.

“That’s the sprit. Now let’s make you laugh a bit.” Sarah said as she went over to her feet which were completely open to a tickle. Sarah began to run her fingers all over the souls of her tight covered feet which sent Natalie into a laughing spree. Soon, Sarah’s brother came over and tickled her other foot which really made Natalie mphpm and squirm around a lot. After a few minutes of tickling her, Sarah broke away from her and went to Alex who was currently thanking god for not being tickled and without warning Sarah began to tickle her socked feet. This caused Alex to begin to squirm around and mmphpm a lot as well.

Every so often the two would change around giving Natalie and Alex a few second rest but no sooner did they reach their foots did they begin to tickle them. After thirty minutes of tickling they all froze when they herd the door bell. The two kids began to look a little worried as where Natalie and Alex began to worry and a cold sweat broke out across their foreheads.

“Mrphrpmrhpm!” Alex shouted out

“Mrphprmnpmrphmnnmnp!” Natalie also shouted out in attempt to tell them to free them quickly. But the kids began to make their way downstairs to answer the door and if anyone walked in and looked up they would see the two only adults of the house tied up and completely helpless.

Alex was the one who was really worrying as if it was someone bad, they could over power the kids and with her and Natalie tied up they be free to do whatever to them or the house. As Alex herd the door open, she could make out a girlish voice which she recognized.

As the kids grew closer to the door they became a little hesitant to open it, but feeling that they were the men of the house they opened it up to a girl who looked the same age as Alex and Natalie. She had long black hair that was in a ponytail with a light purple tank top on with white grayish shorts and she had on thigh gray socks with knee high black boots.

“Can we help you?” Sarah asked.

The girl just merely smiled at the girl and answered her. “Hey there, I herd my friend Alex is here. Is she?” The girl asked.

“Yes she is.” Bryan replied.

“Well can you tell her that Hana is here and would like to talk to her for a minute.

“Well, she is a little tied up at the moment.” Sarah said knowing full well that Alex was in no position to come to the door.

“Realllly. Mind if I come in then?” Hana asked as both the kids stepped back and let her through.

Once Hana was in she looked around the room and saw two purses on the table that she recognized as Alex’s and Natalie’s and some shoes that a girl would wear on a night out on the town under the table.

“Well I see their stuff here, but where are they?” Hana asked as she turned to look at the kids. But before she could see them she was tackled from behind by the kids and they all fell onto the floor and the kids began to wrestle Hana into a restraining pose.

It took five minutes but kids were unable to subdue Hana as she managed to get the upper hand quickly and turned the tables on the kids. Now they were both pinned to the ground with Hana on top of them breathing heavily.

“You kids.” *pant* “Are a tricky two.” *pant* “But it’s going to take more then that to beat me.” Hana said as she took a minute to catch her breath. “Now then, where are my two friends at?” Hana asked in harsh tone which Sarah pointed to the top of the steps and Hana looked up and could see a lot of duct tape wrapped around four balusters.

“You two have been busy, alright lets go. And no funny business alright?” Hana told them in a scary tone and both kids promised.

Hana walked up the steps with the kids behind and once she got up the steps she looked to her left and stared in shock. She walked in front of them and just stood their starting at them in shock.

“Mrphrpmrphm!” Natalie called out to her from behind her gag as she yet again tired to struggle to get free. Alex however had no idea what was happening. Finally after staring at them for five minutes Hana broke out in laughter and fell to the floor still laughing.

“Mprhprmprhmrrrmph!” Natalie replied in rage.

“Mmphpm?” Alex said while wondering why Hana was laughing.

After getting the laughter out of her system Hana wiped away the tears that was coming out of her eyes and went over to Alex and pulled off her blindfold and tossed it to the side and Alex had to shut her eyes and slowly let them adjust to the light.

“Oh wow, you two are pathetic to be tied up by two little kids. When I couldn’t reach you both on your cell phones I thought you were doing something important, but not being owned by two little kids.” When Hana finished this caused Alex and Natalie to look away from her in shame since they were embarrassed by it.

When Alex’s eyes were finally adjusted to the light, she saw Hana pulling out her cell phone and flipped it open.

Hana lined up her phone so it would get a picture of Alex and Natalie, seeing this they both turned their heads away which slightly annoyed Hana.

“You two, go over their and hold their heads out straight for me would you?” Hana said to Sarah and Bryan who obeyed and forced Alex and Natalie’s heads to face forward.

“Smile and say cheese.” Hana teased.

“Mmprhrpmmphm!” Both of them said as Hana took their pictures then took a close up picture of them and their doodled faces.

“Ohhhh these look so cute. I can’t wait to post them all over school and the internet like myplace, face diary, and bwitter.” Hana said making sure the two bound girls would hear which they did and shook their heads saying no.

“What’s that? You don’t want me to post these around the net?” Hana said as she got close to them and they both nodded their heads.

“What’s that? You don’t want me to show these pictures to anyone?” Hana said and again Alex and Natalie nodded their heads.

“What’s that? You want to make a deal with me so I don’t show these pictures?” Hana said and again Alex and Natalie nodded their heads but quickly shake their heads in disagreement.

“Well the only way you get free and keep me from showing these pictures to a lot of people is agreeing to do whatever I want you to do.” Hana said sounding and looking smug and she quickly showed them the pictures she took. After seeing the pictures Alex and Natalie agreed to do a deal with her.

“First thing I want is twenty bucks, from each of you.” Alex and Natalie thought it over and Natalie nodded her head in agreement but where Alex didn’t agree. Hana came over to her and showed her bound and gagged picture again and she agreed quickly.

“Next thing is, I want you two to come over to my house for the whole weekend and you bring these kids over for one day as well for a whole weekend of tie up games!” Both Alex and Natalie were hesitant but agreed.

“And lastly, I want you two to carry my books for me during one week of school when we go back.” Both of them shot Hana a cold look, but agreed and with agreeing to that Hana sent the kids downstairs to fetch a pair of scissors and two glasses of water while Hana took off their gags.

When the kids got back Hana cut the rope binding their hands away and both girls grabbed the glasses of water and drank them in one gulp. When their legs were cut free they raced off towards the bathroom to wash of their faces and for Alex to use the bathroom. After awhile of leaning up.

“What are we going to do about those pictures?” Alex asked while scrubbing her face hard with a green washcloth.

“Hana want’s us over for a weekend doesn’t she? We’ll just turn the tables on her that weekend and delete the pictures while she tied up.” Natalie answered while she was doing the same to her face.

“But she will expecting that. We got to get to her computer before that weekend and delete those pictures.” Alex said as she looked at her face to see most of the black marker gone from her face.

“What are we going to do? Break in and become criminals?” Natalie said as she splashed some water onto her face.

“Not really, I got a key to her house. All we have to do is wait for them to leave and sneak in, delete the pictures and sneak out.” Alex told her as she dried off her face with a yellow towel.

“Alex, I like your thinking.” Natalie said as she tossed the washcloths into the dirty clothes basket and they headed out.

When they went downstairs, Bryan and Sara’s father was in the living room waiting for Alex to come down.

“Oh, there you are Alex. Your friend left saying she will call you tomorrow and here is tonight’s pay.” Natalie’s uncle said as he handed her a crisp fifty dollar bill and a crisp twenty dollar bill. Which Alex thanked him for the money and quickly gathered her things and left swearing to herself she never baby-sit those two kids again.

Seeing Alex paid and gone, Natalie’s uncle headed for the door with Natalie right behind him. But before he shut the door he said something to her. “Don’t make any plans two weeks from now. Me and your aunt are going on a cruse for a whole week and we need you to baby-sit our kids for us everyday. See you then.” He said as he shut the door which Natalie only stared at for a moment before falling backwards onto the floor groaning in pain of having to watch them for a whole week

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Re: the Babysitter part 2

Postby HarveyGasson » Sat Jul 08, 2017 11:41 pm

Only just saw this story and it's first part, they were both really really great! I hope you decide to carry on with this story

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Re: the Babysitter part 2

Postby DeActivated01 » Sun Jul 09, 2017 3:25 am

Fantastic story! Really enjoyed some of the twists!

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Re: the Babysitter part 2

Postby Radames0674 » Sun Jul 09, 2017 4:47 am

I agree!

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Re: the Babysitter part 2

Postby iliketights » Sun Oct 15, 2017 10:46 am

A girl wearing over the knee socks getting completely tied up and gagged? Oh yes, I like! I must check out part 1 also.

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Re: the Babysitter part 2

Postby Jailbrk » Sun Oct 15, 2017 11:01 am

Isn't this from ed3765?

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